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SOW THE SEED!        DO 1950        6/85

       1. ONE THING SOME OF YOU NEED TO LEARN IS: DON'T OVERDO THINGS & WEAR IT OUT! Some of you can't even hardly have an orgasm any more because you've had too many orgasms & worn it out! I don't want to look at anybody special, but it happens to all of us at some time or other. Didn't you guys ever get worn out to where you couldn't make it, couldn't get it up? Come on girls, you know these boys! There have been times, even if they're not as old as I am, when they couldn't make it, they couldn't cut the mustard, your mustard.--Right, girls? Come on! I have to confess it, but I've got a pretty good excuse, I'm twice as old as you are.--What's your excuse? I was still going strong at your age! I don't think there was ever a time I couldn't make it at your age. Maybe you just wore it out. Maybe it was because I had to mostly save mine for 25 years before I had a chance to use it. That might have something to do with it.
       2. SOME OF THESE GIRLS THAT NEVER MASTURBATED TILL THEY WERE IN THEIR 20'S LIKE MARIA & SARA, NOW THEY GO BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! They're the most sensitive of all! Maybe you had so much that you just plain wore yours out!--Although some of you were sexy before that & it still isn't worn out!--Right?--Ha! I never found a time when these three girls couldn't go, couldn't go several times, God bless them! You say, "Now I know why Dad likes those women the best, because they're so sexy & they always go." I'm not saying the rest of you can't go, don't misunderstand me, but that's one reason I enjoy'm, that's true. They're very sexy & we have one hoopla of a time! Praise God! I never have to worry about not being able to get'm to go. I don't think they've ever failed, or I've ever failed. Oh, I fail, they can't always necessarily get me to go, but at my age I've got a good excuse!--What's yours?
       3. HOW DID I GET ONTO SEX AGAIN? It seems like no matter what I start preaching about, I always get off onto sex somehow. Well, it really is such a good example of the spiritual. I've often said that everything in the physical is some kind of an illustration of the spiritual. That's why God made the physical, to illustrate the spiritual. How else is He going to explain God but to call Him our Father? How else is Jesus going to explain Himself but to call Him God's Son?--And us, but to call us God's children, His brothers and sisters?--Or He's the Husband and you're the Bride and all these things, and that you have to sow seed in order to get results, like the farmer plowing.
       4. DID YOU EVER REALISE HOW MUCH LIKE PLOWING & SOWING SEED FUCKING IS? The boy's got the plow, the girl's got the furrow and he's got the seed! Praise God! And if a corn of grain falls to the ground, you may think it's dead, but it isn't, it brings forth much fruit! Praise God! In our Family we just share and enjoy and let the Lord and the Family take care of the results no matter where they are! I like to have my children with me, at least the ones I know are mine, as many of them as possible, but I guess the Lord knew I couldn't take care of them all, so I'll just take care of you. PTL! TTL!
       5. SO THANK THE LORD, THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: SOWING SEED! Maybe my being over-sexed was a handicap, but look how I can use it now! It makes all the girls happy & I make the boys sexy so they can make you girls happy & we're all happy, thank the Lord! Most of all we're happy with Jesus & His Love!--And you're His Bride & He's been fucking the daylights out of you with His Spirit & His Word & His Seed & His Love to make you productive & fruitful & to bear Him children for the Kingdom of God!--Amen? Hallelujah! It's a sexy business! TYJ! Praise God!
       6. SO GET OUT NOW & SOW THE SEED & PUT THAT PLOW IN THE FURROW & MAKE IT FRUITFUL!--Hallelujah? I'm talking about witnessing!--Ha! Everybody's going to want to go to bed right after this Class! Well fine, go ahead! GBY!--Just don't take too much time off from work! Let's keep busy sowing the Word Seed & getting it out to the farmers who can sow it & put it in those furrows & really bear children for the Kingdom of God! So let's pray the King's Prayer, shall we? (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)
       7. BLESS AND KEEP US ALL NOW SAFELY IN THY CARE AND IN THY WILL AND IN THY WORK AND IN THY SOWING, LORD, OF THE SEED OF THY WORD WHICH IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY OTHER SWORD! It doesn't bring death, but life wherever it's sown! TYJ! TYL! Amen! Thank You Lord for these precious ones that are so faithful, so patient and so diligent, Lord, so loving and so good and so kind to do Thy work and take care of us so that we can do it. Bless these precious children, Lord, that are such shining examples of Thee and Thy Word and Thy Love!--In Jesus' name, amen! ILY! XXXXXXX!

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