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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.22       DO 2057       Compiled 10/85


       2. Translation into another language is so important!--To make sure they get it right & what I really said & what I actually meant, otherwise a whole country could go astray over a misinterpretation! I hope a whole committee of translators reads it, both highly educated & lowly educated, to make sure they can understand it & they know it's the way it ought to be!

       3. EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL IN THOSE DAYS OF JOHANN STRAUSS & VIENNESE MUSIC! The art was beautiful, the music was beautiful & the dress was beautiful! Now they're all ugly! The music is ugly, the buildings are ugly, the people are ugly & all their dress is ugly! What a difference two wars made!
       4. (PROPHECY:) "THERE ARE MANY BROTHERS UNDER THE SKIN TO YOUR FATHER!" There must be a lot of people in the World sick of modern civilisation!

       5. The people that control those bombs are insane! The people that made them are insane! The people that even think about using them are insane!--And the people that are going to push the buttons are insane! They're all insane! They're not Christians, they're not saved, they don't have the mind of the Lord, so they're insane, & they're going to nearly destroy the World!

       6. (Dad was dreaming in the night about Khomeini:) He was like the prophet who missed his hour. (We hope!)

       7. I think people are getting more ignorant all the time! The more they get away from the Lord, the dumber they get, because the Lord gives wisdom to the righteous! It shows you how people revert to savagery & ignorance & superstition & decadence because they lose the wisdom of God!

       8. Some people always figure expenses on the outside, but I'm always trying to figure on the inside & get it as low as we can. Then if we have to go over, all right. I'm not like the Federal Government which figures on all the possible expenses & all the outside expenses that up their budget till it's colossal, & then it turns out they don't really have to pay that much after all! Then their contracters, in order to eat up the excess money, start charging them $900 for a screwdriver! I prefer to start out at the bottom and work my way up and see what's the lowest we can get, the cheapest!

       9. "Signs of the Times" is our new subtitle on the WND, & boy, I'll tell you, the signs are happening! It looks like the end of this year is the pushover, right over the edge, & it's probably going to take that Tariff Bill they're going to pass in the U.S. to do it. That's what did it last time & pushed the whole World over the cliff into the biggest Depression they'd ever had! But look how the Devil lies to them! He tells them that's what's going to cure it! Isn't that a scream? That's what caused it!

       10. All signs are pointing to the Crash! Everything you read in the paper points to it, & I'm sure the Lord is pushing us along to get ready for it faster than we expected! It's amazing how many crashes are occurring right now, it's almost symbolic, all those big train crashes in Europe & plane crashes everywhere!--And all these riots erupting! It's just like the whole World's suddenly gone wild! It reminds me of what the Lord said about "The sea & the waves roaring!" (Lk.21:25) The sea was always symbolic of people, the populace.

       11. PAKISTAN IS AS GUILTY AS HELL! SHE'S ALLOWING ALL THOSE REBELS INSIDE AFGHANISTAN THAT ARE SUPPORTED BY BOTH PAKISTAN & THE UNITED STATES, & allowing all those Sikh rebels inside of India that are also supported by the United States & Pakistan--causing problems to both of its neighbours, Afghanistan & India. Why the Hell would anyone be sympathising with Pakistan?
       12. GOOD NIGHT, PAKISTAN VIOLATES AFGHANISTAN'S TERRITORY ALL THE TIME! They've got huge encampments of Afghan rebels in Pakistan who are going in & invading Afghanistan all the time & fighting the Afghanistan government!
       13. IT'S ABOUT TIME AFGHANISTAN BOMBED PAKISTAN, & I'M TELLING YOU, INDIA OUGHT TO BOMB'M TOO! Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the World! They're the ones that fought India & tried to subjugate Bangladesh. India had to fight Pakistan as well as the pro-Pakistani rebels in Bangladesh to try to protect those people. India liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan, when Pakistan was using U.S. tanks & armour & everything else to try to crush Bangladesh.
       14. PAKISTAN GETS NO SYMPATHY FROM ME AT ALL! It's nothing but a troublemaker everywhere, on both sides of its borders. It causes trouble to both India & Afghanistan.

       15. What South Africa needs is a public relations firm! They sure don't know how to present their image!

       U.N. BUDGET!
       16. The 40th Anniversary of the U.N. would be a wonderful opportunity for the Antichrist to make his appearance! The U.S. is threatening that, because the U.S.furnishes 25% of the U.N.'s budget, they should have a 25% vote on any budgetary matters of the United Nations! The U.N. says that this is totally contrary to the U.N. Charter & rules, but the U.S. is threatening to withdraw if they don't get that much say-so about the U.N. budget, blah blah!

       17. ALL THE LATEST NEWS THAT IS COMING OUT NOW IN THIS BIG CIVIL SUIT AGAINST KOREAN AIRLINES & THE U.S. GOVERNMENT is that they've furnished proof after proof that the U.S. knew exactly where the airliner was at all times! They knew that it was hundreds of miles off course, but never warned the pilot in any way, & they even had reports from various monitoring agencies that it was off-course.
       18. THE BIG 64-DOLLAR-QUESTION THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WAS ASKED AT THE TRIAL was if, as the government claimed, they were in touch with the Russian planes which were following the KAL Airliner & knew exactly where they were & what they were doing, how come they didn't know where the KAL Airliner was? See, they've got to claim that they knew the Russians were after it in trying to prove that the Russians shot it down in the very beginning. So the U.S. government claimed that it knew right where the Russians were & followed them for two hours as they followed the KAL Airliner. And isn't it ridiculous?--Then they deny that they knew where the KAL Airliner was!
       19. IT'S ALL COMING OUT, & ON ONE TAPE RECORDING OF SOME JAPANESE MONITORS SOMEBODY KEPT SAYING, "WE SHOULD WARN THEM, WE SHOULD WARN THEM!"--That the guy was way off-course! It said not only that, but the Japanese monitoring station also had proof that the airliner deliberately & deceptively changed course, changed speed & changed altitude off & on, which airliners never do except as part of standard procedure. But as they raced across Sakhalin Island toward these important Russian missile bases, etc.--which they were apparently trying to photograph--the plane deliberately changed speeds, changed altitude & frequently changed course, made big turns, etc., like it was deliberately trying to evade the Russian planes that were tailing it!
       20. WHEREAS WHEN REAGAN MADE HIS ANNOUNCEMENT, HE SAID THEY WERE FLYING A STRAIGHT DIRECT COURSE FROM ANCHORAGE, ALASKA TO KOREA, BLAH BLAH! Of course you don't know what his advisors tell him. They give him all that rot so he can say it to the American public with a straight face & clean conscience that it was doing so-&-so because that's what the government told him & told him to say. Reagan himself might be horrified if he knew that the whole thing was a staged invasion of Russian security hoping they could get away with it, because it was a big airliner with so many passengers! They never dreamed that the thing was going to get shot down! They didn't think the Russians would dare to do it, but they did!
       21. IT'S QUITE OBVIOUS THE GOVERNMENT WAS TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH A REALLY DARING SPY MISSION, literally using those 269 passengers as hostages, thinking they could make their escape then because they had all those passengers! Talk about terrorism & taking hostages, the U.S. was using 269 civilian passengers as hostages to invade Russian air space to spy on the Russians, & thought they would get away with it! But the Russians just shot down the plane & all the hostages & the works!
       22. SO WHO'S TO BLAME?--The criminals who hold hostages, & then when the police attack they kill both the criminals & the hostages? Who's to blame, the police or the criminals who are holding the hostages? After all, the Russian planes were Russian policemen, military men guarding their country. (Maria: And the Russians claim they didn't even know there were passengers on board.) It was virtually the same type of plane as the U.S. uses for spy planes in the same area all the time! So they just finally shot it down without realising it was full of civilian passengers. (Maria: And probably they wouldn't have done that if they'd known it was full of passengers. They'd have known it would have caused too much trouble.)
       23. BUT THE U.S. DIDN'T HESITATE TO USE THOSE 269 CIVILIAN PASSENGERS AS HOSTAGES, HOPING THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT, believing that the Russians wouldn't shoot it down, thinking the Russians would know that it was full of passengers. Think of it!
       24. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WAS TO BLAME FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE GETTING KILLED, WHICH IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUING KAL & THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ARE NOW CLAIMING! Well, I became convinced it was a U.S. hoax when I heard that one guy on board was one of the heads of the John Birch Society [EDITED: "former Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald"]! Apparently he was on board to enjoy the show, how they were going to invade Russian missile territory & spot their silos & get away with it! Well, he went down with the ship!
       25. LOOK HOW THE U.S. RISKED ALL THOSE PASSENGERS' LIVES JUST TO CONDUCT A SPY MISSION, & THEN WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM GETTING LOST! So who's responsible for it?--The Russian police who shot down the criminal plane?--Or the U.S. Government who put all those innocent, ignorant passengers in danger on their criminal plane, literally using them as hostages to try to escape the Russian wrath!

       26. What unpleasant sounds they have in these movies! They used to have music in movies, now they have noise!

       TRADE WARS!
       27. There are no winners in a trade war, only losers!

       28. The [EDITED: "ACs"] are really trying to destroy South Africa, they don't care how many people get killed. If they can't run it, they ruin it! That's their motto. "If we can't run it, we'll ruin it!"--And that's what they're doing!--Everywhere!

       29. Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the 81-year-old guy who's running China, is really a revolutionist! He believes in changing the World! He persuaded nearly 200 leaders of China to retire, mostly old men up in their 70s & 80s, & he just had nearly 200 new members elected to their controlling bodies there, whose average age is only 50 & nearly all of whom have had college education. He must be a persuasive speaker or something!

       30. The damage from that earthquake in Mexico is probably going to mount into the billions!--And already Mexico can't pay its debts. It seems like all Hell is cutting loose!--Train wrecks, plane crashes, earthquakes, horrors! Everything you can imagine seems to be going on! It's just like the Devil knoweth his time is short! (Rev.12:12)

       31. Mozambique borders on South Africa & is a strictly Communist country, a bitter enemy of South Africa! Well, while Reagan claims to be fighting Communism all over the World, here he's rolled out the red carpet for this Mozambique president. I wonder why?--Because he's Anti-South Africa, that's why! Boy, the influence the [EDITED: "ACs"] have! Normally he'd be fighting against & absolutely wouldn't think of entertaining a guy like that! But look how the [EDITED: "ACs"] can influence the people he sees!

       32. The Economic Growth Rate Index indicates the economic trend of a country. For the World, the IMF has issued a report that it's fallen halfway since 1984, it's half of what it was last year! It's all these tiny little things that they don't put in the headlines that give you the real picture!

       33. IN SPITE OF ALL THE WARNINGS, CONGRESS IS DETERMINED TO PASS THOSE TARIFF BILLS! They call it a Fair Trade Bill--fair to the U.S.A, unfair to everybody else! And brother, did you see how the Dollar has dropped against the Yen? The U.S. export merchants are beginning to complain now. They say it's going to hit the farmers, the electronics industry, the airplane industry & some other things. Their customers have already told them that their countries are going to retaliate & they're going to go someplace else!
       34. THE ONLY THING THEY EVER LEARN FROM HISTORY IS THAT THEY NEVER LEARN FROM HISTORY!--Because this is exactly the same thing they did before the Depression, & it helped bring on the Depression! The Americans thought by being selfish they could save themselves, instead of that they're going to kill themselves! I think that's going to be the catalyst that precipitates the Crash, when they pass that bill, & they're debating it tomorrow!
       35. THE OTHER COUNTRIES WILL NOT ONLY RETALIATE TRADEWISE BUT FINANCIALLY! The poor countries really have no way to retaliate because they can't really afford to buy that much American stuff. So they're going to have to tell those banks, "Sorry, no mon, no fun!"
       36. THE LAST TARIFF BILL HIT ALMOST THE SAME BUNCH OF INDUSTRIES, BUT WHERE IT REALLY HIT THE WORST WAS THE FARMERS. It made their products so expensive it even killed their domestic market & killed their foreign market. And it's going to do it again, only worse!
       37. THEY'RE EXPECTING A PRESIDENTIAL VETO, BUT THEY SAY THEY'VE ALREADY GOT ENOUGH VOTES IN THE HOUSE TO OVERRIDE IT, & they only lack one or two in the Senate. So they're going to do it anyhow, come Hell or high water!
       38. THE STUPID VOTERS DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, all they know is some of those foreign industries are competing with their products & they've lost jobs & blah blah! They have no idea how many more jobs they're going to lose if they put through these import restrictions.
       39. AND IT'S DOING THE VERY THING THAT I HOPED IT WOULD DO!--Especially in the East it's making them look around for new local markets, to start trading & bartering goods right where they are. They've got tremendous agricultural output & they can start trading those goods with Japan, & Japan can make anything America can make, & better, & cheaper! (Maria: I just read that Taiwan & South Korea are bartering bananas for pears.)
       40. SOUTH KOREA & CHINA HAVE NO DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS AT ALL, BUT THEIR TRADE HAS INCREASED FOUR TIMES, it's just shot up phenomenally! But they don't trade directly, they do it through Hong Kong, because they're not supposed to trade with each other. But now that China is in a capitalistic mood, those enterprising Chinese, you know how smart they are, they're going to sell their stuff wherever they can sell it, through somebody else if they have to. They say that a lot of it is going into Hainan Island illegally, & Guangdong Province, where Canton is. They're buying stuff right & left & getting it in there anyhow.
       41. THE EAST HAS GOT ALL IT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY SELF-SUFFICIENT WITHOUT THE U.S. & LET HER SINK!--And that's probably what's going to happen! The U.S. is hanging itself on its own rope. You don't know how people could be so blind! Everybody's telling them, it's in all the news & everything! The U.S. legislators say, "If we don't pass this bill, our voters won't vote for us, blah blah!" It's just pure selfishness! They think they can save themselves by cutting the other guy's throat. But then it's just going to turn around & turn out the U.S. is cutting its own throat!
       42. THIS BILL LOOKS LIKE IT COULD GET PASSED THIS MONTH, SO WE SURE OUGHT TO GET THE EQUIPMENT WE NEED AS QUICK AS WE CAN, before they pass that Trade Bill! The Family is already too late on Japanese equipment.
       43. SO IT IS ON ITS WAY TO DESTRUCTION! I mean the headlines are so clear & everybody's talking about it, but those damn Senators, they're just determined to please their people, no matter if it wrecks the World!
       44. THIS IS WHAT HELPED TO BRING ON WORLD WAR 2! Japan was already at war in a huge trade war with the U.S. then. In WW1 it was Germany. The trade war begins first, then the shooting war. If they can't out-do the other guy tradewise, then they start shooting! And at that time Japan had not become the industrial giant that it is now. For all that kind of stuff the whole World looked to Britain, Germany & the U.S. Japan at that time was only noted for its cheap imitations & that it wasn't top-notch stuff.
       45. BUT NOW THE EAST HAS ITS OWN INDUSTRIAL GIANT WHICH WILL FURNISH THEM WITH THE PRODUCTS THEY NEED in exchange for the food which Japan needs. Japan has to import food, they can't possibly produce enough food to feed their people on those mountains. Japan is nearly all mountains! That's the excuse Japan always gave for invading Manchuria, Korea, China or wherever they went, they needed it for living space & agricultural areas to grow food.
       46. NOW THEY DON'T HAVE TO TAKE OVER MILITARILY. They're so smart, they're saving all that money they would have been spending on the military & arms. That's why they've gotten so prosperous! They used all that money on things that are really worthwhile & usable & not just pure destruction & waste & no good for anything except bombing & destroying! So God has really blessed them & is prospering them. In other words, instead of spending all their money on war, they spend it on goods that the people need. And there's oodles of food in the East that these countries can trade with Japan, & Japan can help all these countries. Japan should become the patron of the Eastern countries, that's what I'd like to see!

       47. GORBACHEV IS REALLY MAKING A SCENE! HE'S A REAL SMART BOY! Everything's just going his way! He's wooing & winning Europe right now! (Maria: He's charming!) And do you know what I think? He's offering a 50% reciprocal reduction in all the missiles, but not the strategic missiles, those that the U.S. & Russia fire clear across the ocean at each other. The ones that Russia & the U.S.A. have in Europe that they can fire at each other right there, close range, are called medium-range missiles.
       48. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M EXPECTING HIM TO DO? He said he hasn't thought out the details on it yet, but I think it would be a master stroke of diplomacy if he'd tell those Europeans, "We'll get rid of our missiles that are aimed at you, if you'll get rid of your missiles & American missiles aimed at us, so you guys can get out of this thing completely & it'll just be between us & the U.S.A. & you won't have to get involved!" That would be a pretty juicy offer, hard to turn down, & that's where he could probably win their hearts.
       49. I REALLY EXPECT SOMETHING LIKE THAT, SOMETHING REALLY DRASTIC, SOMETHING REALLY BIG! The Europeans don't want to be the targets, & they know they're going to be the targets! If they'd agree to do that, then there would just be the strategic missiles, the intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBMs, they used to call them, that Russia & the U.S. have aimed at each other, & Europe would be out of the picture. And if they'd ever manage to do that, that would virtually put Europe already in the Russian camp!
       50. IN OTHER WORDS, RUSSIA COULD EASILY SAY, "WE'LL SAVE YOU! We'll remove those missiles if you'll get those American missiles & troops out of Europe & send'm home!" Then of course they're under Russia's wing. Russia has enough conventional forces to take over Europe easily anyway. Anyhow, it's an idea & I'm just curious to see what they'll do.

       51. GORBACHEV HAS OUT-MANOEUVERED REAGAN! I mean he's running around the mulberry tree with offers to reduce & offers of peace, & every one the U.S. turns down & says, "We don't believe him, he's lying, blah blah"--making the U.S. look like fools to the rest of the World! Besides, that puts Russia in the position of trying to be a peacemaker, making all the offers.
       52. GORBACHEV TAKES ALL THE INITIATIVE, ATTACK, ATTACK! The offense is what always wins! He makes all the offers & the U.S. just keeps batting them down, batting them down! So to the whole World it looks like Russia is the one that wants to make peace! In an interview Gorbachev said something like, "Surely if there is a God above, He would want us to make peace!" He's been talking more about God than Reagan! In fact, it looks like Gorbachev is talking more about God lately than the Christians! (Maria: It looks like he's acting more godly too.)--Yes, he's made more peace offers, every one of which the U.S. has turned down!
       53. IT REMINDS ME OF WHEN KHRUSHCHEV WAS IN THE STATES. Khrushchev just came out bluntly, you can imagine when I saw that in the newspaper headlines: "We will bury you because God is with us!--Khrushchev." These Russians talk more about God than the U.S.! While the U.S. is busy kicking God & the Bible out of schools & Christ out of Christmas, the Russians are talking about God! Even Deng made some mention about God when Mother Theresa was there preaching at him! There have been several of them. It's a little hard to leave God out of the conversation!

       54. Can you imagine leaders of countries, whole nations, trying to run their nations without the wisdom of God? (Maria: No, I can't.)--Even completely without God!

       55. IT SHOWS YOU THE DIFFERENCE IN HOW THE [EDITED: "ACS"] WORK! In the U.S. & Europe they're always plugging for the suffering minorities, etc., but in South Africa they're plugging for the suffering majority! That really is a scream! It just depends on where they control & where they don't control & where they want to control.

       56. Quite a few people don't like Pol Pot. He's been the main reason the Khmer Rouge hasn't got much backing. The main backer of the Khmer Rouge, of all people, is China. And the main reason the Chinese back them is because they don't like the Vietnamese. See, the Khmer Rouge are fighting the Vietnamese & so is China. Nobody likes the Khmer Rouge except China, & they don't even really like'm! In fact, it seems like maybe it's pressure from China that made Pol Pot supposedly retire. The only ones that make a pretence of liking'm are China, & by hook or crook they somehow managed to get the Khmer Rouge government of Pol Pot recognised in the U.N., all because China was against the Vietnamese, & the U.S. was against the Vietnamese. It wasn't because they favoured Pol Pot, they just didn't like Vietnam!

       57. Boy, they're having a lot of big earthquakes! It's all mounting up! It seems that the tremors are making their way up the major fault which runs all the way from South America into Mexico & California, clear up through the West Coast of North America! So they're having these big earthquakes right along that big fault on which Los Angeles is also located!

       58. I THINK THE ECONOMY IS ALMOST ABOUT TO REALLY COLLAPSE NEXT YEAR & THIS WOULD CERTAINLY GIVE SOME IMPETUS TO THE RISE OF SOMEBODY WHO COULD SOLVE THE PROBLEM, who has to be the Antichrist, of course! The Comet is not coming next year for nothing, I'm sure! It certainly signifies some cataclysmic event as it always has. So we shall see! We're sitting on the edge of a volcano awaiting eruption! It's an exciting place to be but also very dangerous.
       59. THINGS ARE GETTING HOTTER IN EVERY WAY! It wouldn't take much to set it off! Economically, politically & militarily, the World is approaching a crisis. The Crash has begun, the political scene is getting hotter & the military danger looms greater & worse!

       60. The Lord must be taking care of him, I think he leads a charmed life! I used to pray for him a lot [DELETED], because he certainly has a righteous cause. [DELETED]

       61. EGYPT WAS TRYING TO HELP THE HIJACKERS OF THIS OCEAN LINER GET BACK TO TUNISIA TO PLO HEADQUARTERS. The deal they made was that if the Egyptians would help them get back to Tunisia, they would let the ship & passengers go. So the hijackers kept their word & let the ship go, & Egypt was keeping its word in helping them get back to Tunisia, when the U.S. planes intercepted the Egyptian passenger plane & made it land in Sicily!
       62. NOW THE U.S. IS REFUSING TO LET THE EGYPTIAN PLANE GO FROM ITALY, SO AS A RESULT THE EGYPTIANS ARE REFUSING TO LET THE ITALIAN CRUISE SHIP GO from its port, & there is quite a disagreement over the whole affair! Not every part of the story has been told yet. They're keeping some of these things under their hat. It sounds like they're keeping the Egyptian plane hostage until Egypt releases the cruise ship.
       63. ANOTHER DISAGREEMENT THAT THE U.S. HAD WITH ITALY OVER THE AFFAIR WAS THAT THE U.S. WANTED TO TAKE THE HOSTAGES TO THE U.S. TO TRY THEM. But Craxi, Prime Minister of Italy, was furious & was practically yelling at Reagan that it was an Italian affair & the hijackers had committed the crimes on Italian territory & on an Italian ship & they must be tried in Italy. So finally Reagan yielded on that point, but he hasn't settled the trouble between him & Egypt.
       64. IT WOULD BE FUNNY IF THIS THING CATAPULTED MUBARAK OF EGYPT INTO SUCH FAME & PROMINENCE THAT THIS "MAN OF FIERCE COUNTENANCE" (Dan.8:23) WORKED HIS WAY UP INTO WORLD FAME, because the Antichrist hasn't got very long to show himself! (Maria: You mean Mubarak might be the Antichrist? One time you said you thought he didn't look fierce enough.)--He was fierce enough in the newspaper when he was yelling at reporters about the hijacking!
       65. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST SERIOUS THINGS THAT HAS HAPPENED IN RECENT CURRENT EVENTS, BECAUSE IT IS REALLY GOING TO SPLIT THE U.S. WITH A LOT OF COUNTRIES!--Not only Communist countries or Arab countries, but even some of the friendly countries on the matter of International Law. The U.S. is bathing in glory right now over having intercepted & captured the hijackers, but top International Law experts are beginning to question whether the U.S. broke International Law by intercepting a peaceful Egyptian commercial airliner & forcing it to land in order to capture the hijackers. David Howe, the head of the Liberal Party of Britain, said "Yes, there is the question as to whether the U.S. has broken International Law in so doing!" But it seems that nobody cares right now, least of all the U.S., about breaking International Law! They've withdrawn from the World Court over Nicaragua & they've ignored a lot of International Law already!
       66. THIS IS A VERY VERY SIGNIFICANT INCIDENT & IF THEY SETTLE THIS ONE WITHOUT TROUBLE IT WILL BE NOTHING SHORT OF ALMOST MIRACULOUS! The Arabs are getting pretty well fed-up with the U.S. attitude toward them & U.S. [EDITED: "Israeli"] favouritism & the fact that they are mollycoddling & spoiling their little Israeli brat!
       67. MUBARAK WAS VERY ANGRY WHEN HE HEARD ABOUT THE ISRAELI ATTACK ON THE PLO HEADQUARTERS IN TUNIS. But he was really furious when the U.S. literally attacked his airliner & captured it & forced it down with the PLO men aboard that he had just released! Americans are jubilant over the action! They love violence! [DELETED] They're just angry that they missed assassinating Arafat!
       68. MUBARAK WAS FURIOUS ABOUT THEM INTERCEPTING HIS COMMERCIAL AIRLINER, BECAUSE THAT WAS PART OF HIS DEAL TO HELP THE HIJACKERS GET TO TUNISIA! So Mubarak is holding the cruise liner hostage because the U.S. is apparently holding his airplane hostage.--Unless he is putting on this act to try to show his Arab friends & the PLO & all that he had no part in it. It could have been secretly arranged between Egypt & the U.S. just to take the blame off of Egypt, because right now Egypt is in bad enough relations with the other Arab countries without having them accuse Egypt of having any part in this hijacking of his plane & the PLO men that were on it!
       69. SO I THINK THERE'RE PRETTY GOOD POSSIBILITIES OF MUBARAK BEING THE CANDIDATE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED AT POSSIBLY FULFILLING THE ROLE OF THE ANTICHRIST, OR AT LEAST A PREDECESSOR! He's certainly the only one on the scene right now who could come to the forefront next year. Any other unknown would certainly have to be a superman & perform miracles to catch the World's attention by next year, at the time of the Comet. Of course, Halley's Comet was a warning to the World before WWI, but it actually preceded the war by two or three years. So again, it may just be a warning & we may not see the revelation of the Antichrist for a year or so yet. But to fit the theoretical calendar which we figured out for the coming of the Lord, it seems like next year would have to be it for the beginning of the Antichrist leadership!
       70. MAYBE THE WORLD WON'T KNOW HE IS THEIR LEADER OR THAT HE IS REIGNING OVER THEM, it could be from behind the scenes through the [EDITED: "ACs"]. Just like they have kept their plot for World domination a secret, the [EDITED: "ACs"] could be keeping him a secret & trot him out one day when they feel it is a propitious time! But of course Mubarak certainly doesn't like [EDITED: "ACs"], so in that respect it doesn't seem like he could be their man! But I'd sure like to see him cause some trouble over this affair!
       71. (MARIA: I WONDER IF HE COULD BE THEIR MAN TO BEGIN WITH, & HE COULD RISE TO POWER WITH THEIR HELP BUT THEN JUST SUDDENLY TURN ON THEM?) Well, that's exactly what he does according to the Bible. (Maria: So maybe he is their man, like their protege' that they present, who suddenly shows his true colours against them!) He certainly is showing his true colours about these two incidents! (Maria: I mean, you said there is a possibility that the [EDITED: "ACs"] could have somebody undercover that they trot out, I was just saying that perhaps then he'd just show his true colours towards them as soon as he has used them to rise to power.)
       72. WELL, [EDITED: "THEY"], OF COURSE, HAVE PROMOTED EGYPT & SADAT & NOW MUBARAK BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE HIM A FRIEND through their chicanery with the U.S. & the U.S. buying him off. I'm sure the U.S. bought that peace treaty with the billions it's giving Egypt!
       73. IF MUBARAK GOT DEMON-POSSESSED, HE'D CERTAINLY MAKE A GOOD FIERCE-COUNTENANCE DICTATOR, if he had enough Satanic power to pose as a champion of the Third World! We shall see! But it looks like the Antichrist is certainly going to come very soon & I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen next year!
       74. I ALMOST WISH MUBARAK WOULD BECOME THE ANTICHRIST! He is supposed to come out of Egypt, "a man of fierce countenance," & he certainly has lots of provocation to be so! He is dark-complexioned, a leader of the Third World, & according to the prophecy which we got that time about the Kings of Egypt, he could very well fit the sequence! (See Nos.102, 1066, 1066A.) He's already on the World scene.
       75. HE IS A LITTLE OLDER THAN THE ONE WHICH JEANE DIXON PREDICTED, who was supposedly born around 1962, but I think someone born as late as 1962 would be too young. She had the vision in 1962 & I think she thought that that was when he was born, in February of '62. But if it was a true vision, then he would be awfully young to take over World power in 1986! So I doubt that that meant that that was the year of his birth, she was merely getting the revelation at that time of what had already happened, & in her revelation he was a descendant of the Pharaohs of Egypt. But because she saw this baby being presented to the World at that time doesn't mean that that's when he was born!
       76. MUBARAK IS A VERY STRONG CHARACTER & HAS STUCK UP FOR THE RIGHT IN MANY WAYS IN SPITE OF HIS ROLE! He himself did not make the peace pact with Israel, that was done by Sadat. He may be chafing under the bonds of that peace pact, but of course enjoying the tremendous multi-billion-Dollar support that the U.S. is giving Egypt. Egypt receives the second largest aid that the U.S. is giving to any country in the World, second only to Israel! The U.S. literally bought off Sadat, they literally bought off Egypt!
       77. MUBARAK INHERITED THAT SITUATION & HE MAY YET RESENT IT!--AND HE WAS FURIOUS ABOUT THE ATTACK ON THE PLO HEADQUARTERS IN TUNISIA! And now he is even more furious about the U.S. attack on his own Egyptian airliner with the men he just released! He is, of course, friendly to the PLO because they're Palestinian Arabs, which Egypt has fought three wars to free, God bless them!--During each one of which Israel crushed the armies of Egypt, & you can be sure he's not happy about that! He is going to even the score some day if he can. He probably has more cause to resent Israel & want to get revenge & even the score some day than almost any other country on Earth outside of the Palestinians themselves!
       78. SOME COMMENTATORS HAVE SAID THAT WHEN THE ISRAELIS ATTACKED THE PLO HEADQUARTERS IN TUNISIA, WHAT THEY REALLY DID WAS SHOOT DOWN THE ONLY PEACE PROCESSES THAT WERE GOING ON BY KING HUSSEIN. They made sure that those didn't succeed, because Israel doesn't want peace, it wants war, especially if it can win it! They are at war with the Arabs, not technically with Egypt, but that was an inheritance from Sadat.
       79. SO I THINK THERE ARE PRETTY GOOD POSSIBILITIES OF MUBARAK BEING A CANDIDATE mostly likely to succeed at possibly fulfilling the role of the Antichrist, or at least a predecessor! He's certainly the only one on the scene right now!
       80. SHOW US, LORD, LEAD US, GUIDE US & PREPARE US THAT WE MAY NOT BE CAUGHT UNAWARES, FOR WE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS! Thank You Jesus! For we are not ignorant of the Devil's devices. (2Cor.2:11) You promised that we, the children of Light, would not be caught unawares. TYJ! Praise You Lord! Lead & guide, Lord. Lead Apollos in his Story of the Future, & me with Heaven's Children, make it as realistic & as accurate, Lord, as You possibly can. Help & guide Thy children & reveal to them the Future & our future courses of action, in Jesus' name!

       81. THE U.S. IS REALLY CALLING DOWN FIRE ON ITS HEAD! THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY MAD! Of all things, here they've been trying to curry the favour of China & China's been trying to open up, & the U.S. turns right around & just as good as spits in their face & slaps'm in the face with this 35% cut in textile imports! That's worse than the 25% blanket tariff they were going to impose! They're going to cut down their textile imports 35%! And the biggest ones, the ones hurt most of all, are China & Hong Kong! They're all going to be hurt, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, all the places where they've been exporting so many textiles to the U.S.
       82. IT'S THE SAME OLD SELFISHNESS OF THE RICH AGAINST THE POOR! Here the rich are getting undersold & losing a little money, which they could just count as a contribution to the welfare of the poor countries.--But not the selfish Americans! It's not even the Americans that have to buy the goods that want the restrictions, because they're thankful to get them cheap! The common herd, the common people don't want the tariff because they'll have to pay higher everything. But the rich American producers who pay high wages so their workers can live in style, now the poor Americans are going to have to pay those wages instead of buying these cheap foreign goods that help these poor countries!
       83. SO THE RICH CONGRESSMEN & SENATORS ARE GOING TO PASS LAWS, NOT TO PROTECT THE POOR, NOT EVEN THEIR OWN AMERICAN POOR, BUT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES--THEY THINK! But they're going to cut their own throats, just watch! These bills they're passing now are going to do the same thing as the Smoot-Hawley Bill of 1930. It's going to infuriate all these countries, mostly Eastern countries, from which they've been getting all these good cheap textiles!--Most of them being produced in China.
       84. CHINA HAS BEEN PRODUCING MOST OF THE COTTON & THE WOOL, the textiles themselves, whereas these little fringe Chinese countries, all the way from Seoul, Taiwan, Singapore & Hong Kong, are in the hi-tech business of fabricating them & making clothes out of them.
       85. THE FIRST THING THE U.S. DID WAS PASS A LAW THAT HONG KONG IMPORTS COULD NO LONGER RECEIVE SPECIAL TREATMENT, which certain favoured nations get from the U.S., as long as the material was not made in Hong Kong. What had been happening was the materials were being made in China, then shipped into Hong Kong & they made the clothes.
       86. THAT WAS THE FIRST SLAM THE U.S. GAVE CHINA! China didn't like it & Hong Kong especially didn't like it, because Hong Kong didn't get these nice duty-free imports any more into the U.S., now they had to start paying duty. And of course the ones who really pay the duty are the American poor, as the higher price is passed on to them. So that was the first blow at China, & especially Hong Kong is mad about that!--Because it hurt the Chinese trade, which hurt their purchases of material from China.
       87. BUT NOW THEY'RE PASSING THIS LAW TO SLICE OFF 35% OF ALL TEXTILE IMPORTS! In other words, not just raise the tariff, which some of them might have been able to pay, but actually restrict how much they're sending in! They're going to have import quotas, tariff or no tariff, they just cannot import, they refuse to allow'm to import it! In other words, they're only going to allow them to import about two-thirds of what they've been importing, which means a 35% slice in the trade of all these Eastern countries in textiles alone! The first restriction was on the Chinese clothes being made in Hong Kong, now this is the second one.
       88. AND THIS BILL SAILED THROUGH THE HOUSE HANDS DOWN! But thank God it didn't get enough votes, at least not now, to override a possible Presidential veto! They think if the President does veto it, some of the Congressmen will get so mad that they'll raise the vote so that they can override his veto. They've already got almost enough in the Senate.
       89. SO THEY'RE DOING IT, THEY'RE HELLBENT FOR DESTRUCTION! They are hellbent to save themselves at the expense of the poor--their own poor & the other poor nations! And this is what brought the World down last time. But God won't let them get away with it, He won't let the rich try to keep themselves rich at the expense of the poor!

       90. REAGAN'S TRYING TO KEEP CONGRESS FROM PASSING THIS TARIFF BILL, because he remembers history well enough--he's that old--to remember how it brought on the Depression!
       91. I THINK HE'S VERY SINCERE! A lot of times his advisors sort of control him on things he doesn't know anything about, but things he knows about & has convictions on, he sticks to'm. I believe he's a good man, sort of a nominal Christian. He's not even ashamed to confess his faith.
       92. WELL, IF THEY WOULD DEVALUE THE DOLLAR AS MUCH AS THEY CLAIM IT'S INFLATED, I DOUBT IF THE U.S. COULD TAKE IT. The financial wizards claim it's only inflated about 10%, & I would be surprised if the U.S. would even agree to devalue it 10%!
       93. WHEN I THINK ABOUT THAT I OFTEN THINK ABOUT THAT GERMAN MAN I KNEW. He & his brother & father ran some kind of a factory in East Germany, & when the Russians took over, they tried to keep on working there. But the Russians made it rough on them because they were Christians, & arrested them & imprisoned them awhile & harassed them, all that kind of stuff.
       94. THEY WERE SOME OF THESE SUPER-NATIONALISTS, EVANGELICALS & FUNDAMENTALISTS WHO REFUSED TO BE "RED LIKE A RADISH"! Imagine, they refused to hoist the Communist flag! He insisted on still flying the flag of Germany on his factory, so they threw him in prison.
       95. SOME CHRISTIANS SUFFER SO NEEDLESSLY OVER FOOLISH THINGS LIKE THAT! Most of the East Bloc Christians suffered over illegal repairs to their buildings, illegal baptisms, which were then forbidden, & illegally staying off work because it was Sunday, all these little shibboleths!
       96. SO FINALLY THEY FLED EAST GERMANY & HE CAME TO THE U.S. AS AN OUTSTANDING COMMUNIST FIGHTER, an anti-Communist, going around lecturing against Communism because he'd been through it in East Germany.
       97. HE CAME TO MIAMI & HELD A MEETING IN THE CITY AUDITORIUM IN BAYFRONT PARK. He had big advertising & the churches cooperated because he was an authority on Communism from his experience. And you know how churches like to have big meetings! So he nearly packed the place. We also helped advertise it, we passed out leaflets on the street, little handbills advertising it & all that. And because we'd cooperated so much & we were very interested in him we got to talk to him personally, & imagine, he was very concerned about the trade war even then! This was in the '60s, 20 years after World War 2, & there was a problem with protectionism & trade war going on even then! He was especially concerned about Germany, which was still trying to recover from the war, because he was German.
       98. HE SAID, "THE U.S. REFUSES TO LOWER ITS PRICES & IT MAKES IT VERY EXPENSIVE FOR THOSE POOR NATIONS TO BUY U.S. GOODS, because of the high value of the Dollar," etc. They were having that same problem even then. And he gave such a simple solution! They're always saying they don't want to devalue the Dollar because everybody will get mad, because that will make the Americans themselves have to pay more for their own products. To devalue the Dollar for Americans means higher prices & that they'd also have to pay higher prices for foreign products. But then the foreigners would be better able to buy American products & it would help cut down the trade war.
       99. HE SAID, "THE SIMPLEST SOLUTION IS THIS: ALL THAT THE AMERICANS WOULD HAVE TO DO IS PASS A LAW THAT AT MIDNIGHT ON SUCH-&-SUCH A NIGHT THE DOLLAR WOULD BE DEVALUED 50%!" (And at that time the U.S. Dollar was about double what it should have been in value.) He said, "To prevent a hike in prices & wages & all kinds of problems, all they have to do is declare that on a certain night the Dollar is going to be devalued 50%, along with all prices & wages cut 50% at the same time, which means that nobody would suffer in the U.S. But then it would make it very easy for foreign countries to buy American products & help increase trade & boost their trading & all that sort of thing. The solution is so simple but they just don't want to do it!"
       100. I THOUGHT ABOUT IT & IT CAME TO ME THAT THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD SUFFER FROM THAT THE MOST & WOULDN'T LIKE IT ARE THE BIG MONEY BOYS! Suddenly in exchange value with foreign currency, etc., their Dollars would only be worth half as much abroad. Savvy? It would increase the value of foreign currency, but all these investors & people with lots of money in banks, stocks & bonds & paper & stuff wouldn't like it because suddenly all their money would be worth half as much. So as usual, the rich don't want to do it!
       101. IT WOULD SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF THE POOR & PREVENT A TRADE WAR, but let's face it, the rich would rather have any kind of war than to lose their money!

       102. EVERYTHING IS JUST GOING WILD!--RIOTS, EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS & HIJACKINGS! It just seems like everything's exploding at once! Right now the U.S. has fallen out with two of its allies!--Egypt & Tunisia. No matter what God-damn thing they do, they stick with those [EDITED: "Israelis"] no matter what, & Israel dictates American foreign policy! [DELETED]
       103. THE WHOLE WORLD WAS ALREADY FURIOUS OVER ISRAEL'S ATTACK ON THE PLO HEADQUARTERS IN TUNISIA! I mean that's national terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism! Israel's done this before, of course! They destroyed that nuclear power plant in Iraq which was built & operated by the French, & killed a bunch of Frenchmen, as well as the Iraqi workers! The World howled about it & the U.S. did nothing! There were complaints in Congress that Israel had used armaments & planes which were supposed to be only used in self-defence. Well, Israel complained it was self-defence, they didn't want them to make any atom bombs. Now they've done the same thing to the PLO in Tunisia!
       104. THE WHOLE U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL PASSED A CONDEMNATION OF THE TUNISIAN ATTACK & THE U.S. ABSTAINED! The U.S. would have usually voted against such a resolution, but instead they abstained because Tunisia threatened to break off relations with the U.S. if the U.S. voted against this general condemnation by the U.N. of the Israeli attack in Tunisia!
       105. THE U.S. ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SUCH EXPERTS AT PUBLIC RELATIONS, BUT THEY'RE CREATING THE WORST POSSIBLE IMAGE YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE! They're showing that they're babying Israel like a little spoiled brat & letting them get away with anything! The Israelis just figure they can get away with anything with their big brother. But also, the U.S. is getting to be expert at losing friends & antagonising people! They made Tunisia furious, Tunisia isn't over it yet! I don't think they'll ever forget it! Of course the PLO won't! It's just going to bring more terrorism on Israel & the Jews! The PLO got so mad about that, they just started shooting Jews, whoever they could find, & they hijacked that ship!

       106. IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW ALL THE DETAILS & HAVEN'T READ BETWEEN THE LINES, DEAR MUBARAK OF EGYPT MADE A DEAL with a top PLO leader representing Arafat to keep the peace & save the 400 lives on the ship for the hijackers to surrender without a shot, without anybody killed.
       108. BUT ANYHOW, THE EGYPTIANS SAVED THE SHIP, THE CREW & THE PASSENGERS, & the deal was based on the promise that Egypt, being also Arabs, of course, & more sympathetic with the PLO, would send them to a friendly country, in fact, back to the PLO headquarters in Tunisia! Mubarak gave his word, did his part & put them on an airliner along with a few other Egyptian officers & some more PLO officers. And then the U.S., as an act of actual international piracy, hijacked the airplane! That's what they did, they literally hijacked the airplane with their fighter planes! They made it land in Sicily, then made them fly it to Rome.
       109. SO NOW MUBARAK IS HOT UNDER THE COLLAR & AS MAD AS A WET HEN & he's refusing to let the Italian cruise ship go!--Because they got his airplane, which is worth more money than that damn cruise ship! So they'll probably settle that, they'll probably release his airplane & he'll release the ship & things might cool off. But neither Tunisia nor Egypt are going to forget it!

       110. THE U.S. IS JUST ANTAGONISING MORE & MORE PEOPLE, MORE ARAB STATES, & THEY'RE GETTING SICK & FED UP WITH IT! If something doesn't blow up pretty soon, I mean really blow, I'll be surprised!--Because the U.S. is doing it all over! The U.S. is the one that's backing all the rebels in Afghanistan & the U.S. is trying to overthrow the government of Nicaragua. And in all these things, almost the whole World is condemning them--except in Afghanistan, where the situation is a little different. Nicaragua won her case in the World court, or is winning it, that the U.S. mined its harbours with CIA henchmen! It shows you U.S. contempt for international law!--Contempt for international law in hijacking that plane & in attacking Tunisia!--On Tunisian territory, including 70-some people who got killed, a lot of them Tunisians & not PLO! The World's just gone crazy & the U.S. is the craziest of all!
       111. AND EVERY PEACE OFFER THAT RUSSIA MAKES--TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF NUCLEAR WARHEADS, TO DO THIS, DO THAT--REAGAN COMES BACK WITH "I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" He turns down every one of them, & to the whole World it looks like Gorbachev & Russia are the peacemakers & the U.S. is the warmonger!--Which is about the way it is! At least it's looking like that!

       112. THINGS ARE REALLY BLOWING UP! THIS IS THE MOST SERIOUS STATE OF AFFAIRS EVER IN SOUTH AFRICA! Just think, the Rand was worth $1.07 when we were there, & it dropped down to 35 cents over all this! It's back up to about 45 cents now, but that's less than half of what it was! It shows you what the [EDITED: "ACs"] can do!--Of course these nations cause themselves the trouble by ever taking [EDITED: "AC"] money & their offers of loans, etc., because "he that is borrower is servant to the lender." (Pro.22:7) So they got themselves into the fix to begin with!
       113. WHENEVER THE [EDITED: "ACS"] WANT TO THEY CAN JUST JERK THE RUG OUT LIKE THAT, BOOM, OVERNIGHT!--Not only in riots & civil unrest or virtual civil warfare, but also financially & eventually politically. They're cracking down on all the countries they don't like & really causing trouble. So it's really blowing up! It just seems like crisis, crisis everywhere! It's getting worse all the time!
       114. I HATE TO DWELL ON SAD NEWS, BUT WHAT I'M DOING IS THANKING THE LORD FOR HOW WONDERFULLY HE'S PREPARING US TO SURVIVE, God willing, so that we can really see the hand of God in His preparations & warnings, etc.!

       115. WELL, WE KNOW THE CRASH IS COMING & EVERYTHING POINTS TO IT MORE & MORE! I almost get sick of reading the newspaper, it's almost downright scary the way everything is exploding!--The riots & every situation is coming to a head!
       116. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK GOT NORTH KOREA & SOUTH KOREA TOGETHER, & WHY NOW SOUTH KOREA IS ROOTING FOR NORTH KOREA TO JOIN THE U.N.?--Just like I predicted months ago, as the U.S. market closes, they're going to be looking around for new markets!--And that's coming true!
       117. BY THAT DAMN JENKINS BILL & THE OTHER TRADE BILLS THAT ARE GOING TO FOLLOW, THE U.S. IS GOING TO DRIVE THEM OUT OF THE U.S. MARKET & INTO THE EAST where they'll help each other more & stick together more & trade with each other more! Up to now, as long as they had that big fat juicy extravagant market of the U.S., the U.S. bought anything they could gobble up, or gobbled up anything that they could produce, so of course they didn't bother centering in the East, & there are local jealousies & trade restrictions, etc. But when they get desperate & they see they're losing the Whore & she's not going to be able to buy so much any more, they're going to start getting together!
       118. IT'S GOING TO REALLY HELP UNITE THE EAST!--AND OF COURSE THAT'S ALSO GOING TO HELP IN BRINGING ABOUT THE WORLD GOVERNMENT! The U.S. will be the biggest dissenter, of course. It sounds like the U.S. fights it off till the last, until they just train their guns & missiles on her & shoot her down! But the U.S. getting out of the picture is driving the Eastern World together for the first time!
       119. THERE ARE SO MANY FIRST TIME THINGS HAPPENING! Peres is offering for the first time something he has flatly refused to do before, offering to invite the top five of the Security Council in on the peace negotiations with him & Jordan. He didn't include the PLO, but him & Jordan. I think they see things are hotting up! Of course they know they're hotting up, they're engineering the whole thing! And do you know what helped him make that sudden move? The U.S. moved to supply Jordan with these new war planes or something. If all of a sudden Jordan's going to have all those war planes, Israel wants to make peace!
       120. AND NOW SOUTH KOREA MADE A SPEECH IN THE U.N. GENERAL ASSEMBLY URGING THAT NORTH KOREA BE RECEIVED AS A STEP TOWARD UNIFICATION! They're already members of all these other different organisations, so why not North Korea in the U.N.?--Which is talking sense! They had a meeting at Panmunjom & agreed to this exchange of relatives, they're getting it together!--Especially as they see actually what amounts to the U.S. pulling out of South Korea economically!
       121. THE ONLY WAY SOUTH KOREA HAS GOTTEN SO PROSPEROUS & SURVIVED IS BY ITS SELLING TO THE U.S. & HAVING BILLIONS OF U.S. MONEY INVESTED THERE! It's full of U.S. companies! That's the crazy things about these trade bills, it's the U.S.-backed & financed & profiting companies that are in South Korea, like a little U.S. colony, that are going to be some of the biggest losers! That's why they're starting to howl now to Congress & demonstrate & lobby, because they've got companies in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore & all these other places. They're going to lose a mint!
       122. IT'S LIKE PASSING LAWS AGAINST YOURSELF IN THE EAST, BECAUSE NEARLY ALL OF THEM, JAPAN INCLUDED, GOT STARTED WITH U.S. FINANCES, U.S. companies, U.S. engineering, U.S. managers, profiteers & exploiters! Now the U.S. is going to turn the tables on themselves by shutting out what amounts to U.S.-made goods! Of course, a lot of these countries have gotten a little tighter now as they've become more self-sufficient & they don't have to depend on the U.S. so much any more. And now if the U.S. turns its back on'm with these trade laws, they're going to thumb their nose at the U.S. & say, "Phooey on you! We've got your companies, we've got your investments, we'll kick you out! We'll make all the money & sell to our friends!" That's what they're going to do!
       123. IT'S JUST EXPLODING ALL OVER THE PLACE! Just U.S. consideration of that Trade Bill is antagonising China right off the bat, & they're all planning retaliatory measures! The U.S. isn't going to get away with it! And this, of course, is what precipitated the last Depression, & it's probably going to bring on the Crash!
       124. BUT THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO BE BEST ABLE TO SURVIVE IT ARE THOSE SELF-SUFFICIENT ONES IN THE EAST in various countries where they grow plenty of food for all!--And they also are manufacturing plenty of manufactured goods for all. They just need to start trading with themselves instead of depending on the United States.
       125. AND BY THE U.S. ANTAGONISING THEM & GIVING THEM A SEVERE ECONOMIC BLOW BY PASSING THESE BILLS, IT'S GOING TO DRIVE THEM OUT OF THE U.S.' ARMS & is going to drive them to trade with each other & kick out the U.S.! The U.S. is cutting off its nose to spite its face!--Even worse, it's cutting off its right leg to spite its arms! So that's probably what's going to bring it about!
       126. THE WORLD IS EXPLODING IN EVERY AREA, IN EVERYTHING, including all this racial violence, etc.! I'm sure the guys who are engineering the whole thing, the Great Conspiracy, etc., have a purpose in it. Don't blame it all on the Communists, the [EDITED: "ACs"] are probably behind most of it, as we know, & right now I can tell they've just decided to really put the pot on & bring it to a boil & really stir things up in every area!--Financially, racially, militarily, economically & in every way they can!
       127. THEY'VE GOT A TARGET DATE TO MEET, PROBABLY THE NEXT YEAR! SO THEY'RE CREATING ALL THE TROUBLE THEY POSSIBLY CAN RIGHT NOW, getting ready to stir it up enough so the World will be in enough trouble--the debtor nations & all the rest--so that the whole World will really get desperate next year & really want the Superman to solve the situation!

       128. The Taiwanese were largely Christians to begin with. (Maria: Singapore has a lot of Christians too.) Yes, but the Taiwanese Christians have been through a lot of persecution. They were driven out of China, you know. They really had to fight & die for their faith there! (Maria: We're really winning people in Taiwan, especially the girls!) PTL!

       129. The Chinese had such beautiful lanterns in their Chinese cafe's in San Francisco. They're so beautiful! I really loved them when I was a little boy. I really love beauty & the Chinese are beautiful! They love beauty, & in a way they love the Lord because He is beautiful & the Creator of beauty! They just need to know about Jesus. God bless our kids that are trying to tell them about Jesus, in Jesus' name!

       130. (Abrahim:) "This is the music, the songs of the love of your father!" Russian music is so beautiful & so moving!

       131. The Egyptians are a mixture of Arabs & Blacks. They're a mixed race. There's no such thing as pure Egyptians any more like the Egyptians that used to live there.

       132. A few people have been sent to prison on circumstantial evidence because it looked pretty much like they had committed the crime, even though there was no solid proof whatsoever! (Maria: Is that the way it used to be?) That's the way it's been for a long time. A lot of guys have been put in jail & were proven innocent years later! But this is what they call the old "smoking gun theory." In other words, if they're caught with a smoking gun in their hand & the other guy's dead, it usually pretty well convinces the judge & jury that they did it! (Maria: But there have so often been cases where it's been a set-up!)--Yes, it could so easily have been planted!

       133. A little song just popped into my head & out of my mouth! Most everything that pops into my head pops out of my mouth & into your ears! Well, it's a cute sweet little song that was real popular when I was a kid, called "The Lullaby of the Leaves!:
       "Love is everywhere,
       Its music fills the air!
       All nature seems to sing
       The lullaby of the leaves!"

It's a loving lullaby of the leaves! I've forgotten how the rest of it goes, but that's enough! PTL! Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family