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SCOFIELD BIBLE & "THERE'S THE ENEMY" STORY!        DO 1944        1/85

       1. SCOFIELD TRIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE KINGDOM OF GOD & THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN & says that some Christians belong to the Kingdom of God, others belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, some will be raptured at certain times, others will be raptured later, blah blah! Just because Matthew usually says Kingdom of Heaven, & the other Gospel for the same story, the same analogy, the very same Words of Jesus say Kingdom of God, Scofield cooks up this false doctrine of making a difference between the Kingdom of Heaven & the Kingdom of God!--Of all the lies! Of all the twisting of the Scriptures!
       2. THAT SCOFIELD BIBLE MAKES ME SO MAD! IT IS DIABOLICAL! I think sometimes it's absolutely of the Devil, certainly that doctrine & some of his other doctrines were. About the only thing he was straight on was eternal salvation, & that's probably the only reason God had mercy on that Bible & let it be distributed & circulated like it was. He even compromised with evolution in his introduction & said, "It's possible the days might have been aeons of time & according to what the archaeologists & geologists say, possibly it wasn't really six days, maybe it was millions of years instead," blah blah!--Right in the Scofield Bible!
       3. NO WONDER THE PASTOR OF THE BIGGEST BAPTIST CHURCH IN ALL OF METROPOLITAN MIAMI STOOD UP & STOMPED OUT OF THAT MEETING WHERE I WAS ADDRESSING ALL THOSE CHRISTIAN BUSINESSMEN! They invited me to speak on evolution because our evolution fight was headlines in the newspaper & my picture was in it & everything else & I was a hot potato! Preachers will do anything to get a crowd, even at a businessman's luncheon, so I was invited to speak, & boy, I blasted'm, I'll tell you! I really socked it to'm about evolution! I went right down the line.
       4. AND THEN I FINALLY ASKED, "HOW MANY OF YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO THE SCHOOL BOARD WITH ME & STAND UP WITH ME AS BEING AGAINST THIS BOOK & AGAINST EVOLUTION?" Three old men stood up, dear old white-haired Gospel preachers, old-fashioned preachers of the Gospel!--And they're the only ones that showed up at the school board meeting, they kept their word & they came! Out of at least 300 Christian preachers & businessmen, only three!--One out of 100! That's how rare the saints of God are, the real saints!
       5. BUT THE BIGGEST BAPTIST PREACHER IN THE WHOLE CITY, WHO HAD A HUGE BAPTIST CHURCH OF ABOUT 3,000 MEMBERS, HE STOOD UP--a great big guy, looked like a footballer & probably had been, six-foot-six--& he said, "Well, I don't agree with you & I'll not be there, because I believe in evolution!"--And he stomped out! And as he was walking out, I said, "There's the Enemy, beloved, right there, the traitors in our midst who don't believe the Bible & don't believe God's Word! The traitors & the double-crossers & the connivers & the collaborators with the System! There goes the Enemy!" I was calling a spade a spade! The people practically gasped! I didn't know who he was. They said afterwards, "Brother David, don't you know that that is the pastor of the biggest Protestant church in town?--The pastor of the biggest fundamentalist, evangelical Gospel-preaching Bible-believing Gospel church!"
       6. I SAID, "I DON'T CARE WHO THE HELL HE IS, HE'S A TRAITOR & A LIAR & AN UNBELIEVER BECAUSE HE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN THE WORD OF GOD! That's where your danger is, there he goes, right there's a traitor!" I actually heard people gasping! "Oh! Ah!" They couldn't believe I would tell the truth like that right before the whole public. I'm glad I did, aren't you? I'll tell you, I think if I'm going to get a pat on the back for anything when I get to Heaven, that may be one of them, for telling the truth about that liar! I doubt if I'll even see him in Heaven unless he got saved since then, I don't know. Anyhow, he believed in eternal salvation, but I don't know if his eternal kind will last that long!

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