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GET'M OUT NOW!       DO 2041       23/8/85--All You Can while You Can before You Can't!

       1. (TO PETER:) I SUGGEST YOU WHIP YOUR LETTER IN SHAPE FOR AN URGENT NOTICE TO GO IN THE GN! You should explain that the talk "Postering!--Seeds or Souls?" (ML#1920) was for when they were very short of Posters & they only had the few we were sending them, so we wanted to make them really count. Now they've got oodles of them & they can afford to distribute them more liberally & sow the seed & sow it fast while they can! If the farmer sees that the Summer's getting short & the Winter's coming soon, he's not quite so careful about how he does things, he just does his plowing rip rip rip & scatter-seeds if necessary to get it done quick so he can try to get one more crop before the storm!
       2. THEY CAN EVEN AFFORD TO GET A LITTLE LESS PER POSTER DOING IT FASTER & GETTING THEM OUT! Right now because of the impending Crash & the whole tightening World situation--impending everything it looks like--they need to get them out while they can & let the chips fall where they may!--Before the chips are inserted!
       3. KIND OF LIKE YOUR BIG BOOKS, I THINK WE OUGHT TO GET THESE POSTERS OUT AS FAST AS WE CAN WHILE WE STILL CAN! I think we ought to give funds to whatever PPCs need any more to do any more Posters to make sure that every Home has at least a six-month supply!
       4. I THINK YOUR ESTIMATE MAY HAVE BEEN A LITTLE LOW, for this reason: Although we have about 5,000 adults, I would say probably not more than half of them are actualy able to go out daily into the field. There has to be a home support staff to take care of children, maintenance, guard duty, cooking & a lot of things.--We have 5,000 kids too! So if you were to halve the number of adults that you used as a divisor, then I would think you would find that their quotas per adult would be twice as much & not look so bad. Of course, places like North America really bring it down. If you didn't use North America, then what would you get? (Peter: I did it by area, so one didn't really affect the other so much.)
       5. WE NEED TO PUBLISH YOUR LETTER FOR THE GN RIGHT AWAY & REALLY SOCK IT TO'M THAT I'M GREATLY DISAPPOINTED IN SOME OF THEIR WEAK POSTER & TAPE DISTRIBUTION!--Not all of them, because those who are really getting out Postering & Taping are really getting tremendous results & responses, but there must be a lot of people who aren't!
       6. THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO FEEL REAL ASHAMED TO FACE THE LORD ONE OF THESE DAYS WHO DIDN'T DO THEIR BEST! I used to sing an old song, "I wonder have I done my best for Jesus, when He has done so much for me?" When we have worked so hard to give them the tools to do the job, then they loaf & laze around & don't do it & they've got stacks of Posters in their Homes that they're not getting out, then something's wrong somewhere!
       7. OF COURSE, WHEN WE WERE FIRST SENDING OUT JUST A FEW POSTERS & WE WERE THE ONLY ONE SUPPLYING THEM, WE DID STRESS THAT THEY SHOULD MAKE EVERY ONE COUNT & not go so fast as some of them were going, such as that one couple who passed out 100 Posters in one day!That's going to the opposite extreme, let the seed fall where it may! But right now, in view of the impending Crash, I would suggest they get'm out & get'm out fast, or they may not be able to get'm out at all! They'd certainly be ashamed to face themselves or us or the Lord with a house full of Posters & no longer able to distribute'm.
       8. "HE THAT WITHHOLDETH, IT TENDETH TO POVERTY!" (Pro.11:24)--Nnot only poverty of finances, but poverty of spirit & poverty of souls! They'd be very ashamed when they think what they could have done with them & didn't do, after all the work that we went to to put the Posters & Music Tapes in their hands--work & expense & everything we could do! And now we're going to do the ultimate of making sure every Home has at least a six months' reserve of Posters!
       9. WE'RE NOT GOING TO JUST QUIT PUBBING THEM ONCE THEY'VE GOT SIX MONTHS' WORTH, that's their reserve in case something suddenly happens to the PPC, so they will have enough to continue for 6 months of an emergency. But we are going to supply them with a continual monthly supply, for which we'd still expect them to continue to pay the PPCs for their printing & postage expenses.
       10. SO WHEN THE EMERGENCY DOES HAPPEN & THEIR SUPPLIES ARE CUT OFF, THEY WILL HAVE THAT 6 MONTHS OF POSTERS TO RUN ON! They're not just supposed to quit buying Posters from the PPC & just subsist on that 6 month supply from now on, they are to reserve that 6-month supply, just like we have instructed our WS Units, CROs etc. to do. They've got to reserve their reserves, that's what they're for! They're to keep them safely in some safe place & form so they will have them when they need them in case of emergency, & not be living off of them now!
       11. SO LET'S SEE THE PPCS SEND OUT EVERYTHING THEY'VE GOT ON HAND whether they're paid for or not! They'd feel very bad if they had thousands of Posters on their hands just because they're waiting for the money. Let's see them get'm out now!
       12. TELL THE PPCS, FROM NOW ON DON'T HOLD ANY POSTERS, keep getting them out as fast as they can afford to print them!--And we'll pay or loan them the funds for it!--So the Homes will be well-supplied & be able to keep their six-month reserve in reserve for an emergency when they can no longer get the Posters!
       13. MOST EMERGENCIES DON'T LAST FOREVER. There's one coming up pretty soon that's going to last for a little over 3 years, but it won't be an emergency everywhere all the time, TTL! But it'll be a lot tougher & tighter, so I suggest we do that with the Posters & the PPCs & the Homes.
       14. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CLAMP DOWN ON THE ADULTS TO GET OUT MORE LIT! Apparently they're slowing up on it again, probably because they misinterpreted the Postering Letter when we told them to go slow & get more souls & give out less lit. But now that we've got all this lit to get out, they can be more generous & get it out faster! There are several factors involved, but the fact is they're not getting out enough lit per person, so they need to do it, & they need to do it fast while they still can & while they've still got it! Amen?
       15. LET'S SAY OF OUR 5,000 ADULTS, ONLY 2,500 CAN DISTRIBUTE EACH DAY, since many have to stay home & take care of the young children & do housework etc. So if only half of the adults can actually get out to distribute every day, 6 days a week, if each of the 2,500 adults are out distributing, they ought to be able to get out at least 10 Posters per day! If they're out 20 days per month & distribute 10 Posters per day, then that averages out to 200 Posters per month! So if half of the Home adults get out 200 per month & the other half doesn't get out any, then at the end of the month it averages out to 100 Posters per adult. So I think that would be a happy medium, 100 Posters out each month per adult per Home.
       16. I WOULD SAY THAT THE AVERAGE PERSON SHOULD CERTAINLY BE ABLE TO DISTRIBUTE AT LEAST TEN POSTERS A DAY AT THE MINIMUM! I think that's pretty reasonable. Our stats are built on per adult basis, regardless of whether they all go out postering or not. So based on a "per adult" stat, we ought to consider they should be able to at least make 100 per month per adult, which means the adults that do go out will probably have to get out 200 a month. That's only 10 a day, only 20 days a month! If they're not doing that, I don't see how they're going to get any support!
       17. SO THAT'S 100 POSTERS PER ADULT PER HOME, REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY DO IT! If all the adults go out, then it's even easier, they only have to get out five Posters each a day!--But good night, I don't see how they're going to get any support that way!
       18. LET'S TELL THE PPCS TO SEND OUT ALL THE POSTERS THEY HAVE IN STOCK NOW, everything they've got, so the Homes will have their six-month supply! Any Home that's been distributing at such a good rate that they don't have that much in stock, the PPCs should give them first consideration & send them the Posters first. They should do just like we do with our Units, if they don't have enough in reserve, then we up it to their minimum reserves, we boost it.
       19. SO TELL THE PPCS TO GIVE MORE TO THE HOMES THAT HAVE LESS, because they have distributed more & are distributing more. But we want everybody to have a six months' supply, whatever it takes!

       20. I WAS THINKING & PRAYING ABOUT THIS, "WELL, LORD, SHALL WE DISTRIBUTE CASH NOT ONLY TO OUR UNITS BUT EVEN TO THE HOMES? Are we just selfishly keeping reserves for our Units & letting the Homes & the missionaries go? What can we do for them?" And just as clear as anything it came to me that we can give them a good stock of reserves that will keep them going for six months, enough lit to support them for six months! That'll make sure they get'm out! They'll have to get'm out to live, if something happens & the PPC can no longer produce or we can no longer send or whatever.
       21.IF THEY'RE WISE ENOUGH TO KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE with the cops in a raid, the lit would be much safer in the Homes than at a centralised PPC or at the printers! For example, we have yet to have every Home in India raided! It would be interesting to get the exact stat on that, exactly what percentage of our Homes in India were actually raided & their lit confiscated. I would say it's a small fraction compared to the Homes that are still in operation, or even the Homes that fled & are located elsewhere. Even though their previous Home was raided & their lit confiscated, they're now someplace else. So let's furnish them with lit & the Enemy is not going to get'm all, especially if they're salted down & as widespread & as dispersed as possible, & the best place for that is in each Home.
       22. BUT I THINK THEY'RE LEARNING LESSONS NOW THAT IF THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE A RESERVE QUANTITY OF LIT, IT MIGHT BE GOOD TO KEEP IT SOMEPLACE ELSE BESIDES THEIR HOME! They can rent a garage or a container or storage space at a furniture storage company or some safe, dry place. There must be some places like that, even a locker!--Somewhere besides the Home, where if they lose everything in the house they're not going to lose their bread & butter, their stock in trade, their living & their excuse for living, their lit!
       23. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE EVERY HOME IN THE WORLD HAVE ENOUGH POSTERS & TAPES TO KEEP THEM GOING FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS! That's investing where it really counts!--In the Message, the tools & the personnel, the manpower, out where it will be used for what we're here for, as well as help to support them in the process! That will be their stock in trade, their reserves.
       24. WE TALKED ABOUT HOW TO TO BE SURE OUR UNITS HAVE ENOUGH RESERVES TO SURVIVE, NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT MAKING SURE EVERY HOME HAS ENOUGH RESERVES, & not just in money. They all should have some reserves in money, but we're not going to supply the money. But I'm willing to take our surplus investment fund & make sure every single Home has enough Posters to count on for their reserve for a period of 6 months!--Which means those PPCs are going to have to get busy & really roll!
       25. SO LET'S GIVE THE PPCS ENOUGH FUNDS TO MAKE SURE THEY CAN CARRY THROUGH & GET OUT ALL OF THE POSTERS THAT ARE NEEDED!--If suddenly things get cut off in Black October or whenever, then they will be able to continue to produce long enough that they will have produced a 6-month stock for every Home in their area. We're not giving the money to the Homes, but we'll be giving the actual money to the PPCs to produce & mail & distribute the Posters. So it's the PPCs who will get the funds that will last them long enough to produce enough Posters for the Homes to have a six-month supply.
       26. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THE PPC'S SHOULD GO AHEAD & GET THEM OUT AS FAST AS THEY CAN! (Peter: In other words, if a Home gets out 1000 Posters this month, they could still pay their normal price & then the PPC would print a new 1000 & send it to them.)--Yes, they have to keep up those reserves. There will be a constant flow, but we're going to give them extra reserves ahead of time, just like we have given our Units funds. We're going to give the Homes a stock of reserves of lit which they are going to continue to use but also replenish each month. (Maria: Like we do with survival food.--Not just sticking the Posters in a warehouse & never using them.)--Yes!
       27. THEY'LL ROTATE THEM JUST LIKE SURVIVAL FOOD! They'll keep them in a safe place where the backlog & reserves will be safe from raids, but just like a bank account, they will continue to withdraw their living expenses while they continue to deposit their income of more Posters. And they will continue to send their money to their PPCs so they can produce the income, the replenishment of their Posters. That's the idea & I think that's the best place we can put our money! The Homes are still required to pay the PPC for the Posters they distribute each month. If they don't pay, then the NROs should put their mailings on hold, just as if they didn't pay their tithe.
       28. LET'S GET'M OUT & GET'M TO THE HOMES & LET THEM STORE'M IN A SAFE PLACE, in storage facilities or a rented room or a rented garage or wherever they'll keep dry & safe, but not all in their Homes, which are apt to be raided.--Amen? PTL! GBY! I think that's encouraging, that was the answer I got. Let's get the money where it can be most used, where it's really needed & where the World needs what they've got!--And the Lord will bless us for it! He'll take care of us without "houses & lands" or more "maidservants or menservants" & supply our food & our needs & protect us as well, as long as we do it! (2Ki.5:26)
       29. YOU CAN'T LOSE BY GIVING! "Give & it shall be given unto you, & with what measure ye give it out, it shall be meted to you again." (Lk.6:38; Pro.11:24-25) There are all kinds of promises on it in the Bible that are just as good as guarantees, in fact they are absolute guarantees by the Lord! It's just as sure as the law of gravity! PTL! So let's put the law into operation! Amen? GBY!
       30. AMEN! PTL! THANK YOU LORD FOR THE WISDOM YOU GIVE US! We don't always see far enough ahead to see around the corners or the curves, but when we finally get to them & we have to make the decision which way to turn, You always show us which way to go. We thank You for that! If You don't show us anything else sometimes, You show us which way not to go so we'll know which way to go.
       31. SO WE THANK YOU THAT YOU HAVE REVEALED TO US CERTAIN THINGS THROUGH THESE EXPERIENCES & EVEN OUR OWN INVESTIGATION, that we begin to find out where it is by just finding out where it ain't! So help us in all of these decisions, to be prepared personally here at our Home for what's coming or may come, & all of our Units prepared to survive long enough to keep going & do as much good as we can while there's still time, as well as all of our Homes, Lord.
       32. WE PRAY THAT THESE RESERVES FOR CONTINUED OPERATION & SURVIVAL WILL REACH OUT INTO EVERY ONE OF OUR HOMES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, that they shall all have sufficient stock to last them through & over such a period. Even if they're cut off from printing or communication or further supplies or whatever, they will have stored their stock-in-trade safely somewhere, their products that they can continue to sell to keep going as long as possible.
       33. WE KNOW YOU'RE GUIDING & SHOWING US THE WAY LITTLE BY LITTLE AS WE COME TO IT, & that's all we need. All we need to know is what we have to do today & to prepare for tomorrow. When we come to any further decisions or things we need to know tomorrow or the next day or week or month, You'll show us when the time comes. Bless us, & thank You for how You have blessed us! Prepare us, & thank You for how You have prepared us! Help us plan & thank You for how You have been helping us to plan so that we might survive the coming crises--the Crash, tightening restrictions or whatever they may be.
       34. HELP US TO PUT EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT INTO IT NOW WHILE WE CAN & GET IT OUT SO IT'LL BE THERE & NOT BOTTLED UP SOMEPLACE WHERE IT'LL BE USELESS! Help us to get the funds into circulation now, to get the materials out, the tools out where they belong, where they're needed now, where they can be used before it's too late!
       35. BLESS MARIA AS SHE CONTINUES TO SO FAITHFULLY, COURAGEOUSLY & STRONGLY SUPERVISE THY KINGDOM as Thy Queen & administrator of personnel, pubs & even me! It's such a big responsibility, the whole World on her shoulders! Continue to give her strength. We know that "as thy days, so shall thy strength be, & when we're weak then we're strong, for Thy strength is made perfect even in our weakness", her weakness. (Deut.33:25; 2Cor.12:9-10) So bless & strengthen her sufficient to do the job, & we know You will as long as she's needed, & she's needed now & will be for a long time to come.
       36. BLESS US IN DESIGNING & TOOLING ALL OF THESE VARIOUS PUBS & TOOLS FOR USE IN THE FIELD by the workers, the plowers & the sowers & the waterers & the harvesters! Give us wisdom to give them the tools with which they can finish the job, & help us to get them to them & in their hands where they can do the most good before it's too late & we're caught, hindered, restricted or tightened & can't do it as easily as we can now.
       37. CONTINUE TO KEEP US SAFELY, LORD, BLESS & KEEP US ALL THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, all Thy workers & faithful labourers. Protect, prosper & make us fruitful with many many more souls for Thy Kingdom before Thou dost come, in Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! Praise God!
       38. SO YOUR HOME SHOULD NOW GET OUT AN AVERAGE OF AT LEAST 100 POSTERS PER ADULT PER MONTH!--Or you're not doing your job!--His Work!--His Order: "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature"!--Amen?
       39. SURELY YOU CAN EACH GET OUT AT LEAST 10 POSTERS A DAY EACH!--These latest Poster Stats are a disgrace!--You should be ashamed of yourselves!--After all the hard work & tremendous expense we went to to get'm to you!
       40. C'MON! LET'S GO! FIGHT, TEAM, FIGHT! LET'S WIN, so we can all go Home Victors from the fray!--Amen?--HAL! TYJ!--Now get out all you can before you can't!--Or you'll be sorry! GBAKY!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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