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WORLD CURRENTS!--NO.18       DO 2034       Comp.8/85

       1. I WONDER WHAT KIND OF THING THEY HAD UP THEIR SLEEVE ON THIS, that the Organisation of African Unity had its main meeting in Ethiopia--a Communist state, by the way--at the same time as that Women's World Congress & the UN is having its meeting just 600-700 miles away in Nairobi, Kenya. Why would they have had those two meetings conflict at the same time unless one or the other of them is trying to distract the attention & the tremendous publicity value that the other is getting right now? I have an idea it's most apt to be the Organisation of African Unity which is trying to distract attention from the Women's Conference, because the women are exposing what a terrible state African women are in! And of course the political organisation is undoubtedly composed mostly of men & they don't want all those women howling about the way they're being treated by them! I bet that's it, what do you bet?--Ha!

       2. IF A LITTLE TINY COUNTRY LIKE LIBYA COULD KICK OUT WHEELUS AIR FORCE BASE, which was the biggest foreign U.S. base in the World at the time, definitely the biggest base in the entire Eastern Hemisphere & the most important because it was closest to Russia & the East Bloc, if little old Godahfi could do it, then why can't the Philippines do it?--Or at least threaten to do it in order to get paid a just amount for those bases! The U.S. could easily afford a billion dollars a year or more & they'd be glad to pay it to keep those bases! They ought to up the ante! [DELETED] Congressman Solarz has been leading the opposition in the U.S. against the Philippines, & it'd serve him right if they would cancel the agreement & up the price! He's piddling over a few little petty millions!

       3. THE SOUTHERN LEBANESE ARMY ARE NOTHING BUT STOOGES FOR THE ISRAELIS, paid, armed & uniformed by the Israelis, & the inhabitants are now rebelling against them because they count them virtually the same as the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! They're bombing them, shooting them & giving the Israelis a real hard time. Boy, I'll tell you, that war never paid off for anybody but the Shiites! It turned all of Lebanon against Israel! Whereas once the Lebanese government was friendly to Israel, Israel's invasion has completely turned all the Lebanese against Israel, except these poor Southern Lebanese whom the Israelis pay to fight their battles, literally Israeli mercenaries who are hired, paid, armed, clothed, fed & directed by the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! So the local people are rebelling against them just like they did against the [EDITED: "Israelis"].

       4. It looks to me like the Famine predicted by Nostradamus has begun! It's beginning to cover more & more of North Africa, Sudan & Ethiopia.

       5. Boy, the Devil sure hates South Africa!

       6. It's almost unbelievable that the U.N. could have supported Pol Pot & the Khmer Rouge as the only official representative of Cambodia in the UN, & that the U.S. would be supporting the other two little groups who had no chance of winning at all! If the Vietnamese backed out, the Khmer Rouge would just gobble them all up! God certainly knew what He was doing in letting the Vietnamese take over Cambodia & drive out Pol Pot & his murderous crew!

       7. The Lord has to keep cleansing this filthy wicked World with floods & natural disasters!

       8. MUGABE HAS FINALLY DONE IT! Zimbabwe was given its freedom from White rule under Smith, & Mugabe says that now that he's won this last election they don't need the Charter & they don't need to give the Whites any seats in Parliament, etc. They're abrogating the whole thing just like we knew they finally would when he finally got power. The Charter was supposed to run till 1990, but now the Blacks have got the power & the numbers & they're just taking over! There's a lot of violence going on & they're killing Whites & everything. Youths & women are rampaging with violence & raiding! Mugabe is using women to raid the houses of his Opposition, tearing up their houses & throwing all the stuff out & running the people off!
       9. WHAT IT REALLY IS, OF COURSE, IS A CIVIL WAR BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT TRIBES THAT SPEAK TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. That's why they split up after Zimbabwe was forced to be a Black-ruled nation by the British & World opinion. Nkomo was actually the original leader of the rebel revolution against White rule, but Mugabe & the Communists took over afterwards. Now he rules & says he's going to abandon the Constitution & the Charter & have a one-party state.--In other words, he's going to become a dictator. So now they're just raiding & wrecking the homes of their Opposition & it will probably mean the wiping out of a lot of Whites.
       10. SO ZIMBABWE IS A MESS AS WE PREDICTED IT WOULD BE! Of course the British & the U.S. with [DELETED] world media said that it was going to be a model Black state & give the minority Whites all their rights & blah, blah, & now you can see what's happening.

       11. THERE'S BEEN A BIG SLUMP IN THE COMPUTER BUSINESS, & THEREFORE IN THE COMPUTER CHIP BUSINESS. It seems like right now the Japanese are about the only ones who are able to sell computer chips. (Maria: Why has there been a big slump when it was going so strong?) Because they didn't sell & take hold as well as the very optimistic predictions said they would. People are still buying computers & computer chips, but there's not the big boom that there was at first. It's levelled off, so they call it a slump. They're just not buying them as fast as they did & as fast as they thought they were going to buy them. The industry had a huge boom in the beginning & they were looking for a continued big boom, but instead of that the buying levelled off, which they call a slump, & they're only doing about half as much business as they thought they would.

       12. THE WORLD SUGAR SITUATION, AS FAR AS THE SUGAR BUSINESS IS CONCERNED, HAS SUFFERED A HUGE COLLAPSE! The buying & use of sugar has dropped way off, in some places half as much! The price, which used to be as high as 25 cents a pound & averaging 10 or 15 cents a pound, has now dropped in some places to 3 & 4 cents a pound! In other words, generally speaking, the use & price of sugar has dropped off about half, so a lot of big rich farmers who were just producing sugar cane for sugar because it was a big booming business once upon a time, now they've got all this sugar cane & sugar on their hands & they can't even sell it for what it costs them to produce it!
       13. I DON'T DOUBT THAT THIS IS DUE TO THE GENERAL INFLUENCE OF HEALTH FOOD PROMOTERS LIKE US & the hippies & this generation that has propagandised & turned people against unhealthful foods like sugar, & it's actually finally taking effect on the World market!
       14. THE USE OF SUGAR HAS DROPPED WAY DOWN COMPARED TO WHAT IT USED TO BE, therefore they've got all this sugar & nobody wants to buy it. (Maria: What about molasses & sugar in any other forms?) I don't know for sure. Apparently they're not buying it in other forms either. In many countries now the labourers are nearly starving, they & their families & children, because the sugar growers can't sell their sugar, so they can't pay their workers. Many are trying to use their sugar acreage for other crops so the people will at least have something to eat.

       15. YOU'LL READ IN THE WND ABOUT HOW THESE GANGS OF BLACK BOYS ATTACK A DIFFERENT HOUSE EVERY NIGHT IN NAIROBI. (See WND92.) They attacked this one Australian couple once as they were walking at night, the stupid idiots, in this area which they thought was safe because it was guarded with gates, etc., & this gang of 20 youths ran out from an alley & robbed'm. It's a wonder they let'm go & didn't kill'm! So the police suggested the same couple be used as bait & do it again & walk past the same alley. And sure enough, the same guys came out, but the cops were there right behind them & shot & killed a lot of them & the rest of them fled. In unsafe countries you always have the possibility of gangs like that.

       16. THE PSYCHOLOGY & TACTICS OF THOSE GANGS IS TO STRIKE QUICK & WRECK & PILLAGE & BURN & LOOT & THEN BEAT IT BEFORE THE COPS GET THERE! And it seems that sometimes the police come as slow as they possibly can to make sure the guys are gone before they get there, for which you can't blame them too much! They practically burned down that whole Indian town in South Africa near Durban before the police even got there! They destroyed the Mahatma Ghandi Memorial & swiped everything they could. [DELETED] Of course they do it all in the name of anti-apartheid, in the name of nationalism, to free themselves of White rule. [DELETED]
       17. THE POOR OF SOME OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE MORE REASON FOR UPRISING THAN THOSE PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA! Those Blacks there are well-off! Many have good jobs & good housing & probably have more to eat & everything! So it's just a big blow, mostly aggravated by [DELETED] propaganda. [DELETED] And of course BBC & all the Western media makes big propaganda of it & stirs up the trouble.--They want war!
       18. NEWSMEN ARE NOTORIOUS FOR STIRRING UP TROUBLE JUST SO THEY CAN TAKE PICTURES OF IT, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! They tell'm, "You boys do something here & we'll put you on international TV & in the papers so the whole World can sympathise with you! Go ahead, stone the police, throw your Molotov cocktails! Let us get here in position first so we'll get the whole scene & then you start the trouble & we'll get pictures of the whole thing!" How else would they get there in time to do all that? They're always right there to get the whole scene & they get there ahead of time!
       19. THE NEWS MEDIA STIRS UP THAT STUFF [DELETED] ! They hate South Africa because it's Christian, & they're trying to take it over. The sad part about it is they've got those [DELETED] churches stirred up & thinking they're doing it "in the name of the Lord"!--Like Bishop Tutu who says, "We're doing it for the Gospel of Christ! Jesus taught us to do this! He drove the moneychangers out of the Temple! He defied the authorities! When they told Him not to preach the Gospel, that's when I have to preach the Gospel!"--So he leads a big mob of demonstrators, rock-throwers, Molotov-cocktail-throwers who kill policemen, & claims he's preaching the Gospel of Jesus!--What a liar!
       20. THEY ALWAYS MENTION HE'S A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER, they never mention his name without saying that. The Nobel Committee that awards those Peace Prizes [DELETED] give it to the biggest troublemakers in the World, the guys who are making the most trouble, anything but peace! They gave it to one of the troublemakers in South America, now they gave it to one of the biggest troublemakers in South Africa! Isn't that crazy?
       21. THOSE MOLOTOV COCKTAILS ARE ONE OF THE WORST THINGS THE REVOLUTIONARIES EVER INVENTED. They fill a bottle full of gasoline & stick a rag in it, half of it in the gasoline & half of it out the mouth of the bottle & that acts as a wick. They dip the wick in gasoline & bring it out, then they light that. And while the wick is flaming they toss it, & wherever or whoever it hits, mostly police cars, etc., the bottle breaks & the whole thing explodes like a bomb, like a firebomb, which it is!
       22. DON'T TELL ME THOSE NEWSMEN AREN'T THERE READY TO FILM & GIVE'M THE SIGNAL WHEN TO THROW SO THEY CAN BE SURE TO GET IT ALL IN! They probably tell the mob, "Now wait till we get our cameras rolling & ready & then you can toss your cocktails & rocks!" That's what the news media does in stirring them up & encouraging them to attack the police! The news media is justifying them in attacking the police, think of that!--But some of those news guys have gotten it back! They got one crew's car, set it on fire & used it for a blockade! They dumped them out at the point of a gun--they can be thankful they didn't shoot'm! The newsmen probably begged off & said, "Well no, no, we'll take pictures of you while you do it, even if it's our car." It was probably a rental anyhow.
       23. YOU CAN SEE THAT UNLESS THEY'VE GOT WHOLE ARMY UNITS, THE POLICE ARE AFRAID TO ATTACK THE MOBS. When you've got thousands of people in those big mobs in South Africa, four or five thousand people, or even 10,000 people, what are they going to do, just mow them down with machine guns?--Then the press & the whole World screams! I mean the [EDITED: "mobs"] burn up their own people who represent the State, their own mayors, their own policemen, anybody they think is part of the System & the Government. They burn their houses down, slaughter'm, burn them down too. It doesn't matter whether they have women, children, whatever!

       24. The whole World is against South Africa! It's funny, when I said that, I got the funny Scripture, "If ye were of the World, the World would love its own, but because ye are not of the World, the whole World hateth you!" (Jn.15:19) But they're settled down & they can't go anywhere or flee or hide, so they're getting it. Where can they go? They've just got to stay there & defend themselves & fight it out!

       U.S. ECONOMY
       25. I'M JUST WAITING FOR MY DREAM TO COME TRUE, when the American bankers' nightmare comes true, when all the Latin American countries get together & refuse to pay! They're not refusing to pay now, they're just refusing to pay on such terrible terms. Do you know what the interest they're paying on some of those loans is?--The lowest is 20%, & on a lot of them it's 50%! Do you know how many billions the entire Latin American debt altogether is?--Only 320 billion! Do you know how much the U.S. government has allotted in its budget this year for the military?--300 billion! And they're paying for that military expense with the money of the poor!
       26. WHAT THE U.S. SPENDS ON THE MILITARY IN ONE YEAR COULD PAY OFF THE ENTIRE LATIN AMERICAN DEBT! It is supposed to be such a big World problem, isn't that ridiculous? And do you know how the U.S. is financing that 300 billion a year for the military?--Plus the entire yearly budget, which is now approaching one trillion dollars! The total U.S. budget is 900-&-some billion! Take 9 & put 11 more zeroes & that's what the U.S. budget is this year! And do you know how they're paying for it?--They borrow all they can from other rich foreigners, & steal all they can from the poor!
       27. THEY SLAP A 20% IMPORT TARIFF ON ALL THE CHEAP PRODUCTS FROM THE POOR COUNTRIES, as well as cheap products from the rich countries like Japan & Europe. Remember, I told you before that there's a 20% import tax, in fact they were talking about 25% on shoes. And do you know where most of those shoes come from?--Latin America, Spain & Italy, three of the poorest places in the World. Of course, the U.S. is financing Italy anyhow. So they're robbing the poor on both ends: They rob the poor countries that are trying to sell, & then they rob their own poor who are trying to buy those cheap shoes. They're trying to force them to buy higher-priced locally produced shoes.
       28. AND DO YOU KNOW WHY THE U.S. IS HOWLING ABOUT JAPANESE IMPORTS? (Peter: Because they're outselling the U.S.?) Yes, but why? (Peter: Because they're cheaper & they're better.) They're cheaper & they're better, but not only that, the U.S. was unable to produce enough of those goods to satisfy their own people. The gap between U.S. production & U.S. consumption is phenomenal!--Which means that the United States Americans are getting so God-damned lazy & high-priced that they can't even produce enough to satisfy their own needs. Then they howl when the Japanese come in & supply it, when the U.S. oughtta be thanking them for supplying their needs cheap which they can't even satisfy themselves. These are some revolutionary economic views!
       29. (DAD STACKS HIS DISHES.) I DID THAT ONCE IN A RESTAURANT IN THE U.S.A. & the waitress came along & screamed at me & said, "What are you trying to do, take my job?" Can you imagine?--Instead of being thankful that I was trying to be helpful, she yelled at me!--Or like those two big Black bruisers, janitors in Grand Central Station in New York. I walked up to them & asked them, "Where is the litter basket?" They said, "Throw it on the floor! What are you trying to do, take our job?"
       30. THAT'S THE U.S.A.! THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK ANY MORE, THEY WANT TO LIVE LIKE KINGS BUT NOT WORK! Then they gripe because the Japanese work hard & they're efficient & can sell stuff cheaper. So then they scream & think they can save themselves by slapping a big tax on Japanese imports. Well, the Japanese will survive, but not the U.S.!

       ON THE BRINK!
       31. I READ THE NEWSPAPER EVERY DAY & THERE ARE MORE & MORE SIGNS OF THE CRASH, more & more companies defaulting & banks failing! Every little piece is part of the puzzle that's all adding up. The Bank of America, the largest bank in the U.S.A, has just reported its biggest loss since the Depression, in fact, since 1932! You just can't have that many bank failures & that many big losses & huge companies failing & going bankrupt & throwing all their people out of jobs without leading to a Depression!
       32. I'LL TELL YOU, I'M JUST MORE AMAZED & MARVEL AT IT EVERY NEWSPAPER HOW THEY MANAGE TO KEEP GOING!--Only because most people are drifting along in a dream & have got their eyes shut & want it to go away, because they just won't believe it. Well, they're going to see it happen pretty soon!

       33. When they kicked us out of Singapore, that foretold their downfall! Now their economy is in the worst slump in 20 years!--God repays!

       34. The Americans just expect the Soviets to speak their language, but the Americans go over there & can't speak their language! I think it is quite condescending & obliging & certainly very kind of the Soviets to speak English to the Americans when they could demand that they speak Russian at these negotiations.

       OIL PRICES!
       35. THE REASON OIL HAS GONE DOWN FROM $40 A BARREL TO ABOUT $24 IS A COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT FACTORS. They blame the main thing on what is called the World oil glut, that there is too much oil in circulation on the market, more than people are using, which drives the price down. When the people have enough oil or have too much, they don't buy it, so the price goes down.
       36. DURING THE OIL SHOCK THE OIL PRICE JUMPED FROM $1 A BARREL UP TO $40 A BARREL & EVEN SOMETIMES TO $50 DUE TO OPEC'S ORGANISATION. By the way, you seldom ever hear that Godahfi was the guy who originally organised OPEC & got them to boost the price of oil, in other words to get what it was worth & what the World was willing to pay, & they were willing to pay $40 a barrel!
       37. BUT THEN THE WORLD STARTED WORKING ON WAYS TO SAVE OIL & TO USE OTHER SOURCES OF ENERGY, including solar energy, wind energy, water power, coal power & all kinds of alternate sources of energy. They've been much more conservative & not so extravagant & wasteful in their use of oil, so they have cut the demand almost in half, which has cut the price almost in half. This is very good for some of the poor Third World countries that have to import their oil, & it has been a big help to them having the price of oil go down almost 50%.
       38. THE JEWS OF COURSE ARE ANTI-ARAB, & since the Arabs are the ones that sell the oil, the Jews are warning the World, "This oil glut is not going to last! You'd better watch out, you'd better continue to develop alternative sources of oil so you don't have to buy so much oil from the Arabs" blah, blah!

       39. Americans aren't interested in learning about the rest of the World, they just want to hang on to what they have. They feel threatened by the poor. They're not interested in seeing the problems of others.

       40. It's almost endless the diseases you can get through blood transfusions! No wonder the Lord said not to drink blood. About 400 hemophiliacs have contracted AIDS through blood transfusions.

       41. People can be serious carriers of illnesses without even having it themselves, like TB. They can pass it on to other people without even knowing they have it. I would not trust liquid milk in any poor Third World countries, I don't care whether they say it's pasteurized or what! Milk is too easily contaminated. You can get TB from it & lots of other diseases. It's much safer to use powdered milk, & I think it's cheaper!

       42. I guess this generation is just going to be an absolute nervous wreck! It's just like they all have the heeby-jeebies!

       43. Rumoured victories have got to be publicised by the Afghan rebels to persuade their supporters in the U.S. & the CIA to continue to pour millions of dollars into the rebel effort to dislodge the Russians & the Afghan government. They've got to show some victories, that they're doing something in order to get paid!

       44. The big-shot [DELETED] ACs of the U.S.A. hate Marcos & are doing their damnedest to try to take over the Philippines! That's where their powerful enemies are. The righteous sure have a lot of enemies! The [EDITED: "ACs"] are just furious that they couldn't take over the Philippines & that the Filipinos themselves took over their own country!

       45. Now let's see what the [EDITED: "AC's"] do about Peru's challenge! (Peru says it's going to limit its loan repayments to only 10% of its earnings, no matter what the repayment terms are, & negotiate directly with its creditors, not through the IMF!) They don't dare let Peru get away with this, or other Latin American countries or Third World nations will follow suit! So what do you bet they're going to try to make an example out of Peru, that it doesn't pay? It already said in the news that the U.S. has suspended new aid to Peru until it pays its debt!

       46. Actors are notorious spendthrifts! They like to live in the high style that they live in the movies, & most of them die poor! They live in a dream world & they try to make it come true on their earnings, & they go broke!

       47. Oil prospectors are just as bad as gold prospectors, they're such gamblers!

       48. Break dancing reminds me of the whirling dervishes of the Muslims who used to whirl around until they got demon-possessed!

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