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HEAVEN'S GIRL!--THE FOREVER STORY!       8/85       DO 2049

       1. I JUST GOT A TREMENDOUS INSPIRATION, I THINK IT WAS WHILE I WAS WAKING UP FROM MY NAP! I'm so thrilled & excited about it! I'm always getting things in that dreamland between sleep & being awake. I was reminded of it when I was looking at these new Posters.
       2. KIDS LOVE FAIRYLAND! THEY BELIEVE IN IT & SO DO WE! We live in the Fairyland of Love! I used to love those fairy stories, fantasy stories & all that, only ours are real! TTL! Isn't that amazing? It just shows you the children miss that sort of thing & they like that sort of thing. They must somehow remember a little bit where they came from, which is certainly like a Fairyland! So I put these new Posters up here where Techi can come in here & dream her way into them!
       3. I ALWAYS LOVED FAIRY STORIES WHEN I WAS LITTLE, & I think that's what fascinates kids about this kind of picture. I think they have a faint memory of Heaven, not too distinct, although some kids even seem to remember distinctly. So they love fairytales & tales about fairyland & fairies & Angels, etc., what some people called Foreverland, & all the fairytales always ended with, "And they lived happily ever after!"--But they never told you how they lived!--We can tell them how they're going to live happily ever after!--And what the "ever after" is like!
       4. SO I WAS THINKING ABOUT HEAVEN'S GIRL & IT DAWNED ON ME THAT WE DON'T HAVE TO END HER STORY WITH THE RAPTURE! We can take her Story right on up to the Heavenly City & through the Wedding Supper, back through Armageddon & then how her ministry will be during the Millennium, exercising her powers & ministering to the people!--Ruling the Earth! (Maria: Sounds like there's another project for you, Honey! You're going to have to come up with all the details!) Oh, we've got lots of details, we've got oodles! Then there's the Battle of Gog & Magog & finally Heaven on Earth & her ministry of the Leaves of Life! There's no end to the Story! It's limitless! She can just go on forever! (Maria: That's wonderful, now I can see that we're going to get some more Letters out of that!)--Apollos is going to get some more Stories! (Maria: And I'm sure you're going to get some more revelations!)
       5. YOU KNOW, UNTIL WE STARTED WRITING HER STORY I NEVER REALISED HOW MANY OF THE DETAILS WE WERE NEGLECTING, HOW MANY WE DIDN'T REALLY KNOW! I never noticed the difference between the Marks of the Beast before & things like that! It never dawned on me why some of them get the Mark in their hand & some of them get it in their forehead. It doesn't say "and," it says "or": "In their right hand or in their foreheads" (Rev.13:16). There's a distinction! There's a difference!
       6. WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO WRITE A STORY LIKE THIS, YOU'VE GOT TO GET INTO DETAILS! We're even beginning to understand the Scriptures better through writing her Story!--Because we've got to seek the Lord about what to do. It was quite a revelation that even Mark-of-the-Beast people can be saved! If they can't be saved, you limit the Lord!--Since this is still the Age of Grace right on through the Tribulation!
       7. (FAM: LOOK AT ALL THE GOOD REVELATIONS YOU GOT WHILE DOING THE HEAVEN POSTER!)--Yes, we really had to settle some things, about who had halos & who didn't & stuff like that. You've got to really be consistent in details. TTL! It's really wonderful! It's all the Lord! He's really making us begin to see the realities.
       8. WE'RE COMING OUT OF THAT NEVER-NEVER LAND THAT THE CHURCHES NEVER TOLD US ANYTHING ABOUT BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!--No details, nothing! The only thing I can ever remember them teaching me about Heaven in church was that the Place was paved with gold!--And it's not even paved with gold, it's paved with golden crystal! That was the most specific, concrete thing they ever told you. All the hymns talked about the streets paved with gold. It shows you how materialistic some of these church people are, all they could think about was the gold!
       9. SO THAT'S A WHOLE NEW AREA NOW OPENED UP TO THIS STORY! It certainly must have been the Lord, because I never thought of this before. I've always been thinking that of course her Story ends when she gets through the Tribulation, the Lord comes & she goes up to Heaven. Well, that's just the beginning! We can describe all about how wonderful it is Up There & take her through the Wedding Supper of the Lamb & Rewards & coming back for Armageddon & taking over the Earth, Ruling & Reigning, Teaching & having a ministry & all kinds of things! We can explain how we rule the Earth & go right on through Gog & Magog & the Heavenly City coming down, taking over in the New Earth & the Ministry of the Leaves! There's no end to this Story, it's terrific! She's an example of our life & what we should be like & will be like!
       10. WE CAN WEAVE IN EVERYTHING THE LORD'S SHOWN US ABOUT THE FUTURE TO SHOW IT TO KIDS! It will make it seem so much more realistic to them woven into a Story like that of somebody they now know & are familiar with! Look how it's been bringing out details we never even thought of before, points of doctrine & things that we had to settle in order to know what to do about it, like the Mark & all that sort of thing! It really makes you think & study to really try to get the point!
       11. IT'S A FOREVER STORY! THERE'S NO END TO THIS STORY, WE CAN GO RIGHT ON THROUGH TO ETERNITY! And we don't have to wait till the Millennium to write it either, we can write it now to show all these kids & teenagers what it's going to be like. By that time they'll be so familiar with her they'll feel like she's their best friend! So we don't ever have to worry about running out of things for her to do! Hallelujah!

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