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CAN YOU BE DELIVERED FROM THE MARK?       8/85       DO 2030

       (From a Taped Message to Apollos:)

       1. THIS LAST CHAPTER OF HEAVEN'S GIRL IS REALLY EXCITING, you're really on the right track! When I read about her getting captured, it seems like after their interrogation or whatever else she's going to go through there, that would be a good place for her to escape out of the lion's den, the scene when she lifts that stone! Maybe I got that idea out of the scenario you sent me!
       2. I'LL PROBABLY KEEP THINKING OF THINGS LIKE THAT AS WE GO, SO I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND MY GIVING YOU A LITTLE SUGGESTION here & there about what I'd like to see happen. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie & as it went along you knew just what was supposed to happen, then it didn't happen & it was so disappointing that it didn't turn out like you thought it should? You just knew it was going to, but then they disappointed you & it didn't happen. We don't want to do that with this Story, we want it to turn out just the way they hope it will turn out!
       3. YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE A FEW LITTLE DEFEATS & DISAPPOINTING SCENES, LIKE HER PRESENT CAPTURE, ETC. You handled that real well, Son, & made it sound very believable & credible, that she doesn't perform any big miracles to get out of it. Obviously the Lord warned her--& He's got to do the miracles but He didn't--so it must have some purpose to it. A good Scripture for that is where He said He's going to allow some of us to be captured & brought before kings & magistrates & judges in order to be a testimony against them! (Mt.10:18)
       4. SHE'S GOING TO BE A REAL WITNESS WHILE SHE'S IN CAPTIVITY, like a lot of Christians we've heard about. Good night, it's all through the Bible & all through church history & all through even modern history, like Wurmbrandt & different ones. You know Wurmbrandt, the famous captive who was imprisoned by the Communists in Russia for years, he finally won his own jailer to the Lord. He had a wonderful spirit, a sweet spirit & was a real witness. So you can have her winning souls right there!
       5. NOW THAT BRINGS UP A QUESTION WHICH I THINK YOU MENTIONED BEFORE.--It's a big question, but I'm sure you've thought of it already. Here we've got all these people going out to witness to the folks in the World & a lot of these Worldlings are already branded, & they're even going to witness to their captors who are obviously branded, etc. So the question is, once having received the Mark of the Beast, can they ever be delivered from it during the Tribulation/Wrath period? When Armageddon is over, that's finito, because then the Beast & the False Prophet are cast into the Lake of Fire & the rest of their people are slain. (Rev.19:20,21) But can anybody with the Mark of the Beast possibly be saved during this Tribulation Period?--In other words, get rid of the Mark? I've been thinking & thinking about this for the past week & I was kind of shocked at the answer I got!
       6. WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN TAUGHT & HAD THE IDEA THAT ONCE YOU'RE MARKED, ONCE IN FOREVER IN, NO HOPE OF ESCAPE! But I want you to think about it, & maybe you can help me by doing a little research in the Scriptures about it. I know you're busy writing the story, but it has a lot to do with it.
       7. AND THE FUNNIEST THING CAME TO ME! The nearest modern historically relative fact of history was that many Jews under Hitler were tattooed with a Mark, & whether they wanted it or not, he forced it on'm! They didn't even want it, & they were very happy to get delivered later! Could it be that the Antichrist is going to force that Mark on some people that don't even want it?
       8. NEXT QUESTION! We can take it for granted that if some of these people who are Marked have already heard the Gospel & rejected it & chose the Mark of the Beast instead, I wouldn't say there was any hope for them whatsoever, any more than there is for rejectors right this minute, Mark or no Mark! I mean, once they've made their decision & rejected the Lord, I don't think they deserve any more chance at all!--Do you?
       9. THEY MAY GET A CHANCE TO GET STRAIGHTENED OUT IN THE FUTURE & IN LATER WORLDS TO COME, & it looks like that might happen, but right now in this particular dispensation of Grace, once they've heard the Gospel & rejected it, it doesn't sound to me like they're going to be given a second chance, not in this life. I'm just giving you a little logic here. You find me a Scripture which proves that once they've received the Mark of the Beast they can never accept the Lord or get saved after that. Well, I've tried & thought & I can't think of any right now, maybe you can find one, but it just doesn't sound logical to me.
       10. REVELATION 14:9-10 SAYS, "IF ANY MAN WORSHIP THE BEAST & HIS IMAGE & RECEIVE HIS MARK in his forehead or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the Wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; & he shall be tormented with fire & brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, & in the presence of the Lamb."--But it still doesn't say that he can't get rid of it or be saved before the final hour, does it? I guess it all depends on how you interpret that Scripture.
       11. WELL, LET ME GIVE YOU A FEW EXAMPLES. Hitler's Jews were one, where it was an enforced thing. Also, you could say that nowadays everybody who is not saved is in a sense under the mark of the Devil, at least they're a marked person & they're doomed to die the death if they don't receive the Lord!
       12. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MILLIONS & MAYBE EVEN BILLIONS, WHICH THERE ARE BOUND TO BE DURING THIS TIME OF THE TRIB, WHO HAVE NOT YET HEARD THE GOSPEL & have not heard the Warning, who don't even know they're not supposed to receive the Mark? Doesn't that sort of fit our doctrine of mercy for the undecided & the unreached? Don't you think during that time there will be an awful lot of Easterners & heathen, etc., who will just accept the Mark as another form or sign of one more government?
       13. THEY FIGURE, "WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE, ONLY THIS ONE'S JUST WORSE! So we've got to go down, & instead of just an ID card, they're going to stick it in our forehead!" They won't know the difference between one & the other, it doesn't mean a thing to them! "We worshipped other gods, now we've got to worship this god, so what's the difference?"
       14. I THINK THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO SIMPLY HAVE NEVER REALLY HEARD THE GOSPEL, who don't know the Lord, don't know they're not supposed to receive the Mark, who are unsaved & worshipping other gods & who figure, "Well, what's the difference? This is just another government, just another god, why shouldn't I?" They don't see any difference!--Because they don't know the Truth, they haven't been warned, they haven't heard the Gospel.
       15. THE THING THAT REALLY KIND OF GOT ME THINKING ABOUT IT IS HOW IS SHE GOING TO WIN THE SOULS OF HER CAPTORS? How is she going to influence already Beast-marked commanders & officials? Why worry about witnessing to them at all? How is she going to influence them or get favours out of them? Or how are our girls going to do it in the future? We're advising our people, we're talking to our girls! Are we going to give them a hopeless feeling of, "What's the use of witnessing to those people? They're dead ducks, hopeless cases! Don't love'm, treat'm mean, kill'm, get the hell out of here, it's no use!"
       16. THERE HAVE BEEN OODLES OF EXAMPLES EVEN OF DIED-IN-THE-WOOL COMMUNISTS WHO WERE LITERALLY BRANDED WITH COMMUNISM so to speak, & who have been loyal worshippers of the System & its gods & its leaders, who when they heard the Gospel for the first time & got the loving witness of a real genuine Christian for the first time, got saved & converted & abandoned their Communist state & became completely changed! Now just give it a little time to sink in & think about it.
       17. WHAT KIND OF A GOD HAVE WE GOT WHO WOULD LET THESE PEOPLE BE DAMNED, LIKE A LOT OF THE IGNORANT HEATHEN & UNREACHED WHO'VE NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL? It seems to me that the same logic applies that applies to the billions who never heard the Gospel, whom the church say are going to be sent straight to Hell in eternal fire & damnation because they never got saved! Well, the reason they never got saved is because the church never saved them! We have a doctrine for that, the in-betweens who never heard the Gospel & never had a chance! Aren't they just as branded, in a sense, by their evil religions & evil governments as this final one will do?
       18. DO YOU THINK GOD WOULD BE SO CRUEL THAT IF THESE PEOPLE JUST TOOK THIS BRAND, NOT EVEN REALISING WHAT IT MEANT or how evil it was, that He'd damn them? Maybe they went ahead & took it just like having a Social Security card or an ID card or something, they had to have it, not really knowing what it meant.
       19. NOW IT COULD MEAN THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO RETAIN THE MARK CERTAINLY ARE GOING TO SUFFER ALL THOSE THINGS IT SAYS THERE IN THAT CHAPTER, & later Chapters too, but what if they can get rid of it? What if they can get saved? Just because they got the Mark doesn't mean they've heard the Gospel & rejected it! There are going to be billions of people who still haven't heard the Gospel, that we still haven't reached & who still haven't had their chance to hear! Hasn't the Lord made a provision for them in the future according to our teachings? What have I been teaching you anyhow, about the in-betweens who never heard? Don't you think a lot of them are going to get branded just because it's the law?
       20. LOOK AT ALL THE GUYS WHO GOT INDUCTED INTO THE ARMY & HAD TO REGISTER FOR THE DRAFT JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE FORCED TO, who didn't even want to, didn't even like the government & didn't like the war! A lot of them who didn't even want to fight the God-damned war had to go to war & get killed! Who's going to get blamed for it?--Them?--The government is going to be to blame!
       21. SO DO YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE THOSE GUYS GOT DRAFTED & WERE FORCED TO GO TO VIETNAM OR WHEREVER, THAT GOD'S GOING TO HOLD THEM TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE? What about the guys in previous wars when there was no business of Conscientious Objection? In the early days of WW1 they sent them anyhow, before they had the Conscientious Objection law. They just made them go anyway or else go to prison. They could even shoot'm!
       22. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CHRISTIANS & NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL & know nothing about government or gods or whatever & they just accept whatever one is forced on them by their government or their religion? So here comes another method of ID that is forced on them that looks innocent enough: "They tell us we've got to worship another god now. Well, they've been telling us we had to worship other gods all the time, so what's the difference between this god & the other gods we've been worshipping?"
       23. PERHAPS WE SHOULD ACCEPT THE LOGIC OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ESCAPE FROM THE MARK!--And not only by those who refused the Mark because they don't like it & don't want it & especially because they're Christians or some other religion. A lot of loyal religionists of various religions are going to refuse it because they're going to refuse to worship him!
       24. THE ONLY REQUIREMENT MENTIONED ABOUT THE MARK IS THAT YOU CAN'T BUY OR SELL WITHOUT IT, but it doesn't say that if they take the Mark they've got to worship the Beast. Where does it say if they take the Mark they've got to worship the Beast? When he demands worship, it says he orders those that refuse to worship the Beast to be killed, but that order may come later.
       25. THE LOGIC & THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS IS THAT HE'S GOING TO INSIST ON THIS MARK AS WHAT LOOKS LIKE A MATTER OF ECONOMICS & trade & identity & credit & all that sort of thing, like it's just the natural course of events, like a Social Security card or an ID card or a bank card. They can sell'm on that idea. How are they going to get so many people to accept it unless they make it as just a natural thing they need to get in order to buy & sell?
       26. I'M JUST GIVING YOU THE LOGIC OF SOME ANSWERS THAT HAVE COME TO ME, because I've had to face this question this past week & have been thinking about it. You brought it up in your letter to me about Heaven's Girl's ministry & our girls' ministry in FFing the top brass. You said that perhaps some of them, particularly military men, like Rommel was to Hitler, although not Party members & not even in agreement with him, just fought his wars & kept on with him because they were Army! That's true!
       27. BUT DO YOU THINK HE'S GOING TO HAVE OFFICERS & SOLDIERS FIGHTING HIS WARS WHO ARE GOING TO REFUSE THE MARK & can't even buy & sell? It sounds like the Mark is merely a technical thing to do with buying & selling, in a way, but God looks on it much more seriously in the 14th Chapter of Revelation! He's warning people that it's not just an innocent thing, it's not just merely a commercial thing, it's not just an ID card, but it's a serious thing to receive that Mark of the Beast!
       28. BUT WHAT ABOUT THESE MILLIONS, MAYBE EVEN BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW SERIOUS IT IS? They're being branded as the Devil's own cattle & destined for the slaughterhouse of Hell with this Mark, but they just look on it as a mere commercial identity card! What about that?
       29. --AND WHAT ABOUT THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE SERVING THE BEAST IN OFFICIAL CAPACITIES, officers in his army & all that sort of thing, do you think they're going to be allowed to get by without having the Mark? How could they? How could he have officers in his army working for him without receiving the Mark?--Everybody's supposed to receive it. It's supposed to be mandatory for everybody in the World!
       30. SOME REFUSE BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT IT MEANS, OTHERS REFUSE SIMPLY BECAUSE IT VIOLATES THEIR RELIGION, the in-betweens. But what about those who don't see any religious violation, they just look on it as something in order to trade & buy & sell like a bank card or ID card? What about those who don't realise the religious significance of it? Don't you think there could be people like that?
       31. SO HOW ARE OUR HEAVEN'S GIRLS GOING TO WIN SOULS AMONGST OFFICERS & WITNESS TO THEM? What is the use of witnessing to them if they're totally branded, & once having had the Mark it's impossible for them to get rid of it? They might not be able to get rid of it in a literal sense, out of their forehead or hand.--Like a lot of Jews today who were in the camps still bear those tattoos, but that doesn't mean they still belong to Hitler, that doesn't mean they even liked Hitler, that doesn't mean they even wanted the tattoo, it was forced on them! (And some have even gotten rid of their tattoos by special skin grafts!)
       32. NOW GET THIS STRAIGHT! For people who have never heard the Gospel & never had a chance to receive Jesus but who have been forced to receive this Mark, if it's impossible for them to get saved, then to me, this is no longer the Age of Grace! I mean, if they have not heard the Gospel & didn't realise the evilness & the horror of the Mark & its significance, they just accepted it as a commercial necessity, & then we say they can't get saved, that's almost as bad as the churches! Just because there are people whom they have failed to reach with the Gospel & they have failed to reach with the Message of Christ so that the people never had a chance to receive Jesus, never even knew about Jesus, the churches say they're going to eternal hellfire!--That's horrible!
       33. I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT, & IT'S HORRIBLE TO SAY THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD ABOUT JESUS, THAT GOD'S GOING TO SEND THEM TO ETERNAL HELLFIRE, which is what the churches say! It seems to me it's almost as horrible to say that those who have never heard about Jesus & therefore ignorantly received the Mark of the Beast will never have a chance to be saved!
       34. YOU CAN RATIONALISE THOSE VERSES IN THE 14TH CHAPTER because you're going to have a lot of people receiving the Mark who already hate Christ, hate God & are anti-Christ, like a lot of Communists & others. Of course, there are a lot of Communists who've never really heard the Gospel either & never really understood about Jesus even if they've heard the Name. Maybe they just heard of Jesus as a historical character or some kind of a Prophet, or to them some nut who lived a long time ago, just as traditional & legendary as their own prophets!
       35. THEREFORE THEY DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF JESUS, they've never really heard the Gospel or how to be saved, & I don't think God's going to hold them responsible for that, do you? Even if they heard the Name, they still don't know what it means. Even if they heard about Him as a historical Character & they belong to some other religion, maybe they still don't understand it. They haven't had somebody come & witness to them in love & really explain how to get saved.
       36. IF WE SAY THOSE PEOPLE ARE A HOPELESS CASE, LET'S QUIT! If we say God is a monster & He has ordained some people to be saved & some people not to be saved regardless of free will, then there's no free will, there's no Age of Grace! God's just going to do as He pleases & the rest be damned, let's quit! What are we in this business for? I never thought of this before, but you brought it up, dear Apollos, so it's all your fault!--Ha! But I'm sure it was the Lord.
       37. BUT ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO IGNORANTLY, INNOCENTLY RECEIVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST merely as a commercial necessity in order to buy & sell just like a business license, & yet who never heard the Gospel, never heard about Jesus, don't know anything about how to get saved, will be damned? If they merely receive this technicality of that Mark, even if they were forced to worship the Beast because they didn't know any better, do you mean to tell me there is absolutely no hope for them?--That even if we now finally in this present period of Grace reach them with the Gospel & explain how evil it is & how evil the Beast really is & Who Jesus really is & show them love & how to get saved, do you mean, "Well, it's hopeless. They can't get saved because they've already received the Mark."
       38. WELL, THAT'S JUST ABOUT WHAT THE PREACHERS USED TO PREACH ABOUT IT: "Don't ever receive the Mark, because once you receive it, that's it, you cannot be saved!" That's almost as bad as the doctrine that once you've sinned you're forever lost, like the Holiness people who keep getting lost all the time, eternal insecurity! I mean, if you are branded like that, having never heard the Gospel & not understanding that you should refuse the Mark & that you shouldn't worship the Beast, do you mean that God's going to then make it a hopeless case so that even if our Heaven's Girls witness to them they can't get saved?
       39. DO YOU MEAN IF OUR GIRLS COME TO THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH THE REAL GOSPEL & LOVE OF JESUS & THE PLAN OF SALVATION, that they'll say, "Well, too bad, it's too late, I've already got the Mark, I guess I'll just have to go to Hell, even though I'd like to be saved." That's unreasonable, it's illogical, it's unmerciful, it's cruel, it's horrible! If you say these people can't be saved who innocently, ignorantly receive the Mark & even bowed down to worship the Beast & his Image because they didn't know any better, that's unfair!
       40. THERE ARE MILLIONS & BILLIONS OF PEOPLE DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! What are we trying to give them the Gospel for if it's already hopeless? They're already worshipping the Beast! They're already receiving the Mark, spiritually. Why are we trying to save them if they're hopeless cases, just because ignorantly & innocently they have been taught these false religions & they're worshipping other gods & receiving their marks & symbols!
       41. GOOD NIGHT, THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE WHO WEAR SYMBOLS & WHATNOT THAT ARE JUST LIKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST IN A SENSE! I remember hearing some Protestants say that the wearing of a cross was the Mark of the Beast!--And the Pope is the Antichrist! Well, what about it? Are they hopeless cases? Can't they get saved?--Just because they innocently, ignorantly accepted the Mark & worshipped that god or that church or that religion, whatever it was, because they never heard anything different, they never knew any better, are you going to send them all to Hell? Do you mean there's no possible chance of us getting to'm & witnessing to'm & loving'm & telling them about Jesus & getting them to receive the Lord? Do you mean it's too late? They haven't had a chance!
       42. THOSE PEOPLE HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE ANY MORE THAN ALL THE REST OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE, & it looks to me under that Bestial government that most of the people, or at least an awful lot of people, are going to receive the Mark & even worship the Beast just because they didn't know any better! And then do you mean they're just hopelessly lost even if later we reach'm with the Gospel? I don't see how God could be that cruel!
       43. AND WHY EVEN WORRY ABOUT GOING OUT THERE NOW TO TRY TO SAVE THEM? If by worshipping the beasts they already worship right now & the marks they've already received right now, if that means they're a hopeless case, then why worry? Why don't we quit & pack up & go home & forget it?
       44. FOR EXAMPLE: THAT'S THE KIND OF DOCTRINE THAT THEY TAUGHT MY BROTHER IN COLLEGE ABOUT FOREORDINATION & PREDESTINATION, that whoever is going to be saved will be saved, like it or not, God made the decision, so what's the use of being a missionary? That's why he quit! That's the kind of doctrine he got at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, U.S.A., that God had predestined everybody that was going to be saved, & if you were going to be saved you would be saved, according to God's choice; & if God hadn't chosen you, forget it, there's no way you could be saved anyhow, you might as well go to Hell! That sounds like that kind of doctrine to me!
       45. I'M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO NEVER REALLY HAD A CHANCE TO GET SAVED, who never really had an opportunity to make their decision, because they were never confronted with the Love of Christ & the understanding of the Gospel, & they never knew how to get saved, & they went ahead ignorantly & innocently & didn't know any better. They just took the Mark as a matter of commercial necessity, as a means to stay alive, & even worshipped the Beast. What's the difference between worshipping the Beast & worshipping the gods they worship right now? Are they forever eternally damned because they've been worshipping these false gods?--Including a lot of Christians!
       46. I'D SAY SOME SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF BEING ETERNALLY DAMNED THAN SOME HEATHEN, BECAUSE THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER, they've heard the Gospel! I don't have any hope for them. I mean, you take anybody who knows the Gospel & has heard & understands about Jesus & the Message of Salvation, if they reject the Lord & receive the Mark, I think they're a hopeless case, they've had their chance!
       47. BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO'VE NEVER HAD A CHANCE? What about all the billions of people there are going to be on the Earth who never had a first chance or any chance & who are going to receive the Mark because they don't know any better? They're going to fall down & worship the Beast because they don't know any better! You mean God is going to be so cruel He's going to damn them to the Lake of Fire & Hell, so that even though we reach them with the Gospel after they got the Mark there's no chance of them being saved? Come on! I think you know the Lord better than that! What kind of a God have we got?--He's a merciful One Who's not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance! (2Pe.3:9)
       48. SO IF THEY GO AHEAD & RECEIVE THE MARK INNOCENTLY & IGNORANTLY WITHOUT EVER HAVING REALLY KNOWN HOW TO BE SAVED, those who have never had a chance to get saved, who've never been reached with the Gospel, who don't know enough about Jesus, can't they still get saved? They may have heard of Him, but they don't know enough about Jesus to get saved or how to get saved. You know good & well that millions of that kind of people will have their chance, just like the billions that are in the East right now that don't know any better than to worship all those idols & gods & junk that they've got & are already receiving the Mark of their particular bestial governments! You mean there's no chance for them to get saved?
       49. THEN WHAT ABOUT ALL THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN EXISTENCE RIGHT NOW WHO ARE IGNORANT OF THE GOSPEL, who don't know anything about Jesus, & they've never had anybody love'm & tell'm about Jesus & how to get saved?--They've never had a chance to get saved! You know good & well that there are millions, if not billions of them who are going to receive the Mark of the Beast! I'm not talking about all the people who rejected the Mark of the Beast because of their religion, there are going to be a lot of them unsaved too! But they were just so loyal to their religion & their tradition that they refused it. They just knew that it was wrong according to their religion. But they're still not saved. I would say maybe even a lot of them don't know how to get saved either & don't know any better, but at least they rejected the Mark.
       50. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO GET SAVED & WHO RECEIVED THE MARK OF THE BEAST? Is God going to be so cruel & unmerciful as to damn them to hellfire forever, or whatever, like the churches say?--That it's no use for us to even go to them & witness to them? Then what's the use of our Heaven's Girls' testimonies? What's the use of our girls witnessing to top officials?
       51. THINK BACK ABOUT THE NAZIS & CORRIE TEN BOOM. I heard they eliminated that part from her book later, but in the original volume that we read, the Nazis kept the prettiest girls & the most attractive girls in special housing. She was a Dutch woman & a Christian, & they kept them in special housing because they became favourites of the Nazi officers & they administered sex to them just like our girls do. But they witnessed to them & won many of them to the Lord!
       52. NOW DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE NAZIS & THEY BORE THE MARK OF THE NAZI BEAST, the swastika, the girls should have said, "Well, there's no use witnessing to them, they're hopeless cases. Don't love them, don't witness to'm, let'm go to Hell!"--That sounds just like the churches! That sounds just like [DELETED] a lot of other people too! It doesn't sound like my God! I don't have that kind of a God, do you?
       53. THEY MINISTERED SEX TO THEM & THEY GOT SPECIAL GOOD HOUSING, SPECIAL FOOD, THEY DRESSED THEM WELL, THEY WERE TREATED ROYALLY like the king's courtiers & courtesans! They went ahead & did it [DELETED], in order to witness to them. And they not only saved themselves, but they had a lot of influence with the officers to save others whom the officers had power to release, etc.
       54. THEY WENT TO BAT JUST LIKE ESTHER APPEALED FOR HER PEOPLE! They appealed for some of their people & actually got'm released or got'm off so they didn't kill'm & things like that. Now what if they'd thought, "Well, they're already Nazis, they work for Hitler & they wear the swastika"--that was the mark of that beast--"forget it, it's too late!" And don't forget, some of those guys had heard a lot about Jesus, a lot of them even came from churches & were supposed to be Christians!
       55. THE EARLIEST SUPPORTERS OF THE NAZIS WERE EVANGELICALS & FUNDAMENTALISTS, SOME OF THE STAUNCHEST SUPPORTERS OF HITLER!--Because he claimed at first to be a Christian & claimed to be preaching Christian virtues, etc., & saving the World[DELETED]! How about that?--And yet they still were ignorant of the genuine Love & Salvation of Jesus. There are millions of people in the churches today who think they're Christians who still don't even know how to get saved! There are millions of church Christians who are still unsaved!
       56. ALL RIGHT, I'M GOING TO QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT & LET YOU GO TO STUDYING ABOUT IT! I haven't gotten into digging & researching all those Scriptures yet, but maybe you'll have time to do it in between Chapters. Just come up with a few pointers on that for me, will you? You're a good researcher, give me some documentation as soon as you can!
       57. I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANY WAY YOU CAN PROVE TO ME THAT THOSE PEOPLE WHO GET THE MARK OF THE BEAST JUST AS A COMMERCIAL & SURVIVAL NECESSITY, & even fall down & worship the Beast as a survival necessity, ignorantly, not having heard the Gospel or had a chance to get saved, can't get saved! Don't tell me that there's no chance for them to get saved at all, that it's too late, while we're still here & Jesus hasn't come yet & we're still preaching the Gospel & it's still the Age of Grace! That would be a travesty against God's justice!
       58. I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE, YOU BROUGHT IT UP! But when I got to thinking about Heaven's Girl witnessing to those officers in our story & our other Heaven's Girls.--If they're already hopelessly lost cases & there's no way for them to get saved, if it's impossible for them to get saved, then what's the use? The only people that the Bible says it's impossible to get saved are those who've already had their chance & refused it! It says a lot about them in Hebrews 6 & 10. Those are people who've had their chance, who have trodden the blood of Christ underfoot & have killed the Son of God afresh & all that sort of thing, those who've had plenty of chance!
       59. MY GOODNESS, LOOK WHAT PAUL DID, BUT EVEN HE STILL GOT SAVED! He killed Christians! He sure must have heard the Gospel technically, you might say, theologically. He heard it from Stephen. But obviously he was kicking against the pricks of his conscience, the Holy Spirit. And Jesus said, "You're persecuting Me!" (Acts 9:4,5) He even killed Christians & persecuted Jesus, think of that, & yet the Lord finally got through to him with His Love so that the faith dawned, he stopped fighting Jesus & joined Him! So there's a dandy bad example of a guy who was a sold-out anti-Christ! He bore all the marks of the bestial System, both Roman & Jewish, & persecuted Christians, hated Christ, killed Christians & even persecuted Jesus! Isn't that what Jesus said, "Why persecutest thou Me? Why do you kick against the pricks?"
       60. SO IF A GUY LIKE PAUL CAN GET SAVED, WHY CAN'T THESE OFFICERS OF THE BEAST GET SAVED? Look how long God was merciful to Paul, & changed him from a Saul to a Paul. It looks to me like he already had the Mark of the Beast & was working for the Beast, he was already worshipping the Beast of his day, the Jews & the Romans! So let me tell you, it looks to me like if a guy like that can be saved, so can these officers of the Beast who never really got a chance to get saved or ever heard the Gospel or really knew or understood or really felt the Power & Love of God! Good night, look what Jesus had to do with Paul!--He had to appear to him personally & convince him!
       61. IT MAY TAKE SIGNS LIKE THAT WITH SOME OF THESE JEWS, WITH SOME OF THE BEAST'S OFFICERS! They've gotta see fruits, they've gotta see a sign! I think we recently put something like that in "Life with Grandpa" about the Communists & drinking the poison. (See "The Test of Faith!" Vol.4.) Some people require a sign or they can't believe! God's gotta prove it to some folks (1Co.1:22)
       62. LOOK AT THE EXTENT HE WENT TO WITH PAUL! He struck him from the horse, blinded him, appeared to him personally & spoke to him before he'd believe! He knew all about Jesus & he'd certainly heard all that Jesus taught, but he went around killing Christians & persecuting Christ & hating Jesus!--And yet he got saved!
       63. DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THE PEOPLE OUT IN THE EAST WHO ARE A LOT MORE IGNORANT THAN PAUL, billions of them who worship other gods & other bestial systems & receive its marks today--they don't even have to wait for the Antichrist--do you mean to tell me God's not going to have mercy on them if we get to'm & preach'm the Gospel & show'm Love & tell'm how to get saved for the first time? Are they hopeless cases who can't get saved?--Just because they've already got a religion, they've already got a god, they already wear those marks? Think it over!
       64. I THINK YOU'LL COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION I DID, THAT WITH GOD NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE & all things are possible to him that believeth! (Lk.1:37; Mk.9:23) That condemnation there in Revelation 14 & other places later is for the people who literally have known but are actually anti-Christ, who really hate Christ! But how can they be anti-Christ when they don't know Christ? How can you hate somebody you don't even know? It doesn't necessarily make them actually anti-Christ themselves just because they follow the Antichrist, receive his Mark & worship him, when they don't even know Christ themselves!
       65. HOW CAN YOU BE ANTI-CHRIST IF YOU DON'T KNOW CHRIST? Now think that one over! I mean, you've got to know about Him & know Him in some way or understand His Gospel & His Love & the Message of Salvation in order to refuse Him, in order to reject it! How can you reject the Gospel if you've never heard the Gospel? How can you reject Jesus if you've never really known His Love & the Message of Salvation?
       66. SO I THINK YOU KNOW BY THIS TIME WHAT CONCLUSION I CAME TO! We're still going to witness with the hope that some of those guys are going to get saved! Well, I guess I had to tell you this in advance, this preview, because you're busy on the story & you're going to have to figure out what to do with that problem. As far as I'm concerned, that's my conclusion, that unless they already had a chance & their receiving the Mark of the Beast was their absolute direct decision to reject Jesus & literally become anti-Christ, then it doesn't matter if they receive the Mark of the Beast or fall down & worship the Beast, they can still be saved! That's pretty rough, raw, radical doctrine! It's almost as shocking as our original one about the in-betweens, all the other people that never had a chance to get saved who are going to have a chance!--Amen?
       67. I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT BEFORE, ALL I CAN REMEMBER IS ALL THOSE VERSES BEING READ BY THE PREACHERS, that of course all the people that ever receive the Mark of the Beast are eternally damned, forget about'm, it's impossible for them to get saved! The Bible only tells us it's impossible for people to get saved who knowingly, understandingly reject Jesus Christ!--That's the sin against the Holy Ghost! That's the only unpardonable sin that will not be forgiven in this life nor in the World to come! (Mt.12:31-32)--Those who really had a chance & rejected it.
       68. WE DON'T GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE TO RECEIVE JESUS WHO ACTUALLY KNEW & REJECTED THE GOSPEL, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN A SECOND CHANCE. Some people accuse us of believing in a second chance, but we just believe in a first chance. We just believe a lot of people who've never had a first chance are going to get a chance to be saved in the next World. But people who in this life reject the Holy Spirit, sin against the Holy Ghost by rejecting Jesus & His appeal in their hearts to receive Him as their Saviour, those who understand & know that, deserve no more chances!--Like the Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites & the High Priests of whom Stephen said, "Ye do always resist the Holy Ghost" (Acts 7:51), he accused them of being guilty of the unpardonable sin! Jesus said it won't be forgiven them in this life or the next!--Because they knew what they were doing!
       69. SOME OF THE JEWS & EVEN SOME OF THE CHURCH PEOPLE TRY TO TAKE THE JEWS [EDITED: "--THOSE WHO HAD JESUS CRUCIFIED--"] OFF THE HOOK by saying that Jesus was speaking to [DELETED] the Scribes & the Pharisees when He said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." (Lk.23:34)--That's a big lie! They knew exactly what they were doing! They were the Devil's own people, like the Devil himself, trying to get rid of Jesus! They knew Him, knew what He taught, knew what He was trying to do & they hated Him for it! They were the Devil's own people! And there's no chance for them, they died unsaved & they went to Hell unsaved & there'll be no chance for them to get saved in the future as far as I'm concerned!
       70. I'M GETTING MORE & MORE CONVINCED OF THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST DOCTRINE OF ANNIHILATION FOR SOME PEOPLE, that they are "brute beasts created to be destroyed!" (2Pe.2:12) What are you going to do with that Scripture? I think some people are such hopeless cases, God isn't even going to fool around wasting time on Purgatory or on any kind of another chance! They've had their chance, to Hell & gone with them as far as I'm concerned! Why give them another chance?--They'd just do the same thing as they did with it the first time!
       71. I'M NOT FOR GIVING PEOPLE ANOTHER CHANCE, BUT I'M ALL FOR GIVING THEM A FIRST CHANCE! So what about these Beast's people & branded people, officers & soldiers & whatnot, maybe even leaders who don't know any better & really haven't had their first chance? Are they going to be damned forever with no chance to get saved even if we witness to them, just because they've already technically received this little material Mark, even if they worship the Beast?
       72. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT NAAMAN THE LEPER? He lost his influence, he certainly lost his testimony by going into the Temple of Rimmon & bowing down to Rimmon with the King, but do you think he lost his Salvation? He gave a confession of faith after his healing & he was even praying to God when he said it! He said, "Lord forgive me, pardon Thou me!" (2Ki.5:18) Did he believe? Did he believe in God?--He was praying to Him! Do you mean he lost his Salvation? Well, if you believe the Old Testament Saints can lose their Salvation, then you stand a chance of losing yours too!
       73. HE MADE A CONFESSION OF FAITH, THAT GOD WAS THE GOD! You go back to that story & see! He certainly was a poor testimony & a bad witness & he compromised & you hardly ever hear of him again, but Jesus mentioned him in the New Testament! (Lk.4:27) What about that? Do you think Jesus would have even, it seemed, sort of indirectly praised him in the New Testament, or at least mentioned him, if He was through with Naaman forever & he was a lost soul because he had to go into the Temple of Rimmon & bow down with the King to the false god?
       74. IT WAS A TERRIBLE THING TO DO & A VERY POOR TESTIMONY TO SAY THE LEAST, it was an awful compromise & he lost his influence as far as he might have influenced the whole nation to worship the God Jehovah! But do you think he lost his Salvation? Don't you think he was saved? Then when he went into the Temple of Rimmon to bow down to Rimmon with the King, do you think he lost his Salvation?
       75. THOSE ARE SOME PRETTY STRONG EXAMPLES! There's one man that even went in & bowed down after he knew better!--That's terrible! Well, some of these people may have even heard & be conscience-stricken about it. You mean even if they're conscience-stricken about it afterward there's going to be no chance for them to repent? They can't be sorry? Even if they want to be, they can't be saved?
       76. DO YOU MEAN THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO WANT TO BE SAVED AFTER THEY HEAR THE GOSPEL, EVEN IF THEY'VE GOT THE MARK OF THE BEAST & have been worshipping the Beast, do you mean people like that who, when we approach them & give them the Gospel & they even want to get saved, can't get saved? Do you think that anybody who really wants to get saved, can't get saved? God's Word says, "Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out!" (Jn.6:37) I'll tell you, that was sure an encouraging Scripture to me many times when I thought I was saved & unsaved & saved & unsaved! At least I had the hope that as long as I wanted to be saved, as long as I kept coming back, the Lord wouldn't cast me out! Now is that true or not?
       77. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THOSE SCRIPTURES? How are you going to reconcile those Scriptures of God's Mercy & that "nothing is impossible with God & all things are possible to him that believeth"--& a whole lot of others that I'm sure you're going to think of! How are you going to reconcile all that & the Mercy & the Love of God with a doctrine that says those people can't get saved even if they want to? Well, I'll leave that bomb with you!
       78. WE MAY HAVE A LITTLE DIFFICULTY IN HELPING SOME PEOPLE TO SEE THAT, BUT I'VE HAD TO STICK UP FOR UNPOPULAR DOCTRINES BEFORE, & I'm not afraid to change our doctrine if we have to, if it's not right. I've been thinking about this for the last two weeks since you first broached the subject in your letter, something I had never really had to face before, & I have become convinced that if we ever taught that it was impossible for those people to get saved no matter what, even if they wanted to, we were wrong! And if we interpreted those Scriptures that way, we were wrong! (No.1666)
       79. I'VE TALKED TOO LONG ALREADY TO TAKE THE BIBLE & GO OVER ALL THOSE SCRIPTURES WITH YOU, as well as many other Scriptures which, if you've taken them too airtight & too literally, you reach an impossible conclusion. Many times in the Bible, like where it says "forever," if you take it too literally & too airtight & don't understand the original Greek or Hebrew, then you wind up with an impossible conclusion. That's true in a lot of cases. So we have always got to be a little rational & logical about some of these things, & certainly knowing the Lord, we know that there's nobody who really wants to get saved that He's going to turn down! We don't believe He's even going to turn'm down after they get to Hell!
       80. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT IT'S GOING TO BE IMPOSSIBLE EVEN FOR PEOPLE THAT LAND IN HELL & FIND OUT THEY MADE A MISTAKE & WANT TO GET SAVED, TO GET SAVED THEN? They may have to stay there awhile & suffer for some of their sins, like Dives the rich man, etc., but if they're really repentant & really want to be saved, it looks to me like God's certainly not going to leave them there forever!--Either that or we're wrong about that doctrine too! (See 1Pe.3:19; No.1476.)
       81. IF WE'RE WRONG ABOUT THESE SO-CALLED ANTI-CHRIST PEOPLE, Beast people, branded people, Beast-worshipping people, if we're wrong about this, then we're wrong about all those others too & there's no hope for them either! If there's no hope for these Beast people to get saved, who ignorantly, innocently just accepted the Mark & worshipped the Beast as a matter of survival & commercial necessity, if we believe it's impossible for them to get saved even when they want to get saved, then forget the whole deal, let's quit, & the rest of our doctrines are all a bunch of hot air!
       82. I THOUGHT I NEEDED TO TELL YOU THAT RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO BE WRITING THESE OTHER CHAPTERS & she's going into captivity now & will be facing officers & witnessing, & how can she do that without the faith that they can get saved? In fact, I hope you're going to find in your Story that she's going to get some results! I'd like to see her get some converts, wouldn't you?--Some people who switch over from the Beast's side & join our forces! Wouldn't that be thrilling? If that can't happen, then God is not Almighty! God cannot do anything if He can't save those people!
       83. COME ON, LET'S SEE HER GET SOME CONVERTS! Let's see our girls in those days get some converts right out from under the Beast, jerk the rug out from under him & tear the chip out of their foreheads or hands or whatever they have to do! Let's have'm removing the Mark, a sign they no longer belong to the Beast! There were Saints who did similar acts like that in the past, in history, just as drastic as cutting the Mark off of their hand or forehead because they took a stand for Jesus! Won't that be dramatic & exciting & give faith & hope?--Either that or the Gospel's not all-powerful & God's not all-powerful if He can't save those people when they want to be saved & when they make a decision to accept Christ!
       84. DO YOU MEAN THEY CAN'T ACCEPT CHRIST? When He's knocking at the door & they open the door & want Him to come in, does He say, "No, I'm not going to come in because you once worshipped the Beast & you took that brand in your forehead!" Is He going to refuse to come in when they ask Him to come in?--Absolutely not! I can't believe it! Well, here's a new bomb, hallelujah!
       85. THAT OUGHT TO GIVE US A LITTLE MORE FAITH, A LITTLE MORE HOPE & A LITTLE MORE CONFIDENCE IN THE LOVE OF GOD, that anybody can get saved if they want to be, if they have a chance to be!--Even the people who already have the Mark & are worshipping the Beast because they didn't know any better!
       86. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, BUT I'VE COME TO THAT CONCLUSION THAT GOD CAN DO ANYTHING--anything but fail!--And that the only unpardonable sin is the sin against the Holy Ghost! It's not the receiving of the Mark of the Beast, it's not falling down & worshipping the Image, but it's rejecting the Holy Spirit!
       87. JUST RECEIVING THE MARK OF THE BEAST OR WORSHIPPING HIS IMAGE IS NOT NECESSARILY REJECTING THE HOLY SPIRIT. How could they be rejecting the Holy Spirit when they don't even know the Holy Spirit & don't even know Jesus? How can they reject Him? So there you are! There's only one unpardonable sin & that is the sin against the Holy Ghost! If they haven't sinned against the Holy Ghost then they're still pardonable!
       88. I GOT THRILLED WITH THAT REVELATION, BROTHER, & YOU'RE THE ONE THAT HELPED ME GET IT! Your question made me face the issue & pray & ask the Lord & that's what I got! God can do anything but fail, & "him that cometh unto Him He will in no wise cast out." (Jn.6:37) And there's only one unpardonable sin & that's to deliberately, knowingly, wilfully by direct decision reject the Holy Spirit & Jesus Christ! Amen? GBY!
       89. LORD, HAVE THY WAY ABOUT THIS, IN JESUS' NAME! If we're wrong, help us to forget it. If we're right, Lord, help us to be bold enough & courageous enough to preach the Truth whether people like it or not! It's not the first time I've had a revelation that helped change my doctrine or change church doctrine I had been taught! So if we're not willing to change, we've quit being a Revolution. A Revolution keeps revoluting, keeps revolving!
       90. I THINK THIS IS IMPORTANT & I FELT LIKE IT WAS URGENT! She's now going into captivity & is going to be up against these people & they're going to be arguing with her & trying to persuade her, & she's going to be persuading them. So I just felt like what's the use if they're already hopeless cases? Why should she try to love'm & give'm the Gospel & persuade'm to receive the Lord & try to get'm saved if it's no use? Why even have her go into captivity if she can't be a witness? That's how I felt about it. And how could she be a witness unless there's some hope for'm to get saved? All right, God bless you! ILY!
       91. LORD, BLESS & HELP HIM & GIVE HIM WISDOM AS HE WRITES THIS STORY, IN JESUS' NAME!--Real inspiration & anointing from On High! Just pour it through him, Lord, so he'll hardly even have to stop & think about what he's going to say, but he'll just give it as You give it, Lord! Help him to open his mouth & let You fill it, in Jesus' name! Amen! All right, Son, pour it out! Pour it on! GBY!
       92. I EXPECT THIS BOOK TO BE AN INSTRUCTION BOOK ON WHAT TO DO IN THE TRIBULATION!--In all of these situations, & I hope there are going to be oodles of them! So get with it! I love this latest Chapter & you're doing great! You really brought out some good lessons in this one, let's keep it up! Remember, you're not just telling them a story, you're preaching to'm! I want this Story to be a preachment, to really preach & teach & show'm their mistakes & tell'm what they should have done or what they should do & how to do it, & show them how to do it by the action! There's no point in getting this Story out if we're just telling a pretty tale, as pretty as it might be.
       93. SHE'S A ROLE MODEL, SHE'S AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THEY'RE TO BE LIKE DURING THIS TIME & WHAT THEY'RE TO DO IN THOSE SITUATIONS! You're advising them on how to behave & how to act & how to answer & what to say & what to do & not to do! So remember, that's your motive & your purpose! You're not just telling a fancy tale or just glorifying Heaven's Girl, but she's to be an example or a model of what to do & not to do, what to say & not to say & how to do it!--In all the various kinds of situations that they might get into.
       94. WELL, THIS HAS BEEN A LONG TAPE BUT I HAD TO PREACH THAT WHOLE SERMON TO PREPARE YOU FOR YOUR NEXT CHAPTER! I figured I couldn't delay it & I couldn't wait, that you had to know now! So I hope that convinces you! Now you write me a sermon on it, research some Scriptures. Put it in Heaven's Girl, work it right in! You preach the sermon, then I won't have to! Work whatever you can in there so you can convince'm! GBY! ILY! Thanks a lot!

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