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BE A EUNUCH!               DO 1923 5/85--Quit Trying to Be Sexy if You Can't!

       1. IT'S NOTORIOUS AMONGST SOME WOMEN, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN VERY SEXY & had a lot of sex, that they get burned out on sex & don't even want it any more! They have become frigid!
       2. MAYBE IT WOULD DO YOU GOOD FOR AWHILE JUST TO GO WITHOUT SEX! You can't get excited about sex if you're sick of it! If people are fed up with sex for whatever reason, they should quit trying.--Like the old maid, all of a sudden everybody began to notice she was so happy & they asked, "How come all of a sudden you're so happy?" She said, "I quit struggling!" In other words, she quit trying to find a man & got happy!
       3. (MARIA: I THINK BECAUSE OF THE EMPHASIS WE'VE PUT ON HOW WONDERFUL SEX IS & how it's not natural to not be sexy, they feel condemned because they're not sexy & then they try too hard & because they fear they can't, they really can't!)
       4. FOR GOD'S SAKE, IF I CAN'T MAKE IT I QUIT TRYING. A woman should quit being so self-centered & selfish & worried about whether she goes or not. Why not put that much concern into whether she can please a man & help him be satisfied? (Maria: I think too, that they're worried about it because they know the man will be disappointed if they don't respond.)
       5. (MARIA: WE TEACH THEM TO BE SEXY, & that not to be sexy is not natural or godly, so they try hard to be something they're not.) If it's not their norm, it does not mean that it's not godly. If a woman is somewhat masculine & doesn't feel sexy she should just do her best to be a woman, but not go overboard in trying to push it & trying to be extremely sexy etc. There are some people who just aren't normally sexual or sexy so they ought to accept themselves the way they are, quit trying, just act natural, be themselves, quit trying to be somebody they aren't.
       6. QUIT TRYING! QUIT PUSHING IT! Get interested in the Lord's Work & put your energies into something more profitable instead of just trying to be sexy when you don't feel sexy or trying to be something that you aren't. If you don't feel sexy, don't have sex! (Maria: A lot of times you have to do it for the other person, for your mate or fish.) All right, but don't expect the other person to do the impossible with you!--Such as making you go when you can't!
       7. NINETY-EIGHT PER CENT OF LIFE IS NOT SEX! So why not enjoy the other 98% instead of letting 2% ruin all your enjoyment of life & all your pleasure? There are lots of other pleasures in the World besides sex! I guess I'm over-sexed & was sexually deprived a good deal of my life except for what I personally supplied.
       8. I WAS ALMOST FORCED TO BE CELIBATE FOR THE SAKE OF THE LORD & HIS WORK'S SAKE, REALLY. My religion kept me pretty celibate, so I was a eunuch for Christ's sake. So for Christ's sake why can't some of you just be eunuchs & be satisfied with it?
       9. NOT FEELING SEXY IS NOT WRONG! For goodness sakes! (Maria: A lot of people have that problem--either they're physiologically or psychologically frigid or just too tired.) I pity the ones who feel that way & have a very sexy partner who wants sex all the time. In that case I think they either ought to forget having a partner or find somebody else who doesn't like sex. (Maria: Or the partner could do it themselves.)
       10. SOME ARE EUNUCHS MADE SO BY MAN, JESUS HIMSELF SAID, others are eunuchs just naturally. In other words, they're naturally not very sexy or sexual. He said others are eunuchs for the Lord's sake because they are too devoted to His Work & His Kingdom & working for the Lord & for others, therefore they simply forsake sex & don't worry about it. (Mt.19:12) They fill up their time & strength with things far more profitable than sex! Sex is not the greatest thing in life!
       11. SERVING THE LORD IS THE GREATEST THING IN LIFE! Serving others is the greatest thing in life! Jesus said to love Him with all your heart & mind & strength & to love your neighbour as yourself, that those are the greatest things in life! (Mt.22:37-39; 19:19) The Law of Love didn't even necessarily include sex. He never said anything about having to love sex!
       12. IT IS FAIRLY NORMAL & NATURAL FOR MOST PEOPLE TO LIKE SEX, but there are some people who don't, & some people are in a sense made that way by the Lord, devoted to the Lord. Maybe God made them that way so they wouldn't be worrying about sex & could devote their time & energy to other things far more important than sex!
       13. (MARIA: I THINK, HOWEVER, THAT PEOPLE NEED TO REALISE THAT MOST EVERYBODY STILL HAS THE NEED FOR AFFECTION EVEN IF THEY DON'T FOR ACTUAL SEX.) Yes, everybody wants to be loved, of course. (Maria: Affection is very important, kisses & cuddles & hugs just to know you're loved even if sex doesn't enter in much. The physical contact is important because it shows that you're loved & it helps you to feel secure. Sex isn't necessarily a sign of love, but affection is always a sign of love.) That's real love, genuine love & it can even be sacrificial love!
       14. WHAT'S THE GREATEST LOVE IN THE WORLD?--THE LOVE IN WHICH YOU LAY DOWN YOUR OWN LIFE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. You sacrifice your own life & your own self for the sake of someone else. That's real Love, God's kind of Love, sacrificial love, spiritual love! (Maria: And that's the most important.)
       15. SEX IS A BIG PART OF MY LIFE BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A BIG PART OF PEOPLE'S LIVES WHO ARE NOT SEXY & don't particularly care that much about sex, especially those who have a hard time having sex or feeling sexy. If you don't feel sexy & your partner needs sex & insists on sex, well, give it to him. But you shouldn't try to insist on enjoying it yourself or insist on trying to attain an orgasm & insist on trying to make your partner make you have an orgasm when it is virtually impossible & you're frigid! Forget it! I think that's asking too much of the partner. Why not just tell them, "Let's call it quits, I don't want it, I don't need it, I'm happy to make you happy the best I can, but please don't insist on my attaining an orgasm which I can't do."
       16. IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT, FORGET IT! That's my advice. Quit trying! Quit struggling! Be happy! Do something else you can do & be satisfied in. There are thousands of things you can do & be successful in & have a great deal of satisfaction & fulfilment in without trying to work so hard on one or two per cent of life where you can't make it!
       17. IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT, FORGET IT! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, BE A EUNUCH! Quit struggling & be happy! Get busy serving the Lord & others & forget about your own selfish satisfaction!--Amen?
       18. LOTS OF TIMES I'M TOO OLD & TIRED AT MY AGE to make it all the way, but I still enjoy it & love to make others happy. But if she can't make it either, for God's sake we oughtta quit struggling & be happy just to love one another! Amen? God bless & help you to be a eunuch for Christ's sake!

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