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POSTER TRACTS!--For Mass Distribution!        DO 1921       5/85

       1. YOU'LL HAVE TO SEE THIS! (Shows Poster tract.) It has a very readable little text! This is a poster reduced to one/fourth size! What's that--a 400% reduction? And it's just as clear & readable & the picture is just as beautiful. It's not in colour, but this you can get out by the billions! We're getting out the posters by the millions, the mere millions, but these you can get out by the billions! And you can get them out yourselves, any local Home can take this down to the printer & get them out! It's got the Message. I suggest to the folks if they want to mass produce & mass witness, this is a good way to do it with this little tiny poster tract. Shall we call them poster tracts?--A poster tract with the poster, the beautiful picture reproduced on one side, & the nice big text on the back!
       2. WASN'T THAT THE LORD? We produced the big text really for the sake of children etc. but we discovered we could reduce it clear down to this size & it's still very readable! All you have to do is take it down to the printer & let it roll & you can pass this out as much as you want to, as fast as you want to. If you want to scatter shot, scatter seed with this, that's OK with me, it's up to you. But please don't waste the Posters!
       3. I DON'T WANT YOU WASTING POSTERS THAT WAY! Posters should be delivered individually, special delivery, personally with personal witnessing & a personal invitation & a prayer. Really make it count, make every poster count as a real personal witness, door-to-door, store-to-store or best of all, person-to-person & not just littering the streets! I don't think anybody is going to litter the streets with those posters, nobody is going to throw them away. They'd have to be a bitter enemy! But the posters are scarce. They're expensive & they're rare & they're scarce & we need to make every single one count!
       4. BUT THESE TINY POSTER TRACTS ARE GREAT if you want to get out the Message very rapidly, if once in awhile you do get into some big meetings, schools, orphanages, prisons & things like that, you're invited, you can't help it & you have to have a mass meeting then. You have to have a mass invitation then & at that time you have to get out masses of literature to try to cover everybody so that you can leave something with everybody there, it's about the only follow-up you've got. And if you've got plenty of these Poster Tracts you can give one to everybody in that audience of sometimes hundreds of people in a prison or a school or an orphanage or an old folks' home, just give them away as fast as you can! You don't have to wait for a donation. Who is going to wait for a donation in an orphanage or an old folks' home or a prison or a school? This sort of thing you can pass out & make sure everyone gets one. A couple of our folks could stand at the door & as everybody is filing out pass them out as fast as you can to make sure everybody gets one & they all get the Message!
       5. SOMETIMES YOU CANNOT ESCAPE A MASS MEETING OF SOME KIND. I'm not keen, as you know, on mass evangelism. I don't think it's very fruitful. I don't think it's very effective. I don't think it really produces good sound disciples as a rule, it's the exception. But out of that audience of several hundred you might get two or three who will really respond & write in to the address & that you can follow-up. But you need something to quickly pass out to everybody. And there's the Message.
       6. HERE WE'VE GOT THE MESSAGE DOWN TO A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE, a wonderful little story & the Gospel Message, the invitation, everything is right there in a nutshell. A real nutshell!--It came out of the Old Nut's Shell (Pointing to his head.) It really came out of this nutshell right here, praise the Lord. (Pointing to Bible.) Don't you think that's a good idea?
       7. ONE DAY SOMEONE REDUCED ONE TO TWICE THIS SIZE & they're really great twice this size, half the size of the big Poster. I looked at it & I thought, "Boy, that's the same size as our lit that we used to pass out, all the little four-page TKs on the streets" etc., & the original Letters were all that size, four pages. But our print was so small! They always had a picture on the front but the print was so small you never could have shot it down this size! That's why I howled at Jethro & the Evil Magician, they not only shot them down this size, they shot them down to half this size like this! (Folds tract in half.) And of course you couldn't even read the print then!
       8. AND SINCE THEY SAW THAT IT COULDN'T BE READ THEY REVISED IT & REWROTE IT. Can you imagine the Evil Magician rewriting the Lord's Word? And it was corrupted, I'll tell you, as corrupt as he is--like the Devil! God damn them. God damn them! I hope He curses them & judges them & damns them & puts them out of the way--if He has to put them away! Because they're doing nothing but damage as far as I can see! But all things work together for good, so praise the Lord anyhow.
       9. I JUST THOUGHT YOU'D BE INTERESTED IN SEEING THE TRACT. Do you want to pass it around? Now don't take so long, let's pass it along fast, you can study it later, we'll get more of them out. But there's your mass evangelism tool for where you don't have a chance to deal with people individually, there's not time or there's not opportunity. Usually schools don't appreciate your hanging around subverting their students afterwards. They don't mind you coming & putting on a programme, you know, singing & playing & entertaining. Entertainment they don't mind, but when you start staying around afterwards making proselytes, proselytising, as they call it, they don't exactly like that, neither do other public institutions like orphanages & old folks' homes & prisons etc. Most of them are scraping the bottom of the barrel for people who are willing to come at all to entertain & brighten up the lives of those poor people, but they don't really invite you there to get them saved! But that's your job, you've got to try anyhow.
       10. TO PASS OUT A LITTLE THING LIKE THAT AFTERWARDS IS THE BEST WAY OF REACHING THEM ALL with a personal invitation & in the most effective way, to leave something with them which literally follows up your meeting, follows up your performance there, & with your address that you can add to it & then know that everybody got it & everybody has had a chance to really hear the Gospel & study it, enjoy the picture, respond to the invitation & even write back in for follow-up. So there's your mass evangelism tract. For God's sake, don't use the posters that way! I don't think anybody is going to have enough posters to pass out four or five hundred posters at a school auditorium or a prison or something like that. But this you can, & even that's pretty enough as it is!
       11. THEY'VE BEEN WONDERING SOMETIMES ABOUT WHAT TO PUT ON COVERS OF LINS & FNS ETC., & since the front page of the LINs & FNs are just that size, I'm going to suggest that we could put that on the front page of the LINs. LINs are GP, even FNs are good for personal contacts. Then the whole Family can get copies that way & it solves the cover problem. And now you've got copies of it that small you can take straight to the printer! Otherwise, not all printers have reduction machines & things like that which can reduce it, & if they did they'd have to re-photo & all that stuff. But with these they can take their copy right down to the xeroxer, the speedy-print place or any place like that & get it done right now! Good idea? When I saw how good the half size was, I said, "Try again, try it half that size & see if we can still read it." Beautiful! It's just as readable if not even more readable than the GNs, so thank the Lord! GBY & keep you postering!--In Jesus' name, amen. Love--D.

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