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AMAZING GRACE!--Free at Last!       DO 1968       Compiled 9/84

       1. IN THE BEGINNING, GOD CREATED MAN TO FREELY & WILLINGLY CHOOSE TO LOVE & OBEY HIM AS HIS GRATEFUL, THANKFUL CHILDREN. He really preferred the whole thing by grace & faith to begin with & there were very few rules, very few laws, everything was to be done voluntarily out of love.--That was His original plan.
       2. BUT AS MAN BECAME MORE & MORE DISOBEDIENT & WICKED, God had to give him more & more laws & rules & regulations. These laws were not made for the righteous, because the righteous doesn't harm or do wrong to his neighbour, the righteous one loves. But they were made for the wrong-doers, the evil people, the wicked.
       3. THE LAWS WERE GIVEN FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE LOVE, who do evil, unloving, harmful things. The Bible says that "the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless & disobedient, for the ungodly & for sinners, for unholy & profane, for murderers of fathers & murderers of mothers, for manslayers." (1Tim.1:9)
       4. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO WITH A WILD ANIMAL, a ravenous beast that might bite you or destroy you?--You have to either put him in a cage or kill him! Well, wicked evil man is like a wild animal! Look at the atrocities & cruelties that some of those guerrillas & terrorists & oppressive governments are committing in some places.--Even wild animals would hardly do things like that!
       5. SO BECAUSE MAN DIDN'T FOLLOW GRACE & FAITH & LOVE, GOD HAD TO CRACK DOWN WITH THE RULES, THE CAGE OF THE LAW FOR THE TRANSGRESSORS. But the rules couldn't save man, they only showed him where he was wrong. "For by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in God's sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin." (Rom.3:20) In fact, it is impossible for anyone to be good according to the Law of Moses. The Mosaic Law makes every one of us a sinner, because not one of us can keep it!
       6. THE LAW WAS ONLY OUR TEACHER, OUR INSTRUCTOR OR "SCHOOLMASTER" TO SHOW US THAT WE'RE SINNERS, to bring us to God for mercy, & to show us His absolute perfection & perfect righteousness which was impossible for us to attain: "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith." (Gal.3:24)
       7. THE SCRIPTURE SAYS THAT "THE LORD LOVETH A CHEERFUL GIVER." (2Cor.9:7) He far prefers that we willingly & cheerfully obey Him & do what He asks with the right loving motivation, because we want to do what's right & because we love Him & others, rather than just because we're forced to obey or have to obey because it's the law or because of fear of punishment or fear of judgement, etc.
       8. IN FACT, GOD WOULD HAVE PREFERRED TO HAVE TRUSTED HIS PEOPLE, HIS CHILDREN, WITH MORE FREEDOM--TOTAL FREEDOM--if they had been more humble & honest & had more love & consideration & unselfishness & thoughtfulness & real concern for others--not wanting to hurt anybody & just wanting to help everybody. "For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!" (2Cor.3:17) But usually He hasn't been able to because most people just aren't that unselfish or loving or thoughtful.
       9. FREEDOM & LIBERTY ARE GOD'S IDEAL, HIS ULTIMATE, HIS PLAN FROM THE BEGINNING! And it's almost like He's been trying to bring His people step-by-step out of bondage towards this goal through the Ages. He brought the Jews out of their slavery in Egypt, but then they were in bondage to the harsh & rigid rules of Moses--the Law.
       10. THEN ALONG CAME JESUS WITH HIS GRACE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, LOVE & TRUTH--OUR SALVATION: "For the law was given by Moses, but grace & truth came by Jesus Christ." (Jn.1:17) He came & showed us that salvation & true righteousness was not by works, but by grace!--That "the Lord is also Lord of the Sabbath, & that it was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." (Mk.2:27,28)
       11. THUS THE EARLY CHRISTIANS WERE LIBERATED SPIRITUALLY, they found spiritual freedom, but they were still somewhat in bondage to some of the old customs, traditions & laws which were hangovers from their Jewish past & background that they couldn't quite shake. Remember, the first Christian Church was just coming out of the Jewish church & they almost had to make a compromise, because some of them were still under the bondage of the old Law & weren't able to break completely free.
       12. BUT JESUS HIMSELF NEVER GAVE THEM ANY LAWS, EXCEPT THE LAW OF LOVE! When the self-righteous, hypocritical, religious leaders questioned Him, "Master, which is the great commandment in the Law?", He replied, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, & with all thy soul, & with all thy mind. This is the first & great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." (Mt.22:37-39)
       13. HE THEN SHOCKED THEM BY CONTINUING TO SAY, "ON THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS HANG ALL THE LAW & THE PROPHETS." (Mt.22:40) They had thousands of religious laws but Jesus told them that they now only needed two: Love God & love others!--That's all! He said, "In this is the whole Book!" He threw the Book at them, all the Law & all the Prophets, the works!
       14. JESUS SAID THAT THIS ONE SIMPLE LAW, LOVE, IS ALL THE LAW AS WELL AS ALL THE PROPHETS!--That's pretty broad coverage! That takes in the entire Old Testament, "the Law & the Prophets"! Jesus said that's the whole works, the whole Bible, that's all the Law--Love! In other words, if you love God & you love others, what do you need with any other laws?--You're not going to hurt anybody, you're not going to be selfish, you're not going to do anything that will hurt anybody else!
       15. THEREFORE JESUS' LAW OF LOVE FREES US FROM THE OLD LAW & IS ALL-ENCOMPASSING, ALL-ABSORBING, ALL-FULFILLING & COMPLETELY ABOVE & BEYOND ANY OTHER LAW!--God's only Law is Love, & as long as something is done in love with real, unselfish, even sacrificial love, God's Love, then it is absolutely lawful in God's eyes.--No matter whether it seems a sin in the eyes of the church or immoral in the eyes of man, it is still absolutely innocent in the eyes of God if it's according to Love!
       16. THE BIBLE SAYS, "THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS LOVE; & AGAINST SUCH (LOVE) THERE IS NO LAW." (Gal.5:22,23)--Against pure love, the Love of God, the unselfish sacrificial Love of God & your fellow man, there is no law of God!
       17. JESUS SAID, "I AM NOT COME TO DESTROY THE LAW OR THE PROPHETS, BUT TO FULFIL!" (Mt.5:17) And by fulfilling it, He ended it, therefore we are no longer required to keep the Laws of Moses of the Old Testament! "For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth." (Rom.10:4)
       18. BY THE OLD LAW, GOD SHOWED MAN THAT HE COULDN'T MAKE IT ON HIS OWN. By His new Law of Love, God showed that He was even more righteous than the old Law, He had even more love & more mercy, & that now you must have more love, more goodness, more righteousness--more than justice, you must have mercy.
       19. JESUS SAID TO THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITICAL RELIGIOUS LEADERS, "GO YE & LEARN WHAT THIS MEANETH: I WILL HAVE MERCY & NOT SACRIFICE!" (Mt.9:13) In other words, God's idea of righteousness is not the self-righteous, holier-than-thou hypocrite who tries to earn merit with God through dutiful, sacrificial keeping of the Law. God's idea of righteousness is just the opposite!--The pitiful, helpless, lost, humble, loving, sinful sinner who knows he can't make it on his own & knows he needs God & His grace & mercy!
       20. THROUGH GOD'S LAW OF LOVE WE ARE FREED FROM THE BONDAGE OF THE OLD LAW INTO TOTAL & COMPLETE FREEDOM OF LIFE & LIBERTY THROUGH LOVE!--It's the liberating Law of Love that gives life--not the enslaving "letter of the law that killeth"! (2Cor.3:6) "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin & death!" (Rom.8:1,2)
       21. GOD'S GRACE THROUGH JESUS' LAW OF LOVE IS THE END OF THE OLD LAW! Paul preached sermon after sermon & wrote letter after letter showing that the old Law was finished, it was done with, period!--The Mosaic Law is done away with for the Christian who is living under grace & under the Law of Love! "Now we are delivered from the Law, that we should serve in newness of spirit, & not in the oldness of the letter.--Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the Law!" Now "all things are lawful" to those who are living under God's Law of Love! (Rom.7:6; Gal.3:13; 1Co.6:12)
       22. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS ARE NO MORE TO THE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS! Hallelujah! God only has one law now: The Law of Jesus, the Law of Love, "to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, & thy neighbour as thyself." (Mt.22:36-39) Of course this infuriated the Jews of Jesus' day & their religious leaders, who said of His doctrine, "This is against Moses & against the Law!" (Ac.6:13,14; 21:28)
       23. THIS WAS THE MOST RAGING CONTROVERSY BETWEEN JESUS & THE JEWS! It was also the most raging controversy between St. Paul & the legalists, the "concision", the converted Jews who said, "Yes, we now believe in Jesus, but we still have to keep all the old Law, we still have to keep the Ten Commandments, the Mosaic Law, the Sabbath, etc." (Phil.3:2)
       24. AND WE STILL HAVE MANY CHRISTIANS WITH US TODAY WHO ARE JUST LIKE THOSE LEGALISTIC CONCISION MEMBERS OF THE EARLY CHURCH.--They're not completely enlightened, they're still partly in the dark, they don't realise that Jesus is enough, that His light is sufficient, that His Love is all we need. The trouble with them is they're so ingrained with that old "Judeo-Christianity" that they're still preaching the Mosaic Law with one hand while preaching Christ with the other!
       25. BUT ACCORDING TO JESUS HIMSELF & EVERY BOOK OF THE NEW TESTAMENT, GOD'S CHILDREN TODAY ARE NO LONGER UNDER THE LAWS OF MOSES! We are under grace & under Love! For us the old Law is gone forever! Thank God! We now only have to keep God's Law of Love, His only Law--Love! For the Laws of Moses are no more to the believer in Jesus! We now only have the Law of Jesus, God's only Law--Love!
       26. "FOR ALL THE LAW IS FULFILLED IN ONE WORD, EVEN IN THIS; THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF!" (Gal.5:14) "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law & the prophets!" (Mt.7:12) We are to "owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law!" (Rom.13:8) If you have love, you have everything! You are fulfilling all the laws of God!
       27. GOD'S ONLY LAW IS LOVE! There is now no other law, no Mosaic laws, no church laws!--Those laws don't exist as far as we're concerned! They are only to regulate the ungodly, as He says in 1Tim.1:9, & by which the unrighteous who are violating God's Law of Love will be judged.
       28. "GOD IS LOVE" (1JN.4:8), & FOR THOSE WHO ARE FILLED WITH HIS SPIRIT OF LOVE, LOVE IS THE ONLY RULE! "For if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law!" (Gal.5:18) If you love one another, anything the Lord leads you to do is perfectly lawful in the sight of God. As long as whatever you're doing is in love & not hurting anybody, how can you go wrong? "If ye fulfil the royal law according to the Scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well." (Jam.2:8)
       29. "WHATSOEVER YOU DO IN WORD OR IN DEED, DO ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD!" (Col.3:17; 1Cor.10:31)--That's our rule, God's rule. What are the greatest commandments?--"Love God with all your heart, love your neighbour as yourself!" If it lives up to those rules, then it's for the glory of God; & if you love the Lord & you love your neighbour & it's for love & in love & has good loving results, praise God!
       30. THEREFORE WHATSOEVER YOU DO IN THE UNSELFISH SACRIFICIAL LOVE OF JESUS IS RIGHT & LAWFUL! Whatever you do in love is the law--& that's all, that's it! God's only Law is Love! We are totally, utterly free of the old Mosaic Law! We are delivered from the old Mosaic Law & no longer bound by it--we are free! Now all things are lawful to us in love, praise God! As long as it's done in love, it keeps God's only Law of Love!
       31. KNOWING THIS, REALISING THIS & PRACTICING THIS OF COURSE GIVES US A LOT OF FREEDOM. But in another way, His Law of Love is the most binding law of all!--Because God's Law of Love not only says you can't steal, can't kill, can't do this, can't do that, etc., but that you've also got to love everybody!--Which is one of the hardest things of all to do!
       32. SO IN MANY WAYS THE LAW OF LOVE IS EVEN MORE STRICT THAN THE MOSAIC LAW. The Ten Commandments said that we were just to do that which was just & righteous, but under Jesus' Law of Love we are to do more then justice & righteousness, we are to have love & mercy.
       33. LOVE IS MORE THAN RIGHTEOUSNESS, & MERCY IS GREATER THAN JUSTICE! So the Law of Love is greater, & we are to be more kind & more forgiving. In the Mosaic Law there was virtually no forgiving & it was "an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth"! (Ex.21:24; Lev.24:20) The Law said that if you knock out my eye or my tooth, I'm allowed to knock out yours!
       34. BUT JESUS SAYS, "DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU", (Mt.7:12)--not just whatever they do to you, but what you want them to do to you.--This is love. Jesus went right down the line in Matthew & said, "In the Law it is written so-&-so, but I say unto you"--& told them something entirely different! He said, "But I say unto you, love your enemies, forgive them!" (Mt.5:38-44)--That's the Law of Love!--Which shows it's even greater & stricter than the old Mosaic Law!
       35. JESUS' LAW IS MUCH STRICTER, MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO KEEP--IN FACT, IMPOSSIBLE! If the old Law was impossible, Jesus' Law is even more impossible! That's why He says, "Without Me, ye can do nothing!" (Jn.15:5) But He also says that we "can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us." (Phil.4:13)--For "His grace is sufficient for us, His strength is made perfect in our weakness!" (2Cor.12:9)
       36. YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY KEEP HIS LAW OF LOVE UNLESS YOU'RE SAVED & YOU HAVE JESUS IN YOUR HEART, the Spirit of God's Love within you, to give you the power & the strength to love others more than you love yourself, to "love your enemies, to bless them that curse you, to do good to them that hate you, & to pray for them that despitefully use you & persecute you." (Mt.5:44)
       37. WE HAVE TO RECEIVE JESUS FIRST, THEN HIS SPIRIT IN US WILL CAUSE US TO DO THE HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE: LOVE GOD & MAN, thus fulfilling "all the Law & the Prophets"!--Praise God! We have a truly graceful salvation & a graceful life of love for the Lord!--Full of grace! It has nothing to do with our own sinlessness or any kind of perfection or self-works or law-keeping of our own. We all make mistakes, we all sin, & any righteousness we have is only the grace of God! It's only His Love & His mercy & His grace!
       38. SO AS THE APOSTLE PAUL SAID, FOR THE LOVING, LIBERATED FOLLOWERS OF JESUS, "ALL THINGS ARE LAWFUL TO US, BUT NOT ALL THINGS ARE EXPEDIENT!" (1Cor.6:12) We have been freed from the bondage of the old Law & the condemnation of sin by the liberating Law of Love in Christ Jesus, & if what we're doing is in love & not hurting any innocent party, then it is perfectly legal according to God's Law of Love.
       39. OF COURSE MOST CHURCHES & CHURCHY CHRISTIANS TODAY WOULD SAY, "WELL, 'ALL THINGS MAY BE LAWFUL' UNDER CHRIST'S LAW OF LOVE--EXCEPT, AHEM, ANYTHING TO DO WITH SEX!"--Because the churches have declared almost everything that has anything to do with your body or sex or self or pleasure as illegitimate, illegal, immoral & irreligious!
       40. BUT "ALL THINGS" BEING LAWFUL FOR HIS LOVING, BELIEVING, LAW-OF-LOVE-FOLLOWING CHILDREN INCLUDES SEXUAL FREEDOMS ALSO!--As long as what we're doing is done in the unselfish, sacrificial Love of God! According to the Scriptures, there is no longer any law against sex that is done in love, God's Love, & hurts no one: It is not sin, neither adultery, nor fornication!
       41. AFTER ALL, WHAT WAS THE IDEA & PURPOSE OF THE OLD MOSAIC LAW AGAINST ADULTERY?--Even behind the old Laws there was the Love of God & His desire to keep people from hurting each other & damaging each other either physically or otherwise, even their feelings. So if we're keeping God's Law of Love then we'll try not to hurt anybody, we'll do our best to try to live in love, to help people without hurting them.
       42. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LUST & LOVE: Lust is merely gratifying your own greedy selfish appetite, like eating a meal. You may need it, but if you're stealing it from someone else & taking the food out of their mouth to stuff your own, this is selfish lust, not love! But if you are taking the food out of your own mouth & giving your own meal to satisfy & feed another who is hungry & starving & needs it desperately & might not survive without it, this is real love.
       43. IT'S ALL REALLY JUDGED BY YOUR MOTIVES, BY YOUR HEART. God now only judges us according to whether we have love, or selfishness & lack of love. If you know you're acting in love, then you can go ahead by faith according to God's Word & you don't need anything else. If it is in love it is lawful as far as God is concerned.
       44. HOWEVER THE SCRIPTURE ALSO WARNS US THAT "WHATSOEVER IS NOT OF FAITH IS SIN!" (Rom.14:23)--"If you think something is a sin or you believe it is unlawful, then to you it is sin & unlawful!--An awful lot has to do with your own spiritual & mental attitude. It's all in how you approach things & whether you do things by faith in love, "faith which worketh by love", as the Scripture says. (Gal.5:6)
       45. "HAST THOU FAITH? HAVE IT TO THYSELF BEFORE GOD. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth." (Rom.14:22) It'll make you happier if you're not doing things about which you feel condemned or guilty or have a guilt complex, things that you're not sure are right. In fact, if you're afraid maybe it's wrong, then it is wrong for you!
       46. BUT A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T HAVE FAITH FOR CERTAIN THINGS BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO HAVE FAITH FOR THEM. People who are weak in faith are usually weak in the Word, because "faith cometh by hearing the Word of God!" (Rom.10:17) The only reason the Word & reading the Word doesn't give some people faith for things is because they have rejected the Word & refused to receive it, & therefore refuse to believe or obey it!
       47. BUT IF YOU WANT TO BELIEVE & RECEIVE THE TRUTH & revelations & freedom that grace gives, read back over the Scriptures presented in this little lesson & ask the Lord, "Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy Law!" (Ps.119:18)--His Word will give you faith!
       48. HOWEVER WHEN READING THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT, you'll find that even Paul & some of the Apostles still had a few old legalistic hangovers, some of their old Judaism & Jewish "old wine" that they just couldn't quite dump! (Lk.5:37-39)
       49. OF COURSE JESUS, IN HIS LIFE & MINISTRY, WAS VERY FREE & HE BROKE THE MOSAIC & JEWISH TRADITIONS TIME & TIME AGAIN. But you can see by some of Paul's writings--because of his love for the Jews, (Rom.9:3; 10:1) which led to his final compromise with them (Ac.21), & a few other things--that he wrote a lot of things trying to keep the people out of trouble.--To solve a lot of marriage & sexual problems, etc., he wrote his advice on what to do & how to do it, which bound them with a lot of Pauline Laws, most of which were not very free!
       50. AND EVEN WHEN YOU READ SOME OF THE THINGS THAT JESUS SAID, YOU NEED TO REMEMBER TO WHOM HE WAS TALKING--THE JEWS--& what Law they were under then--the Mosaic Law--& that He was trying to preach that which they understood & trying to convict them with their own Scriptures, their own Law.
       51. REMEMBER ALSO THAT HE WAS STILL PREACHING & LIVING UNDER THE AGE OF LAW BEFORE THE AGE OF GRACE HAD ACTUALLY BEEN FULLY USHERED IN by His Own death on the cross for our Salvation. The Scripture says that Jesus "blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us (the Law), which was contrary to us, & took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross." (Col.2:14) It was on the Cross, at the very end of His ministry on Earth, that He proclaimed, "It is finished!" (Jn.19:30)
       52. AS WE EXPLAINED IN THE BEGINNING OF THIS LESSON, EACH AGE OR GENERATION OF THE CHURCH HAS TAKEN ANOTHER STEP or some new step toward freedom from the harsh restrictions of the Law to the total freedom of love through the grace of God, from material symbolisms & mechanised ceremonialism to spiritual realities & total spiritual liberty.--"The spirits of just men made free!" (Heb.12:23)
       53. AND ALTHOUGH THE CHURCH HAS BEEN GOING BY PAUL'S RULES & THEIR OWN TRADITIONS FOR AGES, GOD HAS FINALLY BROKEN THROUGH IN THE SPIRIT TO US WITH HIS LAST-DAY MESSAGE! We are God's last Church, the last step in God's progress toward total freedom for His Church & the last chance to prove that the ultimate Church can be trusted with total freedom in this last generation!
       54. WE ARE IN A NEW DAY, A NEW TIME, & GOD HAS GIVEN US HIS WORD FOR THIS DAY & THIS TIME! And just like the Early Church & the dawning of the Christian era was a total change & totally outdated, outmoded & overthrew the legalism & bondage of the Mosaic era, so we today are having to cast away all of the old legalistic traditions, conventions & holier-than-thou self-righteousness of the church system today. It's like a whole new dispensation of grace!
       55. WE HAVE HAD SPECIAL DIRECT REVELATIONS FROM THE LORD which have shown us that some of these activities which most Christians would call sin or sinful are covered under grace & the Love of God! Therefore we have totally broken with the churches' traditions & preconceived ideas about God & misconceptions of morality. We have turned completely around & are going in a different direction, no longer their way but God's way, & we are free to enjoy to the full the beauties & wonders of His Creation with all of its pleasures, which He Himself created for our enjoyment!
       56. THROUGH JESUS & HIS SALVATION & THE FREEDOM OF HIS SPIRIT, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, WE HAVE REGAINED THE LIBERTY & THE FREEDOM OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN!--And that's the only way anyone can really get back to such freedom--the original freedom, sinlessness, perfection, liberty & openness of the Garden--by first getting back to perfect fellowship & a relationship with God & belief in His Word, faith in Him & in His Creation.
       57. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY REGAIN THE FREEDOM & THE LIBERTY THAT ADAM & EVE HAD IN THE GARDEN, the total freedom from guilt & bondage to the Law, is to find God & to be led of His Spirit & to know the Truth of His Word!--That all those old Mosaic Laws & prohibitive laws & strict regulations are all gone & totally superseded by the Love of Christ, the Law of Love!--That as long as it's in love, it's legal!
       58. DO YOU HAVE SUCH FREEDOM? If you are strong enough in Spirit & in faith & filled with His Love, the Lord can trust you with enough liberty to live life to the full!--And to even use such liberty as a useful tool to help & win others with His Love!
       59. ARE YOU SO RULED BY HIS LOVE THAT HE CAN LIBERATE YOU FROM THE RULES?--Or do you have to be kept under the law of works because you cannot be trusted with the liberty of His grace? The answer is up to you! It all boils down to whether you're going to believe in Moses or in Jesus!--Whether you're going to insist that we keep the dead Laws of Moses & the Prophets of yesterday or the living Love-Law of Jesus & His Apostles of today!
       60. HAVE YOU ACCEPTED GOD'S LOVE IN JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR OWN PERSONAL SAVIOUR? Do you have God's Spirit of Jesus in your heart? Do you love Him & others as much as you do yourself? Do you do unto others as you would have them do unto you? If so, you are free from the old dead Mosaic Laws! Now all you must do is keep Jesus' Law of Love! But it is greater & stricter than even the old Mosaic Law, because now everything you do must be done in His Love!--You must have more mercy & love than the Law! (Mt.9:13)
       61. BUT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE JESUS & HIS LOVE IN YOUR HEART, YOU ARE STILL UNDER THE OLD MOSAIC LAW, guilty of all its infractions & judged by the same! If you have rejected Jesus' Love, you are guilty of breaking all the old Mosaic Laws & will be judged accordingly! They are not passed away for you!
       62. SO WHY NOT ACCEPT JESUS & HIS LAW OF LOVE & LIVE FREE?--Otherwise you are bound & dead & damned by the Law of Moses! Choose ye this day whom ye will serve!--The Law?--Or Jesus! As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ & His living Law of Love!--How about you?

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