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SINLESS SEX!--God's Sex Position!--Compiled 11/84       DO 1969

       1. GOD'S FIRST COMMANDMENT TO MAN IN THE FIRST BOOK OF THE BIBLE, FIRST CHAPTER, THE 28TH VERSE, IS "BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY & REPLENISH THE EARTH!"--OR, "THOU SHALT HAVE SEX!" Think of that! Sex was God's first commandment to man!--And to have sex was man's first obedience to God!
       2. CONTRARY TO THE DOCTRINE OF SOME CHURCHES, MAN'S FIRST SIN WAS NOT SEX, BECAUSE SEX IS NOT A SIN, BUT GOD-CREATED IN THE VERY BEGINNING TO BE ENJOYED BY ALL! Those parts which fit each other, those nerves which give us pleasure when put in pleasant motion, those rapturous ecstasies & orgasmic explosions were being enjoyed by Adam & Eve as a part of the pleasures of God's wonderful creation in the pure, sinless Garden of Eden long before Satan entered in with his temptation!
       3. ADAM & EVE ENJOYED SEX BEFORE THEY FELL & were created with sexual organs to do so in the very beginning! So how could sex be sinful if they were commanded to practice it before the Fall? Sex was not a result of the Fall of man & the introduction of sin, as is taught by some of the deluded churches & believed by so many poor church people to therefore still be sinful today.--This simply is not true according to the Bible!
       4. "YOU MEAN GOD WAS SO SEXY THAT HE PUT THOSE TWO MOST GORGEOUS PEOPLE WHO EVER LIVED IN THAT BEAUTIFUL GARDEN OF EDEN STARK NAKED, totally nude, without even a fig leaf? You mean to tell me that He allowed them--commanded them--to immediately participate in sex? And it wasn't a sin?"--Of course not! And it's still not a sin to have sex! In fact, He made men & women to have sex!
       5. IF IT'S A SIN THEN GOD'S A SINNER, BECAUSE HE MADE IT!--And He commanded Adam to have sex with Eve before the Fall, before Satan even came along! So if you want to blame somebody, blame God!--Or thank Him! Hallelujah! He created sex & the human body not as something evil to be hidden, but as His Own beautiful & wonderful creations to be revealed & enjoyed to the full!
       6. IF SEX & YOUR BODY ARE UNCLEAN, THEN WHY DID GOD MAKE THEM? If sex is bad & evil, why did God make it? And if He didn't intend for you to enjoy sex, why did He put all those nerves in your sexual organs that make you feel so good? So how can sex possibly be wrong when God made it & He made your body & He made your sexual organs?--He made it for you to enjoy!
       7. SO SEX IS NOT EVIL AFTER ALL, BUT A WONDERFUL GIFT FROM GOD to be freely & fully enjoyed in the right relationships! The Devil was not responsible for sex & it was not a result nor part of the Fall, but was created & instituted by God in the very beginning as His Creation for you to enjoy.--Not only to enable you to have children, which is a wonderful part & result of it, but also to have fellowship with the ones you love.
       8. CONTRARY TO THE FALSE DOCTRINES OF MOST OF THE CHURCHES, THERE'S NOT ONE SINGLE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE THAT STATES OR PROVES THAT NUDITY IS EVIL OR SEX IS WRONG! In fact in the original Creation, God intended for people to run around stark naked in the open air, in the Garden, with no houses, no bedrooms & no privacy, & to make love on the grass under the trees, right out in the open! Nudity & sex in the Garden were the first order of the day, & therefore, having been created by God in the nude & never having known clothing or any kind of bodily covering, they didn't even know they were naked!
       9. ADAM & EVE HAD BEEN LOOKING AT EACH OTHER FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG!--A long time! They had been looking at each other's nudity & sexual parts, totally exposed & unclothed, thoroughly enjoying sex, & never even thought of it as being bad or evil. They only became ashamed of their God-created bodies after they fell & had sin in their hearts--the wrong sinful view of things! Before that, with pure sinless hearts & a Heavenly outlook, they weren't even conscious of being naked because they'd never been anything else!
       10. ALL WAS BEAUTIFUL UNTIL SATAN LIED TO THEM, UNDERMINING THEIR FAITH IN GOD'S WORD regarding the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, so that they disobeyed & sinned against the Lord. And when they took of the fruit of that tree of the knowledge of good & evil, suddenly they thought nudity was bad!--The Devil put the thought in their minds that sex was evil & that it was wrong to show their sexual parts!
       11. THEN THE LORD CAME ALONG & CALLED THEM, SAYING, "WHERE ART THOU?" TO WHICH ADAM REPLIED, "I WAS AFRAID, BECAUSE I WAS NAKED, & I HID MYSELF." (Gen.3:9,10) Now remember, they'd been naked ever since they were created, & when all they knew was the knowledge of good, they weren't even aware of it! They saw each other & each other's bodies & never thought anything of it!--Except that they were very beautiful & they liked to make love to each other! But they never thought or saw anything wrong with it, because there was nothing wrong with it!
       12. THE LORD THEN ASKED THEM, "WHO TOLD THEE THAT THOU WAST NAKED?" (Gen.3:11) Where did they get the idea that they were naked & that it was wrong to be naked?--The Devil told them they were naked! Instantly, as soon as they disobeyed, the Devil polluted their minds with the lie that nudity was evil & that the sexual parts were evil & should be hidden.--A lie of the Devil!--Part of the knowledge of evil that came into man's heart through sin & disobedience!
       13. THE DEVIL KNEW THAT IF HE COULD GET THEM TO BELIEVE THAT NUDITY WAS EVIL, THEN OF COURSE THEY'D BELIEVE THAT SEX MUST BE VERY EVIL TOO, because nudity is the baring of your body & sexual parts. And if that's wrong, if that's evil, then the sexual parts themselves must be evil, the body itself must be evil, & of course sex itself must be very evil! If it's wrong to be naked, then it must be very wrong to have sex, because how are you going to enjoy sex without being naked?
       14. REMEMBER, GOD'S FIRST COMMANDMENT TO MAN WAS TO "BE FRUITFUL, & MULTIPLY & REPLENISH THE EARTH!"--"THOU SHALT HAVE SEX!" (Gen.1:28) God intended on using His marvellous creation of sex as a tool to keep man & woman together in beautiful harmony, having children, lovely families & happy, loving homes, thus filling the Earth & completely frustrating Satan's plan to destroy mankind!
       15. BUT BY PERSUADING MAN THAT NUDITY WAS WRONG & THEREFORE SEX WAS EVIL, THE DEVIL WAS ATTACKING THE VERY ROOT OF THE CREATION OF GOD, because without nudity you've got no sex, & without sex you've got no children! If God's first commandment to man was to have sex & be fruitful & multiply, it was one of the Devil's first commandments to man not to have sex, to get them to disobey God & thereby frustrate God's loving plan for man!
       16. THE DEVIL WAS STRIKING AT THE VERY BASIS OF PROCREATION, RE-CREATION, OF HAVING CHILDREN TO PERPETUATE THE RACE OF MAN WHICH HE WAS TRYING TO DESTROY! He tried to destroy it by first of all undermining their faith in God & getting them to disobey, & then by getting them to believe that there was something wrong & evil about the beautiful bodies that God had given them & that it was therefore wrong to be nude or to have sex & children.
       17. SO CONTRARY TO WHAT THE CHURCHES TEACH & WHAT MOST OF THE WORLD BELIEVES, THE DEVIL HATES & FIGHTS SEX! Sex is God's Own creation, His idea, His gift to us, & the Devil is its arch-enemy! Of course he tries to take the credit for it & then trickily turns around & condemns you for enjoying it, telling you that it is a sin, that it is his sinful offering for your pleasure & that the only way you can really enjoy it is by being a sinner!--Because "sex is sinful!", so the Devil says!
       18. THE DEVIL HATES SEX, & YET HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD DECEIVED INTO THINKING THAT HE LOVES IT & that, in order to enjoy it, they've got to love him! Therefore they think they're getting away from God by indulging in sex, when actually they're getting back to God's Own original plan & freedom of the Garden! The Devil stole the credit for the whole works, & now he's rationing it out to his people as his favours for worshipping him!
       19. THE WHOLE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY PERVERTED IN ONE HELL-OF-A-WRONG ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX!--That it's something horrible, dirty, filthy, evil, sinful & wicked! They are virtually blaspheming the Creation of God--the most marvellous, miraculous & beautiful of all physical activities that creates life, new human beings! Sex brings the most wonderful, thrilling fruit of almost any human activity--beautiful children that God gives us for His glory!
       20. BUT THE DEVIL STOLE SEX FROM GOD & NOW IT HAS BECOME HIS OWN TOOL! He literally hates it, but he uses it for his own glory & his own purposes to try to destroy mankind, when it was intended to be man's greatest physical pleasure & enjoyment! The Devil tries to drag the holy creation of God down to the gutter, to make it an "evil filthy nasty dirty" thing, so that he can get the credit for it instead of God!
       21. IT'S THE DEVIL'S OWN DOING TO TAKE GOD'S BEAUTIFUL CREATION & CONTAMINATE IT & PERVERT IT & DEBASE IT! All his so-called "hard-core" pornography is designed to downgrade & belittle sex & literally make it filthy! He downgrades & contaminates & does everything he possibly can against sex because it's just about the most beautiful & marvellous creation of God!
       22. SO THE DEVIL IS THE WORLD'S GREATEST ENEMY OF SEX, & FOR THE CHURCHES TO HAVE TAUGHT THAT SEX IS A SIN--or at least that it's ugly, dirty, bad & nasty--is one Hell-of-a-God-damned doctrine of devils! Yet that's what most of them teach, & they hold it over their peoples' heads as a club & a bondage & a means of lording their religion over them.
       23. THANK GOD THAT MANY PEOPLE TODAY ARE BREAKING OUT OF THAT HORRIBLE GRIP! But the sad part of it is that when people break away from such false doctrines & evil traditions of the church, then they think they're becoming sinners & they wind up giving the Devil the credit for it all! They figure that to really enjoy sex, to really be free, they've got to really become a sinner & break loose not only from the church, but from God also!--How sad!
       24. AND EVEN WHEN "SEX IS SIN" IS NOT THE ACTUAL OUTRIGHT TEACHING OF SOME CHURCHES, IT'S THEIR ATTITUDE NEVERTHELESS, & that's the impression their children get. It's pitiful, tragic, the sexual ignorance in which so many kids today are raised! If the churches don't come right out & say that sex is sinful, their attitude conveys it!--It's all that cover-up, that constant cover-up that makes it appear to be so evil!
       25. WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO TEACH CHILDREN!--Practically from the time they're born they're taught to hate sex & fear sex & abhor sex & deplore sex & be ashamed of sex & be ashamed of their sexual parts! "No, no! Naughty! That's dirty! Hide it! Don't ever do that!"--It's horrible! No wonder so many people have such perverted ideas!
       26. THEY DON'T TEACH THAT IF YOU OVER-PLAY & EXHAUST YOURSELF OR EXERCISE TOO VIOLENTLY IT IS A SIN. You're not taught that overeating is a sin.--They don't slap your hands & say, "Shame on you! That's naughty! That's dirty! You mustn't do that! That's bad! That's sinful!" But overeating is just as sinful as excessive masturbation or excessive sex of any kind. The excess of anything is the sin!
       27. STRANGE, ISN'T IT, THAT SOME OF THESE VERY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE SHOULD CONSIDER CERTAIN PARTS OF THE BODY & THEIR ACTIVITIES AS BEING NORMAL, necessary & righteous, whereas they condemn other parts of the same body which God Himself created & the activities of these parts as being sinful or wicked & unlawful! It is perfectly acceptable to eat with the mouth & digest with the stomach & enjoy the sight, smell & taste of delicious foods & that comfortable contented feeling of a full stomach. These satisfactions of the flesh are considered perfectly lawful, normal & righteous.
       28. BUT THEY VIGOROUSLY & VOCIFEROUSLY CONDEMN OPENLY, OR TEACH PREJUDICE & TABOOS & CONDEMNATION OF PRIVATELY, the perfectly natural, God-created & pleasurable enjoyment of the sight of the nude beauty of the human form which God made to be attractive to us, or the fragrance of the nearness of another human body, or the taste of another's lips, or the touch of another's sexual parts or even our own.--All of which God has made very pleasurable & sensually enjoyable by means of the very nerves which He Himself created for this purpose!
       29. ACCORDING TO THE MASTERS' & JOHNSON {\ul \i REPORT ON HUMAN SEXUALITY}, some of the most scientific research done on the subject so far, people who release their tensions even through normal masturbation are actually more adjusted & peaceful & content & less apt to become neurotic or go haywire than those cases where there was such strong religious training against sex that they developed tremendous guilt complexes which affected their mental condition!
       30. UNLESS PEOPLE ARE SEXUALLY HAPPY & SEXUALLY SATISFIED, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE FULLY SATISFIED & FULLY HAPPY, so sex is a very important part of life! Even if you're saved & have Jesus & all of your other needs are taken care of, you must be happy sexually or you're not going to be fully happy. It's a perfectly normal appetite like eating or drinking or any other appetite, a bodily need which must be satisfied just like any other physical need. As we've already explained, God Himself made sex & our sexual organs & created the very nerves & senses which give us such pleasure.--And He intended for us to enjoy sex just as much as any of our other physical activities.
       31. YOUR BODY IS A BEAUTIFUL CREATION OF GOD & EVERY PART OF IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL, natural, good & God-made for perfectly good purposes & uses, if used at the proper times with the proper people & in a way which is not offensive to others. Your sexual parts are just as good as the rest of your body, & sexual activities, feelings & pleasures are no more evil than eating, drinking, exercising or enjoying any other physical functions.
       32. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR BODIES & NOTHING EVIL ABOUT SEX & NOTHING CATASTROPHIC ABOUT MASTURBATION! All are perfectly normal, necessary, natural & God-given physical functions. The only evil or wrong-doing would be if our bodies were abused or misused or over-used.--Or exposed or used in such a way as to offend or hurt others--the uninitiated, unenlightened, unliberated or sexually-uneducated & inexperienced.
       33. OF COURSE WE CAN'T FOREGO EVERY GOD-GIVEN PLEASURE OR GOD-PERMITTED PRACTICE just because some narrow-minded, overly-religious church people condemn & accuse us for them, or we wouldn't do anything! Most churchy people look on the sexually-liberated & think, "Oh, those wicked profligates!"--And to them sex is the greatest sin in the World today!
       34. OBVIOUSLY THEY DON'T THINK MURDER IS THE GREATEST SIN BECAUSE THEY PARTICIPATE IN WARS THAT KILL PEOPLE BY THE MILLIONS! But, "Oh, sex, that is the worst of all!" It doesn't matter how many little babies & mothers their wars murder & their napalm burns, or how many innocent lives they slaughter, that's just war. But, "Oh, those people who claim to be Christians, yet they indulge in & extol sex, they are the ones who are wicked & filthy & sinful, because sex is the worst sin of all!--That's really sin!"
       35. WHY DOES THE CHURCH CONDEMN SEX & MAKE SEXUAL PLEASURES OUT TO BE SO SINFUL?--Because the Devil hates sex, & they have accepted his lies & thus become liars themselves! They seek to control their members through sexual prohibitions, making merchandise of their souls by telling them that sex is a sin & that pleasurable sexual activity is sinful, thus denying them their God-given rights, joys & pleasures of their own God-given bodies!
       36. THE DELUDED FORCES OF THE CHURCH SYSTEM CONDEMN THE SUPREME GOD-GIVEN PHYSICAL PLEASURE OF MAN AS THE SUPREME SIN! They have turned everything around backwards from the way it ought to be, condemning man's supreme physical pleasure as the worst of his sins! What a travesty against the Truth! What blasphemy against God's Holy Creation!
       37. GOD CREATED LIFE & PLEASURE & HAPPINESS FOR US TO ENJOY! I don't have a sad God!--I have a happy God, Who wants me to be happy too, & you as well! This is the whole point of Jesus' coming into the World! He said, "I am come that you might have life, & that you might have it more abundantly!" (Jn.10:10) He came to relieve us of the suffering, pain, death & tears brought into the World by the Enemy & the sins of man.
       38. DO YOU THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT IN GOD'S ORIGINAL CREATION, THAT ADAM & EVE, THE TWO MOST PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL, STRONGEST & SEXIEST HUMAN BODIES EVER MADE, SAT AROUND MOPING & complaining in that Heaven-on-Earth of the Garden of Eden, wishing they had never been created, sorry they were alive & longing to be dead? This, of course, is ridiculous! They loved the life that God had given them to enjoy! They just made the mistake of wanting too much life, or wanting to go to the extreme, not being satisfied with what they already had, but wanting more, more than God knew was good for them.
       39. GOD MADE US TO ENJOY LIFE & TO BE HAPPY! Pleasure is God-created for our good! He created the very nerves that give these pleasurable sensations that we enjoy, & if He gave us all those nice pleasurable sensations, He must have intended for us to enjoy them! So praise the Lord & enjoy yourself, amen?
       40. WHY DENY YOURSELF THE JOYS & NECESSITIES OF LIFE THAT GOD CREATED FOR YOU TO ENJOY, thereby bringing to yourself & others unnecessary misery, unhappiness & dissatisfaction? Even the Apostle Paul said, "It is better to marry than to burn!" (1Cor. 7:9) It is just as wrong for you to starve your body of its normal sexual needs & satisfactions as it is for you to starve yourself to death by not eating, or to waste away through lack of exercise, or to die from exhaustion or lack of sleep!
       41. HOWEVER ON THE OTHER HAND, DON'T GO TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME of becoming so addicted to sex or masturbation that you sit around all day starry-eyed like a zombie, mooning & dreaming & drifting while continually masturbating and/or lovemaking, but never getting anything else done!--Or lying awake all night enjoying too much pleasure & not getting enough sleep! It's all a matter of moderation. Don't go to either extreme of over-use or under-use.
       42. AS FAR AS ACTUAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY, THERE SEEMS TO BE ONLY ONE SEXUAL SIN WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED WITHOUT EXCEPTION & WHICH WAS JUDGED VERY SEVERELY BY GOD.--It even gets its name from that ancient licentious city which God totally wiped out & horribly destroyed for its common indulgence in this sin, the city of Sodom! (Gen.19) Sodomy, or homosexuality between men, seems to be an abomination to God & utterly & unequivocally forbidden, although the laws of man in some places like the U.S. are beginning to tolerate it & even encourage it!
       43. MALE HOMOSEXUALITY, "MEN WITH MEN DOING THAT WHICH IS UNSEEMLY" (ROM.1:27), IS APPARENTLY A COMPLETE ABHORRENCE TO THE LORD! To say the least it is insanitary, infectious, insane, disgusting, degrading, dirty, perverted & hazardous to the health of both body & mind!--And it is so totally unnecessary, making it a complete perversion of the normal, God-created, heterosexual appetite of natural desire between men & women.
       44. I'M NOT CONDEMNING THE POOR BOYS WHO HAVE SOME KIND OF SATANIC PERVERSION or demonic impulse that drives them into that kind of a relationship.--It's really sad & I feel sorry for them! But I know that if they will sincerely pray & ask the Lord to free them & deliver them from that spirit, He will! He has proven in many cases that He can completely cleanse & deliver them from that sort of thing, making them "new creatures in Christ Jesus." (2Cor.5:17)
       45. ANOTHER FAIRLY COMMON SEXUAL PROBLEM TODAY IS THAT MANY PEOPLE SEEM TO GET BORED WITH NORMAL SEX, so they desire & seek after something different, something new. Well, it's true that "variety is the spice of life" & changes in love-making positions & techniques are fine, as are alternate means of massaging & satisfying your partner with either hands, fingers, mouth, tongue, etc. But it becomes a problem when people get bored & want something perverted, something violent or dangerous, etc.
       46. SADISM & MASOCHISM & ALL THAT SORT OF THING IS AN ABSOLUTE DEVILISH, FIENDISH, DEMONIC PERVERSION! Artistic nudity & loving, clean, romantic sex is very beautiful, the way God meant for it to be. But any kind of violent or hurtful sex is sickening! A good criterion is: If it's unloving, it's ungodly!--For "God is Love"! (1Jn.4:8) If it's not loving, gentle, affectionate, good, kind, clean sex, then it's certainly not of the Lord!
       47. REMEMBER, THE DEVIL HATES SEX!--And he just loves to besmirch God's wonderful creation by making people like pigs & hogs in the slime, when God meant for it to be beautiful! It's the Devil that makes it ugly & dirty & just plain coarse & crude & almost sickening, especially when there's too much of it & it's just too raw for good taste.--Like in most of those porno movies where the sexual organs are the principal characters. They're just disgusting & sickening!
       48. THE MECHANICS OF SEX ARE TO BE ENJOYED & FELT in the final dramatic orgasm, but a close-up view of the sexual organs at such a time is not particularly inspiring! You're supposed to be feeling it & in the spirit, not lustfully, greedily, gorily watching it! Again, the problem is the intemperancy, the immoderation.
       49. SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SO IMMODERATE & HAD SO MUCH SEX LOSE INTEREST IN IT ENTIRELY & BECOME ASEXUAL, not wanting any sex, & this asexuality is a growing problem today. Well, I'm convinced that the reason they get fed up with sex is because they don't have any love in it. If it's nothing but a mechanical, physical thrill & just for kicks, it can get very tiresome! I suppose for some, sex can be something totally separate & have nothing to do with love!--Just like eating a meal--a physical necessity that doesn't even necessarily have to involve love, sad to say.
       50. BUT ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL & BEAUTIFUL THINGS TO ME ABOUT GOING TO BED WITH SOMEONE IS THE LOVE--not just the sex, but the love.--The talking, the companionship, the petting, the affection, just really really loving each other. That's the best part of it all, the love! The physical thrills of sex are great & an orgasm is a wonderful release, but "the greatest of these is love"! (1Cor.13:13) Thank God for loving & cuddling & real genuine, natural affection!
       51. ARE YOU ENJOYING THE PLEASURES THAT GOD HAS CREATED?--If not, maybe it's because you don't have His Love in your heart to give you real love for others. You'll never really fully enjoy sex without real love. You'll never know what real sexual enjoyment is until you fall in love & really love someone, for then sex takes on new meaning, a whole, new, beautiful experience! If you've never known the Love of God, you've never known the most beautiful sexual experiences you can ever have!
       52. GOD CREATED SEX TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE ON EARTH, but before we can really fully enjoy it, we must first experience Him & His Love. Otherwise sex just won't satisfy & you'll feel something is missing, because you're not complete. But if you know Jesus & are filled with His Love, "you are complete in Him," the Bible says. (Col.2:10) He can satisfy your soul just like sex satisfies your body, & you can't even fully satisfy your sex needs until you satisfy your soul first, because the ultimate in sex is a spiritual orgasm with God!--The Baptism of His Spirit!
       53. SO TO REALLY ENJOY SEX, YOU'VE GOT TO BELONG TO GOD!--And that's the only way that you can possibly regain the freedom & the liberty that Adam & Eve had in the Garden before they fell, the total freedom from guilt or any guilt complexes about sex. You've first got to find God & the Truth of God, to know the Lord & be led of His Spirit, & to know the Truth of His Word!--To know that all of the old prohibitive Mosaic Laws & regulations are all gone & totally superseded by the Love of Christ, the Law of Love, so that as long as what you're doing is in Love, it's lawful in the sight of God! (For a thorough Scriptural explanation of God's Law of Love, see our lesson entitled "Amazing Grace!")
       54. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FREEDOM OF THE GARDEN, the sinlessness of the Garden, the perfection of the Garden, the liberty of the Garden & the openness of the Garden is to get back to perfect fellowship & relationship with God & belief in His Word, faith in Him & in His Creation.--To know that He made it all & that He wants you to enjoy every sexual pleasure that is clean & right & good & not harmful, that He wants you to live in the pleasures & the love which He created between man & woman. PTL!
       55. THEN YOU'LL HAVE THE FAITH TO CUT LOOSE FROM THE DEVIL'S ANTI-SEX PROPAGANDA, his prohibitions, guilt complexes, etc., knowing that there's nothing in the World at all wrong with sex as long as it's practised in love, whatever it is or whoever it's with!
       56. SO ENJOY YOURSELF & SEX & WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU TO ENJOY, WITHOUT FEAR OR CONDEMNATION! For "perfect love casts out all fear, for fear hath torment" (1Jn.4:18)--particularly sexual fears, which can be physical torture! Don't let the Devil fool you into thinking you have to pay for sex by sinfulness in order to enjoy it! He's a liar from the beginning & the father of lies! (Jn.8:44) So if he tells you that you can't enjoy sex without being one of his sinners, just face your fears & tell him he's a liar, slap him in the face with God's Word & he'll flee from you!
       57. THEN GO AHEAD & MASTURBATE AND/OR MAKE LOVE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT & THANK GOD FOR IT!--And don't be afraid to explode like an atom bomb, girls, even if your legs go straight up & hit the ceiling, or your body bangs the bottom of the bed, but take care lest the neighbours hear your screams of delight & shrieks of pleasure & think someone's killing you! Enjoy yourself!--It's later than you think!
       58. CUT LOOSE FROM THOSE OLD FOOLISH FALLACIES & WOEFUL OLD WIVES' TALES still taught by some churches & parents! Let yourself go into the bosom of God & let God do it to you in an orgasm of the Spirit till you're free!--Amen? Now try it!--You'll like it!--And thank God for it!--Amen? Wow!--Here we go again! Hallelujah! Are you comin'?--I've already gone!

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