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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.20       DO 2050       Compiled 8/85

       MIAMI HELL!
       1. Miami, Florida temperatures have been running around 35 & 36 degrees centigrade! I don't remember it ever being that hot in Miami, I think God's turning on the Hell for'm!

       JAPAN EXPO!
       2. (After watching a video documentary of the Expo in Japan:) This Expo is my idea of a nightmare, it sounds terrible! I'd rather see more pictures of the people than these stupid mechanical things! It's a very interesting video & the Family will want to see it, I'm sure, but as far as I'm concerned, give me God's good old Creation, its beauty & its peace! That is like the Tower of Babel, it's like Babylon the great confusion, all glorifying Man & his mechanical toys, just a bunch of junk as far as I'm concerned, horrible!--All kinds of mechanical junk! The Lord's got to stop things pretty soon or Man will really mess up the World! Pretty soon they'll have machines that can do all the work and he won't have anything to do and will really be in trouble!

       "A.D."-- ... PROPAGANDA!
       3. That video "A.D.," sponsored by Proctor & Gamble to counteract the bad publicity they've gotten recently, glorified, complimented & exonerated the [EDITED: "Scribes and Pharisees"] all the way through! It would probably be less dangerous if it was pure Satanism! But this lying deceitful series the way it is, is sickening!--Even taking the blame off the High Priest & the clerics, as though the common people crucified Him! Can you imagine?

       4. It was gambling that led my Grandmother into a ministry with the Chinese. The Chinese do dearly love to gamble, it's probably their biggest vice. She went to pick up laundry & found the laundryman weeping because he'd just about lost everything through gambling, & was able to lead him to the Lord & as a result reach thousands of Chinese!--In the U.S. & China!

       5. Why should the whole continent of Africa go out & work & plant any more when they're just given welfare? Much of the continent of Africa is living on welfare.

       6. IT'S PRETTY WELL-ESTABLISHED NOW THAT THE BLOWING UP OF THE GREENPEACE SHIP WAS DONE BY OFFICIAL FRENCH SECRET SERVICE OPERATIVES, about five altogether. One was a woman who infiltrated the Greenpeace organisation there to find out what was going on. The others were on a nearby sailboat, frogmen who apparently swam underwater at night & planted limpet mines on the side of the ship. They're stuck to the side of the ship with magnets & they blow a hole below the water line.
       7. THERE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SUCH A FUROR ABOUT IT EXCEPT THAT GREENPEACE IS A PROPAGANDA ORGANISATION & THRIVES ON PUBLICITY! And besides, a serious crime was committed as a result because one person died, a Greenpeace photographer. It now looks like the French government itself did it in trying to prevent this flotilla from preventing their atomic bomb test in the South Pacific. See, this Greenpeace ship was going to be sort of a supply ship, a mother ship of the whole flotilla of ships that were going to sail out into the area to prevent the French tests.
       8. SO IT LOOKS LIKE THE FRENCH WERE THE ONES THAT BLEW IT UP! It's a very embarrassing incident for the French. Now the French are saying they're going to send the navy out into the area to prevent the rest of the Greenpeace ships from going there. Greenpeace is sending a new freighter from Amsterdam to lead the flotilla, but it looks to me like it wouldn't have time to get there. See, the flotilla of smaller boats can't go there safely without this mother ship which has supplies & water.

       9. Rates of recovery are figured nowadays in terms of actually a slower rate of failure.--Like the U.S. figures the cutting of budget deficits. When they talk about cutting the budget deficit & cutting down the national debt, what they mean is they're slowing down the national debt. They're not actually recovering any, they're just not going in debt quite as fast as they were before. It's like talking about a car going downhill out of control, the minute they manage to slow down even the slightest little bit they rave about, "Recovery! Cutting the deficit! It looks like we're not going to crash after all!"--But actually they've only slowed down the downhill rush by a few percentage points & a few Dollars. It's really a scream!

       10. Ermine was usually worn by kings because it was very expensive. It comes from small little animals & it takes a lot of fur to make a coat that size. Right now there are a lot of drives on like "Save the whales! Save the tigers! Save the alligators!" & to save the animals that they kill to make fur coats. There's quite a bit of prejudice amongst young people today about killing animals to make expensive fur coats for spoiled rich women!

       11. Champagne will get you drunk quicker than any other wine! That's why it's so famous--it'll get you drunk quicker than any other kind of wine outside of actual whiskey because it goes straight to your head. So even a glass or two of champagne will do you worse than a bottle of wine!

       12. ALTHOUGH JERRY FALWELL & HIS BUNCH GREATLY SYMPATHISE WITH ISRAEL, are even raising millions of Dollars to help Israel in various ways & express constant sympathy for Israel & root for the Jews, etc., he is also a staunch supporter of Reagan, whom now the Jews hate & are maligning & attacking in every way! They never say a good word about Reagan in the Jewish newspapers! So Falwell & the Jews are bound to collide on some issues somewhere, & this is what they're doing. (Maria: Because if he's going to back the Jews, he's not going to be able to back Reagan or vice versa.)--Yes, no man can have two masters, & that's what they're going to tell him. Only here he is trying to back Israel & South Africa at the same time!--And South Africa & the Jews are at sword's points!
       13. ... (Maria: But you've got to hand it to Falwell for being that courageous when he knows the whole World's against South Africa!)--Either that courageous or that dumb, one or the other!--Which is it? Yes, you've got to have guts to buck World opinion, & of course the U.S. is doing the same thing. Reagan has been showing a good deal of sympathy & understanding & patience with South Africa. Their policy is to "negotiate a reconstruction" or something like that. In other words, they're trying to be patient with South Africa. (Maria: They don't want to put sanctions on'm yet.)--Right!
       14. SO FALWELL IS A BIG BACKER OF REAGAN & HE'S GOING DOWN THERE TO SYMPATHISE WITH SOUTH AFRICA. And boy, they can sure stand a little sympathy right now! Well, God bless him for that! But boy, is he going to get in trouble ... now! It was bad enough for him to be backing Reagan, even though he sympathised with the Jews, but now to sympathise with South Africa!--He's jumped out of the frying pan into the fire! (Maria: No wonder that was international news! ...)--Yes! The Jews want that publicised now to show, "Here's this rascal that some of you Jews are saying isn't so bad, who supports us even if he supports Reagan. Now he's supporting our main target, South Africa!"

       15. Passengers are always doing that, everybody rushing over to one side of those ferry boats & tipping them over! They rush over to one side to wave goodbye to relatives or see something on the river or watch a fight on board & the things tip over! For one thing, they're almost always overloaded.

       16. The U.S. & the UN helped to build the refugee camps in Thailand, otherwise Thailand couldn't afford it.

       DON'T OVERDO!
       17. Do what you want to do, don't do what you don't want to do, & whatever you do, don't overdo!

       18. What's happening in Lebanon shows you what happens when gangs get big weapons & the government is too weak to stop them!

       19. Interest rates used to be a standard 6% when I was young, now they consider they're low if they're only 20%!

       20. It's funny how in movies the heroes seldom miss & the villains seldom hit!

       21. IF THE LORD LET THIS KIND OF THING GO ON LIKE THEY'RE SHOWING AT THE EXPO, ALL THESE ROBOTS ETC., PRETTY SOON MAN WOULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO! WORK IS GOOD FOR PEOPLE! There's bound to be work in Heaven or you wouldn't be happy with nothing to do. This World's Fair reminds me of Babylon & confusion! It's the height of man's technology, noise & confusion!
       22. JAPAN'S ROBOTS FAR SURPASS THOSE OF THE U.S.! The Japanese are technological wizards, no doubt about it! How could they learn so much in so little time? They must have had some spiritual help from the netherworld!
       23. SCENERY IS WHAT INSPIRES ME, GOD'S CREATION! How restful God's Creation is, it's so beautiful! Man has gone off into space but hasn't even learned how to use his own planet yet! Man's technology has gone beyond the comprehension of man himself. It's just too much of too much!
       24. THIS IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE GREATEST WORLD'S FAIR EVER! It's enough to drive you crazy! Babylon the Great! Confusion! Man's toys! Man's idea of the future is really terrifying, all that scientific confusion!
       25. THERE ARE LOTS OF INTERESTING THINGS THERE, NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT, BUT BOY, IT MOSTLY LOOKS LIKE NERVE-WRACKING CONFUSION! God bless our team! What a beautiful contrast their little booth is with pictures of Heaven! (Maria: They're right outside the gate! It's like they're not really part of it, they're something else!) Thank God! It's sure a great place to have a booth & a witness, one little peaceful spot in that whole place!

       26. THE TIBETANS WERE VERY VERY INTOLERANT OF ANY OTHER RELIGION. They banned Christianity completely, refused entry to missionaries & persecuted anyone that was supposedly Christian. It was considered a closed anti-Christ country for years when I was young. Actually the Chinese were the ones who finally opened it! They tried to wipe out the Tibetan religion, & it was probably God's judgements on the Tibetans for their anti-God, anti-Christ religion, & as punishment for their persecution of Christians & their refusal to allow the entry of Christian missionaries into Tibet for years! So the Lord eventually apparently used the Chinese to persecute them to punish them for their sins.
       27. IN OTHER WORDS, THE TIBETANS GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED & THAT EVIL, DEVILISH RELIGION WAS NEARLY WIPED OUT! The Chinese had been much more tolerant of Christianity than the Tibetans were. Even the Communists were more tolerant of Christianity than the Tibetans! The Tibetans were absolutely, totally anti-Christ, so they probably got what was coming to them!

       28. The Einstein Theory is really what gave birth to the nuclear age. He was the father of nuclear weapons.--He's sorry now!

       29. 40 HAS ALWAYS BEEN A VERY SPECIAL & SIGNIFICANT NUMBER IN THE BIBLE, & THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF 40-YEAR CELEBRATIONS GOING ON THIS YEAR, commemorating the end of World War 2, atom bombings & all kinds of stuff.
       30. THEY'RE HAVING A VERY SPECIAL MEETING OF THE UN SOON TO CELEBRATE THEIR 40TH ANNIVERSARY. As a result, not just their UN Ambassadors, but some 80 Heads of State are going to be there, including Godahfi!--At the UN in New York! This is probably the most important meeting of the UN since its foundation. Reagan is going to attend & all these other Heads of State will speak. They say it's going to be a big security headache for New York!
       31. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THAT'S ALMOST TOO MANY SIGNIFICANT EVENTS OCCURRING IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD THIS FALL, September & October, not to have some real meaning of some kind! It's just like the whole World's coming together, the pieces are all coming together for the final events!

       JACK IT OFF!
       32. IF FUCKING WASN'T A PLEASURE, NOBODY WOULD FUCK! (Maria: What do you do about men that fuck their women for an hour at a time because it takes them so long to go & then the women end up all sore & bruised? I've heard of two cases recently where the poor girls were bruised & sore for a couple of days afterwards.) That's ridiculous!
       33. WE OUGHT TO SET A TIME LIMIT!--15 MINUTES & THAT'S IT! If you can't make it, brother, pull it out & jack it off! (Maria: Unless the girls are comfortable & enjoying it & want to keep going on.) What kind of girl is it that hasn't got any better sense? I'd have kicked him out of bed by that time! What's the matter, can't she get rid of him? (Maria: Well, I suppose she didn't want to hurt his feelings, since it wasn't her regular mate.) Well Honey, it's not going to cause as much trouble hurting their feelings as hurting them! So forget it!
       34. JUST TAKE IT OUT & JACK IT OFF!--DO IT YOURSELF!--OR LET HIM DO IT HIMSELF! I like to watch girls masturbate, it's exciting! So I don't see why she wouldn't get turned on watching him do it. All sex is exciting if it's done in the right spirit. So if he can't make it after 15 minutes, jack it off!
       35. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO PUT A STOP TO THAT INTEMPERANCE! (Maria: Yes, because the poor girl can hardly sit down afterwards & she can't fuck anybody else.) That's ridiculous, Honey! It can cause infection too! (Maria: And that way nobody ever wants to be with the poor man! They'll always dread it instead of looking forward to it, as they should.)

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