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       1. I HAD ANOTHER BRIGHT IDEA! You know that picture in the "Mark" GN (see GN 199) where the guy with the Mark is sleeping with the 666 on his forehead, & the gal is sleeping there with him? She obviously looks a little like an FFer to me. It just suddenly dawned on me, what an ideal time to short-circuit that thing, while he's sleeping!--And our FFers would be the ideal ones to do it, because they're sleeping with them! It would give the poor guy a chance to make a decision on his own & to think & hear the Gospel!
       2. I'LL TELL YOU, IF DEAR JAEL COULD DRIVE A NAIL THROUGH SISERA'S HEAD WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING, WHY COULDN'T ONE OF OUR DEAR FFers STICK A PIN IN THAT THING WHILE THEY'RE SLEEPING! (Jud.4:21) She'd probably only have to prick a pin through the thing real quick & it would fritz-out & short-circuit the whole thing! He might hardly even feel it, just like a mosquito bit him, & all of a sudden he could think for himself!
       3. AND WHY IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MARK IN THE FOREHEAD & THE ONE IN THE HAND? With the Mark in their forehead, it obviously has something to do with their brain & there's more control, but with it just in their hand it's merely an ID card, a trading permit & that sort of thing, strictly commercial. Those who submit to the thing in their forehead are under more or less complete control, at least part-time.
       4. MAYBE THEY TURN OFF THE MAIN COMPUTER WHILE THEY'RE SLEEPING, THEREFORE THEY'RE NOT UNDER CONTROL WHILE THEY'RE ASLEEP.--Sort of like they turned off the monitor in that guy's apartment in 1984 while he was asleep, & he used to sneak around doing things he wasn't supposed to do. So that's a new idea! That must be the difference!
       5. I HAD A SPECIFIC DREAM ABOUT THAT CHIP IMPLANTED IN THE FOREHEAD, which seemed to definitely mean some type of mental control. (See No.1666.) But when it's on nothing but the hand, well, that's just for buying & selling in trade, etc.
       6. I WAS GOING OVER THE SCRIPTURE AGAIN YESTERDAY, & THE ONLY REASON IT SAYS THAT PEOPLE SHOULD BE KILLED WAS IF THEY REFUSED TO WORSHIP THE BEAST! (Rev.13:15) It doesn't actually seem to have anything to do with the Mark, although the Mark is sort of a sign that they've accepted the Beast or accepted his Mark.
       7. IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THERE WILL BE ALMOST TWO OR THREE DIFFERENT CLASSES OF PEOPLE: The people who merely accept it in their hand just in order to survive commercially, trade, buy & sell groceries, etc., the people who accept it in their forehead, who come under absolute, or at least partial control, & the people who just absolutely fall down & worship him!
       8. YOU KNOW, IT'S AMAZING HOW WE REALLY NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE DETAILS OF THESE THINGS UNTIL WE GOT INTO REALLY HAVING TO FIGURE IT OUT, especially what this subject of "Can You Get Rid of the Mark" brought up! It appears to me there are two or three distinctions there.
       9. PERHAPS THE CHIP IN THE FOREHEAD WOULD ALSO ENTAIL ABSOLUTE WORSHIP, but maybe those who just take it in their hand as an economic necessity could get by with less somehow, or get away with it for awhile before they're forced to worship at pain of death! But it would take quite awhile, & obviously it does, to catch up with everybody who refuses to worship.--In fact, the Antichrist never does! There are whole nations rebelling against him! There are obviously lots of people who refuse it, & perhaps lots of people who temporarily take the Mark in their hand just to trade or survive as an economic necessity who never get as far along as either taking it in their head or worship! That sounds very sensible & logical to me.
       10. WHY ELSE WOULD THERE BE A DISTINCTION? It says distinctly, "Either in their forehead or their right hand." (Rev.13:16) Now why is there a choice? I don't think it's cosmetic, I think it has to do with the degree to which they're willing to go or the extent to which they're willing to be subservient. Just letting somebody mark your hand is not so bad, it seems to me. They used to do that at dancehalls if you had to leave. They marked your hand with invisible ink that was only visible under ultraviolet light. I've had that done to me & it didn't bother me any, I couldn't even see it except under the black light. But I sure would have hesitated to have them stick it on my forehead, especially if it entailed a computer chip implant!
       11. AND LOOK HOW SMALL THESE COMPUTER CHIPS CAN BE! Did you see that article about the Idento-disk on the tooth? (See WND 86.) It didn't look very much bigger than a pinhead, & yet it gives a whole name, address, phone number, dental record, everything, right on that little tiny spot on a rear tooth that can be read by one of those microcomputer scanners!--Like a light pencil they use for scanning those bar codes on packages, etc. So it could be really small.
       12. I THINK THE ONLY REASON THE LORD SHOWED IT TO ME AS A COMPUTER CHIP, which looked fairly good-sized, like an actual rectangular chip with that pin in it, was because I don't think I would have known what it was if it hadn't been big enough for me to see & recognise. I had to understand it. But they can make them even smaller than that. On one that big that I saw being implanted in the forehead just under the skin, that thing could have contained the guy's whole life story, history, his genealogy & everything else! And especially if it contains control circuits for mental control, it would have to be a fairly good size. The one I saw in the dream was rectangular, but they could get a lot on anything that's no bigger than the end of a pencil eraser or your fingernail! They could probably get everything they need on something that small.
       13. BUT JUST THINK HOW EASY IT WOULD BE TO FRITZ UP THE CIRCUITS ON THAT THING & SHORT-CIRCUIT IT, if you didn't have anything more than a pin to stick into it! Did you know that scar tissue usually has no feeling? Scar tissue seems to be minus nerves or nerve endings or something & has little or no feeling. Why couldn't the FFer prick him right at that point where the scar tissue is? He's been pricking her, so why not? Maybe he wouldn't even feel it until she got it in there & fritzed up the works so that he could think for himself!
       14. HAVING MANIFESTED HER LOVE & GOD'S LOVE & EVERYTHING ELSE, WITH THAT THING OUT OF WHACK SHE OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO CONVINCE HIM PRETTY WELL, or at least give him a chance before he gets it fixed & has to go in for repair, ha!--And that could take a week or two. That would give her a lot of time to work him over. They probably wouldn't be able to find him for several weeks, all they'd know is that his chip had stopped operating & stopped signalling & they couldn't get any response out of it. With billions of people in the World, he could be hiding out for quite awhile before they'd ever catch up with him, maybe permanently. Obviously oodles of people are going to be able to hide out permanently, especially in friendly countries that are already in rebellion against the Beast!
       15. THAT WOULD GIVE THE GUARD IN OUR STORY TIME TO FLEE FROM THE AUTHORITIES & FROM OBSERVATION & from that connection so that he could probably get out of that Beast-dominated country to some rebel country with her! Wouldn't that be a nice romantic scene? She helps to disconnect him in his sleep, kind of a Samson & Delilah in reverse! Delilah cut Samson's connection with the Lord by cutting off his hair, so she could disconnect this guy from the Fiend by just poking a pin in his chip!
       16. THAT SOUNDS VERY LOGICAL, PRACTICAL & SCIENTIFIC! She could do it in his sleep, & if she poked it in the scar he might not even feel it! He might wake up & wonder what happened. A tiny pin-prick like that could be so small it wouldn't even bleed, & all of a sudden he discovers he's thinking for himself & she could work him over for the rest of the night or maybe for several days! He'd find that something had gone wrong with his computer chip & he might not even know what. That gives her a chance to work on him until she's got him convinced, & before he gets into the shop to have it repaired, she's persuaded him to take off with her & to flee from control! What better persuasion could he have than this pretty girl!
       17. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE DOING SPIRITUALLY ALREADY! Once they make the decision to let the Lord in & pray that prayer, it's just like disconnecting them from the Devil's circuit & they immediately get a complete rewiring from the Lord! He says, "Let your minds be transformed by the renewal of the Holy Ghost! Have that mind in you which is also in Christ Jesus!" (Ro.12:2; Tit.3:5; Ph.2:5)
       18. THE SOLDIERS THAT FLEE WITH HEAVEN'S GIRL BECAUSE THEY LOVE HER MIGHT EVEN HAVE CHIPS, but they apparently still must have some kind of will of decision. Maybe they're not too much under control or in tune, & maybe while she's sleeping with'm or even voluntarily she could offer to deliver them by pricking'm, since they pricked her! That's what they used to call it in the States, prick! So it's prick for prick, tit for tat!--Ha!
       19. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES IN SOME OF THESE SITUATIONS & SCENES & STORIES, ESPECIALLY WITH EMPHASIS ON OUR GIRLS! They're going to have I would think almost their maximum ministry during those days! They're going to really come into their own & be some of the only ones really still able to operate! They're probably the ones that will be able to bring food to their mates & colonies, sneak it out & all kinds of things! I mean it's just terrific! It tempts me to write the thing myself!--Ha! Well, I'm getting ideas anyhow. I'll send them on to Apollos & he can do the pick-&-shovel work.--Did I say prick?--Ha!
       20. [DELETED] WHEN THEY HEAR A NEW CHAPTER HAS ARRIVED, [EDITED: "EVERYONE'S"] JUST THRILLED! Even those little sample art sketches for new possible situations & positions, [EDITED: "one girl"] just begged me to let her show them to the rest of [DELETED] the folks right away! That's big news, a big sensation!
       21. ANYTHING ABOUT HEAVEN'S GIRL IS NOW HEADLINE NEWS & A BIG SCOOP!--Anything, any little crumb! They're just fascinated with this Story & her! She was a hit from the very beginning, even a year or so ago, but now we're beginning to hit the real meat of the matter & really getting some use out of her!
       22. ... And I'd like to see her do a little more work of the soft kind rather than all that big explosive kind!--Manifest her natural powers rather than her supernatural powers! It comes down a little bit more to everybody's level then & will speak to all of our girls as something that they know they can do, & which they've already done! So it'll really put the cookies on a lower shelf where they don't have to dream about being a super woman, but after all, this sort of work they know & they can do! We should have oodles of examples of her doing that sort of thing!
       23. THERE ARE SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES & SITUATIONS, IT'S JUST TERRIFIC! I'm just full of ideas & passing them on as fast as I can, & I think they're going to create some real terrific exciting sensational situations, sexy ones too! If these guards help her escape from the Zoo, the next thing is they're all going to be hiding out someplace together, & what an ideal opportunity for them to sleep together! After all, we don't mind two or three sleeping with one. You've heard the old poem, "Three in a bed & the little one said 'Roll over'!" And she could say a lot of things! She could even manage to fritz up their chips, fritz the chips while they're sleeping! Wow, what situations we can get into here! This can be a real heavy sexy Story!--Amen! GBY!--Use it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family