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"I WILL SET UP ONE SHEPHERD!" (Ezk.34:23)       DO 1962       1/84
--"And he shall feed them, even My servant David!"

       1. IT TOOK ME 49 YEARS (GOD'S NUMBER SEVEN TIMES SEVEN!) TO FIND MY LIFE'S WORK!--But in 1968 I found it, amongst the poorest of the poor of Huntington Beach, California, a youth capital in the richest county in the richest state in the richest country in the World, where the Lord called us to minister to the hippies!--The most hated, maligned, discriminated against, abused, harassed, persecuted & down-trodden element in all American society!
       2. THIS YOUNGER GENERATION OF AMERICA WAS FED UP WITH ITS SYSTEM, fed up with its parents, fed up with its education, fed up with its empty religion & was seeking real reality & more lasting, eternal values to life! They had had everything & tried everything, but nothing had satisfied; so they were earnestly seeking the answers--the truth, love, peace & meaning to life which they knew must exist somewhere!
       3. THEY WERE REFUSING TO BE DRAFTED INTO AMERICA'S MONSTROUS MILITARY MACHINE, they were refusing to serve America's great god, Mammon, the worship of materialism, & they were refusing to any longer follow their Godless parents, choosing rather to seek more lasting values to life & something more than they had been given, truly seeking God, perhaps without even knowing it! Some even found spiritual truths & reality on their drug trips, God in His mercy revealing to them the realities of the Spirit World & showing them that there is something more beyond this life!
       4. THEY HAD REJECTED THE CHURCHES & THEIR ANSWERS BECAUSE THE CHURCHES HAD REJECTED THEM! Besides, in the churches & even in their own church-going parents they had not found reality or truth, but only what they considered hypocrisy & vain show! In fact, to most conscientious young people today, the so-called church is nothing more than a little holier-than-thou, do-gooder social club & status symbol for self-righteous, sanctimonious, pharisaical hypocrites!--A useless, ineffective, weak & ludicrous, dead & dying, paganistic hang-over from the superstitious past!
       5. TO MOST OF THEM, CHURCH IS DISGUSTING & A BORE, & the sermons are as dead & monotonous as the preacher & members! Most youth would apply to today's churches & self-righteous churchmen what Jesus said to the churchy religious leaders of His day: That they are "whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones" & the only way they could reach Heaven is by their spiritual stench! (Mt.23:27) Therefore, being sick & fed up with the false Christianity--or Churchianity--of their parents, in their pursuit of real religion & genuine spirituality & the actual supernatural & miraculous, large numbers of America's youth turned to psychedelic drugs, ancient mysticism & Eastern religions & philosophies, etc.
       6. SO AS I WANDERED AMONGST THOSE HIPPIES ON THE STREETS OF HUNTINGTON BEACH, disguised like I myself was some kind of superannuated hippie or over-aged beatnik, my heart broke as I saw the pitiful condition of those poor young people of the richest place on Earth--hungry, empty & starving for the Truth, starving for reality, starving for Salvation, starving for the Words of God, starving for the Love of God Himself!
       7. WHEN I SAW THOSE POOR HIPPIES, THOSE POOR WANDERING SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD, OH, THE LOVE GOD PUT IN MY HEART FOR THEM! How my heart went out to them! I saw them & I wept for them!--I couldn't do anything else! I don't think I could have helped but try to reach them, the burden was on me so strong, the anointing for it was so strong & the Lord gave me such love & compassion for them--those whom their own country & their own parents had despised & rejected!
       8. THEN ONE DARK NIGHT, AS I WALKED THE STREETS WITH THOSE POOR DRUGGED & DESPAIRING HIPPIES, GOD SUDDENLY SPOKE TO MY HEART & SAID, "ART THOU WILLING TO GO TO THESE LOST SHEEP TO BECOME A KING OF THESE POOR LITTLE BEGGARS? They need a voice to speak for them, they need a shepherd to lead them & they need the Rod of My Word to guide them to the Light!" I burst into tears & I cried out to the Lord & I said, "Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!" And that night I promised God that I would try to lead them & do everything I could to save them & win them to the Lord & lead them into His service.
       9. BUT I MUST CONFESS THAT I WAS STARTLED & MYSTIFIED BY THIS REVELATION & I wondered what it could mean, as I hadn't the faintest idea of how to go about it! I really had no idea what it was leading to but I just knew that we had to somehow preach the Gospel to those hippies! They'd been churched to death & preached to death & hounded to death by the System & it hadn't done any good, so we just had to get out there & somehow love'm back to life!
       10. SO WE FOLLOWED THEM DOWN INTO THEIR GUTTERS & THEIR DIVES & THEIR DOPE-DENS & THEIR HARD-ROCK HELLS & we invited them--not to come to church, not to sit in fancy pews--but just to come to Jesus & He would solve all their problems, answer all their questions, satisfy all their longings & hungers & give them something wonderful to live for--the Truth of His marvellous Love!
       11. THEY WERE NOT ONLY QUICK, BUT GLORIOUSLY ENTHUSIASTIC IN THEIR RECEPTION OF & THEIR RETURN TO GOD'S LOVE IN JESUS & the answers of His Word!--Which, after all, are the answer to all mankind's problems, not only the hippies'! So when I & my own teenaged children came to them with the loving message of God in Jesus & His Words, & tuned to the language of their music, they were more than happy to receive it!
       12. THEY FLOCKED TO THE LITTLE HIPPIE-TYPE OF CLUB THAT WE WERE GIVEN THE USE OF THERE IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, & AS THEY SAT THERE ON THE FLOOR, THEY LISTENED & THEY HEARD & THEY BELIEVED & THEY RECEIVED THE MESSAGE OF GOD'S LOVE! And with their instinctive premonition of the impending doom of God's judgements on a wicked World, they were more than ready to eat up His predictions of the immediate future as I taught them the Endtime prophecies of the Bible! They were ripe & ready for revolution & had found its greatest fulfilment in our spiritual "Revolution for Jesus"!
       13. I HAD TO TRUST THE LORD TO LEAD ME & TO HELP ME OBEY HIS COMMAND TO "FEED MY SHEEP" (Jn.21:15-17), & I just did the same thing with those kids as I'd been doing with my own kids for years--teaching--& mostly something they were very interested in & needed to know--Bible Prophecy! If they didn't know that God had something better in store & a better future to offer, what was the use of learning about the present? So I socked it to'm first with God's message of the Endtime!
       14. AND AS I BEGAN TEACHING & FEEDING THEM, THE LORD BEGAN TO POUR IT ON & I BEGAN TO POUR IT OUT! And then the most wonderful thing happened!: Though old enough to be their father & of the already-hated generation of their parents, they opened their hearts to me & received me as their friend, & more, as their own beloved Father in the Lord, their Shepherd, whose voice they suddenly knew as theirs, & followed, for it was the Lord's, through me! Hallelujah!
       15. AS MORE & MORE OF THEM RECEIVED THE LORD & WERE FREED & DELIVERED FROM THEIR OLD LIVES of drugs, degradation & death, I knew that we couldn't just turn them back to their former fearful haunts & dens.--We had to take them in as part of our own personal family! This was actually nothing new for us, as for years I had shown my own children how to love God & their fellowman by filling my house with the poor, the needy, the helpless & the unloved, restoring their faith in God & teaching them how to live for others. I shared what I had & I did what I could & I taught others to do the same--& it worked!
       16. TRUE, VOLUNTARY, GENUINE, UNSELFISH SHARING REALLY WORKED ON A SMALL SCALE with charity beginning at home, so why not now on a larger scale with these dozens of converted hippies who were so earnestly desiring to serve the Lord with us? The godly communism of the Early Church was our ideal & example, where "all that believed were together & had all things common, & sold their possessions & goods & parted them to all men as every man had need." (Acts 2:44,45)--And we soon found out that it worked for us just like it did for them! Praise God!
       17. BY THIS TIME WE WERE SO BITTER AGAINST THE CHURCHES FOR THEIR HYPOCRITICAL DO-NOTHING RELIGION, their multi-million dollar so-called Gospel entertainment business & their multi-billion dollar fancy church buildings that were robbing the poor & the rest of the World of the Gospel & Salvation & sending millions of poor lost souls to Hell, that we were ready to declare war on the Church System!
       18. OUR MILITANT ATTACKS ON SYSTEM-ADDICT RELIGION & THE EDUCATIONAL & COMMERCIAL SYSTEM in general with invasions, sit-ins, demonstrations, marches, picketing, beach baptisms, revolutionary shouts, wild worship & real, red-hot, subversive, radical Bible teaching with the bare & naked flashing Sword of the Word of God really turned the kids on!--The entire Hippie Generation was ready for the Jesus Revolution!
       19. AND THE REVOLUTION FOR JESUS WAS ON ITS WAY! THE KIDS ATE IT UP & THE HIPPIES LOVED IT! We thumbed our noses at the churches & the Establishment & rolled on in a wild melee of fanatic witnessing & an orgy of the Love of God! The whole Hip Generation was going crazy--about Jesus! And it all started with a little flame of faith kindled in the hearts of a few little kids by their religiously weirdo Dad whom God & His Word had convinced that real Christians could still live like Jesus' Disciples & those radical religious Revolutionaries of the Early Church!
       20. IT WAS A REAL OUTPOURING OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD!--Scores & scores of kids were getting saved & filled with the Holy Ghost & were almost instantly manifesting gifts of the Spirit, talking in tongues & prophesying!--One of the greatest outpourings of the Spirit I've ever personally witnessed, really amazing! It was just like the Early Days of Pentecost! (Acts 2:17,18) And those kids knew more about the Lord than the people who'd been sitting in church all their lives--they were experiencing the Lord!
       21. JUST IMAGINE!--ALL OF THOSE HIPPIES FRESH OFF THE STREETS, raw hippies, most of them hardly ever having seen the inside of a church & had been anti-religious & everything, & here they were being filled with the Spirit of God & manifesting all these marvellous gifts of the Spirit--visions, messages, prophecies & revelations!
       22. AND THE THINGS THAT THE LORD SHOWED US WERE JUST ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE! God said that our little pebble would roll & gather momentum until it snow-balled into a mountain!--That our little flame would be fanned into a forest fire that would sweep the nations!--That our wave would wash the shores of the World!--Visions & messages about the things that we were going to do that were, at that time, really hard to believe! But that's what encouraged us to obey the Lord & step out!
       23. WE TOOK IT TO HEART THAT GOD MEANT WHAT HE SAID!--That if we would only do what He asked, He would do much more!--That if we would only start out & hit the road & go out through all the nation, it wouldn't just be one fire in one little place, but there would be thousands of fires all over the nation & even all over the World! So we obeyed!
       24. WE WENT OUT & DID WHAT GOD TOLD US TO DO! We were just dumb enough to believe that God meant it! Those kids were all new enough in the Spirit & new enough in the things of God that they didn't know any better than to believe God! And as we obeyed, God did His part & blessed & multiplied & used us to reach the whole country with His message!
       25. OUR "REVOLUTION FOR JESUS" WAS EXPLODING & MAKING HEADLINES THROUGHOUT THE U.S. & hundreds of new, on-fire, dedicated, full-time disciples began joining our ranks! So that by late Summer 1970, we decided it was time to obey Jesus' command to "go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15) So Maria & myself flew to Europe to survey the field, sound out the possibilities, prepare the way & make plans for the pioneering & opening of new Heavenly Homes of our Family around the World!
       26. LITTLE DID WE REALISE AT THAT TIME THAT THE LORD HAD SENT US FAR FROM OUR BELOVED FLOCKS & COMMUNITIES back in the U.S. not only for these reasons, but for an even more important purpose: To reveal & give to us an entirely new ministry!--A ministry that would prove to be more far-reaching, more lasting & more helpful to millions of God's children than anything we'd ever done before in our many years in His service!
       27. WHILE I WAS STILL WITH OUR HOMES THERE IN THE STATES I could only be in one place at a time, & I wound up spending most of my time ministering to that one Home while neglecting the others--so involved in the problems & needs of one that I was almost ignoring the others, too close to one & too far from the rest. But being suddenly far removed from the hub-bub, busy activity & immediate personnel of the one community that I had been staying in, I found myself equidistant from all of our Homes & much closer to all of them in Spirit than ever before, with much more time to spend alone with the Lord than ever before, to get a good connection without so much static or distraction, interference or interruption.
       28. ALONE WITH HIM, I FOUND OUT THAT I COULD REALLY TUNE IN & HEAR PLAINLY.--I could really turn on by His power & see clearly & so completely drop out of everything that for hours His Spirit could flow in a steady, heavy stream, rich, deep & wide--"waters to swim in"--pure & clear, under the ideal conditions of the Prophet on the mountaintop, alone with God!--A mountaintop of spiritual experience higher than I'd ever known before, in richness, fullness & clarity of view, with the best perspective I'd ever had of the whole picture, God's picture, His plan, as well as our different communities & their needs.--The perfect situation to hear from Heaven, put it on paper & pass it on to our flocks everywhere!
       29. SO I NEVER REALLY FOUND MY LIFE'S CALLING TILL WE WERE FAR AWAY FROM OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN IN THE LORD & WE STARTED WRITING LETTERS! That was what was really my calling & what the Lord had designed me for & ordained me for from the very beginning!--To write Letters to feed & lead His Children!
       30. THANK GOD DEAR MARIA WAS SUCH A DILIGENT, FAITHFUL, GOOD HANDMAIDEN who wanted to make sure she didn't lose any of it & caught it all, that she jotted down every single Word the Lord gave us! Only God knew what He was going to do with me & us, & He alone knew what I needed. He not only made Maria to order, the way I wanted her, but also to His order--the way she needed to be for the work He wanted done!
       31. IN THE EARLY DAYS BEFORE WE EVEN HAD TAPE RECORDERS, SHE WROTE DOWN ALL THE FIRST LETTERS IN SHORTHAND, particularly the revelations during the night, sometimes even writing it all down in the dark. It would always amaze me when I'd wake up in the morning & she'd say, "Remember what happened last night?" I'd say, "What?--Nothing happened, I had a good night's sleep!" But I received some of the most beautiful prophecies I ever got in the middle of the night & wasn't even aware of it! I was totally unconscious! I guess that's the only way the Lord could get through to me like that--when I was unconscious!
       32. AND IF DEAR FAITHFUL MARIA HADN'T PUT IT ALL DOWN ON PAPER YOU NEVER WOULD'VE GOTTEN IT & NONE OF US WOULD'VE EVER KNOWN! She reminds me of the Scripture, "She doesn't let one word fall to the ground!" (1Sam.3:19) She's as faithful as you can get with the words. And that's why you've got me & the Lord's Words & the Family, because of her. She's the one behind it all, always inspiring & pushing me along! If I'm anything today, you can thank her for being the tool & the neck that turned the head--the power behind the throne!--Of course, it's all the Lord, but He used her to bring it all to pass!
       33. THERE IN EUROPE, AN OCEAN AWAY FROM THE REST OF THE FAMILY, I HAD SO MUCH TO SAY TO OUR LOVED ONES BACK HOME & so much on my heart, the Lord inspired me with so many things & gave me so much inspiration that I just opened my mouth & He kept filling it! It seemed like the cruise of oil that never ran dry! (Ps.81:10; 1Kng.17:14-16)
       34. I GOT IT, I GAVE IT, SHE WROTE IT!--She'd first of all write it down in shorthand, laboriously as it was being given to make sure she didn't lose a word, then she began to type it. And then we began to realise, "Why, this is good for the whole Family! This is Word for the Family, the Lord is talking to us all! We've got to pass it on!"
       35. AND THOUGH IT HASN'T ALWAYS BEEN EASY NOT HAVING THAT PERSONAL TOUCH & CONTACT WITH ALL OF OUR DEAR CHILDREN & LOVED ONES, when I get inspired & into writing the Lord's Letters I feel like I do have a personal, intimate, tangible touch with every human heart in our whole group, & a lot more besides! In fact, God said we would influence millions, & we have!
       36. MIND YOU, PRIOR TO THIS TIME I HAD NEVER REALLY WRITTEN ANYTHING! I got out a couple of little leaflets to my first (& last) church pastorate, but that's about all.--With the first thing I ever wrote, I was so afraid of writing anything myself that I made sure it was all Scripture!--It was just a little thing on Bible Prophecy, a little chart of the various kingdoms & visions of the Book of Daniel. Then later on when I felt a little tract was needed, again I printed up solid Scripture because I was so afraid to put down any words of my own!
       37. SO I HAD TO NEARLY VIOLATE WHAT WAS ONCE ALMOST A VOW WITHIN ME: When I was a young man I was so crazy about the Bible that I said, "Everybody & every cult has always gone astray on somebody's writings!--God forbid that I should ever write a book!" I was fanatical about that right up until Huntington Beach! But there I found that the kids really needed something to hold in their hands to help them grasp the Truth that was in the Bible, but which they couldn't understand.
       38. BUT I CERTAINLY NEVER EXPECTED TO BE A PROPHET--I NEVER PLANNED TO BE A PROPHET! I don't think I even wanted to be a Prophet, I never wanted such responsibility. And I certainly didn't ask for it! But God finally had to do it supernaturally by almost forcing prophecy through me to give me the true living water for today! He almost forced me to write what needed to be written & to show me that the Bible alone was not enough!
       39. BESIDES, THE BIBLE TO MOST YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY IS AN ANCIENT BOOK & EVEN AN ANCIENT LANGUAGE, & they can't even understand the old English & peculiar expressions. They don't know anything about it or its history & they can't understand it--but they can understand my Letters! So that's what I'm here for: To speak the language of this modern generation & to reveal to them the Truth of God that they didn't get out of the Bible because they didn't believe it in the first place--or couldn't understand even if they did read it! So God had to send them a modern Prophet to give them His modern Word that they could understand & they could believe.--To explain the Bible's application to their lives today!
       40. OF COURSE MOST OF THE CHURCHES TODAY TOTALLY REJECT ANY NEW PROPHECIES OR REVELATIONS FROM GOD! Because of a couple of verses in Revelation about not adding or taking from the word of "this prophecy"--the prophecy of John in the Book of Revelation--they misinterpret it & completely rule out all prophecy, all interpretation or any messages from God whatsoever, & they've pretty much sadly concluded that God doesn't speak anymore. Well, such a God would be a dead God!
       41. I CAN REMEMBER PEOPLE IN THE CHURCHES WHO SAID, "WELL, IF IT'S NOT IN THE BIBLE, I DON'T BELIEVE IT! You just can't base things on dreams & visions & revelations, it's gotta be the Scriptures!" Well, I wonder what they thought about all those dreams & visions & revelations & messages & angelic creatures & whatnot in the Bible? How do they think they got the Bible in the first place? It's nothing but one revelation after another, one vision after another--dreams & visions & revelations!
       42. BESIDES, WE ARE ORGANISING A WHOLE NEW CULTURE!--And since we're not just living in tents like Moses & the ancient children of Israel, I can't tell you just to read about how they did it. I can't hand you a Bible & say, "Here's how to organise & run your Community!" I can't hand you a Bible & say, "Here, read & understand all this Endtime prophecy!"--It would take a whole lifetime to study it, & you just don't have time!
       43. SO THANK GOD, HE IS ALIVE & WELL & SPEAKING TODAY!--And I've found that the Lord anoints & speaks according to what the need is. Throughout the years He has given us countless marvellous revelations, prophecies, poetry & all kinds of inspirational things to encourage us & feed us & keep us going. But at other times our Letters have been primarily practical instruction & teaching, especially at times when we needed reorganisation or knowledge of administration or change of methods, etc.
       44. ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION (2Tim.3:16) if it's of the Lord & if it's God's man. And frequently, when I get to writing or dictating, I have gotten in the Spirit to where it just poured out very volubly with messages & pictures from the Lord--certainly much more inspired & directly from the Lord than the way I had originally started out on those particular talks or Letters!
       45. MANY OF THE DEEPER REVELATIONS WHICH I HAVE RECEIVED WERE SO IN THE SPIRIT THAT I WAS NOT EVEN AWARE OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING & afterwards had to be told what had been said, which was often as much a wonder to me as anyone! Sometimes as I'm drifting off to sleep at night & talking to Maria about something, the last I remember is saying this or that, & then I thought I went to sleep.--But then, apparently drifting off into that dreamland in between Heaven & Earth which most psychics & mediums call a trance & which the Bible prophets called being "in the spirit", I drifted off not even knowing it & went on then into some very outstanding revelations.--Sometimes I even answer questions in the Spirit & don't know anything about it or & what's happened until the next day!
       46. THERE'S NO CREDIT TO ME AT ALL EXCEPT I'M JUST HERE TO OBEY & DO IT--& I don't even really get any credit for that because I'm afraid not to! In fact, about all there is to being a Prophet is simply being the messenger boy & relaying what the Lord has said & shown. So sometimes I feel like mine is the easiest job in our whole Family!--All I have to do is sit & watch visions & pictures & dreams--God's movies--& then tell you all about it!
       47. I'M REALLY NOTHING BUT A TOOL, NOTHING BUT A CHANNEL, NOTHING BUT HIS VOICE, so I don't have to worry about what I am or who I am or what people think I am or anything! God's Man is nothing but a wire photo & teletype machine, like the news media use, on which they get the latest news in words & pictures! That's all I am, God's means of communication: He sends the pictures & the words by turning on my Key on my wavelength, & I, His little machine, simply rattle it off & pass it on to you! It's just that simple & that easy, crazy as it may seem!
       48. AND ALTHOUGH SOME OF THE THINGS GOD HAS GIVEN ME HAVE EVEN BEEN A LITTLE HARD FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND, & some of them have been obviously offensive to those who didn't care to understand, I assure you they're of the Lord, & as you can see, God has always fulfilled them, they're bearing good fruit, & I have no reason to believe that He will not continue to fulfil them & continue to cause them to bear such good fruit. I'll confess that some of the things which the Lord has said have amazed & nearly appalled us, but I have always immediately asked God for Scriptures to confirm their authenticity & He has never failed to help me find such confirmations in His Word.
       49. SO I MUST SAY, ALONG WITH MARTIN LUTHER, "THEY ARE INDEED MY WRITINGS, I CANNOT DENY IT! SO HERE I STAND, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, I CAN DO NO OTHER!" I cannot deny that the Lord has spoken.--That would be to deny the Truth & to deny the Lord & to deny His Spirit. But it looks to me like our Words have worked & they're still working, & I expect them to keep on working till Jesus comes! PTL!
       50. JESUS SAID, "BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!" (Mt.7:20) And I certainly believe that our own children & our good fruit around the World are sufficient proof that we & our Words are of God & that we are a good tree bringing forth good fruit.--And our fruits are not only the billions that have been reached with the Gospel, nor even the many millions of souls that have been personally won to Jesus, but also the many thousands who have been changed, radically changed--their whole lifestyle changed, their whole lives completely different than they were before, 100% new creatures in Jesus Christ--who have forsaken everything to follow Jesus & reach others with His Love!
       51. GOD HAS CALLED HIMSELF OUT A PEOPLE!--HE'S MADE HIMSELF A PEOPLE THAT WERE NO PEOPLE (1Pt.2:9,10), & He's winning the World with those that were the scum of the Earth! We haven't made ourselves great, we're nothing!--But God has increased us & strengthened us & prospered us & given us many souls!
       52. HIS WONDER WORKING WORDS HAVE WORKED WONDERS AROUND THE WORLD!--And we know that this work is of God, "For if it had been of man, it would have come to naught. But because it is of God, no man has been able to stand against it!" (Ac.5:38,39)--Till we are today the most radical, revolutionary, on-fire, fastest-growing, soul-saving missionary group in the World! Not mere church members, but on-fire missionaries & soul-winners for the Lord! Praise God!
       53. WE ARE CONTINUING TO PRESS FORWARD TOWARD OUR GOAL OF REACHING THE ENTIRE EARTH WITH THE MESSAGE OF HIS LOVE, & we are coming closer to that goal daily!--Thanks be to God! We are one Family, one Kingdom & one fold with one Shepherd! And our tiny band of only a few thousand forsake-all, totally dedicated & wholeheartedly marching together soldiers have had & are having a greater impact on this World than all of the disunited, lukewarm, do-nothing churches put together!
       54. WHY?--BECAUSE GOD HAS SO SEEN FIT TO CHOOSE A VOICE & A MAN THROUGH WHOM HE SPEAKS TO GIVE HIS SHEEP HIS MESSAGE, which gives them the vision, which creates the faith, which gives them the courage to take the initiative to attack & press on & progress & continue to grow!--And God's sheep hear His Voice, the Prophet of God, & they follow Him! (Jn.10:27)--They are following God, not the man. The man is merely His Voice for the vision--His man of faith to send them forth--His Father-figure to symbolise His Own Presence with His people--A Guide & Shepherd for His sheep.
       55. GOD HAS ALWAYS WORKED THROUGH SOME CHOSEN LEADER, ONE SHEPHERD, with one Fold, whenever He could possibly get all of His sheep together to obey & follow Him! All the successful moves of God throughout time & the Bible were led by God's chosen man for that time & purpose. Do you believe that?--Well, just read your Bible & Church History & you'll see that it's so!
       56. SO STUDY GOD'S LATEST NEWS IN OUR LETTERS!--And you'll be well-informed & know exactly how to proceed in your wonderful tasks for Him of winning the World with His love & Wonder Working Words!--Following His Plans made plain by His pleasure! And it'll be a pleasure because it'll always work, if you do His Will according to the Voice of His Visionary! That's just the way it is!--The way God made it! PTL! Are you with me?--Then c'mon!--Let's take the World for Jesus! GBY! ILY!


       57. The following Bible verses were written years after the death of King David of old, & are fulfilled today in David & his children, in the Latter Days!

       "FOR THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, & seek them out. As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out My sheep, & will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy & dark day. I will seek that which was lost, & bring again that which was driven away, & will bind up that which was broken, & will strengthen that which was sick.
       "AND I WILL SET UP ONE SHEPHERD OVER THEM, & HE SHALL FEED THEM, EVEN MY SERVANT DAVID; he shall feed them, & he shall be their shepherd. And I the Lord will be their God, & My servant David a prince among them; I the Lord have spoken it. And ye My flock, the flock of My pasture, are men, & I am your God, saith the Lord God." (Ezk.34:11,12,16,23,24,31)
       "AFTERWARD SHALL THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL RETURN, & seek the Lord their God, & David their king; & shall fear the Lord & His goodness in the latter days.--Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper!" (Hos.3:5; 2Chron.20:20)

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