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SHOW'M JESUS!       DO 2074        1/1/86--Dad's New Year's Message for 1986!

(After Peter gives the last year's stats:)
       1. THAT WAS GOOD NEWS, HUH? AMEN! PTL! TYL! Well, I don't think the Lord's going to let that stop, do you? We've finished all those books that we don't have to publish again, I'm sure glad that's over, but they've got'm, now they can use'm. And every year I've said, "Well, I don't suppose we'll ever have another year like that!" But we've even got new pubs now that we're working on. We never had "Heaven's Girl" before, we never had "Heaven's Children" before, we never had these Stories before, last year we'd never had Posters before, or such a tape ministry, every year it's something new, something different!
       2. I WONDER WHAT'S GOING TO BE NEW FOR 1986! I wonder what new thing the Lord's going to do!--What new pub we're going to come out with, what new ministry, what "greater things than these shall ye do"! (Jn.14:12) So don't worry about my going, the Lord was saying that to His disciples before He left them. He said, "Greater things than these shall ye do, for I have to go to My Father." But you're going to do greater things than I have done.
       3. OF COURSE, SOME PEOPLE, CHRISTIANS & CHURCH PEOPLE ESPECIALLY, ALWAYS LOOK BACK AT ALL THE MIRACLES & the marvels & the supernatural things & they think, "What are You talking about, Lord? We couldn't possibly do greater than You have done! You raised the dead, healed the sick, fed the multitudes, how could You say that we could do greater things?" Well, I'll tell you, we're feeding a bigger multitude than the Lord ever fed, a multitude of millions! He only fed 5,000. We're giving them the best food of all by the millions, thank the Lord!
       4. HE RAISED THE DEAD, WHAT ARE WE DOING? We're not just raising the physically dead, we're raising people to new spiritual life to live forever! All the dead people the Lord raised eventually died anyhow, & are dead & gone. We hope & trust that some of them were saved. But we're doing better than raising the dead, we're saving souls for eternity, making them immortal!
       5. HE HEALED THE SICK, THAT WAS WONDERFUL, BUT A LOT OF THOSE PEOPLE, WE DON'T KNOW IF THEY EVEN GOT SAVED! But He was so merciful & so kind & kindhearted, He had compassion on the multitude, He went out & healed them anyway, even when He was tired. But we're healing people of their spiritual diseases, which are a whole lot worse than diseases that can only kill the body but after that have no more that they can do. (Mat.10:28) We're healing people of spiritual diseases that can send them to Hell! Amen?
       6. SO I'D SAY WE'RE DOING EVEN GREATER WORKS THAN THE LORD WAS ABLE TO DO WHEN HE WAS MERELY PHYSICALLY PRESENT. Of course, He's doing it all, He's doing it through you. But we're doing all these things. He never preached the Gospel to so many people as we preach it to. He never won as many souls. Of course, He's winning them all! But while He was here physically present, He never saved as many, He never healed as many. Talk about raising the dead, I think raising them to Heaven is a lot better!
       7. SO YOU ARE DOING GREATER WORKS! He promised, "Greater works than these shall ye do!" I wonder if that possibly could apply to 1986? What greater work will we do this year than we did last year? I hope it's not going to be more books! I think we have enough books for awhile. Most of these books are reference works, anyhow, that we use continually. But I don't think we'll ever try that again, so many books!--Though we're putting out more Stories & other pubs & things like that.

       8. THAT'S SOMETHING NEW WE'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE. DO YOU LIKE THE STORY? I call them "the Stories". We're doing one of the toughest jobs I think anybody ever had to do, tell a story about the future that hasn't happened yet! Somebody sent me a note, "To my man in the Moon!" Of course she was only that far in the Story by that time. She said, "How are things Up There?" They get into reading the Story so much they forget I'm still here! Well, I'm back again now, I guess you've got that part.
       9. THAT'S ONE GREATER THING WE'RE GOING TO BE DOING THIS YEAR, WE'LL HAVE A LOT MORE OF THOSE STORIES, D.V.! Isn't Apollos inspired though? He didn't think he could do it, but I told him I knew the Lord could. I wrote & told him, "Sit down just like I do, pick up your tape recorder, open your mouth & the Lord will fill it!" So he tried that method & sure enough, it works! Now he's knocking out almost a story a day! His mind can hardly keep up with his mouth! Eman is knocking out pretty close to about four finished pictures a day, which is pretty good! That's a lot of new art!--With the exception of a few heads & faces that they carried over from the Grandpa series!
       10. WAIT'LL YOU SEE WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO LOOK LIKE AT 14, TECHI! We've got another pretty picture of you in this latest one. And some of the rest of you will get in there too one of these days. David's come back now & you ought to see how handsome he is at 17, more than 17! Anyhow, the kids are all grown up & looking beautiful & they'll be getting more & more into the Story all the time! PTL!
       11. SO THAT'S SOMETHING WE HAVEN'T DONE BEFORE, & THAT'S IN A WAY A GREATER WORK FOR THE SAKE OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE, as well as all you grown-up kids too! I notice you seem to be enjoying it. Techi can't even wait to read the finished product, she's gotta read the rough draft as soon as the mail arrives!
       12. (MARIA: NOT ONLY IS IT SO EXCITING & THRILLING FOR THE TEENS, BUT ALSO FOR THE FFERS, & helpful for them in a very practical way right now.)--Amen! It's going to have more of that now, FFing tips & all that! Mama also is taking a very active interest in this story, she's one of the editors of it, & she makes suggestions & im-provements & additions & deletions & whatnot!
       13. I DON'T THINK ANY WRITER EVER HAD SO MANY CRITICS, OR ANY ARTIST EVER HAD SO MANY CRITICS EITHER, changing their art & changing their story! Talk about kibbitzers, no player ever had so many kibbitzers as in this game! Everybody in his Home is looking over his shoulder & telling him how to do it! And everybody's looking over the artist's shoulder telling him how to do it. We're getting lots of good ideas from everybody! We don't want too many good ideas, but we accept quite a few of your corrections. I like to call them "suggestions". They're not necessarily corrections, they're sometimes just mere improvements & suggestions as to how it could be better, either the wording or the art. I think between all the people who are working on this Story, it better be good! Amen? PTL! I don't think we ever had so many editors working on one pub before, although our other pubs are still going on. We still have to keep them rolling too. Do you still read any of the rest of them? (Family laughs!) So PTL!

       14. SO THAT'S THE BIG QUESTION, WHAT GREATER WORK CAN WE DO THAN THESE FOR THIS COMING YEAR OF 1986? We don't know exactly what the year will bring, although we've had a few ideas that we think may happen & it has been suggested it will be a critical year. I don't see how the World economy can go on like it's going now for another year. Everything is just about to crash! So that may be one of the biggest World events, & the possible rise of the Dictator & a lot of other events which seem to zero in on this year.
       15. BUT THE BIGGEST EVENT AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED IS YOU!--US!--And He's running the World in your favour, really, as long as He can. As far as He's concerned, all World history hinges on you & what you're doing & what you're accomplishing & how far you're getting along with your job. And if He allows the Antichrist to arise this year & his kingdom to begin & the Crash & all of that, & if it should by any means limit our ministries in any way--which I'm hoping it will not, at least for awhile--but if it should, as I think I've told you before, you should count it a compliment, because it means you have gotten the job done & you're finishing it up! Therefore He can now allow these events to begin to happen, which may more or less end our public ministries & the freedom we have enjoyed.
       16. SO THAT'S WHY WE'RE TRYING TO DESCRIBE TO YOU HOW WE EXPECT TO SURVIVE & OPERATE IN THIS WORLD EVEN DURING THE LAST FEW YEARS THAT WE WILL HAVE. You're getting that Story in Heaven's Girl & Heaven's Children etc., to give you hope & to give you vision & faith for the future! Do you understand why we're doing it? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) It's also to tell you all about Heaven & how the Spirit World operates. Hasn't it made it a lot more realistic to encourage you & see what's in store & how much the Lord has for you? Things have to get worse so they can get better! PTL? So if things should start getting worse, just remember, that means that all the sooner they'll get better! PTL!
       17. WE ARE A PRIVILEGED GENERATION!--Privileged to perhaps go through the worst time in all World history, perhaps even privileged to suffer for the Lord & for our ministry & for the Gospel! But also privileged to watch the Endtime events develop & to see the Coming of the Lord! Think of that! We're the only generation in all history that will witness that event!--Except for the great cloud of witnesses in Heaven. (Heb.12:1) But in these physical bodies we're the only generation that will experience the Coming of the Lord, because we know it can't go any longer than that.
       18. AS HE SAID, "THE GENERATION WHICH SEES ALL THESE THINGS COME TO PASS" SHALL WHAT?--"SHALL NOT PASS AWAY until all these things shall be fulfilled!" (Mat.24:34) And we have seen all the signs the Lord prophesied to come before His coming happen in this generation, including the Gospel preached through all the World. The Gospel now has been preached in all nations to all peoples everywhere! Countries that were even closed to the Gospel when I was young are now open to the Gospel. So PTL! "Greater things than these shall ye do!" Certainly greater things than these shall ye see if these endtime events begin to happen now!--Because there's every sign that they are going to happen soon! PTL!
       19. NOW DON'T SAY THAT IF THE ANTICHRIST DOESN'T ARISE THIS YEAR THAT I WAS A FALSE PROPHET. I have qualified every single thing that I've said about the future, "That is my opinion, this is my reasoning, this is my interpretation, this is how I see it," & once or twice it didn't happen. I never prophesied the destruction of California, there were a lot of people doing that, but I believe it! If it didn't get it then, it will get it! I wouldn't be a bit surprised that California will yet fall into the ocean, as wicked as it is, poisoning the World with its poison all over the World, polluting the souls & minds & eyes & hearts of men all over the World!

       20. I READ THE PAPER EVERY DAY, I READ IT ALL, & I'LL TELL YOU, IF IT DOESN'T START HAPPENING THIS YEAR I WILL BE SURPRISED! I won't be disappointed. I'll be like what I used to tell the pre-Trib Rapturists, the guys who go around preaching that, "Oh, Jesus is going to rapture all of us Christians before the Tribulation so we won't have to suffer, we won't have to go through that! We're going to rise to Heaven on flowery beds of ease in the Rapture before anything bad happens!"
       21. THE CHURCH, ESPECIALLY AMERICAN CHURCHES, JUST CAN'T BELIEVE GOD COULD LET ANYTHING THAT BAD HAPPEN TO THEM. After all, aren't they so pious & righteous & such good people, those dear Christians of that great Christian nation America? Haven't they been the best people on Earth? They haven't brought on all the World's greatest wars, have they? They haven't killed millions & millions of people, have they? First to invent & use the atomic bomb?--No no, it wasn't the United States, that great Christian country, was it? Why, they're so good, God couldn't possibly let anything bad happen to them! Aren't they all Christians, good church people? So they had to invent this theory that they're going to all get raptured before the Tribulation.
       22. I USED TO ARGUE WITH THOSE GUYS, THAT WAS WHEN I WAS IN THE CHURCHES, & THERE WERE LOTS OF GUYS AROUND TO ARGUE WITH! Finally I just left them all behind, I figured it's no use trying to convince them. A church member convinced against his will is of the same opinion still! But Faithy remembers those days when I was still arguing with them, always going to the churches with her Mother. Mom loved church, God bless her. That's what she had faith for. So give her credit, honour to whom honour is due. But she belongs to the past! She's still living in it & even living there, think of that!
       23. BUT I USED TO TELL THOSE GUYS, "WELL, YOU KNOW WHAT? I WISH YOU WERE RIGHT! There's one thing about it! If you're right, I won't be disappointed! If Jesus comes before the Tribulation I won't be disappointed. But if He doesn't, you're sure going to be disappointed!" Right? If He comes before the Tribulation we sure won't be disappointed! I'm not going to be spending my vacation in Heaven trying to justify my past doctrines! I'll say, "Thank God, I was wrong!" But I don't believe we're wrong, I'm sure we're not wrong! The Scripture supports it.
       24. THEY'RE THE ONES THAT ARE GOING TO BE DISAPPOINTED! They're going to be totally unprepared for what's going to happen--not prepared in mind or heart or message or ministry or in any way. The only way they know how to be a Christian is openly with temples & buildings & public pastors who even advertise in the newspapers every Saturday what they're going to talk about! I never could figure out how they could know so far in advance what the Holy Spirit was going to say as to even put the subject of their sermons in the newspaper ads! The Lord certainly gives them more advance information than He's ever given me! I never know what I'm going to talk about! I hadn't the faintest idea of what I was going to talk about to you tonight, but I've been talking for at least half-an-hour!
       25. AT LEAST IF THE LORD DOES COME BEFORE THE TRIBULATION WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE DISAPPOINTED, but if He doesn't, those poor people are going to be disappointed! So it's better to have it & not need it, than need it & not have it! PTL? And I'll tell you, if there's anything the American church, in fact the churches of the World need, it's the Tribulation! Because the whole purpose of it is what? The Lord told us through the mouth of Daniel.--To try us, purge us & make us white, to purify us! (Dan.11:35)

       26. YOU'LL NEVER BE SO SERIOUS ABOUT THINGS & SO REALLY DEAD IN EARNEST--OR ALIVE IN EARNEST--& know that you've got to make every minute count & every action count, every penny count, as when things get tough! That's when you will really appreciate it & that's when you will really do your best because you'll know it will be your last! So, praise the Lord! It'll even purify you & me & purge us & make us white! PTL! Amen? It's already purifying these beautiful young maidens here, God bless'm! They know they've got a tremendous ministry to come in the near future, & the Lord's really going to bless them & make them a blessing. They know they've got a big job to do to carry on, to help us carry on. PTL!--The boys too, of course.
       27. BUT I WAS SPEAKING TO MAMA TODAY & SAID THE LORD CERTAINLY MUST BE GOING TO USE ALL THESE BABIES HE'S GIVING US! There have been some child prophets & prophetesses that I have witnessed in my day. Uldine Utley was such a one once upon a time. Prophesying was her main ministry. She was just a little child, I think she began when she was only about 9 years of age, & she just got up & opened her mouth & the Lord would just roll the prophecies out! She was an anointed prophetess!
       28. SHE WENT ON FINE & DID VERY WELL UNTIL HER FATHER, WHO WAS HER BUSINESS MANAGER, HAD MORE INTEREST IN ANOTHER KIND OF PROFIT & pushed her along too fast, too hard, made her hold too many meetings because he was trying to make money off of her. So the Lord jerked the rug out from under them all & ended that ministry.
       29. BUT THERE HAVE BEEN CHILD PROPHETS, I'VE SEEN SOME OF THEM IN ACTION, through whom the Lord is just as able to speak as through you or me! So who's to say that these children will not be used mightily of the Lord in the days to come? They may not be old enough to be FFers, although some of them will be, our teens then will be old enough. But the Lord certainly must be going to use them somehow or He wouldn't have given us so many of them.

       30. MOST OF THEM MAY NOT BE OLD ENOUGH TO FF DURING THE TRIBULATION, BUT HOW ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM? We're still going to be winning souls in the Millennium. We're still going to be trying to convert the great leaders of the World & kings & princes & presidents etc. even during the Millennium! How much more powerful witness you'll have if you have a powerful body, a new supernatural body that can do much more than any FFers we ever had before! You can do all kinds of tricks too. If they won't listen, you can just throw a little flame or just freeze'm with your stare or vapourise'm!
       31. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF POWER BEHIND THAT WITNESS DURING THE MILLENNIUM, AMEN?--And they're all going to know about the Lord. They're not all going to receive Him, that's quite evident from the end, but they're all going to know about the Lord. You won't have to say "Know the Lord", because He said, "All men shall know Him." (Jer.31:34) But that doesn't mean you're not going to preach His Love & show His Love. You won't have to say "Know the Lord", they know He's running the World, but you can say, "Receive the Lord! He loves you! And this proves it! I'll give you Scriptures & I'll give you the plan of Salvation!"
       32. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A TREMENDOUS HARVEST DURING THE MILLENNIUM, all those people that never got to really hear the Gospel before, think of that!--A whole fresh new field! No more multiplying stats of 52 billion witnessed to, a lot of which must be going to the same people who already rejected & are not paying any attention, & you're just casting some of that seed on stony ground & shallow ground, thorny ground. But thank God some of it's hitting good rich soil & we're getting some good results, praise the Lord?--Some real souls!
       33. BUT THINK HOW MUCH MORE RECEPTIVE THEY'RE GOING TO BE THEN WHEN THEY CAN SEE THE POWER OF GOD & SEE THE LORD RULING THE EARTH!--Personally! You're going to have a lot more power in your little bag of tricks in those days, amen? They can see the benefits of believing. They're going to see & believe! Today we're required to believe without seeing. "For more blessed are ye who have believed, though ye have not seen." (Jn.20:29) It's a part of your reward, part of your blessing, that you are the elite for getting saved now when you can't actually see that World with your natural eyes & you can't see what's going on & the big crowd that's standing all around us here in this World right now, a great multitude of witnesses!

       34. JUST THINK OF ALL THE ANGELS & THE HOLY SPIRITS THAT ARE INTERESTED IN US THAT ARE ALL AROUND HERE ENJOYING THIS MEETING! PTL! Amen, Spirits? Hallelujah! Can you see'm? Shut your eyes, can't you just see'm? If you strain real hard you might hear their voices! Amen? But see, they have to operate under certain rules & they can't put in too many personal appearances or speak out loud unless on some very rare occasions they are allowed to, as in a big emergency. Most of the time we just have to believe without seeing anything.--Except we certainly can see how the Lord has worked.
       35. WE KNOW THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING BECAUSE WE'RE STILL HERE & WE'RE STILL WORKING, we're still getting out the Gospel to millions! We know that we're being protected & provided for & we're being fruitful, so we know that they're at work! We can't actually see'm, but we can sure see the results & the fruit & the way the Lord's done all these things this past year. I wonder how much of that they're going to get the credit for, because they helped us do it! They protected us, they helped provide for us, they surrounded us, they encouraged us, they led us & guided us.
       36. IN ONE OF THE LAST REVELATIONS MY MOTHER GOT FROM THE LORD, someone said to her clearly--she used to virtually hear audible messages--"Thank Me for My Angels! Why don't you thank Me for My Angels?" Why didn't the church stress Angels very much? They've got them way back yonder too, Gabriel here & Michael there once in awhile, "But of course that was 2,000, 3,000, 6,000 years ago, Angels don't do those things any more!" That's the way they think about it. "We haven't seen an Angel for 2,000 years since the first Christmas!" They just put that all in the past. "It's all ancient history, those things don't happen any more, miracles are the past, Angels are the past." They don't know anything about Angels.
       37. OH MY GOODNESS, IF YOU TALK ABOUT HOLY SPIRITS THEY'LL CURSE YOU RIGHT ON THE SPOT! "Don't you know you shouldn't have anything to do with familiar spirits!" Well of course the Lord's talking there about evil spirits. But you know good & well there are both! There are some in the Bible & some reveal themselves to us.
       38. BUT THE CHURCH IS SO AFRAID OF EVERYTHING THEY DON'T HAVE ANYTHING! Because they're afraid of the evil spirits & the spiritist churches etc., they completely toss out any spirits of any kind. So they don't even recognise holy spirits. Isn't that sad? Really a shame! They've missed so much because they're so afraid of anything. They're afraid of healing for fear they might be expected to have to heal somebody, or they're afraid of all the gifts of the Spirit for fear they might get like those fanatical Pentecostals. They're afraid of even thinking about Heaven for fear they might have to go There pretty soon & leave all this behind! It's a fact!
       39. THEY ARE BUILDING FOR THIS LIFE & THEIR CHURCHES & THEIR HOMES, JOBS, EVERYTHING, LIKE THEY WERE GOING TO LIVE HERE FOREVER, & doing almost nothing for the Other Side! I haven't been down in Shantytown in Heaven yet. That must be way down, maybe in the basement, I don't know. Some of those Christians certainly aren't sending up much in the way of supplies to build their mansion. They're not investing much in the Kingdom of God! But just think what you're going to get since you have invested every-thing you have, your life & everything in His Kingdom! Praise God! "Great is your reward in Heaven!" (Mat.5:12) PTL! Hallelujah!

       40. SO EVEN THOUGH THINGS GET A LITTLE ROUGHER, WHICH WE KNOW THEY'RE BOUND TO, have to now that the End is here, well, blame it on yourself, you helped the End to develop by getting the job done & getting the Gospel to so many people! Even if you got it ten times to some of them, at least you got it! But just think how many of them still haven't even heard & don't even know how to get saved, don't even really know what Jesus was, except "He's just some other Prophet that some other religion has, some other Guru or Rabbi or something that the Christians believe in."
       41. THEY'VE HEARD OF CHRISTIANITY, THEY'VE PROBABLY EVEN HEARD OF JESUS, BUT NOT THE GOSPEL! They haven't heard how to be saved. There are still billions of people who don't know how to get saved, including millions of American church members who still haven't heard the Gospel & don't know how to get saved! Because thousands of their preachers don't even preach Christ, they just preach Him like the Jews do, "Maybe He was another Rabbi or another Teacher or another crazy Prophet or something." They don't even preach the Gospel any more in modernistic modern-day churches that don't believe the Bible any more & don't really believe in Jesus any more.
       42. THEY PREACH A SOCIAL GOSPEL. You can see how the Socialists go into South Africa & a few places like that. It's not a very sociable Gospel! In fact, the World Council of Churches even sends money to buy guns to a lot of these revolutionary movements "to help bring about World Peace & the Social Gospel"! In fact, they're trying to bring about the Millennium through helping these people to fight wars etc. to establish "World equality!"--Under whom?--The Antichrist!
       43. THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES IS ABOUT AS ANTICHRIST AS YOU CAN GET! It's nothing but a big bunch of unbelieving modernists who don't even believe the Bible or in Jesus or anything any more, except as a historical character, that's all. I'll tell you, if there's anybody that needs the Gospel, it's millions of American church members who've never heard how to be saved!
       44. HOW MANY OF YOU EVER REALLY WERE TOLD HOW TO GET SAVED & HOW TO RECEIVE JESUS & WERE ASKED BY SOMEBODY TO RECEIVE JESUS IN SOME CHURCH? How many of you got saved before you even met the Family? There are a few. How many of you went to churches but you never even heard how to get saved?--Almost everybody, think of that!
       45. AREN'T YOU PROUD OF & THANKFUL FOR THE FAMILY? Look, only these little children here have never really hardly been to church, never got saved through the church & never had to go to a church where they never heard the Gospel. They've known the Gospel ever since they could talk, or understand your talk! So TTL! Hallelujah!

       46. THERE ARE GOING TO BE BILLIONS TO STILL SAVE & PREACH THE GOSPEL TO! So I think having pretty girls like Angels preaching the Gospel all over the World is going to be quite an attractive Gospel missionary!--Especially when they can do little tricks like nobody else can do!--Like read their mind, see what's on their mind, & know their thoughts & see right down into their hearts. The Lord lets us do that sometimes even now, but those are rare gifts, special gifts, specialised ministries of some people where the Lord gives you discerning of spirits & prophecy & messages & interpretations, gifts of knowledge, wisdom & all those things, but they're not quite as manifest or as visible, you still have to have the faith to exercise them, & you even have to have the faith to believe them.
       47. SO MOST OF OUR FAITH TODAY IS NOT BUILT ON WHAT WE HAVE SEEN! How many of you got saved because of something you saw happen, like a miracle or a supernatural thing or an Angel or something miraculous? (Fam: When I was about 11 an Angel came, I guess it was an Angel.) Was it a dream? (Fam: No, it happened, I guess it was a vision.) That's usually known as a vision if you see it while you're awake, if you see it while you're asleep then it's called a dream. PTL! Only one! Well, she was a hard nut to crack, she had to have proof! As the Lord Himself said of the Jews, they require a sign, they've gotta have a sign. (Mat.12:38; 16:4; 1Cor.1:22) But don't all the rest of you Jews laugh!
       48. BUT THE POINT I'M TRYING TO SHOW YOU IS THAT OUR FAITH IS NOT BUILT ON ANY SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD! The Lord is requiring this generation & most of the World's population since the beginning of time, to believe by faith in His Word, just to believe the Word, just to believe what He said. "Faith comes by hearing the Word of God"--today! (Rom.10:17) Faith in the Millennium will be coming by not only hearing the Word of God, but seeing! You'll see the Kingdom of God on Earth! Nobody will have to convince you then that there's a God & that Jesus Christ His Son is the King of kings ruling the World, you will see the evidence of it on every hand.
       49. NOBODY WILL HAVE TO CONVINCE ANY LOST SOULS OR SINNERS THEN with the preaching of some of our lovely young maidens who are going to be preaching the Gospel in the Millennium, FFing the top in the Millennium. Nobody's going to have to convince those people that there's God & Jesus is His Son & that this is the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, all you're going to have to do is just in-vite them to receive Him! And I think there are going to be millions who are even going to receive & believe just by having seen!
       50. BUT MORE BLESSED ARE YE, WHO THOUGH HAVING NOT SEEN, YET HAVE BELIEVED! (Jn.20:29) That is a principle of the spiritual Kingdom of God, that He is going to bless those who have simply believed by faith in the spirit & the Spirit World & all things spiritual, including the death of Christ for you. You weren't there at the cross, you didn't see it happen, you don't know anything about it except somebody told you.
       51. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN BE SAVED TODAY IS BY THE WORD, GOD'S WORD! He's requiring of this generation & all former generations that they be saved just by believing Him & His Word. But the Millennial Kingdom will come & that era of faith & belief will come even by having seen. But they will not have as great a blessing as you have, because you believed though having not seen.
       52. I'M TRYING TO SHOW YOU THAT THAT'S ONE OF THE BASIC FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF THE OPERATION OF THE SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF GOD & THE SPIRIT WORLD, that you must believe though having not seen, even though maybe you didn't have a dream or any kind of spiritual manifestation whatsoever that there was any spiritual thing going on at all. You just heard somebody tell you the Gospel about the Love of Jesus, maybe they showed you the Love of Jesus too, in their life, in their face, in their deeds, & you believed.

       53. BECAUSE THE ONLY PROOF YOU CAN SEE TODAY IS THE PROOF YOU SEE IN THE FACES OF THE WITNESSERS! And they look in our faces & they see it! Because you are the Word! As a witness you become the Word of God! So the only way they can find faith is by seeing the Word in you & hearing the Word through you. You're still the Word. Every one of you, every witness is the Word! You're all little Jesuses, in a way, because you all have the Spirit of Christ, you all have Jesus in your hearts, you all manifest the Love of Christ, so you're all supposed to be like Him, & you are!
       54. YOU ARE CHRIST'S, HE SAYS, YOU BELONG TO HIM! (1Cor.3:23) Your body is His!--Your mind, your heart, your life! You are His Word now! Just as Jesus was the Word of God when He was on Earth, you are now the Word of God while you're still here on Earth! You carry the Word of God & the Word of Salvation just as much as Jesus did.
       55. THAT'S ALL PEOPLE TODAY ARE GOING TO GET! THAT'S ALL THEY DESERVE! But they do deserve at least some chance. But there are billions that have never even had a chance to hear the Gospel, to really know what it takes to be saved, or even understand what Jesus did on the cross. There are still millions, billions of people that have never really had a chance to be saved, because they have never really heard the Gospel, much less seen the Gospel in you. And all they're going to see is just what they can see of Jesus in you.

       56. AS DWIGHT L. MOODY SAID, "THE ONLY BIBLE THE WORLD READS IS BOUND IN SHOE LEATHER!" I guess he must have gotten that lesson from selling shoes. He was a shoe salesman. But I'll tell you, he began really preaching the Gospel & he was a great personal witness. That was his great strong forte long before he started preaching in churches. He was winning so many souls, just an ignorant young shoe clerk that never even finished school, that he was winning more souls than the Christians in the churches! So then they started coming to him to find out how he did it. He'd just tell'm, "Watch me while I'm selling shoes, watch how I witness." Because a man led him to the Lord personally.
       57. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE HEARD OF DWIGHT L. MOODY? Okay, put down your hands. How many of you ever heard of Charles L. Varley?--A few who have read the Letters carefully. You never heard of Charles L. Varley, did you? Most of you haven't, or at least you've forgotten. But he was the man who led Moody to the Lord in the back of his shoe shop. Moody would have never become a great soulwinner & preacher of the Gospel if it hadn't been for an unheard of little nobody called Charles L. Varley. But Moody heard the Word of God & he saw Jesus in Charles L. Varley!

       58. LOTS OF PEOPLE SAY, "I SEE A LIGHT ON YOUR FACE! I see something in you that I've never seen before!" That's the one little confirmation God gives. Someone has said, "You can't prove God, you can't prove God exists, you can't put God in a test tube & prove to me that God is." I want to tell you right now, I'm looking at a whole roomful of test tubes! And we have put God in you, or He's put Himself in you, & you are the living, visible proof that there is a God, just like His Creation! But you go even beyond that. Just your very bodies are the proof that there's a God! But your love, the light in your eyes & on your faces & the wonderful spirit that people feel from you, proves not only that there's a God, but that God loves them.--You're the proof!
       59. EVERY ONE OF YOU IS THE LIVING PROOF OF SALVATION! You're all test tubes that prove not only that there's a God, which even the whole World can just see by His Creation & see there's a God, but that Jesus saves! They can look at you & see the living proof, you're the living test tubes! But not everybody in the World has had that opportunity, not everybody in the World has ever heard the Gospel. They may have heard of Jesus but they don't really understand who He was or what He did or anything. If we don't reach them now, they'll get a chance in the Millennium. But they won't be as blessed as you are & as the ones you're reaching now with the Gospel.
       60. YOU'RE GIVING THESE PEOPLE THE MOST MARVELLOUS OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE MOST BLESSED OF ALL PEOPLE that will live in the future of the Universe, because you were the originals, the ones who believed without seeing! That's a great work to have done, to have believed without seeing. PTL? But you didn't even do that!
       61. A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THEY GOT SAVED BECAUSE "I BELIEVED & I RECEIVED JESUS & I DID IT, I GOT SAVED!" The Bible says that even your faith came from God. (Rom.12:3b) He even gives you the faith! You haven't even got the strength to have faith! But by sowing the Word in your heart, faith sprang forth & you believed! So even your faith was a gift of God! See?
       62. SO, PTL! "GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL YE DO," NOT ONLY NOW & IN THE VERY FEW YEARS TO COME, BUT IN A THOUSAND YEARS OF MILLENNIUM BEYOND THAT! Just think, you're going to be the Educators of the whole World! You're going to be the Governors of the whole World! You are going to be the Rulers of the whole World!
       63. I'M TRYING TO BRING THIS DOWN TO EARTH & SHOW YOU THE REALITY OF IT ALL, that I believe what I'm talking about! We are going to run the educational system of the World! We've got to re-educate the whole World, at least what's left, & they'll be the most ignorant ones of all! Because they'll be the ones who never really heard how to get saved, didn't know the Gospel, really didn't understand Jesus, never had an opportunity to make a choice. They're the only ones that deserve to be spared & to live on through Armageddon into the Millennium, right? Those are the only ones that deserve it & I really believe they're going to get it & have that chance, because they never had a chance!
       64. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE ALL KINDS OF PROOF THEN, NO PROBLEM, & THEY'RE GOING TO BELIEVE BECAUSE THEN THEY HAVE SEEN. But right now you've got the tough job of trying to get people to believe, though having not seen. They may not realise it, but they're seeing the living proof right now when they look into your eyes & your face & they hear your words. You have become Jesus Christ to them, the Word of God! "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" (Col.1:27) Understand?
       65. I'VE HEARD ABOUT PEOPLE THAT WERE LOOKING AT US & THEY SAID, "WHY, YOU'RE JESUS CHRIST!" Who knows? Maybe they saw Jesus! Maybe the Lord revealed Himself to them. The Lord will let them see Jesus in you if He's merciful to them. But they're seeing the only Jesus they will ever see until they get to Heaven--in you! You are not only Jesus to them, but you are the Word of God to them! You are the walking Bible, the walking, talking Bible!--The living Word of God! Every single one of you is the living Word of God, because you have Jesus & you manifest Him & His Word, therefore you are the Word of God of today. Jesus was only one, now thank God, we've got thousands!--At least thousands that we know of that are preaching the Gospel & witnessing & winning souls! I don't know about some of those church people.

       66. THAT'S THE WORD THE LORD HAS FOR YOU AS WE BEGIN THIS NEW YEAR! I want you to remember that if you don't remember anything else, if you don't even remember the stats from last year. But I hope you do, just to encourage your heart to know that we really are accomplishing something. But I want you to remember that the only thing that people are going to see to help prove to them that there's a God & there's a Jesus & there is Love is what they see in you! And the only Word they're going to get & pay any attention to is the Word they hear from you. Because most of the sinners are not going to be reading the Bible or even our Letters or lit. I think they'll look at those pictures & I think they'll listen to the tapes & they are, it's obvious from the stats.
       67. BUT THE ONLY REAL PROOF THEY'RE GOING TO SEE IS YOU! All the rest has to be faith. And even God plants that seed of faith in their hearts to help them by His Spirit believe in you. They have to believe in you before they can even believe in the Lord, think of that! I've often said, they have to fall in love with you first before they can fall in love with the Lord, because you represent God to them! You are Jesus to them, the only Jesus they'll ever see till the Lord comes! And you are the Word of God to them, the only Word they'll ever hear!--Unless they happen to be in one of those churches, & you don't hear much Word there either, not of Salvation. Some places you do. It's been so long since I've been to church I've almost forgotten when it was, probably with my first kids & their Mother is the last time I was in church.
       68. AND THESE THEOLOGIANS CAN THINK UP THE BIGGEST WORDS FOR A SIMPLE THING like even bending your knee, that's a genuflection! They're like doctors, they like to think up & dream up all kinds of new great big long words & names. Some names are so long they just had to take the first letter of about four different words to even spell out the initials!
       69. I REALLY BELIEVE DOCTORS & THEOLOGIANS & SCIENTISTS LOVE BIG WORDS & BIG NAMES TO SHOW THAT THEY'RE A DISTINCT CLASS of their own & nobody else can even know or pronounce those words, much less use'm. And every time the flu comes along it's from a different country, it's got a different name. They can't just have an old-fashioned flu that they had last year, that would be too common, everybody's had that already! This time it's gotta be hog flu or Chinese flu or some other kind of flu. They're always trying to think up new big words for everything, these preachers & doctors & philosophers & psychologists! My Lord, they've thought up so many new kinds of mental problems & mental troubles & psychological troubles that used to be just simple old plain hangups of some kind! It's pitiful! So most of them are certainly never going to hear a simple Gospel from these churches or preachers as a rule.
       70. BUT THEY'RE NOT ONLY GOING TO HEAR IT FROM YOU, THEY'RE GOING TO SEE HIM IN YOU! You're the one! You're the walking Word of God! PTL? You're the living proof of Salvation through Jesus Christ.
       71. THEY SAID THERE WAS A GUY WHO USED TO GO AROUND WASHINGTON D.C.--actually he was a Republican--& he used to get out of taxis & say, "I'm sorry, I'm a Democrat & I don't believe in tipping" & walk off.--Literally to try to turn people against the Democrats! I try to do just the opposite! We talk to them about the Lord, we talk to them about God, we try to say a little something spiritual or tell the girls they're beautiful but "Beauty is only skin deep, you've got to have peace in your heart, you need the Lord," & then I tip extra heavy! I want Christians to have a good reputation, that they're extra good givers, they are concerned about the welfare of the people who wait on them, serve them etc. That's the only Christ they're going to see, the Christ they see in you!
       72. SO THE BIGGEST JOB YOU HAVE TO DO THIS YEAR IS TO GO AROUND SHOWING JESUS TO THE PEOPLE! And you who are in selah Units, if you don't actually do it in public, you're doing it right at home by making it possible for thousands of our Family to show Jesus! PTL?--And giving them the Word of God!
       73. YOU ARE JESUS & YOU ARE THE WORD OF GOD TO THE WORLD OF TODAY! Do you understand? Don't be afraid of being called Jesus! He lives in you, right? So if they see any Light, if they see any Love, if they hear any Truth, if they find the way, they've found out through seeing Jesus in you & hearing His Words through you.
       74. SO THAT'S THE BIGGEST JOB WE ALL HAVE IN THESE LAST DAYS, TO SHOW JESUS TO THE WORLD--in our faces, in our actions, in our eyes, whatever they want to call it. They feel it! They really feel the difference! It's just something they see & they feel & they know! It's hard for the Family to hide their faith, because they can't hide their face! And they see it in your face. It's hard to hide because you're the living proof, you're the loud proof too! They can see & hear Jesus in you! And that's your best & biggest job!
       75. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE NEW YEAR? DO YOU WANT ME TO PREDICT THE EVENTS & DATES? For a lot of people it's kind of an insatiable morbid curiosity, they want to know the future! Well, I'm telling you the future tonight, I'm telling you your future for this year, & that is to be the Word of God to the nations!--To be the Love of Christ to the World! The biggest & greatest thing you can do this year is to let others see Jesus in you!
       76. WE USED TO SING AN OLD SONG: "LET OTHERS SEE JESUS IN YOU! Let others see Jesus in me! Da-da-da-da-da, let others see Jesus in you!" I'll have to get it back some day. That's exactly what the Lord wants you to do, the biggest job you have, the greatest work that you can possibly do!
       77. WHEN JESUS WAS HERE HE WAS ONLY ONE JESUS, BUT NOW THERE ARE MILLIONS OF US all over the World that ought to be showing Jesus to the rest of the World! They should be hearing Jesus through us. "Greater works than these shall ye do!" What greater work can you do than that, than to show Jesus to others & let them hear Jesus through you & let them find Jesus through you to save an immortal soul forever! That's the greatest work anybody can do!
       78. MIRACLES, SUPERNATURAL THINGS, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, ALL THESE THINGS ARE FOR JUST ONE PURPOSE, they are tools of the Spirit, that the Spirit uses in you to either give the Gospel to the World or give spiritual food to the Saints, to the saved. But it's all for the purpose of winning souls. That's the main job we're here for. PTL?
       79. SO IF HE'S GIVEN YOU A BEAUTIFUL BODY, A BEAUTIFUL FACE, USE IT AS A TOOL TO WIN SOULS! If He's given you a strong, fine, handsome male body to be a demonstration of the power of God, use it to win souls! Amen? Let others see Jesus in you! Let others hear Jesus from you! And you will still have many many more souls won who will be more blessed than anybody else throughout all Eternity, because they believed, though having not seen or heard Jesus in any other way except through you!
       80. IT'S A BIG RESPONSIBILITY! THE ONLY JESUS THEY'RE GOING TO SEE & HEAR IS YOU! And that's your job! That's our job for this generation & this World's last generation. This is the last time they're going to see Jesus or hear Jesus before He comes, & that's in you & through you. That's a great privilege, a very great privilege that you have to show them & let them hear Jesus through you, & it's a very great privilege for them to be blessed with such a privilege, to believe in what they see in you & what they hear from you, even though not having seen Jesus nor God or the thousands or millions of spirits, though having not seen the Spirit World or Heaven, not even as much as you have. They are especially chosen, especially called, especially blessed, for "though having not seen, yet they have believed." Praise God! But you're the only way they're going to know & the only way they're going to see or hear anything to save'm. Praise God! PTL!
       81. THAT'S THE GREATER WORK THAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO THIS YEAR! The greatest work you can do is to be responsible for the salvation of more souls! PTL? (Sings:) "Let others see Jesus in you, let others see Jesus in you..." Lord help me get the rest of that little song. "I crossed over Jordan to Canaan's fair land, let others see Jesus in me!" I think that's the rest of it, it's sort of a parody on an old hymn. PTL? Can they see Jesus in you? Well, I can sure see Jesus in you right now, PTL!--All your happy smiling faces, shining, radiant with the Love of the Lord!
       82. AND LET OTHERS HEAR JESUS FROM YOU! That's your job, Family, for the rest of this time that God gives you here, the privilege of letting others see Jesus only in you & hear Jesus only from you!
       83. SO LORD BLESS YOU & MAKE YOU A BLESSING TO MANY MORE THOUSANDS OF SOULS TO BE WON THIS YEAR. TYL! Help us to win them more, even faster than we won them last year! Not just 60-some thousand, Lord, but more than that every month. Help us, Lord! May they see Jesus in us! May they hear Jesus from us & through our Family throughout the World, & through other Christians too, Lord, who really love You & are preaching the Gospel & really witnessing & winning souls, all Thy great Family everywhere who are faithful. Not just those bumps on those polished logs sitting in churches, but those who are really burdened for souls, Lord, out doing their best to witness & win souls, especially Thy missionaries around the World who've left their native lands & comfort & pleasure, sacrificing to live in a foreign country as ambassadors of Thy good will. Bless them, Lord, & make them a blessing and may we win many many more souls this coming year as others see & hear Jesus in us!--In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. As we pray, Lord, this prayer that appeals for Thy Kingdom every time we pray it, the prayer You prayed and taught us to pray about Thy Kingdom, that we should pray for it to come. In Jesus' name, help us, Lord, as we pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Amen!
       84. LET OTHERS SEE JESUS IN US, LORD, & HEAR JESUS FROM US! That's our job for the New Year, all of us, anywhere, everywhere, all the time!--In Jesus' name we pray. The greatest work we can possibly do, Lord, is to let others see You in us, hear You from us & be saved, won for Thy Eternal Kingdom, in Jesus' name! Amen! PTL! Mama, did you have any word you wanted to say or did I take up all the time? (Maria: That was beautiful, I couldn't say anything more to that than "Amen"!) Sorry to keep you up so late, but I just have to say what's on my heart!
       85. BY THE WAY, ARE YOU ALL FAITHFULLY KEEPING YOUR LOGS? This is the first day! Get it done! I put a new page in mine today & it's already almost done, that first line. Make that one of your New Year's Resolutions, that you're going to faithfully keep your log every day, amen? How about it? Are you going to try to keep a more faithful log this coming year? Okay! Here's the first day right now! How many of you have a Diary for the New Year? You're supposed to be using the second half of last year's Diary, right? Today's January 1st, 1986! Do your Diary, then go to bed! I keep it hour by hour all day long, otherwise I forget what I did! Every time I start doing something different I grab my Diary. I put my Diary on top of my work so I won't forget to enter in what I did that hour, the next hour etc. Well, one thing I did tonight was I loved you! GBY! Thank you for your attention! ILY! If you want to kiss me, come this way! GBY! ILY all! You're the most beautiful people I ever saw!--And I see Jesus in you! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family