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HIDE IN THE CITIES!--WHERE YOU CAN DO SOME GOOD!--City Catacomb Witnessing!--Not Refuges!       DO 2042         7/85
(From a Tape to the "Heaven's Girl" Team:)

       1. IN VOLUME 2 OF HEAVEN'S GIRL I THINK ONE OF THE REFUGEES' PROBLEMS WAS THAT THEY WERE BUNCHING UP TOO MUCH. I think you can use the Story to teach a good lesson to the folks that they need to get scattered out & more underground & hidden. It's hard to hide hundreds of people! After the plane attack they're going to break up in three groups, but I think you can develop that to where even those groups need to break up smaller & sort of scatter out. Dispersion is a lot better protection than being in such large groups! You know how I've been harping on that for years, busting up the blobs, & it looks to me like they've got a pretty big blob there! Even divided three ways, they'd still be big blobs of about a hundred apiece. They need to scatter & get out of those big bunches & get out where they're so scattered that they can do some good!
       2. THE LORD CALLS US THE SALT OF THE EARTH! (Mt.5:13-16) Well, you don't put your salt all on one spot, or I hope you don't! I've had that sad occurrence once in a while salting my food, where it all came out in one big bunch in one spot. It kind of ruins your food, unless you can stir it up & spread it out more.
       3. I THINK IT'S ABOUT TIME TO STIR UP THIS SALT & SPREAD IT OUT MORE WHERE IT'LL DO MORE GOOD & get'm hiding out in smaller groups. It's easier to hide smaller groups than a big huge one like that, as we've found out by our own experience! They need to know a little bit more about being selah & scattering out & doing more good. They can even hide out in some of the places where the Antichrist has complete control, even in some of the cities, if they're small enough & scattered enough & hiding out good enough.
       4. I'VE ALWAYS SAID YOU CAN GET MORE LOST IN THE CITY, WHEREAS IF YOU'RE TOO ISOLATED OUT IN THE COUNTRY, YOU STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB! I had to laugh at a lot of this business I've seen on crime videos where the criminals take the booty & go hiding out in some farmhouse! I thought, the guy who wrote this apparently never lived on a farm, because the minute anybody moves into some farm, no matter how isolated, if there's any place in this World where everybody knows everything that's going on, it's out in farm country! The people are so few & far between & spread out so thin, that if there's the slightest ripple of any stranger or anything that arrives out there, everybody knows it in no time! So rural areas are not the best places in the World to hide.
       5. WHEN WE WERE IN THE STATES WE USED TO SORT OF ADVOCATE THE RURAL REFUGE IDEA BECAUSE OF THE IMPENDING WAR ETC., & that was fine. In those days we couldn't think of anywhere else to flee, until the Lord finally showed us that we were supposed to scatter out through the whole World!--Not out in the country, but in the big cities where we could do some good & where we could hide out a lot easier. So I think they need to learn that lesson.
       6. AS SOON AS YOU GET THESE PEOPLE SCAT-TERED & KIND OF OVER THIS BIG CLIMAX, MAYBE HEAVEN'S GIRL OUGHT TO GIVE THEM A LITTLE TALK before they split three ways & leave on that trip, & suggest they scatter out. Instead of hiding out in the mountains where they can't do anybody any good, how about hiding out in the catacombs of the city?
       7. DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE CHRISTIANS THRIVED IN THE DAYS OF THE GREATEST ROMAN PERSECUTIONS? It wasn't out in the mountains or the hills where there wasn't anybody, they lived in the caves & the catacombs right under the capital city of the whole Roman Empire where they could be handy to do some good & some witnessing & bring down their converts & hide.--Right there under the city! That's a pretty good type. In the "Endtime Whispering Vision" that I had, we weren't hiding out in the hills, we were in the city! (See No.334.)
       8. REFUGES ARE KIND OF AN OLD CONCEPTION WE USED TO HAVE IN THE STATES WHEN WE WERE AT TSC. But we soon found out & TSC was our last one! We started out with nobody, but we started out where the people were, Huntington Beach, in the richest city of the richest county in the richest state in the richest country in the whole World!--Where the people were, the youth that God knew were going to become the leaders & lead the World! We didn't start out in the hills!
       9. NOW THESE PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T KNOW HER TOO WELL & AT FIRST DIDN'T RESPECT HER TOO WELL. She's kind of a Johnny-Come-Lately, she shows up now, & she ought to be giving them good advice, & this is a good example, how hiding in the hills didn't do it. It obviously wasn't the safest place to be. Now they need to hide out amongst the people in the big cities & the basements & the cellars & underground etc., which is what the Christians did in the early days of early Christianity.
       10. IMAGINE, THEY HID RIGHT IN THE CELLARS & THE SEWERS & THE CATACOMBS OF ROME! That was their hiding place. That way they were in constant close touch with their above-ground representatives, such as all the servants in the whole House of Caesar who got saved! Those were their above-ground representatives who were sort of selah witnessing & personally witnessing, undercover witnessing although it was above ground. But they were being backed up by the main bigshots like Peter & Paul & some of them who were living underground in the Catacombs, where they could come for fellowship, inspiration & teaching, & then go back up & do the job again!
       11. SO IF THAT'S ANY EXAMPLE--& ROME IS SUPPOSED TO BE A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE FINAL AC KINGDOM IS GOING TO BE LIKE, in fact a revival of it--maybe we ought to take a few lessons from how they did it! Let's get those folks back in the cities where they can do some good & do some witnessing, scattered out in small groups, small units, small homes, cellars, sewers & caves under the city, not in the mountains!
       12. I THINK SHE NEEDS TO TEACH THEM THAT LESSON NOW, TO SHOW'M THAT MOUNTAIN REFUGES DON'T WORK! I think you've given a prime example of that. Now here's a tremendous opportunity for her to teach'm in order to learn how not to do it, for her to teach them how to do it, to get back to their mission of witnessing & working in the cities. They can be fed in the wilderness of the cities maybe even more than out in the wilderness of the mountains!
       13. THE LORD'S RAVENS CAN FEED THEM RIGHT IN THE CITIES, THEIR CONVERTS & FRIENDS WHO SHARE THEIR FOOD ETC. WITH THEM.--Whereas out in the mountains they obviouslyhad to go out & forage & shift for themselves. We don't do that today, do we? We've abandoned this mountain refuge idea & given up all that kind of stuff of living in a cave or cabin in a survival-stocked mountain refuge where there's nobody to witness to & nobody you can do any good except sit there & twiddle your thumbs or work on the land!
       14. I THINK WE NEED TO GET THESE PEOPLE BACK INTO THE CITIES WHERE THEY CAN DO SOME GOOD! They can survive there in the wilderness of the cities where the people can share their food with them. They can't buy or sell & the Antichrist forces are looking for'm to kill'm, but look at how Anne Frank & the rest of those Jews hid out in a lot of places during the days of Hitler! They didn't run out to the mountains, they'd have found them too easily! They hid in people's attics & cellars & homes right in the cities, & their friends fed'm! And the conditions were almost as bad as they're going to be soon, where they were hunting'm down & hounding'm & trying to find them & ferret them out. But their friends protected them & kept them & fed them. So let's get them a little more into a picture like that where they can do some more good.
       15. WHEN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE CHURCH HIDING IN THE WILDERNESS, MY IDEA OF WILDER-NESS ISN'T OUT IN THE WOODS OR THE MOUNTAINS! It's in the wilderness of the World just like those places we have gone, on the wings of great eagles, out to the biggest cities of the World where we're hiding out underground in the cities & doing a lot of good! Get the idea? There's my picture!
       16. YOU'RE FORCING ME TO THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS BY WHAT YOU'RE WRITING! I think, "Well, is this right or is that right or is this the way it ought to be?" I'm letting you lead the way. Now I think we're off to a big bang! The refugees have done the wrong thing, she's coming along & telling them the right way to do it, splitting them up & sending them 3 ways. Now you ought to have her telling them when they get there, that they ought to split up even more & hide out with friends.
       17. THE EARLY CHRISTIANS DID IT! Jesus said "Go to him that is worthy", meaning somebody they could trust, & stay with them there, "go not from house to house", & they would feed'm & hide'm & take care of'm. (Mt.10:11; Lk.10:7)
       18. AND DON'T FORGET, MARIE IS A REAL PERSON! She is! I saw her! She's alive somewhere today! Now put that in your pipe & smoke it! She is a real person & you're writing her story! You're finding her in your story. Get the point? You're getting revelations from Him as to her activities & what she's doing & gonna be doing & was doing etc. I'm expecting you to be inspired, Son, getting real revelations, these pictures the Lord's giving you!--And you are! You have been. I'm just thrilled! I get really excited & really get some real witnesses on it. So you're doing great!
       19. BUT JUST REMEMBER, SHE IS ALIVE! She is alive somewhere today!--In fact, probably a lot of "she's"! This is not just a fairy tale! You're writing the real story, the real thing, about the real person who is living now today!

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