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HEAVEN'S GIRLS HAVE FUN!--Let Her Hair Down!       DO 2043       8/85
--New Ideas for "Heaven's Girl" Story!

       (From a Tape to the Heaven's Girl Team:)

       1. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TEACH YOU GUYS TO PUT LESS ON THESE PICTURES TO MAKE'M GO FASTER! So if any art changes in adding more background are going to take more than five minutes to make, my stock answer is going to be no! As long as you've got the main characters in there, they can imagine the rest.
       2. DID YOU EVER LISTEN TO A RADIO DRAMA?--YOU CAN CONCEIVE & IMAGINE EVERYTHING WITHOUT EVEN SEEING A PICTURE! That's what I think about some of these outlined pictures.--You can just about conceive or imagine your own background. And as I said, on this pub, speed is of the essence! I would rather get out more of these with their very needed Messages, than add a lot of frills & perfectionism. Time is short & the days are evil & we've got a lot of work right now before it gets dark, very dark!
       3. --AND IS IT GOING TO BE A SHOCK TO YOU ARTISTS, AFTER HAVING HER COSTUME SO CONSISTENT & PERSISTENT, TO TELL YOU THAT I DON'T CARE IF YOU CHANGE HER CLOTHES? That's the way I saw her, but I don't care if you change her clothes or take'm off or give her a different hair style for different occasions. You can draw her any way you want to as long as she's still recognisable & so that at least from the context below the picture they still know that that's who you're talking about. I doubt if they would miss the fact that it is still she.
       4. DID YOU EVER NOTICE HOW MUCH YOU CHANGE A WOMAN'S LOOKS IF YOU CHANGE HER HAIR-DO? And I suggest that on some of these occasions she's going to be a lot more sexy maybe with her hair down, not in a ponytail! A woman always looks more sexy with her hair down! Also on some occasion maybe she's going to a king's banquet or a president's banquet, in some places I think she's going to be an honoured character, & you could have her hair piled up on top in queenly fashion or in a French twist or something, & dressed in a real elegant sexy ... I started to say nightgown, but I mean evening gown.

       5. WHEN WE WERE IN LONDON WE HAPPENED TO BE SITTING AT THE SAME TABLE WITH THIS GAL WHO WAS QUITE A[DELETED] (WHISTLES!) We were new there & that was the only place to sit down at this little cheap restaurant, & we got to talking about different things. We were starting to go out dancing, & Maria was asking her about what is really customary to wear, & she said, "Well, you can wear almost anything at a normal dance, but if it's a formal ballroom dance you're usually supposed to wear some kind of evening dress." Maria said, "Oh my goodness, I don't have any evening dresses, & aren't they very expensive?" And this girl said, "Well, what we do is we just go down to the department store, to the lingerie department, & buy one of those nightgowns & wear that for an evening dress!"
       6. IT REMINDS ME OF A JOKE, SOMETHING THAT'S SUPPOSED TO HAVE REALLY HAPPENED ON A MOVIE SET! The gal came out dressed in this very revealing gown when she was supposed to be at this banquet or dinner dance or something. And the Director said, "Is that a nightgown or an evening dress? If it's a nightgown we've gotta censor it, but if that's an evening dress, it's okay!" So I guess she got by with it calling it an evening dress.--Because nightgowns sell a lot cheaper than fancy evening dresses.
       7. SO THE LITTLE SHOP GIRL SAID, "WE JUST GO DOWN & BUY A NIGHTGOWN!" And that was in the days of the miniskirt & no bras, when the dear British girls were showing just about everything!--Which I enjoyed when I was there, very very interesting! Ahem! It satisfied a lot of my scientific & anatomical curiosity, purely scientific.--Ha!

       8. I THINK THAT WAS A JUSTIFIABLE ART CORRECTION ON PAGE 31, THAT TV IS A LITTLE CROOKED!--And I think the monitor's a little small & you can't even tell it has a lens.--Otherwise I never even noticed it! It shows you how people hardly even pay any attention to those backgrounds.
       9. OH BOY, WHEN I FIRST HAD MY CAMERA AS A KID I TOOK THE MOST GORGEOUS ARTISTIC PHOTOS OF LANDSCAPES & BEAUTIFUL SCENERY & I had pages & pages of these beautiful photos in my scrapbook. But do you know what people did when they were looking at my scrapbook? They just flipped those pages by as fast as they could & waited till they got to the people! They weren't a bit interested in scenery & landscapes, all they wanted to see was the people! So I gave up that sport & I decided, "Well, if people are more interesting than anybody, I'll start taking more pictures of people!" So I did, & that was a lot more popular.
       10. SO I THINK YOU'LL FIND MOST OF THE TIME PEOPLE DON'T EVEN PAY ANY ATTENTION TO YOUR BACKGROUND. In fact, if the background is so attractive that it distracts attention from the main characters, it's better not to even have it! It's like I used to complain about my accompanist when I was singing. Any accompanist, like a piano or organ accompanist, that you noticed when the singer was singing, was either playing too loud or too fancy!
       11. THE BACKGROUND MUSIC SHOULD BE UNNOTICED, SO TO SPEAK, STRICTLY BACKGROUND, so that the artist or the soloist has the main attention. But boy, I got some fancy pianists sometimes, some of those people who walked all over their piano & were showing off their expertise like a Paderewski, those guys that just go (Dad imitates piano sound!) They distract attention from the singer or from the words & I would just be furious at a pianist like that! That's why Mama Eve was really an expert accompanist, because she wasn't much of a pianist to begin with. But she did learn to follow very closely & softly so that the song & the message were the main thing.
       12. ON THIS NEW SO-CALLED "MUSIC" IT DOESN'T SEEM TO MATTER WHETHER YOU UNDERSTAND OR EVEN HEAR THE WORDS, IT'S JUST NOISE! All they want is noise, bang-bang & beat, & it beats me why anybody likes it at all! You can't even understand these Americans especially, they're running words & everything together now. They're mumbling & muttering so that you can't understand them at all!
       13. SO I THINK THE CHARACTERS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT, & as long as you get those right, I may not even notice whether you've got a background or not, boys, as long as you do it fast!

       14. NOW ARE YOU READY FOR THE JUICY PART? Thanks for your beautiful postage stamp collection of faces & standard heads of our dear heroine. I'm not talking about drugs, although I could get pretty drug-out on her! She's very intoxicating! I liked'm all! Beautiful!--Except for the first two on each line. It seems like I made that point before, that her chin seems a little too thin & pointed, whereas in the other ones she has a nice full-rounded chin. And in the first one in the second line it looks like her face might even be a little bit thin. This gal's gotta be healthy to go through all she's going to go through, as well as sexy!
       15. LET'S NOT BE AFRAID TO MAKE THIS THING SEXY, BOY, I MEAN IT!--In postures & poses & positions & situation & all the rest! I've already mentioned her hair, you can style her hair according to the occasion! I expect to see her as a guest of honour at king's banquets & things like that! In some countries she's going to be popular, especially among those who are opposing & fighting the Antichrist! She's kind of like a Joan of Arc! She might even lead some of those armies into battle! Joan of Arc has always been a great heroine & symbol & a real role model! Couldn't she be a leader of an army into battle against the AC?--Wow! Doesn't that get you excited!
       16. SOMETIMES SHE COULD WEAR A REAL SEXY NIGHTIE--I mean evening gown, excuse me--to a party or to a club [DELETED] with her hair maybe up a little more formally for evening dress occasion, & with perhaps a little more jewelry. I think kings are going to be doting on this girl, like Queen Esther! I think she's going to be a heroine to whole nations that she's going to help, defend, lead & guide!--The A-ACs!
       17. WHAT BETTER LEADERSHIP COULD THEY HAVE? Who's going to lead all these people in the fight & the fray & those armies against the AC? Why not her? If they've befriended her & hidden her & sheltered her & protected her in their wildernesses, why couldn't she help lead'm into battle? I don't think that contradicts any Scripture, does it? I can't think of any right now! After all, there are other people besides these two groups, the strictly Christians & the strictly anti-Christian. There are going to be an awful lot of people in-between, whole nations & whole armies, or who would the Antichrist be fighting? So why wouldn't she be interested in helping them? In a sense they're not going to win, but they sure give him plenty of trouble!

       18. ALSO, PLEASE SEND ME MORE OF HER! I LOVE HER! [DELETED] What about some nice scenes of her swimming or bathing, with the water poured over her as was the custom, like Bathsheba in her backyard by the pool or something, wouldn't that be beautiful? There are some existing classic masterpieces of that Bathsheba scene if you can find them that you might even copy.--Or go ahead & dream it up yourself, you're terrific at that! GBY!
       19. YOU CAN HAVE HER SWIMMING OR BATHING, standing there beautifully in a little backyard pond or something with a maid pouring water over her. After all, we want some nice scenes we can pause to enjoy besides all this racket she's making! [DELETED] And as I said, you can also undo her hair in some of these scenes & she can wear it different ways. [DELETED] Make her sexy, Boy!
       20. AND THEN I CAME TO SOMETHING A LITTLE NOVEL!--HOW COME SHE HASN'T MET ME? ... Shouldn't she have known me personally at some time in the past? I sure want to meet this gal before I die! So please lead me to her, or lead her to me! And I think when she's in bed she sure ought to have her hair down!

       21. WE DON'T WANT TO MAKE HER TOO STEREOTYPED TO WHERE SHE'S ALWAYS GOT HER HAIR IN A PONYTAIL. Girls are great on variety & different hair-dos, they're always changing. As long as you still recognise her, as long as it's still obvious that that's she, it's OK. You might think that's hard to do, Son, but I think you can do it!
       22. I'VE SEEN SOME VIDEOS WHERE THE GAL COMES IN WITH A NEW HAIR-DO & YOU HARDLY EVEN RECOGNISE HER! But you soon learn from the conversation & her voice & everything that that's the same gal. So you'll certainly learn from the text that it's the same gal. But she's bound to have her hair in different styles for different occasions. She may have it in a ponytail when she's in the lion's den & out camping to keep it out of the way, but I think in bed or sexy scenes she's going to have it untied & down.
       23. THAT'S WHERE THE OLD EXPRESSION CAME FROM, "LET YOUR HAIR DOWN!" To have her hair undone is sort of an implication that she has a little undoing. And then for formal occasions, if she's going to meet presidents, kings, World leaders or be at formal receptions or banquets, she's bound to be really dressed up, with hair up & evening gown. It doesn't have to be lavish, I like the simpler the better.
       24. WHEN I STYLED A DRESS FOR MARIA I GAVE IT THAT GRECIAN STYLE & IT WAS VERY SKIMPY. It was long, ankle-length, but sheer & simple & on a Grecian line. In that case she could even be bare-shouldered & just have the dress around the bosoms. One of the favourite Grecian styles was off-shoulder. It's called an empire-style gown, very popular back during the days of Queen Victoria & the Edwardian era. Did you know that the necklines got lower & lower due to the lead of Parisian styles & fashions in those days, to where during some of the Edwardian era, I think it was the early 1800s, the French women were wearing necklines so low that they merely supported the bosoms with the nipples showing!
       25. EVEN IN ENGLAND THE SEXIER WOMEN AT FORMAL FUNCTIONS WERE WEARING NECKLINES BELOW THE BOSOMS! You know those old-fashioned necklines that you see in the old French pictures where they're showing just about everything but the nipples, very sexy?--Well, they even cut'm below the nipple a few times! We can't do that, sad to say, because we've got to try to keep it legal, but you can sure have her looking sexy, like some of those old Frenchies! I like those French twists too, I think they're beautiful!
       26. YOU CAN CHANGE IT ANY WAY YOU WANT TO, SON, SHE'S YOUR GAL! Dress her or undress her or put her hair up or down, or put her up or down or whatever you want to do! She's your creation, so you handle her any way you'd like. I know how I'd like to handle her, so why not give me a chance? How about that, Apollos? She ought to meet the old Prophet before he dies & get his commission & anointing. Isn't that great? So there you are! She could have met me as a young teenager.
       27. SOME OF THESE VERY YOUNG TEENAGERS WE HAVE RIGHT NOW ARE GOING TO BE LIKE HER, they'll just be older teenagers by the time the worst begins to happen. So why not? Isn't that a new concept? Am I giving you a few new ideas?--Okay, let's see'm! GBY! ILY! I'll be looking forward to it. I don't want to take too much of your time with this tape because I'm waiting for that next Chapter.
       28. SON, YOU ARE A GENIUS ON THAT KIND OF ART! Those figures, wow! I love your series of six Goddesses & I'd still like to see us use those sometime, I think they were beautiful. We should be able to work them into her Story. The possibilities are absolutely unlimited in this Story! She could be visiting Egypt or those countries in which those Goddesses were popular & maybe observe statues of them or have visions of them or something like that! If I can convert Goddesses, why can't she? And then you could use some of these Goddesses! Let's use the existing art, let's work it in! If it's not in your Story, then write your story about the picture! We can work it in!
       29. WE'RE GETTING A FEW NEW IDEAS! This can be some terrific story! So if the rest of you have any ideas, situations, scenarios, scenes, choreographing, whatever you want to call it, don't be afraid to tell Apollos & he can write his Story about it or work it into the story or work the story into the picture or work around it or something--work it into her or around her or on her or under her or whatever!--Wow!

       30. I'M HAVING FUN! I'M EXCITED & THRILLED & I THINK WE'RE GOING TO REALLY HAVE FUN WITH THIS GAL! Let's remember that she's a teenager & she's not serious all the time, involved in [EDITED: "fighting"] people & whatnot, but she's young & sexy & likes to have fun! So let's give her a little fun, Son! You've got to have a good balance!
       31. THIS GAL SHOULD BE SEXY, SHE SHOULD BE ABLE TO STAND A LOT & WANT A LOT OF FUN, LIKE US! She's like us, right? So let's sock it to her! She's got to have a little time out & not be working so hard, or all work & no play are going to make her a very dull girl! She's a teenager just like the rest of them & like us. I think I'm in my second childhood.--Ha! Maria calls me a teenager & says I act like a teenager. They say when you start getting childish it's a sign of senility, but I don't say that, I say it's my second childhood! I'm being a teenager for the first time! When I was a teenager I was a little old man--sober, serious, pious, preacher--but now I'm having fun! Hallelujah! So God bless you all! I love you! Let's see that next chapter!
       32. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR ANY NEEDS! Don't be afraid to tell me if you need something! You're the best people in the World doing the greatest work in the World, & God will give you not only what you need, but anything you want because you're pleasing Him! Just tell me what you want! Think it over! Tell me what I can do to help you! What can I do to make you happier? What kind of equipment do you need to help facilitate the job, what kind of materials, what kind of tools? If you think of something, holler!

       33. I'LL TELL YOU, THE POSSIBILITIES & POTENTIALS OF SITUATIONS, SCENES & EVERYTHING ARE ABSOLUTELY LIMITLESS FOR THIS GAL! You can go back through history & the Bible & pick out anything that will fit the situation! Remember, she's going to be a World leader, so let's see it! And let's get over some of these rough scenes, Son, & settle down to something a little prettier & more peaceful & sexier & a few things like that--as quick as you can. You've got to get her out of the Zoo first, & when she gets out, let's relax a little bit. [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]he ought to have a bath after being in that dirty zoo! Okay, there's your lovely bathing scene! I know you can do it, Boys, God bless you! I love you!--And I really love your work, & I know the Lord loves it too, & there are going to be millions of people loving it & millions more in Heaven because you did it! Isn't that wonderful?
       34. WE'RE SHOWING A WHOLE NEW OUTLOOK ON RELIGION, A WHOLE NEW CHRISTIAN OUTLOOK ON HEAVEN & all of these things, so this gal should be just as radical as we are! So if they want to call us sexy, why not? Hallelujah! We're famous for it, why not take advantage of it? The World loves it! We're not trying to get to those narrow-minded, closed-minded, long blue-nosed, sad-sack, church people, we're trying to reach the poor people outside that need it & want it! Let's give them what they like & what they want & what they need & give them Jesus with it! Sugarcoat it, Boy! Give it a lot of sugar!
       35. LORD BLESS & KEEP THEM & DO GIVE THEM VISION & WISDOM & GUIDANCE & anointing & Spirit & inspiration & everything they need for the job, in Jesus' name!--Amen! I love you! God bless you & make you a blessing--you are! I can hardly wait for the next Chapter! Give all the gals there a good loving for me & keep some for yourselves, Boys! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family