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I RECANT THAT YOU CAN'T!--BECAUSE YOU CAN!--Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water!        DO 2031         8/85
(A Taped Message to Apollos:)

       1. I GOT QUITE A FUNNY LITTLE REPLY TO THIS QUESTION THAT HAS BEEN BOTHERING US LATELY ABOUT THE MARK! As you may have known, I was a little disappointed that we didn't come up with something a little more convincing to substantiate this new idea (See "Can You Be Delivered From the Mark?", No.2030.), because I was quite revved up about it or I wouldn't have made you that last tape!
       2. YOU DID AN EXCELLENT JOB WITH YOUR RESEARCH WORK & GOD BLESS YOU FOR IT! It was a big job & a lot of work. You could just as well have written a Chapter of Heaven's Girl while you were writing all that & it probably would have been easier! But I did ask you to look things up, hoping you would help me prove it, instead of that you left it kind of 50/50, giving me quotes on both sides of the issue, & sort of left me hanging so that the ball was still in my court & I was still the goat--the old goat!
       3. WELL, I GUESS YOU HAD TO BE HONEST, & you sure were right in everything you quoted on both sides of the fence, but that still left me sort of uncomfortable on the fence! So after that I decided just to forget the whole thing & let Heaven's Girl solve it! I decided to put you on the spot instead of me! I'd been agonising over this thing & I just wanted to explode with this good news!--But then it seemed like it wasn't good news after all, because according to all the things that I had said before & the interpretations that I gave to other revelations etc., it was impossible! (See Nos.1526,1666.)
       4. SO I WAS DISCUSSING IT WITH MARIA LAST NIGHT & SHE WAS ASKING WHAT I HAD DECIDED ON THAT ISSUE & when was I going to come out with it, because I'd been so enthused & inspired about it before! It wasn't your fault, but your bringing up to me the things I had previously said about it in previous Letters sort of dampened my enthusiasm with my own wet blanket! So I was about to give up, I was pretty discouraged about it & decided I was just going to let it go & leave it up to you to solve the problem & find out what you came up with.
       5. I TOLD MARIA I DIDN'T SEE WHY THE LORD COULDN'T GIVE YOU THE ANSWER INSTEAD OF HAVING TO GIVE IT TO ME! I said, "After all, he's smarter than I am! Anybody who can write a Story like this is bound to be smarter than I am!" I just thought, well, you're my researcher & my advisor & my lawyer of the Word, you'd pretty well stated your case & that was it, we could hardly reconcile the two views. I thought this new idea of mine was of the Lord, but it seemed like what I had said before in several Letters made it impossible. (Nos.1613,1616 etc.)
       6. I GOT THE KWIC TODAY! Boy, that's a profound book, I'll tell you! Our people who worked on that were geniuses! I never dreamed it was going to be so exhaustive!--Not exhausting, although it could be that too if you get too fascinated with it! I got so fascinated I almost forgot what I was doing! And what do you suppose was the first thing I looked up?--The Mark! And oh, that made it even worse!--Ha! In all of those previous Letters I had taken it for granted that the Mark was absolutely irreversible & impossible to get rid of!
       7. HOWEVER, I DON'T THINK YOU WILL FIND ANYTHING DIRECTLY IN QUOTES FROM THE LORD IN ANY OF THOSE LETTERS WHERE I GOT SUCH A DIRECT MESSAGE FROM HIM THAT SUCH WAS SO! All of those conclusions were my own personal interpretations & opinions. Particularly after "The Computer Chip Dream" I was absolutely convinced, & of course that's what you quoted the most. (No.1666) But there is much much more if you'll look under the "Mark", & sad to say, that was my conviction. I was absolutely convinced that it was impossible to break away from the Mark. That's what we'd always been taught & what we'd always thought & that's what we'd always believed! That was our firm tradition & doctrine & I never had any other idea, ever, until recently I suddenly got this new idea!
       8. SO I WAS ALL EXCITED ABOUT IT BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY A GENUINE MESSAGE FROM THE LORD, & the more I thought about it, the more excited I got, & the more enthusiastic & thrilled about it! You brought it up & you got me thinking about it & talking about it, because it seemed like there wouldn't be too much for us to do amongst those people if it was impossible to do anything! And I would still say that if they knew what they were doing, really understood what they were doing, it seems that it would be impossible, that's for sure, it certainly sounds like it in the Scriptures.
       9. BUT I KEPT THINKING OF MORE THINGS & MORE THINGS & HOW EASY IT WOULD BE FOR THEM TO EVEN GRAB PEOPLE BY FORCE & INSERT THAT THING, not even voluntarily, & try to make slaves out of them! I can't imagine that any of those prisoners of the concentration camps in World War 2 volunteered to have numbers tattooed on their arms! I can't imagine that they even did it willingly, but that they were forced to accept those tattooed numbers! So the more I thought about that, the more I thought that it certainly seemed like there would at least be some cases where people were actually taken by force, like a forced injection or a forced feeding. The System uses lots of force! It doesn't hesitate to use force with anybody who is a little reluctant or unwilling or hesitant.
       10. I REMEMBER THEY USED FORCE ON US WHEN I WAS IN THE ARMY! They lined us up for all those shots & they never asked, "Would you please?" or "Would you kindly?" or "Would you like to?" or anything like that, we were just lined up! We weren't even told what we were getting shots for or what they were doing! When the guy came along & stuck a sharp pen point in the end of my finger, I wondered, "What in the thunder are they up to here?" Well, I learned after that it was a tetanus test for the tetanus shots we had gotten. He was taking an old rusty pen point & making a hole in the end of our fingers to see if our tetanus vaccination had taken okay & if we would resist infection! Great way to find out, in case you dropped dead of lockjaw, then they know it didn't take!
       11. BUT THEY DIDN'T ASK US WHETHER WE WANTED TO OR NOT, THEY DIDN'T EVEN TELL US WHAT WAS HAPPENING! We were just ordered to report & "Roll up your sleeve!" & that was it, bang bang! They'd shoot us with this & that, & half the time we didn't even know what we were getting shot with! And boy oh boy, from some of those shots I got sick as a dog afterwards! I always got sick as a dog from cholera shots, & they only last six months. Oh, I got a real case of cholera, high fever & sick & the runs, the works! I even got sick when I was a little kid six years old in first grade when they gave us those smallpox shots! I can remember curling up in a packing crate on the back porch like a little puppy dog, sick as a dog from that blooming smallpox shot!
       12. I'VE ALWAYS BEEN KIND OF FUNNY ABOUT BEING SICK, IT'S A NEW THING WITH ME THAT MY ILLNESSES ARE BEING PUBLICISED! I've usually kind of been like my Dad & sort of hidden them & figured it was just sort of something between me & the Lord & that I shouldn't publicise it, it wasn't very victorious or a good testimony. So I sort of kept those things to myself. But Mama is my publicity department & publicity manager who sleeps with me, & she always manages to discover it, I can't keep it from her! She usually is very sensitive & has some kind of ESP so that I can't even get out of bed without her waking up! Nothing can be wrong with me without her sensing it, so I'm usually betrayed & before I even know she's found out I'm sick she's telling everybody & sending phone messages to you Units to hurry & pray!
       13. SO DON'T GET TOO EXCITED ABOUT SOME OF THOSE REPORTS FROM HER--SOMETIMES THE NEWS OF MY DEATH IS GREATLY EXAGGERATED! Well, no, she usually does inform you when I really do need some prayer, so maybe I'd better not say that, or next time you won't pray so hard & I might not get delivered so quick!--Because every time you have, I've had almost instantaneous deliverance, so God bless you for it!
       14. WELL ANYHOW, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: LAST NIGHT I WAS GIVING HER SUCH A SAD LAMENT OVER THE DEMISE OF MY NEW DOCTRINE THAT SHE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO RECORD IT, IN FACT SHE DIDN'T!--Which is unusual, because she usually does no matter what I say. But I was so down in the dumps & I was dumping on her, saying what a shame it was we couldn't go on with that, it sounded like such a good idea, it would have given the Girl & the others so much more impetus & incentive & inspiration to really sock it to'm, not as fatalistic & not as hopeless. I'm just explaining all this to you to tell you how honestly I was so discouraged about it & so disappointed that we couldn't use that, because I really thought it was a genuine revelation that marked people could be saved!
       15. BUT I HAD THE FUNNIEST EXPERIENCE AFTER I WAS CRYING ON HER SHOULDER ABOUT IT. She was asking me, "When are you going to come out with that?" And I said, "Oh, never! I've given up on it, forget it! I'm going to let dear Apollos solve it. It's up to him if he wants to figure out some way. Let Heaven's Girl solve it" etc. etc. The whole idea was that I was through with it & I was sick & tired of worrying about it & I just gave up & figured I'd stop advising you & interfering with what you're doing with all this folderol!
       16. SO AFTER I'D WASHED MY HANDS OF THE MATTER, I GOT UP & WENT IN THE BATHROOM & I STARTED LITERALLY WASHING MY HANDS IN THE WASH BOWL. I'd been reading the paper--you know how newspapers get your hands so black--& I noticed the water was getting kind of black from washing my hands. And it was the funniest thing!--Ha! I'm telling you, God has a sense of humour! He said, "You threw the baby out with the bath water!" I said, "What?" And just as clear as anything He said, "You threw the baby out with the bath water!"--Now you interpret that!--To me it was clear immediately!
       17. THE BABY WAS THE NEW IDEA, THE NEWBORN IDEA, A NEWBORN REVELATION REALLY! Isn't that what a baby is? Isn't a baby an exciting new event, a new creature, something very new & very wonderful?--Like a revelation! And that was my newest baby! And here, just because some of my own water of some of my own Words was a little dirty because I was wrong, I was willing to throw the baby out with the bath water! In other words, in my stupid pride I was unwilling to admit that I was wrong in all those places where I said it was impossible to get saved with the Mark & I was convinced that it couldn't be done!
       18. I STILL CAN'T FIND ANYTHING IN THE SCRIPTURE TO REALLY ABSOLUTELY REFUTE IT! It depends on how you interpret it & how you view the Scripture & who it's talking about etc., & there are plenty of ways you can see where it's still possible even in view of those Scriptures. The Scriptures are not airtight or watertight regarding that situation, only that that's what's going to happen in the end to those that keep the Mark & willingly & knowingly take it.
       19. BUT THE ONLY THING THAT WAS KEEPING ME FROM KEEPING THE BABY WAS THE DIRTY BATH WATER THAT THE BABY WAS IN! Do you get the point? Isn't that a funny answer? It was my own water, water being a type of the Words, & dirty water meaning I was wrong about it. But rather than admit that & have to recant myself, I was willing to throw out the baby along with the bath water!--In fact even worse, I was willing to throw out the baby & keep the bath water! (Maria: You said the water was still the Lord's good water, but you'd gotten it a little dirty with your interpretation.)--Yes! The water is still the Word, there's nothing wrong with the water, I'd just gotten it dirty from my own misinterpretation.
       20. SO FRANKLY, EVEN WORSE THAN THROWING THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATH WATER, I WAS THROWING THE BABY OUT & KEEPING THE DIRTY BATH WATER! That's what it amounted to! But I guess the Lord used that particular expression because it's an old-fashioned analogy. Well anyhow, that's the funny answer I got, that I was willing to throw the baby out with the bath water, & even worse, I was willing to throw out the baby & keep the dirty bath water rather than confess that I could have been wrong before!
       21. WELL, IT WON'T BE THE FIRST TIME THAT I'VE CONFESSED I WAS WRONG & NOBODY'S GOING TO BE SHOCKED ABOUT IT! I couldn't have had a greater about-turn than I had about the Jews, & Ihad to confess that! I was really all tied up in that doctrine & tradition. And actually, let's face it, this business of the Mark being impossible to lose & irreversible has been more from our past tradition & previous ideas which we were taught & had drilled into us by preachers of the past who we have since discovered to be wrong about the third class of people & a lot of other things!
       22. WE'VE HAD TO COME OUT WITH A LOT OF THINGS TO REFUTE SOME OF THEIR FALSE TEACH INGS! I've had to turn around a few times on things that I was taught & believed & was convinced of because that's what we've always been told, so that's what we've been telling each other. So in all of these in-terpretations that had to do with those things, I just took it for granted, of course, that that was it, & I was really pretty dogmatic about it. So all I can do after that is just admit I was wrong!
       23. I WAS THROUGH WITH THE SUBJECT, I WAS NEVER GOING TO BRING IT UP AGAIN! I only brought it up because Maria brought it up & said, "When are you going to talk about it?" And I said, "Never! I'm through with it! I'll let dear Apollos solve the problem because he's the one that nixed it!" I was blaming it on you! Isn't that the way we do?--We always blame it on somebody else when it's our own fault. Well, you rascal, you did present a pretty good case against it, I must admit! You're too good a lawyer! And of course you did try to come around then with the better case afterward, but it didn't seem to be quite as strong, it was a little weaker.
       24. YOUR PRO CASE WAS STRONGER IN SCRIPTURE & SCRIPTURE SUPPORTED THE NEW IDEA, THE BABY, MUCH BETTER!--But my previous Words were the ones that were the most contrary & left no loopholes or leaks or any way out! Let's face it, the most damning ideas & quotes were not from the Scripture, but from my writings!
       25. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: THE LORD REALLY PUT ME ON THE SPOT & I WAS REALLY ASHAMED as I was washing my hands & saw that dirty water, that I was willing to keep that & throw out something so precious & so wonderful & so hopeful, so faithful that He had given me, just because I was unwilling to back down on what I had said! So there you are, there's my confession! Throw out that dirty bath water & just tell'm that I was wrong! Maybe we can publish this talk along with my earlier enthusiastic promotion (No.2030). This is my recantation! I recant! I recant that you can't!--Because you can! TTL! Doesn't that make you feel better?
       26. I WAS REALLY HOPELESS! I almost felt like, "What's the use of writing this Story anyhow if there's no hope for those people? What's the use of telling them anything or trying to win them if they're hopeless cases?"--And I was all discouraged about it! But when I was finally willing to confess that I could be wrong about those past statements of making it so conclusive & decisive & so hopeless & irrefutable & irreversible, then I began to think of all kinds of things!
       27. YOU KNOW, SOME PEOPLE EVEN CUT OUT THEIR TATTOOS! That's a common thing now. It's a little dangerous because of the risk of infection etc., but people that are sorry afterward that they got tattooed, it's a common thing now for them to want to get them removed. It's a very difficult thing, but it is possible. Some even have the skin removed & new skin grafted in. There's another good illustration, & that reminds me of a Scripture: If the Lord could remove some of those branches before & have us grafted in, then anything's possible! (Rom.11:21-23)
       28. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE THE MARK REMOVED IN SOME WAY WHEN THEY'RE FINALLY CONVINCED?--Maybe some time when the power is off from the computer & they can think their own thoughts or something like that! They can't have it going all the time, they'd never get any rest or sleep! It's sort of like "1984", when the guy went to bed & they were sure he was asleep, they turned off the monitor. So he got by with a few things when they thought he was asleep, & it's sort of the same idea.
       29. MAYBE WHEN THEY'RE GIVEN TIME TO REST THEY TURN IT OFF SO THEY'RE NOT HAVING TO BE UNDER THAT INFLUENCE ALL THE TIME, all that noise or all those instructions or whatever it is. Maybe at a time like that they again are themselves & can think their own thoughts & can be talked to & convinced.--And maybe they'll be so convinced that they're willing to have that little operation to have that thing cut out before it's turned on again in the morning, before they get back under control! That's a possibility, that thought struck me--by an FFer!
       30. AFTER ALL, IF THEY COULD BE FORCED TO TAKE IT & FORCIBLY HAVE THAT THING STUCK IN THEIR FOREHEADS, just like an injection, then at some time when they have self-control or are under His control, the Lord's control, why couldn't they get it removed?--In fact, if you can get through to them, into their own consciousness & their own conscience, the Lord could really screw up that communication system, really garble it & mess it up so that it couldn't have any effect & they'd have a chance to rip it out!
       31. I THINK THERE WILL BE PEOPLE WILLING TO HAVE IT CUT OUT!--They'll be so convinced & so absolutely furious about it & scared half to death to be under that control again! It's kind of like drug addiction! There comes a time when there's a monkey on their back, there's a degree of withdrawal, they really do want to get rid of it, & they'd be willing to do almost anything to get rid of it! So what's the difference? It's like a drug, like they're not under their own control, but they do have periods of consciousness & conscientiousness when they would like to get rid of it if they could! Of course, when they're under its influence there's not much you can do to get through to them, but during periods when they're off it or withdrawing, sometimes they'd do almost anything, either to get it or to get relief!
       32. I THINK THIS OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW FIELD OF SOME VERY EXCITING ADVENTURES & SOME VERY TERRIFYING EXPERIENCES & MIRACULOUS DELIVERANCES! If she can point her finger at airplanes & have them explode, or tanks & have them swallowed up, why couldn't she just point her finger at that little old computer chip & have it dissolve?--Just so she can even get through to them & talk to them! Maybe these are some crazy ideas, & you can probably think up a lot more now that we're free to do so!
       33. MY LORD, TO THINK HOW CLOSE I CAME TO THROWING OUT THAT PRECIOUS NEW BABY JUST BECAUSE I GOT THE WATER DIRTY! It wasn't really the baby that got the water dirty, it was my dirty hands, the dirt I got in the water from some of my traditional dogmatic opinions! I'm telling you, I gave some pretty convincing arguments! But arguments are not enough, you've gotta get the Word!
       34. MARIA KEPT SAYING LAST NIGHT, "WELL, WHY DON'T YOU ASK FOR AN ANSWER ON IT?" But I said, "Oh no, I'm convinced, that's it, forget it! Apollos already got the answers, let him get the answer!"--And a few cracks like that. The Devil was really trying to defeat us! But then when I went in the bathroom I was a little ashamed of myself.
       35. IT'S AMAZING HOW MANY THINGS YOU GET IN THE BATHROOM WHEN YOU'RE ALONE! I was just washing my hands & I thought, "Well, Lord, forgive me. Have I failed to ask You for an answer?"--And He just as good as said, "Yes, you threw the baby out with the bath water!" Isn't that funny? Well, I don't know whether you're convinced or not, but I am! That's it as far as I'm concerned, you're free to go ahead!--And just in time, because we couldn't have gone much further in the Story without some decision on this. I know you must have been having a hard time. GBY!
       36. MAYBE THE LORD WAS ANSWERING YOUR PRAYER, BECAUSE I WASN'T PRAYING ABOUT IT, I WAS THROUGH WITH IT! I refused to pray about it any more. I was sick & fed up with it & disgusted & disappointed & discouraged! I dumped on Maria about it & I said, "Nothing doing, I'm through with it, forget it! Apollos proved that it's impossible & that's it, so let him worry about it!"--And I'm sure you did! So I guess it was the answer to your prayer as well as mine, because I wasn't really planning to pray about it at all. But I did open the door just a little crack & I said, "All right, Lord, if You want to show me"--& boom--it came right through the crack! So there you are, that's all I know, that's what I got!
       37. WHEN I GET A DIRECT ANSWER, QUOTE-UNQUOTE, I CANNOT DENY IT & I WILL NOT BACK DOWN ON IT! But if it's just my opinion, my interpretation & my own built-up legal case according to past tradition & doctrine & our private interpretation of prophecies & whatnot, that can be wrong & I can back down on those & recant if I have to. No matter how convincing it is, no matter how good it is & no matter what good arguments I give to support it, that doesn't make it right!
       38. NOW YOU'RE GETTING A LITTLE IDEA OF WHAT KIND OF PROBLEMS I GO THROUGH IN THAT SORT OF THING! It's not the easiest thing to be a Prophet! I have my little problems & doubts too, you know, & I was ready to throw the whole thing over & throw the baby out with the bath water! What I need to do now is throw out the dirty bath water!--Or at least maybe sift out the dirt I got in it & just confess that that just ain't so, it's not impossible! All those Scriptures you gave & all the ones I gave you were true! God's Word is true! "Let every man be found a liar, but God be found true! He cannot deny Himself!"--And that's that! (Rom.3:4; 2Tim.2:13)
       39. SO THERE YOU ARE, IT'S OPEN SESAME! THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN FOR MARVELLOUS OPPORTUNITIES & EXPERIENCES & MIRACULOUS DELIVERANCES! We talk about healing & deliverance from demon-possession, the Mark is akin to demon-possession, only in a sense it's mechanical!--Or even if it's demon-possession which is even worse, we have power over all these things! He said, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" (Mt.28:18)
       40. THERE'S NO POWER GREATER THAN HIS POWER, & THERE'S NO REASON IN THE WORLD THAT WE CAN SAY THAT THERE'S SOMETHING HE CAN'T DO!--Especially if they haven't really had proper opportunity & it was foisted on them & forced on them & in their ignorance! Certainly those people deserve a chance when they've never really heard our Message before! In spite of the Angel preaching the Gospel & all that, some people aren't necessarily going to understand. (Rev.14:6-7)
       41. WELL, ALL I KNOW IS THAT'S WHAT I GOT, SO THAT'S IT, & YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO REVAMP YOUR DOCTRINE AROUND THAT REVELATION! That's the Truth, period, & if there's anything that doesn't corroborate that, doesn't jive with that, is inconsistent with that or doesn't support that, then chuck it out! I'm just going to have to say that I was wrong, it's not impossible! I think that's a lot better than throwing out the new baby just because my bath water was dirty!
       42. I HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOU & TELL YOU, & I HOPE YOU STILL LOVE ME! It sure was a relief to me, because I was fed up & through with the whole subject! I planned to go before the Class with a great new revelation, I was all excited about it, but after I read your legal argument I decided, "Well, I guess I'd have to back down on all those other things I said if I come out with this thing!"--So now I do! Well, let's put it this way, my heart was in the right place. It was just sort of an error of the mindrather than the heart, & I was greatly influenced by all that I've always heard & read & studied & believed.--But it wasn't necessarily so & you can't really prove by those Scriptures that it's impossible!
       43. THERE'S ONLY ONE UNPARDONABLE SIN & THAT'S TO RESIST THE HOLY SPIRIT! (Mt.12:31-32) But if they've never had a chance through any witness to hear & thereby be influenced by the Holy Spirit, then they haven't resisted.--Even if they've received the computer chip! And boy, we can cut those out in a hurry! I bet they'll wanna rip'm out themselves!--Or maybe we can give it a shot of something that will short-circuit it! You can hot-shot those things sometimes in some way. You can ruin a whole computer by giving it the wrong current & burn the thing up!
       44. SO IT SHOULDN'T BE TOO HARD TO NULLIFY THOSE THINGS IF THEY WANT TO, but we're not going to force them to. They may have been forced to take it, but we're not going to force them to remove it unless they want to. But I'm sure there must be some easy way to do it. I'll let you figure that out, whether you want it surgically, electronically or spiritually nullified! However you want her to do it, it's up to you! Maybe the Lord can give you an idea on that.
       45. THEY MIGHT EVEN KEEP ON IN THEIR JOB FOOLING THEIR BOSSES THAT THEY'VE STILL GOT IT, LIKE SPIES! There were plenty of people who did that in the early days of the Church & Roman persecutions etc., they just went ahead. And there have been plenty of Christians in Russia who've done the same thing.--Maybe for a little while, at least, until they had to really confess. Maybe for a little while they could get away with concealing the fact that they'd short-circuited it or whatever, until the central computer doesn't respond or they don't respond to it. They'll probably have some way to keep track of whether they're still in tune, & when that line goes dead, that response goes dead, they probably know something's wrong. Then they'll just think it's malfunctioning or something & maybe they'll have a little time before they catch up with them.
       46. THERE MUST BE SOME WAY THAT THE CENTRAL COMPUTER WILL KNOW IF PEOPLE DIE & ARE NO LONGER OPERATIVE OR IF SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG. There must be some way that they'll notice, their number will flash or something, showing that somehow they're disconnected. But it'll take a little time to trace it & find them & check up on it to see if they've died or whatever happened.--In the meantime they might have time to get away! So there are some ideas for you anyhow! Maria's saying it's great, it's tremendous, God bless her!--So she's enthused!
       47. AND I'M ENCOURAGED AGAIN BECAUSE THAT OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW FIELD THAT THERE IS SOME HOPE FOR SOME OF THESE GUYS!--Just like there was with Corrie Ten Boom & those Nazi officers. They wore the Nazi symbol, they were under the Nazi command, they were Nazis, supposedly impossible--the Jews came to think the Nazis were impossible--but they weren't impossible! Those girls won a lot of them to the Lord, even though they were just used virtually as their prostitutes! So it's not impossible!
       48. I WANT OUR GIRLS TO KNOW THAT IT'S POSSIBLE, THAT THERE'S SOME HOPE! No matter who takes'm over or even if they think they're part of the furniture like in that movie "Soylent Green", they're going to have influence! They may be treated like part of the furniture one of these days, but at least they can have an influence.--Just like the girl in the movie finally won the guy's heart.--So there you are! That movie was almost prophetic!
       49. WELL, ALL RIGHT, NOW THE BALL'S IN YOUR COURT AGAIN, BUT AT LEAST YOU'VE GOT FREEDOM TO HIT IT ANY WAY YOU WANT TO!--At least you've got a ball & racket! That ought to encourage you, it sure encouraged me! It kind of made me a little ashamed, of course, because it was a real rebuke, but very gentle & loving. It was sort of a remonstrance or admonition & I was really ashamed of myself because I saw that was exactly what I was doing, I was throwing the baby out with the bath water!--In fact even worse, I was throwing the baby out & keeping the dirty water because I was ashamed to admit it was wrong, ashamed to admit it was dirty. Isn't that a terrible thing to have to confess?
       50. WELL, WHEN YOU FIND OUT YOU'RE WRONG, YOU JUST HAVE TO CONFESS YOU'RE WRONG!--And I'd rather confess I'm wrong & be right, than claim I'm right & be wrong! So there you are! Go to it! I love you all! God bless & keep you & give you wisdom & lots more wonderful ideas, Son! Just believe what you see, believe what you hear & take it away!

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