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BLACK OCTOBER?       DO 2037       8/85

       1. PTL! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! AMEN! AMEN, LORD, THY WILL BE DONE, You know what's best, have Thy way! Lead us & guide us in these deliberations in Jesus' name. Help us to agree together on what will seem good to all of us as led by Thy unifying Holy Spirit. Help us, Lord, to know what to do, what to say, what decisions to make & how to plan for what we know is coming & impending almost any time. We believe You're going to help us finish up these pubs before it happens, Lord, so do help us. Help us to be prepared for it when it does happen, in Jesus' name.
       2. DO YOU KNOW WHEN THE U.S. FISCAL YEAR ENDS? (Peter: Was it June or July?) Well, we were misguided about that, it now has been set up to October, maybe for our sake. Right now all signs point to the Crash, everything I read, except for a few little super-optimistic false prophets who are always trying to hope for the best. But all good solid reports & signs point to the Crash in every way! And as I've often said, it probably would have already happened if the Lord hadn't been patient with us to help us get out the pubs!
       3. SO IF THE LORD'S WAITING ON US, WHEN DO YOU THINK WE WILL BE DONE BOTH PUBBING & MAILING OUT ALL OF THESE BIG HEAVY BOOKS? (Peter: August 30th, D.V.) Well, let's allow for leftovers too which may not make it, which is always a possibility. So please do the big heavy pubs first if they're ready, because if anything's not going to make it, we can afford to pay a little extra postage if we have to. But I suggest you have them lay aside everything else & push through those big volumes like the encyclopedias, KWIC, Pubdex & things like that.
       4. ALSO REMEMBER THAT WE'RE NOT FINISHED JUST WHEN SPRINT MAILS THEM. WE'RE NOT FINISHED UNTIL THEY ARE IN THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO NEED THEM!--Which is at the least two weeks after they're mailed for nearly all the Family. So allowing for maybe one or two late-comers that may not get out until some time in September, that means we're not really finished until perhaps October, & I thought that was rather significant!

       5. THERE'S BEEN ALL THIS FUSS ABOUT THE LATIN AMERICAN DEBT OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which the poor Latin Americans can't pay & probably never will! As I said before, I don't think the [EDITED: "AC"] banks expected them to, they simply want to use those as levers to make slaves of them!
       6. THANK GOD THERE ARE A FEW REBELS WHO ARE NOW DECLARING THEIR INDEPENDENCE! Two or three have already done it--Ecuador, Bolivia & now Peru, & Brazil is talking about it. So more & more are joining the camp. They don't want to act as though they were responding to Castro's invitation to all of them to abrogate their debts, any more than the Jews of Israel want to give you the impression that they were letting all those hundreds of Shiites go because of some promise somebody made to the captors of the TWA hostages! But I notice the latest figure brings it right up to an even 700 prisoners released, just what the Shiites asked for! But they're letting them out in instalments so you won't possibly accuse them of having yielded to such pressure!
       7. ALL THESE LATIN AMERICANS ARE USUALLY PRETTY PROUD & INDEPENDENT FOLKS, they like to at least play like they're on their own, even if they're not. But they're getting more independent all the time. They've been sick & tired of being told what to do by the United States for at least a century, now they're fed up with not only the U.S., but Europe & all these rich [EDITED: "AC"] banks telling them what to do!--Especially now that they can't do it!
       8. SO ONE BY ONE THEY'RE JOINING THE FOLD OF ABROGATIONISTS OR RENEGOTIATORS OR NIXERS or whatever you want to call them, to various degrees.--I think Ecuador, Bolivia & somebody else almost totally.--Although Ecuador said that they're not really refusing to pay, they're just postponing payment, & Bolivia said something similar. Peru's new President Garcia got elected on the promise that he would only repay at the rate of 10% per year of Peru's export surplus, its balance of payments. In other words, it's like he's saying they're going to pay a tithe on what they make, which I think is very fair. Where do you think he got that figure? I wouldn't be surprised if he got it from the Bible!
       9. BRAZIL, THE BIGGEST DEBTOR OF ALL, HAS DECLARED THEY WILL NOT PAY AT SUCH RIDICULOUS INTEREST RATES, varying from 20 to 50% per year on their debts! The new President has declared that he will not repay to the extent of causing a recession in Brazil & injuring Brazil's economy & its people. He hasn't yet declared exactly what he will or will not do, but it's quite obvious he will not kowtow to the IMF, he said so specifically! He said he's going to deal with the banks directly & forget the IMF, & if that isn't some kind of a declaration of independence, I don't know what is! Some of the banks are saying they're willing to consider that, though it's been their policy to only give approval if the IMF recommends approval. But they're open to negotiation directly if necessary.
       10. IN FACT, THE BANKS ARE GETTING TO WHERE THEY'D BE GLAD TO GET ANYTHING RATHER THAN LOSE IT ALL! Because if they don't negotiate, if they don't agree to just let the debtors pay what they can, if they insist on what they can't, they'll just have to can the whole thing!
       11. SO THE SENTIMENT IS RISING IN LATIN AMERICA AGAINST SUCH BIG PAYMENTS THAT WRECK THEIR ECONOMIES & the austerity that causes riots & has caused overthrows & coups in various countries & whatnot. They've seen the results in some countries & now they're just going to refuse to do it.
       12. SUDAN IS ONE COUNTRY IN AFRICA THAT JUST RECENTLY TRIED TO ENFORCE IMF AUSTERITY MEASURES, & YOU SEE WHERE IT GOT'M! The country refused. The intelligentsia, the intellectuals, professors, doctors & all that got together & threw out Nimeiri! They said, "Nothing doing!" They were pretty well fed-up with him anyhow, with his Islamic law & all that stuff. So they threw out Nimeiri & with him more or less the IMF, & now they're saying they're going to renegotiate whatever they can separately.--Which is smart! I mean, what can the banks do?

       13. WHAT CAN THE BANKS DO? WHAT WILL THEY DO? When the developing countries start refusing to pay, or to pay so much, & start negotiating those debts on their terms instead of the IMF terms, what's going to happen? Well, by law in the United States, banks which fail to get a certain percentage of return & repayments have to declare those debts in default & put them down as losses for that year! And can you imagine some of those banks putting down hundreds of billions of Dollars of losses come this October, or maybe next year? What do you think that would cause the banks?
       14. ALL THE LITTLE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WOULD TRY TO GET THEIR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS!--If the big people haven't already got theirs out, which they're doing slowly & quietly & secretly right now! I can see the signs of it in the paper all the time! Just read the business pages & see. The big depositors who have deposited by the billions & who are loaning the U.S.A. money by the billions to finance their ridiculous astronomical budget, are pulling out! The U.S. budget is now approaching nearly one trillion Dollars a year, of which one-third is military, over three hundred billion!--Which is, incidentally, just about equivalent to the total Latin American debt!
       15. THE BIG BOYS ARE ALREADY GRADUALLY PULLING OUT, & THEY'RE DOING IT QUIETLY for the plain & simple reason that they don't want to scare the World into everybody suddenly doing it! They want to get theirs out first, & they're doing it by various little tricks & hooks & crooks. They are getting it out by transferring it into other things, & one of the latest things is selling Dollars for ECUs.
       16. HERE COME YOUR EUROPEAN CURRENCY UNITS, WHICH ARE NOW ONE OF THE MOST STABLE OF ALL INVESTMENTS IN CURRENCY. Euro Units are finally coming into their own now. (See ML #738.) As the other currencies, especially the Dollar, began to weaken, a lot of people, stupid idiotic Americans [DELETED], went from Dollars into Deutsche Marks. They preferred to pay for their own banks in Germany. [DELETED] They want to try to uphold the Deutsche Mark, but it hasn't been doing too well either, especially compared to the Yen which has gained more against the Dollar than any other currency!
       17. BUT THEY HAVE FOUND IF THEY INVEST IN EURO UNITS THAT THEY HAVE A SOUNDER INVESTMENT ON A WHOLE BASKET OF EUROPEAN CURRENCY & are making more money in these Euro Unit bonds in percentages than if they went to Deutsche Marks. So now some of them are pulling out of the Deutsche Marks & are going into Euro Units & Eurobonds, which are supposedly more secure. Of course they won't be so secure when the Dollar keeps declining, the U.S. economy keeps declining, the European economy keeps declining & the World economy keeps declining!

       25% IMPORT TARIFF!--The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back!
       18. AND AS FAR AS SOME OF THE MOST EXPERT ANALYSTS CAN SEE, THE STRAW THAT IS GOING TO BREAK THE CAMEL'S BACK IS THE NEW U.S. 25% ACROSS-THE-BOARD TARIFF on all imports.--Which is exactly what happened at the beginning of the Depression & was the major straw which broke the camel's back & sent the whole World into a tailspin of total economic collapse!
       19. THE SAME KIND OF TRADE WAR WAS GOING ON BETWEEN THE U.S.A. & EUROPE & JAPAN AS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!--And the U.S.A resorted to the same kind of protectionism supposed to try to protect its own economy. But instead, just as it's analysed that it will do, though it will help protect a few U.S. manufacturing industries from cheap good products, better products from Japan & Germany, it will absolutely crush the farmers & the little men!--And this was the next thing that happened in the last Crash!
       20. THEY PASSED THE SMOOT-HAWLEY TARIFF BILL, & IT IMMEDIATELY CRUSHED THEIR TRADE with both Europe--at that time predominantly Germany--& Japan. This was in 1930 at the beginning of the Depression. Although the Stock Market Crash was at the end of '29, things didn't really get rolling way downhill until a year or two later. But that was what absolutely sent the World to the bottom, when the selfish, lazy Americans decided that the way to improve their own economy was at the expense of other nations, particularly Europe & Japan.
       21. WHAT IT DID WAS IMMEDIATELY CRUSH THE FARMERS, WHO WERE ALREADY IN TROUBLE, JUST LIKE THEY ARE NOW!--Because the main trade of U.S. farmers is with Europe & Japan, & they'll be greatly affected by the new tariff. Latin America largely produces its own food, etc. That tariff ended trade with developed Europe & Japan, but it practically put a stop to the trade of the underdeveloped countries of Latin America & Africa, etc., because they couldn't sell any more to the United States, therefore they couldn't buy from the United States. So by slapping this big 25% across-the-board tariff on all imports, the selfish lazy Americans just slit their own throats to spite their partners, & that's exactly what they're planning to do now!
       22. THERE'S A TARIFF BILL IN CONGRESS & IT'S ALL THE RAGE! It's popular because tempers are hot against Japan & Europe, because of the pasta war & cotton war & a lot of other wars. They are whipping up sentiment against Japan, they're even reviving old war memories & war atrocities of Japan. I mean it sounds exactly like something I've heard before the Depression!
       23. WHEN THEY GOT INTO THOSE BIG TRADE WARS BEFORE WORLD WAR 1 & THEN AGAIN JUST BEFORE WORLD WAR 2, they began whipping up U.S. sentiment for not just trade war but real war! By reminding the people of all the atrocities Germany & Japan had committed, they whipped up public sentiment for passage of these bills. They were supposedly just trade bills against these countries, so the U.S. people would back them & back their representatives that voted for'm & back the passage of these bills, to "Protect the U.S., red-white-&-blue, wave your flag, wave your hard-hat!"
       24. SO THE U.S. WENT DOWN WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD in almost total financial collapse worldwide, the greatest depression the World has ever known until this one, which is about to happen!

       25. EVERY SIGN POINTS TO IT! IT'S JUST LIKE THEY'RE FOLLOWING EXACTLY THE CUES OF THE SCENARIO OF THE SAME MOVIE! There are a few honest guys who are warning them of it, but they are weak voices in the minority. It's not hard to whip up public anger in the United States, especially if they think it's hurting their jobs, their employment, the prices they pay or the wages they may not get! You can get people mad in a hurry if they think someone is going to interfere with the quality and standard of their rich living!
       26. BUT THE STUPID IDIOTIC FOOLS IN THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, LED ASTRAY BY ALL THIS [EDITED: "AC"] PROPAGANDA & the newspapers & their Congressmen, etc., can't see through it, that it means they are going to have to pay higher prices. It's going to crush the farmers, it's even going to crush some industries, because if they put up such a high tariff to protect themselves so that the Americans are going to have to buy American products instead of cheap Japanese & European products, etc., it means their prices are going to go up, which means their salaries are going to go down for what they can buy. And if the farmers go out of business, there are a lot of other businesses that are going to go out of business & there'll be less jobs, less money & the whole cycle repeats itself!--Down, down, down!
       27. THIS POST-WAR BOOM HAS JUST ABOUT COME TO A COMPLETE END. They don't call it a "boom" any more, by the way--"post-war recovery" is one nice new word they've got for it. They're afraid of using "boom" because booms burst! Also boom is a scare word for inflation, "You've got to beware of inflation, inflation is bad, it's an enemy! Even though salaries rise, prices will also rise & everything will rise!"--Which, however, for awhile looks good, not bad, to most people. Under inflationary conditions, boom conditions, more people have jobs & they get more pay, but of course prices are higher too so it doesn't really mean that much. But they don't figure that way. The average American doesn't really use his head in figuring his expenses and prices and all that.
       28. SO ON THE SURFACE IT JUST LOOKS GOOD, like the nice Green Paper Pig is getting bigger & bigger & mightier & mightier till it's full-blown! (See ML #243.) Booms are dangerous & inflation is dangerous. For awhile it brings prosperity, but always in the end it finally goes, "Boom! Bang! Crash!"--& deflates the whole thing.
       29. SO THERE'S EVERY SIGN OF EXACTLY THE SAME KIND OF CONDITIONS WHICH PRECEDED THE GREAT DEPRESSION! They're doing the same stupid things, they're passing the same ridiculous laws & they're cutting their own throats to spite themselves, as they're trying to cut the throats of the rest of the World with their cutthroat tariffs & cutthroat trade policies they're planning to implement to beggar their poor neighbours!

       30. SO OCTOBER IS THE END OF THE PRESENT U.S. FISCAL YEAR. I somewhat agree with someone's recent note that this may be the U.S.' last fiscal year! More & more developing countries are refusing to pay on IMF terms, which means terms of the [EDITED: "AC"] banks of the rich countries who have loaned them this money. As things get worse, more & more are going to refuse to pay on those terms, or even just refuse to pay period! What happens when the banks don't get their money when they're supposed to?--They have to declare huge losses of hundreds of millions of Dollars, which could mount up to billions if all those countries get together, or even do it independently to different degrees of non-payment or renegotiation or all the nice words they want to use for it.
       31. IN THE U.S.A. THE LAW REQUIRES BANKS TO DECLARE THE LOANS IN DEFAULT, which means they've got to take certain extreme measures & declare certain huge losses. And when that happens, who's losing? Well, if it goes on slowly enough & long enough, the big boys will pretty much have gotten a lot of their money out of the way to safer places. But when it finally comes out that it's irreversible, then what do the little people do?
       32. IF THE DEBTORS HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH TO PAY THE BANK, THEN THE BANK HASN'T GOT ENOUGH TO REFUND ITS DEPOSITS, & it's first come, first served! Whoever gets down to the bank first & draws out his cash, gets some! And when the bank runs out of cash, "liquidity" or cash flow, as they call it, then there's no more & the bank's doors close & the government declares a nationwide moratorium, just like they did last time when FDR got in.
       33. THE FIRST THING FDR DID WAS DECLARE THE NATIONWIDE BANK MORATORIUM. He declared it after the banks closed on Friday so the people wouldn't have a chance to rush down & withdraw their money. He declared that the banks would not open on Monday until every bank's assets & liquidity had been analysed, & then only those banks which were in good solid cash position were allowed to open. I've forgotten the exact percentage of how many banks really opened, but from what we saw in Miami, I'd say not more than about a third of all the banks reopened!
       34. SO THE STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE IN THE OCTOBER '29 CRASH SORT OF SET THE BALL ROLLING, that was just the beginning.--Actually it was not the beginning, but the effect of what was already happening.--Like the crazy 25% tariff law which they're now planning to pass, & it looks to me like they'll get it passed, they say possibly some time in October.
       35. A LOT OF THESE BIG LOANS ARE COMING DUE IN OCTOBER & THE U.S. FISCAL YEAR ENDS IN OCTOBER.--Year, not "ear"! It sounds like they don't have any ears, they're not listening to the Truth.--They don't dare! They just can't believe it, because if they believed it, their faith in their whole system would collapse, so it would collapse, which it will eventually!

       36. PEOPLE SAY I'M A CALAMITY HOWLER, & THEY'RE RIGHT! NEARLY EVERY PROPHET OF GOD WHO EVER LIVED WAS A CALAMITY HOWLER, because they were sent to howl calamity if the people didn't repent!--Sent in the mercy of God to warn the people that if they didn't repent they were going to suffer great calamities. So all Prophets are calamity-howlers, because they're the Messengers of God in His mercy to warn people that they're going to suffer calamity if they don't stop it! So I'm howling calamities & doom, but they're going to come true just like they did in the Bible & have ever since.
       37. WHEN YOU HAVE WORLDLY ECONOMISTS WHO DON'T NECESSARILY EVEN BELIEVE THE BIBLE OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GOD'S ECONOMY ALREADY PREDICTING THE SAME THING & WARNING OF THE SAME THING, when it gets to the point that the secret is out & the minority, the little boys, the honest men like Stockman & a few others are beginning to howl the same thing, then a few people are beginning to listen!--And the conservative wise big investors are going to start doing something, which they already are. But they've learned through bitter experience that sudden drastic moves create havoc & panic & crashes, so they're trying to dribble it out & move it slowly & secretly out of the system so that things won't crash till they get theirs out.
       38. THE LITTLE GUY NEVER WAKES UP SOON ENOUGH, USUALLY NOT UNTIL THE BIG BOYS ARE OUT, WHICH BRINGS ABOUT THE COLLAPSE OF THE BANKS! The little guy doesn't hear about it until his own bank closes, he doesn't get the point. He apparently doesn't read the financial news, he apparently doesn't see the signs of the times, he apparently doesn't read the Bible or our stuff, that's for sure, or believe it. But that's what happens next, right now! The process of gradual slow withdrawal of big funds from the U.S.A. is already in progress & it's top news in the paper that they're going out of the Dollar to Deutsche Marks, Euro Units & other kinds of bonds, etc., but gradually so as not to scare anybody.
       39. UNEMPLOYMENT IS RISING IN THE U.S. & EUROPE. It has never gone down in the rest of the poor World, it's only getting worse, such as in some of the developing countries. As things go down in the big countries, things go down in the little countries, because they depend so much on the big rich countries. As conditions get worse in the rich countries, conditions get much worse than they already were in the poor countries. So you can count on the developing countries not to get any better, but even worse.
       40. JUST ABOUT THE TIME THEY'RE GASPING A BREATH & HEAVING A SIGH OF RELIEF THAT MAYBE THEY'RE GOING TO SURVIVE IT as the IMF banks drivel out a few crumbs to'm to string'm along to make'm think they're going to help'm out, they're only driveling out a few crumbs in order to deceive them & to drop those crumbs along a trail that's going to lead them to destruction!--Instead they should wake up & realise there's no hope & they ought to cancel the debts & forget it & start from scratch, go back to the farm & raise some food so they can eat!
       41. THEY GOT THEMSELVES INTO THIS MESS! They borrowed those billions to build all those big buildings & all those colossal new industries which were not suited to their economy whatsoever, & to build a few big fortunes to boot. They have danced the dance & now they've either gotta pay the fiddler or the whole thing is going to collapse. Meanwhile the fiddler has agreed to play an extra tune or two rather than close the dance!--In order to keep them dancing to his tune, still hoping it means they will knuckle in & knuckle down & bow down & kowtow & become his slaves!
       42. IF THEY DECLARE THEIR INDEPENDENCE & SAY THEY WILL NOT SERVE THE SLAVERY OF THE IMF & the big [EDITED: "AC"] banks of the rich countries, they've got no leverage any more, except just to withhold the money.--In which case these poor countries would all be better off to leave the city & go back to the farm & raise enough food to feed themselves & forget about all these fancy things they were dreaming of! Let grass grow on the boulevards & let the buildings fall to pieces, which they probably will, as well as all their useless industries that weren't suited for their economies! That's what's going to happen anyhow when it all goes crash!
       43. SO AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, IT'S RIGHT ON THE VERGE, IT'S JUST TOTTERING ON THE BRINK, & IT'S ONLY GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE PUSH, like this Tariff Bill, which is the last thing that did it at the beginning of the Depression. Hoover did not bring on the Depression, he was literally its victim. There was really nothing he could do about it, he was just a stooge for the vested interests & big banks & all the rest, who were selfish & unwilling to make sacrifices, unwilling to help the poor countries. The same thing but on a smaller scale was in existence right before the Great Depression, all the same conditions, & it's bringing it about again. The same recipe will bring about the same product, the same cooking is going to bring about the same result!

       44. SO IF GOD'S WAITING ON US TO GET ALL OF THESE MATERIALS INTO THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE before things begin to really go, I'm just suggesting the possibility that October could be it! There are a lot of things that I keep seeing in the paper, maybe I should have listed them, that have deadlines for October or for 1986. But 1986 is the year that will tell the tale! Because they've either got to solve these problems by sometime next year or there's no solution & they will crash!--Which is what we believe & expect & could say with the assurance of what the Lord has shown us, we know is going to happen. It's got to happen, there's no way out!
       45. SO WHAT HAPPENS? MAYBE IN OCTOBER THEY'LL PASS THE BIG HIGH TARIFF BILL IN THE U.S., which closes the U.S. markets to not only Japan, one of the richest countries in the World & one of the busiest & hardest working & most productive & honest & righteous, but also to old & ancient & doddering & senile fading Europe, the rich countries.
       46. WHAT WOULD JAPAN DO? JAPAN HAS SURVIVED WORSE THAN THIS! It will simply shift its sales & go into an intensive sales attack on Europe & the developing countries, & the developing countries haven't got the money to pay, so Japan will accept food in payment--which it needs--for its electronics & other high-technology goods--videos, cars, TVs, computers & all the rest, all the things the developing countries need & want.
       47. THEY'VE GOT THE FOOD THAT JAPAN NEEDS, SO JAPAN WILL SIMPLY SHIFT ITS SALES TO THESE COUNTRIES so it won't starve. It may not have as big sales as they had before with the U.S.A., but who cares? When the U.S.A. passes that tariff, the U.S.A. is passe', it's cutting its own throat anyhow. So it won't stay a good market anyway because it's going to go into the doldrums, into depression & collapse, & won't have the money to buy Japanese goods.
       48. NOW THEY'RE COMPLAINING BECAUSE THE JAPANESE ARE SELLING THEM SO MUCH GOODS, BUT THE DAY IS GOING TO COME WHEN THEY'LL WISH THEY COULD EVEN BUY JAPANESE GOODS!--Because who's going to pay those high tariffs on Japanese goods imported into the United States?--Not the Japanese, the Americans! They're the ones who are going to have to pay the high prices because they'll add 25% to the price of every bit of Japanese goods that's imported, & the same to the European goods.--Which are already outselling & have been outselling American goods for a long time, especially Germany.
       49. THE AMERICANS DIDN'T MIND IT TOO MUCH & THE GERMANS WERE HAPPY ABOUT IT as long as the Germans [DELETED] & Germany was prospering as a result. The U.S.A. will tolerate certain countries that are under its thumb & its umbrella of blessings, such as Germany & Israel, etc., even if it's a loss to them. They have certain favourites amongst their commercial wives!
       50. BUT JAPAN WILL JUST GO RIGHT ON SELLING TO THE COUNTRIES THAT NEED THEIR GOODS & WHOSE GOODS THEY NEED.--Including not only the developing countries of the East, but South America, Africa & even Europe! When Europe can no longer trade with the U.S.A., she's going to start buying Japanese goods, which they've already been doing anyhow, & trading with Japan.
       51. THE U.S.A. IS JUST SLITTING ITS OWN THROAT!--Which Reagan has been trying to prevent them from doing all the time, saying it's just going to hurt more than it's going to help. That's one thing about the Republicans, they're pretty good sensible people about the economy. They know they should raise taxes, but people don't vote for guys who raise taxes! They know they should cut the budget, but people don't vote for guys who cut the budget & therefore cut down military industry & government spending in their state & their hometown for jobs, & factories which would have to close down. The people know they should pay more taxes & reduce the budget & cut the deficit, but because it's going to cost them something to do it, they will never vote for the guys who want to do it!
       52. SO IT KEEPS SNOWBALLING, GOING UP & UP & UP, so that nobody ever really cuts taxes, nobody ever really cuts the budget--although they talk & talk about it &pretend to & promise to. Reagan got re-elected on the promise he was going to cut taxes--or was supposed to have raised some taxes in order to cut the deficit & the budget. But he hasn't been able to because the Congressmen & their constituents flatly refuse! "Oh no, cut that guy's budget, raise his taxes, not mine!" So it goes on & they just never do it, & the taxes never really go up enough to pay for the enormous debt. The average American would rather see the country continue to borrow the money, which is exactly what the U.S. is doing!
       53. IT NOW HAS A YEARLY DEFICIT WHICH IS GETTING CLOSE TO WHAT ITS MILITARY SPENDING IS. In other words, if the U.S. could cut all that crazy 300 billion Dollars worth of military spending, that would start to erase the overall deficit. A lot of times when they're talking about the deficit, they're only talking about that year's budget deficit of only two or three hundred billion--which is now definitely going to be at least two hundred billion & maybe more--they aren't talking about the three-trillion-Dollar total deficit that's been rising ever since FDR!

       A DOLLAR-A-DAY!
       54. FDR WAS THE GUY WHO STARTED IT & SAID JUST PRINT MORE MONEY, distribute more money, counterfeit money, pull in the gold, spend more money, etc. It doesn't matter whether we've got it or not, raise the money with income tax & all that sort of thing & just go wild spending money! Create jobs somehow, any kind of make-work jobs, anything, & put the people back to work. So the WPA, the Works Projects Administration, was paying a Dollar-a-day for guys to stand out in the fields looking like statues, or to count the birds in a tree, or sit down & count the nuts on a tree! I'm talking about things that really happened under FDR, anything just to make work & give people jobs at a Dollar-a-day!
       55. THE FUNNY THING ABOUT IT WAS IN THOSE DAYS THEY COULD LIVE ON A DOLLAR-A-DAY, think of that! We had a family in our house during the Depression of about two dozen people--two houses actually, the big house & the cellotex cottage--& we lived on an average Sunday morning offering of $10 a week! That's less than a Dollar-a-day for 24 people! We could feed'm all. Thank God, for one thing, we hadn't built the house on mortgage or borrowed money. When the house was built it was the heyday, the boom! My folks had the money & they paid cash, so we didn't have to worry about rent. But I could remember several times when the lights went out because we couldn't pay the light bill of something like $10 or $12 a month. I remember having nice candlelight services down at the church!--Not because they were beautiful, but because they were necessary since the electricity was off because we couldn't pay the bill!

       56. SO IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING! When I wrote that Letter back in 1980, "The Crash Is Here" (ML #854), it was already here because the nations were already billions in debt, including the U.S.A. The only reason that people didn't know the Crash was here is because the people that knew wouldn't tell them & wouldn't even admit it themselves & wouldn't act like it themselves because they just hoped it would go away! Nations were already bankrupt, the U.S. was already trillions of Dollars in debt. The Crash was already there!
       57. SOME PEOPLE SAY, "OH, THAT WAS A CRAZY LETTER, THE CRASH HASN'T HAPPENED YET!" Well, the Crash began with FDR, who only pulled the U.S. out of that Depression with a war boom, World War 2, plus a lot of government counterfeit money & spending that money to make jobs, & finally it took a war to really do the trick, spending millions of Dollars on war materials & on war.--Which was only millions of Dollars in those days, but it's up to billions now!

       58. SO IT LOOKS LIKE THE NEXT THING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IS THIS TARIFF BILL, they say possibly in October & surely before the Christmas vacation, because the U.S. is really whipped up about it. They're even reviving old war memories of Japan & atrocities & everything else to arouse the sentiment of the American people so they'll vote for the guys who vote for the tariff.--And they'll write their own death warrant!
       59. AS I SAID BEFORE, JAPAN WILL START TRADING MORE WITH OTHER COUNTRIES.--In fact, in a more sensible form of trading with countries who can supply them with what they really need, which is food. Japan is a very mountainous country & has a very small agricultural output compared to its need. It has to import food since it's not self-sufficient in food, but they're more than self-sufficient in manufactured goods that especially the East & developing countries all over the World need. So they'll just start bartering & trading with these poor countries for food & the things they need.
       60. SO JAPAN'S NOT GOING TO BE HURT ALL THAT MUCH. It'll probably do it good to get rid of all those American products & American influence & junk & whatnot. Most of what Japan imports from the U.S. is food. So now instead of buying food from the U.S. just to keep the U.S. happy, which they've been doing, & to prevent the U.S. from imposing these tariffs against their manufactured goods, they can diversify, because the U.S. is going to do it anyhow. So the U.S. has no more leverage with Japan, & Japan can turn right around & start buying its food from the countries that need to sell theirs in the East! It'll be good for the East!
       61. THAT TARIFF IS GOING TO BE GOOD FOR JAPAN, GOOD FOR THE EAST & GOOD FOR THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, because Japan will have to sell to them now & have to buy from them because the U.S. market will be gone. Also, for awhile it will even be good for Europe. Europe hasn't had too much trade with Japan, but Japan has a lot of things Europe needs & Europe has a lot of things Japan needs. Japan will sell more to Europe because it has been long undercutting European prices for a long time.--Unless Europe is stupid enough to raise their tariffs.
       62. BUT JAPANESE GOODS ARE WANTED--WHETHER THEY'RE NEEDED OR NOT--ALL OVER THE WORLD IN THE DEVELOPING & POOR COUNTRIES, so she will have to learn how to barter, in other words trade goods for goods. So it's not going to hurt Japan all that much, because the Japanese are hard workers, efficient, industrious, cooperative & united. They have been through Hell on Earth & have survived & come back stronger than ever, just like Germany did, only better, till now they're the second richest country in the World next to the U.S.A.--And on their way to being the richest!
       63. IF THE U.S.A. GOES THROUGH WITH THIS STUPID IDIOTIC TARIFF LAW, THAT'S GOING TO SWITCH THE BALANCE right off to where the U.S. is going to start going down & get poorer than Japan.--Because Japanese trade will not be hurt, only its U.S. trade will be hurt. It will then have to bolster that trade by trade with other countries who really need it. It's going to be good for the poor!
       64. THE U.S. IS SLITTING ITS OWN THROAT! It will no longer have this advantage of cheap Japanese goods & it will raise prices in the U.S. It will hurt some industries, although it may help a few. It'll hurt mostly the farmers, whose biggest customer was Japan, & the whole U.S.A. is going to slide down & maybe even take a nosedive! They're cutting their own throats with this stupid idiotic tariff law, 25% across the board. That means a 25% tax on every single import they get from Japan & Europe, etc., particularly from countries that they consider big competitors. Even poor Brazil, who in spite of the IMF & in spite of problems it has had lately, has been coming out with a nice big handsome trade balance in its favour, selling more goods than it's importing & doing great!
       65. BUT IF THE U.S. SLAMS THE DOOR ON BRAZIL, JAPAN, EUROPE, KOREA & TAIWAN, all the countries it has this bill aimed at specifically, those countries are no dumb bunnies! They're no slackers, they will work their heads off to sell to other places, & there are plenty of other places that are willing to buy their goods!--Especially the manufactured products of South Korea, Taiwan & Japan, plus the food products & raw materials of Brazil.

       GOD REPAYS!
       66. (MARIA: MAYBE THE LORD'S BLESSING BRAZIL LATELY BECAUSE THEY'VE ACCEPTED US SO WELL!) PTL! Yes, & some countries who haven't are going down, down, down, like Singapore. And do you know what the turning point in Spain's economy was? 10 years ago they were rich & thriving & prosperous in the last days of Franco, but when Franco died, as far as I can see, it must have been the new government behind it that started persecuting me personally in Tenerife, & Spain has gone down ever since! It's had nothing but economic trouble ever since.--Whereas they were prospering & booming in the last days of Franco!
       67. DON'T TELL ME GOD DOESN'T REPAY! HIS WHEELS OF JUSTICE GRIND EXCEEDING SLOW, BUT THEY GRIND EXCEEDING FINE! He lets people suffer their own just deserts & reap what they have sowed. Even if it takes years, it happens!
       68. INDONESIA'S HAVING ALL KINDS OF TROUBLE NOW, & WATCH & SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO HONG KONG! They may not be getting it right away, but God is very patient, He's got lots of time, in fact He has Eternity, but some of these people He's dealing with don't! A few years doesn't mean much to the Lord, He can just let them gradually sink. He lets them suffer for their own sins. If He just clobbered them the minute they kicked us out, it would be a little too obvious.
       69. BUT HONG KONG HAS LOTS MORE THINGS TO SUFFER FOR THAN JUST THEIR TREATMENT OF US, for their oppression of the poor for years, their mistreatment of the Chinese themselves, the low wages of big billion-Dollar industries & banks in Hong Kong, of the rich who've been oppressing the poor & exploiting the poor labourers for about a century! Of course, the British were doing dirty things there even before that. And they'll suffer for their mistreatment even of the boat people, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Although they have harboured a few, they have turned down a lot. So Hong Kong has yet to reap what it has been sowing. The bottom dropped out of their economy because of the scare of China taking over, but they're beginning to have a little recovery now.

       70. BUT TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA & JAPAN HAVE THESE HIGH-TECH TYPE OF PRODUCTS WHICH THE DEVELOPING POOR COUNTRIES NEED, & they're going to turn to them & start trading more with them, which is going to be very good for the poor countries in the East, Latin America, even Africa & all over the World! The Japanese are great people for trading, almost some of the biggest traders in the World!--Although once in awhile somebody overshoots the mark a little bit, like the biggest tanker line in Japan, which is just now failing because they bought too many tankers. They counted on the high price of oil, & the price of oil has gone way down, so the company is failing. And the head of it is actually one of the Ministers of Japan, so he's resigning.

       U.S. GETS IT FIRST!
       71. AFTER THE TARIFF LAW, EUROPE WILL ALSO THEN TURN TO OTHER MARKETS, INCLUDING JAPAN, & sell more to Africa, more to the East, etc., & just let the U.S.A. stew in its own juice. If they can't sell to the U.S., they can't buy from the U.S. So the U.S. trade will go down & the U.S. will go into the doldrums! Unemployment will go up, factories will close, farmers will go bankrupt & the U.S. will start another big Depression! It's bound to happen, & if they pass that bill in October it will happen. Of course not everything happens at once, it's like dominoes.--One knocks one down & it knocks the next one down and on down it goes!
       72. BUT IF ANYTHING, IT WILL BENEFIT THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES OF THE EAST & PLACES OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. IN SOME WAYS. It may hurt some of their too-rich trade with the U.S.A., which is a kind of a flimsy false rotten affair, but it will start them into a better, more substantial, more helpful inter-Pacific, inter-East-Asian trade, inter-World trade with countries other than the U.S., so that the U.S. can go to its own doom first without taking everybody down with it right off the bat! But in the meantime, most of the banks & the big money boys, the [EDITED: "ACs"], are in the U.S. & Europe. So what's going to happen then?
       73. THE U.S. HAS BECOME THE BIGGEST DEBTOR NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, its military budget alone equalling the 300 billion Dollar debt of all the Latin American nations put together, & its yearly budget deficit now running 200 billion Dollars a year! They're spending that much more than they're taking in, being financed by depositors who are going to be drawing their money out, so where's the U.S. going to get the money?
       74. WELL, THEY'RE GOING TO START PRINTING MORE & MORE COUNTERFEIT MONEY REAL FAST, JUST LIKE THEY DO NOW. But the more they do, investors & financial experts & just the ordinary guy on the street who trades currencies, will know that the U.S. Dollar is not worth much, because it's just counterfeit, cheap money running off printing presses backed by nothing! So the Dollar will dive steeper all the time & go down worse & worse in relation to other currencies.
       75. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT IT LOOKS LIKE THE U.S. IS GOING TO GET IT FIRST & SUFFER AT ITS OWN EXPENSE FOR ITS OWN SINS & ITS OWN SELFISHNESS. What it's actually doing with this new tariff bill is saying to the poor countries, & even rich Japan which doesn't really need the U.S., "To Hell with you! We're going to keep our standard of living & our high prices & our high wages & we're going to kick you in the teeth! We can do without you, go to Hell!" The U.S. is saying this to the rest of the World just like it always has. In any tight rub it's "Me first! America first! Let the rest of the World go to Hell!" But what's going to happen is that the U.S. is going to find out it's dependent on the rest of the World & it's going to go to Hell first through the Crash, & it won't take the war to do it!

       76. THE DANGER IS THAT THE U.S. MIGHT TRY TO PULL ITSELF OUT BY A WAR. They're whipping up the war fever right now with these revived stories of Japanese atrocities during World War 2. What they're trying to do is compensate for & negate all the sympathy that has been aroused in the World by the 40th Anniversary of the Nagasaki/Hiroshima bombings!
       77. THE WHOLE WORLD IS UNITED IN ITS SYMPATHY FOR JAPAN, & ANTI-U.S. FEELING IS GROWING THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, so the U.S. itself is trying to whip up both American fever, which it is succeeding in, & World sentiment & opinion against Japan. It's also trying to vindicate itself for dropping the bombs, when now experts & students of history & diaries & all those other things have come out with revelations that we never got at all, things which were kept secret for years, how Roosevelt allowed the bombing of Pearl Harbor in order to infuriate the Americans to vote for war! Now it's coming out that the U.S. bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki, not just to kill Japanese & win that war, it was already won, not just to make the Japanese surrender, but to scare the Russians!
       78. THIS HAS BEEN BROUGHT OUT BY A NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS, in things said by both President Truman, who made the decision, & his advisors, etc., that "We must give the Russians a signal that they'd better stop!"--That it was not just a military act to end the war, but it was a political act to try to stop Russia. The U.S. thought nothing of bombing innocent people in order to warn Russia that, "This is what we can do to you if you don't stop!"
       79. WELL, THE MORE THE TRUTH GETS OUT LIKE THAT, HOW DO YOU THINK THAT'S GOING TO MAKE THE JAPANESE FEEL?--And how will they feel when the U.S. passes this tariff act against them as well as the rest of the World? The Japanese are going to thumb their nose at the U.S. & say "To Hell with you! Who the Hell needs you? We don't give a damn! Go your own way, go to Hell as you once tried to send us!"
       80. THERE ARE PLENTY OF JAPANESE WHO STILL HAVE PLENTY OF ANTI-AMERICAN FERVOUR, & the more the Americans whip up the anti-Japanese fever, the more the Japanese are going to resent it & turn anti-American. So that's one thing some of our Americans in Japan are going to have to watch. The Japanese are already somewhat anti-American naturally, they just plain don't like Americans! We've heard that a lot of them won't even rent houses to Americans because they're so dirty & so loud & so destructive. As far as the Japanese are concerned, Americans are savages, they're barbarians!--Whereas the Japanese are civil, polite, courteous & civilised compared to the Americans. So the more the Americans turn on them & try to hurt the Japanese, the more the Japanese will just go away to other countries & trade & deal with them.

       81. JAPAN'S EXCUSE FOR CONQUERING THE EAST DURING ITS WAR WAS THAT THEY WERE TRYING TO CREATE A GREATER EAST ASIAN ECONOMIC PROSPERITY SPHERE. This is what they claim they were trying to establish by war. Well, God didn't bless it, they lost, & they lost about some three million people, the Americans lost about a million & there was a lot of horrible destruction.
       82. BUT THE RESULT WAS THE JAPANESE WORKED HARD, SACRIFICED, GAINED GREATER EFFICIENCY, COOPERATED, WORKED TOGETHER, & THEY REBUILT on the ruins a greater Japan than ever, which has now already conquered commercially & economically & established that Greater East Asian Sphere of Economic Prosperity through peaceful means.
       83. AND IT INFURIATES THE AMERICANS THAT THE JAPANESE HAVE DONE IT IN A WAY THAT THEY CAN'T STOP IT! What they stopped temporarily with war the Japanese have now regained better than ever, to where all the poorer East Asian countries look to Japan for more help now rather than so much the U.S. The U.S. is withdrawing help, cutting down help through the IMF, whereas the Japanese are increasing help to those countries. And if the U.S. passes that tariff bill & cuts off their trading partners, particularly Japan & East Asia, they're all going to turn to Japan & thumb their noses at the U.S. & say, "Go to Hell!" So the U.S. is going to literally kill itself & slit its own throat!

       84. MEANWHILE, WE KNOW THE KIND OF CONSPIRACY THAT IS UP IN THE FOREFRONT WITH THE [EDITED: "ACS"] & their big [EDITED: "AC"] banks of the rich American & European countries who've been trying to get control of the World. What are they going to do when the U.S. cuts its own throat & dumps its trading partners, & in effect dumps its debtor nations?--Since they can't trade they're going to try to get tougher with collecting their debts, & the poor countries are going to refuse, so they can't collect. So the banks start going broke & the people start running on the banks & the U.S. begins to go broke & bankrupt, unable to pay its bills & its debts, unable to finance its extravagant, wasteful, horrible, destructive military economy! What's it going to do?
       85. WHAT ARE THOSE [EDITED: "ACS"] GOING TO DO WHO HAVE ALREADY TAKEN OVER THE U.S. & EUROPE & ARE RUNNING THE RICHEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD EXCEPT JAPAN? That's one thing that makes them mad at Japan, because they're not Japanese & they can't run it! [DELETED] So [EDITED: "the Japanese are"] not cooperating with the American-European [EDITED: "AC"] conspiracy, they're sort of staying aloof & going their own independent way.
       86. SO THEY HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO BRING JAPAN TO ITS KNEES SINCE THE WAR! God has blessed Japan & they've made a comeback & they're going their own way, & they can do without the U.S.A. It will be a blessing & a benefit to the rest of the World! And there are plenty of countries in the World which will be happy about it & will also be happy to dump the U.S.A. & their trade with the U.S.A. if the U.S.A. no longer wants it.
       87. SO WHAT ARE THE [EDITED: "ACS"] GOING TO DO THEN WHEN THEIR BANKS START FAILING & THEY CAN'T GET THEIR MONEY? How is their conspiracy going to succeed? (Peter: Part of their conspiracy is the new economic system of the Antichrist.) They certainly don't want war to destroy the World if they can help it. Oh, they wouldn't mind if they had to go to that extreme, they'd do it, but first of all they'll try to save the World for themselves by coming up with such a clever, genius, miraculous, almost supernatural solution, an alternative solution of a new type of economic system that will show greater fairness to the whole World, & of course particularly to themselves, as they always do!
       88. THEY DON'T MIND WHEELING & DEALING WITH OTHERS AS LONG AS THEY GET THE BENEFIT & THE BEST OF THE DEAL! If there's anything the Antichrist is going to be, it's a great deceiver, with signs & wonders & miracles to persuade the nations to follow him, that he's got the solution & the answer.
       89. SO AS THE OLD SYSTEM COLLAPSES, INSTEAD OF AMERICA BENEFITING & the [EDITED: "ACs"] & the rich [EDITED: "AC"] banks of America & Europe getting control of the World the way they expect to, Japan & the Third World will declare their independence. They'll thumb their nose at'm & say, "Well, we can do without you! We just won't pay, we'll go our own way, we'll trade with Japan & with each other & we'll survive without the U.S.A. & even without Europe!"
       90. THE U.S.A. & EUROPE, MEANING THE BIG RICH [EDITED: "AC"] BANKERS & NATIONS, ARE GOING TO COME UP WITH A SUPER SOLUTION, a new economic system that is supposed to bring equality & fairness for all to solve all these trade problems forever & these economic & monetary problems. We have inside information from some of our own people whose parents work within the government that the U.S. is already printing new money that they plan to issue. They can't repay their debts or their huge deficit, so they're going to issue a new kind of money that will supposedly take care of that. They're going to force that on their debtors & say, "Here, we'll pay you with this!"--Some kind of new high-priced currency which they will issue that has no more backing than the other, but in higher denominations.--And they're going to issue new Social Security cards with 666 on them & all this sort of thing.
       91. THEY'RE GOING TO TRY TO GET BY WITH THAT PERHAPS FIRST TO TRY TO GET OUT FROM UNDER THEIR HUGE DEBT-LOAD, & if that doesn't work, which it probably won't, the Genius will finally come up with the ingenious solution of the new economic system entirely, the credit card system, the Mark of the Beast system & all the rest. He will deceive the World & fool it into accepting it as the only solution to this constant international trade war, currency war & economic war with each other, which always brings about hot wars. He'll try to persuade the World that to save itself from utter destruction they've got to accept this new economic system, but that will take a little time.
       92. THE U.S. & EUROPE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO KIND OF TAKE A GOOD NOSEDIVE FIRST IN THE CRASH & the rich nations get desperate enough to be willing to accept it, & smart enough to persuade the poor countries to accept it. He'll have to show'm that there are going to be some kind of benefits for them if they'll accept it, to save the economies of the rich countries as well as benefit the economies of the poor countries. He's going to be a super salesman & persuade all these people to do these things.
       93. I DON'T MEAN THAT'S ALL GOING TO HAPPEN IN OCTOBER, BUT I CAN SEE WHERE THIS COULD BE THE FOCAL POINT, the turning point, the fulcrum on which the lever is going to turn the other way & the Crash really get under way!

       94. ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: ARE WE READY? I want to congratulate you on the phenomenal job you did in finishing your big pubs of all your big books! They're now in the hands of Sprint, & God helping them, we pray they'll be able to get them out before the postage deadline.--If not, we hope there won't be more than one or two smaller ones left over. Let's push those big ones through first. Then we hope we'll just have a few little ones to get out regularly, periodically. I'm trying to even speed them up so they can get them as fast as possible, so we can get out as much as we can while we still can.
       95. THINGS ARE BOUND TO TIGHTEN UP MORE & MORE FOR A LOT OF REASONS--the economy, tighter control of immigration, persecution, terrorist activities, already tighter inspections at airports & immigration, etc. Everything is tightening up & the World is getting used to more & more direct, tight control.
       96. WE CAN BE VERY THANKFUL, AS STRANGERS, IF WE ARE STILL ABLE TO STAY IN SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES & STILL OPERATE & furnish the Family with the tools to do the job, still use the mails & still publish what few publications we continue.--Mostly our periodicals, the GN, the HG, the GPA, the WND & the FSM!
       97. AS I'VE SAID RECENTLY, EVEN IF I HAD TO SACRIFICE OUR REGULAR PUBS, I THINK I WOULD LEAVE THE {\ul \i LIFE WITH GRANDPA} & {\ul \i HEAVEN'S GIRL} TILL LAST!--Although I'm sure I'll still be getting out some GNs, because the Prophet can't keep his mouth shut! (Maria: That's the raw material they have to have to do the others!) But we will give top priority to getting out the periodicals for the children & the young people, the GPA & the HG. Those can carry the same Messages that I'm giving in long, fine print diatribes to the adults in the GN. In fact, the adults will probably enjoy reading the GPA & the HGs more & get the same messages in simpler, briefer language, pictorialised as well, & excitingly--I don't like to say fictionalised--but parablised in true conditions of true circumstances with role models that are going to actually go through those things, giving them the same Messages!
       98. I BELIEVE THE {\ul \i HEAVEN'S GIRL} STORY IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BECOME POPULAR NOT ONLY IN THE FAMILY to teach them lessons & prepare them for those days, what to do & not to do, etc., but also that it's going to become popular in such a story form as a vehicle for our Message even amongst outside friends, catacombers & supporters, etc., & may even get to the point where it reaches the general public! They'd read a story like that like they do the Posters, whereas they'd never even hardly give a second look to the long, lengthy fine print of a GN. They listen to your Tapes too! So I'm going to give top priority to the things that are really going to reach the public now & perhaps even better & more in the future.
       99. THE {\ul \i GNs} MAY STAY IN CIRCULATION LIKE THE SECRET MO LETTERS OF BYGONE DAYS, only for leadership & Family, etc., but the others may get out even to the general public in the long run & carry the Message in a sugar-coated, palatable, exciting, thrilling story form! So I can see a tremendous future for the Grandpa Stories & Heaven's Girl, both in the Family & out.
       100. I BELIEVE THE {\ul \i WND} ALREADY HAS A VERY ESSENTIAL, NECESSARY USE TO KEEP THE FAMILY APPRISED OF WORLD CONDITIONS no matter where they are & whether they can get these things in the newspapers or not. In fact it's literally a news analysis & news interpretation directly from the newspaper with comments.
       101. WE'LL KEEP PUBBING THE {\ul \i FSM} AS LONG AS WE CAN, because there you have the story of the results, the pay-off, the fruits of our ministry, the testimonies, the glorious, encouraging reports from the Heaven's Girls & Boys of the World, Hallelujah!--That it works & they're getting results & it's there! PTL!

       102. MAYBE A GOOD TITLE FOR THIS LITTLE TALK WOULD BE "BLACK OCTOBER?" They actually called it "Black Monday" after the Great Depression, but we could call it "Black October," this possibility of October beginning the real fast slide. If the U.S. passes that tariff bill, things will start to really move & really roll downhill for the U.S., & it'll take Europe with it because they're so inter-dependent on each other.
       103. THE U.S. DOESN'T EVEN REALISE THAT IT NOW OWES MOST OF ITS FUTURE TO THE EAST! Its trade with the East far surpasses its trade with the West & Europe, but most Americans are still living in the past, they still think Europe is it! They don't realise that the preponderance of U.S. trade is now with the East. So they're going to cut their throats & cut off their Eastern trade just as it was beginning to bloom & blossom & prosper & would have helped the U.S.A. as well--& has! It's filled in the gap between U.S. productivity & U.S. demand. What the U.S. itself was unwilling to produce at a price people could afford, the East has produced & the people have bought.--Which is the only way the U.S. has been able to satisfy its own domestic demand for products. Now they're going to cut off their nose to spite their face!
       104. IT'S CRAZY, YOU CAN'T BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE THAT DUMB! But they don't always read it in that kind of simple language in their newspapers! The financiers do, they can interpret that financial mumbo-jumbo like I do! But I try to put the cookies on a lower shelf--or the sour lemons or apples or whatever you want to call it--down where people can taste & see that the System is bad, only the Lord is good! Amen?
       105. SO I'M JUST REPEATING A LOT OF WHAT I'VE ALREADY SAID, MAYBE EMBELLISHED A LITTLE BIT TO TRY TO CONVINCE YOU THAT IT'S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! I'm telling you some new little pieces of the puzzle which it looks like are going to help complete the picture now, such as the new tariff law & the rising resentment of the debtor nations & the growing indebtedness of the U.S.A.
       106. THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS JUST PRACTICALLY GIVEN UP ON TRYING TO CUT TAXES OR THE DEFICIT BECAUSE IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE, THEY CAN'T!--Not if they keep spending money the way they're spending it! If they're going to keep spending $300 billion a year on military things, a third of their whole budget, then they cannot balance the budget.--Because that's just about how much more they're going in debt each year through this excessive military spending.--Which shows they would be able to balance their budget if they would only spend money on what they really need, productive & useful domestically-consumed products, instead of destructive armaments & war which bring no benefit to anybody except a temporary benefit to the munitions manufacturers & their employees!
       107. THAT HORRIBLE MILITARY BUDGET IS WHAT'S UNBALANCING THEIR BUDGET & DRIVING THEM DEEPER & DEEPER INTO DEBT ALL THE TIME, to where the total U.S. debt accumulated over the years is now nearly three trillion Dollars! That's a figure that is almost difficult for us to comprehend or grasp, but just relate it to what the U.S. is spending, that it is getting up to a budget that amounts to over 900 billion Dollars per year, which is nearly one trillion! 200 to 300 billion of that is military spending & also deficit, & they're going in debt that much more each year. In other words, to the total overall debt that had stacked up over the years, they're adding two or three hundred billion every year, mostly consumed by the military budget. Well, it just can't go on that way, that's all!
       108. A FEW WISE INVESTORS & BIG BUCKS BOYS ARE BEGINNING TO WAKE UP & BEGINNING TO SLOWLY MOVE OUT, because they see now that the U.S. economy is declining, its foolish ways are increasing & the U.S. is going down, so they want to get out. High interest rates tempted them to stay for awhile, but now the interest rates are going down & the U.S. economy is going down. So they're going to try to pull out as gradually & secretively as they can to keep things from collapsing before they get their money out. But it will go down! What goes up must come down!--The law of economics is as sure as the law of gravity!

       109. BY OCTOBER, LORD WILLING, WE WILL HAVE GOTTEN ALL THESE BIG PUBS INTO THE HANDS OF OUR PEOPLE & HAVE WOUND DOWN to just a few small periodicals, weeklies, etc., which we hope to be able to continue as long as possible, as long as we still have a publishing house & a postal system & manage to do it some way or other, & have the money to do it, & as economically as possible. We're trying to cut down our budget because we are determined to stay within it! We have never ever borrowed any money for our economy, we have always made sure we stayed within our budget & spent only within our income, with even a little left over in a margin for safety reserves in case of emergency.
       110. WELL, GOD'S BLESSED IT & PROSPERED IT & INCREASED IT, & because we're doing it for Him & for others & for souls, He has more than blessed it to where our production & our prosperity have been greater every year! God knows what we're going to spend it for, & the people have given more every year because they know what we spend it for! They get it back manifold in publications & direction & guidance & leadership & revelations as well, thank the Lord, to show them which way things are going!
       111. THESE ARE THE MOST PRICELESS, PRECIOUS, VALUABLE LITTLE PUBS IN THIS WHOLE WORLD, because they are telling the World what is happening & what is going to happen! Even the stories that appeal to children & young people are going to be describing the conditions & what is happening. So it could be Black October because we'll have finished getting out the biggest heavies & we can then reduce to just small 32-page weeklies & monthlies, etc.
       112. SO I'M HERE TO CONGRATULATE YOU THAT YOU HAVE DONE WELL! "Well done, thou good & faithful servants of the Lord, enter ye now into the joy of the Lord" of having to publish a lot less, but just as important & even more frequent, & more sustaining & continuous pubs, to constantly & continually feed our people & the World with what they need, to save as many souls as we can before the End!--So the Lord will say to us when we arrive There, "Well done, thou good & faithful servants, enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord!" PTL!

       113. SO WHAT ARE WE DOING TO PREPARE FOR A POSSIBLE BLACK OCTOBER? You say, "Dad, you're always giving these scare headlines & scare titles to Letters, you're always trying to scare us to death!" Well, most of what I've predicted has come true, & if it hasn't already, it is coming true, it's happening! So who knows? I'm just saying that there's a possibility.
       114. I NEVER SAID CALIFORNIA WAS GOING TO SINK INTO THE OCEAN, BUT I SAID IT CERTAINLY IS POSSIBLE! And it looks like, from all the seismologists & earthquake experts & crust experts are saying nowadays, that it's not only possible but it's even probable within the next hundred years! Well, I never predicted it but I certainly agreed with the prediction, that it certainly sounded like it could be true, especially knowing the Lord & the wickedness of California & how they eventually treated us, etc., God's judgements are going to grind exceeding slow but exceeding fine, especially if California dissolves in the drink!
       115. SO ARE WE PREPARED FOR A POSSIBLE BLACK OCTOBER? Getting down to specifics, I think our first wind-down did well, & of course as we wound-down unnecessary expenses we wound up our necessary pubs. That first wind-down helped to pay for present pubs, the wind-up of more pubs. But now as the pubs are getting wound-down & a new wind-down has been instituted, which should be completed by the end of the year, where are we?

       116. I JUST GOT THE LATEST STATS! Quite a few things are down, & naturally the Radio Ministry is declining because we're getting out of radio, & all related ministries are declining, such as radio responses & radio mail & mail ministry, etc. However, disciples are being reaped more & that's increasing. Some stats have been depressed a bit, including our population & total Homes, etc., not because we're getting out of radio, although that has been largely responsible for some stats declining.
       117. DESPITE THE TREMENDOUS DECLINE IN RADIO POPULATION & HOMES, THE AMAZING THING IS THAT OUR TOTAL POPULATION HAS STAYED FAIRLY STABLE, which shows that they are getting disciples, solid live-in disciples to take the place of a lot of those hollow empty radio stats!--Which is exactly what we planned two years ago. It has paid off! I could say I told you so, I was right, if it wasn't for the fact it was the Lord's idea. So give Him all the credit! We started it just in time, we beat the Crash in order to do it, and got better organised, better solidified and good solid faithful people.
       118. ONE THING THAT HAS DEPRESSED A FEW STATS IS SOME RECENT MOVES & CHANGES IN CROs & OFFICE ADDRESSES, ETC. We always lose a few people on the way who have lost the address or are late getting out their report because they've mislaid the address or don't remember what it was & will have to wait till the next time they're reminded by their local office where to send it. So we're down quite a few late reports, something like two or three hundred, which is quite a drop in reports.--But not because we have lost the people.
       119. IN FACT, THE STATS ARE GOOD ON HOMES, NOT DECLINING ALL THAT MUCH EXCEPT FOR THE RADIO HOMES, & the total population has not declined all that much, in spite of the loss or the delay of a lot of TRFs due to recent office moves & changes of address. So it's more than likely, if all those TRFs hadn't been late, that we'd have seen an increase in population, & at least a stabilisation in the decline of Homes, a lot of which is because of comboing. Comboing is responsible for fewer, but larger Homes.--But let's not let them go over the limit, please. (See LNFs 70, GN 196.) So there are a number of factors responsible for a slight decline in reports, which also caused other stats to decline somewhat.
       120. BUT THE STATS FOR PUBS, WHICH IS OUR JOB, TO PUBLISH GLAD TIDINGS, HAVE BEEN SKYROCKETING! The distribution stats have been booming! The stats for souls is tremendous! It runs close to 60,000 a month, which is a lot of souls! That's about 2,000 souls a day, which is pretty good for 10,000 people, half of whom are children & a lot of whom have to stay home & keep the home fires burning & stand by the stuff while the others go out to the battlefront & win souls. So I'd say they're doing pretty well. I'd say the ratio is probably as high as at least one soul per couple workers out there per day. Maybe it even runs higher for all we know, considering the number who are actually actively witnessing, DTDing, etc., in the field.
       121. I'LL TELL YOU, IF YOU CAN WIN ONE GOOD SOLID SOUL A DAY, YOU'RE DOING WELL!--Besides the fact we're winning more disciples all the time, solid, joining, living-in disciples, much more than we have in some past years. So now we're getting the good solid results that we were after & which we needed. We're really reaping the harvest, not just blowing up stats, a lot of which were phonies under the Chain regime.
       122. SO THE STATS ARE NOT BAD, THEY'RE STAYING GOOD & STRONG, & financial stats are holding up phenomenally well, amazingly well. God sends in every month just what we need, & a little more than we're going to need, probably for the future. That's the outlook on the general interpretation of the stats. I won't go into that any further because I want to get down to specifics, thank the Lord!

       123. ABOUT TWO-THIRDS OF OUR PEOPLE HAVE OBEYED & GONE SOUTH & are out of the North, & the amazing thing about that is that now about half of them are already in the East! But the amazing thing about that to us in World Services & our ability to publish, is that despite the rich nations & the rest of the World, nearly one-half of our income is coming from the East! Think of that!--Because nearly one-half of our people are there & God is supporting them!--Whereas the rich areas of the World, such as North America & Europe, are furnishing considerably less than half!
       124. LATIN AMERICA IS THE LOWEST GIVER, of course, those poor countries, although it seems with all the people we have there it should be better. But according to their tithe, they seem to have more trouble raising money in Latin America than they do in the East.--Which once again proves God's wisdom in stopping me when I wanted to go back to Latin America! He told us it was the land of the past, the land of the old, the land of the sunset, & that we should go to the Lands of the Rising Sun! (ML #1283) Isn't that wonderful? Now nearly half of our income comes from the Lands of the East where we were very weak & very thin before we began pushing Eastward. Think of that!
       125. IT SHOWS YOU THAT WHERE GOD GUIDES HE WILL PROVIDE! He wanted us to come East, we obeyed & He's footing the bill, as well as our bills. Praise God? So it worked! TTL!--Not because I'm so smart, but because God said so! I was ready to do something the opposite, it shows you how dumb I am. But God stopped me, & God bless you for being willing to believe me & do it! Even if I saw only a cloud as big as a man's hand, you started to run!--And it rained, praise God! (1Kings 18:41-45) TTL!
       126. WE HAVE OBEYED IN ALL THESE DIRECTIONS GOD HAS GUIDED! It seemed in some ways crazy for us to deliberately cut down our Radio Ministry when it was booming in the thousands, deliberately cut down our radio stats when they just looked phenomenal but were mostly hot air, to deliberately start winding down, cutting down, withdrawing & consolidating when the stats looked their best, but in so doing we have been able to win more souls & more disciples & publish phenomenally more publications than ever before in our history! And we have moved into the most fruitful areas that we've ever moved into, the East, where the billions live, the yet unreached, which we still hope to reach & are reaching!
       127. SO THE LORD HAS BLESSED THESE MOVES THAT SOMETIMES SEEMED CONTRARY TO ALL REASON & NATURAL EXPECTATIONS. We obeyed the Lord, we have done it & He has blessed us for it more than ever before.

       128. NOW IN PLANNING THE FUTURE WE ARE TRYING TO CONSOLIDATE & WIND DOWN & SAVE TO THE POINT THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO CONDUCT A SURVIVAL MINISTRY. We are now trying to get down to the point where the Crash will have a minimal effect on us, because we will have already crashed, we will have voluntarily cut down our expenses to fit possible income. We will have voluntarily cut down personnel to fit our probable ability to support them. We will have already voluntarily published most of our big pubs & books & gotten them out of the way, so all we'll have to continue to publish is a few periodicals, the absolute essential down-to-the-bone few that we can't do without.
       129. SO THANK THE LORD, IT HAS WORKED! WE HAVE WORKED, YOU HAVE WORKED, THE PEOPLE HAVE WORKED & WE'VE DONE IT! I'm here today to tell you that we have won the victory--almost! We haven't quite arrived there yet, this wind-down still has to be completed this year & not all of the pubs are out yet, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can see the victory ahead & it's almost here, we've almost done it. We've almost completed our wind-down of pubs, personnel & finances.
       130. IN OTHER WORDS, WE HAVE REALLY WON THE VICTORY ALREADY! It's in sight & we expect to have won it by September at the latest, before a possible Black October. We will be operating on a crash course, crash budget, crash pubs & crash economy, hopefully even before the Crash! So it will pass by us almost like it will pass by the peons out in the fields without even a notice, if our people keep giving what they can & if the Lord continues to protect the publishing house & the postal system & us, which I expect Him to do. After all, if He wants the Family to get these pubs that they need & He knows they need'm & He's inspiring them, He's certainly going to protect them somehow & protect our publishing house & the postal system as long as He can, until He's sure they've got all that they can & all they need. Please pray for them.
       131. I BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO CONTINUE SOMEHOW GETTING OUT THE WORD & THE MESSAGE & GUIDANCE UNTIL THE LORD COMES! The future distribution may be in supernatural ways & miraculous means. If we can't do it here or there or use the postal system, God will find some way, by courier or whatever, like in the days of the early Apostles. They didn't have postal systems, they didn't have telecommunications or the kind of transportation we have or anything, but the Gospel spread throughout all the known civilised World of the day, all over the Mideast, as far West as Europe, as far South as Africa & as far East as Japan! Early Christian missionaries covered the World that they knew & the World they could get to slowly, but they did it!--Without all the telecommunications we have today & without all the transportation we have today. So if we had the time, it could be done again!
       132. BUT I BELIEVE GOD IS GOING TO HELP US HANG ON TO THESE THINGS TO DO IT QUICKLY BECAUSE OUR TIME IS SHORT, & He's going to let us hang on to these tools & implements & means of getting out the Gospel rapidly, as fast as we can, while there's still time. So PTL! You've done your part, I've done my part & our people, God's children, have done their part & we're winning & succeeding! I believe that we're going to keep right on to the end & finish what God has kept us here to do. And I believe He'll keep on keeping us as long as we do it & as long as He keeps us here to do it! You know that! Praise God? So don't worry!
       133. BUT WE MUST DO WHAT WE CAN, AS I'VE TOLD THE BOYS ABOUT SECURITY & putting more locks & bolts on the doors.--Not dolts, but bolts. It's the dolts who don't do it! I don't know whether you know that word or not, but it's an old word for a dummy or an ignoramus, somebody who's dumb enough to say, "Oh, the Lord will take care of us! Oh, the Lord will teach me accordion. Let the Lord do it! We'll pray & God will do it all!" Well, we know God will do whatever we can't do, but He expects us to cooperate, & we do everything we can & expect the Lord to do the rest.
       134. WE'RE PUTTING BIGGER & HEAVIER BOLTS ON THE DOORS JUST IN CASE OF WOULD-BE INTRUDERS, so they can't easily butt a shoulder against the door or kick it in, they'd have to do a lot of kickin' and a lot of buttin' to get in!--And we may be there waiting for them with a baseball bat! So we're going to try to make it very inconvenient for them and very unpleasant for anybody who tries to get in who shouldn't! I believe in protecting our Homes, and Jesus Himself said, "A strong man armed keepeth his goods in peace." (Lk.11:21) Well, we're not armed in the way of arms as the World thinks of them, "Our weapons are not carnal, but are strong to the tearing down of strongholds" (2Cor.10:4,5), and certainly to the protection of this house, God willing. It's illegal in many countries for us to bear arms, especially as tourists and non-citizens. Though we can't bear arms, we can put bolts on the doors and then we can expect the Lord to do the rest to protect us.
       135. SO THOUGH WE'RE EXPECTING THE LORD TO SUPPLY & TAKE CARE OF US, WE'RE DOING OUR BEST TO DO OUR PART, to give Him all the cooperation we can & to make preparations to survive, specific plans, specific measures & methods & economies & wind-downs & personnel organisation & all the rest. And I think from all I can see, we're succeeding! We're certainly better prepared now than we were two years ago when we first started talking about it. We're certainly better prepared now than we were before. In fact, we're almost ready!
       136. BUT WHAT I'M HOPING IS THAT BY BLACK OCTOBER, WHICH MAY COME, AND CERTAINLY AT LEAST BY THE END OF THIS YEAR, AND SURELY BY 1986, WE WILL BE DOWN TO A CRASH ECONOMY, a crash production of essential publications and a whittled down crash-size personnel and organisation. Amen? PTL! Hallelujah! So I would say that if you don't believe victory is complete, it's in sight and I expect us to finish before the worst comes, before the real rub or the real big part of the Crash starts hitting, Lord willing. Amen?

       (One Week Later:)

       137. THE U.S. WANTS TO STAY RICH & IS UNWILLING TO LOWER PRICES! They're unwilling to realise that they are no longer competitive in World markets. In other words, the Americans must settle for lower wages, prices & living to survive--but won't! The only thing Japan needs from America is food, & it just buys that merely to pacify the U.S. since the U.S. is buying so many of Japan's products. Instead, Japan could buy her goods from poor nations in the East & it would be better for everybody except the U.S.
       138. ALL THE MAIN DEADLINES ARE MOUNTING UP FOR THE END OF AUGUST! (Maria: You mean instead of October?)--Yes! There are several main deadlines, especially the trade deadlines, coming up at the end of this month. It looks like the trade war is on & if they don't reach an agreement at GATT (General Agreement on Trade & Tariffs) by the deadline, the end of this month, it's an all-out trade war!--And that's what brought on the last Depression.
       139. THE U.S. REFUSES TO BACK DOWN! Japan's trying to pacify the U.S., but Japan also wonders why should it back down? Why should they suffer just to please & prosper the U.S.? (Maria: In other words, everything you said the other day is still true, but it may mean that all of those crises may come perhaps even earlier than we'd expected?)--Right!
       140. THE OFFICIAL, TECHNICAL DEADLINES FOR SETTLEMENTS ARE COMING AT THE END OF AUGUST!--Which means in September the U.S. is going to start passing these anti-trade bills.--Which means that all Hell can let loose by October! Nothing is different from what I told you the other day, only it's becoming more specific!
       141. I'VE BEEN WONDERING WHAT WAS GOING TO PRECIPITATE IT! I've been wondering what little feather touch was going to push it off the brink! I don't know what it's going to take, but it's just going to take one little pin, one little feather touch to push it over! Now I'm beginning to understand what the feather touches are, & they're not even feather touches, they're blows!
       142. THE U.S. IS SIGNING ITS OWN DEATH WARRANT! The U.S. is going to commit suicide! They don't realise it, they're that dumb & stupid, but they did it last time. It was the U.S. tariffs on imported goods that started the last World Depression. In other words, it's selfishness! The U.S. refuses to buy the goods of the poor! They try to screen out the goods of the poor to save themselves instead of sharing. Instead of letting non-profitable industries & non-profitable agriculture either go down the drain, or learn how to be poor like the rest of the World, they insist on keeping what they've got & refusing to help the poor nations, so they're going to crash! That's what happened last time.
       143. I'M DISCOVERING MORE & MORE SPECIFIC DEADLINES THAT ARE GOING TO COME AT THE END OF THE MONTH, & NEXT MONTH! It's all happening, we're just now beginning to read the specifics of how it's going to happen. GATT is undoubtedly going to fail to reach an agreement by their deadline of August 31st, & if they don't, then the U.S. is going to pass laws raising tariffs 25% across-the-board, the most drastic tariff law that has probably ever been passed!
       144. IT LOOKS LIKE THERE'S NO POSSIBILITY OF REACHING A TRADE AGREEMENT, THEY'RE DETERMINED TO ENACT TARIFFS! Congress is furious & blaming it all on Japan & Europe, so the U.S. is going to cut its own throat with the tariff knife! It thinks it's going to stab its competitive trade partners like Japan & Europe with it, & the U.S. wouldn't care if it killed'm! "Me first!"--That's their motto! But they're going to cut their own throats, because Japan & Europe could survive without them.
       145. IF THEY'RE WILLING TO SELL TO THE POOR & MAKE THE SACRIFICE THEMSELVES, JAPAN & EUROPE HAVE GOT TREMENDOUS, HUGE POOR-COUNTRY MARKETS WHERE THEY CAN SELL.--If they are willing to do it! But that remains to be seen. If they're not willing, then the whole thing will come down, the whole World economy! If the rich nations are not willing to make sacrifices to help the poor & take a cut in their own living standards, then it's just God's law that they're going to suffer for it along with the poor & the whole thing's going to fall, the Crash!
       146. AND THAT'S THE WHOLE STORY IN THE NEWSPAPER CONSTANTLY: RICH EUROPE, RICH NORTH AMERICA & RICH JAPAN DON'T WANT TO OPEN THEIR MARKETS to competitive poor-country goods. Japan is much more liberal on it than the U.S. & Europe. The U.S. & Europe are very tight about it, Europe almost worse than the U.S. They build trade barriers instead of being willing to trade with the poor nations & let their cheap products come in & compete with their own too-expensive products.--In other words, let the poor nations literally supply the needs of the U.S. & Europe at low prices, which is actually good even for the poor of the rich nations.
       147. INSTEAD OF THAT, THE U.S. & EUROPE ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO PROTECT THEIR RICH & KEEP'M RICH, by refusing to share with the poor.--And it's going to destroy them just like it always has, because that's God's law. If the rich refuse to share with the poor & help them, then God curses them & down comes their system! But the poor you always have with you, the poor will survive. (Mt.26:11) It's the rich nations that are going to crumble, they're the ones that are going to be hurt.--And deserve to be hurt for being so selfish!
       148. I READ IT IN THE PAPER EVERY DAY & THAT'S WHAT IT AMOUNTS TO, SIMPLIFIED, & IT'S GETTING WORSE & WORSE EVERY DAY! And it looks like the end of this month & next month are most of the major deadlines, official, technical legal deadlines which are going to bring about the Crash! It may take a few months, let's hope it takes till October at least, but it's comin'! It's all over the papers, it's the big thing, just as it was before the Great Depression!
       149. GOLD IS ALREADY $350 AN OUNCE, & DO YOU KNOW WHERE IT'S SELLING THE HIGHEST, what major gold market? Where do you suppose the people are the smartest & see what's coming?--Hong Kong!--The biggest gold market in the East!--In fact, it's the only big gold market in the East.--Not only the biggest stock market, but the biggest gold market.
       150. YOU CAN JUST TELL ALMOST EXACTLY HOW AWAKE COUNTRIES ARE TO WORLD CONDITIONS BY THE PRICE OF GOLD, and which countries are the most awake to what's happening by their high price of gold. In other words, where are they buying gold the most and offering the highest prices?--And it's in the East! They see what's happening and are smarter! But the dumbest countries seem to be Europe and North America, again the rich!--The ones that just refuse to believe that it can happen.
       151. EVERYTHING'S GETTING WORSE EVERYWHERE NOW!--Beirut, Sri Lanka, the Iraq-Iran War, India, everywhere! It just seems like it goes in waves.--Thailand, Cambodia, Latin America, everywhere! Everything's just heading for the Crash & the crisis!--Are you ready?--Tomorrow will be too late!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family