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TEEN SEX!       DO 2061       9/85

       1. I BELIEVE THAT THE LORD CREATED TEENS TO HAVE THAT GENERATION GAP, TO WANT TO GET AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS & TO WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT, TO WANT TO BE ADULTS! They really feel like they are distinct, & I think God has given them that instinctive feeling of being a distinct kind all their own & different & separate & new. It's just like they sense that they're the new generation, they sense that they're the new leaders of tomorrow, & that's one reason they respond so wonderfully when you get them away from the older generation who sort of tend to hold them down & not trust them, & who in some cases in the System & the World, even almost resent them! They are jealous of them in the World because they see that they're coming up & they're becoming competition & that they are going to literally take over!
       2. GOD HAS GIVEN THE TEENAGERS ALMOST LIKE AN ANOINTING FOR THE FUTURE, a feeling of being special & different & willing to be new & revolutionary, etc. (Maria: But they don't want to be different in the sense of responsibility. They want to take adult responsibility & they could be treated like adults.)--Of course! I don't mean separating them from the adults with the idea of giving them any special babying, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about separating them from the adults in order to let'm grow up & take responsibility!
       3. THEY FEEL A DEFINITE GENERATION GAP & USUALLY A FEELING OF RESENTMENT THAT THE ADULTS AROUND THEM WILL NOT LET THEM BECOME ADULTS & will not let them take responsibility. Dr. Fakima used to call it the age of responsibility & decision. If you haven't trained them up in the way they should go by that time, it's too late, because they are already adults even as young teenagers. They already have that feeling of being adults, that desire to be adults, that feeling of responsibility, that desire to make their own decisions & to, in a sense, set their own ideals & standards.
       4. THEY'RE REALLY IDEALISTIC AT THAT AGE & THEY ARE PERFECTIONISTS IN A WAY. They look at the adults & wonder why they're not perfect. They expect perfection of them & are disappointed & disillusioned in the adults around them because they're not perfect, because they're really seeking perfection. I'm talking about our kind of kids & the kind of good Christian kids that we used to have. They're looking for perfection, they're looking for the perfect Christians & role models, ideals, heroes & heroines, etc.
       5. THAT'S ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF THE HEAVEN'S GIRL STORY, THE TEENS ARE LOOKING FOR THAT SORT OF THING, someone to follow really. They're looking for someone to be like & they're great imitators. They'll even see a movie & come home feeling & acting like one of the characters that they admire in the movie. I can even remember myself that I had certain favourite actors that I wanted to be like.
       6. IT'S FUNNY, I NEVER REALISED IT AT THE TIME, BUT THE ACTORS I ADMIRED ALL TURNED OUT TO BE THE GENTLEMANLY, chivalrous, courteous, high-ideals & well-speaking European types, believe it or not, Chesterfieldian gentlemen like the English actors, & the very gallant men like the French actors, etc., real hero types! But they were the more ultra-conservative, intellectual & suave types, mannerly with that type of European charm & polish, really in a sense knowledgeable, intellectual, wise, etc.
       7. TO ME THE AMERICAN ACTORS WERE SO BOORISH! They were all so violent for one thing & usually played violent parts, & to me they seemed to be juvenile & just act sort of ridiculous, typical violence & fights & blah blah blah.--Whereas the Europeans could carry on a conversation & discuss the important things of life & the deep things of life. But the typical American ideal was the ignorant, rough, tough, gunslinging, man-killing cowboy, & I really despised it! I just instinctively or Spirit-led knew that that cowboy type was not God's ideal!
       8. MY HEROES WENT MORE TO THE OLD EUROPEAN KNIGHTS IN ARMOUR, days of chivalry, real ladies & all that sort of thing, the characters of Sir Walter Scott & various European classics. There just weren't any American classics at that time. I read a lot of literature but I didn't care too much for American literature with all its Wild West cowboys & Indians & wars & all the rest. Somehow or another it didn't seem like I was an American! I didn't like America & American ways!
       9. AND WHENEVER I FELL IN LOVE IT WAS WITH A VERY, YOU MIGHT SAY, QUIET-TYPE CULTURED GIRL, intelligent, pretty, feminine with sort of a delicately refined type of beauty like the ladies of chivalry, the old European queen types, princesses & lovely fairy types of the fairy tales.--Not the boorish, common, coarse, crude...I can't get enough words to express it!--The type of Americans who were only interested in rough-&-tumble & fighting & killing, etc.
       10. SO THE REAL WOMANLY TYPES APPEALED TO ME, DEFINITE FEMININE TYPES OF WOMEN who knew they were women & wanted to be women & acted like women & wanted to be mothers & have children, God's kind of women! I just abhor this new kind of so-called woman who wants to be a man & who despises men. I'll tell you, I despise them! They're just despicable as far as I'm concerned! They're anything but God's kind of woman!
       11. SO BACK TO THE SUBJECT OF TEENAGERS IN GENERAL. As Dr. Fakima used to say--& he was supposed to be an expert on the subject, an educator, school administrator, etc.--he said you've got to give teenagers a little room. You've got to give them a little trust & responsibility & recognise that they are adults. They're not going to be adults, they're already young adults & they want to be trusted, they want to be given jobs, they want to be given responsibility. They may not always do it perfectly, but they have to be given it to learn, & they have to learn how to make decisions. You have to help them. You have to give them a chance to make decisions & carry responsibility, or they never learn. In a sense they're like apprentices learning a job.
       12. SO GOD HAS REALLY GIVEN THEM A SORT OF ANOINTING TO KNOW & SENSE THAT THEY ARE THE LEADERS OF THE FUTURE, that they have responsibility! They're very idealistic, they really want the best & to do their best. They have high ideals! They really try to reach for perfection. Of course, they can't always make it & don't usually make it for themselves really, but they seek role models & ideals, heroes & heroines that they can look up to, that they want to follow.
       13. THE LORD'S MADE THEM VERY IDEALISTIC TO WANT TO MAKE A BETTER WORLD & BE BETTER PEOPLE & SEEK & FOLLOW AFTER BETTER PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO MAKE THE WORLD BETTER! How do you think we got all of our teenagers in those early days? They followed me because I was preaching what they wanted to hear, that things are in a mess & there should be a better World & there was a way to find it & make it, & the Bible proved it, so they loved it! And they were revolutionary, they wanted to change the World & make it a better World!
       14. GOD HAS PUT THAT INSTINCT, THAT DESIRE & THOSE GOALS INTO THOSE WHO REALLY WANT SOMETHING BETTER, & it's a very common trait of teenagers who have been given any kind of decent or good rearing or fairly wise rearing. Take most of those teenagers that we had in our early days, they were from what the World would call "good homes", in fact even wealthy homes, who had had a fairly good upbringing. Their mothers & fathers were upstanding members of the community, some of them church leaders & whatnot. In the case of others, their mothers & fathers may not have been the best, but they were good people, what the World called good people. There were very few of them, if any, who were sons & daughters of criminals & ne'er-do-wells, but they were kids who had ideals & who saw how the World was & wanted something better. They even saw how their parents were & wanted something better!
       15. THAT'S ONE OF THE RISKS YOU RUN WITH TEENAGERS, THEY'RE ALWAYS SEEKING TO BE IDEALISTIC & LOOKING FOR PERFECTION, & OF COURSE THEY SELDOM FIND IT IN THEIR PARENTS.--Except in our Family they do find a lot of good. They may not find perfection, but they can certainly see that which is idealistic & that their parents are striving toward the good & the perfect, striving for better things! So I think they have greater respect, admiration & trust for their parents in our Family.--But their parents need to have greater respect & trust & admiration for them!
       16. LOOK AT THE RESPONSIBILITIES WE GIVE TECHI AT HER YOUNG AGE! We respect her talents & we admire her & praise her for her gifts & talents, we recognise them as being really of the Lord. We trust her with responsibilities, very important responsibilities! We expect her to do them & we have great expectations of her abilities. (Maria: You can reason with Techi.)--Yes, like an adult or a teenager! (Maria: She can understand things even better than a lot of adults.) She has great wisdom & insight & comprehension, because she's gifted of the Lord, of course, & is unusual, but we also have given her a lot of faith & trust & a lot of responsibility.
       17. SHE TAKES HER JOB OF READING THESE YOUTH PUBS SERIOUSLY & REALLY READS THEM THOROUGHLY & WITH REAL DESIRE TO MAKE'M RIGHT! She catches things even we don't catch & she's good at it! She's already really an accomplished proofreader for the young people's pubs, etc. She'll probably get into the GN later on like the older children have, but right now it's just a little deep & a lot of it is sort of fine print & long & drawn-out & not quite exciting enough for her at her age, of course. Nevertheless, she has great understanding & comprehension of the meanings & needs of the children's & youth pubs. She asks the right questions, she finds the right mistakes, in a sense, & she sees how it ought to be. She corrects art & she strikes snags where she doesn't think it's the way it ought to be & doesn't understand it, & we correct it.--Because goodness, if she can't understand it, surely some of the other kids can't understand it!
       18. I THINK WE'VE HAD THE EXPERIENCE ALREADY WITH SOME FAMILY CHILDREN who have been brought up right in the nurture & admonition of the Lord, that sometimes even with their own parents familiarity has bred contempt in both directions, so that their parents don't really trust them enough to give them responsibilities. They still treat them as children, little children at that, & still aren't quite willing to surrender responsibility.
       19. IN THE CASE OF ADULTS IT'S A MATTER OF THEIR SURRENDERING A PART OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES & their authority to up-&-coming young adults that are going to take over from them one of these days. It seems sometimes that the adults & parents are a little jealous of their authority & their responsibility & they don't necessarily like to trust the kids with some of those things. But if you never let a child learn how to swim on his own without a life-saver or an inner tube, he'll never learn how to swim!
       20. (MARIA: WELL, ONE THING WITH OUR PARENTS THAT PUTS A LITTLE PRESSURE ON to where they have to surrender some of their responsibility, is when they keep having so many kids & the older children have to start taking over the care of the younger ones. The parents can't do it all themselves so that's what's forced a lot of them to get help from their children & give them added responsibility.)--Exactly! That's the way God intended for it to be. He intended for women to have children nearly every year so that pretty soon they had so many they couldn't take care of them by themselves & the older children had to take the responsibility & learn!
       21. THE STORIES THAT I USED TO HEAR SO OFTEN WHEN I WAS YOUNG WERE STORIES WHERE SUDDENLY THE FATHER DIED, THE BREAD-WINNER OF THE FAMILY, & the older brother had to start taking care of the whole family. He was usually already working, & he became like a father to the whole family & had to take care of the mother & really became a real man. He was a real man already, able to do a man's job & a father's job & take care of his brothers & sisters, as well as his mother. Those were heroic days!
       22. NOWADAYS THE SYSTEM KIDS ARE SO SPOILED & SUCH BRATS & so unprincipled & immoral & with no ideals! They have no role figures to follow except the worst kind of devils & demons & satanic influences! They don't have enough brothers & sisters to learn any responsibility in taking care of them, so they're selfish & all they care about is themselves. They couldn't give a damn about anybody else, much less their parents! They don't have any brothers & sisters or hardly anything to worry about.
       23. SO OF COURSE YOU CAN'T TRUST THESE MODERN, SYSTEM-BRED TEENAGERS BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE KIND OF TRAINING THAT MAKES ADULTS OUT OF THEM. They're babied all their lives, they put'm all the way through college & post-grad courses & everything else because they don't want to let go of them & let them out in the World. They don't want them to get married young & have children so the grandparents will have to help take care of them & train them & teach them how to take care of their kids, they don't want to do that!
       24. THE PARENTS ARE SELFISH! THEY WANT TO HANG ON TO THEM & MAKE GREAT BIG BABIES OUT OF THEM AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! They get up to their late 20's & 30's & they're still children! They're still babies & spoiled brats & don't know how to behave or take responsibility or take care of other people unselfishly or anything like that.
       25. SO YOU CAN'T TAKE THE WORLD & ITS CHILDREN FOR AN EXAMPLE, THAT'S THE WORST KIND OF EXAMPLE, A DANDY BAD EXAMPLE!--Like that old joke, at least they're not completely worthless, they're a dandy bad example!--What parents & children shouldn't be like! But in the Family I think we're a very good example of what parents should be like, teaching kids what's right & about the Lord & to follow Him & His principles & His Law of Love & His rules & getting them reared up in the way that they should go, so that when they're old they'll not depart therefrom! (Pro.22:6)--And that doesn't mean when they're old doddering octogenarians like some people seem to think, just before they die! It means that when they're old enough, full-grown teenagers, they are able to take responsibility & not depart from the ways of the Lord!
       26. OUR KIDS ARE GETTING LIKE THAT EVEN BEFORE THEY'RE TEENAGERS! They know how to work hard, clean house, cook, take care of babies & take real responsibility in every field of homemaking & home maintenance & all kinds of things! Our children in our own Home are more advanced, more mature, more knowledgeable, better-trained, more reliable, know better how to seriously take responsibility & do the right thing! Even our subteens are more like real adults! They're serious-minded, thoughtful, unselfish, considerate, kind, helpful & all the things that adults are supposed to be. ...
       27. ... But the System has not trained them [EDITED: "their teenagers"] to be mentally, morally & spiritually capable of having children of their own because their parents have so babied them & so spoiled them that they can hardly even take care of themselves, much less think about taking care of somebody else!
       28. ... But oh boy, how the System parents fight that [EDITED: "teen pregnancy"]!--Horrors! That is a calamity! That is the worst thing they can think of happening to their young teenagers. In some places it's even against the law, they have to get special permission to get married from both sets of parents. The law requires all kinds of things to literally make it difficult for them to marry & have children of their own & take responsibility. And their parents have made those laws because they don't want them to grow up. They don't want them to grow up & to become independently responsible! They really don't want them to. So the parents make the rules & make the laws & make it as difficult as possible for young teenagers who are at almost the sexiest age of all!
       29. ... They [EDITED: "the System parents"] want to keep them virtually all their lives to where they never let'm out of the house. Selfish parents want to keep them there selfishly all their lives!--Unless they get so cantankerous they can't stand them & then they throw them out! But that's the way they made'm. "Look at the way they made us!"--That old song the kids sing. Well, it's a mess the way they made their teenagers!
       30. BUT IF WE HAVE REARED OUR CHILDREN RIGHT TO LEARN ALL THE THINGS THAT THEY NEED TO, first of all to grow up in the nurture & the admonition of the Lord & to know & love Him & love others, they will be capable of responsibility at an early age, at the age of early teenagers, young teenagers. Look at how our young teenagers can cook & sew & keep house & take care of children ... if they're given a chance! ...

       [EDITED: "..."]

       38. YOU NOTICE HOW THE MARRIAGE AGE USED TO BE PRETTY LOW IN THE OLD DAYS & THE RULES WEREN'T SO TIGHT.--Because parents were better & teenagers were better & were taught responsibility. Families were bigger & the teenage girls by that time had a lot of family experience at taking care of children & learning how to cook & keep house with their mothers & taking care of their little brothers & sisters, so they could be trusted to get married & have homes & children of their own.
       39. BUT NOW, GOOD NIGHT, EVEN FULL-GROWN ADULTS IN THEIR 20'S & 30'S ARE STILL IMBECILES MENTALLY & ABSOLUTE DEMONS SPIRITUALLY! So who could trust them with having anything, much less the greatest responsibility of all, having children! (Maria: And many are abusing their body on top of it with drugs & drinking.)--Yes! ... They abuse the children more with all of their horrible lack of training & spoiling & the kind of television they let them watch! They poison them spiritually, which is the worst kind!
       40. THEY EVEN LET THEM HAVE DRUGS! ON A LOT OF THOSE SCHOOL CAMPUSES IN CALIFORNIA THE TEACHERS & AUTHORITIES DIDN'T EVEN MIND! Just like Jeremiah said when he started passing out tracts & the school principal called him in & bawled him out & the teacher scolded him: "You saw me out here peddling speed & drugs & you never said anything, but the minute I started preaching the Gospel, then you all began to rave!" It shows you how anti-Christ the educational System is!
       41. WE'VE HAD MANY PARENTS SAY THAT, "WE'D RATHER HAVE OUR KID BACK ON DRUGS THAN HAVE YOUR KIND OF RELIGION!"--Really! That's how perverted the System is! So how could you trust the System with anything? They've made a mess out of their kids, a mess out of the World, a mess out of themselves & everything! So with all their hellish ideas & hellish laws & hellish immorality & all the rest, how can you conform to the System? Thank God we're a revolution & thank God we have rebelled against it! But on some things you've gotta conform or you're going to be in trouble with the law! (Maria: Exactly, or they might even take the babies away!)--Yes! They can declare you an unfit mother or father & take away the children, & they've done it in a lot of cases.
       42. THE SYSTEM ITSELF IS WHAT'S UNFIT! They call us unfit fathers & mothers & then they take the kids & put them in orphanages & in what amounts to reformatories & children's homes with a bunch of devils & demon-possessed adults & devilish children & they call that more fit! They call us unfit when they're the most unfit of all! It's just the Devil's whole System!

       [EDITED: "..."]

       44. PANDITA RAMABAI WAS MARRIED WHEN SHE WAS 12 YEARS OF AGE, & MANY OF THE INDIAN BRIDES WERE BETROTHED AT THE AGE OF 7! I told you about Rosa, she was a Muslim living in Trinidad & she was betrothed to a little boy about the same age at 7 years of age! So when he was playing marbles & she got around too close & was bothering him, the little boys said to her betrothed, "Tell your wife to go home!" They were serious about it, it wasn't any joke! She was betrothed, she was supposed to marry him.
       45. (MARIA: THE THING IS, WORLDWIDE "PROTECTION" OF CHILDREN HAS SWEPT THE WORLD!)--Yes, & it's the Devil's kind of protection! It is the Devil's protection of his own children to want to make devils out of them & to keep them under his control, that's the whole thing. ...

       [EDITED: "..."]

       50. SYSTEM PARENTS NOWADAYS ARE GETTING SO ACCUSTOMED TO TEENAGE PREMARITAL SEX AMONGST THEIR OWN CHILDREN that mothers are simply insisting that their daughters go down to the doctor & be fitted for a diaphragm almost as soon as they start menstruating, because they just know they're going to fuck. So maybe we'll have to do something like that. (Maria: The funny thing is that these devices aren't absolutely sure!)--Neither condoms nor diaphragms are sure, there is no real foolproof system of so-called "birth control"!
       52. I NEVER FUCKED UNTIL I WAS 25 & MARRIED! I had my own little do-it-yourself kit of 4 fingers & a thumb which was very satisfying when it was necessary. And if I had known then how to satisfy the girls, I could have easily satisfied them like I do today! I'm not always able to fuck any more myself now, but I'm perfectly able to keep the girls happy, & they're able to keep me happy anyhow without fucking, mutually satisfying! Even you & I don't always fuck! We do sometimes, but we know how to satisfy each other & how to really enjoy sex together & love & lovemaking & be completely fully satisfied! (Maria: And that's more important! ...)
       53. BUT CONSIDERING THE SEXUAL ATTRACTION BETWEEN YOUNG TEENAGERS, BOYS & GIRLS, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A FIGHT TO TRY TO KEEP'M APART! We don't want to keep them apart, but you're going to have a fight!--Because in that extreme passionate moment it's the natural instinct of the boy to want to get on & fuck the girl!--And it's her natural instinct too! So you're going to have a hard time to fight it off!
       54. (MARIA: WELL, IT WAS THE SAME INSTINCT WITH MOST OF US WHO ARE NOW PARENTS WHEN WE WERE GROWING UP, BUT OUR PARENTS CERTAINLY KNEW HOW TO THROW THE FEAR OF GOD INTO US & the fear of them & the fear of the System, that if we ever fucked it would be hell to pay & everything would go crash, 'cause horror of horrors, we'd get pregnant! And that was sufficient to keep most teen girls away from fucking! Most teen girls did not fuck because of that very reason. So if we throw enough fear of the System into our kids & motivate them to abstain because they are afraid to hurt the Lord's work, I think most of our teens would do it.)
       55. WELL, I THINK THAT EACH SITUATION & EACH GROUP & EACH INDIVIDUAL HAS TO PRETTY MUCH FIND OUT WHAT THE LORD WANTS THEM TO DO under their situation & conditions & the country they're in & the mores of the culture they live in, & conduct themselves according to that which will keep them out of trouble in that particular area. So we do have to be extra careful, especially with these young teenage menstruating girls & seminating boys, I agree. ... And it is possible, as you say & as others say & I say. You went till you were 23 before you fucked & I went till I was 25 before I fucked!--So hang on, kids! GBY! ILY!

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