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A HEAVENLY EXCLUSIVE!--Poster Parables!        DO 2048         5/85
--From a Taped Message to Apollos.

       1. I LOVE YOUR STORIES & THEY'RE GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME! If you could have heard Techi thrilling over that first story of May-Ling, you'd have felt it was worth it all! She just took it & hugged it to her bosom! She was reading it in bed & she said, "Oh, this is my favourite Poster! My favourite story!"--Because it was the kind of thing, of course, in story form that appealed to a child. And believe it or not, it will appeal to a lot of simple-minded people too! In fact, it even appealed to me, I'm pretty simple-minded! After all, most adults are just grown up kids. They may be bigger in body, but they're all pretty simple-minded. We still love stories!
       2. LOOK AT THE WAY JESUS DID!--MOST OF THE TIME WHEN HE WAS PREACHING HE WAS A STORY TELLER! That's for your encouragement & inspiration, Jesus was a story teller & most of what He preached was stories, parables. And that's exactly what you're doing, you're writing parables to fit the pictures, you're giving examples like He did. You're taking the example of an actual person & carrying it through the story. That's exactly what He did! That's what a parable is, an example. Some people can call them fiction if they want to, but I'm sure there's somebody in the World that's going to be just like that or mighty close! As you brought out, these stories are based on actual facts of the actual events that are going to occur!
       3. IT'S LIKE THE WAY THE ARTISTS VISUALISE THE POSTERS--THEY'RE NOT PHOTOGRAPHS! With the things I've actually seen, all I've been able to do is tell the artists what I saw. They couldn't photograph it, so they had to do their best to get the vision, use their imagination & paint it to try to make it look like what it sounded like!--As well as getting direct visions themselves that the Lord promised.
       4. WHAT I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU, SON, IS THAT WHAT THE ARTISTS ARE DOING ON THE FRONT OF THESE POSTERS, IS THE SAME THING YOU'RE DOING ON THE BACK! You've got to sort of visualise it & envision it & sort of picture the story, so you write what you see & what you hear in your mind & your heart about this person or that person etc. I don't like to use the word, but you have to use your imagination just as much as we have to use ours on the fronts of the Posters. I prefer to say visualise them. You have to visualise your story before you can write it down, just exactly like when the artists take a blank piece of paper & lay it down in front of them & they've got to see the picture on it before they can even draw it. When you put that blank piece of paper in your typewriter, you've got to see the story on it even before you write it. You've got to see a picture of the story.
       5. SO YOU'RE BOTH GETTING VISIONS!--THE ARTISTS GET VISIONS & YOU WRITERS GET VISIONS! That's the way it goes--or comes, I should say! So don't be afraid! If you ask for bread He'll not give you a stone. If you ask for a fish He'll not give you a serpent. (Mat.7:9,10) Ask the Lord for a story! Ask Him to help you see it, then all you have to do is describe it, write it down! That's what I do! He gives me things & all I do is just write it down--or Maria writes it or somebody writes it. I usually blab it out & thank God for tape recorders!
       6. THAT OUGHT TO INSPIRE YOU THAT YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE JUST AS MUCH VISION AS THE ARTISTS! You've got to have just as much...well, you can call it imagination if you want to, but you've got to picture it! If you realise imagination is merely picturing something in your mind, well, "every good & perfect gift cometh from above". (Jam.1:17) So if you're asking Him for the picture or the story & you get a good one in your head, the World might call it imagination, but I call it vision! You just get the vision! You've got to get the vision before you can write the story! So look at the picture, that'll help you get the vision, then write your little story illustrating it & envisioning it or describing it.
       7. I DIDN'T MEAN YOU COULD REALLY GET EACH ONE DONE IN A DAY, BUT IT'S ALMOST THAT URGENT! I got a real sharp warning from the Lord that we don't have as long as we thought & we can't necessarily count on the rest of the year, we had better get these done fast or we may not be able to get them done at all! That would be a terrible loss, not only to us, but to the whole Family, & worst of all to the whole World!--In fact a whole lot of people that could get saved! I'll tell you, the results are pouring in now & the Posters are winning souls faster than any lit they ever used before! They are terrific! They have terrific impact & terrific influence! I told you the story about that one guywhom they'd been working on three years & could never get him to make a decision till he saw the Poster! Then he said, "How do I get in?"--& he prayed on the spot! So they're really effective!
       8. THE LORD HIMSELF SAID HE RESERVED THIS MINISTRY FOR US! Nobody has ever done it before! Nobody ever tried to picture all of this as much as we have, both Heaven & the Endtime events & all the rest! In fact, the church is so dumb about it, they don't seem to know anything about it. They don't know anything about what's happening on Earth, much less in Heaven!--Ha!--Or the Millennium or anything else!
       9. SO WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! HE HAS RESERVED THIS MINISTRY FOR US! HE'S GIVEN US AN EXCLUSIVE SO WE HAVE GOT TO BE FAITHFUL TO GET IT OUT!--Otherwise nobody's going to get it out!--Get it? Nobody will give it to'm if we don't give it to'm, because we're the only ones that have got it! We've got the exclusive! I hope you understand how important it is & how urgent it is that we finish as fast as we can! I think about 70 Posters is maybe going to be enough for awhile at least. That gives them quite a variety out there on the streets. At this rate they can show a new one maybe every day! They can start at #1 & go through #70 in a couple of months with a new Poster every day & then start over again!
       10. SO BE ENCOURAGED, THE END IS IN SIGHT, THE LIGHT'S AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! GBY! If you thought it was an endless thing & I was never going to quit, well, even God's got to come to the end sometime where He's gotta quit & quit letting them tear up this World! I told you that in "Time's Up"! (ML#1910), & I'm going to have to say the same about these Posters. If we get out enough of them I'm going to have to say time's up, & that's probably going to be when the Crash occurs.
       11. SO YOU'RE DOING GREAT, JUST KEEP IT UP! Just keep going as fast as you can, but don't overdo & don't have a nervous breakdown or something over it. Just go in the strength of the Lord as He leads you. That's all I do! I'm as lazy as I can be, I don't like to work hard, so I just do whatever I have to do just as fast as I have to do it! I don't do any more than I can do, so here we are! You can't do any more than you can do. "She hath done what she could." (Mark 14:8) She didn't try to do what she couldn't, the Lord has to do that, & that goes for all of us.
       12. SO, ROLL'M! (Sings:)
       "Roll away, roll away, roll away!
       Every Poster for the Lord, roll away!"
Amen? All right, you've got a new song, a Postering song! You'll have to finish the words! God bless & keep you all & keep on making you a blessing!

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