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HEAVEN'S GIRLS CAN WIN THE WORLD!       DO 2039       8/85
--A Tool to Reach the World! --More Heaven's Girl Art Tips & New Goals!

       (From a Tape to the "Heaven's Girl" Team:)

       1. I'VE GOT SOME REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS FOR YOU GUYS! We've been on a big push & now that it's over I don't want you guys to have to be pushed so hard to try to meet your deadline. But don't forget, time is still short & we want to get as much of this out as we can, while we can! So it doesn't mean we can just relax now & slow down & take it easy & do little or nothing, we want to keep moving! And I don't see why we can't push these along a little faster!
       2. YOU'RE DOING BEAUTIFULLY FROM WHAT I CAN SEE, & I SEE'M ALL! I'm really thrilled with this little pub, it's really creating a sensation! In a sense it's got a broader spread than almost any other pub!--Because it's something that is enjoyable & fascinating & interesting & exciting & thrilling & story-like which everybody enjoys!--From some of our [EDITED: "young folks"] right on up to the oldest ones, like me! I think I'm probably the oldest one in the whole outfit!
       3. IT'S ALREADY QUITE A HIT & I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE A VERY BIG HIT! It already is a sensation & has really been of fascinating interest to a lot of folks, & of course that's only natural in a way, because everybody loves a story! You'll notice that about half of Jesus' preaching was stories, in other words, word-pictures. He was a great storyteller, probably more than any other writer in the whole Bible! Of course He didn't write it, He dictated it like I do. He just talked, & other people wrote it down for Him like they do for me, God bless'm!
       4. BUT HE PAINTED THE PICTURES IN WORDS! He constantly told parables & fascinating stories & illustrations! And that is one thing that made His preaching so popular, because everybody could understand what He was talking about, from the little children to the old folks, because of the pictures!
       5. THE GRANDPA SERIES HAS BEEN A HUGE SENSATION & is having a tremendous effect & impact on not only the little kids but everybody, right on up through adults & even old folks like me! I enjoy'm, I can hardly wait for each new copy! Of course, the Grandpa Series requires a lot of art & a lot of original scripting for much of it, & I think you've got that down to a science! With as much experience as you boys have had on that, you know just about what the limit is of what you can do, so we have set a goal of one "Life With Grandpa" booklet per month. Do you think that's fairly easily obtainable? Of course, if we find out it's so easy that you can do one every two weeks, we might speed it up a little bit. Think about it!

       6. I THINK THIS HEAVEN'S GIRL PUB IS NOT ONLY GOING TO BE A SENSATION WITH OUR OWN FOLKS, BUT WITH THE WORLD! You may call it "sensational" if you want to. Some of the most popular papers & magazines in the World are sensational, because people like exciting, thrilling stories & they love action & they love pictures, etc.! So call'm sensational! But anyhow, as the newspapers put it commercially, they sell!
       7. WELL, WE'RE SELLING TOO, SELLING THE MESSAGE, & that's the whole idea of what we're doing. That was Jesus' commandment, to go out &, if you put it in modern commercial terms, sell what we're talking about to the whole World! "Go ye into all the World & sell it to every creature!" That's what we're doing! We're on a salesmanship mission. So we want it to sell & we want to sell this exciting Story with its thrilling pictures, beautiful pictures too! You're just doing great! I think this is going to really help sell particularly our Endtime Message better than almost anything else except the Posters, & maybe this will do it even better!--Because there's more text & there's a continuing unending story!

       8. IF YOU DO A GOOD JOB WITH THIS PUB, YOU'VE GOT A JOB UNTIL THE LORD COMES! Is that clear?--Because I intend to publish this as long as we can still pub! And frankly, as far as I'm concerned, it may be one of the last pubs to go when things get tight! Because as things get tight, the folks will need the Message & the methods & the ideas of this Story almost more than anything else!
       9. IT HAS A BROAD SPREAD, FROM CHILDREN TO OLD FOLKS, A COMPLETELY BROAD APPEAL!--Whereas they may be able to do without some of my long diatribes & unending fine print! If we had to squeeze, there's a possibility that the little folks could learn to read this one & we could even drop "Life With Grandpa"! Because as the days get later & things get tighter, this Message is going to be needed almost more than anything else! I want her to teach lessons for the future, methods & actions & security measures & what to do & what not to do!
       10. THIS IS A TEACHING MANUAL, A GUIDE TO THE TRIBULATION!--Including all the events & the chronology & everything that you already learned technically in lectures & long classes & diatribes & studies, which older people can stand & have learned, even if they don't always enjoy them. The difference between my classes & this little magazine is that though they're both delivering the same Message, which they should be, my classes are like college lectures to mature graduate students, & "Heaven's Girl" is like comicbooks for children!--And the most popular & the most widely read are the comicbooks!
       11. DID YOU KNOW COMICBOOKS ARE BEING PRODUCED BY THE BILLIONS? That's why they've developed those huge high-speed colour presses that can do all kinds of amazing things! In fact, the colour Komix we did a long time ago, those little 16-pagers in full colour, were one of the cheapest things Ho ever put out! Those things only cost a few cents each, because they produce such amazing amounts! They specialise in mass production.
       12. EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD USES COMICS, EVEN THE POLITICAL PROPAGANDISTS, ETC. Even Mao was starting to use comics heavily, because he found out that was the best way of reaching the people! Everybody wanted to read them because they were vividly-illustrated & they were thrilling, exciting stories! But every single one of them taught a lesson & got out their propaganda. Every single one of them had a message!
       13. AND THAT'S EXACTLY THE POTENTIAL THAT THIS LITTLE PUB HAS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I see greater potential & broader coverage for this pub than almost anything else we're producing!--To the point where this can even have an appeal to outsiders, at least to friends & sponsors & people like that. I really believe that this can have a broader appeal than almost anything we've ever produced, because it appeals to children, subteens, teens, young people & older people! Don't you all enjoy reading it? Don't you enjoy writing it, Apollos?--Amen!

       14. JUST LIKE THEY PRODUCE THESE MOVIES, THEY GET ALL KINDS OF CONTRIBUTIONS & OPINIONS & DISCUSSION about, "Well, now let's have her do this & let's have her do that & let's have a picture of this or that. How about this story or that story?" I want you to be open to suggestions from everybody!--New ideas, new actions, new messages, lessons on security, lessons on everything we teach, Son! In this Story you can involve absolutely every single thing that we teach! But not just in a palatable form, something that they can swallow, but in a way that they'll eat it up eagerly! [DELETED]
       15. THIS IS BIGGER THAN EITHER ONE OF US OR ANY OF US & IT'S GOING TO TAKE ALL OF US! Do you get the point?--Especially the Lord!--And you're going to have to really seek ideas from Him & pictures from Him & stories from Him, & He can give'm, Boy! You artists never paint a picture unless He gives you the picture first before you lay a pen on the paper! And no writer can ever write before he's got something in his head to write! So where do you get those visions? Where do you get those ideas? "Every good & perfect gift cometh down from the Father of Lights." (Jam.1:17) He's promised He'd give us old men dreams, but He says He's going to give you young men visions! (Joel 2:28)
       16. TO WRITE THIS STORY & TO ILLUSTRATE IT, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE VISIONS, you've gotta have real vision of its potentiality & its Message & you need real inspiration to put across what God wants to tell the young people & children & the people! I've given you a few ideas, & I'll continue to keep an eye on how you're doing, but I think you already know what He wants.
       17. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND CONSTANTLY, THAT THE MAIN IDEA IS NOT JUST TELLING A THRILLING STORY, BUT IT IS DRESSING UP A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE WITH A THRILLING STORY! In other words, this is the vehicle that carries the rider, & the rider is the real heart & soul Message that we're trying to get across! This little pub & its pictures in a sense are the vehicle, but we want this vehicle to transport the right life & Message of the real living Message, the real living rider, to all the World!

       18. NOW HERE'S THE BOMB! I THINK IT'S IMPORTANT ENOUGH THAT WE OUGHT TO HAVE ONE OF THESE GETTING OUT EVERY WEEK just like the GN or the WND! We just got out Volume 2 & already the kids are clamouring for the next one! "When do we get the next one, Grandpa? When do we get the next one?" They've already read this. It must be kind of discouraging to cooks who spend hours cooking a meal & the people gobble it up in a few minutes, but that's about what it takes! But they can't do without it, they've gotta have it, & they'll just have to have patience & wait till the next meal! But instead of having them get only one meal every two weeks, I'd like to see them get one of these meals every week!
       19. I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT IF WE MAKE THIS THING HALF-PICTURES! You've already been filling it quite a bit with pictures. I told you to put at least one picture to every two pages, & you've been using half-page pictures so it's pretty hard to get away from horizontals. That's why they made the movie screens & the camera frames horizontal, because you can do better with a horizontal & tell more, because most scenes are in a sense horizontal. You might say the World is flat & the composition contains more if you can do it horizontally. It's a little difficult to switch, though we've got a few good verticals.
       20. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING THAT THOSE POSTERS IN OUR NEW POSTER BOOKS TURNED OUT TO BE ABOUT HALF-&-HALF, half horizontals & half verticals! We didn't plan it that way, that was just the Lord, another one of His miracles! So in the Posters we do have a variety of verticals & horizontals, & this is why I made two Poster books, one so they could read it horizontally, & one so they could read it vertically. But on these illustrations it seems that you've been using mostly horizontals. Well, that's all right with me, but I'd like to see more pictures.
       21. POOR APOLLOS IS PROBABLY ALREADY WORRYING ABOUT HOW HE'S GOING TO WRITE A WHOLE STORY EVERY WEEK TO FILL UP 32 PAGES! Well, what I'm suggesting is that we make only half of this thing story & the other half pictures! That means you'll only be having to write about half as much text, so you ought to be able to do that in a week! If it takes you two weeks to write twice as much text, you ought to be able to write half that much text in one week! If we have half of this thing pictures, that's only 16 pages of text. So don't get scared, you've only got to write about 2-2/3 pages a day, six days a week! I believe you could do it, Son! I really believe you can!
       22. I BELIEVE AS THE STORY UNFOLDS THAT YOU'RE GOING TO WRITE FASTER THAN WE'LL BE ABLE TO PUB IT! That's what God has promised! He has promised more than you're able to hold! (Mal.3:10; Lk.6:38) He promised that in the Bible, He promised that in the Birthday Warning, & I'm promising it to you right now!--That God is going to give you more ideas, more text, more pictures than this thing is going to be able to hold, & faster than we can pub it! Now where's your faith?
       23. NOW YOU ARTISTS, THAT'S ONLY 2-2/3 PICTURES A DAY FOR SIX DAYS A WEEK. Of course if you want to work seven days a week, you can reduce the number of pages of text or pictures each day. I know from past experience with the original Heaven's Girl & some other pictures, that you were knocking out two pictures a day, Son! I told you to make them simple little sketches, as simple little line drawings as possible with as little background as possible, or even no background if it wasn't necessary. So if you both knock out two pictures a day, we've got four a day, & in six days you've got 24 pictures!--And don't forget, we've got an awful lot of existing art that you can use. So I think we can easily work that up to about 32 pictures a week!
       24. COME ON, LET'S HAVE SOME IMPOSSIBLE GOALS TO ATTAIN! Dream the impossible dream! Paint the impossible picture! Write the impossible text! Where's your vision & your faith for the impossible? Come on now, I believe you can do it! I'd like to see one of these every week! If that goal is too difficult for a first try, what about going from two issues a month up to three issues a month as a starter?--Every ten days! I'll give you ten days per issue as a starter as you get into this!
       25. WHEN YOU GUYS GOT STARTED ON THE "LIFE WITH GRANDPA" SERIES, YOU NEVER DREAMED YOU COULD DO THEM AS FAST AS YOU FINALLY DID! It's only because you hadn't done it! It's like Ho said when he was little about his food: "I know I don't like it because I never had any!" But now that you've had it, you know you can do it! So be like the guy in the watermelon contest who said he didn't know for sure if he could eat a whole one. He said, "Give me a little time, I've gotta go home for awhile & then I'll be back." And he went home for awhile & came back & ate the watermelon. They said, "What did you have to go home for?" He said, "Well, I had one at home about that size, so I figured if I could eat that one, I could eat this one!"--Ha!
       26. SO HAVE A LITTLE FAITH! I'm not asking you to promise, but to try! You may be a little hesitant to promise to do it until you know you can do it, but I believe you can do it! So I'll compromise, I'll meet you halfway. I'll give you ten days per volume of 32 pages, half-pictures & half-text. So there's something to strive for, to really try for!
       27. WHY DON'T WE JUST SEE HOW FAST YOU CAN DO IT! You've gotta have deadlines & goals! Believe it or not, most of us work better under pressure, but not too much pressure. We don't want you to get under pressure like you were for the past few weeks, but we're still under pressure! Let me tell you, time is very short & we don't know how much longer we can do this! And I want to get this Message out while we've still got the time & the money & you!--Amen? Now you don't want your talents going to waste, do you? Don't you want a job? Don't you want to keep busy till the Lord comes? Well, this is one way to keep busy!
       28. IF I HAVE TO DROP EVERYTHING ELSE TO GET YOU TO DO THIS, I'LL DO IT, because I think there's a greater potentiality for this Story than almost anything we're doing! Because you can sugar-coat the pill by coating the Message with this thrilling, exciting, marvellous, wonderful, beautiful, vividly illustrated Story!--Whereas the Message is right there, not between the lines, but on almost every line!

       HELP EACH OTHER!--Build the Story Around the Pictures!
       29. NOW THAT'S TOO BIG A JOB FOR APOLLOS ALL BY HIMSELF, YOU GUYS HELP HIM! Give him ideas & suggest situations. Every movie or every TV series is a tremendous cooperative project, everybody's making contributions of ideas & dialogue & scenes & settings & action & all that sort of thing. So get your Heaven's Girl Committee together & discuss things. Don't try to solve problems all by yourself, Apollos, & don't you artists try to solve problems all by yourselves. I know you can't because you've got to follow the Story, what Apollos is writing. But you artists have got real vision, you've got good imagination, you can give him ideas. If you get inspired & you get a vision of a picture or a scene or a situation, tell it to Apollos & he can write his story around it!
       30. I TOLD HIM TO DO LIKE I USED TO DO WITH MY SLIDES. I used to sort out my slides & I built my lecture around the pictures. I told him to sort out the Posters & use whatever Poster Stories he could in this series & build his story around the pictures, using art that we already have. So I still want you to use as much existing art as you possibly can. Every single picture doesn't have to have her in it, don't forget that. You've been doing real well having her right in the scene, but we've got a lot of beautiful pictures that our artists have already drawn, all those tremendous Posters & many more which we can use!
       31. AS LONG AS WE'RE USING SUCH A TREMENDOUS VARIETY OF PICTURES, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SUCH A PERFECTIONIST ON EACH PICTURE. As long as it's related to the Story at all, you can use the picture. We've got oodles of existing art, we've got thousands of pictures that we can probably use right in this Story, that is related by some kind of inference that you can stick in there to illustrate something that's going on, or which relates to something that's going on. I don't want you to be so particular that you have to have the Girl in every single picture!

       32. SHE IS THE PRIME EXAMPLE & SHE IS IN A SENSE THE WORLD LEADER, BUT THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THOUSANDS LIKE HER throughout the whole World! She can't do the whole job by herself any more than I can do it without you! There are thousands like me all over the World now, but they're not me! But I can't do without them & they can't do without me. Now I can't do it without you, but I'm hoping one of these days you'll be able to do without me! I'm getting you started anyway!
       33. BUT WE WANT TO KEEP THAT IMPLICATION AS BROAD AS WE CAN, that this sort of thing is going on all over the World, that there are Heaven's Girls & Heaven's Boys everywhere during this period, & that they're all doing things like this!--Maybe not all of them as colossal & gigantic & stupendous & fantastic & all those other Hollywood words, you can think of all those superlatives you want to, but as far as I'm concerned, none of them are too good for her! She's already pulled some of her best cards out of the hat with some of the best pictures!

       34. AS I TOLD YOU, WE CAN'T HAVE EVERY SINGLE SCENE AS THE MOST ABSOLUTELY COLOSSAL TREMENDOUS BIG BANG, OR YOU GET A LITTLE TIRED OF BIG BANGS! You've got to slow down a little bit & have a little more calm once in awhile. We can stand the big bangs if we have a little peace in between! There are a lot of things to be taught & a lot of lessons to be learned in more peaceful scenes as well, where she's teaching or loving or praying, etc., just like you've had her doing lately.
       35. I REALISE THE ACTION SHOTS ARE THE MOST ATTRACTIVE. It looks like the movies are going for nothing but action nowadays & people don't want anything but action & violence! They can't even understand language any more. It doesn't seem to matter whether you understand what the people are saying or not, as long as they're shootin' or runnin' or hittin' or bangin' or something! In fact, those American actors are getting to where you can hardly understand them any more! They mumble & mutter & you can hardly understand anything they say!--Either that or the Americans are speaking a different language nowadays. It's been years since I've been there, so maybe so!
       36. I HAVE TO WATCH SOME OF THE BRITISH MOVIES OR SOME OF THE FOREIGN MOVIES WITH SUBTITLES TO BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE DIALOGUE! At least the British can speak their language! The Americans are beginning to speak some kind of a gibberish that I don't even comprehend any more!

       37. WELL, I DON'T WANT THIS THING TO GET TO WHERE THE PICTURES SPEAK SO MUCH LOUDER THAN THE WORDS that the words aren't important. Let's keep those words up & let's keep'm packed with a real impact Message! But they don't all have to be big bangs, as I've explained to Apollos before. I'm telling you all this now so you can even help him on his text. He'll help you on the pictures & you help him on his text! I want you boys to share & co-op! It's done even in the World, on TV series & movies, so why can't we do it? I realise there are shared texts where two or three writers write the same book, but I don't know if I've heard of any other outfits that have produced artists who can work on the same picture! I think we're an absolute rarity in that respect, I think we're almost unique!
       38. I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER HEARD OF ANY ARTISTS COLLABORATING ON THE SAME PICTURE BEFORE, but bless your hearts, you boys are doing it, & you're doing it willingly! GBY! I think two heads are better than one, & in some cases two hands are better than one! I'm sure glad I've got two of them! So I think we're doing great on this collaboration, don't you? I think you've proved yourselves on many other pictures, & you especially proved yourselves on the Posters, & you've certainly proved yourselves on the "Life With Grandpa" series. So now let's see you prove yourselves on this one!

       39. I DON'T THINK THAT'S A BAD BALANCE WITH THE PICTURE AT THE TOP OR BOTTOM OF EACH PAGE! I was suggesting that maybe to have more art we'd have to try to cut down to one-column pictures, but it seems the verticals are a little more rare than the horizontals. Horizontals cover more territory, they show a wider scene & bigger spread, you can get more in them, & that's exactly why they developed the horizontal movie screen! And that's why in your masterpieces of art most of them are horizontal, because it gives your picture greater scope. There's not as much need for verticals unless you've got something happening up in the air or in the sky or standing up!
       40. TO REDUCE HORIZONTALS DOWN TO ONE-COLUMN SIZE IS ALMOST RIDICULOUS, YOU CAN BARELY TELL WHAT THEY ARE! I set a limit on it in the GN, because the text there is the most important thing & we only use an illustration to identify the Letters. And even if it's microscopic, at least it's there & it separates text. But I think to reduce our great preponderance of horizontals down to one column of this Heaven's Girl pub would really be sacrificing too much! Besides that, you'd only get in about an eighth or a sixth of a page with that, & although you'd have more variety if you had one of those on each page, poor dear Apollos would be writing his fingers off to put out that much text!
       41. I'VE BEEN LOOKING THROUGH THIS CHAPTER & I LIKE YOUR FORMAT THE WAY IT IS! I don't even mind once in awhile if you've got a full-page picture, like that gorgeous one of her knocking the planes out of the air. But most of them have turned out to be half-page horizontals. And I think it's urgent that your photoman produce an existing art album of horizontals exactly the same size as the artists will be using them.
       42. WHAT WOULD REALLY SPEED THINGS UP IS IF YOU DECIDED ON A STANDARD SIZE OF HALF-A-PAGE, whatever is the usual proportion of width-to-height, then Apollos & you artists could go right ahead filling in text & pictures, like starting out with a blank book! You could even speed up the layout just like we're doing now on the GN.

       43. I DON'T WANT YOU GUYS TO OVERWORK, I'M NOT ASKING YOU TO OVERDO, but I work every day & average 9 to 10 hours a day myself & sometimes more. And if I can stand it, as old as I am, I guess you can!--Although Maria says the young people are too weak today & they can't go at my speed & my rate. So okay, work half that much, 5 or 6 hours a day at least. Most folks in the System work 8 hours a day 6 days a week. Well, I've always been for the 6-hour day 5-day week, but I'll tell you, time is short & we need to get this Message out & we need to reach these people fast, & I don't know if we're going to be able to stick to the 6-hour day 5-day week! I think if you get one day a week off & you do a good 8-hour day work, I don't think that's asking too much. If people do it for the Devil, why can't we do it for the Lord? If they do it for money, why can't we do it for souls?
       44. WELL, I THINK THIS PUB DESERVES IT & I THINK IT NEEDS IT! I know you're still mopping up a few things that are unfinished & I know the "Life with Grandpa" series is going to be endless & you're still involved in that, but I believe we can figure this out somehow.

       45. ARE YOU WILLING TO TRY THIS NEW FORMAT OF HALF-PAGE PICTURE & HALF-PAGE TEXT, 32 PAGES EVERY TEN DAYS? Let's try it & see if we can't do it! How about that, folks? Are you willing to try a new edition with this new format, the next Volume, Volume 3? All of a sudden Apollos is probably realising he's got the thing almost all written already! He's gone from full pages of text down to half-a-page! So you ought to have that next Volume finished pretty quick! And boys, it's just going to increase the volume a little bit on the pictures there, but you've been doing 16 pages per issue, even more, how about 32 half-pages? I believe you can do it if you cut down on the frills!
       46. DID YOU READ THAT ARTICLE IN THE {\ul \i WND} ABOUT THE ARTIST THAT PAINTS WHOLE LANDSCAPE SCENES IN TWO MINUTES? (See WND 93.) I don't know whether you could learn how to use a roll of toilet paper or not, but I've found lots of uses for rolls of toilet paper, you know how saving I am! But I've never before heard of anybody painting with a roll of toilet paper! He says he paints with smears, I guess like trees & mountains & clouds & things like that where he can just smear the thing & give a suggestion of it.--And that's all we need!
       47. THESE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE MASTERPIECES, THEY'RE JUST SUPPOSED TO BE SUGGESTIONS OF THE ACTION. The only good linework you need, & that can even be sketchy, is just a quick sketch of her figure or the figures, whatever or whoever they may be, plus an absolute minimum of as little background & foreground as possible. Maybe you can try that toilet paper idea, Boys! I see a lot of that fine penwork here. For example, on that pic of the planes coming down, look at all those penstrokes on that bush in the foreground that you could have eliminated with just a little toilet paper smudge!
       48. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SIMPLIFY IT & SPEED IT UP WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE A LOT OF LITTLE LINEWORK & etching work & all that sort of thing. These are not masterpieces, you're not going to have any art critics working on these. Smudge it! Smear it! Maybe you can do it like some of this modern art where you just have the cat walk across the paper or the dog sit down on it or you stand 10 feet away & throw paint at it! How about that, Boys? I'm not going to criticise you!
       49. I KNOW I'VE BEEN PARTICULAR ON THE POSTERS & I've probably been too particular on some of the other art in the past, in the Komix & other places, but right now speed is of the essence! Of course accuracy of the Message is vital & we can't sacrifice accuracy for speed. So I'm going to be riding on your frame, Apollos, to make sure it's accurate! But I don't think I've been too tough on those corrections, I think I've tried to make them as easy as possible & as few as possible. I'm just letting you have full rein & just letting you run. Of course you guys who've never driven horses don't know what full rein is, but that's when you kind of slack the reins & let the horse run at its own pace, whether he wants to run or walk, whatever.
       50. I THINK I'VE GIVEN YOU A PRETTY WIDE RANGE OF ACTION ON WRITING THIS STORY. I haven't told you exactly what to write. I've given you ideas, but I haven't told you exactly what to write, not exactly anyhow!--Ha! I've been pretty exact about some things. I'm sure you don't want anyone to think that you're doing this all on your own, you want'm to know that it all has the imprimatur of the Pope & my approval on all these things. Well, it has! I read every one of them, every word & correct everything! So if I didn't like it, I wouldn't let it pass. So don't forget that. But you're inspired! I think God's really given you the pictures! You have to have vision before you can write it! So I'm just letting the Lord have His way & there's very little I've had to suggest or correct or change.
       51. AND I'M GOING TO SAY THE SAME TO YOU ARTISTS: I'M NOT GOING TO BE REAL DOGMATIC OR TOO FINICKY ABOUT YOUR PICTURES, just smear & smudge & swish-swash that background any way you want to in order to speed it up, & only the main characters in the picture really need linework. The main idea of your art is going to have to be speed! Just as long as it is not incongruous & ridiculous, I'm not going to change anything, & I haven't seen anything ridiculous yet. Even in all of our art I think I've only made really minor changes. We did make some big additions to some Posters because we were changing some of them to fit different scenes & situations.
       52. BUT NOW ON THIS ART IT'S UP TO YOU!--AS LONG AS YOU GIVE THEM SOME HINT OF WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR PICTURE, just a suggestion, just a few strokes, just a little linework to show a face, etc. You don't even have to show everything. And smudge & smear in the background, whatever you can do to make it simple, but the main idea is to make it fast! And please don't use any new art where you can use some kind of existing art that has some kind of bearing on it or reference to it or relates to it in some way. The main idea is we just want pictures & we want lots of'm & we want'm on 32 pages! In 10 days you ought to be able to do 3 pages a day. Well, we'll knock off one day during the 10 days for a day off. Let's just have one weekend in each 10 days, shall we?--Ha!

       53. I'M REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS GETTING OUT TO THE WORLD! This is one of our best Messages, yet in a form that they will swallow!--In fact I think they're going to eat it up! I think it's going to go far beyond our little circle of only a few thousand, I think this thing is going to reach the millions, like the Posters! And I want you to keep that in mind in your Story so that you don't get into too much technical detail that only our Family understands. Because they're going to be loaning these out to friends & catacombers & supporters right away, & I think they will eat it up!
       54. DON'T FORGET THE WORLD NEEDS THIS STORY & I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO EAT IT UP!--Not just us, but everybody! I think it's going to be a hot item! And I'd like to see this thing get out by the millions! We have now printed nearly five million copies of the Posters! So I wasn't kidding when I said millions for the billions, & we're doing more all the time because they're going hotter all the time! Some people are getting their entire support through it now together with the Tapes. They're really hot! We didn't design it that way, but the Tapes & the Posters go together like a knife & a fork to really prod'm along!--And they're tremendous harvesters! They say they've never found it so easy to win souls as with these tools!
       55. NOW I'M GOING TO GIVE THEM ANOTHER TOOL, SOMETHING THAT IS ESPECIALLY FOCUSED ON TEENAGERS. [DELETED] And aren't you older folks eating it up too? We've gotten tremendous reactions from the older folks, some of them said it's changed their lives already!
       56. SO THIS IS NEEDED, BOYS, & THE MORE WE GET OUT, THE MORE IT WILL MEET THE NEED! And we haven't even begun to half cover the subject yet of all the messages & lessons Apollos can teach through this, & you boys with your art, & all the rest of you with your counsel. You even teach me a few things, I'm learning from this! I'm learning what's good & what really is going to go over & I'm just absolutely thrilled & enthused about it! I'm getting excited about it! I'm more sold on this thing every day & every time I get a new copy!
       57. I'M EXPECTING GREAT THINGS OF YOU BOYS! I THINK THIS STORY IS GOING TO BE THE HOTTEST THING GOING! She's a terrific heroine & this is a day of women! Women today are worshipped & the whole World's becoming a matriarchy, women are ruling in these Last Days! So why shouldn't God pick a woman to do it? He gave the idea, now let's let Him finish it! Need I say more?--Or do you want to go through the whole 11th Chapter of Hebrews?--Ha! I believe you can do it! GBY!

       58. LORD BLESS'M & KEEP'M & STRENGTHEN'M & GIVE THEM WISDOM & INSPIRATION & PICTURES & VISIONS! We know You can do it, Lord! You're more willing to give than we are to receive. You're just hovering over them eager to pour out the blessings & pour out the ideas & pour on the Message & pour on the pictures if they'll just receive it, Lord! Now give them open hearts where they'll pray desperately each time before they go to work that You'll really pour it on & pour it out & pour it in so they can put it on paper, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory!
       59. BLESS & KEEP THEM SAFELY & CONTINUE, LORD, TO PROVIDE OUR NEEDS SO THAT THEY'LL HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT. It's so much better to be working full time for You, Jesus, & for souls, than for the Devil & the World! So Lord help us to be able to continue to do this. Help the folks out yonder around the World to keep being able to give so that we can, Lord, to cover these expenses. It costs a lot of money but thank You for how faithful they've been! They've never failed, & Lord, You have never failed them, You've never failed us. So we know You will not fail, Lord! We know it's not impossible, therefore with Thee, Lord, nothing shall be impossible & all things are possible to us that believe! (Lk.1:37; Mk.9:23) So we believe that it can be done, Lord, & we're going to do it with Your help!--In Jesus' name, amen! GBY! ILY! Do you believe it?--Then get out & do it!
       60. YOU BOYS GET TOGETHER & ENCOURAGE APOLLOS! You guys ought to know, all of you are artists, & you all need encouragement. So in your criticisms & your suggestions try not to be discouraging. I know I'm very sensitive & it doesn't take much to discourage me if somebody gets critical & puts me down & belittles something. It's even tough to find out I'm wrong, as dear Apollos knows so well lately. But in the meantime, if you have a criticism, always sugarcoat it with a little praise & encouragement & then point out where you think the suggestion or alteration or correction needs to be made.
       61. WORK TOGETHER! BE A TEAM! And if you'll do the job & be a good team, I believe maybe you're going to have this job forever, at least till the Lord comes, as long as we can pub it! And boy, what about the Millennium? For goodness sake, there's going to be all kinds of need for lit in the Millennium, because people still have to read & still have to communicate! That's still going to be the most prolific way to do it because people are still going to be human & still have to do things pretty much the same way we're doing them now. We're going to be in charge of the educational system, brother & sister, don't you think we're going to need a lot of lit?--Well, get busy & do it! GBY! ILY! I believe you can do it & I'm looking forward to it now! Get those Stories to me as fast as you can, Son, & let's try to keep ahead of the artists!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family