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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

FINISH THE JOB!       DO 1939       6/85

       1. WE'RE PREPARING FOR THE CRASH! WE EXPECT IT ANY MINUTE, ANY DAY! I am expecting the Lord to help us get wound down to the point we can survive on whatever comes in before He lets the Crash really crash. He's waiting on us, I believe it! I often think, "Well now, Lord, why? It looks like the World ought to crash right now, it should have crashed back in '79!"--Like that Swiss banker wrote in that book The Crash of '79, he couldn't understand why it didn't crash then, it should've! I mean, countries & the World have been bankrupt for years, living on borrowed time & borrowed money! Why hasn't it crashed? Why? God's being merciful to us, He's waiting on us!
       2. THROUGH ALL THESE YEARS OF WORLD BANKRUPTCY & ALL OF THIS, HE'S WAITING ON US TO FINISH THE JOB, to get out the Word, get out the lit, get out the Posters, get out the witness, to get in the souls & the disciples, before He's going to let it crash "& the night comes when no man can work." (Jn.9:4) So we are doing our best to wind-down & cut down personnel so that we will be ready when the Crash occurs, & it may occur just as soon as we get wound down, the Lord knowing then that we're ready & are able to survive it.--As soon as we've gotten out all these major publications & all the Posters & we've got everything out & in the field & in use & where it belongs, so you have the tools to do the job, & then we won't have to print so much any more. You can do it individually right on the field where it's safer & better & easier & cheaper to print & even easier to disperse & distribute without having to send it across national borders & worry about customs or banned literature & things like that.
       3. SOME COUNTRIES BAN OUR LITERATURE, IT'S NOT EVEN ALLOWED! IT'S CONTRABAND! If they catch it in your luggage they'll confiscate it, like Saudi Arabia even confiscates Bibles! Even Russia will let you take in a Bible as long as you don't have Bibles to sell or too much of the same kind of lit, especially in Russian. In fact, Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim country which bans Christian churches & Christian literature, even Bibles! God's going to judge them some day! And who are they siding with? Who's their main ally & protector?--The U.S.A.! Outside of Israel, the Arabian State of Saudi Arabia is the U.S.'s staunchest friend in the Middle East.--Both are bitter enemies of each other, Jews & Arabs!
       4. BUT THE U.S. HAS ONE VERY STAUNCH FRIEND, NOT ONLY A FRIEND, BUT THE TAIL THAT WAGS THE DOG! Israel wags the U.S.! Do you get what I mean by that? Does the dog wag the tail or does the tail wag the dog? (David: The dog wags the tail.) Yes, but in some cases, like little tiny Israel with great big U.S.A., the tail is wagging the dog! In other words, Israel is influencing the U.S. & telling the U.S. what to do & what not to do & which way to go & who to make friends with & who not to make friends with. Israel is virtually ruling the U.S.! It looks the other way around on the surface. ...
       5. REMEMBER THAT MARVELLOUS DREAM I HAD ABOUT THE "GREEN PAPER PIG"? (No.243) That dream was amazing! It was [EDITED: "the ACs"] ... letting this Green Paper Pig go that was like a balloon in the dream, & they were the ones that sicced it down the river! And who were they after? Why were they manipulating this Green Paper Pig, this paper balloon, so to speak? Do you remember whom were they siccing it on in the dream? (Fam: Us!) They were after us! Because let's face it, most of us in the Family at that time were Americans or were still largely dependent on the U.S. dollar, & the dollar was sicced on us by these [EDITED: "ACs"], showing that they run the monetary system of the World. And in siccing the dollar on us, what could that mean?--They thought the dollar was going to devour us! How would it devour us? I never brought that out in the dream, did I? I never really thought much about that before.
       6. WHY DID THE [EDITED: "ACs"] SIC THE DOLLAR ON US? Well, isn't the World largely dependent on dollars?--And isn't even the vast majority of our Family's economy still dependent on dollars?--Or has been until recently when we dumped them! But then in the blow-up, which no doubt the [EDITED: "ACs"] themselves literally intended, they expected to blow us away at the same time. But we were pointing our finger at the balloon & we're the ones who really choose the time when it shall blow! So instead of blowing us, it's going to blow them, because we've dumped our dollars & are not going to get caught in the crush & the Crash & the explosion, the blow-up! You give the Devil enough rope & he'll hang himself!
       7. IN MAKING THE WHOLE WORLD DOLLAR-DEPENDENT ON A DOLLAR ECONOMY, THE [EDITED: "ACs"] FIGURED THAT THE DOLLAR WOULD SWALLOW US UP TOO WHEN THEY BRING ABOUT THE CRASH.--Which they're doing deliberately! They want the Crash to come, they're engineering it, they're staging the whole thing! (No.1340)--First of all, to get the whole World dependent on the dollar & their dollar banks & [EDITED: "AC"] banks, & then to pull the rug out from under them with the explosion & the decline of the dollar so that the whole World will then become their slaves & they'll have to save them, salvage their economic system & the whole works. When the dollar blows, they are going to actually blow it! They are planning to blow it in order to blow up the World, in order that their Antichrist can pick up the pieces.
       8. BUT WE'RE GOING TO PRE-EMPT'M! WE POINTED OUR FINGER AT THAT THING BEFORE IT GOT TO US & REBUKED IT IN JESUS' NAME & IT EXPLODED!--BEFORE THEY INTENDED FOR IT TO EXPLODE!--Get it? As far as we were concerned, at least, it didn't even make it to us! Because no matter what happens to the dollar now, it's not going to affect us as much as it used to. We have dumped nearly all of our dollars. We get rid of them as fast as they come in & we're going to more reliable forms of reserves & currencies, etc., of more reliable economies.--Of which you can hardly find any more reliable than in the strong, booming Lands of the Rising Sun whose economies are climbing & whose currencies even are rising in value compared to the U.S. dollar. Whereas the dollar is declining, currencies in the better nations of the East are climbing, even against the Swiss franc, which was one of the most stable, if not the most stable currency in the whole World for the past few years.--Had less depreciation & devaluation compared to the dollar & all the other currencies.
       9. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE DEVIL & HIS DECEITFULNESS & HIS LIES CAUSED THE DOLLAR TO SPURT UP!--Undoubtedly with the manipulation of those [EDITED: "AC"] bankers & those [EDITED: "ACs"] who control ... the World situation, the World economy. They have seen to it that the dollar has been inflated in value, bigger & bigger & bigger, until recently when we started pointing our finger at the dollar it's been declining ever since. Oh, it goes up a step now & then, but down two. Up one, down two. Up one, down two.--Just the same way that gold goes up two, down one, up two, down one, etc. So that dream is amazing, & I'm beginning to see things in it that I never saw before!
       10. WE GOT THE JUMP ON THE PIG! We pointed our finger at it & exploded it before it got to us. Could it be that we're helping to bring on the Crash by warning the World of what's happening to the dollar & what's bound to happen? We've been warning the World of the Crash for 20 years! Look how merciful the Lord has been to us! Our whole Family hasn't even existed that long! God has given us all this time & had all this patience & waited for years for us to even arrive & be born & grow till we became this big Family & spread all over the World preaching the Gospel to billions of people! And now He's helping us to get out millions of lit pages in order that we can give them the tools to do the job, as we have now for years, millions & millions of pages of Gospel literature!
       11. LOOK HOW PATIENT THE LORD IS, LOOK HOW SLOW HE HAS KEPT THE PIG, IN A WAY, & OUR ENEMIES & THE WORLD SITUATION & THE ECONOMY, HOLDING IT BACK. He says, "He Who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way." (2Thes.2:7) The original English word letteth there is just the opposite of our modern usage. The Devil has changed the meanings of words over the years. It means "Until He Who now holds back the flood is taken out of the way". As soon as we've got as much of the job done as we can & our wind-down done & we're ready to survive, all of us, D.V., He's going to open the floodgates of the Antichrist System with the Antichrist & the whole works & just let'r rip!--For one thing, to stop the World from destroying itself & mankind! God's got to open the floodgates & let the flood roar in order to shorten the time. "For except those days were shortened there should no flesh be saved!"--He says so. (Mat.24:22)
       12. SO THE LORD HAS GIVEN US THE WISDOM & THE WARNING, we've had it for years. Now we're in our heyday, we're booming, we have been booming. We've boomed in population, we've boomed in ministries, in radio, literature, evangelism, Worldwide missions & everything to a tremendous extent! But now God knows what's going to happen, that it's not going to be possible to be quite as inflated as we are today with so many ministries & perhaps even so many people in so many countries, & certainly not so much literature & as many publications, & certainly not as much freedom, & definitely there won't be as much money! We're going to have to learn how to get by on less, & as I have often said, on an absolute minimum, if we have to, to even go back to where we were when we started, where there was nobody but me & Maria writing little prayer letters!
       13. "DAD, YOU'RE NOT SUGGESTING THAT WE'RE ACTUALLY GOING TO GO BACK DOWN TO NOTHING, ARE YOU?"--NO! I mean, we've done the job! We've got thousands & thousands of our people! We've got even more people who've backslidden & got the Message & still believe it! Even though they're not Members, even though they're not TRFers, not contributing, they've gone back & anyhow they still believe it & do it!--Like Eve & her crowd & some of the rest of them. They just weren't willing to go our way & accept everything. But our people have run into different organisations & different groups & schools & all kinds of things which all definitely sound almost like us, founded on the same principles, the same methods & doing the same things.--Except for some of our most radical doctrines, especially regarding sex, which those former church people, etc., don't like!
       14. AS MY MOTHER ONCE TOLD FRED JORDAN, "FRED, YOU THINK YOU'RE HAVING A TREMENDOUS IMPACT ON THE WORLD WITH YOUR TEACHING, & especially with your missionary work in pioneer missions & mission fields, sending out hundreds of missionaries. You think that's your greatest impact on the World, sending hundreds of missionaries to many foreign fields & winning thousands of souls! But that's not your greatest influence. Your greatest influence has been your secondary impact on the churches & on Christians, influencing them to do what they have failed to do & have not been doing! You have stripped them & exposed them & made them conscious of their failures, & made their congregations conscious of the failures of their churches & preachers, to where they're going to start witnessing now & they're going to start canvassing & they're going to start getting out just to shut you up so you can't criticise them like that & say they're not doing anything!
       15. "YOU'RE MAKING CHRISTIANS AWARE OF THEIR DUTY TO WITNESS, LITNESS, WIN SOULS & EVANGELISE THE WORLD! You're making the denominations aware that they have got to do something or their own parishioners are going to accuse them of doing nothing! You have awakened people, you've told them the Truth, you've warned them like a Prophet of their failures. So in order to keep their people from all running over to you, they've got to put on a program somewhat similar, maybe not as radical or as hot or as widespread, but they've got to do something. 'We're going to have a neighbourhood canvass now, we're going to go out & try to get folks to come to Sunday School. We've got to go out & do a little litnessing on Saturday night down on Skid Row, blah blah.'"
       16. FRED PRACTICALLY TURNED LOS ANGELES UPSIDE-DOWN WITH HIS DOCTRINE, & then it spread across the Southwest & the whole United States & almost to the whole World! But the Lord left that job for us. Fred couldn't seem to see much further than the U.S.A. as far as a base. He did have the missionary vision & he got missionaries to quite a few countries, mostly to Japan & Africa, which seemed to be his burdens, but that's about as far as he went. And God has reserved things like the Posters & other ministries & other doctrines for us in these Last Days, like He did for David with Saul. Saul could only carry Israel so far, then David had to pick up the torch & carry it the rest of the way, & Saul was left behind. But now, praise God, it's us!
       17. SO OUR SECONDARY IMPACT, FAR BEYOND WHAT WE OURSELVES ARE DOING, AS THE APOSTLE SAYS, HAS PROVOKED THE JEWS TO JEALOUSY!--OR IN THIS CASE THE CHURCH. Provoked the Christians to jealousy to get them out witnessing. My goodness, I never saw any churches do that kind of street witnessing! The usual thing was to pass out tracts on Skid Row on Saturday night to the bums & the drunks & the harlots, & a lot of good that did! Well, I suppose it did some good. But they didn't want'm in church, no!--And they didn't have any children or young people, so what good would it do? They just hoped they'd get saved.--"But not here, not in our church! Go down to the mission, they'll take care of you there, we can't take care of you." That was standard policy.
       18. --OR THEY'D GO TO THE JAILS & HAVE A LITTLE SERVICE, SING A FEW LITTLE DITTIES, HAVE A SERMON & PASS OUT TRACTS.--And if anybody did get saved, well, they probably were never going to get out & come to their church, so the church was safe from any invasion by prisoners & criminals! In the hospitals the people were dying, so there was no chance of those people getting revived & coming to church. In the orphanages they were orphans, so it would be years before they'd have to worry about them coming to church. They went to all the places where you'd have the least possible disciple fruit--old folks' homes, hospitals, orphanages, prisons, Skid Row--& the least possibility of them ever coming to your church!--Although a few finally did manage to. But the people were scared to death of them when they did & didn't really want them around! They were afraid they might get infected, germ-laden, pest-laden, flea-laden or whatnot, & they might have!
       19. I STARTED BRINGING MEXICANS & INDIANS INTO MY CHURCH IN ARIZONA & THAT'S WHAT FINISHED ME OFF! They said, "We don't want those dirty greasers, those dirty Indians in our church, in our nice new building you built for us!" That was the end! They just wanted "Thee, thou, me & no other, our nice little clique, our nice little social circle, just us! We don't want these invaders, these strangers, these newcomers, we don't want them here!" The churches are built on that. They just want to keep it the way it is, they don't want new people.
       20. OUR FAMILY'S ALMOST GOTTEN THAT WAY IN SOME OF OUR HOMES. Some've got enough people now, enough staff, enough children & they don't want anybody else! They don't want to bring in new disciples, it might upset the applecart, contaminate their children, it might disrupt their schedule! They'd have to have special classes for a babe & special training. They don't want to go through all that again, they've been through that once long ago, they've done their duty & they don't want to be bothered with new disciples any more. Let's face it, let's be honest, that's a fact! A lot of our Homes don't want new disciples any more, because they don't want to have to take care of them & baby them--for the same reason a lot of women don't want children! It's hard work having them & taking care of them. It's hard work bearing them. It's hard work for our kind of babes & babies, winning them, making disciples of them, & then you've got to put up with'm in the Home & train them just like we do our children, which is part of the time all a one-way street, all to the babes' benefit for awhile.
       21. BUT NOW LOOK AT THEM!--ISN'T THAT THE PAYOFF? AREN'T THEY A BLESSING & AN INSPIRATION NOW? Now they're benefiting us, inspiring us & helping us. (To the children:) For awhile you were just little babies & toddlers like Mary Dear, who has to have almost everything done for her, right? When you were tiny babies, everything had to be done for you, you couldn't do a thing for yourself. But even Mary Dear is beginning to do things for herself now, she can walk for herself, talk for herself, think for herself & do lots of things for herself! She's getting to be more self-sufficient & more indigenous all the time! Now you children are getting to where you're actually a help--a help with the housework, the cleaning, the childcare & the mothering! PTL! You're a help & a blessing now. Now it's the payoff! We've invested a lot in these children, now it's beginning to pay dividends, beginning to pay off! Praise God?--Amen!
       22. IT'S A GREAT BATTLE, BUT WE'RE WINNING! TTL? WE'RE GETTING IT DONE! It looks like we're going to get these major publications done before the Crash, thank the Lord, & we are winding-down now very effectively. How many of you would like to hit the streets with these Posters? That's kind of like Grandpa's story about the drunk cowboy, remember that? He was in the church & the preacher gave the invitation & said, "How many of you would like to go to Heaven?"--And everybody raised their hands. They were all Christians anyhow who figured they were going to Heaven. But the drunk cowboy got up on the platform & said, "Hey, preacher, wait a minute! You didn't ask that question the right way to really find out!" He pulled out his two big six-guns, pointed them at the congregation & said, "Now how many of you want to go to Heaven?"--Nobody raised a hand!
       23. THESE PEOPLE DID PRETTY GOOD HERE! I was just talking about winding down & getting rid of personnel & condensing & all of that, & suddenly I asked them, "How many of you would like to hit the streets with Posters?"--And they all raised their hands! How about that? That's a pretty good score! Well, you never know! You may be one of the ones that are going to be hitting the streets before long! I'll tell you, I sure would if I could! They have to hold me down to keep me off the street!
       24. I'VE GOT MY POSTERS DONE NOW, NOW I'VE GOT TO GET THESE CLASSES ALL PROOFREAD & get back to work on the GNs. And Maria & Peter & some of our other Units around the World are working about as hard as they can on books & other Pubs, trying to get them all done before the Crash. Thank God we're getting our Posters done! I said I was going to get these Posters done whatever happened!
       25. GUESS HOW MANY POSTERS WE'VE AVERAGED A MONTH TO COMPLETE?--ART, ART CHANGES, TEXT & THE WORKS? (Fam: Ten?) No, not that fast.--Seven! We've averaged 7 Posters a month, that's almost 2 a week, from start to finish! It's a lot of work!--Maybe you don't realise how much work! It takes a lot of work on the art & writing & reading the texts & proofreading & correcting & keeping track of it all, so nearly 2 posters a week is really phenomenal! You don't realise how much work there is behind every Poster!
       26. BUT NORTH AMERICA STILL DOESN'T PRINT ANYTHING NEW! They're still giving'm the same old stuff that they've been fed on for the last 15 years, it's ridiculous! No wonder people don't want them any more, they've seen them a thousand times! They need to get out there with the Posters now, something new! But of course those poor people are scared & they don't have time & I guess we'll have to do it for'm. How would you like to do it for'm? When our job's all done & the victory is won & we don't have to publish any more--except me writing some little Letters maybe--then we can all go out, except maybe me & Mama--& hit the streets & really finish the job in a hurry!
       27. WE HAVE SOMETHING LIKE FOUR OR FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE IN WS UNITS ALL OVER THE WORLD! Just think if we could put several hundred more people in the field now in these Last Days in the shortness of time, we'd finish the job quicker! That would be a big help, wouldn't it? So we're going to do it! Hallelujah! We're on the way! So decide on your field! PTL? I'm scaring you all half to death right now, but it's good for you! Don't you think it's good for you? Are you afraid somebody's going to quit or run out of here or something?
       28. I FOUND WHEN THE LORD GIVES YOU A SCARE OR A LITTLE SHAKE-UP IT'S GOOD FOR YOU, it makes you really pray & get down to business & find the will of God!--Amen? He doesn't tell us everything about the future, especially about our own personal futures, we've got to keep praying & keep close to the Lord day by day to know what's going to happen & where we're going to be & where we should be & what we should do. So PTL!
       29. THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU, TO SHAKE YOU UP A LITTLE BIT & MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THINGS ARE NOT JUST SO SETTLED FOREVER! Changes are good for you, even suggestions of changes are good for you! The idea that there's going to be a change is good for you to really make you pray & get close to the Lord.
       30. IF I HADN'T BEEN WILLING TO LEAVE HOME, WHERE WOULD YOU BE? If I hadn't been willing to leave my wife or my mate & my children, my job, my church, my relatives & my family, where would you be? Well, maybe if you're not willing to leave this Home & go out there, where will some of those people out there be if you don't go out there & save'm & rescue'm & see'm on their way to Heaven! But whether you're here or there, I know the Lord's going to take care of you & make you happy in His service.

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