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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!--No.10        DO 2051       Comp.9/85

       What about people who stumble over the "I believe you are the Son of God" in the Salvation Prayer, such as Muslims? Can we just not say this sentence & still count them as souls saved with the following prayer: "Lord Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. I believe You died for me & I now open the door of my heart & I ask You to please come in & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life."--From Thaddeus & Praise, India Area

       We would like to get the group "Right to Life" to use the Family song "Mother Let Me Live" as their theme song. Is this OK? Please let us know.--Shad & Misty Rainbow, N.A.
       (--Of course! GBY!--ILY!--D.)

       In light of "The Comet Comes" & the soon-coming Crash, is it wise for us to look to & depend heavily on Home Support from the U.S. & other Western countries, or would it be better to look more to local support through witnessing, Postering, tapenessing etc. & non-strenuous part-time jobs such as teaching etc.?--Reuben, Latin America
       (--Certainly yes!--But why not serve Him fulltime?--He'll never fail!--Jobs fail!--All but His job!--GBY!--Love, D.)

       A friend of ours who has a printing press has offered to print some Posters enlarged 3 to 4 times to hang on the wall. Can we do that?--(No name given.)
       (Why not?--The bigger the better! HAL! TYJ! GBY!--Love, D.)

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