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THE ELEPHANT & THE MOSQUITO!--The U.S. vs. Godahfi!       1/86       DO 2071

       1. THE THING THAT'S AGGRAVATING THE U.S. IS THAT GODAHFI IS MAKING SUCH A FOOL OUT OF THEM! Here's this little tiny country of only 2 million people with a little tiny leader who is not even a fraction as powerful as the big leaders in the big countries, especially the United States, yet he has had the nerve to thumb his nose at the U.S. & tell the truth about them, & they just want to do their best to get even with him! And of course the Jews are particularly stirring it up because he's a bitter enemy of Israel.
       2. BUT IT IS LIKE THE U.S. ELEPHANT GETTING FURIOUS OVER BEING STUNG BY THE LIBYAN MOSQUITO! It's really a scream! It's primarily a propaganda drive against Libya. [DELETED]
       3. IT'S RIDICULOUS! I MEAN, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FUNNY WHAT A STIR THE AMERICANS ARE MAKING OVER THE WHOLE THING! You know the Jews hate Libya because she is a bitter enemy of Israel. [EDITED: "They"] are making a big stir about it. They want to use this as an excuse to finally put Godahfi out of business if they can. But it's just almost ridiculous the stir they're making about it, about poor little ol' Godahfi & his little tiny country of only two million people, one of the smallest countries in the World! Ha!
       4. OH BOY! I TELL YOU, IT CERTAINLY MUST BE THE LORD THAT HAS TAKEN CARE OF HIM ALL THIS TIME! Well, you guys had better pray for him because he needs it & his poor people need it. Why should they attack poor little Libya? Just because some insane Palestinians shot up a couple of airports, they're threatening war on Libya in which thousands of people could get killed! But of course they don't care, those would be Libyans killed, but, "Don't you shoot down any of our Americans in an airport!"
       5. IT IS ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS THE STIR THAT THE U.S. IS MAKING OVER LIBYA! Not even Israel is making such a big stir! They see that the U.S. is about to start a war over it & they don't want a war. Israel is suffering too much right now from one war, the past wars, & they don't need another one. They see that it is actually getting the pot to boiling now, so stirred up that it is apt to start a war, so now they're backing off. --But not the U.S., no, no! They want to get all stirred up & attack Libya & the poor little Libyans & poor little Godahfi, almost little nobodies compared to the U.S.!
       6. AS I SAY, IT'S LIKE AN ELEPHANT SCREAMING BECAUSE IT JUST GOT BIT BY A MOSQUITO! Lord help Godahfi & the poor Libyans! At least the Islamic nations have come together to give him solid backing. Thank God that Islamic Conference was being held right about now, it was a good time for it! They're standing solidly behind Libya & so is Russia. That'll make the U.S. think twice about starting a war with Libya if they know Russia is going to stick up for them & all the Arab World too.
       7. ISRAEL IS BEGINNING TO SEE HOW FOOLISH IT IS TO STIR UP THIS MUCH TROUBLE OVER THE INCIDENTS, BUT NOT THE U.S. I think they're just absolutely war-hungry! They just act like they'd love to have another war, especially if they can have a war with a little tiny country that they think they can just crush like a gnat! They like to have wars with countries like Grenada & Nicaragua & Libya, little tiny countries that they could easily crush with their huge war might, wars that they're sure they can win. But they'd better watch out about this one, this one could escalate & involve the whole Mideast & eventually the World!
       8. THEY'RE ACTING ABSOLUTELY STUPIDLY! It is ridiculous the furor they're stirring up over Libya. Boy, I'll tell you, Godahfi must be God's man, or the Devil & his U.S.A. wouldn't be so mad! They think they're God's country but they're sure not!
       9. IT'S LIKE A TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT THAT THE U.S. IS MAKING OVER POOR LITTLE LIBYA! Oh, they're so hotheaded! They love violence, they love fights! That's one of their main amusements, fighting. Ugh! I remember what a horror public school was, there were just always fights. That was the big thing, who was the biggest, toughest guy & who could beat up everybody else & blah, blah. That's the American ethic, the cowboy ethic, "Who's the fastest gun, who can shoot the most guys?" That's their religion, violence!
       10. THE AMERICAN RELIGION IS NOT CHRISTIANITY, IT IS VIOLENCE & THEY PRACTICE IT, & they practiced it in enough wars. After all they did to Vietnam they want to know why that poor little country doesn't like them, & they act like it was all Vietnam's fault! Thank God they lost the war with that one! How about that?--They thought they could just crush that little country in the jungles in nothing flat & they got licked!
       11. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, IF THEY START TOO MUCH TROUBLE IN THE MIDEAST & NORTH AFRICA & MEDITERRANEAN, much less Central America, they're apt to bite off more than they can chew & get in too deep & too much hot water! They're absolute idiots! I can't do the subject justice, like the apple cart! So Lord help poor Godahfi & the poor little Libyans.
       12. THE U.S. THINKS IT CAN JUST CRUSH ANYBODY & ANYTHING & HAVE ITS WAY ANYWHERE it wants to & do as it pleases. No wonder God raised up the Russians to put a stop to them, or if nothing else just to keep them in check. If it hadn't been for the Russians, they'd probably have started half-a-dozen wars this past year! I'd call that peacekeeping! They're not starting these wars because they're afraid of Russia!
       13. SO RUSSIA, THEREFORE, IS THE BALANCING AGENT, THE DETERRENT THAT KEEPS THE U.S. FROM STARTING THESE WARS that it would like to start in order to crush all those little tiny countries that thumb their noses at the U.S. & make the U.S. feel infuriated & insulted &, "How can they possibly talk to us that way?" So they want to go down & crush them.--Poor little Nicaragua, poor little Grenada, poor little Afghanistan, poor little Cuba, poor little Libya, whoever.
       14. THE ONLY THING THAT HAS KEPT THE U.S. FROM INVADING CUBA, NICARAGUA OR ANY OF THOSE COUNTRIES HAS BEEN THE FEAR THAT RUSSIA WOULD COME TO THEIR AID & it would start a World war. So thank God for the peace keeping effect of the Russians! They've probably been the World's salvation to keep America from starting a dozen wars it would have liked to have started if it hadn't been for the Russian deterrent.
       15. HOW CAN THE U.S. EVEN TALK TOUGH LIKE THAT & TALK SO IDIOTIC? IT SHOWS THAT THE EUROPEANS ARE SO MUCH WISER about wars & diplomacy & international relations & things like that, & the Americans are so stupid & idiotic about international relations. They just have almost no experience in the field compared to the European countries & those countries that have had to live with each other for thousands of years. The U.S. has been over there all by itself & ruling its own territory & domineering & dominating all those little Latin American countries, & they're getting sick & fed up with it too!
       16. BOY OH BOY! YOU COULD HARDLY BELIEVE THAT THIS HUGE COLOSSUS WOULD GET SO STIRRED UP OVER THIS LITTLE ANT STING! It's pride! Godahfi has absolutely insulted their pride, thumbed his nose at them, waggled his ears at them, said taunting things to them & they just want to stomp him out!
       17. THEY STARTED IT ALL, THEY IMMEDIATELY STARTED BLAMING HIM FOR THE WHOLE THING WHEN THEY HAVEN'T GOT ONE IOTA OF PROOF YET! They haven't even proved that he's got terrorist training camps there or that he had any connection whatsoever with the airport incidents, & he has denied them up & down. [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]e's certainly an honest, sincere man & really trying to help the poor, his own poor people, etc.
       18. THE U.S. & ISRAEL ARE THE ONES WHO WERE LYING ABOUT HIM, TRYING TO BLAME IT ALL ON GODAHFI when it hasn't even proven to be so, it hasn't even proven to be true & he flatly denies & says it is not so! They haven't come up with the slightest ounce or iota of proof that he had anything to do with it or that the terrorists were even from his country or anything. Yet they're just accepting it as absolute fact that it was all Godahfi's doing, blah, blah.
       19. AND THEY SELL THAT TO THE PEOPLE! WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY SENT FOR THE TOP U.S. MEDIA MAN?--To organise this propaganda campaign against Godahfi! And they're endangering four major American oil companies & 1500 Americans' jobs in Libya, plus all their families & everything. You can imagine, good-paying jobs too, just over being affronted by this little tiny World leader. Isn't that amazing? They're just furious be- cause he defies them & he won't just knuckle under & say "Uncle"--Uncle Sam! He has rebuffed them & defied them time & again. They wanted to crush him before & they've just about decided they've got a good propaganda chance now because people are so stirred up over those airport killings.
       20. I THOUGHT AT THE TIME, "BOY OH BOY, IF THEY'RE GOING TO BLAME THAT ON LIBYA, THEY SURE PICKED THEIR TIME NOW! They don't want to let this golden opportunity pass to blame it all on Libya & give them an excuse to crush Libya or crush Godahfi." And I'll tell you, he just about is Libya because the Libyan people wouldn't have gotten anywhere without him. They were ruled by a tyrant who was robbing the poor & robbing the country & selling it to foreign powers like Britain before he came along, including Wheelus Air Force Base of the United States, which was the largest U.S. military base outside of the United States until Godahfi took it over.
       21. IT'S JUST ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE WHAT A COLOSSAL STIR IS BEING MADE in all the top international news over little ol' Libya & poor little ol' Godahfi! It certainly shows that he must have the power of God to stir up the United States that much, ha!
       22. PLEASE PRAY FOR LIBYA & THAT THE U.S. DOESN'T DO SOMETHING TOTALLY INSANE LIKE START A WORLD WAR OVER LIBYA, of all things. Pray for peace, in other words. The Bible says we should pray for peace. Godahfi's not perfect & I'm sure he's made his mistakes & I know one mistake he has made, but he is not that bad! That's the whole thing, he is not bad enough & his people are not bad enough to get the whole World into a war where hundreds of millions could get killed! Isn't that silly? (1Ti.2:1-2)
       23. THE U.S. HAS GONE INSANE WITH ITS PRIDE & POMP & POWER! Ugh! They just get furious at anybody who won't absolutely agree with them. They even get mad at their own friends for not agreeing with them, the Europeans & the Oriental countries. If they can't absolutely have their way all the way without a word of objection, they get furious, even at their friends for opposing them in any way or disagreeing with them. They just get furious to think that "anybody should even dare to disagree with us, the great U.S.A.!" That's their attitude, isn't that something? And for a sworn, avowed enemy of the U.S.A., as they claim Godahfi is, to not only not agree with them but actually also to defy them & thumb his nose at them, oh, "We really want to kill him!" That's just typical U.S. violent behaviour. Violence is their religion & if they can't have a war some place & be killing people somewhere, they're not happy, that's a fact. War is their major occupation.
       24. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE ALL THAT TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEFICIT WENT, JUST REMEMBER THAT THE U.S. SPENDS NEARLY 300 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR ON WAR & weapons, the military! Think of it, 300 or so billion Dollars a year on war and weapons and military! Then they wonder how they got three trillion Dollars in debt that they can't pay!
       25. WAR IS THEIR RELIGION! WAR IS THEIR OCCUPATION! War is the way they rule & the way they want to rule the Earth. My Lord, God has got to put a stop to that country somehow! Thank God He raised up the Russians to stop them or they would have torn the World to pieces before this. They already have torn up a lot of it, all those poor little countries, & have torn up Europe twice. And my God, how many times have they torn up those Latin American countries with their invasions, sending in the U.S. Marines time & time & time again to fight wars with different countries there, wars with Mexico, etc. Whew! Talk about a warmongering nation, there is no more warmongering nation on the face of the Earth than the U.S.A.!
       26. ABOUT ALL THE RUSSIANS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO IS STOP THEM! They've had to build up to defend themselves, either that or the U.S.A. would have gobbled up Russia a long time ago, you know that. They tried to after WWI, they sent a whole army over there! But they never realised how big Russia was, they literally wandered around & got lost! The Allies couldn't even find them, they didn't hear from them for weeks & weeks until finally they got chased out of the country by the Communists. They finally gave up, they saw it was just too big a job.
       27. REAGAN SENT FOR MICHAEL DEAVER, ONE OF THE BIG TOP PUBLIC RELATIONS & LITERALLY PROPAGANDA MEN, TO CONFER WITH OVER THIS LIBYAN INCIDENT. In other words, "How can we organise the propaganda campaign against Libya?" Think of it! The elephant is screaming over getting stung by the little tiny Libyan mosquito! Isn't that silly?
       28. MAY GOD HELP POOR LITTLE GODAHFI & POOR LITTLE LIBYA & ALL THE OTHER POOR LITTLE COUNTRIES THE U.S. IS PERSECUTING, literally persecuting & would like to kill if they could. The U.S. would like to absolutely bomb Cuba off of the face of the Earth if they could, if they thought they could get away with it, or Nicaragua or Libya or all the Arabs! The only thing that is stopping them is Russia. They're afraid it would make them go to war with Russia & get wiped out. Well, one of these days they're going to do it & they are going to get wiped out!
       29. SO GOD HELP US & GOD PRESERVE THE PEACE A LITTLE BIT LONGER SO WE CAN FINISH THE JOB, AMEN? And God stop that God-damned insane monster that is literally out to wreck the World & would have wrecked it already if the Russians hadn't stopped them.
       30. TO THINK THE U.S. WOULD GET SO STIRRED UP OVER THAT TINY LITTLE COUNTRY & TINY LITTLE MAN just because he's had the guts to defy them. [DELETED]
       31. HOW ANY OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET TO HEAVEN, I DON'T KNOW! No wonder we're going to have to have so many babies to fill up that Place, not too many church people are going to make it! They're the most warmongering, the most hawkish, war hungry, war crazy, war mad people in the country in every war! It's the churches that have backed them the most & made the fiery speeches to stir up the men to "go & die for your Christian country & die for your faith, blah, blah!" They can't say that much anymore, they don't have that much faith! The [EDITED: "ACs"] have seen to that, it is no longer a Christian country. My Lord, help us. Whew!
       32. IF WE COULDN'T THANK THE RUSSIANS FOR ANYTHING ELSE, WE COULD THANK THEM FOR STOPPING THE U.S.A. & stopping the Americans from blowing up the World! It wasn't the Russians who invented the Atomic bomb. It wasn't the Russians who were the first ones to use it to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, it was the Americans, the church-loving Americans!--Christians! Ugh! My God, if they're Christians, I don't want to be one! They're just stupid & idiotic enough to get themselves into a war over poor little tiny Godahfi & his little insignificant country. Isn't that amazing?
       33. CAN YOU IMAGINE GODAHFI ALLOWING U.S. NEWSMEN IN THERE? Every one of them is just like a spy[DELETED]! Sometimes Godahfi is not very smart. Boy, if I was running his country, if I were he, I wouldn't let an American newsman in the place, because all they do is lie about him & all they do is propagandise against him!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family