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TEENS!--(The Future of Your Father!)--Jewels from Dad on Teens!       DO 2056       9/85

       1. The teens are the future of your father! They have to know how much I love them. I love them & they love me & they need me. If we don't start training the teenagers now, who are going to be the teenage leaders of tomorrow?
       2. Our women are going to be the leaders of tomorrow! They're going to be the salvation of this outfit, they already are. Women can do miracles that the men can't even touch, can't even get near. Men's hearts today are melted by women. Our women are the ones who are going to do the job, the real Heaven's Girls!
       3. It's a new Revolution! The old has to give way to the new so that we can grow up strong new leaders for the coming times to learn to love & be loyal & faithful & obey ... me & the Lord. I believe they'll do it. They will fight & they will die because they're strong & they can take it. I want them to love me & the Lord so they'll be real fighters for the Lord, real Amazons for the Lord! You women have to train these teens to take your place or to help you in your place.

       4. Techi is just like a teen, she's going to lead them just like she is leading them now. She is the best proofreader we have. I mean nobody is as anointed as she in reading these ... texts. Nobody caught those mistakes but her. She is anointed for the task. She is almost going to take my place when I'm gone. She's the heart & soul of her father & has the anointing & the mantle of me. She'll know it & you'll know it. I mean she'll lead them. You already have my anointing & my mantle & my authority, but let's face it, even physically you can't take what these young children are going to be able to take. They have the youth & the strength & the power & the anointing that's just unequaled that will be needed for those times of trouble!
       5. I know they'll be our flame when I'm gone. All I know is that they've got it, they've got the anointing & they're the new wave, the Future, our tomorrow! They're going to do it no matter what, because they love the Lord & they love me. They'll carry on, they're my treasures of the Future! They know it, they feel it & they'll do it.

       6. In our Family they can have all the fun ... & all the action & excitement they want, they don't have to go out in the System to get it! Our teens right now are our immediate future, & if we don't hang on to them we've got no future because all of our children are going to be teens before long, & right at the most crucial time in this World's history. They've got to hang on & fight the battle, because there are going to be some tough battles that are almost too hard for their parents!
       7. The Lord's got great vision for the teens, if we can hang on to them & give them a chance. And we need to really invest our time & effort in every way we can to hang on to these teens & to really, in a sense, let them go for the Lord at the same time. Why do you think the Lord started this vision of Heaven's Girl? He knows that they need that inspiration & that food & example of something that really is a challenge & exciting & a role model to follow.
       8. Teens need that! Look at the way they follow these rock stars, movie stars & all that kind of stuff. They sort of need somebody to act as an example & a leader, someone to look up to & follow & not just their parents, church leaders & stuff like that. Our teens right now are almost our most important age, the most important to serve the Lord. There are certainly some beautiful samples of it in some of the Family testimonies I've been reading!

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