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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

SEX & HONESTY!DO 19224/85

1. IF I'M NOT TEACHING YOU ANYTHING ELSE, I'M TEACHING YOU HOW TO BE FREE & OPEN & HONEST & NOT TO BE AFRAID TO TALK IT OUT & TALK ABOUT SEX! If you have problems & you have something on your heart--or you think she has or he has or whatever--get it out in the open! Talk about it! You'll never have any chance of dealing with the matter unless you get it out! Just like that gas on my stomach then when I burped. If I don't get it out, it causes pain, & sometimes it even causes pain to my heart. In fact, Dr. Koger used to say a lot of heart attacks were caused not by indigestion, but by air swallowing.
2. SO THAT MAKES A GOOD ILLUSTRATION: IF YOU'VE GOT A PROBLEM THAT'S HURTING YOU, HURTING YOUR HEART, HURTING YOUR LOVE, SOME KIND OF A PROBLEM, GET IT OUT IN THE OPEN! Burp it up! Belch it up! Blurt it out! Tell'm! If he doesn't make love to you the right way, tell him! Tell him how you like it! "Higher, lower, faster, slower? In & out or round about?" I always ask you that, don't I, girls? I almost always give you that little poem to find out which way you like it! Some girls like it one way & some girls like it another! So tell him how you like it! Tell her how you like it, boys! Don't be afraid!
3. IT TAKES HUMILITY! IT TAKES CHILDLIKENESS, SIMPLENESS & HONESTY TO CONFESS YOUR NEEDS!--AND FOR SOME REASON OR OTHER, ESPECIALLY YOUR PHYSICAL NEEDS. People are proud & a little self-righteous & they're ashamed to ask for what they really want & really need. They say that when a marriage goes on the rocks, the rocks are usually in the bed! I'd say about 9/10 of all marriage & sex problems are problems because people won't be honest & humble & ask for what they want! Now that's something pretty important to know, right? Get it out! Get it up! Get it in too! PTL!
4. GET YOUR PROBLEMS OUT IN THE OPEN & CONFESS YOUR NEEDS & BE HUMBLE ENOUGH TO BE HONEST ENOUGH TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU NEED & WHAT YOU WANT! That's true not only in sex, but all through life in your relations with others, with your mate & other areas of your mated life, your companionship or fellowship or in the Home or whatever it is. Don't keep it to yourself, don't let a little root of bitterness eat on you as a cancer, as the Apostle says. (2Tim.2:17; Heb.12:15) If you keep that in your heart & you keep that to yourself, if you're too proud to admit it, you're too proud to confess it, you're not humble enough to ask for the solution, it will become a little root of bitterness that will grow & eat just like a cancer.
5. SPIRITUALLY, IF YOU KEEP THAT LITTLE THING IN YOUR HEART & you don't get it out & confess it to the Lord & to the person involved & have it out & ask them to help you cut it out, to somehow get rid of it, it'll eat & eat like a cancer! It just starts like a little tiny root, but eats & eats away until finally it will devour you!--Kill you spiritually & even physically.
6. HOW THE AFFAIRS OF THE HEART & AFFAIRS OF THE SPIRIT CAN AFFECT YOU PHYSICALLY! In medical science they call them psychosomatic illnesses caused by your mind, by your brain.--We'd say caused by your spirit, caused by an improper attitude of heart, lack of love for the Lord & others, a little root of bitterness, a little root of jealousy, a little root of resentment, a little root of hurt feelings. There are all kinds of little roots, not just bitterness, but they all get pretty bitter & they all grow & they all begin to eat on you until pretty soon it crops out.
7. SOME PEOPLE HAVE CANCERS INSIDE THAT GET WORSE & WORSE & FINALLY BEGIN CROPPING OUT RIGHT THROUGH THEIR SKIN! It's horrible!--Big sores! A cancer is a big sore that gets worse & worse & grows & eats on the body until it destroys the body. And that's the way it is with those little problems you have with each other & with other members of the Family or even with the Lord, something held back, something not confessed, something that you're too proud to be honest about. It takes humility to be honest.--And as I've already said, it especially takes humility to be honest about sex!
8. THE CHURCHES ARE FULL OF SEXY PEOPLE WHO WANT SEX & NEED SEX, GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY, BUT THEY'RE TOO PROUD TO CONFESS IT! They're not honest enough to be humble & confess it. They won't even talk about it. It's verboten, forbidden in churches to discuss such things & talk about sex, especially to use those little four-letter words! "Oh, that's terrible, that's vulgar, that's naughty, that's a no no, that's nasty, that's dirty! Fuck is a dirty word!" What's dirty about fucking? God made it! It's God's creation! He designed the whole system, the organs & their function & how good they feel. He placed the nerves there that feel good, the whole works. What's dirty about it? What's nasty about it?--About sex?--About fucking? Why should you be ashamed to say the word?
9. THE CHURCH HAS TAUGHT THEM THAT IT IS A WICKED, EVIL, VILE, DIRTY, NASTY SIN! ISN'T THAT TERRIBLE?--To simply enjoy the nerves & the equipment that God has given you!--That if you can't find a mate to enjoy them with, at least you can enjoy them by yourself. Some people would go crazy if they didn't get that release of that pent-up emotion & that pent-up stress. It's a marvellous relief, thank God, relaxation! Otherwise it would almost drive you out of your mind if you couldn't get sex. Even if you couldn't find somebody to have it with, at least you could have it with yourself, & God made it possible. If He didn't want you to masturbate, why didn't He stick those organs someplace where you couldn't reach them? Instead of that they're very obvious, out in the open.
10. GBY ALL! I'M GLAD YOU ALL ENJOY SEX & LIKE LOVING & I DO TOO!--And I don't see any reason in the World why we can't be just this open about it & discuss it & talk about it, feel free about it. You need to get rid of those pent-up emotions & withholding & hiding, because it's just pride. You need to get rid of that, you need to be humble & confess your needs. If you think it's a fault, then "confess your faults one to another that you may be healed," that you may be fucked or masturbate or whatever you need to do! [DELETED] We don't prohibit it, why should we when there's nothing wrong with it, nothing evil, nasty or dirty about it! It's perfectly natural, normal & God-created!
11. YOU NEED TO GET IT OUT IN THE OPEN & BE HONEST ABOUT IT & HUMBLE ABOUT IT, free about it! Get out from under the stigma, out from under those inhibitions that were ingrained into you by System parents & System churches & just the System period! The whole thing is dead set against sex. They make you think you've got to go to the Devil & break the law to enjoy sex to the full. Isn't that horrible? That's the System for you, the devilish, fiendish System! It's pitiful!
12. I GAVE A TALK ONE TIME BACK IN THE SWISS HOUSE ON HOW SO MANY OF MAN'S LAWS ARE AGAINST GOD'S LAWS, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO THE REALM OF SEX! But we have had that ingrained in us, that inhibited expression of sex, the stigma of sex, that it's evil, dirty, naughty, nasty & you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't say that. Isn't it horrible to say those things about the gift of God & about the creation of God & the blessings of God & the pleasures that God has made & given you to enjoy? Isn't it horrible that the church has taught that it is bad, evil, naughty, dirty & nasty? Aren't those some of the words your parents used when they caught you at it?
13. BUT IT IS A PHYSICAL NECESSITY, SO ANYBODY WHO SO-CALLED GETS THE "VICTORY" OVER IT IS GOING AGAINST NATURE! God's Word speaks about crimes against nature. You're going against the natural way God made you to be, created you to be, blessed you to be! Of course, you can overdo it, you can overdo a good thing. You can eat too much, jog too much, work too hard, exhaust yourself, you can even exhaust yourself sexually, even have too much sex.
14. THE DEVIL TRIES TO CONVINCE YOU THAT SOMETHING YOU'RE DOING IS WRONG SO THAT HE CAN CONDEMN YOU, SO THAT IF YOU DON'T DO IT BY FAITH THEN IT IS WRONG, IT IS SIN! So all those years I was doing something that was not wrong at all, actually was no sin at all, but because I thought it was sin & my Mother convinced me it was a sin, it was a sin for me! Isn't that sad? All those years I had to do it in sin thinking it was a sin, & always praying "God forgive me" afterwards & apologising & "Oh Lord, deliver me & forgive me!" All that suffering of guilt complex, etc., wasn't even necessary. But because the System & religion & my own Mother taught me it was wrong, bad, wicked & evil, I suffered Hell for years because I couldn't overcome it. I didn't need to overcome it, God intended for me to enjoy it, as long as I didn't do it excessively.
15. IT'S A PHYSICAL NEED! IT'S A GOD-CREATED, GOD-IMPLANTED PHYSICAL NEED! IT IS A NECESSITY! It is an urge which needs to be satisfied, & if you don't get it satisfied somehow, you can develop all kinds of complexes & neuroses & all kinds of things!--Especially if you have guilt about it & you feel like it's wrong. You need to be delivered, not from sex, but from those God-damned System-implanted, guilt-implanted, fear-implanted, embarrassment-implanted, shame-implanted System guilt complexes about it! You need a little re-education! There's something wrong with you, that you're embarrassed about talking openly, honestly & humbly about sex!
16. IF THIS TALK HAS EMBARRASSED YOU, MADE YOU ASHAMED, MADE YOU A LITTLE UNCOMFORTABLE, THEN LOOK OUT! You'd better look, not at me, but at yourself & down in your own heart & see what's wrong! I'll confess, it's not all your fault, it was ingrained in you by your parents & other people & the System, because that's the way it's organised, all contrary to God's natural laws, all contrary to His natural way, all contrary to God's freedom & the sexual freedom that God expected you to have.
17. THANK GOD FOR SEX! ... Good night, it's the normal course of events, it's natural life, it's the way God intended for it to be, right? That way it stays in its proper perspective as a normal, non-exaggerated, not blown-up part of life, as just a part of life, of which there are many other parts just as important or even more important.
18. BUT THE WORLD OUTSIDE, THE SYSTEM & THEIR SO-CALLED JUDEO-CHRISTIAN ETHICS--WHICH ARE NOT GOD'S ETHICS AT ALL, NOT BIBLICAL--HAVE BLOWN UP THIS THING TO WHERE THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY GOT THEIR MINDS ON IT ALL THE TIME!--They can't think of anything else, they've gone sex crazy, because they've been suppressed so much. And it's really oppressed, until it becomes an obsession, until they're almost possessed by it!--Instead of taking it the normal, natural way, just as normal & natural as any other necessary physical function of life!--Just as normal as eating or working or drinking or sleeping or anything else you need to do! That's the way God intended for it to be.
19. IT'S JUST PITIFUL THAT WE STILL SOMETIMES HAVE SOME OF THOSE HANG-UPS & HANGOVERS FROM THE SYSTEM, that we're a little timid & shy about sex, we're a little backward about asking, we're a little proud. I must confess, even with Maria sometimes I've felt like it but I was too proud to ask at that particular moment & in that particular situation. I guess maybe I got that inhibition from Mother Eve. So many times when I wanted it, needed it & asked for it, she put me down & said, "Oh, you're too carnal, too fleshly, why don't you go pray & read your Bible!"
20. I THINK IN A WAY, THAT'S ONE REASON THE FAMILY HAS LOVED ME, BECAUSE I HAVE REALLY TRIED TO BE HONEST WITH YOU, come down to Earth & speak honestly, openly, even confess my own sins, tell you what I think about it, to try to get you to be the same way! And if you would, it would remove so many of those tensions, so much of what they call stress & apprehension. You know what it all is?--Fear & pride is what's killing the World today! Fear & pride! "Men's hearts failing them for fear!" (Luk.21:26) Fear, stress, strain, all these things they talk about people having & dying from, from heart trouble & high blood pressure, it's all fear! The Bible just calls it a plain & simple little four-letter word for what it is, fear! And the other one's a five-letter word that caused all the trouble in the first place, pride!
21. AND THAT'S WHY I WANT YOU TO BE HONEST. BE YOURSELVES, honest with the Lord, honest with others, be open & honest & confess not only your sins & faults one toward another, but your legitimate needs! That is a little humbling. But humility is real good for your pride, it really helps blow it away & melt it. All that cold, hard ice can melt in the heat & warmth of love & honesty & humility & even sex, because it's of the Lord. PTL?
22. BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED TO BE!--AND I'M TRYING TO BE AN EXAMPLE TO YOU OF BEING OPEN, HONEST & EVEN BLUNT! If you want to call it coarse & crude & raw & even vulgar, well, then you're the loser, because there's something wrong with you, not me, if you think it's all those things. Of course, I'll admit there are ways of being very vulgar & coarse & crude about things just for the sake of crudeness & vulgarness & ugliness, like some of those sex movies in which the organs are the main characters.
23. SO ANYHOW, DID YOU GET THE POINT?--BE OPEN, BE HONEST, BE HUMBLE & ENJOY LIFE, ENJOY GOD'S GIFTS! PTL? Amen? ILY! God bless you all, you're so wonderful! Such a wonderful Family, such wonderful children! (Prays:) Amen! Lord do bless & keep them all today. Help them to enjoy sex without a bit of condemnation, Lord, in Jesus' name, because it's all from Thee, all Thine, & we are Thine, in Jesus' name!
24. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, LORD, & THE WONDERFUL LIFE YOU'VE GIVEN US TO LIVE!--Wonderful Home, good food, good beds, every need, even luxuries! Thank You for how good You are to us, Lord. Because we delight ourselves in Thee, You give us the desires of our hearts, our wants as well as our needs. Thank You Jesus for all the things we've been talking about, & help us to enjoy them to the full without condemnation, in Jesus' name! Amen! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family