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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.23       Compiled 10/85       DO 2067


       1. THE WAVES ARE ROARING EVERYWHERE! (LUK.21:25) I CAN SEE THE BATTLE BEGINNING, "THE SEA & WAVES ROARING," meaning the people & the nations, because thee are so many crisis dates coming up at the end of this year & next year where the nations we going to have to make major decisions & there're going to be major crises!

       2. I CAN JUST SEE BY THE NEWS HOW THE ACs ARE ORCHESTRATING THE WHOLE THING, the way they're attacking here & there & on various battlefronts to make sure that everything is going the way they want it by some time next year. They want to make sure they knock out South Africa before next year, & they're trying to do the same with Chile & the Philippines, all the countries that they hate that are their biggest opponents.

       3. THEY'RE TRYING IN INDIA TOO, & OF COURSE THEY'RE DOING THE SAME WITH PAKISTAN, heating up that war! But you see, Rajiv Gandhi getting in there now has sort of put them off a little bit because he is such a wise peacemaker. But they're still trying, they'll try to get in peaceably in the fattest provinces" first if they can. (Dan.11:24)

       4. THEY ONLY GO TO WAR AS A LAST RESORT! They managed to conquer most of the World without any war or very little war, except the World Wars they fought, of course. [DELETED]

       5. THIS 40-YEAR PERIOD IS VERY SIGNIFICANT TOO, BECAUSE IN GOD'S CHRONOLOGY, 40 YEARS IS ALWAYS VERY SIGNIFICANT! It's been just 40 years now since the United Nations started, 40 years of the Commonwealth, 40 years of this & 40-year commemorations going on in the last year or so it's almost amazing, all these 40-year anniversaries, & some of these freed colonies, etc., are just celebrating their 40-year independence. In the Bible God definitely often worked in 40-year periods. (2Sam.5:4; Acts 7:23,36; 13:21, etc.)

       6. IN A SENSE IT'S AS THOUGH HE HAS GIVEN THE UNITED STATES, IF NOT THE WHOLE WORLD, 40 YEARS TO REPENT, like "40 days & Nineveh shall be destroyed!" (Jonah 3:4) Forty years & the World is going to be almost destroyed by the Antichrist, etc.

       7. I CAN SEE THINGS HEATING UP EVERYWHERE THAT THEY DON'T ALREADY HAVE FULL CONTROL & THEY'RE JUST REALLY TURNING ON THE HEAT! You can see how these mobs & these riots & all are all led & instigated by them, by the anti-Christs, by whatever name you want to call them, & usually by the Reds, of course. They've got their emissaries everywhere, their missionaries. The Devil has his missionaries everywhere just like we do, but they stir up nothing but hate & violence, rioting, bombings & killing!

       8. WE'RE BEGINNING TO SEE ACTUAL HAND-TO-HAND BATTLE NOW JUST LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS WAY BACK IN THE MIDDLE AGES before the days of guns & bullets! They're not actually using swords, but they are using shields & helmets & armour! Well, they're getting close to swords with iron pipes, sticks &staves! The only reason they use those is because swords are considered a much more deadly weapon, really intended to kill. So if they get caught, they can get off with lighter sentences if they are only using a club! Deadly weapons are classified in different ways in the laws of some countries. And of course a gun is the most deadly & is considered a lethal weapon. But if you just hit somebody with a stick you're not apt to be so severely charged, even though you might kill them!

       9. BRICKS, BLOCKS & STONES ARE DEADLY WEAPONS! Did you see the picture of the guy shooting the policeman with a slingshot? He stepped right up to the window & was shooting him right in the face! Isn't that horrible? (Maria: That say that riot in Narita was the biggest right that Japan has ever had! I mean it was absolutely warfare in the streets! (Maria: And riots in one country promote them in another.) Well, not only that, I think what happens is they not only view it on TV & get inspired to have riots in their own places, but they have Communist leaders in all those places to stir it up & to lead them! They get them in the war fever the war spirit!

       10. (MARIA: THEY'VE ALMOST GOT BRITAIN DOWN NOW, DON'T THEY?)--Oh, my goodness, yes! (Maria: She's a lost cause!) Honey, Britain has been going downhill for so many years, they're actually beginning to admit it now! I can just see it heating up everywhere. They're attacking on all fronts where they don't already control, like South Africa, Chile, the Philippines & dozens of places! And of course there are some full-scale wars going on!

       11. AS SOMEBODY SAID IN THE PAPER THE OTHER DAY, THERE ARE AT LEAST 40 ALL--OUT ACTUAL WARS GOING ON IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD! (Maria: Another 40!) And they claim there have been 160 wars, but since WWII! So imagine, in over 40 of those are going on right now! It shows it's really heating up in the very end! I hate to even hardly talk about it, but I've got to warn the people about it, that it is getting close & it is really happening!

       12. A LOT OF THOSE CALLOUSED HEARTS IN NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE ARE STILL WONDERING & THINKING THEY CAN LINGER IN A LITTLE WHILE LONGER, thinking they don't have to get out just yet, they don't have to leave & become a missionary. They think they can probably safely stay on a little white longer before the destruction, Some of those people really need to be scared out of those places! They've got to know how had things are getting & how quick it is going to be!

       13. THE COMET IS COMING NEXT YEAR, IN FACT NEXT MONTH IT ALREADY BEGINS TO APPEAR WITH FIELD GLASSES!--And that's significant! There are several crisis dates for the end of October & the month of November. There are all these trade wars going on & the Trade Bill is going to be passed & the Dollar is falling & the Crash is getting up speed! Just like I said a few years ago, the Crash is already here! (See No.854.) It was even already on then, but people didn't know it, Now they're beginning to even admit it, publish it & confess it, at least in the financial pages if nowhere else! I think they figure it is fairly safe to warn the financiers, but they don't want to scare the people yet.

       14. IN SPITE OF ALL THE BIG RICH MEN WITH THEIR BILLIONS, THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE STILL OWN MOST OF THE WEALTH.--Except in a few places like Britain, the very highly developed nations that have been rich a long time. When we were there last time I heard that 5% of the population owned about 40% of the wealth of Britain, & 10% of the population of Britain owned most of the wealth of Britain I think it was over 50%! (Maria: Isn't it like that in most of the poor countries as well?) Well, it could be even worse in some of the poor underdeveloped countries. I used to say that all the time about Latin America, that the very very extremely few rich owned the very very most of the wealth!--Whereas most of the people own very little & are just poor slaves on the land & in the factories.

       15. SO IT'S REALLY GETTING HOT ON ALL FRONTS! They're really orchestrating the final scenes to usher in the demagogue! So I'd better get movin' & warn the people! There are so many 40's coming due or already occurring right now that it's almost unbelievable, just a whole slew of 40's of various kinds--financial 40's. military 40's & personal 40's! It's amazing! It's definitely significant as far as I'm concerned!

       16. THAT ME IS ANOTHER SIGN THAT IT COULD BE NEXT YEAR THAT THE ANTICHRIST REALLY TAKES OVER & BEGINS TO RULE AT LEAST! We know he never really takes over completely because there are so many rebels & rebel countries, but he will either begin to appear next year or at least we'll really be able to see his hand behind the scenes taking things over, preparing for his revelation.

       17. SO I STILL BELIEVE THAT 1986 IS REALLY GOING TO SHOW GREAT THINGS! Great things are going to happen, great & mighty & scary things! You know that Halley's Comet is not comin' for nothing! It came just in time to warn the World of World War I, & now I believe it is coming to signify the beginning of the Antichrist reign or his shenanigans behind the scenes as he gets a firmer grip on the World.

       18. LET'S FACE IT, THE [EDITED: "ACs"] ALREADY HAVE AN ABSOLUTE CONTROLLING GRIP ON INDUSTRIAL NATIONS--all North America, Europe, & I'd say largely South America too. [DELETED] I wouldn't be surprised at all if this whole arms scare between the U.S. & Russia is simply orchestrated by them to scare the World half to death so they'll be willing to receive the Antichrist to solve their problems, to bring peace & financial security & blab, Blah! (Maria: "They staged the whole thing!") (See No.1340.)

       19. THAT'S WHAT IT IS IN SOUTH AFRICA RIGHT NOW, IT'S NOT CIVIL UNREST, IT'S CIVIL WAR! They certainly staged that thing! I'll tell you, they staged at least one side of that thing & then they actually staged both sides of it by getting Russia to come in & cooperate with the United States & Britain & France to lick [DELETED] Hitler Germany, the Nazis. It shows how powerful & how influential they are! They gathered the forces of almost all nations against Nazi Germany to put down the final great power that had power to resist them in Europe. (Maria: Sort of like they're doing with South Africa, only now I guess they've learned they don't have to do it with force of arms, they can just do it with force of arms, they can just do it indirectly, economically & politically.)--Yes, just by subversion, economic sanctions, riots, mobs, killing & civil war!

       20. THAT'S WHAT IT IS IN SOUTH AFRICA RIGHT NOW, IT'S NOT CIVIL UNREST, IT'S CIVIL WAR! This is more trouble than the South Africans had when they were fighting the Angolans when we were there! They were fighting the SWAPO of Namibia & the Angolans who are backing them. Lately Savimbi has been winning South Africa's war against SWAPO & Angola, so I guess the ACs decided there was only one way left to topple South Africa & now it's time to really take it over!

       21. SO IT'S REALLY GETTIN' THERE FAST! The waves are getting higher & winds are blowing faster & the storm is getting darker & I believe '86 is going to be a crucial year, if not the crucial year! I just can't help but believe that it is going to be the crucial years because of the coming of the Comet & all the other things that are heading up. And if our timetable that we got--or at least interpreted from all the other things the Lord has given us--is going to work out at all, it's got to begin next year!

       22. WELL IT'S BEEN BEGINNING ALONG TIME BUT THERE HAS GOT TO BE A CRUCIAL CRISIS WITH THE ACTUAL START OF THE ANTICHRIST REIGN WHEN HE TAKES OVER THE WORLD NEXT YEAR, IF OUR TIMETABLE IS CORRECT! I'm not swearing it is, I don't know. So many people just take it for granted that we know but that's our interpretation from the various revelations that the Lord has given us & the coming of the Comet & all the rest, & the way things are heating up right now, I just don't see how it could possibly last any longer! I think he has got to come next year & I think is exactly what they're engineering right now!

       23. GORBACHEV IS A SMART ENOUGH MAN TO REALLY WHEEL & DEAL & EITHER HE'LL PLAY BALL WITH THE ACs OR THEY'LL GET RID OF HIM! They've got a formidable opponent there or co-worker, whichever he is. They've been playing this cat-&-mouse game about the Jews hating Russia & complaining about the dissidents & Russia's treatment of Jews in Russia, etc., & all that stuff can be a big false front! Even China' long feud with Russia--Communist China, remember, it's still Communist--could be a big false front which has kept the U.S. from bothering China, because they like it because China has been causing trouble with Russia. But that could change!

       24. RIGHT NOW THIS DENG THING COULD BE AN ACTUAL FEINT IN A WAY.--Like a fighter feints & pretends to make a certain move. They open up China enough to make the U.S.A. friendly enough to share technology & catch the U.S. off its guard, & then they can slam that door just as fast!--In fact, a whole lot faster than they opened it, & go right to hand-in-glove cooperation with Russia overnight, boom, like that! They'll have plenty to complain about & to give them an excuse when the U.S. passes those trade laws!

       25. SO IT'S HOTTIN' UP ALL OVER! We used to sing an old song, "June is busting out all over!" from "Carousel," Well, I'll tell you, What I would say today is "Hell is busting out all over! You can see signs of it everywhere!" So God help us to be prepare for it!


       26. ALL THOSE BIG PUBS WE GOT OUT WERE SORT OF A BONANZA JUST BEFORE THE BLOW! First the boom, then the blow, let's hope the next one's not the bust!--Ha! You got the boom, you've got enough to read from now until the Lord comes, & the next thing's gonna be the blow & you're not to get as many pubs, not even little ones. Let's trust that the next thing is not going to be the bust as far as being totally busted, but the next thing is going to be the bust, are you convinced of that? Everything I read in the paper point to it!

       27. EVERYTHING'S HEADING TOWARD THE SAME CRASH PROGRAM, ALL KINDS OF INDICATORS! The whole situation's heating up, the political indicators, the military situation gets more serious every day, and the financial situation, which it looks like is probably going to hit first, they'll see to that!

       28. I CAN SEE THIS ORCHESTRATION BY THE [EDITED: "ACs"], THEY'RE PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS, PULLING OUT THE PLUGS & STIRRING UP THE POT EVERYWHERE!--Especially the places that they have it in for! In the Philippines they're doing their best to destabilize & overthrow the Marcos government; Chile, they 're doing their best to destabilize & overthrow that government because it doesn't toe the line with them; South Africa, they've pulled out their big guns now & are trying to literally overthrow the government & have a civil war! There's a civil war going on in South Africa!

       29. WE'RE BEGINNING TO SEE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OUR LIVES WHAT WAS COMMON TO SEE DURING THE MIDDLE AGES, HAND-TO-HAND BATTLE! We're hearing about it as it happens, hand-to-hand battle with people killing themselves face-to-face with their bare hands or brick bats & clubs, etc.! I don't think thing have ever been so bad in the whole World's history!

       30. EVERYTHING'S MOUNTING UP & POINTING TO THE SAME THING! Are you convinced that it's going to happen?--And not only that it's going to happen, but it's gotta happen soon! It just can't last much longer! The Dollar's going down, the trade situation serious, the banking situation & the debt situation are all serious. I mean everything financially is just about to blow up right in their faces! And now, of course, in the midst of all this mess, the U.S. thinking it's cutting other people's throats, is going to cut its won throat with trade wars!

       31. OH, I FORGOT TO MENTION, OF COURSE, THAT JAPAN IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE PLACES THAT HAS NOT SUBMITTED TO AC CONTROL & The U.S. is determined to bring it down if they can! That's another one of the major countries the ACs are attacking, believe it or not!


       33. SO JAPAN IS NOT ALL THAT PEACEFUL EITHER! Did you see the pictures of those street battles?--it was hand-to-hand murder, fighting, civil war, thousands of police against thousands of civilians! I noticed the civilians didn't look too civil! They came armed to the teeth, wearing helmets, virtually uniforms, all the same kind of khaki wear, face masks, lead pipes, standardised equipment, the bunch of them! I mean, they were an army! It was a war between the army of the rioters--undoubtedly Red-led by the Communists & the people who are ready to follow the Antichrist anywhere & already being directed by him--between them & the authorities, the actual civilian police--not military police, but civilian police. Not only that, Japan is awful close to Russia & China & Vietnam!

       34. JAPAN IS THE MOST SECURE ECONOMY IN THE EAST, & THE RICHEST, you might say it even seems to be the most secure politically & domestically, with a strong government & obedient people, efficient service etc.--But as far as I'm concerned, I think it is in great jeopardy right now with three major great enemies!--In fact, they've even got four if we'd add Europe, none of whom like'm all of whom hate'm! They've even fought wars with them, & some of whom still hold the Japanese responsible & blame them for it & would love to get a chance to hit back one of these days if they can!

       35. THE U.S.A., WITH THE ANTI-CHRISTS' CONTROL THERE RIGHT NOW, IS READY TO ATTACK & IS ATTACKING JAPAN THIS VERY MINUTE IN CONGRESS! Japan's fought several wars with China & China's still growling about it & chafing about it & wants to get back at Japan & is angry! Japan is making all kinds of peace overtures to China to try to get in there, but China has really been very very cantankerous about it. Russia & Japan fought a war, the Russia--Japanese War, back around 1905, & Russia got beat! In fact, Japan won all those wars except the war with the U.S.! And if Japan had taken advantage of its opportunities, it wouldn't have lost that one either!

       36. SO THE U.S., RUSSIA & CHINA HAVE ALL GOT IT IN FOR JAPAN! They have it in for Japan politically, they're even jealous of its stable political situation, its stable people. They have it in for Japan militarily, they've all lost wars or almost lost wars to Japan & fought her & they're starting now to fight a trade war with her.--Not starting, they've already got it in process! They had to trade war going on for a long time, they're going to strike back!

       37. THERE ARE THREE MAJOR POWERS, VIRTUALLY SUPER POWERS, WHO HAVE IT IN FOR JAPAN, & WORST OF ALL, YOU-KNOW-WHO! Japan is one of those countries that has not bowed the knee to Baal or the anti-Christ forces. [DELETED] They're extremely clannish, they're notorious for being closed & clannish & were for years! Until over a hundred years ago Japan was a closed door! It was 1854 when Admiral Perry went there & forced the door open, kicked it open! Well, it hasn't been more than 150 years ago! Even after that, Japan has been tight & restrictive & that's what the U.S. is screaming about right now. "You won't open the door, we can't even kick it open or make your open the door to our products," etc., etc.

       38. SO THE U.S. FOUGHT A WAR WITH THEM & STILL HAS IT IN FOR THEM & IS NOW FIGHTING A TRADE WAR WITH THEM. China fought several wars with them & always had it in for them & they're also fighting a trade war with them & saying that, "You ought to buy more of our goods." Of course, as soon as the U.S. slams the door, they will! Instead of burying all that grain & produce from the U.S., that they've bought from the U.S. almost begrudgingly but just to keep the door open for their products, as soon as the U.S. slams the door, Japan will start buying food from China. That may pacify China awhile & make them happier.

       39. SO JAPAN HAS GOT SOME PRETTY BIG & POWERFUL ENEMIES, & THE WORST & BIGGEST & MOST POWERFUL OF ALL IS THE WORLD ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT WHICH IS ALREADY IN EXISTENCE! They are out to get'm! You talk about trade sanctions, that's exactly what the U.S. is doing now toward Japan, & the U.S. leads the polls because they are the most antichrist & under antichrist control & they most offended by what Japan is doing, & they still hold a war against Japan, & there's nothing they'd like to do better than get some vengeance & see Japan hurt or even go under if they could!--Although I don't think Japan would!

       40 WHAT I EXPECT TO HAPPEN IS THAT THE U.S. IS GOING TO SLIT ITS OWN THROAT & JAPAN IS JUST GOING TO TURN TO OTHER MARKETS, not quite as lucrative, but a lot more helpful to the Eastern folks. They're going to buy more of their products. What Japan needs is food. What they produce is mechanical, industrial, electronic, just floods of all kinds of manufactured products! It's an industrialised nation.

       41. JAPAN IS SO MOUNTAINOUS! I studied this in high school, & even back then they couldn't feed the small population they had of only 88 million. When I was a kid in Senior High I can remember studying it in World History & my teachers gave me 100% every month in history! I was on the top of the honor roll. For some reason or other I have a pretty good memory for facts. I sort of picture those things & I can still see the islands of Japan, just nothing but a string of mountaintops sticking out of the ocean with very little place to produce anything!

       42. SO THEY HAVE TO BE ALMOST THE MOST EFFICIENT FARMERS IN THE WORLD! They've just got little tiny valleys & a few of these little irrigated terraces. You see them up in the mountains, those tiers, those rice terraces going around, that's the way they have to grow stuff in Japan, on the sides of mountains! It reminds me of the old joke we used to tell about the Kentucky mountaineers. The old Kentucky mountaineer was sitting on his porch facing the mountain, the cabin almost about to slide off, it was so steep! They asked him "Well, how do you ever manage to grow anything here? How do you do your planting? Not even a mule could walk along the side of that mountain there & plow, even if the stuff would grow on it!" He said, "Well, I'll tell you," He reached over & grabbed his big shotgun & said, "I fill this thing full of seed & I just sit here & sow my fields!" Of course that's an exaggeration, but that's about how bad off Japan is! They couldn't even feed their population when they only bad 80 million, now they've got well over 100 million!

       43. SO THEY HAVE TO IMPORT MOST OF THEIR FOOD. So far in order to keep the American door open to their products they've been importing the largest amount of it from the U.S.A. But right away when this threat of U.S. closure started, Japan began hinting that they were going to stop buying their grain & they're going to start buying it from China, South Korea, the Philippines, etc. It would be a tremendous help to both China & the Philippines it Tokyo quit buying food from the U.S.A. It would help their own area & would actually be much cheaper for them as well!

       44. SO THEY WILL BE TURNED AGAINST THE U.S.A. & WILL START HAVING TO BUY THEIR FOOD ELSEWHERE. If not, they'll do it in retaliation. This is what the farmers are screaming about now in the lobbies of Congress, that it's gonna slam their market door shut to the millions of tons of food they've been shipping to Japan. Well, as far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing because the U.S.A. deserves it! I'd like to see Japan carrying its trade to the East instead & quite buying all that God-damned U.S. junk & wasting their stuff on the U.S.!

       45. SO LET THEM FLOOD THE EAST WITH CHEAPER ELECTRONICS, CHEAPER MACHINERY, CHEAPER EVERYTHING!--And they know how to do it! Let them become the backers & financiers of the poorer nations of the East & the suppliers of all their manufactured goods, while the poor nations of the East like the Philippines & even China furnish Japan with its food.

       46. THAT'S THE GOOD NEWS! THE BAD NEWS IS THAT THERE IS STILL BAD BLOOD BETWEEN JAPAN & CHINA. But what would help turn that had blood sweet all of a sudden would be when the U.S. slams its doors, which it's doing right now, not only on Japanese products, but on Chinese products, particularly textiles--that's the first bill they're passing--& Korean textiles & Singapore textiles & Hong Kong textiles & Philippines textiles, there's no end to it. It's going to turn the entire East against the U.S.! When they reduce all of their textile imports 35%, that is worse than the blanket general import duty they're also planning to pass on all imports from anywhere, Europe or elsewhere, 25% across the board!

       47. THE U.S. THINKS IT'S GOING TO PROTECT ITSELF BY SLAMMING THE DOOR IN THE FACE OF THEIR NEIGHBOURS & not loving their neighbours & not sharing with their neighbours, even slamming the door in the face of their neighbours' cheaper products which were a help & blessing to the U.S., not only cutting off its nose to spite its face, but slitting its own throat to spite its whole life!

       48. THAT COULD HELP SWEETEN THINGS UP BETWEEN JAPAN & CHINA. Things are finished between Japan & the U.S. They've been over there & over there trying to persuade them not to pass the trade bills, but it the U.S. goes through with that, that's it, finito! Japan will slam the door tighter than ever, retaliate, sell elsewhere & buy elsewhere! And there's no place they could do it better than right amongst the poor countries of the East.

       49. AND THEN IT MIGHT EVEN SWEETEN CHINA ON JAPAN IF JAPAN THEN OFFERS TO BUY MORE FROM CHINA! This is what China's been bugging them for for a long time, "Buy more Chinese food & trade us cheaper products for it that we need that you've got & that you're selling high-priced to the U.S.!"--High-priced compared to China.

       50. IT COULD GET JAPAN & CHINA TOGETHER A LITTLE BIT BETTER, BUT THAT'S NOT GOING TO SWEETEN THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE USSR! They have very little in common & very little to exchange. The USSR is a vast country & has lots of food. They have been buying some food from the U.S., & of course if the U.S. slams the door there too, they'll probably go straight to China & other places to buy it like they have been, even going as far as Argentina to buy wheat & meat, etc.

       50. IT COULD SET JAPAN & CHINA TOGETHER A LITTLE BIT BETTER, BUT THAT'S BUT THAT'S NOT GOING TO SWEETEN THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE USSR! They have very little in common & very little to exchange. The USSR is a vast country & has lots of food. They have been buying some food from the U.S., & of course if the U.S. slams the door there too, they'll probably go straight to China & other places to buy it like they have been even going as far as Argentina to buy wheat & meat etc.

       51. RUSSIA DOESN'T NEED JAPAN! IT HAS A PRETTY CLOSED-DOOR POLICY ABOUT MANUFACTURED ITEMS because they've been trying to increase their own industrial output. It doesn't quite raise enough food for itself, but it raises a lot & it could easily buy it from a number of different other sources.

       52. SO JAPAN IS NOT GOING TO BE SELLING MUCH TO RUSSIA, & IT'S NOT GOING TO BE BUYING FOOD FROM RUSSIA, food, it doesn't even raise enough for itself most of the time. They've got 200 million-some people in the Russian part of the Soviet Union alone!

       53. SO THERE'S HARDLY ANYTHING THAT CAN SWEETEN UP THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JAPAN & RUSSIA. Russia still has not returned several of Japan's northern islands that they occupied during World War II. Russia also has other things against Japan. Japan is harbouring several huge U.S. bases. Until now Japan has been a staunch military ally of the U.S.A., virtually a U.S. colony after the war, which threatened Russia! So over the years Russia has managed to rouse & raise a fairly large & active, & now as you can see, violent Communist party, geared to subvert & gnaw at Japan's vitals & crawl in & out of its woodwork causing all the trouble it possibly can! So recently Japan has had the greatest riots it has ever had in its history! Anything that well-organised & armed & uniformed & helmeted & face covered & pipes & all the rest, that's organised, & it takes good, smart Communist organisers to do it! Therefore they have a very large, strong Communist Party trying to overthrow the government.

       54. SO I WOULDN'T SAY THAT JAPAN IS REALLY THE SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO BE. Even Okinawa has some of the largest U.S. bases in the East! So it's not exactly a safe place to be militarily. If Japan didn't have Russia on its back behind it, it could flourish & prosper with these other friendly Eastern nations, even China, I think they could get together. But Russia's there stirring up trouble & now trying to get more friendly with China, & that's one of the reasons, to get a little closer to China & get Japan pretty well surrounded on one side with hostile countries. If it weren't for that, Japan could get along pretty well! I think it could slam its doors on Uncle Sam's nose & couldn't care less & would be of a lot greater benefit in the East to those poor countries, buying their food instead of the U.S.' food.

       55. JAPAN IS VERY STABLE FINANCIALLY, EVEN EXTREMELY STABLE POLITICALLY. They're loyal to their country, extremely patriotic, almost fanatically patriotic except for the Communist Party, which is due to Russian hard work in Japan for 40 years since the war, & bitterness against Japan for losing the war. It's stable economically & stable economically & stable politically & really only in danger militarily. But I think that danger is far enough away that it will at least probably wait for the collapse of the U.S.A.!


       56. It's an insane, nonsensical, ridiculous form of so-called protectionism! It doesn't protect, it destroys! It's like the U.S., supposedly to help itself, is shooting itself in the foot! Everybody knows it. But the stupid idiotic lawmakers in Congress have got votes to think about, & when their voters are complaining about industries that are closing & going broke & people out of jobs because of Japanese imports, that's as far as they can see!--And that's as far as the stupid people can see! They don't see that what they're doing is shooting themselves in the foot by putting up these trade barriers! They're going to hike all the prices & make everything more expensive for themselves!--As well as precipitate a World Depression!


       57. It's amazing how the System lies about its actions! One of the most unfair trade bills ever passed by the U.S. Congress was called "The Fair trade Bill"! Isn't that a scream!--Outright lies! It's just the opposite of what it really was!

       SOL HOOPI

       58. Sol Hoopi is pleased that we're using his songs. I saw him smile! That would really be the payoff for him! The Lord is probably going to use that song of his, "When Jesus Comes," even more in our writings than when he was alive!


       59. I never get tired of "Sweet Leilani."--It's one of the sweetest songs in the world!


       60. I like to walk out amongst the beauties of God's Creation! I hate the highways & I curse the cars! I hope the drivers don't get killed because of my curses!--And I curse every one of those loud motorcycles that go by without a muffler! They don't have to be that loud, there are plenty of them that go by with mufflers that are not loud at all. But some of those guys just like to be noisy & attract attention. After all, they can't get it any other way! Some people's pleasure in life is to be an annoyance & a nuisance, especially the World's teenagers. Poor teenagers, they're rather unlovable & unlovely, so they figure if they can't be good, they might as well succeed in being bad!


       61. The musical key can psychologically turn you on for good or evil & unlock the door of your mind to the message of the music, whether good or bad! It trips your frequency, it punches your button! I like to punch your button, Honey!


       62. Monasteries & convents are the most wasteful thing I can think of!


       63. Stonehenge is pretty weird! I get a peculiar feeling even looking at it, which isn't good. It's pretty ominous. They still don't know how they got those great big rocks on top of the other ones, tons & tons of rock! One account said that Merlin got them there by magic!


       64. Those stars never die, in a way they just sort of fade away! They just resist dying as stars, if you know what I mean. They can't stand not being in the limelight & not still being stars, so it nearly kills them. They either drink themselves to death or they pill-pop themselves to death like Elvis Presley & a good many others. They just cannot stand not living in all that dramatic glory & a no longer having the worship of the public! John Lennon said leaving the road was what nearly killed him! They've got to be out there on stage nearly every night & have the adulation & applause of the public. They live on it, they feed on it & without it they die! It's like those child prodigies I was telling you about. (See No.952-1.)


       65. My father used to say that God had a natural remedy for everything, & you'll find them in thee places wherever the diseases are found that they're made to cure! It's a sad thing that modern civilisation has lost the art of herbal medicine. It seems lie only the Chinese & some of the more primitive people have preserved it.


       66. Drowning is a very quick, ungruesome, non-violent, virtually painless way to die. (Maria: It would be easier for people that want to commit suicide to drown themselves in their swimming pool or their bathtub than to swallow a bottle of sleeping pills.) Lots of people do. A lot of people jump off of bridges into lakes & rivers & walk out into the ocean. It's very common form of suicide. That way you don't mess up the body for the funeral either, unless the sharks get there first! But it's wrong!


       67. I wonder if the orangutans are degenerated human beings? I wouldn't be surprised! You see a lot of people around that don't look too much different!--Ha!


       68. We have such beautiful, wonderful people with so much talent, drive & enthusiasm! Thank God we saved a whole generation!


       69. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS LOVE & LOYALTY WITH MOST OF THESE SYSTEM AMERICAN WIVES. They've got to be loved, worshipped & treated royally. All they want to be is followed around & worshipped & given their independence & boss their husbands around complete so-called women's lib! It is the Devil's own doctrine, totally contrary to the Scriptures & totally contrary to what will make them or their husbands happy!

       70. IT'S ONE OF THE DEVIL'S DOCTRINES TO DIVIDE & CONQUER! If he can divide the wives from their husband, he can tear down the mates & the World. Divide the mates that are childless & kill the babies of those who aren't, that's his strategy for destroying man!


       71. SCIENTISTS SAY YOU REALLY REMEMBER THINGS YOU HEAR IN YOUR SLEEP! Sleep-teaching was quite popular some years ago. Actors who put a speaker under their pillow when they slept & kept a tape playing of their lines that they had to learn, learned their lines in half the time! They still had to memorize in the daytime but they learned their lines much much quicker.

       72. SO YOU DO HEAR IN YOUR SLEEP! Your ears are the only part of you that don't really go to sleep, the watchmen on the wall, on the sidewalls of your head!--And apparently you can remember what you hear, too, even in your sleep! Therefore, when you have to cover your children up or check on them in their sleep, it is good to whisper that you love them in their ear & reassure them that everything is all right & pat them and let them know it's a friend.

       73. SCIENTISTS HAVE DISCOVERED THE FACT THAT DURING YOUR SLEEP YOUR EARS WILL IGNORE THE FAMILIAR SOUNDS, the normal sound pattern of the night, but will immediately alert you & sound the alarm & awaken you if they hear an unusual unfamiliar sound! Isn't that amazing? God has created watchmen on your sidewalls to awaken you & sound the alarm if there is anything unusual going on!


       74. FOR SOME REASON I HAVE A BURDEN FOR BARBRA STREISAND, SHE TOUCHES MY HEART. The Lord must have a burden for her, she almost makes me cry! "Yentl" was a very moving picture, one of the few movies I've felt really moved by. It was a very emotional picture. I almost cried a couple of times, & it takes quite a bit to make me cry! (Maria: No, it doesn't, Honey, you're very tender-hearted; you cry a lot!)--Not over those silly violent American movies, but this was really a very moving emotional film!

       75. I DO BELIEVE THE MESSAGE SHE WAS TRYING TO CONVEY WAS WOMEN'S LIB, because that womanly kowtowing to her husband was played up to make it look ridiculous, & her refusal to play that role showed she more or less wanted to be a man.

       76. (MARIA: AT LEAST IT'S ONE JEWISH MOVIE FOR A CHANGE IN WHICH THEY HADN'T GOTTEN TO THE NAZIS & THEY DIDN'T RIDE THAT THEME TO PIECES! Maybe she wanted to have a bit of persecution of Jews in it this time! They even took a few shots of the Catholic statuary, ha!


       77. Those rock demons also seem to be speed demons! They have lot in common--rock, speed & death!


       78. It's wonderful how the Lord takes care of us in spite of persecution & problems here & there! I'll tell you, He sure gives them plenty of problems after they gives us problems!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family