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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

HERE'S THE FUTURE!--What Will Yours Be?--Read it!

1. SO MANY PEOPLE TODAY ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE FUTURE, WONDERING WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. Many seem to almost instinctively realise that they are living on borrowed time.--After all, we are the first generation that has had to live with the knowledge that we could completely destroy ourselves!
2. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN DOUBT & CONFUSION, IN DARKNESS, WONDERING WHAT'S GOING ON. In fact, you can know exactly what's going to happen & exactly the way things are going to go! You may not like it all & some of it may look pretty bad, but you can also know the Happy Ending & that all is well that ends well!
3. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? HOW CAN WE KNOW THE FUTURE?--By reading & heeding the Words of God's Prophets! For in His Word, God has given us thousands of literal specific predictions, vivid descriptions of the future. He wants His children to know what's happening & when things are going to happen. To be foretold is to be forewarned!--And we who know His Word & His prophecies & promises for the future will never be surprised with a "mighty widening of the eyes" like those who have "not discerned the signs of the times"! For we will be prepared!
4. IF YOU KNOW GOD'S WORD, THEN YOU WILL KNOW THAT THE GREAT "TIME OF THE END", THE "LAST DAYS" THAT THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF FROM COVER TO COVER, IS THESE LAST FEW YEARS IN WHICH YOU & I ARE NOW LIVING! Therefore you won't be surprised when you hear about the soon-coming pact or covenant between the Arabs & Russia, the invasion & conquest of Israel from the North, the rise of a powerful new World leader & One-World government, the new credit-only economic system & the dramatic ending of man's governments on Earth with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

5. THE SCRIPTURES PREDICT THAT WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS, A TOTALLY GODLESS, ANTI-CHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT WILL ARISE, LED BY A DEVIL-POSSESSED DICTATOR, SATAN INCARNATE, who will bring a temporary false peace to Earth & a counterfeit utopia, but its price will be enforced worship of himself as the imitation Messiah! All of his subjects will be branded with a credit number in order to buy or sell or obtain food or employment, & all those who refuse to cooperate will be hunted, persecuted & slaughtered by his commandment!--A time of Great Tribulation! (Rev.13) (Throughout the rest of this text you will find many numerical references enclosed in parentheses such as this. These are Bible references indicating the specific books, chapters & verses where either a quotation or a verification of the preceding statement can be found in the Scriptures.)
6. THESE STARTLING EVENTS WILL IMMEDIATELY PRECEDE THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST, which is the major Endtime event, the Grand Climax, as the Lord Himself returns & rescues His children from this World! He's going to say, "Stop the World! I want'm to get off!" And all of His children are going to be caught up together with Him in the clouds! We will rise in immortal victory over the forces of the Devil & the Antichrist, right before the eyes of our enemies, out of their reach forever as we rise to be with Jesus! (Mt.24:21,29-31)

7. WHEN JESUS COMES, A GREAT & WONDERFUL MIRACLE TAKES PLACE--THE RESURRECTION! All of those who love the Lord, all the saved, will then have a glorious & beautiful & wonderful resurrection!--Either from the dead or else they will be translated, instantly changed & raptured from the very face of the Earth, from the living!
8. ALL OF THE CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE ALREADY DIED & GONE ON TO BE WITH JESUS will receive their new resurrection bodies!--And "the Earth shall cast out her dead!" (Isa.26:19) Then we who are alive & remain, having miraculously survived & kept witnessing for Jesus throughout the Antichrist's reign of terror, will instantly be changed, transformed, as we receive our new, miraculous, powerful, supernatural, resurrection bodies--just like Jesus' body after He was resurrected!--And up we'll sail towards the sky, "to meet the Lord in the air: & so shall we ever be with the Lord!" (1Th.4:14-17; Phil.3:21)
9. WITH ONE SUDDEN, SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS, MIGHTY STROKE OF GOD, HE WAVES HIS WAND OF POWER & PRESTO!--We who are alive will be changed!--Translated & raised incorruptible! People talk about the thrill of sky-diving! Well, we're not just going to fall or sail down, we're going to sail up! Our bodies will be changed right on the spot, from a mortal body that's merely alive, to an immortal body that's going to live forever! (1Cor.15:51-57) We will all go with the Lord to have a great Party in Heavenly Places, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, where we will have fun & fellowship & rewards.

10. THEN WE PREPARE TO RETURN TO EARTH FOR THE AWESOME BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! For while we're away at the Marriage Party, the wicked, anti-God forces of the Devil will gather together at Armageddon, the Valley of Megiddo in Israel, under the Devil-Man, the Antichrist, to try to fight God & His forces, even though by this time we will be in our supernatural resurrection bodies, possess supernatural powers like the angels of Heaven & will even ride our Heavenly horses out of the sky! (Rev.19:19)
11. THESE GOD-DEFIANT, REBELLIOUS, IDIOTIC FOLLOWERS OF THE DEVIL, OF THE ANTICHRIST, HAVE ENOUGH NERVE & ARE STUPID & DUMB ENOUGH TO TRY TO MAKE WAR WITH JESUS HIMSELF & His forces, His resurrected children, His followers, His Christians! And that's where they go too far, because He is the Lord of all Lords & the King of all Kings, & therefore they will be utterly defeated! (Rev.17:14)
12. OUT OF HEAVEN WILL COME THE GREAT HOSTS OF HEAVEN WITH JESUS CHRIST IN THE LEAD ON A MIGHTY WHITE CHARGER IN A LITERAL INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE!--To destroy the Antichrist & his kingdom in this great supernatural battle! We'll come riding out of the sky on great white horses & destroy them & their Satanic kingdom of Hell on Earth! (Rev.19:11-21; Jude 1:14,15)
13. AT THIS MIGHTY BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON GOD'S FORCES WILL NOT ONLY CONQUER SATAN & HIS FORCES, but we will also take over the whole World, to rule & reign & run it the way it should have been run to begin with & would have been if man had not believed the Devil's lies & disobeyed God & gone his own way! So the Battle of Armageddon is going to be the biggest conquest that has ever happened! (Dan.2:44; 7:14,18,22,27)

14. WE, THE SAINTS OF GOD, ALONG WITH OUR KING JESUS CHRIST, WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD & ORGANISE IT & RULE IT & RUN IT THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUN if man had yielded to God! We're going to set up the Kingdom of God on Earth & restore the Earth to the beauty of the Garden of Eden again! This amazing period will last for one thousand years & is therefore known as The Millennium! (Rev.20:4)
15. THE DEVIL WILL BE BOUND & CAST AS A PRISONER INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT FOR THIS THOUSAND-YEAR PERIOD, with nobody left to run his business! (Rev.20:1-3)--We'll be rid of him, thank God! For a thousand years he will no longer bother us & no longer lead his legions & his demons across the face of the Earth to plague the World & its citizens! During this thousand years, God's resurrected children will live & reign with Christ over the millions of normal, natural people remaining throughout the World who managed to survive the Judgements of God & the Battle of Armageddon! (Rev.20:4-6)
16. NO LONGER WILL REIGN THE CRUEL, SELFISH, DOG-EAT-DOG PHILOSOPHY WHICH GIVES THE WORLD TO THE STRONGEST & THE MIGHTIEST & in which might is right, as it is today under rebellious, disobedient & perverted man! But it will be given to those who really have the right to govern because of what today's reprobate man considers weaknesses: Love & meekness & forgiveness & faith in God & His Word!
17. THESE WEAKEST & MEEKEST WILL BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL INFLUENCES ON EARTH, the most powerful people, who will rule the World with both love & a "rod of iron" of loving force to compel the nations to submit to the laws of God & to recognise His authority & to obey His rules of life, love, health & happiness. (Rev.2:26,27)

18. AT LAST THERE WILL BE GENUINE PEACE ON EARTH UNDER THE REIGN OF JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD & PRINCE OF PEACE HIMSELF! Today's wicked & vengeful men of war will finally be stopped as God "destroys them that destroy the Earth"! (Rev.11:18)--Those who brought war & conflict to mankind! Only then shall the men of peace & the God of peace & the Prince of Peace rule & reign & bring final "peace on Earth"! (Lk.2:14)
19. "FOR HE SHALL JUDGE THE POOR OF THE PEOPLE, HE SHALL SAVE THE CHILDREN OF THE NEEDY, & SHALL BREAK IN PIECES THE OPPRESSOR." (Ps.72:4)--The World is going to see a righteous Judge at last, a righteous King, a righteous Ruler, Who will have a righteous Government! There'll be no more big powers & oppressed poor!--Only the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Heaven on Earth, fairness & justice for all!
20. "BEHOLD, THE DAWN COMETH & THE SON OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ARISETH & THIS SHALL BE A NEW DAY, & His Love shall drop down like rain upon the land & there shall spring forth life! There shall be love & laughter & joy & peace for everafter!--Tomorrow!--When He makes the World free!"

21. AS A FINAL TEST & A FINAL SIFTING, AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM SATAN IS GOING TO BE RELEASED FROM HIS PRISON in the heart of the Earth for a "little season", just long enough to deceive the unconverted wicked over whom we have been ruling with a rod of iron. These rebels will again follow him to the full, in open rebellion against the Lord & His Government, resulting in the catastrophic Battle of Gog & Magog in which God is so fed up with them that He just sends down fire out of Heaven to devour them completely! (Isa.26:9-11; Rev.20:7-10)
22. IN FACT, HE WILL CAUSE SUCH A HORRIBLE FIRE TO COME DOWN THAT IT WILL COMPLETELY WIPE OUT THE ENTIRE SURFACE OF THE EARTH & the atmospheric heavens will be rolled back like a scroll & depart with a great noise! The entire surface of the ball is going to be completely purged, cleansed, burned up & recreated into a beautiful New Earth with no more sea! (2Pet.3:10-13; Rev.21:1)
23. IT IS TO THIS BEAUTIFUL, RECREATED, GARDEN-OF-EDEN-LIKE NEW EARTH THAT GOD'S GREAT HEAVENLY SPACE CITY WILL THEN DESCEND FROM ABOVE.--And God Himself will dwell with us right here on Earth! It will be like God taking over the World by invading it from Outer Space--bringing down His Heavenly City & restoring Himself as the King of kings forever! (Rev.21:2,3)

24. THIS GREAT HEAVENLY SPACE CITY WILL COME DOWN TO BE OUR ETERNAL HOME IN PARADISE! It's such a literal down-to-Earth Heaven that Revelation Chapters 21 & 22 describe it & give us the City's exact measurements, colours, materials, etc.! It will stand upon the Earth 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high!--The greatest city ever built, far beyond the wildest dreams of man! Such a city would cover half of the United States or all of Europe or half of Africa!
25. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE A CITY THAT SIZE?--It's almost beyond your imagination! And can you imagine it being 1500 miles, or 2400 kilometers, high? Intercontinental passenger planes usually fly around five or six miles high at the most, twenty to thirty thousand feet or so. And even the satellites are rarely launched into an orbit higher than 150 to 600 miles above the Earth's surface.--But God's Heavenly City is going to be 1500 miles high!
26. THE ENTIRE "CITY IS PURE GOLD, LIKE UNTO CLEAR GLASS"! (Rev.21:18) It's like clear golden-coloured glass, a beautiful crystal gold! So you'll be able to see out of the City through those transparent walls, out onto a beautiful, fully-restored & recreated New Earth which will be populated by new nations & kings & peoples who shall truly have learned the righteousness, goodness & love of God, even though they be outside the Golden City & its jewelled walls! (Rev.21:1,24-26)

27. I'VE NOT ONLY STUDIED WHAT GOD'S WORD SAYS ABOUT THIS GREAT CITY, BUT I'VE BEEN THERE, I'VE SEEN IT, & IT'S BEAUTIFUL!--The most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life! I was lifted up in the Spirit & taken there just like John the Revelator was taken there to see the same things. It's so fantastic you can hardly even imagine it, much less describe it!
28. FROM WHAT I SAW WHEN I VISITED THE CITY, it seems like it would almost take a City 1500 miles high to hold some of the enormous, beautiful buildings there! There are lots of buldings!--Of such amazing design, symmetry & form that they couldn't even build anything like them here on this present Earth! The gorgeous shapes & colours & beautiful crystal-like materials were so absolutely unearthly & Heavenly that they make man's greatest cities look like ridiculous little junk piles by comparison!

29. WHEN I SAW THE HEAVENLY CITY IT WAS ON THE NEW EARTH & EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL, just as it's going to be, or maybe already is in a new dimension where there's no time! All I know is I was there & it was already on the New Earth! And the outside Earth was beautiful just like the original Creation, the Garden of Eden--beautiful!
30. I COULD HARDLY IMAGINE HOW THE LORD COULD CREATE ANYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW if I hadn't had a little glimpse of it! The beautiful New Earth was gorgeous, but it's not going to be that different that you won't recognise it or be completely unfamiliar with it. It's just going to be even more beautiful!
31. IN THE CITY I REMEMBER SEEING WHAT LOOKED LIKE A WHOLE ROW OF GIGANTIC UMBRELLAS--ONLY THE TOP OF EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS SHAPED LIKE A CARNATION!--Like a whole row of carnations with beautiful white stems! They were red & yellow, & even a little bit brown & pink! I wondered what they had them for, why they'd need them, because we won't need to be shaded from the sunshine in the City, since we're not going to need any sunshine there!
32. IT'S GOING TO BE JUST AS BEAUTIFUL, IF NOT MORE BEAUTIFUL, THAN THE PRESENT EARTH!--A restoration of the original Creation, only with "no more seas". (Rev.21:1) After all, the beautiful & good things about this Earth are like Heaven!--God's Earthly Creation is like a sample of Heaven! I distinctly remember the gardens in Space City, & though they were even more beautiful, they were still like our Earthly gardens, with grass, trees & flowers!

33. ANOTHER FUNNY THING I SAW IN THE GARDEN THERE WAS WHAT I AT FIRST THOUGHT WERE FOUNTAINS OF WATER, BUT THEY TURNED OUT TO BE FOUNTAINS OF LIGHT! Now how could light do that?--Rise up just like a fountain & fall back down!--Into a pool that was all blue & starry & beautiful.--Amazing!
34. AND SPEAKING OF LIGHT, YOU WON'T NEED ANY ARTIFICIAL LIGHT INSIDE THE HEAVENLY CITY, NOR EVEN SUNLIGHT OR MOONLIGHT, BECAUSE "THE LORD IS THE LIGHT THEREOF!" (Rev.21:23) It's light all night long because you'll never have to go to bed, you'll never have to sleep, you'll never get tired! You won't have to eat either, but you can if you want to! You won't have to lie down or rest, but you can if you want to! You won't have to make love any more, but you can if you want to! You won't have to walk around any more, but you can if you want to! And you'll be able to do a lot of amazing things that you can't do now: Fly, disappear, walk through walls, all kinds of things like that!--Wonderful!
35. BEFORE GOING THERE, I NEVER REALISED THAT THERE WAS SO MUCH COLOUR! I thought it was all that golden colour described in the Bible--& that is the predominant colour--but its just full of colour! It's as though the light is that colour--a kind of a golden light--& it emanates from everywhere. The entire City is lighted with almost a diffused light, as though light is there in itself, it's just beautiful!

36. I THINK A LOT OF FOLKS ARE GOING TO BE SURPRISED WHEN THEY FIND OUT THAT THINGS THERE ARE MUCH LIKE THIS LIFE--only much more beautiful & perfect & supernatural & miraculous--but still enough like this life that they're not going to have some traumatic kind of culture shock that they won't be able to take things.
37. AND ALTHOUGH WE DON'T KNOW JUST EXACTLY WHAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE LIKE THERE, we do know that it's going to be a lot better than it is here now, a beautiful Heavenly Heaven-on-Earth! We're going to finally get to enjoy life to the full, perfectly, without all the sin, pain, sickness, sorrows & death of this life!
38. ALL OF THE PLEASURES OF THIS PRESENT PHYSICAL LIFE WILL BE CONTINUED INTO THE NEXT LIFE AS WELL! In our new, glorious, wonderful, supernatural bodies we'll be able to eat & drink & be merry, have fun, sex & love!--Only we'll be able to enjoy them even more there than we do here, & forever! It will be like an eternal continuation of what we who love Jesus already have right here in our hearts. It's going to be perfect & wonderful, thrilling & exciting, marvellous & beautiful, everything we have now, only in perfection!

39. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? HAVE YOU GOT YOUR RESERVATION IN? ARE YOU GOING TO BE ABLE TO WALK INSIDE THAT CITY? It says, "Only the saved shall walk therein!" (Rev.21:24) You don't want to miss that, do you? Why settle for just living outside the City & viewing it from afar?
40. ADMISSION TO THIS GREAT HEAVENLY SPACE CITY IS FREE!--Already paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross! All you have to do is receive Jesus as your Saviour!--Ask Him into your heart now!--And have your name put in the Lamb's Book of Life in Heaven so you'll be sure you've got your reservation confirmed for one of His rent-free mansions in God's Golden Space City! If you love & receive & live for Him now, you can enjoy Him & Heaven FOREVER! See you there!--At Home forever!
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