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LET'S GIVE'M HEAVEN'S GIRL!--Aim at the World!--Especially Teens!       8/85       DO 2046

       1. WE NEED TO CONSTANTLY KEEP THE FOREIGNERS & GPers IN MIND WHO ARE APT TO GET "HEAVEN'S GIRL" IN THEIR HANDS SOONER OR LATER, & we can't be so Biblical that we make references that they don't even know about or can't understand.
       2. [DELETED] I had all the new pictures you sent me! [EDITED: "Someone"] said, "Who's this?"--Talking about that picture of the Apostle Paul getting thrown off the horse!--And for the life of me I couldn't remember who it was! I just couldn't quite get it! I said, "I don't know, I'll have to read it again & see!"
       3. THERE ARE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE EAST WHO WOULD READ THAT & SAY, "APOSTLE PAUL?--WHO'S THAT?" You've got to keep that in mind from now on, Son. I want you to aim at teenagers--not only ours, but our teenagers aren't going to be able to resist sharing that with others outside! You know that!--Especially catacombers! They may even be tempted while they're out witnessing & trying to explain all this to them, to hand it to'm & let'm read it sitting there beside them! I can just see it!--And they'll be thrilled & excited & want more! As long as they just let them read it & return it we're pretty safe, but I can see'm doing it!
       4. SO YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP IN MIND THAT WE'RE NOT JUST AIMING AT OUR OWN FOLKS WHO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING, but you've got to keep it down to the level of the simple-minded foreigners who even have problems in English & terminology, etc. I like your Scripture references & that's fine, they can always tell them what that means if they're showing it to them. But they're not going to understand some of those Biblical story references when they've never even read the Bible & never gone to church & don't know anything about Christianity!
       5. LET'S AIM AT THE WORLD!--ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS!--Because I expect this Story to get out before long to not only our own teenagers, but others! I think the teenagers of the World not only need it, but they deserve it, to prepare them for what's coming!--And we wouldn't be right if we didn't let'm have it!
       6. SO THAT'S A LITTLE POINT TO REMEMBER: LET'S HAVE A BIGGER VISION THAN JUST OUR OWN FEW TEENAGERS! Let's especially have the World's teenagers in mind, at least as many as we can reach personally. I think they're going to be fascinated by this Story, just as much as they are with any sci-fi or any of that other junk that they read! I'd sure rather see'm reading this! This carries a Message & you're really getting it across!
       7. GOD BLESS YOU, SON, YOU'RE DOING A TREMENDOUS JOB & EVERYBODY'S JUST ABSOLUTELY THRILLED WITH THE STORY! Maria was saying today you were really led in some of these things & it was really the Lord, & it really is preaching the Message! I can just see tremendous potential for this as a vehicle for almost everything!--Message, methods, warnings, as well as the basic events & all the rest! It's in such an exciting, palatable form that I think any teenager will want to read it! I mean it! I believe they'd think it was exciting!
       8. IT'S SO NEW & DIFFERENT, THEY'VE NEVER READ ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE, ABOUT ACTUAL COMING EVENTS!--Not a bunch of bunk & junk & baloney about a supposed future, blah blah, but the real future! This is the real Future! Hey, that would be a good slogan for this!
       9. "INTRODUCTION" IS TOO FORMAL, LET'S MAKE THAT THE TITLE TO THE INTRODUCTION PAGE: "THIS IS THE REAL FUTURE!" Isn't that terrific? That must be the Lord for sure! That's really going to give it a lot more punch! I've been trying to throw in a little more colourful language now & then when I think of something that just seems to come natural. I hope you don't feel bad if I add a little something here or there, please don't feel offended. I'm glad you're not sensitive!--At least not too sensitive. We're all a little sensitive. But I might add a little something that I think gives it a little more colour & more colourful language & is more expressive, which gives it a little better word-picture. I think it's helpful to make it more exciting & thrilling & descriptive!--Amen?--Tx! GBY! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family