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WORLD CURRENTS!---NO.17       DO 2029       Comp.7/85

       1. The Famine has begun!--Africa first, the U.S. next!

       KIDS TODAY!
       2. Kids are such a mess today, they're getting so old at such early ages, kids in the U.S. especially. They're old before their time.

       3. These towns that are built under a dam, every now & then the dam breaks & wipes them out. This same dam in Italy broke before & wiped out 2,000 people, this time it only wiped out 200. (Maria: It's like that dream you had!) ("The Deluge!" No.339) It must have been something God was angry with. It was a resort & mostly tourists who died. Investors can buy cheap land in places like that. Stupid investors who maybe don't even know the score figure it's beautiful cheap land right on the river, just the place for a resort, & down comes the dam! There was probably a lot of sodomy going on there amongst the tourists.

       4. I think he is going to overdo it the way he's going. He started eating hamburgers only a week after major surgery--minus two feet of his colon!--Junk food! No wonder he got cancer!

       5. He was always promoting the propaganda of the Devil, from Communism to Atheism!

       6. WHAT DO YOU BET THAT THIS GUY THAT ATTACKED THE POPE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS IT, & when he says he is Jesus Christ, he means he has Jesus Christ! But of course the anti-Christ [DELETED] press says that he keeps claiming that he is Jesus Christ, which to them is the worst thing you could be! They want to make him look crazy & are trying to discredit his testimony because he's exposing the Communists & the Communist plot to kill the Pope, & they're right hand-in-glove with them! The Pope went in & dealt with him for an hour or so & prayed with him & claimed that he accepted the Lord. Before that he really looked like he was demon-possessed, but now in this picture his face looks so much better!--It looks beautiful, it shines with the light of the Lord!
       7. SO MAYBE HE IS JESUS CHRIST THE SAME WAY WE ARE ALL PART OF JESUS, only this Turk doesn't know how to say it in Italian!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family