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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.19       DO 2038       Compiled 8/85

       PERU & THE IMF!
       1. THE FALSE PROPHETS ARE ALL TRYING TO BE OPTIMISTIC, but all over the World, business is closing down, unemployment is going up & debts are going up! When Garcia, the President of Peru, decided to defy the IMF, I told you then, "Wait & see what the[EDITED: "y"] do to him!" Well, the first thing was that the U.S. Government immediately cancelled all aid to Peru! Can you imagine? I mean, what link is there between the money Peru owes to those big huge banks & the U.S. Government? I told you, "Watch & see, they're going to make an example of this first rebel government, to teach the others a lesson not to try the same tricks!" That was just the first move.
       2. PERU DIDN'T SAY THEY WEREN'T GOING TO PAY IT, they said they were just going to pay them 10% of their gross income, of their export earnings. I thought it was a very wise decision, & fair. But you can see those IMF [EDITED: "people"] don't plan to stand any monkey business, they're going to make those countries slaves or else!

       3. IF YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE THE PROTOCOLS FOR ANY OTHER REASON, all you have to do is look at the fulfilment, how everything is working out exactly as they predicted! [DELETED]

       4. LEST THEY BE ACCUSED OF BEING BIASED AGAINST SOUTH AFRICAN WHITES, they sometimes give a few positive reactions to Botha, but mostly negative. The [DELETED] anti-Christ forces are doing their best to wreck South Africa, the Philippines, India, Chile & every anti-AC government right now as soon as possible so they won't have any opposition when they take over!
       5. THE ANTI-CHRISTS ARE ATTACKING ON EVERY FRONT--political & financial--& really gaining momentum! I think they see their hour has come! They're on a final big huge push now to try to wreck these anti-Anti-Christ governments, nearly all of which are Christian or nominally Christian, strongly Christian. [DELETED]

       6. THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) IS THE MILITANT REVOLUTIONARY VIOLENT ORGANISATION that has conducted all kinds of terrorism & devastation & sabotage in South Africa for years! Their declared intention is to overthrow the White South African government by violence & force! They even made a rare public appearance in the news because they feel like they're getting the edge now. They're winning the victory, so now they're coming out & showing themselves & feel they have the whole World on their side!
       7. THEY'RE OUTLAWED IN SOUTH AFRICA SO THEY BASE OUT OF ZAMBIA. They would be in prison or even executed in South Africa! They don't even dare be in neighbouring countries that are next door to South Africa, they have to be clear over, not on the frontline but the second front clear over in Zambia, otherwise South Africa would get them!

       8. THEY'RE TRYING TO COOK UP SOME ANTI-JAPANESE FERVOUR right now while they're trying to get Congress to pass these tariffs & protectionist measures that'll hurt Japan.--And also to counteract all the news about the Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings. So now they're bringing out that the Japanese conducted experiments & biological warfare on prisoners that they had of all different nationalities around the World.
       9. THIS ANTI-JAPANESE PROPAGANDA IS WHAT DURING THE WAR THEY CALLED "ATROCITIES PROPAGANDA," to harden & turn the Americans against the Japanese & make them angry enough to want to kill them & made them finally go to war with them! It's so obvious what they're trying to do by bringing up this ancient history almost 50 years later! You can find skeletons in almost any country's past that long ago!
       10. THE U.S. IS LETTING THE BRITISH DO THE DIRTYWORK FOR THEM! Everybody knows that the U.S. is mad at the Japanese now, so that would be too obvious, therefore they're having the British bring it out.--And you know where they got it! The British weren't nearly as involved in the war with Japan as the Americans, it's ridiculous! Having BBC bring it out, isn't that a scream? You talk about propaganda!


       BUSINESS & SEX!
       13. I ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT A FAMOUS PSYCHOLOGIST SAID ABOUT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE SEXES! He said any man or woman who are frequently thrown together in business or working together with many other things in common eight hours a day away from either their mates or whatever, are usually bound sooner or later to wind up in each other's arms!--Meaning, of course, more than in their arms, meaning in bed!--It's natural!

       14. LOTS OF BLACKMAILERS GET SHOT OR KILLED OR MURDERED, because that's the only way they ever get rid of them.--Otherwise they can keep on blackmailing [EDITED: "their victims"] for life! As long as they're alive they can keep on threatening to tell on [EDITED: "their victim"] if [EDITED: "they"] don't pay.

       15. That must be a big job in Heaven, & Hell too, I guess, to take care of all of those sudden entries that get killed in all these crashes & disasters!

       16. The World is really in a mess! The Devil is closing in!

       17. THE GREENPEACE SHIP WAS ON ITS WAY TO TRY TO INTERRUPT FRENCH ATOMIC TESTS IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC. They were about to lead a flotilla of protest ships right into the area where the French were going to conduct the tests.--In other words, to make it impossible for them to conduct the tests. So it looks obvious now that the French sent secret agents to blow up the boat! France has now confessed that the two people who are now arrested as connected with the crime are secret agents of the French Government, & they're the ones that rented the van!
       18. IT LOOKS LIKE A REAL SCANDAL THAT IS BEING EXPOSED! In other words, the French didn't want that ship interfering with their test, so they blew it up! It wouldn't have been quite so serious if the photographer hadn't been killed. They must have been pretty careful because nobody was killed but one person; they probably didn't know he was on board. I sympathise with that Greenpeace outfit, with their aims, but they're really troublemakers.
       19. SECRET SERVICE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS EQUIPPED WITH ALL KINDS OF FALSE PASSPORTS. I think they claimed to be Swiss or something, but it turned out they were French Secret Service personnel & the French Government finally admitted it, apparently in order to try to step in & protect them. The New Zealand Government suspected they were false passports but the people refused to admit they were travelling under false passports. But finally the French Government admitted they were French secret agents.
       20. IT'S A RATHER EMBARRASSING SITUATION FOR THE FRENCH because it's quite obvious that the French were involved. They were trying to keep this boat from interfering with their atomic test.


       23. Look how the World has gotten so deceived & kidded itself about this freedom thing, that people are more free nowadays than before. Their saying that musicians are free now, whereas they weren't before, is such a lie! Musicians today are just as much slaves, servants of their masters, as ever, bound by contracts like indentured servants!

       24. I think a lot of these musicians are possessed by Negro spirits. They sound just like Negro spirits!

       25. That's part of the Devil's own doctrine, this "protection of animals" thing! They carry it to extremes: "Protect the animals, kill the humans!" The same people who are all for protecting the animals are all for abortion, killing babies!

       26. PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING NORMALLY & HEALTHILY JUST DON'T GET TB! What do you bet they weren't getting enough exercise, fresh air, sunshine, right food, right rest & all the rest? I have lived with people who had tuberculosis, I've had them in my classes & lived with them in my school! I lived with an old maid missionary from China who had TB for years, lived in her home for weeks & never got it, thank the Lord! Don't tell me there's not a reason why little kids should contract TB! TB is a disease of confinement, dissipation & poor health habits! You just don't get it if you're extremely active, healthy & have lots of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, good food & sleep etc.
       27. PEOPLE WHO THROW AWAY THEIR HEALTH, THROW AWAY EVERYTHING! You're not going to do much good in this life unless you live it! Exercise time is time gained that will help you live long enough to help you do what you have to do! A prescription for good health is to work hard, exercise hard, live within your income & die happy!

       28. IT'S BEEN RECENTLY REVEALED THROUGH TRUMAN'S DIARY--which had been missing for a long time & recently turned up somewhere--& various other documents--that the main reason the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki was not to win the Japanese War, it was really already won, & Russia was just about to enter into it on the Chinese side! The Communists were taking over China & the Japanese were doomed to defeat already. They say that the Emperor was already making peace-feelers & trying to find a way out to save face & the only condition that he asked for was that he not be deposed.--Which, by the way, MacArthur didn't do, he didn't depose him, but he did tell them they had to stop worshipping him as a god!
       29. SINCE JAPAN WAS ALREADY BEING DEFEATED, THEY SAY THE MAIN REASON TRUMAN WANTED TO DROP THE BOMBS WAS AS A POLITICAL MESSAGE TO RUSSIA, that they had the bomb & to show them what it could do! Think of the ruthlessness, the consciencelessness of some of those leaders! They were demon-possessed! I never did like that guy Truman!

       30. WHEN THEY WANT TO GET RID OF AN ACTOR they have him get shot or killed in the story or something like that, that way they can get them out of the picture!
       31. ACTORS ARE JUST NORMAL PEOPLE, YOU KNOW, & THEY GET MAD ABOUT THINGS! They get mad at the director or they get mad at the story because it puts them in a bad light.
       32. SO THEY HAVE THEIR UPS & DOWNS ON THE MOVIE SETS, & I have a feeling every now & then that they get rid of some of them because they don't like them or they're too stubborn or argumentative or something.
       33. THEY'VE GOT CONTRACTS & usually they've got to pay them a lot of money to get rid of them. If they terminate their contract before the end, then they usually have to pay'm whatever they owe them for the rest of the contract, which is usually quite a bit of money, & then they get it without even working for it! But if they want to get rid of them that bad, they're usually willing to pay them the money!
       34. WE'VE DONE ALMOST THE SAME THING WITH SOME OF OUR PEOPLE WHO WERE TROUBLEMAKERS, we've sent them wherever they wanted to go & gave them funds to help them get started. But with most of them, it's just because their job came to an end. Their part in our play came to an end, so we really wanted to help them get started elsewhere.

       35. Golden Gate Bridge is so long they have to continually be painting it, they never stop painting it. When they get to the end, they have to start over at the beginning! The salt air from the salt water really eats into the metal.

       36. For someone to play beautiful music like that, he must have a beautiful heart!

       37. I have a feeling the Sikhs are Jews!

       38. These people who have phobias are demonic, because it's spiritual! There's no real cause for most of it, but they said it's the second highest cause of mental illness in the U.S. today next to schizophrenia, which is demon-possession! "Men's hearts failing them for fear!" (Luk.21:26)--Women's too! If they don't have faith they're bound to have fear! The only people who have perfect peace are those whose minds are stayed on the Lord! (Isa.26:3) TTL!--And we even have a few problems sometimes.

       39. Christianity made the British great, & Evolution destroyed them!

       40. HOXHA, THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF ALBANIA, DIED AFTER RULING FOR 40 YEARS, & WILL HE EVER GET A SURPRISE! He boasted about Albania being the most atheist Communist state in the World! He didn't allow any prayers, no churches, no religious worship allowed at all. Although it was formerly a Moslem state, he totally banned religion or any kind of expression of religion.
       41. ONE THING HE DID DO IS HE GOT RID OF A LOT OF CORRUPTION & he was pretty strict & kept the Western influence out, the pollution of Western music & ideas etc., so maybe the Lord will give him a little credit for that. He had a very self-righteous puritanical rule. I wonder why the Lord let him rule 40 years though? Usually God only lets the righteous kings rule that long, but once in awhile he lets a bad king rule a long time too. I bet he got a surprise when he died!--Ha!

       42. That movie "The Secret Weapon" shows what the Russians are willing to do for their country, & yet they blame us for letting our girls do it for God! All of our FFers should see this movie if they get a chance!

       43. During catastrophes is when people are the most receptive. We used to rush to the scene of any catastrophe & start witnessing like mad, & we'd win lots of souls because people are much more receptive at such a time. I can remember one time when we went to Waco after the big Waco tornado that just about flattened the town. It's just like people are more receptive in hospitals & jails in time of tragedy or crisis.

       44. Sometimes I think the Lord lets our kids see disaster & catastrophic movies, even war movies, so they'll get a little hardened to it or inured to it, so when it happens it won't be such a traumatic shock to them or such a surprise! It won't all seem so horrible when they actually have to suffer the real thing, because they're already sort of used to it from the movies they've seen. (Maria: They might even pick up some hints on how to deal with it or how to act in the situation.) Yes, some of those things are very likely going to be happening & happening possibly to them, so it might be just as well they learn how to cope with it. Some people do go through those things & survive, not everybody gets killed, there are ways to survive.

       45. Almost anybody in our outfit that's anybody at all, our leaders, is a Jew! We must be the remnant, Honey! We're a little torn, but we're still a remnant! (Rom.9:27)

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