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       (From a Tape to the "Heaven's Girl" Team:)
       1. HI, BOYS! I'VE GOT SOME THINGS TO TELL YOU THAT I JUST COULDN'T HOLD! The kids are just thrilled about this Story, everybody is really thrilled & excited!--I am too! It's getting more exciting all the time & I'm thinking of more things all the time!
       2. I LOVED YOUR NEW PICTURES, EMAN, THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You've really got a gift for female figures, you really have got it! I always did think so, but you sure have! On some of these I'd caution you about making her legs a little too long. I think in the shower picture they looked just a little long for such a small girl. We had that problem once before in the first series, so kind of watch that, will you, Son? All the rest of them seem to be okay & are just absolutely gorgeous, beautiful! She's a rather small girl, so don't make her legs those model-lengths like they do in some of those couturier pictures, we don't want her to be too tall & skinny.
       3. I LOVE THE NEW "THUMP" PICTURE WHERE SHE LANDS ON THE LION'S BACK! I hope you didn't mind my moving her over a little bit. I realise you were having her sort of bumped off & he was leaping up, but I thought the scene of her actually landing on his back was even more striking! We can consider that she has landed with a "thump!" so he jumps up & is in the process of bumping her off. That's logical! So I love every one of them, they're just terrific, I just can't say enough! I'm just thrilled! You guys did a bang-up job in such a hurry, it's terrific!
       4. YOU REALLY ARE INSPIRED, SON, IT'S A GIFT! I think you've got a special gift for feminine figures, you always have! I always loved your girls, & I'm falling in love with this one! Thanks for all your thanks, but I couldn't do a thing without you guys or get anywhere, or without your overseer either, to shepherd & guide you, GBH!
       5. YOUR NEW PICTURES, SON, ARE JUST ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I would like you to start putting them into a kind of a little album as you get new ideas & new inspirations, new visions of loveliness & situations. I know how it is if you're inspired, in your spare time you may want to sketch a little here or there, go to bed with her or whatever. I'll tell you, I think I'd be willing to sit up all night drawing pictures of her! Now don't lose your rest, but she's really gorgeous & inspired & if you want to do some of these extras like this in your spare time, go ahead.
       6. YOU CAN MAKE UP A LITTLE ALBUM & OUR WEAVER OF TALES CAN WEAVE'M RIGHT INTO HIS WEB! You may have some inspirations of scenes & pictures that will really fit the Story & which he can sort of wind around a few of them. His pictures can even give you ideas! So if you get pictures, go ahead & sketch'm--very sketchy, you don't have to spend too much time on'm--just light rough sketches for ideas & suggestions for the Story. And I'm going to keep coming up with new ideas too, I hope you don't mind!--Because some of them might temporarily upset the apple cart!
       7. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE OF HER IN FORMAL EVENING GOWN! I think we can get away with just a suggestion there of a slight protrusion under the gown, I'm glad you made these rather conservative so they didn't accentuate the positive too much!--Ha! But I think in this totally nude picture you'd almost have to have a slight suggestion of a nipple there where she's sitting with her hands behind her head. After all, that's classical art! If masterpieces can do it, why can't we?
       8. OF COURSE YOUR FINAL PICTURE OF THE REAL THING IS A BIT STRONG, but we used to pub pictures like that, didn't we? And how are we going to show what she's doing if we don't show it? She sure looks like she's enjoying it & it sure is beautiful, & God help us, I hope we can get by with it! Anyway, I sure like it & I don't see why anybody else wouldn't, except some of the bluenoses! But we'll have to sort of think about that a little bit. I like it & I'm sure we'd all love it as long as it didn't fall into the wrong hands! But if we loaned this out to some catacombers & their parents found it we night have a little problem, so we've got to kind of think about that.

       9. AS MUCH AS ME LIKE IT & LOVE IT & KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, WE JUST MIGHT HAVE TO BE A LITTLE CAREFUL. We don't want to violate any laws & create any offenses that we don't have to. It's a shame that the System doesn't appreciate God's Creation & His normal functions a little bit more. They're so God-damned afraid to reveal them, when it's one of the most natural, wonderful things in the World, his Own Creation! But anyhow, we're going to have to be a little bit careful.
       10. I THINK WE CAN GET AWAY WITH ALL OF THESE BEAUTIFULLY AS LONG AS THEY'RE REAL ART, WITHOUT TOO EXPLICIT YOU-KNOW-WHAT! Maybe there's some way we can figure out how to put a little more sheet over that one so that it's not quite so obvious, so that we might be able to use it. You've got her other vital parts nicely hidden behind his arm, in fact they're all hidden, but it's still quite obvious what she's doing!
       11. SO I LOVE'M! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL & DELICIOUS, I COULD EAT HER UP! I remember how you used to draw your heroines resembling your latest flames! That's okay, I didn't mind. They were beautiful, God bless you, terrific, & you've always been my favourite when it comes to those female figures! You've really got it! GBY!


       12. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU EVER READ FOX'S BOOK OF MARTYRS OR NOT, THAT GORY THING! It's a very famous classic more or less documenting the various tortures of the Saints down through the ages, all of those which are not in the Bible but are in recorded history, & he describes them in juicy gory details! It was a classic for the Reformation, of course, because a lot of them were anti-Roman Catholic. Of course he started off with some of the early Roman persecutions & their forms of torture, etc.
       13. BUT SOMETHING CAME TO ME, it really hit me that it just seems to come natural & I think we'd really be missing something if we didn't add this to the Story. You can correct me if you think I'm wrong & if you think this is too much... Lord help me to get up the courage to tell you!
       14. IN THE STORY THESE TEN GUARDS ARE LEADING HER TO THE LION'S DEN, & ALL THEY HAVE BEEN COMMISSIONED TO DO IS SIMPLY THROW HER IN. But it's dark, it's night, they're cold & they've got a miserable job! You can hear them talking to each other, "What a shame, what a waste! This is a really beautiful girl, terrific, & here they've stuck us out here in this miserable place, dark & cold & with this miserable job, it just seems a shame to waste her like this! After all, our superiors simply told us to get rid of her, throw her in the Lion's Den, which we shall do, but surely there's no reason why we couldn't enjoy her a little bit & have a little bit of sport before we do!"
       15. THIS WAS A VERY COMMON THING WITH GIRL CHRISTIAN MARTYRS, common with the Romans & common with the Roman Catholics later. They figured it was their prerogative & privilege to torture these Saints all they could. The Roman soldiers had a favourite sport of tying the girls lying on their backs on a log with their hands tied together underneath the log, their arms beneath them around the log & their legs the same way. And before her execution or burning or whatever, each soldier in the company in that particular barracks would take his turn, if you know what I mean.
       16. THIS IS NOT AT ALL AN UNCOMMON PRACTICE IN MANY CULTURES JUST AS A MATTER 0F CUSTOM. With the newlyweds in some primitive cultures, every man in the tribe gets his opportunity on the wedding night before the husband, including the chief!
       17. DURING THE DEPRESSION THERE WAS A VERY COMMON PRACTICE OF GIRLS EARNING THEIR LIVING BY GOING TO SOME OF THESE SO-CALLED "HOBO JUNGLES"--which were usually just off railroad tracks because that was their favourite form of transportation. They called it "riding the rods". They couldn't get in the cars so they used to actually ride the rods, the framework underneath the floor of the boxcars. It was a very dangerous thing, if they fell off they'd get cut in little pieces! But if the boxcars were sealed & they couldn't get into them, if they couldn't find an open one they would simply "ride the rods" as they called it.
       18. THEIR HOBO JUNGLES SOMETIMES WERE INHABITED BY ANYWHERE FROM 25 OR 30 TO 100 MEN, places where they'd sort of camp out in little shacks & shanties & cook over open fires. Things were pretty rough in--I started to say the Tribulation! It was tribulation, all right, the Depression! Sometimes there were open boxcars standing on the siding that still had straw in'm etc., & some very enterprising female entrepreneurs would come along, usually in pairs, to present themselves to the local yokels & offer to give them what they called a "gang bang" or a "chow line" for only 25 cents apiece! 25 cents was quite a bit of money in those days & girls could earn quite a bit! Most of the bums had done some pan-handling, enough that they had a little change & they could at least afford that. So the gals would climb in the boxcar, one in each end, & the boys would line up & give then a bang bang! --Called a gang-bang or a chow-line.
       19. WELL, I DON'T SEE WHAT IN THE WORLD COULD HAVE POSSIBLY PREVENTED THESE GUYS FROM DOING THE SAME WITH HER! Is that too shocking? After all, isn't that what some of our girls do in order to show Love & give them the Message? They may not do it that many tines in one night, but I can imagine it happening this night! What if you were one of those AC men & you were as cruel & unprincipled & immoral as they were, don't you think you would have been tempted to take advantage of the opportunity? Well, this may sound horrific, & it is, but it's not the first time it ever happened! It's happened many tines before where girls had to submit to such abuse & use as torture!
       20. YOU KNOW THE KIND OF ADVICE I'VE GIVEN OUR GIRLS WHEN IT COMES TO FORCIBLE RAPE! They could have almost said, "Well, all you had to do was ask!" After all, we're supposed to be showing that kind of love, why resist? So don't you think she would have yielded in this case? Although the boys certainly were not being very tender & loving in their care, nevertheless it was a natural need of these guys at this remote outpost with pretty miserable weather & it must've been difficult to keep themselves amused at this particular lonely station, especially during the night hours etc. Don't you think they'd have enjoyed that bit of amusement before tossing her to the lions?
       21. IN FACT, AS I READ IT. I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT THEY COULD HAVE POSSIBLY DONE THAT WITHOUT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY! Wouldn't you have if you'd been one of them in their circumstances? You could have them carrying on a conversation, "Well, our superiors will never know the difference! We're going to toss her to the lions anyhow, so what difference does it make? What a waste to let her go completely to waste when here we need her, & after all, it's not going to hurt her as much as the lions! Why not take advantage of the opportunity?
       22. "SO COME ON, BOYS, LET'S THROW A FEW OF THOSE EMPTY FEEDBAGS OR GUNNYSACKS ON TOP OF THIS ROCK & before we let those lions have her, let's do a little ravaging ourselves!" That very rock would make the perfect scene. Is that too strong? It sounds to me that it's almost irrational & unreasonable to think that they wouldn't have under those circumstances.--Because certainly their superiors wouldn't have even objected. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't suggest that first. It seems they were almost getting rid of her too fast or too soon. So maybe we could insert that there. I don't think it would take more than maybe a page & one more picture.
       23. IF THEY DIDN'T DO IT THE ROMAN WAY, THE CUSTOM OF RAVISHING WOMEN ETC. HAS BEEN QUITE FREQUENT WHEN THIS HAPPENED IN WAR, THAT THEIR BUDDIES WILL STAND BY & EACH HOLD AN ARM & A LEG, like four guys, while the other guys lined up & took their turns. Then the other guys held her while they took their turns. That would be a pretty strong picture, I realise, but maybe you can kind of make it from some angle that it won't show too much, with the guys sort of standing around in a circle covering up what's going on, but making it pretty obvious what they are doing. They even had that in the movie "Pope Joan". She had been a nun & was even ravished by the monks, remember that? They had them holding her arms & her legs while the others took turns!
       24. SO IT SEEMED TO ME THAT WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN THE HOST NATURAL THING TO HAVE OCCURRED, & it's almost surprising that it wouldn't occur! I got to thinking about it, & even if these guys didn't care much about her, they surely would have been a little sorry for themselves to miss such an opportunity. After all, if she's going to be fed to the lions, why not be fed to these dogs first? 1 think you could show a picture where they're standing around & most of the action is concealed, but pretty obvious or implied. She's stretched out on these gunny-sacks on the rock or something, maybe they're the gunnysacks that they used to bring the raw meat to the lions when they didn' t have Christians to eat, something like that. In a zoo there are bound to be a few gunnysacks lying around. And they suggest, "Well let's throw these gunnysacks on top of the rock here, boys, that's an ideal place, & let's do it here!" You can have their conversation pretty strong, implying what they're going to do without using any objectionable words, but insinuations & implications.

       25. AM I GOING TOO FAR & ASKING TOO MUCH OR WOULDN'T THAT CERTAINLY BE THE MOST NATURAL THING that some of our girls are going to have to literally suffer? It's historical! It happened many times & occurred several times in Fox's Book of Martyrs, where they had to suffer such abuse & use, usually by the very soldiers who had been commissioned to either crucify'm or burn'm at the stake or execute them in some way! The soldiers took advantage of their opportunity beforehand to satisfy themselves & not miss such an opportunity! And this was almost, you might say, tolerated or expected by their superiors when they delivered them to the soldiers in their barracks, that they were actually supposed to do this first before they strung'm up!
       26. SO THERE YOU ARE! THERE'S A LITTLE JUICY TIDBIT, PRETTY STRONG, BUT WHAT IF OUR GIRLS HAVE TO G0 THROUGH THAT SORT OF THING? We need to show how she submits almost willingly, as an amazing testimony of Love! In other words, "Well, boys, why didn't you ask me? I'd be happy to!" She feels sorry for them she shows compassion, she submits willingly, she doesn't resist! She feels sorry for these poor boys on this dark, cold, rainy night, so she does her best, thinking it's her last act of love & compassion & mercy to make them as happy as she can & cooperate, really cooperate! Don't make her look like she's suffering or agonising, but like she's really trying to do her best to cooperate. Even though they're holding her, thinking she might be trying to resist, instead they're surprised that she so willingly yields & submits, even almost with enthusiasm in a way!
       27. ISN'T THAT WHAT ONE OF OUR GIRLS WOULD DO IF THAT HAS TO BE HER LAST WITNESS? Wouldn't she try to do her best to show her love & make those boys happy?--And wouldn't that have a tremendous influence on them & amaze them that she had such love & that she was so willing to show a genuine compassion for them, as well as passion for them, to try to make them happy, one by one as her last few acts of love before her departure. I believe she would, don't you?
       28. MAYBE THAT SOLDIER WHO CATCHES HER TRYING TO GET AWAY HAS BEEN SO INFLUENCED BY HER TREMENDOUS EXAMPLE & LOVE & compassion & willingness & yieldedness & cooperation, it's been such a powerful testimony to him, that he wants to know why she did it, why she didn't fight it, why she didn't resist it! That just came to me! He was so impressed by her love & her submission & even her cooperation, that she gladly & willingly yielded herself & submitted, for their pleasure, to show her love! "Why shouldn't I? This is my last chance to show you that God loves you, so of course! Line up, boys, why not?" Maybe you won't even have to have them holding her hands. It would be nicer to maybe see she's got her arms around them, his head beside hers, though maybe some of the other guys do hold her feet just to make sure. They're not quite sure that it could be possible, they really don't believe that she could really be that yielded.
       29. THAT OUGHTTA GIVE YOU SOME IDEAS, APOLLOS! I believe you can tell it! I believe you can make it very plain that she's telling then & showing them that she's doing it out of love, that they don't have to force it, that there's nothing she'd like better on this, her last night, than to make them all happy, because she loves them & God loves them! Isn't that the same attitude our girls have already? Why should they change on their last night before being thrown to the lions? So she makes that her last testimony, her last witness!
       30. I THINK THIS IS A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW HER LOW & HER COMPASSION! Jesus went out & healed the multitude, gave them what they needed & fed them, so why shouldn't this gal feed the multitude with what they need! This is the ultimate in what we believe & teach! This is going all the way, absolutely performing the ultimate sacrifice of her body for their use & their comfort to show them love on her last night!
       31. SHE SHOULD HAVE A BLISSFUL, BENIGN, BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSION AS THOUGH SHE'S EVEN ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT!--And why shouldn't she? If she's doing it willingly, not resisting, & doing it in love & compassion & sympathy for these poor guys on her last night & feeling sorry for them out there in the cold & rain in this very unpleasant duty, she decides to turn it into a very pleasant happy occasion, her last contribution of her ministry to their happiness! And she throws in a little testimony along with it! Let's have her witnessing to these guys & explain why she's willing to do it & why she's glad to do it, offering herself willingly, even volunteering in a way.
       32. MAYBE SHE COULD MAKE THE SUGGESTION! Maybe she could initiate the offer & say. "You poor boys, I feel so sorry for you out here on this dark rainy cold night & you don't have any female companionship! I'm going to be tossed to the lions anyhow, why not take advantage of this opportunity, why not me?" Why not let her make the offer, to their astonishment! Wouldn't that win their hearts? Wouldn't that certainly amaze'm, as well as our readers? Let her offer herself. "If you'll just take these handcuffs off & find me a comfortable place to lie down, come & get it! I'll be happy to serve it to you!"
       33. THIS CAN BE QUITE A SCENE, QUITE A CONVERSATION! She really makes this a wonderful opportunity to show the ultimate in love. Doesn't this fit our doctrine? Why not her? Why shouldn't she do it? Why shouldn't she make this her last witness--as many a Christian woman has done in her last few hours before they were commissioned to execute her! "These guys usually had to go ahead & execute them anyhow, regardless.
       34. DON'T YOU THINK SOME OF THOSE GIRLS REALLY SOCKED IT TO SOME OF THOSE GUYS WITH A REAL WITNESS & A TESTIMONY & REAL LOVE & a real Message of the Gospel as they were doing it?--To show that they really loved them & that they really cared & they really wanted them to be saved? Even if they didn't accept it at the moment, don't you think that kind of witness made a tremendous impression on them?—The same way as the dying martyrs with their joy & their songs & their smiles & their happiness had such a profound effect on the people who witnessed their martyrdom? Isn't that what most girls consider a form of martyrdom?
       35. SO WHY SHOULDN'T SHE MAKE THAT HER LAST WILL & TESTIMONY TO THE LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH THAT SHE THINKS SHE'LL EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO WITNESS TO? And then this one guard that catches her escaping is so profoundly affected, she has won his heart, so now instead of actually catching her or capturing her, he joins her! He's her convert out of this bunch. He turns & perhaps abandons his rifle or maybe carries it along, still in the uniform of a soldier, to help her get out, pretending to be her guard or something. He could get her through a lot of places pretending that she's under his guardianship. There are a lot of places she'd still have to go through to get out of that zoo, even if it's back fences.
       36. WHY COULDN'T HE BECOME A CONVERT AS A FRUIT OF THAT LAST ACT OF SELF-SACRIFICE? Isn't that what our girls have to do? Many times it seems to be without effect on some, but who knows how much effect it has! Even long afterwards they've had the men write back & say what a terrific effect their witness & their love & their self sacrifice had on them!
       37. COULDN'T WE MAKE THIS A TREMENDOUS WITNESSING SCENE? I think we'd be missing an opportunity here of getting the Message across to these guys if we didn't! It just came to me as I was reading it, & I believe I'm right. Don't feel bad because you didn't think of it, maybe you did & thought it was too raw. Maybe it's because I read Fox's Book of Martyrs & some of these other things that I thought about it.
       38. ANYWAY, IT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD STORY TO ME! IT SOUNDS LIKE THE LOGICAL THING that would have happened. Why not have her even out of the compassion of her heart suggest it & offer it to the poor boys?
       39. WELL, THAT'S ABOUT ALL I HAVE TO SAY--WHAT MORE COULD I SAY THAN THAT? What more can she do than that? And then wouldn't that thereby be the most logical reason that this guard that catches her escaping decides to join her & tell her that she's won his heart & he wants what she's got?--Not just physically, but spiritually. He wants that kind of love that's willing to sacrifice! He felt genuine love in her for the first time & he therefore believes in her God & her religion etc.!

       40. THIS SORT OF THING HAS HAPPENED TIME & TIME AGAIN BY CHRISTIANS' TESTIMONY IN THEIR LAST HOURS OR BEFORE THEIR EXECUTION, THAT THEY HAVE WON HEARTS! Remember the story about the Christians on the ice floe? Their example of being willing to die for their faith won the heart of that Russian soldier! Why shouldn't she make herself a prime example & a witness & a final testimony of the Love of God by offering herself for what she knows they need out there in that lonely miserable outpost all by themselves, obviously on night duty.

       41. SHE CAN BE LOOKING UP TO THE LORD LIKE SHE'S DOING IT FOR THE LORD, JUST LIKE THE MARTYRS, WITH A SWEET, WONDERFUL EXPRESSION! Even the expression of her face is a witness to those who are watching, just like the expressions on the dying martyrs' faces! "How can she be so happy, how can she enjoy it when she knows she's going to the lions right afterward? How can she be so cooperative? How can she love us so much? How can she have so much compassion to be so thoughtful to offer herself here at her own suggestion!" Weave in the conversation any way you think it ought to go.
       42. DO YOU LIKE THAT IDEA? IS IT BEGINNING TO SOAK IN & SOUND REASONABLE? Doesn't it certainly corroborate with our own doctrines? Isn't that what we'd expect from one of our girls under such circumstances?-—To offer herself as a last gift of Love from the Lord for these poor souls to try to win their hearts? And wouldn't that certainly win the hearts of some of them?—I believe it!

       43. WHICH BRINGS ME TO REMIND YOU, APOLLOS, YOU'VE NEVER BEEN IN THE ARMY, BUT A SOLDIER IS SELDOM ON LONE GUARD DUTY, THEY'RE USUALLY IN TWOS. Maybe that's complicating things, & if it complicates it too much, forget it! But why couldn't she have won two hearts instead of just one? If it's going to change the story too much or any of the pictures, forget it! But I'm just telling you from army experience that that's the custom on sentry duty or guard duty of any kind, it's almost always two men--for the same reason we always send people out two-by-two. If one fails, the other can hold the fort!--Especially if they're challenged. It's just a common situation.
       44. SHE'S GOT A WHOLE AUDIENCE OF TEN HERE, A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE! She's not the captive, they are! She's got a tremendous opportunity to witness, why couldn't she turn around & face'm & lovingly offer herself & show her compassion & tell her reasons why?--That God loves them & He loved them enough to make women & loved them enough to make her willing to minister to their needs. And then the other picture can show her actually in operation & doing it! I think you can do it!
       45. THROWING HER INTO THE LIONS IS LIKE THE GUYS THROWING IN DANIEL, THEY WERE TAKEN OFF THE HOOK because they just did what they were told to do. If then she escapes by a miracle & maybe two or three of them decide to join her on her way out instead of recapturing her, what a miracle! That's the biggest miracle of all! That's what these miracles are for, as witnesses & testimonies! They want to go with her & have what she's got, that kind of love & peace in the face of death.
       46. WOULDN'T THAT MAKE A TERRIFIC WITNESS & REASON WHY SHE'S WON 2 OR 3 OF THEIR HEARTS TO GO WITH HER? When they catch her fleeing, they decide they're going to join her! And maybe they can pretend to be her guards as they lead her past sentry posts or whatever & get her out on their own, with some fictional story that, "Well, somebody's been delayed" or blah blah.--Or maybe they all climb over the back fence, whichever way you want to do it or whatever way you've already got it figured out. Don't let me change your story too much. But that is the main scene I wanted to get across to you that I really think ought to be there, & I think if we don't put it there we're missing a tremendous opportunity to manifest her faith, her love & her message to the extreme that we expect & will expect our girls to go, & that it bears fruit, it wins several hearts!
       47. MAYBE SHE'LL BUMP INTO SOME OF THESE GUYS SOMETIME LATER IN YOUR STORY & they'll say, "I was there when you offered yourself & showed such love! I didn't go for it at the time, but since then I've become a Christian!" She could meet'm in some of those Christian groups or something & they say, "You won my heart that night by what you did" etc. There are tremendous possibilities in such a demonstration of genuine FFing! .
       48. YOU CAN WIND IT UP THAT NOW THEY'VE GOT TO THROW HER IN, EVEN THOUGH SOME ARE RELUCTANT. Maybe you could even have some of them arguing with each other about whether they should throw her in or not, some of them even suggesting that maybe they should let her get away.--But they wouldn't be able to explain it to the officers that will come to check & make sure it was done.
       49. OH, YOUR STORY ABOUT THE SOLDIER FALLING IN IS THE PERFECT SUBSTITUTE!--Because when the superiors come to check & make sure she was eaten by the lions, they will see his skeleton down there, therefore they'll be satisfied that she has been eaten! On the other hand, the Lord delivered her. But there might be a little discussion between some of them after she's shown such magnanimity & compassion. Maybe the two or three who later join her protest, just like some of Joseph's brothers did at throwing him into the pit. Some of them try to argue to save her, but the majority are convinced that if they don't they're going to be in trouble. So they're finally convinced, reluctantly, that they've got to, whether they like it or not.
       50. YOU COULD EVEN HAVE HER KNEELING DOWN IN ONE SCENE PRAYING FOR THEM BEFORE THEY TOSS HER INTO THE DEN! Wouldn't that make a beautiful scene? Many times the martyrs knelt & prayed for their captors or their executioners before the dastardly deed was done.
       51. I HOPE I HAVEN'T COMPLICATED THINGS TOO MUCH FOR YOU, SON, BUT I BELIEVE THAT COULD BE A VERY POWERFUL SCENE & a tremendous testimony & witness, & a beautiful example of our own girls who are going to have to go through such experiences. Why fight it? Why resist it? Why not join it & win'm? I think it's a marvellous opportunity to get the Message in & a testimony & to show that it has tremendous power on some of them who even help her escape later when she bumps into them!--Maybe even go with her & join! Wouldn't that be logical as a result of such love & compassion & free-will offerings?
       52. WELL, I'VE BEEN TAPING FOR OVER AN HOUR, THE TIME JUST SEEMS TO FLY! I don't know how I can do it, but I've got so much I want to say to you! Well, I guess I'll have to quit & send you this so you can go & do it! Amen? Do you like it, Team? Yea, Team! In this case it's not fight, team fight, it's write, team, write! You're both writing on paper, even you artists. You're writing the scene & he's writing the story, & I'm sure the Lord is showing it to all of us!
       53. I BELIEVE HE GAVE ME THAT & I THINK IT'S A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY TO REALLY REVEAL THE WITNESS & THE TESTIMONY & THE GOSPEL & to show a powerful example of the fruit & the effect of such witnessing. Boy, here's a shocker! Here's a stunner! We have had some cases almost just as stunning in the effect & power of such witnessing! It's probably our most powerful weapon in witnessing yet that has won more impossible cases than almost anything else! And if there were ever any impossible cases, some of these soldiers are! So here you are! I'm sure you can write the story, Mr. Weaver!--Weave it into your web to catch souls! GBY!
       54. LORD BLESS & KEEP THEM & GIVE THEM WISDOM & SKILL & INSPIRATION, Lord, real divine anointing, the power of Thy Spirit for this tremendously powerful witness that this scene can be!--Such a demonstration, Lord, of what we have been really preaching all the time, & what our girls are doing all the time! Give them real pictures, Lord, & the words to say & the lines to draw, & may it be something that will be a powerful testimony for Thee, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Amen!
       55. WELL, LEAVE IT TO ME TO BE SHOCKING & REVOLUTIONARY, BUT I GUESS THAT'S WHY I'M THE WAY I AM & THE WAY HE MADE ME! I just got that inspiration & thought I ought to deliver my soul to you. You can take it or leave it, but I think you should take it so we can leave that with them! ILY! If you have any questions or suggestions, just write!--And if you get some from the Lord, hop to it! Thanks a lot! Good night! Have sweet dreams of that beautiful scene!--ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family