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YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY!        DO 1945        6/85
--But Jesus Is Your Own Best Friend!

        1. I'VE BEEN SICK & UP ALL NIGHT. Well, everybody that lives with me knows that I don't have very much patience anyhow, don't you? Come on, say amen! You know I don't have much patience, especially with people that drag everybody down. Whew! God help me! TYL! Amen! Well, I don't want to drag all of you down with the people who don't get the victory, but I'll tell you right now, in this wind-down some of you folks better get the victory or you're going to be out, period!--Patooie! Just because I happened to be looking at you, Dear, when I said "patooie" doesn't mean you. You were out of it for awhile, but you got the victory, thank the Lord!
        2. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, PEOPLE DON'T REALISE HOW THEY BRING THEIR OWN SPIRIT TO CLASS, & that spirit has a pervasive influence. You are either radiating sunshine or a black cloud! You think because you're sitting here amongst others that you can hide your feelings, but you can't! I've been in this business for years, preaching to congregations & meetings, & people sit there & think that you don't see them & you don't see how they feel.--And yet they can drag you down, & with that, drag the whole Class down!
        3. ONE LITTLE DEVIL CAN DRAG EVERYBODY DOWN because of that evil influence on the teacher & the pervasive influence of that glum, depressed, oppressive cloud that they're under. My God, you'd better not bring that kind of a spirit to this Class or I'm going to sock it to you like I did Magdalene! I preached one whole night against her & I don't think she'll ever forget it, without mentioning her by name. (See ML #1737.) I didn't want to publicly embarrass her, but I think everybody finally got the point who I was talking about. She precipitated a crisis, but it was good for us all.
        4. RIGHT NOW IN THE WIND-DOWN, BELOVED, YOU'D BETTER NOT BE ONE OF THE CRITICAL ONES or one of the problem children or one of those that drags everybody down, & worst of all drags me down because of your selfishness, your self-centeredness & your pride! My God, how can you be so concerned about yourself that you're not concerned about everybody else instead of yourself!
        5. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT THIS MORNING, THAT THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF WOMEN IN THE WORLD, & you can tell which kind they are almost every single time you have sex with them! Can you imagine what two kinds I'm talking about? ([EDITED: "Fam"]: Some want to be masculine & be like men, & some what to be like women.) Well, that's a good point, some are masculine like men & some want to be like women. What's the difference? What is a man supposed to be like? Who was made for whom? (Fam: The woman for the man.) (1Cor.10:9)--Right!--Not man for the woman! So when it comes to a man & a woman in their relationship, who should get priority, including sex & everything else?
        6. ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD WE ARE A MALE CHAUVINIST SOCIETY!--Because God's Word says the man is the one whom the woman was made for & made to please, & she's not to be so greatly concerned about whether she's pleased or not!--If the man happens to please her, she can be very thankful. It's the difference between Godliness & selfishness.
        7. THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF WOMEN IN THE WORLD & YOU CAN SURE TELL THE DIFFERENCE IN A HURRY! All you have to do is start making love with them & you'll know whether they're more interested in pleasing you & in the happiness of the man for which they were created & more interested in your pleasure & your happiness, unselfishly sacrificing themselves to please & help you & that's what they're there for, or whether they selfishly desire to please only themselves!
        8. WELL, EVERYBODY HAS THEIR BAD DAYS & EVERYBODY HAS THEIR PROBLEMS, we've got a lot of problems now. I have the problem of the whole World, all the Churches, & yet some little person comes to this Class & drags me down & the whole Class down & goes around with their tail between their legs & with their lower lip dragging the floor just because of their own personal problems!--Which are nothing in the World but centered in pride & in selfishness, because they're more concerned about themselves than anybody else! It makes me furious! It makes God furious! They've dragged me down I don't know how many Classes now, just because they're down in the dumps almost permanently!
        9. I'LL TELL YOU, YOU'D BETTER GET THE VICTORY RIGHT NOW if you have any problem, or you're not going to be the ones that stay!--Is that clear? Some of the rest of you who had problems, well, we just kicked you out for awhile to let you learn your lesson! The grass on the other side of the fence may seem greener, till you get over there & taste it & it may be bitter!
        10. YOU OUGHT TO KNOW ME, I AM A GENERAL OF AN ARMY & I HAVE VERY LITTLE PATIENCE WITH POOR SOLDIERS WHO CAN'T TAKE IT, who can't sacrifice & lay down their lives for others & forget their God-damned selfishness or their own damned pride & think about somebody else, think about the Class, think about the Church, think about everybody else instead of worrying about not being pleased themselves!--Or even worrying in their pride whether they please me or not! That doesn't make a damn bit of difference! Well, it's nice when you do, but you ought to be worrying about whether you please Jesus or not! If you can't please me, if I'm impossible, & sometimes I am, then for God's sake, try to please the Lord!
        11. I KNEW I WAS GOING TO EXPLODE THIS MORNING, BECAUSE I'M FULL OF THE SUBJECT! I told Mama this morning that I didn't even want to come to another Class. We've had people like that here before & I had to blast'm practically personally without naming them, people who were dragging me down & my spirit because they were sitting there looking glum with their chin dragging on the floor & the corners of their mouth turned down & sitting like a bump on a log, hardly responding because they don't even hardly know what I'm saying because they're thinking so hard about themselves & their own problem & their own unhappiness & their own insecurity!--Because they know when they're that way they're going to be found out sooner or later!
        12. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE HAD PROBLEMS BEFORE, SOME OF YOU HAD PROBLEMS. Some of you may not know it, but we kicked you out for awhile to teach you your lesson!--But you're back, praise the Lord! Did it help? Did it help to know that you're not guaranteed a place in this family here in this house?--To know that you'd better sit up & face up & get the victory & be happy & get your God-damned mind off yourself & on others & how to please them & please the Lord & do His work instead of moping around all the time about whether you're happy or not, or whether you're pleasing me or not or whatever!
        13. THAT'S WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS, IT'S YOUR GOD-DAMNED PRIDE!--IT'S YOUR SELFISH PRIDE! What the Hell difference does it matter whether you're happy or not?--Get your mind on the Lord & get your mind on others & try to just forget yourself & your selfishness & your pride & please other people! Get your mind on the Lord & others! You don't find happiness through the pursuit of it, you'll find happiness through trying to make other people happy, & then it'll find you!
        14. I'M SICK & TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO COME TO CLASS DOWN-IN-THE-MOUTH, hardly even looking at you or hearing what you're saying, they're concentrating so much on their own problems. They can't get along with hardly anybody, not even their own mate, & if it's not their mate, the person they have to live with. For God's sake, we don't make you live with anybody, you don't have to sleep with them! For God's sake, if you don't want to live with them, if you don't want to sleep with them, move!--Move out! You don't have to even move out of the house, you can move to some other room, someplace else.
        15. MAYBE GOD PUT YOU WITH THAT PERSON IN ORDER TO POUND YOU DOWN & BREAK YOU DOWN & BREAK YOUR PRIDE & GET RID OF THAT SELFISHNESS!--Put you with somebody that's maybe just as bad & as hard to get along with as you are! That's been standard Family policy from the earliest days back at TSC. If two people couldn't get along with each other, do you know what we did with them at first? It wasn't the final thing, but we made them live together [DELETED] to where they had to get along with each other, or the next step was out!--Whoever was to blame, or both of them.
        16. GOD HELP ME, I THOUGHT I WAS SICK, BUT THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE RIGHTEOUS ANGER TO CURE ME! I was up nearly all night, I didn't sleep between 12 & 5 o'clock, up working. At least, praise God, when you're like that you sure get a lot of work done! I read three whole newspapers & I don't know what all else, & I'm up & going this morning & I'm down here doing my duty in spite of it all, & even in spite of some of you!
        17. YOU DON'T REALISE HOW SERIOUS IT IS! You don't realise how your spirit reflects on everybody else & on me too, because you're thinking only about yourself & selfish in your pride & how you're unhappy, you can't get along with this person, you can't do this or that. No matter how sweet & how wonderful you are & everyone thinks you're the best in the whole house & you'll do anything & work hard & all the rest, if you drag me down, let me tell you, we just can't stand to have you around!
        18. IF YOUR SPIRIT IS A DRAG BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GET THE VICTORY, because you can't get the victory over the trial that God has given you to sandpaper you down & rub off the rough edges, if you don't get the victory in this trial, where the Hell are you going to get it? If you can't live with that person, who are you ever going to be able to live with? God must have put you with'm for some reason.

        19. MY LORD, WHAT THIS POOR WOMAN OVER HERE HAS HAD TO PUT UP WITH WITH ME! She could have been gone a thousand times, but she's tough! She refused to be denied the victory! She insisted on getting it! She was worried about the others, ha!--She outlasted them all!--Because she held on to the Lord, she knew the Lord, & she smiled & she tried to be cheerful & she tried to keep the victory & keep her mind on Jesus, no matter what I did right or wrong! She knew her place was with me & she stuck to me like a clam or an abalone!
        20. (TO STAFF MEMBER:) I HAVEN'T BEEN TALKING ABOUT YOU, DEAR, SO DON'T WORRY! Oh my, some of these people! I get to talking about somebody else that's bothering me, but not the people that have been with me for years & always have the victory. Sometimes they may lose it, but boy, they wouldn't still be here if they didn't get it back! Why do you think these people have been with me for years? They've had their problems too, they've had their downs too, but they know how to get the victory! They know what a drag they've become, they recognise it! My God! If you drag down the teacher, you drag down the whole Class! You're dragging down the spirit of the whole Home through your proud selfishness, concerned only about your own feelings & whether you're happy or satisfied & have got the right man or whatever.
        21. WE ARE MAKING ALL KINDS OF PERSONNEL SHIFTS RIGHT NOW, & you'd better be happy with whatever you've got or whoever you've got, or you're not going to be here very long, because we don't like unhappy people around! We'll do our best for you & try to put you someplace where we hope you'll be happy. Maybe you can make them happy for a change instead of worrying about whether you're happy or not!
        22. I WAS TALKING ABOUT HOW MARIA STUCK TO ME LIKE AN ABALONE. Abalones stick to rocks. It's a stomach fish, a gastropod. It means their stomach is their foot & they walk on their stomach. You'd better not walk on mine, mine's sensitive! That's their means of clinging to rocks, with the suction of their stomach. I think I've told you this story before about the boy that was out fishing for abalone somewhere way back yonder in the good old days of the old Letters & books, which of course nobody ever reads any more. (Fam: We do!) GBY!
        23. AN ABALONE IS PRACTICALLY ALL STOMACH, that big thing that's like a piece of meat which wears the shell, but the stomach sticks to a rock & it raises its shell off the rock about half-an-inch so that the water can sweep through & it consumes or assimilates all the little microscopic particles & vegetation or whatever it is they eat that they get out of the water that's washing past through them & over them.
        24. BUT THAT SHELL IS NOT ONLY THEIR HOUSE, IT'S THEIR ARMOUR TO PROTECT THEMSELVES, & at a moment's notice they can suddenly clamp themselves to that rock as tight as a clam! Well, you have no idea how tight this clam is! Clams have two shells & they can shut up like that, & watch your finger, get it out of the way, don't fiddle around with clams! But an abalone is this big!--And with that big a stomach it can have a tremendous suction! All they do is they decrease the air pressure inside so the outside air pressure increases, & at a moment's notice, almost in a flash or a second that great big shell can adhere whssst like that to the rock & hold so tight you have to take a crow bar to pry it off!
        25. WHEN OUT "FISHING" FOR THEM A MAN HAD TO BE REALLY FAST & KIND OF SNEAK UP ON THEM FROM BEHIND. You get your fingers close to the edge of that shell from behind & suddenly make a grab & yank it off the rock before it starts to cling to the rock with that suction, & it's very dangerous! One boy that I knew in Monterey High School was out at low tide fishing for them & got three fingers stuck under an abalone shell. He couldn't get'm loose & the tide began to rise & the waves began to wash over his head, & he saw he was either going to get loose or drown, so he took out his knife & cut his fingers off to save his life!
        26. WELL, PRAISE GOD, SOME OF THESE PEOPLE STICK TO US LIKE ABALONES!--In spite of everything, in spite of me, in spite of trials & tribulations, war or peace, & this morning it's war! Well, PTL! TYJ! Amen. I'm tired, but "out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh!" (Luk.6:45) There's no use my getting into some theories about Bible Prophecy when a member of this family is sick, & whom we're going to have to get rid of if they don't get the victory! (To another Staff member:) Don't look at me that way, it's not you, Dear, not this time. You've all had your problems some time. (Maria: It's a good lesson for all of us!) Every one of us had our problems some time.
        27. SOMETIMES I FIGURED THE LORD SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF ME INSTEAD OF BURDENING POOR MARIA WITH MY PROBLEMS.--AND HE ALMOST DID! If I hadn't straightened out, He probably would have. Thank God I got the victory or I wouldn't still be here, & it was largely due to her I got the victory. She prayed me through & got you to pray me through. I have my problems too. But thank God I must always get the victory or usually get the victory or I wouldn't still be here, He'd have thrown me out a long time ago too. God's gotten fed up with me a few times. When you start dragging everybody else down & causing everybody problems, when you become more of a burden than a blessing & more of a hindrance than a help, then it's time to get rid of you & cut off those three fingers or one finger or the member that's dragging the whole body down!

        28. I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT SOMEBODY THIS MORNING THAT SEEMS LIKE THEY'RE ALWAYS CHEERFUL, they're always on top of it, they're always happy! They're good to have around because they always feed me, they cheer me up & encourage me. They're always cheerful & helpful, always want to do everything for you. I've never known them to be down-in-the-mouth, never known them to be down. I'm sure they must have their problems, I'm sure they must have some times when they're not feeling on top of it, but they don't show it, they especially don't show it to me to drag me down too, they don't burden me. They either keep it to themselves or share it with the Lord or you or somebody else, but they try not to let it affect me & drag me down & let their spirit interfere with the important work that I'm doing.
        29. THEY CLING, COME WHAT MAY! They're faithful & diligent in spite of problems, in spite of mistakes, or even mistakes that they think they make. Most of the mistakes they make are in their head. Some of you people aren't even as bad as you think you are, & some of you aren't as good as you think you are! I've found that the best thing in the World for most people, including me, is that it's a lot better to think you're worse than you are than to think you're better than you are. He that is humble knoweth not that he is humble! There's even a thing called "false humility" spoken of in the Bible. (Col.2:18) Oh Lord Jesus, help us!
        30. I WAS SICK LAST NIGHT, I COULDN'T HARDLY GET OFF THE TOILET, loose, up & down, up & down, back & forth to the toilet. I don't know if it was that new kind of wine I drank to go to sleep last night or what. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping, I guess I just don't need so much sleep because I'm old & I don't do much. I don't work very hard, at least not physically. You have to be pretty physically tired to sleep, so if you're not physically tired, if your work is all mental & your body isn't very tired, it doesn't want to sleep. But instead of drinking to go to sleep, you'd better just get up & go to work! PTL?--Which I did last night. PTL!
        31. BUT SICK AS I WAS & AS TIRED AS I AM, NOTHING AFFECTS ME SO BADLY OR SO GOODLY, ONE OR THE OTHER, AS YOUR SPIRIT IN CLASS! I don't know whether you realise it or not, but we've said it before & it's been mentioned many times, that the spirit of the Body, of the Class or of the Home is made up of a combination, a mixture of all of your spirits! You cooks ought to know what I'm talking about, all the ingredients! You each contribute some kind of spirit to this Class, either good or bad!--Either you lift it up with your spirit or drag it down. Your spirit is real, your aura is real!--Forget your aura, your spirit extends much further than your aura, & your spirit can drag the whole Class down, or it can lift the whole Class up!
        32. THE SPIRIT OF A WHOLE CLASS OR A HOME OR A CONGREGATION OR THE CHURCH IS THE COMBINED INDIVIDUAL SPIRITS OF EACH ONE OF YOU, all of you put together, & if even one of you is out of the victory, out of sorts, out of it & down, if the person beside you can't feel it, let me tell you, all I have to do is look in your face, look in your eyes & I can feel it!
        33. YOU RADIATE THAT BLACKNESS & THAT DEPRESSION, THAT HORRIBLE SELFISH DOWNCAST SPIRIT & YOU DRAG ME DOWN, drag the teacher down, & I wonder, "What the hell's wrong with her? What's wrong with him, anyhow? What's the matter this morning?"--And I can hardly teach for worrying about you! I've seen that all through my life as a preacher, the people sitting in the congregation think they can hide behind somebody else, hide their spirit, hide their attitude, hide their attitude toward me personally as their pastor.--But I could just see right through'm like a piece of glass exactly how they felt & the way they felt toward me & toward the Lord.
        34. THEY THINK THEY'RE LOST IN THE CROWD & they think they can get by with it, they think nobody will notice, much less the preacher. "After all, I'm out here in this big crowd of people, he's certainly not going to notice me, that I'm down & out!" Well, you'd better get up, or you're going to be out!--Because I can't take it, I can't stand it, to have somebody always coming to Class with their lower lip dragging so low they're going to trip on it!
        35. I REMEMBER MY UNCLE MARK WHO HAD HIS PROBLEMS WITH DRINKING & SMOKING & WOMEN & all the things that some worldly men have problems with. After he got saved he came to work with us as a chef, & I didn't know what he was talking about at the time, but I can see the picture yet of him sitting in the front seat of the car by the driver, I was a little boy in the back seat, & he said, "I'm so blue I'm afraid I'm going to fade all over this seat!" I thought that was sure a funny thing to say. And another time he said, "I feel so low this morning I'd have to reach up to scratch a worm's ankle!"

        36. (TO [EDITED: "SOMEONE"]:) I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART, YOU ALWAYS CHEER ME UP, YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME HAPPY! [EDITED: "The"] children are always my little cheerer-uppers, always more concerned about Grandpa than you are about yourselves, always cheerful, always trying to make me happy. I'll tell you, children are wonderful! Why don't you be like a little child? "Except ye be as a little child, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of God!" (Mat.18:3)
        37. I TOLD MARIA THIS MORNING, "WELL IF YOU DON'T WANT'M TO GET IT, YOU'D BETTER TAKE'M OUT OF CLASS!--Or maybe I shouldn't come to Class." Then I said, "Well, I don't want to drag the whole Body down & hinder everybody else & fail them & not come to Class just because one person's dragging me down & is more concerned about themselves than they are others."
        38. YOU MAY THINK IT'S SPIRITUALITY, "OH, I'M SO CONCERNED ABOUT MY BEING A DRAG & MY BAD SPIRIT & MY PROBLEMS, I guess I really shouldn't come to Class. What's bothering me, Dad, is I can't please you!" To hell with worrying about pleasing me or not! The thing you ought to be worrying about is pleasing God, & then you'd please me! You need to have the right attitude toward the Lord & your mind on Jesus instead of on your God-damned selfish personal needs & your personal spirit & your personal pride & worrying about whether your attitude is right or not.
        39. GET YOUR MIND OFF YOURSELF! FORGET YOURSELF! Forget your attitude! Get your mind on others! Get your mind on Jesus! Think about the Lord & forget yourself & go to work for Jesus & that's the best thing in the World for that kind of problem, good old-fashioned work-therapy, love-therapy, love for others, love for the Lord! Sacrifice yourself on the altar, forget yourself, lose yourself! Forget your God-damned selfish personal proud feelings!
        40. ARE YOU WORRIED MORE ABOUT THE LORD'S WORK OR ABOUT YOURSELF? "Oh yes, that's why I'm worried about myself, is because I'm so worried about the Lord's work, I'm afraid myself might hurt it!" You haven't got the point! Forget your God-damned self, forget the things that are past, get your eyes off yourself! Get your eyes, your mind & your heart on the Lord & others & you can forget that Hell of a self you've got!
        41. OF COURSE YOU'RE A MESS, YOU'RE A HELL OF A MESS, ONE OF THE WORST MESSES I KNOW, EVERY ONE OF YOU!--AND ME WORST OF ALL! If I didn't keep my mind on the Lord & even sometimes off of you, I'd be worse yet, like I am this morning. But I'm determined that that kind of a spirit is not going to drag me down any more! If that person can't get the victory & I can't get the victory over them, then we can't stand to have'm here any more!--And I can't until they cheer up & they get the victory! Why should I get the victory? How can I get the victory when they come to a Class dragging their tail between their legs & their lower lip on the floor & looking so low they'd have to reach up to scratch a worm's ankle?--Dragging my spirit down, dragging the whole Class down! If you're not happy here, for God's sake, get out! Go someplace where you can be happy! We'll happily send you to some other Home where you can find a mate you can be happy with--we hope!
        42. THE TROUBLE IS, I'VE FOUND OUT WITH MOST PEOPLE THAT THEIR PROBLEM IS THEY BLAME ALL THEIR TROUBLES ON SOMEBODY ELSE! They think, "It's that person I have to live with, that awful Hell of a person I have to sleep with or that leader I have to work under"--or this one or that one!--But when they go from here to some other Home they take that same selfish proud heavy heart with them & drag it along & drag the next Home down too!
        43. THEY LEAVE THAT MATE & THINK, "THANK GOD I GOT RID OF HIM, NOW I'M GOING TO GET ME SOMEBODY THAT'LL MAKE ME HAPPY!"--And they go around all their lives looking for somebody to make them happy instead of trying to find somebody they can make happy. How much have you tried to make that person happy with all your heart? How much unselfish love have you got for that person maybe you don't even like?
        44. WELL, I'VE GOTTEN TO WHERE I DON'T LIKE SOME PEOPLE TOO! I may not have much patience when it comes to the final crisis, but I've put up with some people for months or years till finally I'm fed up, I've had it, I can't take it any more. If they're going to be more of a burden than a blessing, more of a hindrance than a help, more of a bad apple to rot the whole heart out of the place, it's better to get rid of them!
        45. HOW CAN YOU STAND YOURSELF? How can you come to Class with a spirit like that? Don't you know you influence me? Don't you know it offends God? Don't you know it influences others & you're hurting the whole Home? You've hurt God's feelings & you've hurt mine & you're hurting others, you're hurting & influencing the whole Class!
        46. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY! If you can't stand to get along with the person you've been living with, then for God's sake, if I was in that bad a shape to where I can't stand'm, am unhappy with'm, I'd go sleep outside in the yard or something! There are plenty of other places to sleep. Come in here & sleep on the carpet, sleep on one of these benches here! We're not going to force you or make you live with anybody, or make you fuck somebody, or make you have to yield to them all the time if you can't get the victory & you don't want to & you don't like it. My Lord!

        47. MAYBE YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE POINT YET OF GOD'S WORD, THAT THE WOMAN WAS MADE FOR MAN--NOT MAN FOR THE WOMAN! You were made to make the man happy, not the man to make you happy! And if you happen to be made happy in the course of events, you can be thankful for any kind of little bit of happiness you get. There are two kinds of women in the World: The ones who go around looking for somebody to make them happy, & the kind who go around looking for someone they can make happy.--And you can tell it right away when you're having sex with them!
        48. I'LL TELL YOU, THIS WOMAN OVER HERE IS A SHINING EXAMPLE, & OTHER WOMEN HERE TOO, OF WOMEN WHO WOULD RATHER MAKE ME HAPPY THAN BE HAPPY THEMSELVES! They'd rather give me sex than have me give them sex. They'd rather see me climax than climax themselves. But there are some women, & I've had sex with'm--& I hate to look at anybody because there's hardly anybody here like that--who when you're having sex with them, they're more interested in trying to climax & trying & trying, & let you be more interested in trying to make them go than they are in trying to help you to go! There are women here, most of them my old faithfuls who know me well & know that I can make them happy, & I usually do without fail. They usually are made happy without fail, & I think God has it that way because they would rather make me happy than be happy, so God makes them happy!
        49. BUT IF YOU'RE JUST CONCENTRATING ON YOUR OWN FULFILMENT & YOUR OWN SATISFACTION, just concentrating on your own selfish climax & trying your damnedest to get there, & neglecting the man, forgetting the man completely, that's selfishness! That's the worst kind of selfishness. Most of you women know me, most of you women know that I'm an old man now, I can't hardly cut the mustard any more--except with Maria in bed in the early morning when I'm nice & rested up. I'm old, I'm sick, I'm tired, so it's a miracle that I'm ever able to do anything, it's a miracle I ever get it up--or you get me up! But some of you are so good at it you almost never fail, because you're more concerned about me being happy, & you're more concerned about working hard on me.
        50. I'M JUST USING THIS AS AN EXAMPLE, BELOVED. This isn't the crux of the whole matter, this is just an evidence, a sample, an example. It's not the problem, it's a symptom. They will work themselves until they're almost raw, until they're almost exhausted trying to do the impossible with me, a tired sick old man, instead of just worrying about whether I can make them go or not.
        51. AND IT'S A FUNNY THING ABOUT THAT OTHER KIND OF WOMAN, SOMETIMES IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE THEM GO! They're concentrating so much on themselves & so selfishly on themselves as to whether they can make it or not & forget you, I think God prevents them from going purposely!--Especially when they break the rules & break the laws & do things when they're not supposed to do them, & have sex when they're not supposed to have it, & not tell people that they're on their period just for fear they might miss their chance.
        52. THE LORD MUST HAVE PUT THAT IN THE MOSAIC LAW FOR SOME REASON, THAT YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE SEX DURING YOUR PERIOD. Now I've masturbated a lot of women during their period, but usually I didn't know they were on their period because they didn't tell me because they didn't want to miss it! By the time we got started it was too late to tell me then. Now don't get all excited & self-condemned if you've ever had sex with me when you were on your period, because I'm not even talking about you this morning. That happens to almost every man & woman at some time or other. But it's your weakest time of the month when you're at a spiritual low & your resistance is low, your blood count's low & it's probably not too good for you to have an explosion that burns up a lot of energy, lowers your resistance & all the rest.
        53. SO I BELIEVE GOD WAS RIGHT IN THE MOSAIC LAW TELLING YOU NOT TO HAVE SEX WHEN YOU'RE ON YOUR PERIOD, & MEN NOT TO HAVE SEX WITH WOMEN WHO ARE! Well, I've tried to reassure them once I got in bed with them or wherever we were, because once we were at it, it's a little too late to tell me! And I figure, "Well, Lord help'm, that's their fault. If they want it so bad they want to even have it on their period rather than miss it, I'd better go ahead & try!"--Then some of them can't make it. They know they disobeyed, they know they broke the rules, they know they didn't tell me in time, so they've got such a guilt complex & their conscience is hurting them so bad they can't even make it no matter how hard I try. But that's not what this talk is all about, Beloved, & don't you think so! It's a more fundamental, more basic problem you have, much worse than merely being frigid.

        54. FRIGIDITY IS NOT JUST A PHYSICAL PROBLEM, AS ANY PSYCHOLOGIST & ANY DOCTOR WILL TELL YOU, IT'S 99% IN YOUR HEAD, & WE WOULD SAY IN YOUR SPIRIT OR IN YOUR HEART. It is psychological, or as we would say, spiritual. Of course, maybe you've had so much sex you've just worn it out to where you can't even get it up any more & you can't even feel any more & you're numb like that dime-a-dance girl. When I said, "Can you feel that?" She said, "Feel what? Listen, Buster, when you've been in this business as long as I have, you don't feel anything! You're numb, paralysed!"--That's exactly what she said to me. That's why most prostitutes are frigid, they can't even feel any more.
        55. THAT REMINDS ME OF A SCRIPTURE: NUMB, PARALYSED, PAST FEELING, HARDENED IN THEIR HEARTS, ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD! (Eph.4:18,19) There are some people that just get hard. I'm not talking about men's penies getting hard, I'm talking about spirits getting hard or even physical feelings getting hard to where they just don't feel it any more. Well, you can get that way sexually too. Some women can only go once or twice or three times & they've had enough, that's it. Some women are so sensitive sexually they can go 20 times! Maybe it's because they didn't wear it out when they were a teenager like some of you did.
        56. MAYBE IT IS A GOOD THING TO SAVE YOURSELF FOR YOUR HUSBAND OR YOUR FUTURE MATE, MAYBE YOU'LL BE HAPPY IN THE LONG RUN, LIKE ME! Well, I didn't save myself too much, but most of the time I did, to where when I finally got it I got over-sexed, I wanted to have sex several times a day, & could, & did!--Whereas some of you people wore yourselves out so much when you were young & teenagers that you can't even feel any more hardly & it's hard for you to have sex, it's hard for you to go. Sex has gotten to be a bore & a chore. Well, if you prayed that you wouldn't be so sexy so you wouldn't have a problem with it, don't be surprised if you get that way to where you don't like it any more.
        57. I READ IN THE PAPER THAT ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN SOCIETY TODAY IN THE U.S. IS NOT PEOPLE BEING UNDER-SEXED OR OVER-SEXED BUT ASEXUAL. They just don't even like it any more, they're burned-out. They've had so much sex they're sick of it! In classical literature they used to call it satiated, or cloyed was another old English word that Shakespeare & different ones used.--So sick of it they didn't even want it any more, they had too much of it. You can do the same thing with eating, you can eat yourself to death. As they say, most Americans are digging their graves with their teeth! You can eat so much you even die, you eat yourself to death! You can almost sex yourself to death too, get so much of it you're sick of it!--Get so much of it you can't go any more, you're numb, you're paralysed like the dime-a-dance girl & like most prostitutes.
        58. THE WOMEN HERE THAT ARE THE MOST SENSITIVE & GO THE MOST TIMES & THE QUICKEST & EASIEST, believe it or not, are the ones who confessed they never even masturbated & didn't even know what sex was until they were in their 20's! So abstinence has its rewards! They may have sacrificed then, but boy, they're really enjoying it now! Whew! They're making up for lost time, like me! Well, it looks like I've just about made up for all my lost time now & I'm getting kind of burned-out too. Well, I'm more worn-out than burned-out, just plain sick & tired.

       GET THE VIC--Don't Drag Others Down Too!
        59. SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THE VERY FAMOUS KENTUCKY HUMOURIST IRVING S. COBB. He was up in his 80s & the doctors told him to lay off of smoking, drinking & women. He said, "My God, I might as well die then if I can't enjoy myself any more!" But finally before he died he said, "I'm sick of being tired & I'm tired of being sick." Sometimes I almost feel that way, but I know I can't be because I've got work yet to do & I've got to help you & teach you a few more things. I've at least got to finish the Book of Revelation! (And now the Heaven series!)
        60. MARIA & PETER ARE ALWAYS HAPPY WHEN I'VE GOT SOME UNFINISHED TASK, because they know I've got such guts & determination & such fight I am going to live to see it through to the end, live or die, sink or swim, come what may! If I hadn't felt like that I'd've been dead years ago!--And you'd better start feeling like that too, that you're going to get the victory no matter what, even if it kills you! Okay! If the Truth kills, let it kill!--But it's better to be killed & die than to keep on living a living death that never gets the victory & drags everybody down & makes everybody tired & makes everybody sick, & sick of you & tired of you!--And sick of being tired of you!
        61. THOSE HIPPIES AT THE CLUB, WHEN I'D COME IN THERE & GET ANGRY & BLAST THE SYSTEM, THEY LOVED IT! One of them once said, "You know, Dad, I really love you when you get mad, because I know you really mean it!" Out of the fullness of my heart you know I'm speaking this morning! My heart's full of the subject because I'm sick & tired of that kind of a spirit & that kind of an attitude in this Class, sitting there thinking more about yourself & your own selfish pleasure & your own selfish misery & your own selfish discomfort & your own selfish unhappiness because of some mate or some bedfellow or lack of sex or too much sex or whatever the hell it is!--It's of Hell! It's of the Devil! Pride is of the Devil! Pride is the condemnation of the Devil! That's what he's going to be judged for, his pride. That's what led him into all those problems.
        62. WITH ALL THE BURDENS I HAVE, & AS OLD & SICK & TIRED AS I AM, & WITH AS MANY PROBLEMS AS I HAVE & THE BURDEN OF ALL CHURCHES, how the hell have you got the nerve to come into this Class thinking only about yourself & dragging me down, & therefore the whole Class down, & therefore the whole Home down? We don't need people like that here, do we? So for God's sake, get the victory or get out! I'm sick & tired of that kind of an attitude, that low spirit & that depressing spirit & that sad-sack face! Whew!
        63. BOY, THIS WOMAN, I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH SHE CAN TAKE, SHE ALWAYS BOUNCES BACK, YOU CAN NEVER KEEP HER DOWN! She can take more than any woman on the face of the Earth, because she's got the worst man in the World to live with who is the biggest problem that any woman ever had!--And the biggest job, the biggest responsibility, the hardest to live with & the hardest to put up with!--But she has put up with me now for 16 years! For God's sake, why can't you put up with that man for a few more days? Well, don't worry, you won't have to.
        64. BUT THE THING IS, YOU'LL NEVER BE HAPPY WITH ANY MAN & NO MAN WILL EVER MAKE YOU HAPPY, because it's not the man, it's you that's the problem & your God-damned spirit, selfishness, self-centeredness & pride! You're the problem, not him! You're the problem, not me!--Not us!--But you! So get the victory or get out, for God's sake, or we're going to put you out!
        65. I CAN'T COME TO CLASS WITH THAT KIND OF THING ON MY HEART, I HAVE TO GET IT OUT & GET RID OF IT! You come to Class & you sit here & sulk! For God's sake, why don't you ever get up & confess it & ask for prayer & get that demon of pride cast out, & selfishness & all the rest of it, instead of sitting there trying to put on a false front! Well, you haven't been successful, it sticks out all over you, everybody can see it, everybody knows it!
        66. I TOLD MARIA, YOU'D BETTER GET THEM OUT OF CLASS TODAY OR I'M GOING TO SOCK IT TO'M like I did Magdalene & I have a few other people in the past!--Because they're either going to get the victory or I can't stand to have them around any more, I don't want to see'm in another Class, not one more Class! Is that clear?
        67. NOW EVERYBODY IS DOWN SOMETIME, BUT PEOPLE THAT ARE DOWN EVERY TIME THEY COME TO CLASS, THAT'S TOO MUCH! We had somebody here like that not long ago who kept coming to Class & sitting there sulking & looking down. Why do people think I don't see it?--It sticks out all over them! Everybody sees it, everybody feels it without even looking at you! You radiate it! They can feel your spirit. Spirits are real, thoughts are real things! We can feel it in the spirit! You can call it discernment or whatever you want to, I think everybody can feel it. Everybody has some discernment, some feelings in the Spirit.
        68. HOW DARE YOU COME TO THIS CLASS & BE IN THAT KIND OF A SPIRIT, that out of the victory with that kind of an influence on this Class & especially on me, thereby hurting the whole Class, hurting the lesson, hurting the teaching, hurting the inspiration, dragging it down & depressing the spirit of the whole group! How can you be like that? It would be better for you not to come to Class. Stay home, get down on your knees in your room & pray till you get the victory, & don't come to Class until you've got it & you can show it & be happy & make other people happy & be more concerned about them than you are about yourself. It is so manifest in class, it's manifest about the house, it's manifest in sex, in every way!

        69. (TO STAFF MEMBER:) THIS LITTLE GIRL RIGHT HERE DOES BETTER AT SEX & IS BETTER ABLE TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY & is more successful because she considers that she is not very much & not very big & important, therefore she has to work extra hard to try to make a man happy, & therefore she's more successful than some of you other professionals.--Because she's more concerned about pleasing the man & more concerned about making him happy, this little woman right here, than she is even about pleasing herself. So what happens?--God makes us both happy!
        70. THE LORD HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THESE THINGS! Don't think you're going to have sex outside of the Lord, outside of God like the World. That's why they're never satisfied, that's why they get cloyed on it, sickened of it, satiated, asexual, because they try to have all this sex without love. I don't see how anybody can have sex with a woman they don't love, at least with the Lord's Love!--Really! I don't see how any woman can yield herself to any man she doesn't love. I suppose some wives have had to do it because they've lost the love. At least they're yielded, but obviously they don't enjoy it.
        71. IT IS NOT NECESSARILY OUR DUTY AS MEN TO SEE THAT YOU'RE SATISFIED! It is not necessarily our duty to make sure that you're happy!--Although we certainly will if we love you, & we do love you. But it is your duty to make a man happy whether you like it or not, because that's what you were made for!--Whether you feel happy or not & whether you make it or not. You were made to try to make a man happy! You were made to try to help him make it! But when you hardly pay the slightest bit of attention to him & your whole consciousness is focused on whether you're making it or not, how do you expect to make him happy?
        72. I GRANT YOU THERE IS A TIME WHEN YOU'RE GETTING SO CLOSE TO IT THAT YOUR HEAD IS SO IN THE CLOUDS & YOU'RE SO OUT OF IT, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! The Empire State Building could fall on you & it wouldn't make any difference, you're about to explode! Most of us get like that when we approach the point of climax. I've had women who were tremendous at making a man happy, but in that final moment of explosion or just before they explode they forget everything! How can they remember anything?--They're almost totally unconscious! It's a spiritual thing or psychological, whatever you want to call it. They're exploding, boom! They're not thinking much about anything but the explosion! Nevertheless there are some women that up to that point they have done everything they can to help you. So I certainly don't mind trying my best to help them explode & help them, they can get back to me afterward.
        73. I'M A FOREVER MAN! I'M ALWAYS READY FOR IT!--But it also takes me forever, it takes you forever working on me. So you shouldn't worry that I mind taking so long working on you! I told you I worked on Lydia for two hours once. I thought, "My Lord, this woman is never going to go!" Beverly said she'd never had an orgasm in her life, so I worked away on her for a long time in the middle of the night in the gardener's cottage where we lived in Tenerife until finally she exploded & started screaming! I thought the neighbours were going to come running or call the cops thinking I was murdering her! She'd never had an orgasm in her life before, & when she had it she forgot everything, she just screamed at the top of her voice, almost as loud as Sara! (Sara: That's what you do to me!) Yeah, but what you can do to me, kid!
        74. I'LL TELL YOU, AT MY AGE, OLD & TIRED & SICK, IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE OF GOD IF YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH ME! That's a common ailment of old men. I don't know, maybe by this time I've had too much sex, but I still enjoy it. For some reason I don't seem to think I've had too much. I still want it, I still want more, I still try. I may not be number one, but I try harder! When I was your age, Buddy, I never had any problem at all, I'd just go boop like that! I just saw a pretty woman or just thought about a pretty woman, & boop!--That quick! You don't believe it?--Boop, like that! I used to go in my pants at just the sight of a woman! You never did that? I must have been over-sexed! (Fam: I did!)--You did? Oh, thanks! I used to go in my bed just looking at pretty girls in my dreams!
        75. PRETTY GIRLS USED TO COME & MAKE LOVE TO ME IN MY DREAMS, & NOW I REALISE THEY WERE PROBABLY SPIRITS giving me the satisfaction & the sex & the love that I needed, that I couldn't get in the flesh because of my religion.--And I'd wake up in a puddle! They call it a wet dream. But it was terrific, I enjoyed it! If I couldn't get sex any other way, if I couldn't get women any other way, at least the spirits were ministering to me, thank the Lord! I realise that now. But in those days I thought it was bad, wicked & evil, "It must be of the Devil, it must be demons coming or something!" Really I thought it was mostly my fault because I was having evil thoughts about sex that made me do evil things even in my sleep. Actually I didn't do a thing, I just dreamed it, & boom!--My natural physical reaction to having sex in the spirit!
        76. YOU CAN HAVE SOME TERRIFIC SEXUAL EXPERIENCES IN THE SPIRIT! When I first heard of that witch that was having sex with a demon, I was horrified! At first I didn't know whether to believe it or not. She'd been having sex with some demon for years. It was her granddaughter we had to pray for to deliver her from all these devils, having 17 fits a day! It took four men to hold her down! So she was reared in a family of witches & demons, horrible!
        77. IT'S FUNNY HOW THE CHURCH DOESN'T SEEM TO GET THE POINT THAT IF THERE ARE EVIL SPIRITS, THEN THERE MUST ALSO BE GOOD SPIRITS! If there's a Devil, there's gotta be a God! And if evil people & witches can have sex with evil spirits & demons, then why can't Saints have sex with Saints?--Praise God? Some of the girls when I was making love with them & fingering them & goosing'm away & they were having a little difficulty making it, it hardly ever fails if I pray in tongues & ask the Lord to give them the victory, then they go!
        78. SOMETIMES I SAY, "HAVE SEX WITH ABRAHIM, ABRAHIM WANTS TO FUCK YOU! FUCK ABRAHIM!"--AND BOOM, THEY EXPLODE! I've even said, "Fuck Jesus! You're His Bride, He's your Bridegroom, He's your Lover, fuck Jesus!"--And boom, they went!--Because it's a spiritual thing. In times when I couldn't make it or Mama couldn't make it or the girl I was making love with couldn't make it, I just prayed in the spirit, prayed in tongues & prayed for them to fuck Abrahim or Jesus & it does it every time! TTL!--Amen?--Because it's a spiritual thing. The World would say it's a psychological thing.
        79. WE CALL IT FANTASISING! You've heard of that, haven't you? As the old story goes, the psychologist told this guy who was impotent & just couldn't make it, "Well, every time you go to make love with your wife, just keep saying in your head, 'This is not my wife, this is not my wife, this is not my wife, it's some other woman!"--And boom boom boom, he got all excited thinking it was some other woman! He was tired of his wife, got worn out on his wife & she apparently didn't excite him any more.
        80. I DON'T REALLY SEE HOW THAT CAN HAPPEN, & IF YOU HAD A WOMAN LIKE MARIA IT NEVER HAPPENS!--She's never tired of it, at least she's never tired of me. I don't know, I think sometimes she probably gets fed up with me, God bless her, but she's a little bit crazy. I guess the Lord made her that way so that she'd stick with me through thick & thin no matter what! Look at her! Isn't she beautiful? She just glows, radiates, smiles, cheers me up, lifts me up! Even when I beat her down, she still lifts me up! (Maria: He thinks he's bad but I think he's the best!) You just can't get her down! She's like a bouncing ball, the harder you throw her down, the higher she bounces! I'm not just talking about in bed, but that's true too! PTL!
        81. DON'T YOU KNOW ABOUT BOUNCING IN BED? I thought we were going to break the bed down a few times! We used to bounce around in that camper until the whole thing was jumping up & down & everybody in there sleeping was chuckling & laughing & giggling because they knew Mama & Dad were back at it again!

        82. I HOPE I BEAT YOU DOWN & BEAT YOU HARD ENOUGH THAT IT'LL BREAK YOU & YOU'LL GET THE VICTORY & get over being so God-damned concerned about yourself & how you feel so that you forget how everybody else feels. I'm not just talking about me & sex, I'm talking about people in general in this Home & other people, your co-workers, whom you're also dragging down with that kind of a spirit. Jesus help us, Lord!
        83. I'M NOT NAMING ANY NAMES BECAUSE YOU'VE ALL BEEN GUILTY AT SOME TIME, ALL OF US HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF GETTING DOWN IN THE DUMPS. Remember that old Letter "Dumps"? (No.33) It's a terrible spirit to be in, a terrible state to be in.--Because you can never be down in the dumps by yourself, you always drag everybody down with you. As someone has said, "Jesus alone can save you, but He cannot save you alone." Do you get what that means? Jesus alone can save you--we know He's the only way of Salvation--but He cannot save you alone, only you. And the real meaning of that, is that if you are saved, you're going to try to get everybody else saved too. Jesus alone can save you, but He cannot save you alone!--Because you want to witness & win souls & save other souls! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL!
        84. DON'T THINK YOU CAN JUST KEEP YOUR LITTLE PROBLEM TO YOURSELF & KEEP YOUR BAD DRAGGY SPIRIT TO YOURSELF! Everybody will notice it, everybody has already noticed it, everybody already knows it. It gets around. They can just take one look at you & know that you're down in the dumps, something's wrong, your spirit is bad. They can even feel it in the Spirit without even looking at you, just feel it when you're around.
        85. DON'T THINK YOU'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO HIDE IT, YOU CANNOT HIDE A BAD SPIRIT ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN HIDE A GOOD SPIRIT! You cannot hide a happy, useful, helpful, shining spirit, it radiates on everybody the same light, the same joy! People meet us & say, "You have such a light on your face, you seem so happy, you just shine, you're always smiling!" It just radiates! They can't help but see it, it's almost bad security!
        86. WE USED TO GO DOWN TO THAT LITTLE COFFEE SHOP ON THE PIER THERE IN ZOAGLI & WE KEPT TALKING & WITNESSING TO ANGELO. We didn't even really talk very directly about Jesus or the Lord, we were trying to hide our identity, we didn't want him to connect us with some other people who were like us in town. But it wasn't any time before he got the connection! He said, "You know, something about you reminds me of these other people who live here in town. There's something similar. Are you related to them? Do you know these people?" Well, we didn't want to exactly lie so we said, "Well, yes, we've met them."--Something like that.
        87. PEOPLE SEE IT IN YOU! IT STICKS OUT! When you're happy & you have the Lord, you radiate, you shine, you're joyous, you smile & you're always trying to be helpful & always trying to help people & encourage people! Even if you don't directly witness, they still see it. They see the resemblance. He said, "Oh, you're like these other people here, I wonder what it is about you? Are you related?" We didn't dare tell him, "Yes, we are related, brothers & sisters in the Lord, members of the same Family!"
        88. PEOPLE CAN SEE IT, IT WORKS BOTH WAYS, & when you're down in the dumps they can see that too & they can feel it, & instead of lifting everybody up, you drag everybody down with you!--Including the teacher, the Class & the Home! It only takes one bad apple to begin to rot on everybody's heart & eat on everybody, & I have never been able to stand people around like that.--Well, not for very long, anyhow. I put up with some people for a long time until finally I had to teach them a lesson, either blast'm & get the victory & get'm broken & changed, or blast'm out of here, one way or the other. PTL!

        89. LET ME TELL YOU, YOU'D BETTER GET THE VICTORY & YOU'D BETTER KEEP IT, OR YOU MAY NOT BE HERE LONG! We are winding-down & trimming down, & we've got to get rid of somebody, who do you think we're going to get rid of?--The people who have been faithful & diligent & always try to be helpful & cheerful & always try to lift everybody up, including me? Did you come to Class just to be fed, selfishly wanting to suck on me & draw on me?--Or did you ever think about coming to Class to feed me, to cheer me up, to smile & look responsive & to be helpful & to try to think about what I'm talking about & answer questions & get the point & read the Scripture & contribute something to the Class instead of just being like a sponge & wanting to suck everything out of it.
        90. HAPPINESS IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, & you don't make yourself happy by trying to make yourself happy, or trying to find somebody else to make you happy. It's a law of God just like gravity that you don't get happy by trying to make yourself happy or trying to get somebody else to make you happy, but you get happiness by trying to give it to other people! You don't find happiness by chasing it! You go around chasing others & trying to make them happy, then happiness will find you, it will chase you & catch up with you & make you happy! That's a law of God!
        91. WE HAVE A LITTLE SAYING, LOVE ISN'T LOVE TILL YOU GIVE IT AWAY! What does it mean? Love isn't real love until you are spending your time trying to give love to others.--Not trying to get love, that's not love, that's selfishness. That's wanting selfish satisfaction, that's introspection, that's sucking, that's desire.
        92. A LOT OF THESE WORLDLY PEOPLE WHO DO ALL THAT CHEWING ON EACH OTHER IN THE MOVIES, THAT'S NOT LOVE! It's sickening, like a couple of hogs in the wallow! Have you ever seen hogs go to the slop when you throw out the garbage in the trough, stepping all over each other & chewing on each other & everything? That's about what some of that love-making looks like to me! Sometimes I've been watching a video with the kids or Maria & some of these people start chewing each other who don't even love each other & it's just sickening! They've already told each other they don't even love each other, it's not love, they just want physical satisfaction, that's all, so they start eatin' away, chewin' away. I can't call that kissing, I mean they're trying to eat each other up, satisfy the flesh, chew! God help us! It's disgusting, it's sickening!
        93. I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF LOVE & SEX ON SUCH A LOFTY PLANE! I was such a romanticist, I guess it came as a shock to me to find people just liked to chew on each other just for fleshly satisfaction! But to have it in the movies & right in public, people chewing on each other like a couple of hogs in the wallow, it's sickening, disgusting!--When you know it's not in love at all, there's no love in it, just pure--it's not even pure--just plain ugly, sickening, fleshly, hoggish sex! You can see a couple of hogs in the wallow having that kind of sex, no love in it. It's dis ... sickening--dis-sickening, yes--disgusting & sickening, that's all, just chewing on each other! It's getting to where now in the movies it's appalling!
        94. HARDLY ANYBODY HAS ANY REAL LOVE OR UNSELFISH CONCERN ABOUT SOMEBODY ELSE, IT'S ALL SELFISH DESIRE OF SELF-SATISFACTION! They call it love & they think it's love, but they don't know that love is unselfish concern, the desire to make somebody else happy rather than to make yourself happy. They don't even know what love is! The writers of the scenes don't even know what love is! The actors of the scenes don't even know what love is!
        95. HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GIVE PEOPLE A MESSAGE ANYTHING ABOUT LOVE WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT LOVE IS? They don't have love! It's all selfish, physical hoggish satisfaction, that's all they're talking about. "What do you feel for me? How do you feel about me? Do you have any feelings for me? Do you desire me? I want you! I desire you! I've got a feeling for you! We've got something going here! Let's get it together! Let's go wallow in the hog trough!" It's so sickening it makes you want to throw up!
        96. THERE'S NO LOVE IN IT! NO UNSELFISH CONCERN, NO IDEALISM, NO PRINCIPLES, NO FAITHFULNESS, NO SUCH THING AS FIDELITY ANY MORE! You say, "Well, you're pretty unfaithful, you love a lot of women besides your wife!"--Yes, & I'm faithful to all of you, ha!--And certainly to her! There are two different kinds of promiscuity. It's a dirty word in System language, to be promiscuous means to sleep around with all kinds of different people, no love in it, just fleshly, bodily sexual satisfaction.
        97. BUT THERE IS SUCH A THING AS LOVE & YOU CAN LOVE MORE THAN ONE PERSON!--And you don't have to just love'm one at a time, either, you can love them all at the same time. I love you all! I even love the men, ha! I really do love you boys. I can't have sex with you, that's not good, that's not Scriptural, but I love you & I admire you & I need you & you're a great help, I couldn't do without you. Where would I & all these women be without you? I certainly can't keep them all happy!--There's not enough of me, certainly not any more. I used to be able to keep four or five women happy every day, but I'm past that point now. I'll have to wait till I get to Heaven to resume that kind of action! PTL!
        98. BUT REAL LOVE IS TRYING TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY, EVEN WILLING TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF. What is the shining example of Love that the whole World even worships & admires & is amazed at in the natural World today, in the physical World & even in the World of Worldly people? What kind of love is admired the most & they know it's love, real genuine L-O-V-E, love?--Not just sexual attraction & desire & hoggish wallowing. What kind of love does the World admire more than any other kind of love & they exalt it & they praise it in song & in poetry? I'm not just talking about romantic love now.
        99. THE KIND OF LOVE THE WORLD ADMIRES MORE THAN ANY OTHER KIND OF LOVE IS NOT ROMANTIC LOVE, it is not sexual love, it is not love between even husband & wife, although that can be also. What kind of love did God make in this World, & it's the same amongst humans as well as amongst animals, that is the most admirable kind of love that the whole World admires & knows is the greatest love virtually of all! What kind of love is that? (Fam: Mother's love.)--Exactly!
       100. NOW THEY OUGHT TO HAVE THAT EXAMPLE SO THEY COULD CALL IT PARENTAL LOVE, fathers ought to be just as loving, & good fathers are, they're just as loving & just as sacrificial & just as concerned. But sad to say, many fathers aren't. Sometimes this is even true in the animal world, where the female is far more attentive & concerned about the offspring than is the male.--Because that's her job, really, that's her principal function & purpose, & if it were not for sex & procreation & having children & having babies, women would lose a good deal of their most important usefulness in life.

       101. --ALTHOUGH THE WOMAN WAS MADE FIRST OF ALL NOT EVEN FOR BABIES, NOT EVEN FOR SEX, BUT WHY DID GOD MAKE THE FIRST WOMAN? He said two things about making a woman. (Fam: For the man.)--Yes, but to be what?--Just a mother, just a sex partner or what? (Fam: An help meet.)--An help meet!--As somebody has said, to help his meat!--Because it's pretty hard to have all that meat & no potatoes! I like your potatoes, girls! GBY! But it's spelled M-E-E-T, not M-E-A-T.--An help meet for him. You help his meat, that's for sure, but it means a helper that's good for him. But as I recall, even before He said that he said what? (Fam: "It is not good for man to be alone.")--Exactly. (Gen.2:18)
       102. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR A MAN TO LIVE ALONE! Don't tell me it's good for men to live alone. Look at the priesthood & their proclaimed celibacy, now they're a bunch of Sodomites, homosexuals!--Because it's not good for a man to live alone. The church wouldn't let'm have women, so they've gone to men! How horrible, how sickening!--A bunch of men living together having sex with each other because they won't let'm have any women. You know they are! The Catholic church has become notorious for it, even some of the Popes!
       103. THAT WAS THE MOST SICKENING THING THAT HAPPENED TO THAT ARAB CONVERT WE HAD IN ISRAEL, AFIF. Here we got him saved & he was following us around like a little puppy dog. We just couldn't take care of him all the time so we figured we'd put him in good hands, this dear German convent across the street that had a hostelry where they had guests & it was very cheap, so we encouraged them to take him in & take care of him. We said, "Here's an Arab that's accepted Jesus & now he's a Christian, he wants to live for the Lord. He's come down from Nazareth & he's looking for a job here in Haifa, could you please take him in & take care of him until he can find a job?"
       104. AND THOSE DEAR OLD GERMAN SISTERS, THEY WERE SO SWEET, WEREN'T THEY WONDERFUL? Oh, they were precious!--Real missionaries! That was one of the brightest spots in Israel, Christmas there with them in Haifa, it was beautiful!--And that Christmas Mass in that Arab church that night packed out with hundreds of people singing those beautiful songs was one of the most beautiful experiences we ever had!
       105. THAT'S SOMETHING THOSE JEWS DON'T TELL YOU IS THAT MOST OF THOSE PALESTINIANS WERE CHRISTIANS! I don't know about now, but they were Christians, saved, not all Muslims. It looks like now the Muslims are beginning to out-number the Christians, & the Christians deserve it the way they've been fighting'm & shootin'm & killing each other.
       106. BUT ABOUT THE FIRST NIGHT OR SO AFTER THAT BOY WENT TO SLEEP IN THEIR DORMITORY, the priest came around in the middle of the night & wanted to make love to him! He came to us the next day shocked & horrified & said, "What is this? What kind of an outfit is that over there? This is Christianity?--The priest comes around & wants to make love with me in the middle of the night!"--Priest, not priestess, a man!--A vile, filthy son of the Devil!

       SEE YOURSELF AS GOD DOES!--But Don't Dwell on Your Problems!
       107. WELL, CLASS IS OVER, I'VE SPOUTED OFF ENOUGH! Why should I name anybody, because it happens to be just one more instance of things that happen off & on & have always happened? Somebody's always getting out of the victory some time, the Devil always tries to attack through somebody, the weakest link, the weakest chink, the gap in the hedge. Haven't you had enough?--Of course you have, why don't you be honest? Why don't you be real honest & say, "Dad, I've had too much! I can't take any more!" GBY! I still love you. If I didn't love you I wouldn't spank you. If I didn't love you I wouldn't chasten you, I wouldn't apply the rod!
       108. SOMEBODY SUGGESTED, "WELL MAYBE IT WOULD BE BETTER JUST TO GET'M OUT & TALK TO THEM DURING CLASS so you won't have to face'm down & explode & blow'm away. Maybe it's better to just kind of sneak them out peacefully without knowing why." Well, I don't think that's fair, I don't think that's really honest. Wouldn't you rather have me blast you & tell you the truth about yourself & sock it to you personally right here & now & tell you why & give you one last chance to straighten out & get the victory?
       109. WELL, PRAISE GOD, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT NOW, you may need time to think it over & pray about it, but I hope by the time you have your meeting this evening that whoever you are, including all of you, if you get the victory & you do some confessing before Communion, that you let'm know, "I'm the one that Dad was talking about! I'm the problem!" You may hear a lot of confessions tonight. I'd lots rather make it general. We've spouted off some of these blasts a lot of times because of a certain person & it's their problem, but we found out if we didn't mention'm by name & we weren't too specific, that it fit a lot of people & a lot of problems throughout the whole World & did'm all good!--Including you here, every one of you. Praise God! TYL! Yes, Honey? (Family Member confesses.) Praise God.
       110. WELL, YOU'RE JUST ONE OF THEM, HONEY, DON'T TAKE IT ALL ON YOURSELF! God bless you, that's sweet. That takes a little humbling. But I don't want you to eat up the whole Message, you're not the only one! We all need it sometime, you all need to confess your faults one to another that you may be healed. (Jam.5:16) You just happened to prompt this particular time, but others have done it before & others will probably do it later, I hope not.
       111. BUT EVERYBODY HAS THEIR TIME WHEN THEY GET DOWN IN THE DUMPS, THEIR LOW TIME, & THEY SEEM TO THINK SOMETIMES THAT THEY'RE ENTITLED TO IT. "Well, this is my time to be down in the dumps, let me enjoy my misery! Don't try to cheer me up. Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I want to go out in the garden & eat worms & enjoy my misery! If I can't be a blessing, at least I can be a burden. If I can't be a help, at least I can be a hindrance! If I can't be cheerful, at least I can be a sad sack, at least I can be something!--I can enjoy my misery." The trouble is, misery loves company.
       112. GOD BLESS YOU, HONEY. I'M NOT JUST SPANKING YOU, THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO NEED IT, WE ALL NEED IT! I'm preaching to myself. When I point at you, I've got three fingers pointing at me! I've been there, I've had it. I've tried to enjoy my misery sometimes because I know Maria is so strong that you really can't get her down, it takes a lot to even pound on her & beat on her until she finally cries. It's very difficult to beat her down that low, but I can do it sometimes, God forgive me! (Maria: I need it!) But she's so tough & the way she can take it, it takes me a long time to make her miserable! But I keep hammering away & when she finally cries, then I'm successful, I've made her miserable, just as miserable as me. Then I'm satisfied, because misery loves company. You know it's true!
       113. WHEN YOU'RE DOWN IN THE DUMPS & YOU'RE TEARFUL & YOU'RE A SAD SACK, YOU WANT EVERYBODY TO BE MISERABLE WITH YOU, you want everybody else to sympathise with you & be sad with you! "How can they dare to be happy when I'm so sad? How can you be cheerful when I'm down in the dumps? Come on down here in the dumps of the Pit with me! Don't you dare be happy when I'm sad!" It's pitiful! It's human nature. But it's godly nature, it's spiritual nature, it's the nature of Jesus to try to lift others up & encourage them & cheer them even when you don't feel like it.
       114. I'M A LITTLE BIT DOWN IN THE DUMPS MYSELF THIS MORNING. I don't know, maybe it's my job sometimes to make you sad so you see yourself as others see you & realise what a mess you are so you can get straightened out & cleaned out & get the victory & get on top of it! I have to lay on the rod & give you a tongue-lashing so you'll wake up! I have to jar you into consciousness to realise what a mess you are & what a Hell of an influence you have become because you're constantly in the dumps over some stupid idiotic little problem!
       115. THE MANIFESTATION OF IT WAS NOT THE IMPORTANT THING, THE SYMPTOM IS NOT THE DISEASE, THE CORE OF THE THING IS YOU! Quit blaming it on everybody else & on the doctrine & on the Family & on this one or that one or your bedmate or your husband or wife or child or whatever it is!
       116. THAT'S THE DEVIL'S OWN TACTIC TO ALWAYS TRY TO BLAME YOU & YOUR PROBLEM ON EVERYBODY ELSE! "Why me, Lord? I didn't do it, they did it to me! It wasn't my fault, it's his fault, her fault! They're the ones to blame! They're the ones that made me feel like this!" I've been that way with Maria sometimes, isn't that sad? "It's your fault, you made me unhappy! I'm going to go out in the garden & drink worms!" Isn't that ridiculous?
       117. IT'S REALLY RIDICULOUS WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF AS YOU REALLY ARE & SEE WHAT YOUR ATTITUDE REALLY IS, what you're really trying to do! Just because you're sad & you're unhappy & you're a sad sack, you may not even realise it, but you're trying to bring everybody down with you! Because you're so sad & unhappy & so much in the dumps, you hate to see anybody else happy, you want everybody else to feel like you do & want to drag them down & get'm in the dumps too & have sympathy for you.
       118. (SINGS A DOLEFUL DIRGE:) "I NEED SYMPATHY, SYMPATHY, JUST SYMPATHY! Oh-oh, come on with me, I need such sympathy!" That's a real song, it was in an actual operetta, believe it or not. That's the way we are--when we're down we want everybody to sympathise with us & feel sorry for us & come down to our level & drag them down with us. "How can they dare be happy when I'm sad? Come on, be sad with me! Let's be sad together, misery loves company. Let's enjoy our misery together."
       119. NOW MAYBE YOU SAY, "THAT'S AN EXAGGERATION, DAD, THAT'S EXTREME! I DIDN'T REALLY FEEL LIKE THAT!"--Maybe you didn't know you felt like that! But look at yourself now! I'm trying to hold a mirror up in front of you to look at yourself! See yourself as God sees you, as I see you, as others see you! For God's sake, see your self as you are!--Amen?
       120. MY, HOW WE LOVE SYMPATHY WHEN WE'RE DOWN, WHEN SOMETIMES THAT'S THE LAST THING IN THE WORLD WE NEED! Somebody needs to come along & sock us on the butt, kick us in the ass, sock us on the chin to wake us up out of our lethargy & our stupor of self-pity & self-sympathy so we can get our minds on the Lord & His Work & others & forget our God-damned self, our stinkin' self! You'll never get the victory by looking at yourself, because there's nobody that drags me down worse than me & my stinkin' self, my own foul spirit! Self is horrible! Self is terrible!--That kind of self, that evil you, that evil self!

       121. DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS HAVE DIFFERENT DOCTRINES ABOUT GETTING THE VICTORY. The doctrine of the Baptists is that everybody's got a good self & a bad self & the only way to get the victory is just to get the good self on top of the bad self & hold him down! They call it the doctrine of suppression, that you'll always have that good & bad self there, but the only thing to do is just hold it down.
       122. THE HOLINESS PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THE DOCTRINE OF ERADICATION: "Yes, you've got a good & a bad self & the only way to get the victory is to get rid of the bad self! Go through the operation of entire sanctification, have the bad self cut out & throw it away like a cancer so there's nothing but good self left! This is the good me! This is my self, the real self, the good self! There's no evil thing left in me now, I'm all good, just the good me!"
       123. THEY GO AROUND SMILING & STRUTTING IN CHURCH, "I'VE BEEN SAVED, SANCTIFIED & FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT, how about you, dear, have you ever been wholly sanctified like me? Do you have sinless perfection like I have? Oh, I've got it! I've made it! I'm sinless, I cannot sin, because I'm so good, I've had eradication, the operation. The Holy Spirit cut out my bad self & threw it away & now it's just the good self left. Look at me! Aren't I good? Aren't I beautiful?"--Self-righteous & holier-than-thou, that's what they really are!
       124. WELL, THE TRUE DOCTRINE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IS NEITHER ONE! You don't get the victory by just holding down that bad spirit, that bad self, that bad temptation, that weakness, by just trying to hold it down by your own strength & by your good self, strangling it by the neck, sitting on it, holding it down, holding that devilish bad self of yours down. You'll never get the victory that way.--And you never get the victory by thinking that you've got a good self that can sit on the bad self, or that you can have God cut out the bad self & just leave the good self.
       125. I WANT TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD SELF AT ALL! THERE IS ONLY BAD SELF! Your self is only bad, it cannot be good, not any part of it!--Not half of you good & half bad. There's no good thing in you! Even the Apostle Paul said that: "No good thing dwelleth in me!" (Rom.7:18) The true victory is not yourself, but His Self, Him Self, so that "it is not I that live, but Christ that liveth in me!" (Gal.2:20)--The theological doctrine of habitation, cohabiting with the Lord. God tosses out the bad self & He also tosses out the good self, because it's bad too, it's even worse!--It's self-righteous, hypocritical, holier-than-thou & critical! We've had a few people around like that too & that's been their problem, they're critical of others, they're holier than other people, they're better, they don't make that kind of mistake. They think they're good.
       126. NO SELF IS GOOD! NONE OF YOU ARE GOOD! "There is none righteous, no, not one! All have sinned & come short of the glory of God!" (Rom.3:10,23) You're no better than me & I'm no better than you! There's nobody any better than us except Jesus! He's the only One Who can be good, & without Him you're nothing!--You're empty, zero, nothing, absolutely nothing! You can't be good without Jesus, so why keep trying? Why keep trying to be good? You can't be good, you can't be righteous, you can't get the victory, you can't overcome it! Don't try to chase out the darkness, let the Light in! Let Jesus in & He'll take care of the whole problem! Get your mind off of your God-damned self, & even your good self, & let Jesus come in & let the life of Christ shine in you!
       127. I'M SURE A POOR EXAMPLE, A DANDY BAD EXAMPLE, & IF THERE IS ANYTHING GOOD IN ME, DON'T PRAISE ME! My Lord, you people that live with me ought to know that by this time!--It's Jesus! (Sings:)
       "Only Jesus, only Jesus, only He can satisfy!
       Every burden becomes a blessing, when I know My Lord is nigh!"

       --Not only nigh, but in me! He's the only good thing that dwelleth in me. "In me dwelleth no good thing." I don't even have a good self, my self is all bad, all of our selves are bad. That's why Jesus had to die to save us! You can't get the victory!
       128. WE SAY, "THEY'D BETTER GET THE VICTORY" & we even use that expression, but they can't!--She can't, he can't!--Jesus has to get it & you have to let Him or you'll never have it! It's let go & let God! Quit trying to be something you aren't & can never be, & that's righteous. Only Jesus can make you righteous. Just let Jesus in! What's that old song? "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in! Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in! Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from your sin! Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!"
       "Let go & let God have His wonderful way,
       Let go & let God have His way!
       He'll fill with His Spirit & turn night to day,
       Let go & let God have His way!"
       "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from your sin!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!"

       130. YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME--I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU EITHER! NONE OF US ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR EACH OTHER, ONLY JESUS IS GOOD ENOUGH, BUT HE'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR US ALL! PTL? So why don't you get your eyes off of your God-damned self & get'm on Jesus! Why don't you get your eyes off of others & your mate or this problem person or this person you don't like or something you don't like about the Family or our doctrine or the Home or your rooming situation or your job or whatever it may be, & get your eyes on Jesus! Think about the Lord! Let the Light in & the darkness will flee! What is the Glory?--It's the Spirit of the Lord! It's His Spirit, His Glory, His Self--not yourself!
       131. (SINGS:)
       Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from all sin!
       Oh, lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!"

Do you like that little chorus? I hadn't thought of that for years. I don't think I ever sang that before! (Sings it again:)
       "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & His Glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from that sin!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & His Glory will come in!"

Let's make it personal because it's Him, it's His Glory, amen? (Sings:)
       "Lift your heart to Heaven & His Glory will come in!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & His Glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from your sin!
       Lift your heart to Heaven, & His Glory will come in!"


       132. I HOPE YOU'LL GET THE VICTORY!--FOR GOD'S SAKE, I HOPE I'LL GET THE VICTORY! Often out there playing Ping-Pong I miss the ball, etc., not always because the other guy's all that good, but I've said I'm my own worst enemy! It's because of my own mistakes! It's not because he's so clever or so good that I always lose, although sometimes it is because they're so good! Dear David here is getting to be the champ, I can't hardly beat him any more! He's just the right size for playing Ping-Pong, he's got his eye down on that level where he can really aim & hit'm across, terrific! He's found his sport, hallelujah!
       133. SO IT'S NOT ALWAYS BECAUSE THE OTHER GUY'S SO GOOD, YOU'RE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! In our school we used to have people complaining about evil spirits & demons & devils & "Oh, the Devil did this & the Devil did that & he caused me this trouble & he was the one that delayed me & I have so much trouble with the Devil!" I'd say, "Shut up! Your problem isn't the Devil! It's your own God-damned spirit that you have the most trouble with, not evil spirits! Your own evil spirit is the one that gives you the most trouble--you!"
       134. YOU'RE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! Don't blame it on everybody else & evil spirits & even the Devil, he couldn't touch you if it wasn't for your spirit that lets him in & lets him cause you trouble!--Or even lets God let him touch you because of your evil spirit & your problems with your own heart & your own evil self! You're your own worst enemy! Maybe that would be a good title for this, you'll remember that at least.
       135. DON'T BLAME IT ON EVERYBODY ELSE, DON'T BLAME IT ON THIS & THAT & THE JOB & THE HOME & THE SHEPHERD & THE LEADERSHIP or the doctrine or the outside enemies or blah blah blah, it's you that you have the most trouble with!--It's your own evil spirit! You're your own worst enemy! You may have conquered all the rest, but your own spirit is the most difficult to conquer, & the only way you're ever going to conquer it is not to conquer it, but let Jesus conquer it! He's your own best Friend!--Not you, not your good self, not your doctrine or church or job or home or "If I just had some other mate, or if I just had some other place, or I could do something else I'd be happy!"--No, you wouldn't! You'd take that same old heavy heart, that same old evil spirit with you wherever you go & you'd still be blaming it on everything else except yourself!
       136. YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY!--BUT JESUS IS YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND & HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN HELP YOU GET THE VICTORY!--Not over your job & others & blah blah blah, but over yourself where the big problem is. You are the big problem! If you can let Jesus conquer your evil spirit, He can easily take care of all the rest! PTL? Hallelujah? So, (sings:)
       "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & His Glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from your sin!"
--Hallelujah! TYJ!--
       "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!"

Do you believe that? Can you lift your heart to Him right now & let the Glory come in? Let's just praise the Lord, shall we?
       137. (DAD PRAISES IN TONGUES:) "BEHOLD, I'M THE WORST SINNER OF ALL OF YOU! I have sinned more than any, & yet if God could save me, He can save you! If the Lord can give David victory, I am the God of you as well as thy Father!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! I'm the worst one in the bunch, the Lord just said it! Don't tell me I'm not, I can prove it. "Seek not to be teachers, for unto you is the greater condemnation!" (Jam.3:1)--Because you have such an influence over so many. If you stumble & you sin & you make a mistake, you influence everybody! You're the worst sinner of all! I have the toughest time of all with myself. Sometimes I blame it on Maria, sometimes I blame it on somebody else, but what I need is Jesus to get rid of myself! TYJ!
       138. (SINGS:)
       Keep your eyes on Jesus, 'tis faith in Him that saves!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus, His promises avail!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus, praise God, He cannot fail!"

Quit trying to succeed yourself, quit trying to have the victory, just let Jesus come in & let Him win it!--PTL? Get your mind on the Lord! Get your mind on your job! Get your mind on helping others! Seek their happiness before your own! Have real, genuine, sacrificial, unselfish love!--That's love, not this hog-wallowing trying to get satisfaction for yourself, trying to make yourself happy, trying to make others make you happy. Get your mind on Jesus! Ask Him to help you love Him so much you'll love others so much you'll forget your God-damned evil self, your worst enemy, & live for the Lord, live for Jesus, live for others! Praise God?
       139. THEY EVEN SAY WORK THERAPY IS A PRETTY GOOD THING, to get busy even physically, psychologically, get busy & work hard & forget your troubles. Well, that's true to a certain extent, but that only takes you so far. Why not get busy & work hard for Jesus, work hard for others, work hard to help other people! Forget your God-damned, evil worst enemy, yourself, & get your mind on the Lord & His Work & others! You'll get so busy & so filled with His Spirit & so filled with His joy & His happiness that He gives you as a result of trying to make other people happy, that you'll forget that God-damned evil self of yours & your own worst enemy & you'll find your best Friend, Jesus, that He can do it all if you'll just let Him.
       140. WELL, I'VE GOTTA STOP PREACHIN' & GET TO PRAYIN'! PTL! ILY! If I didn't love you I wouldn't spank you. I don't beat ya 'cause I hate ya, I don't even beat you just to show my authority like the old Irish woman, but because I love you! I want you to get the victory, but I've got to knock it out of you in order to show you that it's not you, it can't be you, you can't do it, but Jesus does it! PTL! Amen?
       141. SO LET'S PRAY & ASK HIM RIGHT NOW TO DO IT! PTL? Hallelujah? TYJ! Hallelujah! PYL! TYJ! Amen, amen! (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Hallelujah! TYL! Do bless & keep us now, Lord! Keep us not only from the Evil One, not only from the evil ones, but most of all keep us from our evil selves & let You in, Lord, the Light in, to chase away the shadows & the darkness, to get rid of our evil self, "Christ in me, the hope of glory! So that the life which we now live in the flesh, we live by the grace of God! It is no longer I that live, but Christ that liveth in me!" TYJ!--In Jesus' name! Amen, PTL! ILY! TYL!
       142. THANK YOU FOR THIS LITTLE ONE THAT'S HELPED ME GET THE VICTORY SOMETIMES WHEN I WAS DOWN IN THE DUMPS! That's the only way to get the victory, thank You Jesus! That's the only way! TYJ! What little cheerer-uppers! What lifters-up of my head! The Lord said of Techi that she was my little cheerer-upper, the lifter-up of my head. He sent her to help make me happy, & she does! TYJ! [DELETED] [EDITED: "She's"] just perfect as far as I'm concerned, but I suppose [EDITED: "she"] must have a few sins, I guess [EDITED: "she"] must make some mistakes or [EDITED: "she"] wouldn't be human. [DELETED]
       143. [DELETED] WE'VE ALL BEEN BAD SOMETIMES! I'M GLAD YOU GOT THE POINT OF THE SERMON!--IT JUST TAKES JESUS! We can't be good, it's Jesus in us! (Sings:)
       "Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & His Glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession, He'll save you from your sin!
       Lift your heart to Heaven & the Glory will come in!"

Hallelujah? TYJ? PTL? Amen! (Dad prays for Staff Member:)
       144. LORD, REBUKE EVERY EVIL THING THAT TRIES TO OPPRESS HER, EVERY SPIRIT, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! We resist every oppressing, annoying demon, Lord, that tries to get her down! Rebuke it in Jesus' name! Help her, O Lord, to get the victory over things & over people, over situations, Lord, over me, & just let You in, Jesus, to forget the rest!--Just work for You & others & make others happy, forget herself, Lord! Amen! You've had your spankin' now, but those were really love pats! A lot of the applications of the rod are love pats, believe it or not. "For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth & scourgeth every son"--& some daughters too! PTL! (Heb.12:6)
       145. TRY TO BE AGREEABLE! TRY TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Don't make it hard for them to be happy, try to make it easy for them to be happy!--Amen? This boy really makes it easy for me to be happy. I make it hard for him to be good, but maybe the harder I am on you the better you'll get! Actually, Maria & him are just about perfect, I'm the problem child! GBY! ILY! Only Jesus is good! Only Jesus is perfect! Quit struggling, let Jesus do it & be happy! Amen? ILY!
+ + + + + + +

       146. (MARIA COMFORTING CHASTISED STAFF MEMBER: WHAT A BLESSING THIS IS GOING TO BE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! If you can't think of anything else, just remember this, that thousands of people are going to be helped!--It's success out of failure! It's really wonderful!--For all the rest of us that needed it too! We're all guilty of the same things at some time or other, just not all at the same time. So praise the Lord, we all needed it & it's a real victory!
       147. (AND DON'T FORGET, IF SOME OF YOU HAVE TO MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE, IT'S NOT NECESSARILY BECAUSE OF THIS TALK, but like Dad says, we're already winding down. If you don't get the victory, you might be moved out because of it.--But also if you get moved out it doesn't mean that you don't have the victory. Do you understand that? So if your turn is next, don't be worried that we don't want you here, because we'd love to keep all of you, or if we go, we'd love to take all of you with us, but it's impossible because we're having to cut down smaller & smaller. But you'll all be useful to the Lord wherever you are! You'll all still be needed just as much, but maybe not in this particular situation. Okay? PTL! The Lord knows best & I'm sure He'll put you in the right place, wherever it is.
       148. (WHEN WE MAKE SUGGESTIONS FOR PERSONNEL CHANGES WE REALLY PRAY A LONG TIME ABOUT IT & REALLY DISCUSS IT. We don't just make any snap decisions for you to go here or there, we really think & pray about it. Sometimes we make a snap suggestion, but then we always think & pray about it & a lot of times the Lord changes our mind. Just trust the Lord & I'm sure the Lord will work it out for the best!)

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