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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

WORLD CURRENTS!--No.21       DO 2053       Compiled 9/85

       1. Today's music is violent & rebellious! The singers & groups look mean & ugly & violent & rebellious, destructive too! Some of them look insane, & of course they are insane! Even the cartoons are not at all funny, they're all horrors! It's an age of horrors, of Hell on Earth! It's crazy, horrible, absolutely insane!

       WAR FEVER!
       2. The strange thing about war fever is that it's like mob fever, it's really a form of demon possession! It just sweeps across mobs of people, nations or continents, & everybody gets into it!

       3. Poor South Africa! The South African Rand, which was trading at $1.11 U.S.--in other words, worth 11 cents more than the U.S. Dollar--since all this persecution & AC blah blah & ballyhoo & concerted, synchronised, plotted campaign against South Africa by the [EDITED: "ACs"], has now sunk to only 25 cents! It shows you how fast things like that can happen. Well, the U.S. Dollar will probably get it next! All this persecution is probably just making South Africa stronger & purging it & purifying their determination to survive against the World if necessary, especially the World Antichrist Conspiracy against Christians & Christian nations!

       4. The U.S. State Department has always been Commie, Red, Pink & Communist sympathisers, controlled by the [EDITED: "ACs"] & at odds with Reagan over South Africa. Reagan is trying to support South Africa & the State Department is trying to condemn it!

       5. WE SAW A VIDEO ABOUT ANTS THE OTHER DAY & HOW GOD MADE THEM! There are several kinds of ants which are farmers, believe it or not. Some raise cattle--their kind of cattle, aphids--& others grow plants & vegetables, a certain kind of fungus. They cut off leaves & take them down into their burrows & cultivate plants on these leaves, which they use for food. They're farmers!
       6. GOD'S WORD SAYS, "LOOK TO THE ANT, THOU SLUGGARD!" (Pro.6:6) Study the ant if you want to know about diligence & hard work & real production! Study the ants, they've got a tremendous lesson for you! I remember when I was a little kid the size of some of ours I used to lie down on my stomach with my knees on the ground & my chin in my palms to study the ants. It was a clean country then, you didn't get worms so easy, I don't think I'd even heard of worms then! So I could get down real close to an anthill & watch the little ants, busy busy busy, always running here & there doing things, marvellous creations of God!

       7. IT APPEARS THAT THE U.S. DOESN'T REALLY WANT PEACE, THEY WANT WAR! They're not talking compromise, they're not talking peace, they're talking tough! In other words, the only thing that seems to satisfy them will be war!
       8. (MARIA: LIKE YOU SAID BEFORE, NOBODY'S GOING TO BLAME IT ON THE RUSSIANS, BECAUSE IT'S THE U.S. THAT WON'T BUDGE!) The Russians sure have outsmarted them when it comes to propaganda & public opinion. They have really portrayed the U.S. as warmongers who want war, & they've made the Soviet Union look like they're the peacemakers trying to make peace!
       9. THE SOVIET UNION IS APPEARING TO BE THE PEACEMAKER TRYING TO MAKE PEACE, WHILE THE U.S. IS MADE TO APPEAR AS THE WARMONGER TRYING TO MAKE WAR! (Maria: Look what Gorbachev said about God! He said, "Surely God on high has not refused to give us enough wisdom to find ways to bring an improvement in relations between the two great nations on Earth!"--How amazing! He brought it up just like it was part of the regular conversation!) It just shows you how God is still in their language if nothing else. It could be the Lord let it happen. (Maria: Maybe they do believe in God. Maybe it is more than just a matter of speech.) After all, he may not necessarily agree with the Party line.
       10. GORBACHEV HAS ALREADY PROVEN HIMSELF TO BE RATHER REVOLUTIONARY! Like Deng in China, Gorbachev is trying to bring about a domestic revolution there in Russia. (Maria: He goes out into the streets to the people & he's very popular, the people really like him. Maybe he's a secret believer!)--Could be! (Maria: He'd have to be a compromiser, but he still might be a believer. Or do you think he would ever make a statement like that just for the benefit of the American people or something?) Who knows? God knows!
       11. IT SEEMS HE'S RISKING HIS COMMUNIST REPUTATION, BUT HE COULD HAVE BEEN DOING IT AS AN APPEAL TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, knowing that they're supposedly believers. That was quite a statement! Every peace step that Gorbachev has taken & tried to get the U.S. to participate in, they've nixed it. The U.S. has said, "Nyet!"--"No!"

       12. THEY TRY TO SAY IT'S MOSTLY JUST BLACKS THAT HAVE BEEN KILLED BY THE WHITE POLICE--600 Blacks killed in the last year--& that now at last some Whites have been killed by the Blacks. The fact of the matter is, more Blacks have been killed by Blacks than otherwise! (Maria: And they never bring out how few Whites there are compared to all the Blacks! You'd think the Blacks were in the minority the way they talk about it!)
       13. ISN'T IT FUNNY HOW THE JEWS ARE ALWAYS FIGHTING FOR MINORITIES LIKE THEMSELVES IN ALL THE COUNTRIES WHERE THEY'RE THE MINORITY! But in South Africa [DELETED] they're fighting for the majority, the Blacks! [DELETED] In their own country, in Israel, [EDITED: "the Jewish Israelis"] hate the minority, the Arabs, & they have no equality or anything! The Arabs are terribly mistreated, just the way the Jews complain of minorities being mistreated in other countries! [DELETED] The Whites are a minority in South Africa. The ratio is about one to five, 20% White & 80% Black!

       14. Religious renewals or revivals often occur before great calamities, disasters & revolutions. The Lord reaps His harvest first, then He lets the Devil reap his. The same is true in our own history. We go into a country & have a great time of popularity & harvesting & the Lord drives people to a decision, then they start rising up against us & persecuting us. Then His judgements begin to fall, & if we don't get out, we could be partakers of the same!

       15. The models of yesterday were cute, poised, flirtatious, smiling, sweet & pleasant, which is so different from the ones they show in the magazines today! Particularly the American model of today looks hard, sophisticated, sour & fed up! They are soured on life.

       16. Oh U.S., what crimes are committed in thy name! The U.S. is so used to violence & horrors & "atrocities," as they used to call them in the last two wars. But I notice they don't use that word much anymore. Apparently nobody commits atrocities any more, they're just the other guy's mistakes!

       17. Music, motion & "la mujer" (women) are three of the most beautiful things in the World, the best of 3 Worlds combined!

       THE POPE & SEX!
       18. I think the Pope is a victim of the System. He is trying to do what he can inside the System. That article Kellie Everts put in about the Pope was quite surprising! (See GN 184.) I think he is a good man. He was giving talks on nudity & sex & was quite frank. He did not condemn nudity at all, he was quoted talking about how it was the first estate of man & all that. And like I've said, it is a great humbler, yet also can be a great blessing. (Maria: The poor Pope, talking about sex & nudity but not having sex! That's pretty difficult.) Well, it sounds like he knows an awful lot about it! I don't know that he ever said he had never had sex!

       19. I was thinking that while Nimeiri was gone would be a good time for them to get rid of him, & sure enough, they did! They really got the message! We've been praying to get rid of him, & thank the Lord, the Lord answered our prayers!

       20. I think ice skating is the most beautiful form of dancing art! It's the only kind of art in which they can glide & do all those amazing feats! Half of the attraction of ice skating & ballet is the way they show off their bodies. I love this music! It's been so long since I've heard good music, it just feeds my soul! I'll tell you, the Russians have a lot to be proud of! They've had some of the greatest composers & dancers the World has ever known! Figure skating takes years of practice & development! What harmony & synchronisation! It's just as soothing & wonderful to hear the music that accompanies this figure skating! This has been a real treat! I'm glad I'm as old as I am & I've made it. I don't have to worry about whether I can be a skater or this or that!

       21. Mixing, especially intermarriage between the Jews & any other race, is something that is absolutely forbidden by the Mosaic Law, yet it's something that the Jews have done for ages! [DELETED]

       22. I'd say we're working up our Millennial Library! We are publishing everything they should ever need to know, & a whole lot more than I know! If any Family has all of these, they've got a complete library of all the knowledge they'll ever need to know! They'll never have to have another book! (Maria: They'll never have to use System libraries or buy books in the bookshops!) I never saw such a volume as you guys are putting out! It would take a truck to haul all of these if you had all of them! Let's hope we can manage to recoup them all during the Millennium, because it will probably be the basis of our worldwide publication then. We've got everything anybody ever needs to know! You could burn all the rest of the worldly books & just pub these! (Maria: That was the idea, we wanted to get all of our material in print just in case we could never get ahold of anything else!)

       23. The worse it gets, the more they are going to try to deny it!--Because they know all about the psychology of panic, & they're probably going to even start lying! But there are some things they're not going to be able to hide. When you go to the bank to try to exchange your Dollars & you see how much they're willing to give you cash on delivery, it's cash-&-carry & that's where the rub comes! That's when they'll know it!--Or when they go to the bank & they can't get their money out at all, they'll know it then! I think it's going to happen like we've been expecting it to all the time!

       24. People are hoping that Khomeini is going to give up since he lost this big battle that they've been expecting for a couple of years. But we fanatics, we never give up even when we're licked! I think he'd keep fighting until the last man, woman & child in Iran, I really do!

       25. I just heard the other day the definition of a friend: One with whom you can sit in silence. In other words, you don't feel obligated to have to say anything & you don't feel uncomfortable doing it!

       26. Most of the East has an amazing ability to copy & imitate! Look how they imitate Western music, Western technology, Western clothes, Western culture, Western ways & everything!

       27. The Soviet Union is offering all kinds of peace overtures & peace moves, arms cuts & freezes, etc., whereas the U.S. is doing nothing but acting belligerent & talking tough & going ahead with arms & all kinds of buildups! It's making the U.S. look absolutely like a fool to the World, like Russia's the peacemaker & the U.S. is the warmonger!

       28. Movie & TV fare nowadays is either totally unreal & weird, animated cartoons, puppets, totally insane with no rhyme or reason, or it's the worst kind of insanity--violence, witchcraft & that kind of realism!

       29. That song they're singing worldwide now, "We Are the World"--isn't that a trick of the Devil, for the World's people to start calling themselves "the children," making them sound like us?--Ugh!

       BIG WORDS!
       30. There's some deliberate evil motive in changing language to big words people don't understand, that maybe only the [EDITED: "ACs"] & their people understand. Maybe it's related to their language or something. For example, they used to use the word aggravate a lot, nowadays you hardly ever hear it on the news, but instead they use the big word exacerbate that a lot of people don't even know what it means. They do the same with lots of other words, changing them to words that only the highly educated can understand.

       31. All this trouble in the Punjab with the Sikhs is being stirred up by the U.S., & Gandhi has hinted that several times too. They're very much against the Gandhi Socialist regime because of its friendliness with Russia.

       MARIA--HANG ON!
       32. I need you to keep me here, Honey, so hang on! That's why I'm still here, because you hang on!

       33. CLARENCE DARROW WAS AN EVIL MAN, THE VOICE OF SATAN! Leave it to Henry Fonda to impersonate him! He was always on the side of anarchists, Communists, rebellionists & murderers! Henry Fonda had a Communist reputation, along with Clarence Darrow, two of a kind! He probably has changed his position since he's gone to meet his Maker!
       34. THAT MOVIE WAS ONE OF HENRY FONDA'S LAST PARTING SHOTS, IT WAS A BLAST AT GOD & THE BIBLE! Clarence Darrow was one of the first famous American atheists! He fought for Evolution in the famous Monkey Trial against Scopes. He also defended those [DELETED] teenage murderers, Leopold & Loeb in Chicago, who murdered another teenager just for amusement!

       35. IT'S FUNNY HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD DOESN'T REALISE WHAT'S GOING ON IN SOUTH AFRICA, that it's the [EDITED: "ACs"], not the Blacks, that are stirring up the trouble & leading it!
       36. THE [EDITED: "ACS"] ARE ABSOLUTE GENIUSES AT LYING PROPAGANDA, saying the White South Africans are leaving their homes because they think Apartheid is immoral. Well, Apartheid's been going on there for years & years & years, how come they didn't leave sooner before all the trouble? They just don't want to get killed, that's all!
       37. THAT [EDITED: "AC"] PROPAGANDA IS SICKENING! But the news media is absolutely soaked with it! There's nothing else, because it's all [EDITED: "AC"]. This is a whole set-up with scenarios & deliberate propaganda!
       38. THEY'RE SAYING THERE ARE PEOPLE LIVING THERE WHO CONTINUE TO HOLD BRITISH & OTHER FOREIGN PASSPORTS THAT NEVER HAVE BECOME SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS in order to vote & change the government. If they had, they could have voted to put a more liberal government into power. They'd rather keep their passports than vote so they can get out of there when they cause the trouble! They're the ones that are causing the trouble, you can bet your boots on that!
       39. THE MEDIA IS TOTALLY, COMPLETELY SYMPATHETIC WITH THE BLACKS, & ANTI-WHITE, WHICH SHOWS YOU WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA--the [EDITED: "ACs"]--the very ones that are stirring up the problem so that they, the [EDITED: "ACs"], can take over South Africa!
       40. THEY'RE ALWAYS CALLING THESE YOUNG HOODLUMS & CRIMINALS & MURDERERS & REVOLUTIONARIES "CHILDREN," when they're really full-grown teenagers & even university students causing absolute havoc & mayhem in South Africa! So children go to University in South Africa?--Joke!
       41. THEY'RE TRYING TO GET SYMPATHY BY SAYING THEY'RE JUST CHILDREN! They're children big enough & old enough to kill policemen & set fire to civilians in cars & bomb buildings & all kinds of things! You call those children?--They're hoodlums! Criminals!

       42. God bless Gorbachev, I think he's a wise man. We know the U.S. is insane, let's hope Russia's sane!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family