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PRAYER VIGIL VICTORY!        DO 2065        10/85

       1. SOMETIMES I AGREE WITH THAT NEGRO SPIRITUAL, "OH, LORD, YOU MADE THE NIGHTS TOO LONG!" I pray, I quote Scriptures, I call on the Lord & everything but I just can't seem to sleep.
       2. THOSE ARE THE MOST DIFFICULT HOURS OF ALL, ABOUT 1 OR 2 TO 4 OR 5, because everybody is sound asleep & I'm all by myself & I really have to fight the Devil then, & he & all his forces & demons & archangels of Hell attack me at that time! It's the most horrible time of the whole night! It's a terrible time of night, it's awful dark!
       3. LORD, YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE IT & I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU DON'T GIVE ME SLEEP WHEN I NEED IT. I don't like to have to be awake at those hours, I like to sleep through those horrible hours! Those hours are the very horrors of Hell, I have to fight every moment to keep my sanity! It just is a horrible horrible demonic time! It's the time of "terrors by night", so why doesn't He deliver me from it? Why doesn't He give His beloved sleep from it so I don't have to fight such a battle all alone every night?
       4. HE PROMISED HIS BELOVED SLEEP (Psa.127:2), SO IF AT THOSE HOURS WHEN I NEED SLEEP THE MOST I DON'T SLEEP, I GUESS I'M NO LONGER HIS BELOVED! He must not love me or He would let me sleep during those hours when I need it & I want it & I have the worst of all battles. It's terrible! I'm all alone & nobody is awake & nobody really can be awake. It's not that they don't care, but they can't stay awake all night.
       5. HE COULD MAKE ME SLEEP RIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT & HAVE A NICE PEACEFUL WONDERFUL VICTORY & GET UP IN THE MORNING! I don't mind getting up at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, but I would at least like to sleep until then & not have to endure these tortures of 1 & 2 to 3 or 4 in the morning. I mean they're tortures of Hell! They're attacks of Satan & all these demons & archdemons! I lie here & fight & fight to keep my sanity! Why doesn't He give me peace & sleep during those hours? My God, why don't they pray I can sleep?
       6. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT TIME I SLEEP OR NAP OR GO TO BED OR WHATEVER, I ALWAYS WAKE UP AT THOSE HOURS, the hours of torture, the hours of terror, the hours of horrors! My God, those hours are the awfulest terrors in the night, from 1 or 2 to 3 or 4 in the morning! They're only about two hours, but my God, it is torture & terror & horror & I can't sleep! It's the hours of Hell, the hours that were apparently given to Satan to torture, plague & torment me because I guess I deserve a little bit of Hell!
       7. HE DOESN'T GIVE HIS BELOVED SLEEP WHEN I NEED IT THE MOST. The only thing I can think of is I'm no longer His beloved & He doesn't like or love me any more & He is torturing me, He's letting Satan torture me! He's doing it! It's the truth! He's letting the devils & demons of Hell torture me during those hours & He's not giving His beloved sleep!--Either that or I'm not His beloved.
       8. IF I'M SO IMPORTANT, WHY DOESN'T HE LET ME SLEEP? Then I have to get up & I have to do His Work & fight more battles without the sleep! Maybe He doesn't desert me, but He makes me feel like it when He lets me go through that torture & that torment & that feeling of desertion! I feel like I'm deserted, I really feel like I'm deserted!
       9. MY GOD, I'M IN A TERRIBLE STATE! I must be the most miserable attacked man in the whole World! My God! You don't know the torture & the Hell I go through, the mental & the soul torture that I go through!

       (The following is the phone message from Maria which was sent on Oct. 3 to each Home throughout the World asking you to please pray for Dad on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your cooperation & your prayers!:)

Dear Family,
       GBY! WLYSM! Dad is starting a new important project which will be a great blessing to us all. The Enemy, however, is really fighting him & he is finding it almost impossible to sleep at night or even during the day. We ask that you please get your Home together & have desperate prayer, & if possible, fasting for one meal for his sleep & against the attacks of the Devil.
       Then, for the next two weeks, we would appreciate it if you would have a daily prayer vigil. This means that if possible, each adult in your Home should spend one hour per day in private reading & prayer for Dad, themselves & for the Family. Instead of everyone in the Home having this vigil time at the same time, it would be a blessing if you could arrange it, as much as possible, so that everyone is praying at a different time during the day.--A prayer chain!
       Thank you so much! We love & appreciate you. Please pray for the victory!
       Love, Maria

       10. WELL, GOD HELPING US, WE HAVE TO FORESEE THE FUTURE TO PREPARE HIS PEOPLE, & HE REALLY HAS SHOWN US A LOT!--Amen? Now He seems to be giving us even more specific details. I think He is really giving Apollos tremendous insight! It's almost like he is becoming a Prophet, & He is certainly going to have to give me some of the same as we go into the future of Heaven's Children! I've only got about one or two more chapters I can do on the history before I'm going to have to get into the Future! (Maria: Well, He always gives you what you need, you know that.) Amen, thank You Lord!
       11. (MARIA: YOU JUST OPEN YOUR MOUTH & HE FILLS IT! HE HASN'T GIVEN IT YET BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T NEEDED IT YET, BUT WHEN YOU NEED IT YOU CAN BE SURE HE'LL GIVE IT!) Amen, I believe it, Honey, thank You Lord! Amen, Lord, You'll have to do it, I can't do it! You'll have to show me, Lord, in Jesus' name! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen. I love you!
       12. (MARIA: WE'VE ASKED THE WHOLE FAMILY WORLDWIDE TO PRAY FOR YOUR SLEEP AT NIGHT & YOUR PROJECTS.) Oh, bless your heart! No wonder I've been sleeping so late, ha! But I wish you wouldn't worry them so much, Honey. (Maria: They're having a two-week prayer vigil where each person in every Home is praying at least one hour a day for you.)
       13. WHO PRAYS FOR ME IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT? (Maria: All those on the other side of the World!) Oh, God bless them! That's a great idea, Honey, that's a real good idea! Thank You Lord! I don't want to keep them awake, Sweetheart. I wouldn't want to destroy their sleep, so that's a great idea, to have those who are already awake on the other side of the World pray for me! Oh, that's wonderful! I really really need that! I really feel that. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       14. (MARIA: I KNOW THEY'VE BEEN PRAYING, WE CAN FEEL IT!)--Amen! Thank You Jesus! Let's see, 2 o'clock in the morning here is 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the other side of the World. (Maria: I think we are going to ask them if they can keep it up & not stop.) Oh, that's a great idea! We really need it!--I mean I surely need it! I feel so alone in the night sometimes, like nobody is with me, everybody is asleep but me & the Lord. But that would really encourage me to know that I'm not alone in these wee hours of the night that I stay awake when you folks are sleeping, to know that somebody somewhere is praying with me & for me & feeling for me & keeping me company in these wee hours of our night during the hours of their daytime. Thank You Jesus!
       15. HONEY! THAT WAS A BRILLIANT IDEA! THAT WAS TERRIFIC! (Maria: When we get real desperate for you, we know that's the answer!) Honey, that was a brilliant idea! (Maria: It was just out of desperation.) It must have been the Lord! It'll really help to feel that there are people praying with me right now, & that even after you go to sleep, there is some prayer warrior somewhere praying with me & keeping me company when I'm awake in these wee dark hours of the night when the Enemy attacks me so furiously sometimes!
       16. (MARIA: I KNOW THE FAMILY'S PRAYERS HAVE REALLY HELPED TO MAKE ALL THE ATTACKS WE'VE HAD IN THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS MUCH LESS SEVERE THAN THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN, & TO GET THE VICTORY!) I believe it! The deliveries have been so absolutely supernaturally miraculous! They have been absolutely phenomenal! It's just been the Lord & their prayers. (Dad has a big coughing attack.) (Maria: The Devil didn't like you talking about the victories.) Yes, he didn't like that! Thank You Jesus!
       17. GIVE THE VICTORY, IN JESUS' NAME! REBUKE YOU, SATAN! God damn you, Devil, in the Name of Jesus! You promised, Lord, "Resist the Devil & he shall flee from thee!" "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God shall raise up a standard against him!" (Maria: "Whatever we bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven." In Jesus' precious name, do it, Lord! "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World!" Amen! We have power over him through the Name of Jesus!)
       18. THANK YOU LORD! AMEN! BOY, OH BOY, THE DEVIL TRIES TO ATTACK RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A VICTORY! For no reason at all I just started coughing. It was just a pure attack of the Devil right in the middle of such a big victory when we were praising the Lord & thanking the Lord for these dear Saints who are praying for us & accompanying me during my wee hours of the night. It's so encouraging! It's just like I can see them praying. I can see them praying in South America & North America too! They're praying for me, Honey. God bless them! Thank You Jesus!
       19. DO WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE? ARE YOU ASSIGNING THOSE PRAYER HOURS BY COUNTRY? (Maria: Each adult is taking a different hour throughout the day from wake up till bed time.) So there are many of them praying for me. (Maria: Oh yes! If there are 15 adults in the Home, during their 15 waking hours one of them is praying every hour of the day, from the time they get up till the time they go to bed.) Really? So there's not just one, but there are many of them! (Maria: Yes, of course, the whole Family is praying.) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       20. OH, THANK YOU LORD FOR THOSE PRECIOUS PRAYER WARRIORS TAKING THEIR TIME & STRENGTH TO PRAY FOR ME IN THESE HOURS WHEN I NEED IT THE MOST, these hours alone with You, Jesus, when everybody here is asleep. Thank You for those who are still awake praying for me, keeping me company in prayer. Hallelujah! Oh, that's so comforting! That's so encouraging! That's so wonderful, Honey! That was a wonderful idea!
       21. WELL, THE DEVIL SURE DIDN'T LIKE MY HEARING ABOUT THAT, HE SURE WAS TRYING TO DISRUPT THINGS! That's wonderful! Thank You Jesus! That really encourages me! Now I know I'm never alone. I can see those people praying for me, I can visualise it & I know I'm not alone no matter what hour of the night it is, even though you all are asleep. Isn't that wonderful? (Maria: So even though North & South America can't go East, they have a very important job praying for you.) They're going East if they're praying for me right now when I need it! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: And the people on this side of the World are praying during our day for you.)
       22. WELL, I CERTAINLY FEEL THEIR PRAYERS. I KNOW THE LORD REALLY ANOINTS & GUIDES & INSPIRES IN ALL THIS WORK & these stories that I have to work on. Thank You Jesus! I know the Lord has really anointed me in all these things, especially these stories, which is a whole new area to us, a whole new means of attack, a whole new method, a whole new tool! So praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: And the Lord has helped us get such victories over these huge battles that we've had lately, a new one almost every day. The Lord has brought such wonderful victories since the whole Family has been praying.) That's wonderful!
       23. HONEY, I WILL NEVER EVER AGAIN FEEL ALONE AT NIGHT NOW THAT I KNOW THAT THEY ARE PRAYING FOR ME EVEN DURING THESE WEE SMALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT! Why didn't you tell me that sooner? (Maria: I did the other night & you said it was wonderful.) I didn't really understand. That's really wonderful! How could I ever be alone again or ever feel alone when I know all those people are praying for me during those hours when all of you here are asleep & I'm the only one awake? I feel such a responsibility to carry on & pray when I feel like I'm all alone with only the Lord, but it'll help to know that people are actually praying for me at this hour. (Maria: So if they don't do anything else, if they get ahold of the Lord for you, they're doing a big job!)
       24. OH, HONEY, THAT'S WONDERFUL! THAT'S TERRIFIC! THAT'S ABSOLUTELY MARVELLOUS TO KNOW I'M NOT ALONE IN THESE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT when you folks are sleeping, that they're awake & praying for me! (Maria: Even when you're asleep, you need their prayers & protection from the Lord.) Will you please thank them for me? (Maria: Yes, Sir!)
       25. THAT'S ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW, THAT I'M NOT ALONE IN THESE HOURS OF THE NIGHT WHEN YOU FOLKS ARE SLEEPING, that there are some of our precious Family praying for me every hour of the night! Isn't that wonderful? It's marvellous, Honey, that's so encouraging! I can't tell you how encouraging that is! All these years I have felt so alone at night because you young people can't possibly stay awake all night with me when I'm so alone & awake & praying, fighting the Devil. (Maria: And even when you are asleep, you still go through battles, the Enemy still attacks even in your sleep.) Oh yes, in my dreams & everything! Oh, Honey! That's wonderful! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       26. BLESS THEM, LORD, FOR THEIR SACRIFICE & BLESS THEM FOR THEIR LOVE & THEIR CONCERN & WILLINGNESS TO PRAY WITH ME during these wee hours of the night, especially those who pray with me at this time when I need it the most, Lord.--At all hours of the day, Lord, when I'm working & doing Thy Will & preparing Thy Word, Lord, for them, but especially during these hours of the night when I've felt so alone. Thank You Lord!
       27. IT'S SUCH AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO KNOW THAT SOMEBODY IS PRAYING WITH ME & FOR ME DURING THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT WHEN EVERYONE HERE IS ASLEEP, including you, Sweetheart. I mean you've got to sleep! Techi is asleep & now you've got to go to sleep, Honey, while I pray with those wonderful, wonderful prayer warriors who are out there with me & I will see them, & I've already seen them. The Lord showed me. That's so wonderful, Honey, that's some of the best news you ever gave me, that somebody is praying with me during these wee hours of the night when you folks here are all asleep. OK, so let's go to sleep, Honey, please. I need to go to sleep.
       28. (MARIA: THEY SHOULDN'T FEEL ANY CONDEMNATION THAT THEY CAN'T COME EAST, BECAUSE THEY CAN PRAY!) Oh, they can help me so much by praying for me, helping me. Thank You Jesus! God bless them! Thank you, dear folks, who are praying for me & with me during these lonely hours of the night! I don't think I'll ever be lonely again, Honey, when I know that they are praying for me right now & all night long!
       29. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY FAIL WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE PRAYING FOR ME? I'm sure that's what has kept me going & kept me alive. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! They've done it, Honey, even when I was asleep. Just think, they're even praying for me when I'm asleep. Isn't that marvellous? That must be why I have such good dreams, such wonderful, beautiful assuring dreams! (Maria: He's multiplied His protection many times over because of their prayers.)
       30. PRAYER IS SUCH A POWERFUL WEAPON! IT'S SUCH AN EFFECTIVE INSTRUMENT! My goodness! I don't think anybody realises how much prayer accomplishes! What's that old saying about that? (Maria: "More is wrought by the power of prayer than the World dreams of.")--Yes! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       31. THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW EFFECTIVE THEIR PRAYERS ARE! Well, I'm sure that's why I've lived through some of these nights seemingly alone, but they were praying for me, holding on to me & they kept me going even in my sleep. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
       32. YOU CAN TURN OVER & GO TO SLEEP, BUT THEY'RE GOING TO STAY AWAKE & PRAY FOR ME! And I'm going to turn over & go to sleep while they keep me alive & safe & well through their prayers while I'm sleeping, protected from the Devil.--In Jesus' name, amen. (Maria: It's really pulled us through in the last couple of weeks, that's for sure.) I really believe it, in Jesus' name. Now help us to go to sleep so their prayers can take effect, Lord. You must decrease, now go to sleep so He may increase through them.
       33. IT'S SO COMFORTING TO KNOW THAT! WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT SOONER? Now I know I'll never be alone, that there are thousands of people praying for me right now! Do you have them on some kind of schedule? (Maria: Every adult in the Home takes a different hour during the day.) So there are bound to be hundreds of people praying for me every hour! Oh, I'm sure that there must be hundreds of the Family praying for me right now as I go into the wee hours of the night when I need it the most, thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       34. OH, I CAN GO TO SLEEP WITH SUCH REST BECAUSE THEY'RE PRAYING FOR ME! Honey, that's really marvellous! You know, I used to think I was all alone & it was really scary & hairy, but now I know I'm not alone but there is somebody somewhere praying for me! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!--In Jesus' name. Honey, that's just wonderful!
       35. WE'VE GOT TO GO TO SLEEP, HONEY. WE'LL GO TO SLEEP WHILE THEY PRAY, BECAUSE WE'LL BE SAFE IN THE LORD'S & THEIR HANDS! Thank You Lord for these wonderful prayer warriors around the World! Honey, I think that's been almost the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me, to know all those people are praying for me every hour of the day & night! That's just wonderful! How did you do that, Honey? (Maria: We just asked them, Honey, & they love you so much they want to do everything they can to help!) That's wonderful!
       36. I WILL NEVER FEEL ALONE & DISCOURAGED AGAIN AT NIGHT WHEN I KNOW ALL THOSE PRAYER WARRIORS ARE FIGHTING THE BATTLE FOR ME & I'M NOT ALONE & THEY'RE INTERCEDING & FIGHTING FOR ME! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! XXXX! Honey, that's the best news I think I've heard in all my life! (Maria: Amen! TYJ! I love you, Sweetheart.) I can go to sleep & rest in peace knowing that others are keeping the watch for me! It's wonderful to know I don't have to, because they're watching & praying for me while I'm asleep. Isn't that wonderful? How come you didn't think of that before? That's just what I needed, Honey, to know that no matter what time of day it is, somebody is praying for me!
       37. THAT'S MARVELLOUS! IT'S THE GREATEST COMFORT I THINK I'VE HAD IN YEARS! Thank you for starting that prayer chain, Honey! (Maria: So sorry we didn't do it earlier, Honey.) Bless & keep her now & help her to sleep while others pray for me & keep taking care of me. Amen!
       38. I THINK THAT IS THE BEST THING YOU EVER DID FOR ME, TO GET ALL THOSE PEOPLE PRAYING FOR ME regardless of what hour of the day or night it is, & I really need it! Thank You Jesus! Bless their prayers, Lord, & honour their supplications! You promised, Lord, to bless the prayers of the righteous & honour the supplications of the poor, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord for Thy mercy & Thy Love & Thy blessing! Thank You Jesus for honouring the prayers of Thy children to help me to survive & fight & live & die for You, Jesus!--In Jesus' name, we ask for Thy glory, amen. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! I love you!

        (The following phone message was sent out to the Family Worldwide on Oct. 17 when Dad was desperately ill:)

Dear Family,
       GBY! WLYSM! Thank you for being so faithful in keeping up your prayer vigil! Your effectual fervent prayers have been availing much! PTL! The Devil is enraged be-cause of the impact of your prayers, & is attacking with greater fury than ever! Therefore we ask that you please, again, have everyone in your Home get together & pray desperately for Dad, who is seriously ill, & for his complete deliverance, as the Enemy is trying to destroy him & snuff out his great work!
       Dad was so encouraged to hear that you're holding him in your prayers, & wanted us to pass on his personal request that someone in every Home take their prayer vigil between 9 & 10 PM each night, as due to the time differences around the World, it will mean that somebody in the Family will be praying for him at every hour throughout the day or night! The rest of your Home can have their individual prayer hour at whatever time is best according to your situation & schedule. We'd like to ask if you could show Dad your love & appreciation for all he has done for you, by making this prayer vigil a permanent part of your schedule. "If you're too busy to get alone with God & pray, you're too busy!" Your daily desperate prayers can pull him through this & future crises.
       Love, Maria & Peter

       9-10 PM PRAYER VIGIL!
       39. THE LORD HAS ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS! PTL! Within 12 hours after this message was sent, the Lord, through your prayers, raised Dad up from his sick bed, practically resurrected from the dead, after having been flat on his back in bed for three days & nights! PTL! He never fails!
       40. AS YOU CAN SEE, DAD IS EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE OF YOUR PRAYERS & DESPERATELY NEEDS THEM ON A DAILY BASIS. Therefore, after seeing how much he counts on you, we know that you will want to permanently continue our prayer vigil. In fact, if someone in every Home prays between 9 & 10 pm every night (We chose this hour as we thought it would be the most convenient for the majority of the Family), it will mean that at every single hour of the day someone will be praying for Dad!
       41. ALTHOUGH IT MAY BE 9 O'CLOCK IN THE EVENING WHERE YOU ARE, OUR FAMILY IS SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD IN EVERY TIME ZONE, SO AS YOUR PRAYER VIGIL ENDS, THEIRS IS JUST BEGINNING! And although it's 9 o'clock where you are, perhaps it's one o'clock in the morning where Dad is. As your hourly vigil ends & it becomes 9 o'clock in the next time zone, then it may be 2 o'clock in the morning where Dad is etc., so someone's always praying for Dad! You can either have the same person have their prayer vigil time between 9 & 10 every night, or you can rotate & have different people take the 9-10 prayer watch. The rest of your Home can have their individual prayer hour at whatever time is best according to your situation & schedule.
       42. WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP & COOPERATION IN THESE MATTERS. We who live with Dad see the answers to your prayers on a daily basis & we're so thankful for them!--Love, Peter & Maria.
       43. "SO MUCH DEPENDS ON YOUR PRAYERS!" "Since you can pray & your prayers can change things, if things aren't changed, it's your fault for not praying & believing & asking God to do something!" "Desperate prayer that is full of faith is the most powerful weapon we have, & can radically alter any situation!" (MOP 97:62,65,83)
       44. "PRAYER IS POWERFUL! When we pray, things will happen & things will be different! God will answer prayer! But God said to Israel one time that bad things were happening because 'No man stirreth himself to call upon Me'." (Isa.64:7) "All of our little prayers are well & good, but there are times when you should really get desperate with the Lord in prayer about certain things & certain people." (MOP 97:93,95)
       45. "EFFECTUAL ARE THE FAITHFUL PRAYERS OF DAVID'S CHILDREN." "You'd be surprised how much God depends on your prayers, how concerned you are & how interested you are. The Lord answers your prayers, so why don't you pray?" "The very intensity with which you pray & really mean it or desire it is reflected in the answer!" (MOP 97:162,173,179) (Amen! GBY! Tx!--ILY!--D.)

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