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THE SHOVE-OFF PROGRAM!       DO 2070       12/85--Spend Your Vacation on the Field!

       1. WHEN MY MOTHER & FATHER WERE OLD THEY LIVED ON WELFARE, ACTUALLY THEIR OLD AGE PENSIONS. I'm sure some of our families in the U.S. are probably existing on welfare. Most states especially have aid for single mothers with children. My sister used to live on that with her five kids. They get a lot of free tickets for surplus food & all that kind of stuff. My Mother got her cheques, it was a California state thing, & she was allowed to be gone as much as 6 months before she had to come home & re-register!
       2. FOR SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BIG FAMILIES & CAN'T REALLY MAKE IT ON THE MISSION FIELD OR SPEND TOO LONG, if they've got any kind of income or could save up toward it, I think it would be a good idea to suggest to them, "Why not be a missionary for six months?" The Mormons do it, only they do it for two years! Every Mormon is supposed to spend two years on the field full time. They go to a field & work out from there, evangelise their friends & neighbours & go house-to-house & canvas a whole town, usually clean-cut looking guys, real fine-looking fellows. I think we saw some once & I told you, "I'll bet those guys are Mormons," they just had that look. They looked like spit-&-polish & handsome, fine-looking guys, well dressed, clean-cut, & sure enough they turned out to be two Mormon missionaries!
       3. SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE, WHETHER BUSINESSMEN, FARMERS, WORKMEN OR WHATEVER, SAVE UP FOR YEARS IN ORDER TO HAVE SUFFICIENT FUNDS, a certain minimum they have to have to live on the field. The denomination figures the cost of living, just like they used to do at the Florida Soul Clinic & the Alliance. They had pretty good estimates of the cost of living in whatever field you were going to & you had to have so much of that. The Soul Clinic required 3 months funds, in the Alliance you had to have at least 3 months cash plus monthly pledges up to the minimum cost of living for at least a year. And of course the Alliance, they were church people & they were pretty faithful to fulfil their pledges to missionaries. In the Soul Clinic it was a little rougher but they always managed to make it. We did what they called in those days "deputate" & it was mostly going church-to-church or home-to-home getting supporters & raising money & pledges etc.
       4. MAYBE WE SHOULD SUGGEST TO OUR PEOPLE IN THE STATES & EUROPE, "YOU COULD GO OUT & GET A TASTE OF THE FIELD & what it's like, so you'll always have a real burden for it & really have a heart for it! Get out there & see what the conditions are & get a real heart for the missionaries & concern for them & want to at least help them." They could save up enough to go for 3 or even 6 months.
       5. IF THE U.S. PEOPLE EVEN GO TO MEXICO THEY CAN SEE THE SAME KIND OF POVERTY YOU SEE IN THE EAST! All you have to do is go across the border! They can maybe even make arrangements to pay full room & board in a Reception Center, which helps the Reception Center. Maybe we could encourage them to stay for as long as they can, for as long as they've got money saved up. Even if they could only take a month's leave from their job or a two-week vacation, or if they don't have a job or are between jobs they could go from 3 to 6 months!
       6. THE ALLIANCE & THE SOUL CLINIC FOUND OUT THAT IF YOU CAN EVER GET THEM EVEN TO VISIT THE FIELD, THEN THEY GET A HEART FOR IT & they realise how desperate the need is & they go back home & heavily support!
       7. ALTHOUGH, OF COURSE, ALL OF OUR PEOPLE ARE PRETTY GOOD SUPPORTERS ALREADY, we might encourage them to at least visit the field. Spend your vacation on the field! Bring greenbacks to keep it green! Pay your way, don't come expecting to sponge off the missionaries.
       8. THE RECEPTION HOMES CAN JUST SET A MINIMUM OF WHAT THEY WOULD CONSIDER LIVING EXPENSES. We used to have a list of those Homes & what they charged. The Alliance had, for example, hotels in connection with their Bible Schools, in New York, Oakland, Los Angeles etc. They charged just like a hotel & they had fairly good hotel service. You'd get linens & a room, nothing fancy. The Alliance Hotel for two of us, Mother & I, in New York City, only cost $5 a night. That's absolutely dirt cheap! You had to pay $5 a night just to park your car in New York! That's a fact! And even for a single at the Hotel Knickerbocker, in those days 20 years ago when things were still pretty cheap, I had to pay 6 to 8 Dollars a night! That was one of the cheapest hotels in town. It was a small hotel & had a nightclub in the basement.
       9. SO LET'S FIND OUT FROM OUR HOMES ON THE FIELD WHAT IT COSTS TO HOUSE & FEED THEIR PEOPLE. They'll need to figure out rates for visitors, people who go to the field to spend a vacation--one week, two weeks, two months, six months, whatever!
       10. ALL RECEPTION HOMES AS WELL AS ANY OTHERS WHO WANT TO COOPERATE IN THE PROGRAM COULD SEND THEIR NRO THEIR RATES & HOW MANY THEY HAVE ROOM FOR. Visitors would need to book, of course, well in advance so the Home can plan their reservations. They've got time to do that months in advance. That way they get a taste of the field & a burden for it & go home & support that Home well afterwards. It's also a big blessing to the Home financially. It's kind of a burden with new people there who are unused to working under difficult conditions on the mission field, but a part of our veteran missionaries' ministry is to inspire them to do more for the mission field.
       11. THE ALLIANCE USED TO DO THAT, THEY HAD VISITORS, those who couldn't just forsake all & drop everything. They usually had good jobs & businesses & were well able to pay & were a blessing to the Home. And it was a blessing to them as well. Some even got inspired & wanted to quit their jobs & go to the field themselves!
       12. (MARIA: IN INDIA IT'S SO EXPENSIVE IT COSTS $4000 TO EVEN START A HOME, so almost everybody who goes there has to be taken in by another Home initially. They have to pay a year's rent in advance.) When they rent a place? (Maria: Usually, so they all join existing places first.)
       13. I THINK WE SHOULD ENCOURAGE THESE VISITORS TO FORSAKE ALL, BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO JUST HAVEN'T GOT THE FAITH FOR THAT & can't quite bring themselves to it. But it'd be a first step if they knew they could just go for a vacation, & make sure they've got a little money to cover their way, buy round-trip tickets & pay the Home in advance or something.
       14. HAVE REGULAR RESERVATIONS! Have the Homes send in a listing of room & board rates. And make sure they have round-trip tickets & only plan to stay as long as their vacation lasts or their visa. They can choose whatever Home off the list they think they can afford. They make their request for reservation for certain dates & after hearing back send a down payment, a good advance payment as surety that they really mean business. If the Home writes back they haven't got those dates open or something, they can juggle the dates or consider alternative fields.
       15. I THINK IT WOULD MAYBE BE A GOOD PROGRAM & I THINK IT WOULD HELP BOTH MISSIONS & THE VISITORS! Just count them as visitors. You're not expecting them to stay or to become fulltime missionaries or start their own Homes, but they're just coming on a visit & to see the field & help out all they can & then go back to their job or home or school or whatever. (Maria: That would be great for Latin America!) (Peter: Also you can get excursion flights for 30 days or between 30 & 60 days or 3 months. Then your return flight is very cheap.)
       16. SO FOLKS, SPEND YOUR VACATION ON THE FIELD! Everybody in the States gets at least two weeks a year, & most people there nowadays get a month. Teachers & some types of employment get three months! So I think to encourage that would be a real blessing to those people who just haven't got the faith & haven't got what it takes to go & stay on the field. Maybe they've even been on the field before & couldn't make it. Some of those people would like to go back & visit.
       17. IT'S BEEN ALMOST 4 YEARS SINCE WE'VE HAD ESTIMATES OF COSTS ON THE FIELD, & at that time it was purely with the idea of going there to stay permanently. We published the minimums, depending on the field, & you had to have 3 months cash, plus your round-trip ticket, plus your minimum of that much pledged per month for the next year. But with this we could make an appeal to people that don't expect to stay but just want to spend their vacation on the field.
       18. THEY HAVE TO HAVE ENOUGH CASH TO MAKE THEIR RESERVATION & SEND A DOWN PAYMENT, at least 10% in advance to their CRO for their reservation to make sure they're going to make it!--And there are no returns if they don't! And then promise to pay in advance, in full, when they get there. They'd need to save enough money to pay in advance in full for the time they expect to spend there, just to be sure the mission field Homes don't get some bums & hangers-on that just expect you to feed them after they get there!
       19. I THINK IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR THOSE PEOPLE! THE U.S. HAS THE MONEY, EUROPE HAS EVEN MORE. Did you ever notice that the giving in Europe is even heavier than the States? They get more per Poster & tape in Europe than they do in the States! The U.S. is really going down economically. A lot of people are out of work. They're not headlining it but it's true. The economy's in bad shape. Europe's in better shape than the U.S. by what I read in the paper & by the way they give.
       20. THE PEOPLE IN NORTH AMERICA COULD GO SOUTH TO MEXICO, CENTRAL AMERICA OR SOUTH AMERICA, depending on where they can afford to go, & the people in Europe, encourage them to come East!--Especially Commonwealthers, lots of British, Canadians also. I think it would be a good program: Spend Your Vacation on the Mission Field!
       21. (MARIA: WE'D HAVE TO HAVE SOME SAFEGUARDS AGAINST SERIOUS PROBLEM CASES, if they don't get the victory, excommunication or at least sending them back where they came from. Many of those people are going to be the ones that are the worst problems of all & the weakest of all. One problem case can destroy a whole country. That's always our biggest problem, how to sift out problem cases.) Well, this was a problem in the churches with people coming, not really dedicated missionaries, but they just had to put up with them anyhow. That's where I got that old story about the missionary who had a visitor from the States down in Mexico. He said, "Just let us know what you need & we'll tell you how to do without it!"
       22. WHAT I'M THINKING ABOUT IS TRFERS, those who are already dedicated, are not problems, they've been faithful supporters for years & good supporters. (Maria: We'd have to have the same procedures for them as for the other people that are coming permanently. Some of them we wouldn't necessarily be able to clear, just like right now we can't clear everybody.) I'm just suggesting the general idea, you can figure out those details.
       23. WE COULD CALL IT THE SHOVE-OFF PROGRAM! SPEND YOUR VACATION ON THE FIELD! SHOVE OFF! I just got to thinking about it when I was thinking about trying to help those people in the North who haven't been able to make it on the field, some of whom never even tried. They could be encouraged to come spend their vacation on the field & see what it's like. It amazes me how faithful & steady & reliable some of those people have been for years now in the North! We have slammed them again & again for not coming. Now maybe we can show a little mercy & invite them to come spend their vacation. We can call it the Shove-Off Program! Spend Your Vacation on the Field! It's sort of SYV off, but anyhow, it's close to shove off. We always have to have something with initials or a nickname.
       24. SHOVE OFF TO THE FIELD FOR YOUR VACATION, where you can not only enjoy new scenery & a different climate, especially in the South & the East, but it's also cheap & where you can make your vacation profitable & use it for the Lord!
       25. IT'LL ENCOURAGE THOSE PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT IF THEY'VE GOT ENOUGH MONEY SAVED UP THEY CAN HAVE A PLACE TO STAY & EAT & FELLOWSHIP with people who know the language & everything else. If they can't do anything else they can go out & help witness & stuff like that with somebody who does know the language. (Maria: That's the key, to have a place to stay & be welcomed, otherwise they don't have the faith to go get their own. And this program might help some who are still stuck in the North having already raised their fare & landing funds, but who still do not have promises of home support. Maybe they can raise it on the field when they get there.) Just call them guests or visitors, vacation guests. (Peter: And then knowing that they don't have to feel bad if they go back. They're not going to be condemned about it, like they failed!) They've already got a nice round-trip ticket & all expenses paid. We could advertise all-expense-paid vacations! You cover expenses! "How would you like an all-expense-paid vacation on the field? We'll provide the places, you pay the expenses!"
       26. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF A FEW OF THEM, HAVING ONCE GOTTEN TO THE FIELD, REALLY GET THE BURDEN & THE FAITH FOR IT & see that it's not as hard as they feared & that they can get a start! Certainly the people who entertain them would know who's got it & who could really make it, then they could really work on them: "Why don't you try it? If you have to go back to earn enough money to get started, okay, but now you know what it's like!" And I wouldn't be surprised if you'll reap a few. We did in the Soul Clinic, the Alliance did too.
       27. IT'S DEFINITELY A PROFITABLE PROGRAM, WHAT THEY CALL A VISITORS PROGRAM, a guests program, where you just have these visits to the field, vacations, where they bring money & pay their way! Usually they brought more than enough & helped the missionaries when they were there. Then of course most of them go back, but a few get the burden & the faith to stay, or go back & then return. So I think it would be a worthwhile way to help some of those North Americans & Europeans to get the burden for the field & not feel condemned if they have to go back, just come & visit & be a help & a blessing.
       28. WE SHOULD DEFINITELY REQUIRE ALL EXPENSES PAID BY THE VISITORS! They couldn't do it any cheaper than that. Ask the Homes to give a list of their room & board rates like we did before, but this time we won't have to list rentals & all that stuff, just guest rates.
       29. EVERY HOME ON THE FIELD COULD BE A RECEPTION CENTER IF THEY'VE GOT ANYTHING AT ALL! And guests wouldn't expect to be living in private rooms & luxury with maid service & that sort of thing, but just come & live like we do, live like a missionary. You may have to sleep on our livingroom sofa, who knows? If anything, probably some folks in the Homes themselves would be willing to sleep on the livingroom sofa to give them a bedroom if they're enough of an asset to them!
       30. --KIND OF LIKE THE OLD FARMER & HIS WIFE WHO HAD SO MANY CHILDREN! When guests came to visit them overnight & saw they only had one bedroom with one big double bed, they said, "Well, how do you sleep all these kids & where are we going to sleep?" And they said, "We'll show you!" He put the first two or three children to sleep in the bed & as soon as they got to sleep they moved them out onto the floor. Then the next batch of kids, they put them to bed, they fell asleep & they moved them onto the floor. And the farmer said, "Okay, it's your turn now!" They said, "No thanks! We'll start on the floor!"
       31. I THINK IT COULD BE DONE & I THINK IT COULD BE VERY FRUITFUL! The first thing we need to do is put an appeal in the GN, maybe the most effective is if we give them a little form. You can even print a page of it in the GN with information blanks on it for the Homes to fill out & send back in.
       32. IN OTHER WORDS, ONE MISSION FIELD WOULD SAY, "WE HAVE HOMES EXPECTING SO MUCH PER DAY OR WEEK OR MONTH FOR ROOM & BOARD, & included in this is your transportation back & forth from the airport. We have all the way from these rates to these rates," from the lowest rates to the highest rates. And naturally, if it's better accommodations there's more to pay. It would all depend on how much rent that Home has to pay.
       33. MISSION HOMES SHOULD GIVE RATES THAT WOULD DEFINITELY TAKE CARE OF EXPENSES & be sure they don't charge too little, what they really feel they could afford to share their rent & pay the meals & pick-up-&-leave transportation. To figure out their rates, they can just take their present average monthly Home expenses & divide this by the number of people in the Home, & come up with a basic figure. But if they paid their rent a year in advance, for example, they better not forget to include their monthly rent equivalent (that they'll have to be paying on their next rent due date) when they figure out their per person average. These humble little missionaries better make sure they charge enough to cover all their expenses. After all, they're going to be spending extra time taking care of their visitors that they otherwise would spend raising support.
       34. I THINK IT WOULD BE A GOOD PROGRAM! IT WOULD HELP BOTH THE VISITORS & THE HOMES. I would expect the most fruit to be amongst the TRFers who are still in Europe & North America.
       35. IN THE SAME WAY THAT THE MISSIONARY HOMES WOULD SEND IN A FORM WITH DETAILS OF ROOM & BOARD TO THEIR NRO, you've got to have a form with the applicant's name & address for TRFers who want to spend time on the field. Get their name & address, the country they want to go to, the rates they want to pay & the dates that they want, what they prefer, even perhaps alternate dates. If you can't get it here, you can get it there. So that, for example, if one Home can't give them that date, at least it will go to the NO of that country & they can pick out the Home that's got those dates open at those rates. In any case, after they've heard back from the NO confirming that there is a Home available within their means & requested time period, they've got to send 10% of the total cost of the length of time they plan to stay.--Maybe they could send their 10% via their CRO or whatever.
       36. AND OF COURSE THEY HAVE TO GET ROUND-TRIP TICKETS & VISAS WHERE NECESSARY. SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES ARE PRETTY MUCH STICKLERS FOR KEEPING TO THE EXACT TIME LIMITS! I remember I was coming out four hours late of my 60-day period in Mexico & this one rotter made me get off the bus & go wait in the Immigration waiting room on Sunday, & the Immigration officer was gone! I said, "How long am I going to have to wait for him?" He said, "He'll be in in the morning." I said, "What do you mean morning? I've got to stay here overnight?" He was tough & he hated Americans. He reminded me of a Communist or something.
       37. HE WAS MEAN, HE JUST DELIBERATELY WANTED TO CAUSE ME TROUBLE. For only four hours over, he could have given me a little fine or something. He literally arrested me & put me under house arrest! So boy, I prayed desperately & lo & behold, the officer with his children was just taking a Sunday afternoon walk & came by to see how things were going & found me there. I think I paid some little nominal fine, 2 or 3 Dollars, & that was it.
       38. ANYHOW, NORTH AMERICANS CAN REALLY EASILY GET INTO MOST LATIN COUNTRIES. It's the quickest place for them to go & easy, not far away, & they can always find somebody out there that speaks English. Besides, they'd be in a Home that speaks their language. I think it would work!
       39. SO THEY SEND OUT THE APPLICATIONS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS! Print them all in the GN, we can make a whole issue out of this, the Shove Off Program!--Spend Your Vacation on the Field! (Maria: A mating program! You're mating the Homes, one Home with another.) Don't give them any ideas, Honey! (Maria: I think that's pretty apropos!) They'll probably do some mating! I think a lot of them will jump at the chance, & I think the Homes would too. (Peter: It benefits everybody!)--Yes! There may be a few little problems, but no program is perfect. We may make a few mistakes, but I think the general overall plan will do everybody good.
       40. I WAS THINKING, "HOW CAN WE HELP THOSE PEOPLE?" At least if we propose a program like that it could give them a chance, give them the vision & the burden, so even though they have to go back, they see the need & know it, how hard the field is etc., & if they can't make it, at least they can go back & support'm. If you can't be a missionary, support one! I think it'll be a real blessing to the Homes, & it will certainly be a blessing to the visitors, both ways!
       41. THEY CAN COME EXPECTING TO LIVE JUST LIKE A MISSIONARY, expect to help with the household chores, cooking, dishwashing, witnessing & everything else. Spend your vacation as a missionary! Be a missionary for a few weeks & live just like we do! We'll help you to be a missionary on your vacation!
       42. P.S. BEFORE "SHOVING OFF" PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO NOTIFY YOUR CRO OF YOUR DEPARTURE DATE, so that they can discontinue mailings to your Home address until you return. All back mailings that are missed during your Missionary Vacation will be mailed to you on your return home. GBAKY!
       43. AS MANY HOMES IN NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE HAVE QUITE A FEW CHILDREN, we'd like to encourage any Missionary Homes that are able to do so, to open their doors to some of the larger families. One suggestion in order to make this possible would be for any large field Homes to have some of their seasoned veterans take Postering & tapenessing road trips during the warm vacation months, to help make room for new arrivals from Europe & the U.S. that have large families of three or four or more children.
       P.S. To Homes already raising funds to go to the Mission Field on a permanent basis, you will need to pray about what is best for you, to either participate in the Shove-Off program or finish raising funds & support for permanent missionary work.


       1) The "Shove-Off" applicants send one copy of the Applicant's Shove-Off Request Form to the highest ranking AS of their country, requesting a brief Clearance Recommendation be sent to their CRO, & send another copy of their form to their CRO, along with 3 sets of photos of themselves.
       2) The CRO would make 3 photocopies of the Application Forms they receive, & send 1 copy (along with 1 of the sets of photos) to the NOs of each of the 3 fields that the Shove-Off applicant has shown an interest in going to. The CRO would also include his recommendation or any other helpful information about the applicant.
       3) Meanwhile, the participating Missionary Homes would fill in their forms, the Shove-Off Missionary Receiving Home Form, with the necessary information about their Home, & after getting the information verified by their LAS or DAS, send their forms to their local NO.
       4) As the NOs would be receiving forms from the "Shove-Off" applicants (via the CROs) & would also be receiving forms from the Missionary Receiving Homes in their own countries, they have the means to match up the requests with openings on their field.
       5) The NOs would then respond to the requests from the "Shove-Off" applicants on a first-come-first-served basis, matching up Missionary Homes that have adequate housing available with "Shove-Off" applicants that have the correct amount of money available to spend. If there are no Missionary Homes available within the NO's area (for example, to house a very large family, or if there are no Missionary Homes available to house people with an exceptionally low budget), the NOs will write to the "Shove-Off" applicants explaining that there are no openings on their particular field, & suggesting they consider the other 2 areas the home field Home is interested in. This correspondence from the NOs on the field to the "Shove-Off" applicants would be sent via the CROs of the home field Home.

       6) If the chosen mission field does have an opening, the NO sends a letter of confirmation of clearance & acceptance to the "Shove-Off" applicant (via the home field CRO), confirming the dates available & giving the city the Missionary Home is in, & suggesting they go ahead & book their tickets, & send 10% of their funds to their CRO, along with a photocopy of their return tickets. This would be done a minimum of 6 weeks before the departure date.
       The "Shove-Off" applicant would also be given a GP address in the NO's city to which he should send a telegram informing the NOs exactly when he'd be arriving. The NO would then pass the info on to the Missionary Home, who would make the necessary preparations to meet, receive & accommodate the guests. (The NOs would have already passed on the Request Form & photos to that field Home, & gotten an acceptance of this new team from the Missionary Home itself.)
       7) When the CRO receives the 10% payment, along with the photocopy of the guests' return tickets, he would release the funds to the NO & would send the photocopy of the round-trip ticket to the NO. This forwarding of the money & ticket copy should be accomplished at least 4 weeks in advance of departure by the "Shove-Off" applicant.
       8) The "Shove-Off" applicant would inform the CRO to put their mailings on HOLD until they return from their missionary vacation! (For the ROs: As the CROs would be receiving no reports or funds from these Homes while they are on the field, & because the field Homes would report them as visitors on their reports, the home field CROs will continue to add in the "Shove-Off" applicants' population stats on their monthly reports.)
       9) The responsibility of meeting & taking care of the new arrivals would be given to the participating local Home, as the NO has taken care of much of the preliminary details. Happy vacation for the Lord! WLY!



The SHOVE OFF PROGRAM!--Spend Your Vacation On the Field!

       "Shove off to the field (of your choice) for your vacation, where you can not only enjoy new scenery & a different climate,...but it's also cheap, & where you can make your vacation profitable & use it for the Lord!"


       --We provide the room & board, planned activities & local guides to help you get around, & you pay the expenses! (No money need be paid until you hear back from the potential fields of choice & decide on one, at which time 10% of total cost of vacation living expenses is to be forwarded to the Home at your destination point via your CRO.)

       Country of Your Choice For Your Missionary Vacation:
Please list your top 3 choices:       1)                                        
(Your CRO will forward your request 2)                                        
for info to the appropriate NRO.) 3)                                        

       No. of Adults & Children In Your Travelling Group:

       ____ Adults & ____ Children (ages: _______, _______, _______, _______, _______)

       Estimated Amount You'll Have Available For Monthly Budget For Your Entire Group:
US$ ____________ per month (after cost of round-trip tickets)

       Dates You Would Tentatively Plan to Arrive & Depart:

Arrival:_______________________ Departure:_______________________ = _____________________
        Day/Month/Yr.                 Day/Month/Yr.         Total Length of Stay

2nd Choice

Arrival:_______________________ Departure:_______________________ = _____________________
        Day/Month/Yr.                 Day/Month/Yr.         Total Length of Stay

       (This would mean, after purchasing round-trip tickets, I/we would need to have raised a further US$ __________. (I.e. Monthly Budget X Length of Stay) As soon as I/we hear back from the field of my/our choice, I/we agree to send 10% of the total cost of my/our "vacation" (as listed above) to my/our CRO, who will forward it to my/our receiving Home. This 10% is US$ __________.)

Name:                                                 ___ We have enclosed 3 close-up
                                                               photos of each member of
Address:                                                       our Home planning to spend
                                                               our vacation on the field.

Home #: _______________ Phone #: ( ) ____________
Area Shepherd: Please circle position you presently occupy: LAS DAS GAS NAS

       ___ I would recommend this group. ___ I wouldn't recommend this group.
                               (Explain on separate sheet.)
CROs' Comments:

       Please remember to fill out the back of this form in full, except for the small section at the bottom reserved for the NROs. Thanks!


Applicant's Bible Name: _____________________________ Home #: ______ Country: ___________

Legal Name: _____________________________________________ Date Application Mailed: _______
Copy also sent to your: (Please circle one) NAS GAS DAS LAS Date Sent: ______________

       Please supply information for each member of your Home applying for a visit to the field. Couples first, singles & then children, thanks!
                               (Previous COUNTRY OF SEX         YRS.IN (Check one)

If so, which one(s), & for what length of time:


a. If yes, by ___ Family Leadership or ___ Legal Authorities? Please explain why:

b. If yes, do you feel you have learned your lessons & could now be a blessing as a
        visitor on the field?

If yes, how many months pregnant will she be at time of arrival? ___ months





       SIGNED: _________________________________ DATE: __________________

       FOR NRO ONLY: Date Rec'd: ______ Date Ans'd: ______ Date Flight Confirmation Rec'd: ______

Are you willing to help some Family Members go to the field, while they in turn help you with your Home expenses, & possibly even Home Support in the future?
Would your Home like to take in some Family Members from their Home fields on a temporary basis sometime between April 1st & September 30th, 1986, & include them in on all your Home activities while they in turn help with your expenses during their stay?
If so, please complete this Form & mail it to your NRO, who will in turn compile this information for publication & let you know back on possibilities!
___ Single Only                         ___ Two Singles

       ___ Single Parent with 2 Children or less ___ Couple with 2 children or less

       ___ Single with 3-4 Children               ___ Couple with 3-4 children

       ___ Single or Couple with more than 4 Children

       ___ More (Specify max. # of Adults/Children you could house:) ___ Adults ___ Children

___ Any date between April 1st & September 30th would be acceptable.

       ___ We could not house visitors from __________ to __________, 1986.

       ___ We could house visitors for a maximum of _______ wks./mos. at a specified time.


       ___ Per Single: $ __________/month
___ Per Couple: $ __________/month, & Per each child: $__________/month

       If visitors decided to stay beyond initial visa limit, what is thevisa renewal procedure in your location, & what is the total cost involved in renewing? (Including round trip transportation & hotel & food expenses out of the country if travel is necessary to renew a visa.) TOTAL COST: US$ __________. (Please explain below.)



#       YOUR MISSIONARY HOME'S ADDRESS:                         --For NRO Use Only

Name:____________________________________________________ Expenses/Month: $_______/Adult

Address:_________________________________________________                 $_______/Child

       _________________________________________________________ No. Places Available: ________

Home Shepherd's Bible Name: _____________________________ Other:

Home #: ________ Phone #: _____________________________
___ I recommend the above as a good Home to receive visitors. {\ul (Use back for added info)-->}
AREA SHEPHERD'S SIGNATURE: ______________________________

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