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SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON!       DO 2055       15/9/85

       1. I WOKE UP WITH THIS SONG RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD THAT I HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF FOR YEARS! I think I was even singing it in my sleep. Dr. Mitchell used to act a lot on songs that would come to his mind. I think he even bought his house on the strength of a song at one time, when they were travelling near Coolidge in Arizona, near where I built the church in Valley Farms. They were passing by this little cottage & all of a sudden this song started coming to him, "Home Sweet Home, where we'll never roam! I see the light of the palace so bright, my home sweet home!"
       2. THEY'D BEEN LOOKING FOR A HOUSE, THEY WERE MOVING FROM CALIFORNIA BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T LIKE LOS ANGELES FOR THEIR FOUR TEENAGERS, & SO HE BOUGHT THAT HOUSE!--And it turned out to be ideal! It was cheap, had its own well for water, electricity, a good road & everything. It was way out in the country & they were very happy & comfortable there & lived there several years. They were there before I came, but they came to my church after we got it built & he used to help a lot.
       3. IT WAS DR. MITCHELL'S FINAL HOME UNTIL HE WENT HOME TO HEAVEN! He used to drive back & forth to Los Angeles on business & he fell asleep at the wheel & had a bad accident. He lived for awhile but he died & went to be with the Lord in his final Home. But that was his home until he passed away. GBH!
       4. (MARIA: I DON'T THINK THAT YOU WOULD'VE EVER DONE SOMETHING LIKE THAT ON ONLY THE STRENGTH OF A SONG!) No, I would have to have much more confirmation than that. Well, I'm sure he probably had other confirmations too, but that was just like a final signal.
       5. (MARIA: WHAT SONG DID YOU GET?) It's a funny thing, it kind of fit something. It's almost like I had it in a dream & then I woke up & this song was running through my head. I'll bet I haven't thought of those words since I was a young teenager! It's been longer than 50 years since I thought of that song!
       6. I WOKE UP WITH THIS SONG RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD, (SINGS:) "SHINE ON, SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON UP IN THE SKY! I ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June & July! Snow time, ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon, so shine on..."
       8. IT'S ABOUT THE FALL, HARVEST TIME! IT'S ALMOST LIKE THIS IS THE FINAL HARVEST NOW THIS FALL! I never thought about it having any meaning to it till the Lord began to show me that, when I was asking the Lord afterwards, "What does it mean? Why should I awake singing that old song?" And you know that's our ministry, lovin'! We've been lovin'! Maybe the song doesn't fit every word but, (Sings:) "Shine on, shine on, harvest moon up in the sky! I ain't had much lovin' since January, February, June & July! Snow time ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon, so shine on, shine on harvest moon for me & my gal!"
       9. IT'S LIKE THIS IS THE FINAL HARVEST! We'll be doing some gleaning, & I don't know, there might be some more harvest next Summer. It also says, "Snow time, ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon." Now that's very significant because most of our work is done outdoors by our witnessers & litnessers & posterers & tapenessers. (Maria: And snow usually applies mostly to the North. So maybe that's significant. If they're in the South maybe they'll have a bit longer than if they're in the North?)
       10. MAYBE IT'S A WARNING TO THOSE NORTHERNERS THEY'D BETTER GET OUT & GO DOWN TO THE LAND OF ETERNAL SUMMER, eternal Spring, because it's going to be snow time up there! That's probably got even greater signficance. "Snow time ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon."--"Spoon" is making love or what they call "petting", "courting" or "necking". Well, that's what we do, that's what our witnessing really is, wooing! Wooing souls is winning souls, spooning, sort of like "spoon-fed". Our babies are spoon-fed, & our babes are spoon-fed the Word!
       11. (SINGS:) "SNOW TIME AIN'T NO TIME TO STAY OUTDOORS & SPOON. SO SHINE ON, SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON, FOR ME & MY GAL!" I was even thinking that maybe that "my gal" is significant, because who is my main gal right now?--It's Heaven's Girl! We'd better get out all we can get while we still have time because we may not be able to stay outdoors & spoon with her in the snow time!
       12. (SINGS:) "SHINE ON, SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON!" HARVEST TIME IS FALL, OF COURSE. "Up in the sky".--The moon! We're like the moon, you know! The Lord said we were like the moon, we reflect the Son's glory. That's just like the Lord was talking to us directly! "Shine on, shine on..." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       13. IT SAYS "HARVEST MOON" & WE'RE REAPING THE HARVEST! WHAT A SIGNIFICANT SONG! "Up in the sky!"--Well, it's like we're in the sky in a way, we're Heavenly. "I ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June & July." I don't know whether those months have any significance or not, but maybe it means that we've had nothing yet compared to what we're going to have in the harvest now! I believe it! I believe we're going to have the biggest harvest of all with these Posters & tapes & all the books & all the pubs we got out! We're harvesting a tremendous harvest! It's like our other months before were nothing compared to what we're going to have now!
       14. "SNOW TIME AIN'T NO TIME TO STAY OUTDOORS & SPOON, SO SHINE ON, SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON FOR ME & MY GAL!" He even slipped Heaven's Girl in there, ha! I think she's going to reap a harvest! I believe that's really going to be a tool with teenagers & catacombers & friends. We need to give Heaven's Girl a DFO designation so they'll know they can share them with others! They could sit down beside them in the park & let them read it or have guests in the Home & let them read it right there under supervision, where it won't get away from them. I'm not talking about loaning it out where you send it to somebody far away or even in the same city. I'm just talking about loaning it to them, letting them read it right there, either in the Home or while they are witnessing, something like that. But it's got to be "DFO" or they won't share it at all.
       15. IT'S LIKE THIS IS OUR FINAL HARVEST BECAUSE THERE'S COMING A SNOW TIME WHEN IT'S NO TIME TO STAY OUTDOORS & SPOON! So shine on, harvest moon for me & my gal! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord!
       16. (SINGS:) "SHINE ON, SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON UP IN THE SKY! I ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June & July! Snow time ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon. So shine on, shine on, harvest moon for me & my gal!" Praise the Lord!
       17. IT'S JUST ANOTHER SIGN TO CONFIRM WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING, THAT IT'S THIS FALL THAT'S GOING TO TELL THE TALE ABOUT THE CRASH & ALL! The U.S. is planning to pass that Tariff Law that is probably going to bring on the Crash. They said they would start working on it & bringing it up in September, but they're already bringing it up. They may even pass it by October, & they're claiming that they're going to have to pass it by December 1st. So that's all Fall--September, October & November, harvest time!
       18. SO THE LORD IS SAYING, "THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO REALLY HARVEST!" From then on it may be hand-picking, gleaning, underground in private & personal soul-winning. This is probably the last chance to really get out the posters & tapes etc. wholesale, in a real harvest, because under the conditions of the Antichrist system we're going to have to work underground & not be so obvious.
       19. A REAPING MACHINE OR A BUNCH OF HARVESTERS ARE VERY OBVIOUS THAT THEY'RE HARVESTING & REAPING A LOT OF GRAIN. But then the poor have to come in & glean the corners of the fields, & that's precious, but it is not a big harvest. It's hand-picked personal witnessing, gleaning, undercover, underground, secretly, friend-to-friend in homes, in quietness like we already do in closed countries. We're already getting a lot of experience in closed countries, some of our teams are setting the example in countries like Russia, China, Eastern Europe, etc., because snow time ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon! That's when you stay indoors during the Winter, cold & snow.
       20. A FARMER TRIES TO PREPARE FOR THE WINTER SO HE DOESN'T HAVE TO GO OUT VERY MUCH IN THE WINTER TIME except to feed his cattle, his flocks & his sheep. In the cold Northern countries they keep them all penned up & in barns for almost the whole Winter till the Spring grass begins to come through the snow, then they sometimes let them out.
       21. MAYBE IT'S ALSO A WARNING TO OUR PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL UP NORTH DRAGGING THEIR FEET ABOUT GETTING OUT. They'd better leave now & go down where it's warm all the time & they can harvest all year round! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       22. WELL, JUST LIKE I THOUGHT, THE LORD SAID IT WAS A SIGN, ANOTHER SIGN! What was it He said?--"These signs", not just that one sign, there have been lots of them! So praise the Lord! They'd better get out & spoon while they can! The song is like a prayer or like a plea to the harvest moon to keep on shining, for the Fall to last as long as possible, for harvesting time to continue as long as possible, & the harvest moon to keep on shining as long as possible. Because snow time is comin', & snow time ain't no time to stay outdoors & spoon. So shine on, harvest moon, for me & my gal!
       23. I BELIEVE OUR LITTLE HEAVEN'S GAL IS NOT ONLY GOING TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR BUT A REAL REAPER! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Amen, Lord, so be it, in Jesus' name, amen. XXX! God bless you, Sweetheart. Let's go to sleep now, OK?
       24. THIS IS ALMOST THE BEGINNING OF FALL RIGHT NOW, SEPTEMBER 15TH! I think the official date is September 21st, but September 15th is the middle of September & September is usually considered Fall. There are a lot of songs about September, "September in the Fall", "September Leaves", "September in the Rain", etc. It's a change of season. It's the season that the mortician, the funeral parlor man, told me was when he got his biggest harvest! When the warm weather turned to cold was when more people died than any other time, & he said his business was always good in the Fall because of the change of temperature. It's sort of significant, sort of like a last chance. September, October & November are usually considered Fall months.
       25. FALL MAY BE THE TIME OF THE FALL OF THE ECONOMY, THE CRASH! That's significant!--The time of the Fall when the World may fall, the economy may fall. Maybe it's another sign that this Fall may be our last chance to get out the Word & the Posters openly in harvest freedom! So shine on, harvest moon!
       26. WE ARE THE MOON, THE HARVEST MOON THAT SHEDS THE LIGHT & MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO REAP THE HARVEST! Praise the Lord! Amen? Thank You Lord! OK! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!--Shine on! GBAKY shining!

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