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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

WORLDWIDE INSANITY!       DO 2025       7/85

       1. I GUESS WE'D BETTER REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR GUESS WHO?--The Bible even tells us to pray for him & other rulers. (Fam: Reagan?)--Yes! I was sort of wondering when I heard that he was going to have a little minor operation that would take about half-an-hour & then he'd get right up & go to Camp David for the weekend, blah blah. It was on the BBC news that in their exploratory operation that was supposed to only take half-an-hour or so, they discovered a much much larger growth, possibly cancerous, & now they say that this time they'll probably have to use a general anaesthetic & the operation may take three hours. It'll be ten days before he even gets out of the hospital.
       2. LET ME TELL YOU, THAT IS MAJOR, SERIOUS, CRITICAL SURGERY, & I think at 74 years of age it will almost take a miracle of God for him to live through it! I'm not even near that old, & I don't know whether I'd survive that kind of an operation. But who knows?--Maybe it's the will of God to get him out of this mess before it happens & to start to precipitate what's going to happen.
       3. HE'S NOT PERFECT, NEITHER ARE WE, BUT HE HAS STOOD UP FOR THINGS OF REAL MORAL VALUE--for God, the Bible, even Bible Prophecy--& against abortion, against killing babies. He's been for prayer in the schools & a return to the old values that once made America great. He's almost been a sign of the partial repentance of the Christians of America, who have finally woken up to the fact that if they don't repent & get right with God themselves & at least get back to their old-fashioned values--which are still a long ways from the Bible & the true values, but nevertheless much better--that they won't be here much longer. So there's been a great revival of religion, a great reawakening of the moral values & the important things, the spiritual things which once made America a great country. He's been a very good proponent of these too & has been fearless in his preaching of these values.
       4. I WAS JUST READING THIS MORNING WHERE A CONGRESSMAN QUOTED TEDDY ROOSEVELT AS ONCE SAYING, "THE U.S. PRESIDENCY IS A BULLY PULPIT"! "Bully" is a word they don't use any more today, it means a great pulpit, a strong pulpit, like a big bull! You know, bulls are some of the biggest, strongest creatures on Earth. It meant it made a great pulpit, a place where a President can preach good moral values & good things, because everybody listens to the President. Even if they don't like him, even if they hate him, they still listen to him!

       5. A RECENT STUDY SAID THE AVERAGE ATTITUDE IN THE U.S. TODAY IS ANTI-CHILDREN, THEY'RE AGAINST CHILDREN!--And 70-some-percent of the women, the selfish system women, use some form of so-called birth control, some kind of device or something to prevent them from getting pregnant.--Especially those of the new fad of the liberated women, Women's Lib, they not only want equality with men, they want superiority, & they're getting it too! Just like the Bible says, "In the Last Days women & children will rule over them!" (Isa.3:12)
       6. AMERICA'S BECOME A MATRIARCHY, WOMEN RULE! They rule the home & rule over the husband, & so do the children--the children now even rule over the women! They're the little monsters that really run the house & everybody kowtows & bows down to them to keep them from screaming, trying to please them to keep the peace!--Horrible!

       7. NO WONDER THE AMERICAN CHILDREN ARE SUCH LITTLE MONSTERS, LOOK AT THE KIND OF MOVIES THEY LOOK AT ALL THE TIME! The movies & cartoons are all becoming monster movies! They used to save horror movies until midnight so the children couldn't see them, that was just for the horrible adults, but now they've got horror movies on in the States any time of the day, cartoons designed for children!--Horror cartoons with all kinds of monsters & demons & dragons!
       8. SOME TIME AGO WE HEARD THAT THE "700 CLUB" HAD EXPOSED THE DEMONIC, DEVILISH NATURE OF A NEW BOARD GAME that was becoming very popular in the U.S. called "Dungeons & Dragons," & they were proving how it encouraged demon-possession.--Now it has been made into a television series! Well, what's one more? They've already got so many horrible horror movies of dungeons & dragons & monsters & demons & devils & witches & wizards & all kinds of things, one more really wouldn't make much difference!
       9. IF THEY WERE PORTRAYING THESE MONSTERS AS BEING REALLY HORRIBLE, that's one thing, but they're portraying only some monsters to be horrible, & the other monsters & demons & witches & dragons as good!--As though there are good demons & good devils & good dragons & good monsters! I think that kind of thing started with "The Munster Family" on U.S. TV years ago, a family of famous monsters such as Frankenstein & Dracula. It had all these World-famous monsters of famous horror stories all in one family, & all on a television comedy sort of spoofing & making fun of people's horror of these monsters.--In other words, trying to show people, & even children, that these monsters weren't so horrible after all, that they were kind of funny, & not to be afraid of monsters.
       10. CHILDREN TODAY ARE BEING TAUGHT BY TELEVISION NOT TO BE AFRAID OF DEMONS & DEVILS, not to be afraid of dragons & monsters & horrors, that they're not really bad! It goes right along with the teaching of evolution & the teaching of modern psychiatry today, that there is no right or wrong, there's nothing really bad & all things in a way are good. What doctrines of devils! What damnable devilish doctrines! That's your World today, that's your System!

       11. WHEN I WAS A KID, HORROR STORIES WERE RARE! I can only remember about four movies that were horror stories--one was "Frankenstein," one was "Dracula," one was "The Mummy," & one was "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," all from famous classical horror story books. I remember as a little kid of only about 10 or 11 sneaking off to the movies, & can you imagine letting little kids like that go into movies like that? I went in to see "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" & I got so scared right in the middle of the movie I got up & walked out! I couldn't take it any more!
       12. "FRANKENSTEIN" WAS ABOUT A MONSTER, & actually the monster's name was not Frankenstein, although it's become sort of associated that way today, but Dr. Frankenstein was the mad scientist who supposedly created him! It's amazing how many of these horror movies & monster movies all had mad scientists! The shocking thing about it is that it has come true! It looks like all the scientists have gone mad, inventing DNA & trying to manipulate genes & reproduction & making atom bombs & tinkering with God's Creation, one thing after another, including poison gas & bacterial warfare! Talk about mad scientists, it looks like that's all we've got!--Whereas they were a rarity in my youth & only existed supposedly in these horror movies.
       13. SO THIS MAD SCIENTIST CREATED A MONSTER out of different parts of people, blah blah, that was supposed to be something that was to be bigger & stronger & better than God had made. Here's your anti-God inference again, & nearly all of these stories were written by [EDITED: "ACs"], [EDITED: "AC"] propaganda to defile the minds of man. So that was a horror story about this big monster that this man supposedly created.--Which, of course, is ridiculous, because man has never been able to create life at all! All he's been able to do is destroy it or tinker with it or tamper with it or contort or distort or twist or change it in some way.
       14. IN SPITE OF THE CLAIMS THAT THEY HAVE MADE, MAN HAS NEVER BEEN ABLE TO CREATE LIFE! Every now & then you'll read something in the paper that some man supposedly has created a living cell, some kind of living tissue, blah blah!--All bunk! They never have done it, ever! They've been able to multiply them & culture them & grow them & fiddle with them, but they haven't been able to actually create life. But in "Frankenstein," this guy was supposed to have.
       15. THEN THE OTHER ONE WAS ABOUT THIS MAD SCIENTIST AGAIN, "DR. JEKYLL," who cooked up a potion that he could drink & it was supposed to liberate him from his evil self! When he was Dr. Jekyll he was supposed to be absolutely pure & a saint, virtually holy & did nothing but good!--But the trouble was, it liberated his evil self, & when he was like that he was an absolute devil & a demon & totally bad! And of course the major part of the book & the film was all the bad things, they didn't really emphasise the good part.--Another mad scientist. Those are about the only kind of horror movies they had in those days.
       16. THEN THERE WAS "THE MUMMY" who was brought back to life by this enchantment & incantation in its ears from some ancient occult witchcraft books of the Egyptians. So this big huge monster comes rising out of his coffin all wrapped up in bandages & walks around!--Real crazy movies! But they were only supposed to be for adults, & some of them actually had restrictions against children viewing them.
       17. THEN THERE WAS "DRACULA," & that was about this bad wizard, or what did they call him in that movie? (Fam: Vampire?) Yes, he was a vampire, I forgot about that part! I must have resisted that part. He was going around hypnotising people & casting spells & doing all kinds of terrible things. I don't think we can shock our children any here, they know the System is insane and demonic, with "evil seducers waxing worse & worse" (2Tim.3:13). Ugh! Well, dear old Count Dracula, he drank blood!--Ugh! Can you imagine? But there were only those four major horror movies that I can remember right now.
       18. OF COURSE EDGAR ALLAN POE WROTE A LOT OF HORROR STORIES & WAS APPARENTLY DEMON-POSSESSED, POOR FELLOW. Some of his poetry was beautiful, but it was occult, horror, & I think that's about the only time I ever got scared reading a book! His poems such as "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore" were presented to us as beautiful poetic literature in high school & they were recommended to us to be read. I thought that was a pretty poem, but it was kind of weird & I couldn't figure out just what it meant.
       19. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO READ BOOKS & MAKE BOOK REPORTS, & SINCE THIS WRITER EDGAR ALLAN POE HAD BEEN RECOMMENDED, I GOT A BOOK OF HIS STORIES, Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories. And talk about horror stories, it was weird!--Demons & all kinds of horrible things! Here I was a young Junior High school student in the seventh grade reading that kind of stuff, & the further I read the worse it got! But I figured, "Well, I picked this book for a book report & I don't want to have wasted all this time! I've already read the thing half through, I might as well suffer the rest of it & try to get it over with so I can make a book report!" But I was reading late at night & got to one story that was so weird I slammed the book shut & rebuked the Devil & I don't think I turned the light off all night long! It was terrible!

       20. NOW THAT SORT OF THING IS OLD HAT!--DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, THE MUMMY, DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE, THOSE ARE TAME! People wouldn't bat an eye at that sort of thing today, they've got to have something more weird!--And now they've got television to do it with, trick photography & "cartoons" as they call them. There's nothing cartoony about them. Cartoons used to be something funny, so they call it "animation" now & have kind of gotten away from that cartoon idea. But they used to all be called cartoons, any of the animated drawings that are pictures that have been drawn by artists, & they make them move by a special process that I don't have time to explain now. I think you've had it explained to you, I notice some of you knew what it was.
       21. SO THEY'RE NOW ABLE TO DO WITH THESE NEW PROCESSES OF ANIMATION & TRICK TV PHOTOGRAPHY THINGS THAT THEY WERE NOT EVEN ABLE TO DO WITH MOTION PICTURE PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM. They can now do almost anything, recreate almost any type of picture or the impossible, making people appear & disappear & float & fly, & even whole cities to fly & monstrous UFOs! All kinds of things that used to be impossible with the old movies they can now do with the various kinds of trick photography that they have on TV, & some of it even done by computer.
       22. SO NOW THEY ARE ABLE TO CREATE ON VIDEO & TELEVISION THESE HORROR VISIONS--I should call them nightmares--of all these terrors & horrors that it used to be impossible for them to do. Now they can do it all! The Devil has gotten these mad scientists to the point where they have figured out how to create these things in visual images on the television or video screen, & they can show you absolutely anything!
       23. I SOMETIMES WONDER IF MAYBE BECAUSE THE WORLD SEEMS TO HAVE A TASTE FOR HELL & seems to love death & has such a fascination for evil, that God's allowing them to see it, to get a real taste of Hell & really see what it's like! If you want to see what Hell's like, just watch some of those noise videos or horror movies or horror cartoons or animations! There's the whole works! Everything you can possibly imagine, the worst of Hell, is right there in pictures!
       24. ONCE UPON A TIME THEY USED TO HAVE THOSE IN RESTRICTED MOVIES, & in the early days of TV, horror movies & even bad murder movies & things, were reserved for adults just late at night. It was against the American FCC rules to show that sort of thing earlier than nine o'clock in the evening, after which time they expected all younger children to be in bed! Well, nowadays a lot of younger children don't go to bed that early, & besides, they seem to have thrown away & completely abandoned that set of rules to where they show those horror cartoons, animations, any time of the day, especially early evening!--And they're designed for children, made for children!
       25. WEREWOLVES WERE THE HORRORS YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TERRIFIED AT IN HORROR MOVIES, now we've heard they've got a new series where this demonic werewolf is the hero! He's a "good" werewolf! And then there are some movies where they make people turn into monsters when they get angry! They at least use real people for actors!

       26. DID YOU SEE THOSE PICTURES OF THOSE GUYS WHO WERE ALL WRAPPED UP IN ALL THOSE EXTRA MUSCLES? I remember my brother coming home from college telling me about some guys who were starting to do that & how uncomfortable they were. Some of them could hardly sleep at night, they had so many muscles that it even choked'm! God didn't intend for you to have that kind of muscles, they actually look grotesque!
       27. AND THAT IS THE SILLIEST THING FOR THOSE WOMEN TO TRY TO PRETEND TO BE MUSCLE MEN! It aggravates these Women's Libbers if they can't do everything men can do!

       28. ANYWAY, WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HORROR MOVIES!--AND I'M TERRIBLY DETERMINED ONCE I GET STARTED WITH SOMETHING TO FINISH IT, come Hell or high water, whether it's a Worldwide Revolution or a horror movie!--Not that they're both bad. I usually finish the good things I start too, like the Posters! I go through no matter what & I'm determined to finish what I started, Lord willing. And if God is in it He's always willing & I always do! TTL! Praise God!
       29. I'M GOING TO FINISH YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS TOO! I don't mean like the World says "finish you off," I mean I'm going to finish the job I've done in creating this Family!--Well, the Lord did it. I didn't do it with His help, He did it with my help! But we're coming close, TTL! You're the last generation of really 100% Christians! I think you're maybe the first one & the last one since the first ones, of real Christians!--In fact, I think we're even freer than the Early Church!--Amen? I think we know more truths, that's for sure, & we have greater liberation & greater liberty than even the Early Church! See, they were just coming out of Judaism, so they were still pretty bound. Now we're just coming out of the churches & even some of our people are still a little bit bound.
       30. BUT THANK GOD, "WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS LIBERTY!" (2Cor.3:17) And when it comes to Love, the Apostle said, "against such there can be no law." (Gal.5:22-23) What he meant was there should be no law, although the System has lots of laws against Love & sex & nudity & the normal functions & methods of God's Creation! So many of man's laws are his own ideas & are totally contrary to God's Laws.
       31. SOME OF THE HORRORS MAN HAS IMAGINED OUT OF HIS EVIL IMAGINATIONS, THE EVIL IMAGINATIONS OF HIS HEART, ARE JUST HORRIBLE! Now you can also have a good imagination, look at all our Posters! They're not all imagination either, a lot of it we know is true because we've seen it & the Lord has given us visions & trips & dreams!--And the artists certainly had to have visions in order to draw those beautiful pictures, nearly all of them good things, positive things.--The few that are not are Warning Posters, warning against the evil things. But almost all of them are beautiful things about beautiful Heaven & the beautiful future & beautiful people & things to lift your mind & your heart & get you looking Heavenward & not on the troubles & the horrors of this World.
       32. BUT SOMETIMES I'VE SUFFERED THROUGH SOME MOVIES JUST TO SEE WHAT MAN IS UP TO TODAY & how evil man has gotten & how horrible, & I'll tell you, man is bringing Hell on Earth! He is already picturing it on TV & in the movies, & yet there are people who love horror movies! Recently they were interviewing a famous child actress, asking her different questions, & when they asked her, "What kind of movies, little girl, do you like best?"--Without a moment's hesitation she said, "Horror movies!" Can you imagine?
       33. WHAT KIND OF LITTLE MONSTERS IS THE U.S.A. SPAWNING NOW?--Without God, without morals, without any kind of godly upbringing or training! With all of this hellish stuff, evolution & anti-Christ, anti-God schools & Christless churches, is it any wonder that they have now spawned the most hellish generation this World has ever known?--Who thrive on Hell & hellish scenes & hellish so-called music--which is nothing but noise--& thrive on horror movies & love it!

       34. I DON'T THINK THAT KIND OF PEOPLE WOULD EVEN LIKE OUR POSTERS! They would be uncomfortable in Heaven! They belong in Hell, & that's what they're going to get. In circulating our Posters & our beautiful Tapes that Maria & Peter & the musicians worked on so hard for months while I was working on the Posters, we're not trying to reach goats like that! You might as well pass'm up if they're that kind of people, already demon-possessed & children of the Devil! Jesus called them the sons of Satan, children of the Devil! (John 8:44)
       35. WE'RE TRYING TO REACH THE POOR DUPES & THE UNDECIDED & SHEEP THAT HAVE JUST BEEN LIVING IN IGNORANCE & DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE & what to realise or anything, who are just really looking for a solution & looking for a better place & looking for some kind of answer to all the mess that they're living in, & thrilled when they see our Posters, really thrilled when they hear our Music! TTL!--Amen? We're looking for the sheep, that when they hear His Voice they know it & they follow! Praise God! (Jn.10:4)

       36. HOW DID I EVER GET ONTO THAT SUBJECT, ANYWAY? (Maria: You were talking about Reagan.)--Yes, how he's been preaching pretty much the right things--except for one sad thing.--And it's amazing, sometimes it reminds you of that fellow in the insane asylum, "How can he be Napoleon when I'm Napoleon?" The Evangelicals, the Fundamentalists, those who are supposed to be the real saved born-again Christians, are & have been throughout history it seems, the ones who are the most gung-ho for war! They have been the leaders every time in supporting the drive to get nations into war!
       37. EVEN WITH HITLER, IT WAS THE EVANGELICALS WHO WERE HIS STAUNCHEST SUPPORTERS,--THE CHRISTIANS OF GERMANY! Think of that! [DELETED] He was trying to [DELETED] stop Communism, & he almost did it!--Until the [DELETED] nations like England & Western Europe & the U.S.A. got into the war to make sure that he didn't, & to prepare the way for the Antichrist.
       38. I THINK THE LORD HAS GIVEN THE WORLD A CHANCE, & AS I MENTIONED IN OUR LAST CLASS, TIME & AGAIN HE HAS SENT THEM SAVIOURS! They weren't saints by any means, they weren't perfect, they weren't the best of men, sometimes they were almost evil, but He sent these men to try to slow down the process which the World was going through in preparing itself for the Antichrist, trying to slow down the Antichrist forces, trying to slow down the [EDITED: "ACs"], trying to slow down evolution, trying to slow down the Superpowers from becoming Superpowers who would invent atom bombs & use'm!
       39. YOU CAN GO BACK & THINK ABOUT SOME OF THE FAMOUS CONQUERORS OF THE WORLD who are now considered evil monsters & the worst villains the World has ever known, & it's all because their side lost & the other side wrote the history! You never hear a good thing about Napoleon any more, whereas there was a time when Napoleon & even Hitler were considered saviours of Europe! Europe was in a hell of a mess when Hitler took over. Germany was in a hell of a mess, [DELETED] & the Communists were taking over. [DELETED] Communism was taking over Germany, & that's what gave rise to Hitler, to fight the [DELETED] Communist takeover of Germany, believe it or not!
       40. [DELETED] Some of those men portrayed as evil monsters in history, as you look back you can realise that who knows but what God sent them to try to slow down the hell-bent speed with which the World is determined to destroy itself, & to slow down some of the anti-Christ forces which were at work! You can name the various most villainous of all the World conquerors right on back through ancient history & you can see that God allowed it & that some good came of it, & many of them were literally saving the World from something much worse!

       41. BUT TODAY WORLD HISTORY HAS NO GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THEM AT ALL, BECAUSE THE ANTI-CHRIST FORCES HAVE TAKEN OVER THE HISTORY BOOKS & the so-called "1984" Ministry of Truth" has now come into being already & has been around for quite awhile. In George Orwell's story of 1984--it didn't happen in 1984 but it's comin' quick, maybe next year--the World dictator had what they called the Ministry of Truth & they were all rewriting history according to the way the World dictator saw it & the way that he thought it should be written.
       42. MAYBE YOU THINK THAT I'M REWRITING HISTORY! One preacher told me one time, in fun of course, "Dave, sometimes I wonder if you're going to be the Antichrist, you wear out the Saints!"--Because I had preached about two hours that night to his congregation!--About the Message of Jeremiah, something the U.S. doesn't want to hear! I said, "Well, I can prove to you I am not! He does not regard the desire of women!" (Dan.11:37)
       43. SO EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY THINK I'M REWRITING HISTORY LIKE THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH, let me tell you, history has already been rewritten by the ministries of not truth, but falsehood & deceit & the lies of the Devil, until you hardly know what history to believe any more! After I was through High School it became very popular in High Schools & Colleges to begin to malign & debunk & debase all the good men & heroes & belittle them & try to find all kinds of bad things about them to try to show that there was nobody really good & they were all bad, & even trying to praise the bad men!
       44. THE REVERSE OF THAT IS WHAT I'VE TOLD YOU ABOUT ABRAHAM LINCOLN. He's now an American hero, but he's one of the worst monsters in history, no matter what he said about God, etc. We've had lots of Presidents of the United States talk about God & act like the Devil! But he's the one that literally started the Civil War & it had nothing to do with the slaves at all. That was just an excuse, "to free the slaves," blah blah! Just like every war, it was all over money, because of an economic situation. The North was in deep trouble economically & they just decided on war like the leaders always do to pull themselves out of trouble, War-Boom-Bust, the unbreakable cycle! (See Letter H.)

       45. BUT BECAUSE OF ALL KINDS OF FALSE METHODS & LAWS & GUARANTEES & ESCAPE HATCHES & BANDAIDS & every kind of little thing you can think of, the World this time has gone the longest it has ever gone without a major depression, which is then always followed by a major war. That's always the cycle. But the U.S., with all kinds of false manipulation of government & the economy, has managed to keep a false boom going, virtually ever since World War 2! When it looked like it was going to crash in the '50s right after World War 2, the U.S. immediately got into the Korean War to pull it out of that impending Crash. And after the Korean War when it looked like it was beginning to sink again, they immediately entered into the Vietnamese War to pull themselves out of that impending Crash.
       46. THIS TIME THE LORD MAY ALLOW THE CYCLE TO BREAK JUST TO SURPRISE'M, & they're not going to be able to pull themselves out by a war before it happens! I think God's going to let the Crash happen so fast & so suddenly that they're not going to be able to bring on the war that they hope will pull them out of the impending doom & the impending Depression.
       47. THEY HAVE EVERY SIGN THAT THERE'S GOING TO BE A DEPRESSION RIGHT NOW! We read the paper thoroughly every day & I don't miss an item, not a one-incher or a half-incher, because you may see some sign, some little piece of the puzzle to add to it to realise that it's happening, & it's happening right now! There's every reason why the U.S. & the whole World is on the brink of a total economic collapse, & it's only by deceit & lies & deceiving the people & inspiring their faith in the System that it keeps on existing at all!

       48. BUT SOONER OR LATER THE MESS IS GOING TO BE TOO HARD TO HIDE, & IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING! The phenomenal, astronomical deficit of the U.S. government alone, not to speak of the whole World, should have brought about the Crash long ago, but the political leaders, the false prophets of the economists have kept telling the people, "So what if the whole U.S. debt is now over three trillion dollars, it doesn't matter!"--A debt, in other words, that can never be repaid & would make the U.S. government go bankrupt if they even tried to repay it, so they're not even attempting to repay it any more!
       49. THEY'VE GOT ALL THIS MONEY BORROWED FROM THEIR OWN CITIZENS & FOREIGNERS, like the rich of the rest of the World, the rich Arabs especially--that they can never pay back, it's impossible! And even the loaners, many of them are getting wise to the fact now & know it can never be paid back, but they know that if they call in the loan it will bring about the collapse of the United States & the whole World economy. So they just keep on with their head in the clouds & dreaming the dream of the Great Society. And as long as the U.S. keeps paying those high interest rates on the money that they have borrowed but can never pay back, the rich are content to keep rocking along & saying, "Don't rock the boat, don't tell the truth!"
       50. REAGAN HAS JUST FIRED HIS BEST ECONOMIST, DAVID STOCKMAN, the only man in the whole bunch who was telling the truth & warning that if the U.S. did not do something about that deficit, the whole thing was going to go crash & take the World down with it!--So they fired him! He was bold enough to get up in a businessmen's meeting & tell'm the truth! He said, "You've gotta stop it, & you've gotta stop it now or we're done for!" He's been telling them that for some time. Well, the last time he made some pronouncement like that I thought, "My God, he is a prophet of the truth! How can they let him survive? How can they let him get away with it? How does the System let him get away with telling the World the truth about what's going on?"--Well, they didn't! They just fired him.
       51. KINGS WANT TO HEAR THINGS THEY WANT TO HEAR, & they don't want anybody telling them things they don't like to hear!--Whether it's Reagan or whether it's the puppet-masters who pull the strings who insisted that he be fired. Of course, they never tell you that they're fired, they just say he decided to resign & he had other plans or resigned for reasons of health, & they make him promise that he won't really tell the truth.

       52. I DON'T THINK WEINBERGER, THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, IS GOING TO LAST VERY LONG EITHER, because he's been doing everything he can to keep the U.S. from taking some drastic action against some of these countries that it hates & that they're now calling terrorist countries. Reagan has come right out flat & accused them of being the centers of terrorism, etc. He is preparing the public mind for what the U.S. plans to do, in violence, & to make war on these countries. They have to prepare the public for it first & get the public mind thinking along those channels so that when they do it there won't be a public outcry. The public will be in unison & in sympathy with it & think that it ought to be done!
       53. MARIA & I LAUGHED THE OTHER DAY WHEN WE HEARD THE NEWS that Reagan had declared Libya, Iran, North Korea, Nicaragua & Cuba "a conspiracy of terrorism & the home of terrorists, where they're trained" etc. They gave a big blah blah about how they discovered a new great terrorist training center in Nicaragua that is designed to create terror in the United States internally, & assassinations!
       54. THEY'RE BUILDING UP THESE STORIES TO STIR UP THE PUBLIC TO A FIGHTING MOOD, & THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE EVERY SINGLE WAR! I've been through these wars, Beloved, & I'm telling you the facts! They have to prepare the public beforehand with all these atrocity stories & terror tales, a lot of them a lot of plain lies & rumours that are cooked up in the White House, to get people in the warmongering mood! Then when the officials finally decide to really do it, the public will be in sympathy & agree & shout, "Hurrah! Red, white & blue!" Believe it or not, that's the way it works.
       55. I'VE BEEN THROUGH THESE WARS! I WAS BORN RIGHT AFTER THE 1ST WORLD WAR & there were several little wars in between with different ones, then came along the 2nd World War, the biggest yet, & after that when the economy started to slide, along came the Korean War. Then the economy started to collapse & they got into the Vietnamese War! It's just been war after war after war!
       56. SO NOW I CAN SEE THE SIGNS, I CAN READ THE PROPAGANDA, HOW THEY ARE PREPARING THE MINDS OF THE U.S. PUBLIC & THE WORLD TO BE WILLING TO RECEIVE ANOTHER WAR!--First of all they hope just some little ones. They want to be sure World opinion & public opinion is on their side, so that when they decide to move in on some of these little countries--that are like little fleas compared to the U.S. monster itself--the public will agree & World opinion will say, "Yes, it needed to be done, it should have been done a long time ago! Let's take over Nicaragua, let's take over Cuba, let's take over Iran, let's take over North Korea & Libya!"
       57. WASN'T IT REAGAN IN HIS FIRST TERM WHO BRANDED LIBYA AS THE UNITED STATES' "NUMBER ONE ENEMY"? A little country of only two million people, nearly all desert, who at the time had a total of only 20,000 in the military, was the U.S.' Number One Enemy! Isn't that crazy? They have to blow it up & blow it up to make it big enough to be an excuse for war, so the public will be willing to cooperate & agree with it & Congress will vote for it!
       58. DID YOU KNOW THEY HAVE A LAW, I THINK IT'S EVEN IN THE CONSTITUTION, THAT THE PRESIDENT CANNOT DECLARE WAR WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS? How then did they get into all these wars? The President just sent in the Army, sent in the Navy, sent in the Marines, sent in the Air Force! He just went ahead because he's the Commander-in-Chief & he can by order dictate that they go ahead & wage war without declaring it! So most of your recent wars were never even declared, or at least were never declared until they were already going full blast!

       59. I THINK ONE OF THE LAST WARS TO BE FORMALLY DECLARED BY THE PRESIDENT & WITH THE CONSENT OF BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS WAS WORLD WAR 2, right after the Pearl Harbour bombing. Dear Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been working for that war for about two years before that, doing everything he could to get the U.S. into war. But finally he saw that he couldn't get the sympathy of the U.S. people to get them into war unless some outstanding atrocity occurred, committed by one of the belligerents, as they call them, the enemy. So even though he had advance notice that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor, he kept silent about it & just let'm go ahead & do it & sink half the American Navy & kill thousands of American boys, in order to make the American people mad enough that they'd be immediately willing to tell their Congressmen to declare war on those "horrible Japanese"!
       60. --ONLY IT WASN'T REALLY THE JAPANESE THAT THEY WERE MOSTLY CONCERNED ABOUT! In those days they weren't so much concerned about the Orient & the East, they were worried about Japan doing exactly then what it's doing right now, becoming an economic giant & underselling them on all World markets & becoming rich & powerful & prosperous! And there was oodles of propaganda then against Japan. There was a full-scale trade war on with Japan at that time, & remember, trade wars are the way all wars begin, they all begin because of money.
       61. WORLD WAR 1 WAS FOUGHT BECAUSE THERE WAS A FULL-SCALE TRADE WAR GOING ON BETWEEN THE U.S. & GERMANY, because Germany was so smart & so industrious & they were doing the same things as Japan is today & which Japan did before World War 2. They've got that real work ethic like the Japanese & they were making better things & working harder, faster & more efficiently & more honestly & making better products, cheaper than the lazy U.S. could make'm. So since the U.S. couldn't beat Germany in the trade war before World War 1, the U.S. finally cooked up an excuse for going into the war with Germany. That's what it's all about, Beloved, money!--The God-damned "almighty Dollar"!
       62. FORTUNATELY FOR THE U.S., SO FAR THEY'VE WON EACH OF THESE WARS EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE. They lost their image of being omnipotent & all-powerful when they lost a war to one little tiny country most people had never even heard of before. All the power of the U.S. military couldn't stop the Vietnamese! The only thing that could have done it, & they talked about it, was atom bombs. But they knew that World opinion had already been horrified by their atomic bombing of Japan & World opinion wouldn't stand for it! So they tried to fight by conventional means vs. guerrilla warfare, jungle warfare. Most people had never even heard of Vietnam! I'd never heard of it & didn't really know anything about it.--In fact, it was hardly even created until after World War 2, something about the Geneva Accords, etc., that created a country called Vietnam. Up to that time it had been French Indochina for many many years.

       63. SO ALL THESE WARS ARE COOKED UP FIRST BY PROPAGANDA, PREPARING THE PEOPLE'S MINDS TO BE READY TO ACCEPT THE WAR. The fact that Reagan even named the countries--which is something very undiplomatic that countries don't usually do unless they're prepared to go to war with'm--virtually pinpoints the U.S. targets & who they're planning to attack, whether one at a time or simultaneously or whatever.
       64. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT JOKE ABOUT THAT NEIGHBOURHOOD IN PHILADELPHIA! Remember the cartoon of the policeman standing there? He said, "We heard that this house had a bunch of loonies in it that were gonna blow up the neighbourhood!--So we torched it!"--The whole neighbourhood! (See WND 84.) Reagan gets on the news & says, "These countries are blowing up the World, so we're going to boycott Beirut Airport!"--I wondered if my ears had heard right! "These are the major villains, so we declare a boycott on Beirut Airport!" What's that got to do with it? He claims that all these terrorists are coming from these other countries, when the terrorists that they had all the trouble with, & for which he wants to boycott the Beirut Airport are Lebanese!
       65. BUT SEE, THE U.S. HAS FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE SO-CALLED LEBANESE GOVERNMENT, the Christian government of Beirut, in fact of only East Beirut!--In fact only a little part of East Beirut! You're going to see a map in the WND pretty soon showing how Beirut is divided up, & the Amal & the Shiites control most of the whole Beirut area, as well as most of Lebanon. This is what they're fighting for & this is what they're fighting against, this unfair giving of the government & the Presidency to a little tiny band of so-called "Christians"! They certainly don't act like Christians to me, especially when these so-called "Christians" went in there & slaughtered & massacred hundreds & hundreds of Palestinian refugees! That's Christian!?
       66. BUT THE [EDITED: "AC"] PRESS ALWAYS LOVES TO CALL THEM CHRISTIANS! Do you notice how they love to bring out the religions of the different people all the time?--In other words, as a slam at their religions & how they're supposed to be religious & Christian, etc. Yet they're a little hesitant most of the time to bring up the fact that the Israelis & Israel are really Jews & Jewish!--At least they were until recently, now they're getting kind of proud of it. But they're always bringing out the religion of these other groups that are causing all the trouble.
       67. WHETHER IT'S THE CATHOLICS & THE PROTESTANTS IN IRELAND OR THE MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS IN LEBANON, they're always bringing out that it's the religions that are causing all the trouble. Here's the Antichrist preparatory propaganda, & I'm sure the very excuse he's going to finally use for declaring all religion taboo & illegal, because religion causes all the wars! Well, I'm sorry to say that it's caused a lot of wars!

       68. (MARIA: DID YOU PUT IN THE {\ul \i WND} WHAT REAGAN SAID ABOUT THE MARINES IN HEAVEN?) Oh my! What he was doing, of course, was quoting an old Marine song that ends up & says, "And when we get to Heaven we will find the golden gates"--they're not even golden--"will be guarded by the U.S. Marines!" That's a Marine song from the Marine Hymn. He was officiating at the Memorial Service for the four Marines who got killed in El Salvador in a bombing of a restaurant there, making a big propaganda thing out of the funeral. Whenever the President takes part in a funeral, you know it's some kind of propaganda.
       69. TALK ABOUT AN ACTOR, HE IS ONE OF THE WORLD'S BEST! I would just despise that guy if it wasn't for the fact that he is for quite a few right causes. But sometimes he just is a scream, he's so obviously acting! He stumbled in his speech, his voice broke, you could tell he was about to cry. He said with all seriousness, "I'm sure certainly when we get to Heaven we're going to find the gates are guarded by the U.S. Marines!" I mean, you can't believe some of the things you hear nowadays! (Maria: He sounded like he really meant it!--Ha!--Maybe he did!)
       70. THE WORLD IS MAD! THE WORLD HAS GONE CRAZY! If leaders like that can say things like that, what can you expect of the rest of the people? They're all nuts! Like the old Quaker said to his wife, "Sometimes I think the whole World is crazy, all but thee & me.--And sometimes I wonder about thee!" It's a mess!

       71. THE VERY PEOPLE THAT YOU'D THINK WOULD BE FOR PEACE ARE THE CHRISTIANS, & YET THEY HAVE BEEN THE MOST MILITANT & the most warmongering & those who have been the first to want to declare war & want to fight, & that's exactly the way they are in the U.S. today! They're the ones who elected Reagan President.--And they elected him President because they want to go to war with Russia & wipe it out & think they can. Isn't that ridiculous? Well, that's going to wipe them out, of course, & it may wipe out part of Russia too!
       72. BUT THE HARD THING TO REALISE IS THAT IT'S THE CHRISTIANS THAT BACK SOME OF THESE MONSTERS OR SOME OF THESE FOOLS! They are the ones who have fought many wars. Look at all the religious wars that were carried on between the Catholics & the Protestants, & nearly all the wars of the Middle Ages were religious wars. They even try to give a religious flavour to the wars of recent history & try to say, "The U.S. is a Christian country, therefore we're out to destroy the atheism of the Communists. The U.S. is a Christian country, so we're going to have to fight a Civil War to free the slaves! The U.S. is a Christian country, so we've got to fight World War 1 to make the World safe for democracy! The U.S. is a Christian country, so we've got to fight World War 2 to end all wars." I wonder what they're going to say now!
       73. ONE RECENT COMMENTATOR SAID POLITICIANS HARDLY EVER SAY THAT ANY MORE, NOW THEY SAY THE U.S. HAS A JUDEO-CHRISTIAN ETHIC, & they put the word Judeo first! They don't say it's a Christian country any more, because they know it isn't! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey're barely tolerating the Christians, in fact they're doing their damnedest to try to get rid of Christianity! They've eliminated the Bible & prayer from the public schools, etc.

       74. JUST IMAGINE, WHEN I WAS A KID, RIGHT ON THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL WE READ A CHAPTER FROM THE BIBLE EVERY MORNING & CLOSED WITH PRAYER! The teacher usually alternated students to read the Chapter & often appointed some student to lead in prayer. Then everybody closed by repeating together the Lord's Prayer--right on through High School!
       75. CAN ANY OF YOU HERE REMEMBER READING THE BIBLE REGULARLY EVERY MORNING IN SCHOOL?--RAISE YOUR HAND! (Fam: In England.) Well, the British government pretends to be Christian, & so does Canada. Even as late as when we were in London, I think the Bible was still taught as a regular required subject in the public school. Did they have prayer with your Bible reading? (Fam: Yes, they sang hymns & prayed the Lord's Prayer every day in a state school.) Think of that!
       76. RELIGION IS ALMOST A VANISHING THING IN ENGLAND, THOUGH. Churches are closing, the priesthood is declining & church attendance is getting very low, so it's amazing that they still had that even then. That was not too many years ago, was it? (Fam: Over 20 years ago!) How could you be that old, Honey? It's unbelievable to look at you teenage-looking girls & have you tell me those kind of figures! My goodness! You still look like teenagers or in your early 20s to me, you really do! Our girls are all beautiful! We haven't got an ugly one in the house! We don't seem to have any ugly girls in the Family, it's amazing! They send me all their pretty pictures & there's hardly ever even a plain-looking one.
       77. WELL, THINK OF THAT, RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Anyone else? (Maria: In Pennsylvania.)--Those good old Pennsylvania-Dutch!--Deutsch really, they're not Dutch at all. They were from Deutschland, good old Pennsylvania Christian Germans like my Great Grandfather, & they were still reading the Bible in public school. So England & Pennsylvania are the only places where ones of your generation can remember Bible reading & prayer in the public schools! What I'm trying to bring out is, think how recently it is that [DELETED] the anti-Christ forces, have taken over & forced first the Bible & then prayer out of the public schools!
       78. DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL WAS CAMPAIGNING FOR, along with the other Christian schools in California when I was still a school teacher? Thank God we had pulled out, teachers, students & everybody, & were beginning to wake up & establish private Christian schools! Because the states like New York & California, the biggest, richest states, were also the most wicked & ruled by the antichrists & had already forced out the Bible & prayer & were teaching solid evolution, smoking dope & all kinds of other things. So Christians began to wake up & found their own private Christian schools.
       79. BUT BECAUSE WE WERE PAYING FOR THE EDUCATION OF OUR OWN CHILDREN, WE WERE CAMPAIGNING THAT WE SHOULD NOT BE TAXED FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS! "Why should we have to pay for these monstrous schools of the public educational system & the little monsters they were turning out? Why should we as American citizens"--as we thought of ourselves in those days--"have to pay taxes for their education when we are using our church buildings or building schools of our own & paying our own teachers & paying for the education of our own children! Why should we have to pay for the education of the World's children, these anti-Christ children?" That's one of the tricks of the anti-Christ System!
       80. --WHEREAS IN THE PIONEER DAYS OF AMERICA THE CHURCH WAS THE SCHOOL HOUSE & THE PASTOR WAS THE TEACHER! That's where the first schools began.--Until the days of Horace Mann & his evil doctrines & plugging for public religionless state schools! And you know what Horace Mann was, don't you?--[EDITED: "An AC"]! A Presbyterian preacher warned in the days when Horace Mann was campaigning for public schools, "Watch out! If you have public schools & take religion out of the schools & away from the students, within 100 years America will no longer be a Christian country!"--And that's exactly what happened!

       81. WELL, PTL! WHICH OF MY STORIES DIDN'T I FINISH? I finished about the wars & about Reagan & "the conspiracy of terrorism of these five countries, so we're going to close the Beirut Airport!" He said it in Congress, I couldn't believe it! I said, "Mama, did we hear right? He says these countries are the worst in the World because they're guilty of terrorism, but he didn't even name Lebanon!" He as good as said, "These countries are the ones who are the terrorist nations of the World, so we're going to close Lebanon!"--Talk about screwy politicians! Well, thank God he's screwy in some of the right ways for some of the right causes!
       83. (MARIA: [DELETED] THE JEWS & THE BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS SHOULD WORK REALLY WELL TOGETHER, because now a lot of the top heads of the U.S. Military are born-again witnessing Christians.)--Oh yes, either Jews or Christians under the Reagan Administration, & of course the Jews & the Christians now work together. After all, they're supposedly worshipping the same God & are supposedly for the same causes, such as the total emancipation of Israel & gobbling up all the Arabs, etc.
       84. THE FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS ARE CONSIDERED BY ISRAEL AS THEIR STAUNCHEST ALLIES & BEST PROPAGANDISTS! They even raise money for Israel, millions, to support & to back & even wage war. [DELETED] So right about some things & so wrong about some of the most important things.

       85. THE DEVIL & HIS ANTI-CHRIST FORCES [DELETED] FIRST OF ALL GOT THE CHRISTLESS OR THE RELIGIONLESS STATE SCHOOLS. Now they're totally anti-Christ & anti-religion, & with the doctrine of evolution have made them anti-God, anti-Creation. And gradually they have taken over, little by little, & just like the camel's nose they have taken over in the United States. They took over education first, then believe it or not, guess what they took over next?--The churches!
       86. THE BIGGEST CHURCH ORGANISATION IN THE WORLD TODAY IS JUST ABOUT AS ANTI-CHRIST AS IT CAN BE, THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES! It sides with [EDITED: "Israel"], sides against all the Christian governments, & teaches that Jesus was just a man, just a philosopher, just a teacher, not even a Prophet, that's their doctrine! One of the first early leaders of it in the U.S. was Harry Emerson Fosdick, & he had a bust of Darwin in his church foyer!--Along with several other anti-Christ, anti-God philosophers, I think Voltaire was one. The churches have become nothing but a system of so-called ethics or philosophy, no longer Christian.
       87. SO THE ANTI-CHRIST FORCES TOOK OVER EDUCATION FIRST, the easiest mark, then they took over the churches, then the government, & the latest news just this past week is now they have top control of the military! [DELETED]

       88. THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD!--Radio, TV, wars, government, politics, education, church, you name it!--Crazy!--Completely taken over by the antichrist forces already. We're not going to live under an Antichrist government, we are already living under a predominant, ruling, worldwide Antichrist government now! The only difference between now & later is that there are still some pockets of resistance they're trying to mop up.
       89. THAT'S WHY THE [EDITED: "AC"] PAPERS ARE SO ANTI-SOUTH AMERICAN, because those are some of the most Christian countries left that defy'm. That's why they're so anti-Chile, because Chile is strongly Catholic! Who knows the truth about what you read in the newspapers, our Family is thriving more in Chile than almost any place!--Or were until recently when the churches got together & began propagandising & vilifying us & issuing bad publicity to try to inflame persecution. And you know what happened, don't you?--God nearly shook their capital to pieces! He gave them a nice big earthquake to take their minds off of us. But until that time, until the churches got together & started needling the government to persecute us, we were thriving in Chile, one of the best countries on Earth!--But boy, hated by the [EDITED: "ACs"] because they can't run it! That's why the [EDITED: "AC"] papers are also so anti-Philippines, because it's one of the most Christian countries left in the East that defies'm!
       90. EVERY COUNTRY WHICH THEY CAN'T RUN THEY ARE VILIFYING, THEY NEVER HAVE A GOOD WORD TO SAY ABOUT IT!--Including, undoubtedly, these notorious [EDITED: "AC"] enemies of Libya, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua & North Korea! I guess the [EDITED: "ACs"] don't run Cuba any more since they kicked out the U.S.! I guess they don't run Nicaragua any more since they kicked out the U.S.! I wonder what the [EDITED: "ACs"] have against North Korea? They must not be letting the [EDITED: "ACs"] run North Korea, so they're vilifying North Korea.
       91. YOU SAY, "WELL, OF COURSE THEY ARE BECAUSE THEY'RE COMMUNIST OR PRO-COMMUNIST COUNTRIES, THEY ARE TERRORISTS!" Well, granted, they are, but there are oodles of other Communist countries, & there are oodles of other terrorist bases as well. Why have they got so much against those particular five countries? Why is it that they don't vilify these other Communist countries, when there are many more Communist countries than that? It's because oodles of so-called Communist countries are still run by the [EDITED: "ACs"], that's why!--Including, I'm just about convinced now, Russia! That business of the dissidents is a kind of a false front played up by the [EDITED: "ACs"] to hide the fact that they're running the country. It's only a little handful [EDITED: "of dissidents"] [DELETED] creating all the disturbance over there in Russia.
       92. WELL, THANK GOD THERE ARE A FEW SANE PEOPLE LEFT IN THE WORLD! They can't be Napoleon, because we're Napoleon! Hallelujah!--And we know we're Napoleon, we know we're really the Saviours of the World, we know we're the Kingdom of God! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! So let's pray the King's Kingdom Prayer, shall we? (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Hallelujah!
       93. WE'RE GOING TO RULE FOREVER! They're only going to rule for a short time & "the Devil's wrath is great, for he knoweth he hath but a short time." (Rev.12:12) So don't let it worry you, it's a very short time, & then we'll take over. And that's what we're supposed to be studying in the last half of this Chapter, Revelation 19, this is all introduction! Sorry some of these latest lessons have been a little depressing, but if we don't tell you the bad side, you won't appreciate the good side! PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family