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WHAT DID ADAM DO IN THE GARDEN?        DO 1917        4/85--And Where's Our Pie in the Sky!

       1. I LOVE TO SIT HERE & MEDITATE ON THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS & THE SPARROWS IN OUR GARDEN because those are the two things that the Lord mentioned in that wonderful passage, "The Sermon on the Mount" (Mt.6): "Consider the lilies & behold the sparrows." How about that? So I sit here & consider the lilies & behold the sparrows & know that as the Lord is taking care of them He will certainly take care of us.
       2. LOOK AT HOW THEY THRIVE! Of course, we give them a little help, that's part of our job. He put Adam in the Garden "to tend it & keep it," He said, so he must have had some work to do. (Gen.2:15) He wasn't just sitting around fiddling with Eve all the time. I don't suppose he had to mow the lawn or anything like that. Maybe he picked off the dead leaves & blossoms, pruned the trees & things like that. He didn't have to water them. So what did he have to do "to tend it & keep it"? I don't imagine he rearranged the plants, I'm sure God put those in the most perfect spots to begin with. It must have been a beautiful place, huh?
       3. WELL, WE'VE SURE GOT A BEAUTIFUL YARD even though we don't have much garden, but I guess you could call it a garden, & it's pretty, thank the Lord! And I sit here & contemplate every morning, I really enjoy it! I sit here thinking how beautiful the Lord made the World for us to enjoy, those gorgeous flowers!
       4. I MEAN THERE'S NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WHAT GOD HAS MADE--THE FLOWERS & ALL--UNLESS IT'S A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! They're flowers too, God's blossoms! I sit here & admire these flowers every morning & that Scripture never hit me so clearly as when the Lord spoke to my heart just as clear as anything: "Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these!" (Mt.6:29) He wore gold & jewels & all kinds of stuff like all kings in those days.
       5. I THINK THE WIND HAS BLOWN OFF SOME OF OUR BLOSSOMS. It's God's way, "to the strongest", so only the strongest survive the wind, otherwise we'd have a World full of weaklings. Sad to say, He's got to get rid of the weaklings so the strong ones can survive. In this case in the garden it really is a survival of the fittest. Really beautiful! It's amazing, I wish I knew more about plants & gardening & flowers & watering. At least we did our part, we watered them & did our part.
       6. SO ADAM DIDN'T HAVE TO FERTILISE, HE DIDN'T HAVE TO WATER THE GARDEN OF EDEN, SO WHAT DID HE HAVE TO DO TO KEEP IT & TEND IT? I imagine he must have trimmed them, picked off the dead leaves & branches. Maybe he had to pick them up off the ground & clear the ground, there must have been piles of rubbish he had to burn to keep the Garden nice & neat. (Fam: Maybe he picked the different kinds of fruits for their meals or something.) Yes, of course. But to tend it means to attend it & to take care of it, to keep it, that's not just picking fruit.
       7. I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE PLANTS DIDN'T DIE BEFORE THE FALL, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT? Death hadn't come into the World, at least not to man, so maybe the plants didn't die yet either, I never thought about that! Maybe the plants were ever-green, ever-living, ever-blooming! Maybe they just grew slower then like man, so there weren't too many of them & they didn't multiply so fast, like man then when they lived so long. Of course, I don't really have to know those things but I'm just curious. That's one of the questions I'm going to ask when I get There.
       8. YES, WHAT DID ADAM HAVE TO DO TO TEND & KEEP THE GARDEN? He didn't have to guard it, there weren't any enemies, he had angels guarding him. Of course, there was Satan, maybe he was causing trouble, he certainly did. Maybe Adam had to help guard it from the Devil, but he didn't do a very good job at that--the Devil got at his wife! What did he do to take care of the Garden? I don't think there were any Devil's pests before the Fall. They came as part of the curse of sin upon man. But I don't think he had to guard it from bugs & pests & things like that, & if there was no death, maybe the leaves & the branches didn't even die! So then he wouldn't even have any trash to clean up! What did he have to do? You tell me! I suppose maybe he might have liked to rearrange the plants like we do for variety & change. Now women, they're always having different ideas, only I'm worse than Maria on that. I keep changing things, I like variety!
       9. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! I GUESS THERE'S NO POINT IN ASKING FOOLISH QUESTIONS BUT I AM CURIOUS. That's one of the things I'm going to find out when I get There. It's understandable how much we have to do now to keep tending the garden. We've got to water & fertilise, try to keep the bugs & the snails off & clean up the mess--the dead leaves & branches & blossoms & all kinds of things. It seems like most of our work now is just a result of the Curse.
       10. THAT'S GOING TO BE ONE RELIEF IN THE MILLENNIUM, WE PROBABLY WON'T HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME TAKING CARE OF THINGS LIKE GARDENS when everything is going to be perfect & with plenty of rain or a mist to water the Earth & everything, & plenty of natural food. We won't have to spend so much time taking care of our garden for one thing, & will have more time to take care of people.--Teaching & training them. Maybe we won't have to spend so much time on maintenance, maybe things won't break so easily or wear out or rust. Maybe moths & rust won't corrupt then, & thieves won't break through & steal. So maybe we'll have a lot less work to do in some ways so we can spend more time working on people! Amen! I'm all for that!
       11. JUST THINK HOW MUCH TIME WE'D SAVE if we didn't have so much gardening & maintenance & repairs to do & security & if we didn't have so much food prep. There'll be no more shopping, no more worrying about transportation, no more washing clothes & linens! I don't see how you can get a robe of light dirty!
       12. I OFTEN THINK ABOUT WHAT THAT LITTLE GIRL SAID ABOUT THE FOUNTAINS OF LIGHT! You remember, I saw one of those when I was There, & I was so thrilled when this little girl said she remembered the fun she had in Heaven playing in the fountain of light & didn't even get wet! So there won't be any cooking we have to do, unless we want to for fun, but we won't have to, & lots of times maybe we won't have time because we'll be busy working with those people outside. We won't have to worry about taking along supplies or transportation.
       13. WE WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT FOOD OR CLOTHES. I mean that's what about half of our staff spends nearly all of their time doing, right?--Taking care of food & dishes & clothes & housecleaning & gardening & maintenance & security & all those things. We won't have to worry about them then in the Millennium. That's interesting, huh? And we'll have lots more time to spend on people, re-educating the people. That's going to be a big job, Brother! Wow!
       14. WE WON'T HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME WORKING ON THE NATURAL THINGS, the physical things, so we can spend a lot more time working on the spiritual! Isn't that wonderful? Of course, the natural people will have to spend a lot of time on natural things because they still eat & have to wear clothes & have to get from here to there & work & grow food & things like that. They'll still be pretty busy, although it will be easier for them too because of the Curse removed, no bugs & blights & curses & diseases etc. It's certainly going to be a lot easier for them too!
       15. THERE'LL BE NO DEVILS & DEMONS AROUND TO BOTHER THEM, & with us to help them & all the angels of Heaven! I mean it is going to be Heaven on Earth even then in the Millennium, at least for the good ones that receive the Lord! I presume He'll bestow His blessings even then on the just & the unjust in some ways in His mercy, until we can finally persuade them to receive His grace.--It's kind of like the Second Age of Grace, the Second Dispensation of Grace during the Millennium! So things will certainly be a lot easier for everybody without any curses & Devil's pests & blights & diseases & bugs & worms & all those things! It will certainly be a lot easier to take care of our garden.
       16. IT'S AMAZING TO ME THOUGH, HOW WELL OUR PLANTS HAVE DONE! They haven't seemed to get any blights or any curses, you know?--Hardly anything except for that one time with those aphids, & we prayed over that plant, & that swarm of ants came up out of nowhere & gobbled them all up! How about that? That was a miracle, one of God's natural miracles! So the Lord really has kept our garden free of diseases & blights & pests.
       17. JUST THINK OF ALL THE THINGS WE WON'T HAVE TO DO IN THE MILLENNIUM THAT AT LEAST HALF OF OUR STAFF SPENDS ALL THEIR TIME ON DOING THOSE THINGS RIGHT NOW!--Right? Boy, that's going to be a big relief! Everybody can spend their time on more profitable things than just trying to exist & keep up with the fight against death & disease etc.! Just think how people today spend most of their lives in a struggle with the curses--death & disease & blights & worms & bugs & pests & storms & disasters! I mean it's a life-&-death struggle today, right? It's a struggle of life with death just to try to keep alive, most people just trying to stay alive in the battle to get enough to eat & make a shelter to live in!
       18. WELL, THE NATURAL PEOPLE WILL STILL HAVE TO GROW FOOD IN THE MILLENNIUM & PROBABLY WILL NEED SOME KIND OF HOUSES to live in. But there won't be near as much work. The houses won't have to be very substantial since there won't be any storms or earthquakes or floods or disasters or catastrophes, & growing food will probably be a lot simpler & easier, certainly without all these blights, they won't have to spray & dust for bugs & pests & they won't have these curses & stuff. Everything they grow will be healthy.
       19. THAT'S AMAZING, ISN'T IT, WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT! When you really think about it practically, the practical side of it, with all the blights of the Curse removed, life will certainly be a lot easier! Everybody will be able to give more time to each other.--More love, more leisure & pleasure, more education in the things that really are needed, you know. It's going to take a thousand years just to learn all the things I want to know!--To find out all the answers I want. There are a lot of things I want to know about past history & Creation. I mean there is so much to learn, all the good things!
       20. I DON'T THINK I CARE TO LEARN TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE OF EVIL, although it would be kind of interesting to find out just how the Devil was created & what for & his job etc. & how he works. But we already know a lot about that, ha! I think we maybe already know enough. I don't know that I care to learn any more knowledge of evil. But there sure is a lot of good I want to learn.--How this works & that works, & how this happened & how that happened & why. Just think, a lot of those old Patriarchs, they'll all be there, we can talk to them personally & ask them about it!--And watch Creation on our 3-D TV, things like that!
       21. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME UP THERE! Like Pat Boone used to sing, "Everybody's going to be happy in Glory, everybody going to be tellin' the story, everybody's gonna have a wonderful time Up There!" He used to sing a little song like that. "Everybody's gonna be happy in Glory, everybody going to be tellin' the story, everybody's gonna have a wonderful time Up There!" It's an old song we used to sing. The only trouble with that one is they're going to have it right down here! Eventually we're going to have a wonderful time Up There, but actually that's going to be down here too! The wonderful time we're gonna have Up There is the Marriage Supper when the City is still up there!
       22. AND I DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO BE FLYING FAR BACK & FORTH, I think that's going to be our Headquarters! Why shouldn't we enjoy that all the full thousand years of the Millennium? Why should we have to spend all of our time here on Earth? I know there's a lot to do to straighten man out, but I think I'd kind of like to go Home to Heaven for a little rest once in awhile. It'd sure be a shame to waste that beautiful City for a whole thousand years & not use it! I believe it's going to be nearby. God can't trust natural man yet to put it on the Earth, but I think it is maybe going to be close enough that we might even see it hanging up there in the sky! Wouldn't that be beautiful?--To be able to shoot right back & forth from our duties from our Headquarters?--Our GHQ in the sky! Hallelujah! I really love to think about it!
       23. ANYHOW, THAT'S MY GUESS, MY THEORY, THAT'S THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT IT. Some people might think that I'm wrong, but it makes me happy to think about it. I know I'm not wrong about Heaven or Space City, but maybe I'm right too about it being here during the Millennium, but not on the Earth! The Lord says the New Heaven came down from God out of Heaven, so maybe it's going to be hanging right there in the atmospheric heavens where we can see it!--You know, where we can shoot back & forth!
       24. WOULDN'T IT BE INTERESTING IF HEAVEN WAS HANGING THERE LIKE A FIXED SATELLITE & THE EARTH REVOLVING UNDERNEATH IT so that the whole World would get to see it every time the World goes around? Now it wouldn't be fair, necessarily, to have it just stay in one place. Only when it comes down to the New Earth I presume it's going to settle down in one place. But everybody will have what they deserve then anyway.
       25. BUT CAN'T YOU JUST SEE HEAVEN HANGING THERE IN THE SKY WHILE THE EARTH TURNS BENEATH IT?--Kind of like the Sun! I believe they're going to be able to see it, really! I mean it would be hanging there sort of like the Sun or the Moon. Imagine what a light that would give at night! Wouldn't that be beautiful? They wouldn't get to see it all the time, but while the Earth turns they could see as much of it as they do the Sun & the Moon! While it's out of one area's sight, the other parts of the Earth could see it!
       26. I THINK THAT'S A GOOD IDEA! Maybe I got that from the Lord. I've said that before, that I think it's going to be nearby, but just how near I don't know. I have a feeling we're going to be able to see it! Wouldn't that be glorious to see that during the Millennium?--Have it hovering above the Earth so that everybody could see how beautiful & powerful Heaven is! They certainly couldn't question the majesty of the Lord then or His authority or supremacy with that huge space vehicle hanging up there in the air! The closer we're getting to the Millennium the more I get interested in what's going to go on there! I don't know, maybe it's none of my business, but maybe it is my business to try to interest people in the Future & encourage them & inspire them with what's coming! Right? The Lord certainly spent a lot of time on it in the Bible! We're just getting into a few more details now, that's all. Well, am I taking too much of your time? (Fam: No, this is tremendous!)
       27. HEY! THAT'LL BE OUR SLICE OF PIE IN THE SKY! It'll even sort of look like a slice of pie, huh? "Pie in the Sky!" That's a good title for this, Pie in the Sky!" Pie is sort of pyramid-shaped, isn't it?--Triangular like a Pyramid. That's going to be some slice of pie! That's our Pie in the Sky! Delicious, huh? Beautiful! Gorgeous! The Lord said He has gone to prepare a place for us that where He is there we might be with Him also. (Jn.14:2,3)
       28. AND WOULDN'T IT BE DISAPPOINTING IF WE GOT CAUGHT UP THERE IN THE RAPTURE & HAD ALL THAT FUN FOR 30 DAYS FEASTING & TOURING THE CITY & SEEING OUR NEW MANSION & ALL THAT, & THEN HAVE TO LEAVE THE WHOLE THING FOR A THOUSAND YEARS! Well, that doesn't stand to reason, does it? I mean that couldn't be! The Lord wouldn't tease us like that, would He?--Have us go Up There & see all that gorgeous beauty & marvellous City & all its wonders & our mansion & live that Heavenly life for 30 days, & then just suddenly snatch us out of it & plunge us into that War of Armageddon & never be able to enjoy the City again for a thousand years!--I don't believe that! It just isn't logical or reasonable! What do you think?
       29. I BELIEVE IT'S GOING TO BE NEARBY & I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT HANGING THERE IN THE SKY so we can see it & enjoy it & run back & forth, fly back & forth to it & go Home at night, & "there will be no night there!" (Rev.21:25) How about that? When all the Earth people in our part of the World are having to sleep we can go Home to Heaven & have a ball because we don't have to sleep! That's why it's lighted day & night, 24 hours a day. No night there! It's night outdoors on the Earth but no night there! Wouldn't that look gorgeous hanging there in the night sky, that glowing, golden City!--Huh? Gorgeous!
       30. OH, I KNOW NOW WHAT THE NEXT POSTER I WANT TO WORK ON IS!--That one with the mother & child seeing the City hanging in the sky! See, that didn't have to be the New Earth, that could be the Millennium! Because the City's not on the Earth, it's hanging up there in the sky! And we can get our poster backing from this little discussion. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Well, the Lord said there is nothing He will do except He reveals it to His Prophets, so maybe He revealed that to me! (Amos 3:7) "Every good & perfect gift cometh down from the Father of Lights." (Jam.1:17)
       31. I BELIEVE IT'S GOING TO BE RIGHT THERE WHERE WE CAN SEE IT & the whole World can see It as it turns, to kind of help light up the Earth at night like the Moon, only it will be a little more like the Sun. You know, even a City that big with all that light, I don't think it would necessarily make it too bright, not like the Sun. It won't be all blazing light like the Sun is & yet it wouldn't be as little as the Moon, something kind of in between, kind of a beautiful soft golden glow at night! Sort of like a lightbulb up there, not too bright & not too dim.
       32. I'M SURE THE LORD HAS ALREADY THOUGHT OF THAT, & PROBABLY HE PUT THE THOUGHT IN MY HEAD! But if not, I'm going to suggest it to Him, ha! Well, I'm sure He's got that all figured out, I don't have to tell Him how to do it. But if I were He, I think that's the way I'd do it. I wouldn't be surprised that He put the thought in my head that that's the way He's going to do it! Can't you just see that City hanging there in the sky? Wouldn't that be a thrill! Wow!--So that the whole World could see it as the Earth turns! He'd have to put it up somewhere over the Equator so that everybody could see it from every angle, even from the North & South Poles.
       33. SOME BIBLE SCIENTISTS HAVE EVEN SUGGESTED THE LORD IS GOING TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE POLES so they won't be so tilted anymore & there won't be such extremes of climate. They have suggested that the Earth got tilted on its axis when that big catastrophe occurred either at the Flood or in the days when the Earth was divided in the Days of Peleg, when the continents were divided etc. (Gen.7, 10:25) They've surmised that that's when the other big cataclysms occurred, you know, the water fell out of the firmament & that maybe that's when the Earth's axis was tilted so that it has such extremes of climate now.
       34. THEY THINK THAT ORIGINALLY THE EARTH WAS ON A PERPENDICULAR AXIS instead of tilted the way it is today. I think it's 23 degrees, which is what causes such extreme climates from North to South. That will give the whole Earth a more equitable climate, but there will still be some difference in seasons. The Lord says as long as the Earth endures there will be Summer & Winter etc. (Gen.8:22) But the extremes might change, you know? Anyhow, I like to think & dream about the Millennium! But I believe the climate is going to be lots better too, more equitable over the whole Earth, more pleasant & not such severe changes of weather & climate etc.
       35. SO IF THE HOLY CITY WAS HANGING OVER THE EQUATOR & up high enough that they could even see it from the Poles, & if the Earth's axis was straightened out like that, it wouldn't be so cold at the North & South Pole, you know? I mean the fact they dug up those mastodons & giant horses etc. clear up in Northern Siberia & Alaska & places like that, proves that those places at one time even had green grass & weren't so frozen! It looks like it just hit so suddenly that they were standing there eating & froze when the great catastrophe occurred, which most of the scientists who are Christians believe happened at the time of the Flood. So there must have been green grass up there then & the climate must have been milder then. So that catastrophe could be what tilted the Earth at that time. So if the axis is straightened, then there will be a much milder climate from Pole to Pole & much less drastic severe changes of weather, the Winters won't be so severe & maybe even the Summers in the Tropix won't be so hot!--You see?
       36. I JUST GOT INSPIRED THIS MORNING LOOKING & LOOKING OUT HERE AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS & TREES & GOD'S CREATION & THINKING HOW WONDERFUL IT'S GOING TO BE IN THE MILLENNIUM! I mean it's so beautiful now, but still suffering from the Curse. Only the Lord seems to have delivered our garden from the Curse. We don't seem to have any curses here, thank the Lord! We've had a few little rascals try to get in but we got them out, right? And the Lord took care of them too. It's so amazing how He sent those ants to eat those aphids, they just cleaned that bush off completely! I don't think we've had one since, have we? It just shows you it pays to pray!
       37. BUT JUST LOOK AT THAT CITY HANGING THERE IN THE AIR AS WE PASS BY ON THE EARTH! Won't that be beautiful!--Radiating its golden light, & us able to fly back & forth & go Up There for a rest!--Not that we'll need physical rest but even your spirit gets tired sometimes from thinking & working, & my mind even gets tired sometimes! I get tired of reading & working on my kind of mental work. Maybe we won't get tired that way then, but anyway it'll be a change & a relief to be able to go Home to Heaven at night, or go Home sometime anyway. I believe that's the way it's going to be! I like that! If that's a desire of my heart, I delight myself in the Lord, maybe that's what He's going to do for all of us! Why shouldn't we enjoy that beautiful Holy City up there to get out of this mess of man down here & all of this hard work of trying to retrain them? I think it is going to be a pleasure to go Home to Heaven for a little rest from those labours!
       38. IT DOESN'T SAY ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE THAT THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY WORK IN HEAVEN OR WORK ON THE MILLENNIAL EARTH! I think we're going to have lots of work to do! I don't believe we'd be happy without something to do, especially helping people & retraining them & teaching them. I mean what would I do with nobody to teach & nothing to teach? I wouldn't be happy if I couldn't be teaching people, helping people, preaching the Gospel & talking about God's Love! So I think you're going to have plenty to do! So I think we'd really enjoy a little rest to go Home to the City & enjoy, if not rest, a little festivity & relief from our Earthly works!--Right? Don't you think so? Don't you like that idea? OK! Praise the Lord! Amen, Lord, let's do it! Let's have it up there as our inspiration!
       39. JUST THINK HOW WE COULD TELL THE EARTHLY PEOPLE, "Now you just receive the Lord & be good & love folks & help others & pretty soon that is going to come down & sit right on the Earth & you'll be able to go in there & enter in & walk in it & live in it!" Maybe that's why He doesn't talk as much about living in it as He does about walking in it! He says the "saved shall walk therein". (Rev.21:24) There is going to be a lot of walking then, not so much riding. How about that, huh? Walkin' & floatin' & flyin'!--I like that! I never liked to ride fast, it's dangerous! We can fly fast then, but it won't be dangerous. Amen? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       40. I THINK THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! I THINK THAT WAS A REVELATION! Just look at that City hanging up there, isn't that beautiful? Isn't it gorgeous? (Fam: You talked about visiting There but you never said about seeing it, that's really good!) I mean what good is it if you can't see it? Think how much good it would do to have it hanging right up there visible! If the visible personal reign of Jesus Christ & His Headquarters are going to be the Holy City, that's not that damned dirty Jerusalem! So if it's going to be His visible personal reign, why shouldn't they see the capital City? I mean every kingdom prides itself on its capital city!--Right? They pride themselves in the beautiful buildings! The Americans are so proud of their Washington! It needs a ton of washing, that's for sure! I mean we could say, "Look! There's our capital City. There's where all of our beautiful buildings are!"
       41. I THINK THE LORD IS SHOWING US MORE & MORE ABOUT THESE THINGS AS WE GET CLOSER. I think that is just absolutely going to be beautiful & I'm going to work on that Poster! We've got one already! Bring me that Poster where the mother & child are watching the City glowing in the sky. I was going to use it anyhow & talk about the Holy City coming down, but now I can talk about it hanging up there! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! I think that's a revelation! Look at that, isn't it beautiful? You can even see the curvature of the Earth! There's a beautiful mother & child there watching it floating above the Earth! Look there, see, there are still seas! That's not the New Earth, that's the Millennium!
       42. I BELIEVE EMAN WAS INSPIRED! How about that! That's land & sea, but in the New Earth there is no more sea! There may be a few little lakes, but look at the size of that ocean, look at that beach down there, & all the seagulls! Wow! That's a Poster! Isn't it beautiful! Isn't it gorgeous! I mean there it is! All we have to do is condense this little talk & we've got the backing! Well, I just rambled on the way I describe what I see & imagine.--Visions, thank You Lord! Visions, look at that! Isn't that beautiful? And it has a glory about it too!
       43. I THINK THE ONLY THING THEY FORGET ON THESE PICTURES OF THE HOLY CITY IS THAT IT'S NOT JUST A TRIANGLE, IT'S A PYRAMID, IT'S GOT DEPTH! It should show another edge like we did on that other Poster.--That one on the Rapture. We keep having to add edges, another corner to it to show the depth, otherwise it looks like only a triangle hanging in the sky! I think the room for that one would be on the right side here, the extra line, we don't want it to be over her head over here but over here on this side like this. Isn't that beautiful? Beautiful mother & child!
       44. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE OVER HERE, A CRYSTAL, I GUESS. Eman is very fond of crystals & I presume there could be lots of crystals there & there will be all kinds of beauties even on the Millennial Earth. See, look--are those clouds or mountains? I think they're mountains on the other side of this bay. So there it is!--Just what I've been talking about & I didn't know we already had a picture of it!
       45. COME ON, LET'S GET TO WORK ON THIS! Come on, let's condense it! Amen! Enough said, I think, for a starter. Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Amen, amen! We'll even have some fliers in it flying up there, there's plenty of room up here in the corner for fliers on their way going back & forth. You know they seldom get the shape of that pyramid quite right, though. For example, he's got a base here of about 21 cms. & then they make these sides exactly the same. But he didn't even make these long enough, look at that! (Measuring pyramid.) See, it's not so squashed, it's tall, almost more like a spire or a steeple. We're going to have to correct that. (Someone suggests drawing a line.) Yes, we could do that, that's a good idea, you're seeing it from an angle. That's a very good idea! Draw the third corner inside that triangle. It would still be a little out of proportion--well, we'll figure that out. But most of the artists never have it as high as it really should look, see? He did that other one in proper proportion, see how much higher it is?
       46. SO THERE'S OUR HOLY CITY FLOATING ABOVE THE MILLENNIAL EARTH! There's a great big sea & sandy beach & all the rest. I mean there it is, we've got it! Hallelujah! Isn't that wonderful? We've already got this talk illustrated! I didn't know we were going to have a talk, but I was just sitting here admiring our flowers & thrilling to the beauties of God's Creation & got to thinking about the Millennium & how much better it's going to be. Thank the Lord! Praise the Lord!
       47. YOU'D BETTER SHUT THIS THING OFF SO I'LL QUIT TALKING! I NEVER GET TIRED OF RAVING ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM & THE HOLY CITY! Thank You Jesus! That was really a revelation! We could add some sailboats to the ocean. I've always loved sailboats ever since I was a little kid, & we could put some kids sitting there on that log gazing up, admiring the City, on the log or whatever it is here. Put some sailboats nearby here just off the coast. This is a long shot to see the curvature of the Earth! You can title this, "Our Pie in the Sky!"

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