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WAR IN THE SPIRIT!        DO 2075       1/86

       1. IN THE DREAM I HAD JUST NOW I THINK AUNTIE GRACE IS FIGHTING US! She always hated my Mother & me. She took over Father Brandt. She was a young half-Mexican, half-Jewish woman my Grandfather married just about a year after my Mother's mother died.
       2. I THINK SPIRITS WHO ARE SOLD OUT TO THE DEVIL ARE APPARENTLY ALLOWED TO OPERATE FOR THE DEVIL IN THE SPIRIT WORLD WHEN THEY DIE, apparently so their cup of iniquity can be full & they can go to Hell. I'm learning a lot of things. I don't know why I have to learn'm in the middle of the night but I guess that's the time. I've been having more dreams again.
       3. THERE WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE COUNTRY CHURCH ON THE HILL. It was very beautiful scenery of a valley below with a stream running through it. Behind the church was this row of pretty little country cottages. And this one funny kind of old bachelor greeted us there. We parked our car in front of the church & he greeted us & invited us to stay with him. And we got very interested & curious about the property & his cottage. He said he lived alone but we could stay with him. And I thought, "This is the most beautiful place I think I ever saw. I'd love to live here. Maybe I can buy some of their property."
       4. IT WAS FUNNY, THE CHURCH HAD SUCH FUNNY PICTURES ON THE FRONT OF IT & IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LORD AT ALL. And just then my Auntie Grace came out to greet us & invite us into the church. As we came in, it was like she was the ruling spirit of the church over the pastor, & she told us to hang up our wraps on these wooden hooks.
       5. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE WAS WRAPPING ALL UP IN THIS STRANGE MATERIAL UNTIL SHE WAS LOOKING LIKE A SCARECROW OR LIKE A GHOST, & it really almost frightened me because I realised suddenly that she was evil, that she was literally a witch! And suddenly I woke up! I never thought that before! I never realised that before, but I could tell you a lot of things about her that were bad!
       6. SHE CAME OUT AT MY MOTHER'S FUNERAL. SHE WAS OLD & IN A WHEELCHAIR & SHE BLASTED ME & said, "How could you do things like that at your Mother's funeral?" & so on & so on. She brought all of her relatives out & they all were angry with me because I had taken over & I was the one who ruled the funeral, & they were furious! And I never realised before how she was really completely evil!
       7. BONNIE, MY GRANDFATHER'S FIRST CHILD BY AUNTIE GRACE, WAS A DEMON LIKE MY SISTER IF THERE EVER WAS ONE! Even after we started the Family in Huntington Beach she phoned me up from San Fernando Valley, she was drunk & she blasted me over the phone: "How could you disgrace our name & disgrace Nina Virginia & disgrace the family by your fooling with those hippies & all that kind of stuff, blah blah blah blah!" Oh, she was just fiendish! She had become an alcoholic. So Grace was a witch!
       8. (MARIA: SO SHE WAS MARRIED TO YOUR GRANDFATHER AFTER HIS FIRST WIFE?)--YES, WITHIN A YEAR! And that's one thing that my Mother was furious about & why she went to Europe. (Maria: Oh, so she was his wife for many years.) She was the same age as my Mother! In other words, he married a woman the same age as his daughter! (Maria: Was that when his usefulness to the Lord ended, when he married her? Did he go downhill from then on?)--Yes, he did, definitely from then on.
       9. HE HAD A SECOND FAMILY COMPOSED OF THE OLDEST DAUGHTER, BONNIE, THEN THE NEXT DAUGHTER, PAULINE, & FINALLY THE SON, JOSEPH. I'm convinced now that Joseph was not his son but was the son of Uncle John, my Mother's younger brother. I saw them in bed together! At that time I was just a teenager & I didn't really understand what was going on, but I remember it shocked me. I wondered what in the World they were doing in bed together in that cottage. I came in by surprise because they apparently didn't know I was there. (Maria: Uncle John was her step-son.)--Yes. In other words, he was really no blood relation to her at all.
       10. (MARIA: SO THIS BONNIE WAS NOT YOUR SISTER'S DAUGHTER, THIS WAS ANOTHER BONNIE.) This Bonnie was my Grandfather's daughter by his second wife, Grace, an entirely other Bonnie. I mean, why would my sister Virginia ever have chosen to call her oldest daughter by that same name when she was a fiend!--Two little devils! Bonnie & Pauline were two little devils!
       11. THE SPIRIT WORLD IS BECOMING SO MUCH MORE REAL NOW WHEN I REALISE IT. You know, these influences are still around. Apparently people who are sold out to the Devil before they die go to work for the Devil, just like the Saints go to work for the Lord. And they'll get their final judgement later. If Apollos is going to show the real genuine war of the Spirit, he's going to have to show some of that. (Maria: Yes. So the more sold out they are to the Devil, sort of like a reward, the bigger job they get in the Spirit World to fight the Christians.)--Yes, just like people get demon-possessed here. If they're demon-possessed while alive in this life, they're even more so in the Spirit World! When they die & pass on, then they're totally the Devil's!
       12. SHE WAS ALWAYS A BITTER ENEMY. I NEVER LIKED HER. I always felt something strange & bad about her. She was always pretending to be friendly & always jovial & jolly, blah blah, you know. Apparently I was sensitive in the Spirit then, & I didn't like her. She was always a contrary influence between my Mother & her father, Father Brandt. And when he died, she took everything, everything! My Mother didn't get a thing except a few little slides which he willed to me because I had helped him with his slide lectures.--Nothing! She took everything, he had a lot of valuable property here & there, & she & her children took it all!
       13. SHE WAS A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG, HALF-MEXICAN, HALF-JEWESS. She was brought up in Mexico. Her father was a mining engineer & I think they lived in a compound somewhere down near Guadalajara. So that's probably where she turned to the occult or devilish things. But she was beautiful, she was an actress, she was a gorgeous piano player, she always dressed Spanish-style--the old-fashioned Spanish, you know those beautiful dresses--& she danced. But she swept my Grandfather off his feet within a year after my Grandmother died & my Mother always hated her! (Maria: Was your Grandfather always attached to her or did he cool off after awhile?)--No, she ruled the roost, she really ruled the roost. She saw to it that she was absolute ruler in his house & she ran everything. She was a dynamic, aggressive, pushy character, a typical Jewess. My Mother was heart-broken because he was never the same after that.
       14. ISN'T IT FUNNY I SHOULD HAVE THAT DREAM JUST NOW? I guess the Lord's trying to show me more things about the Spirit World. Well, she fought us while she was alive, why shouldn't she fight us while she's dead!
       15. I'M LEARNING A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT THE SPIRIT WORLD! The spirits aren't allowed to intervene physically or violently, although they can really have war between spirits with what amounts to physical violence, like that "War in the Spirit" chapter, but they're not allowed to intervene physically or violently with human beings in any way--that is, with Christians.
       16. THEY ARE ALLOWED TO INFLUENCE & TRY TO PERSUADE WITH DOUBTS & FEARS & THOUGHTS, but the physical human beings still have the choice to either obey them or not obey them, to obey the voice of the Lord or obey the voice of the Enemy, & they are the voice of the Enemy! They're influences. They influence us. They can't make us do anything, they can't actually physically or violently intervene or interfere at all. They cannot affect us that way, but they try to affect us to make choices that are wrong.
       17. JUST LIKE APOLLOS HAS THE GOOD SPIRITS TRYING TO INFLUENCE US, THEY ARE AT THE SAME TIME TRYING TO INFLUENCE US THE OTHER WAY! I just sent him a note that he needs to show the conflict & the little devils who are trying to persuade us to do the wrong things. In Chapter 64 Marie is having doubts & fears about her date with the Minister & I said, "You ought to put the little devil on her shoulder whispering in her ear these doubts & fears to show the conflict." His "War in the Spirit" was right, you know.
       18. IN THOSE LAST DAYS AT THE RANCH WHEN MY MOTHER WAS GETTING ALL THOSE REVELATIONS, SHE SAID, "I HEAR A LOUD WARFARE, shouts & clashing of weapons, etc. in the Spirit World! There's a great war going on in the Spirit World!" (See No.1846:6.) Apparently that war's been going on for a long time. (Maria: Even in "The Green Door" there was a big war going on.)--Yes. (See No.262.)
       19. IN THE SPIRIT WORLD THEY'RE IN CONFLICT WITH EACH OTHER JUST LIKE WE IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD HAVE WARS, & physical, mortal, human beings in violent war with each other can affect each other physically. So in the Spirit World there is also a war going on in the Spirit!--A spiritual war where they're really affecting each other with what you might call physical force or violence! I got something the other day when watching a documentary on Venus where they were showing the deep craters the entire surface is pock-marked with--that this was as a result of a fierce battle between good & bad angels. But the spirits are not allowed to affect us! All they can do is try to influence us & we make the choice, whether to obey their voices & their influence or that of the good spirits.
       20. OH BOY, I NEVER THOUGHT I'D GET INTO THIS KIND OF STUFF! My Mother said she never wanted to have anything to do with it! She read Mrs. Penn-Lewis' book, I think it's called "The War of the Spirits" or something like that, all about this sort of thing & the things the Lord had revealed to her about the spiritual warfare going on. My Mother said she didn't think people should read that kind of stuff because it might create doubts & fears, etc.
       21. BUT APPARENTLY THE LORD REVEALED TO MRS. PENN-LEWIS A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE GOING ON IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. (Maria: Even though the spirits can't interfere physically, some people are accident-prone & it's almost like a physical influence.)--Yes, but you see they do it through the human being, by influencing the human beings. They cannot actually affect them physically.
       22. THEY CANNOT ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING PHYSICALLY OR VIOLENTLY TO THE PERSON, BUT THEY INFLUENCE THEM WITH THOUGHTS, DOUBTS, FEARS, PHOBIAS & PARANOIAS. (Maria: Nervousness.) They have an influence, like you say, on the nervous system. (Maria: In a way that's physical, isn't it?)--Well, you know, we have a choice. We can either accept it & be influenced by it, or we can reject it. It's spiritual, strictly spiritual. They cannot interfere or intervene physically. But their influence affects the physical according to our choice & God's permission.
       24. PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY PSYCHIC & SPIRITUALLY INFLUENCED NEED TO WATCH THEIR STEP because the bad spirits will try to get through & influence them in an unguarded moment. We have a very precious Staff member here who is very close to us & I think some powerful spirit apparently tries to influence her in some negative ways sometimes. Most of the time, of course, she's a great help & a blessing & really tries to do the Lord's will, but she has a real battle in the Spirit. She has a real war in the Spirit! (Maria: She really does!)
       25. THERE IS SOMEBODY WHO REALLY INFLUENCES HER. SHE OUGHT TO THINK ABOUT HER PAST OR HER RELATIVES or what dead relative does she have that could have been psychic & occult etc. (Maria: It has to be someone dead, right?)--Yes. (Maria: Her live parents are pretty favourable.) Well, even live parents who are sold out to the Devil can have influence. I wonder if it could have been a grandmother? She's never really told us much about her lineage.
       26. I NEVER WANTED TO GET INTO THIS SORT OF THING BEFORE & I ALWAYS AVOIDED IT BECAUSE MY MOTHER WARNED AGAINST IT & I always tried to avoid getting into the Spiritual Realm, particularly on the negative side about devils & demons & things like that. (Maria: Well, they sure are real!) But Mother had a lot of experiences with them & experiences with people that she knew who had experiences with them, some of the stories of which I have already told you. But that's real.
       27. I MENTIONED ONCE BEFORE THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY SOLD OUT TO THE DEVIL IN THIS LIFE GO ON INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD STILL SERVING THE DEVIL! (See No.1423, "Satan's Saints!") Well, apparently the Lord permits that for awhile, it's allowed. Also apparently He permits this war to go on in the Spirit World between the Good & the Bad, the Good & the Evil, & they are allowed to fight each other in the Spirit World. But they are not allowed to physically or violently or by force fight the human beings, the mortals. These people are merely influenced by them & have a choice. People, mortals, human beings, Earth people are only influenced by them spiritually or in their minds, their thoughts. And they are given a choice whether they want to obey them or they want to obey the good influences. It's very very real.
       28. WELL, THAT WAS SOME DREAM I HAD ABOUT MY SO-CALLED AUNTIE GRACE, MY GRANDFATHER'S SECOND WIFE. But suddenly I recognised she was evil, so I immediately resisted them & woke up! She was leading us through this church, apparently it was like her church, it was like she had taken it over, like a demon church. Remember that dream I had in Portugal about Francisco & his church full of bats & demons & evil spirits, etc.? (See No.1414, "Horror House!")
       29. IT'S VERY REAL BUT THEY CANNOT ACTUALLY AFFECT US PHYSICALLY UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO.--In other words, unless we choose to think their thoughts & doubts & fears. These things that have to do with our spirits can affect our physical bodies depending on how we accept or reject them.
       30. I THINK THAT'S WHY THE LORD GAVE ME THAT MESSAGE TO YOU THAT TIME ABOUT FIGHTING AGAINST THESE AFFLICTIONS THE DEVIL TRIES TO LAY ON YOU. He affects your mind, your spirit, to try to accept those things & to complain about them & gripe about them, etc., without actually fighting them, without resisting & realising it's an influence of evil spirits trying to get you to accept things in the physical which are absolute attacks of the Devil in the spirit, that you need to fight those things, resist them, & they flee from you!
       31. (MARIA: BUT IS THAT SAYING THAT WE CAN SUFFICIENTLY RESIST ALL PHYSICAL DISEASES & ILLNESSES TO THE POINT WHERE WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO EVEN GET THEM AT ALL?) Well, my Father was certainly strong on that. Yes, he didn't think that people should have them. He thought that physical diseases were evil, attacks of the Devil. They're all a part of the attacks of the Devil. (Maria: Yes, we know they're evil, too, but does that mean we don't have to have them?) Well, "many are the afflictions of the righteous." The Lord apparently allows us to suffer some of these things. But the Lord delivereth us out of them all! (Maria: In other words, some of them would be a lot less if we fought'm harder.)
       32. OH, MY MOTHER & FATHER WERE BOTH STRONG ON THAT, THAT IF YOU ACCEPT THEM, THEN THEY'LL TAKE HOLD! But you have to fight, you have to resist, you have to literally, strongly, spiritually resist these things or they will take hold on your flesh! Apollos is getting into a realm that is pretty deep. (Maria: He needs your counsel on it, for sure.)
       33. NOW I REALISE FROM THIS DREAM THAT AUNTIE GRACE WAS ALWAYS AN EVIL SPIRIT, THAT SHE WAS ALWAYS AN OLD WITCH! Oh boy, was she powerful! Whew! She ran that home & ran my Grandfather with an iron hand, & all of her evil children turned out bad, every one of them! She hated my Mother & me & she fought us to the last breath! She came up to me in her wheelchair after that funeral & just blasted me for the way I ran my Mother's funeral. I said, "Well, my Mother left word that I was to be in charge of her funeral & the executor of her estate & I did it the way the Lord wanted it done!" And she just charged off like that little witch in Portugal! (See No.602, "Lady Luck!") (Maria: Your Grandfather must not have been very strong in the Spirit.)
       34. HE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. He came into the things of even Salvation & the Spirit & healing in just his last days by Mother. But Auntie Grace constantly influenced him against us. She was a constant antagonistic force all the time against us, like my Aunt Ellen who fought us.
       35. APPARENTLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST TAKEN OVER BY THE DEVIL IN THIS LIFE GO RIGHT ON IN THE NEXT LIFE SERVING THE DEVIL & ARE NOT YET JUDGED. Like that demon told the Lord, "Hast Thou come to torment us before the time?" (Mat.8:29) Apparently their time won't come until the Judgement. They'll even be operating with the Devil at the end of the Millennium, all of them, right on up to the Great White Throne Judgement, that's when they get it! I never wanted to get involved in all that stuff but we're getting involved & I guess people have to know. (Maria: Well, like your Letter "God's Curses", it really opened up to people a whole new realm!) (See No.1647.)
       36. THERE ARE HUMAN BEINGS ALIVE NOW WHO HATE US & ARE ALREADY UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE DEVIL & WHO ARE ALREADY TRYING TO FIGHT US, not only physically but spiritually. And when they go & die, they go into the spiritual realm serving the Devil fulltime in the Spirit! So dear Auntie Grace is still fighting us. She tried to get us in this dream I had. I immediately recognised that she was evil, isn't that amazing?--And the moment I resisted her influence, I woke up! She was trying to lead us & guide us in this little community, apparently she ruled it, & these people who lived there were her victims.
       37. I WONDERED WHAT IT WAS ABOUT IT. I THOUGHT, "LORD, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! I'd love to live in a place like this. It has such a beautiful view & a lovely little church & nice little cottages. I'd like a piece of property here."--And all of a sudden I found out that she ruled it! I knew there was something wrong. I thought, "How come nobody's discovered this place? Oh boy, this is gorgeous! This is beautiful! I'd like to live in a place like this. I'd like to have property here!" And then all of a sudden I found out, as she led us into the church, that she was an absolute witch!
       38. IT'S A FUNNY THING, SHE GOT ALL WRAPPED UP IN THIS MATERIAL, BOUND UP IN THIS KIND OF GAUZE-LIKE MATERIAL, ALL OF A SUDDEN LIKE SHE WAS A SCARECROW. And the moment I saw that, I recognised that she was evil & therefore the moment I resisted her spirit, I woke up just like that! (Maria: So the evil spirits fight us through our dreams too.)--Exactly! Oh, we know that, ha! Oh, you know that from years of experience! They fight us in our dreams just like the good spirits are trying to help us in our dreams! We have good dreams & bad dreams, right? (Maria: Yes.) We have wonderful, beautiful, good message dreams & we have horrible nightmares! They really try to influence us! God damn her! Grace is apparently one of our bitter enemies in the Spirit!
       39. WELL, THAT NAME HAS A VERY BAD CONNOTATION WITH ME AS A NAME FOR A PERSON. She was our bitter enemy & my bitter enemy in this life & now apparently she's gone on into the next life still our bitter enemy trying to fight & work against us. And another Grace that was evil was the one in "The Green Door", remember? So I personally don't like that name, but I know some people have chosen it in gratitude for God's wonderful grace He's given them. But for me personally it brings up bad memories.
       40. IN ANY CASE, OUR STAFF MEMBER HERE NEEDS TO THINK BACK AT HER PAST, ABOUT HER RELATIVES & FIND OUT WHO IT IS THAT'S FIGHTING HER, somebody in the Spirit World who's really fighting her, a very strong demon or a very strong relative. (Maria: Would it have to be a relative?)--Not necessarily, but somebody who knows her & she knows who hates her & is trying to defeat her.
       41. THERE'S SOME STRONG SPIRIT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD WHO IS REALLY REALLY FIGHTING HER & INFLUENCING HER, who's causing her so much trouble! That's the one who puts all those doubts & fears in her mind & really tries to influence her. I wonder if it could be someone she hasn't even known. It comes to me as some kind of a "he", some person, some man. It could be several, I don't know.
       42. SHE HAS BEEN DOING VERY WELL, MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE, BUT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW & RESIST HIM BY KNOWLEDGE, the evil spirit who is trying to influence her. (Maria: Yes, she never did that.) She needs to recognise him. I mean, exorcists for years have recognised the power of knowing the name of the demon or knowing who the person is or the demon or the evil spirit & to attack them by name, cast them out by name, like I did with Tyndale that time. (Maria: But often you can't remember, maybe your relatives have died before you were born, so there's no way of your knowing.)
       43. WELL, I THINK YOU NEED TO TALK TO HER ABOUT IT. I THINK SHE'LL PROBABLY THINK OF SOMEBODY THAT SHE KNOWS. It doesn't necessarily have to be a relative, but somebody she has known. Did she ever have anything to do with the occult? I think she has. And if so, with whom? I think she has more than she's willing to admit. That's one of her problems, she's not always willing to confess it, she thinks it will stand against her somehow. But she's got to get that out of her life & her mind & thoughts & she's got to be completely open & confess those influences & the things of the past, whether it was drugs or the occult or whatever it was, she has got to recognise it & attack it head-on & ask the Lord to give her the victory over it & resist those influences!
       44. (MARIA: THOSE DEPARTED SPIRITS FROM OUR PAST THAT BOTHER US LIKE THAT WOULD USUALLY BE PEOPLE WHO HAVE KNOWN US, RIGHT?--I mean within our lifetime, not people that have gone on before we were even born. They would be people we knew, because otherwise why would they be wanting to fight us? They would have known us, & we would have known them?) The Devil uses them to attack us & they fought us in our lifetime or they fought our ancestors, therefore they fight their grandchildren.
       45. (MARIA: BUT IN THOSE CASES WE MIGHT NOT KNOW THEM IF THEY FOUGHT OUR ANCESTORS.) That's true. (Maria: We might not even know who they were, except that they died before we were born. But it's not absolutely necessary to know who they are, is it?--Although it might be more helpful.) It's more effective. (Maria: It's good to be specific if we can.) It's more effective if you know who it is. (Maria: But that doesn't mean that you can't get the victory if you don't know, right? I mean, the Lord knows.)--Amen, thank You Lord!
       46. I'M CERTAINLY GLAD HE SHOWED ME THAT ABOUT AUNTIE GRACE. She was anything but graceful. My God! She was full of the Devil if anybody ever was! She fought my Mother when she was alive & she fought her when she was dead, & she's apparently still fighting me now. (Maria: But she has to fight you in your dreams, huh?) They cannot physically or violently affect or interfere! They have to try to influence us & we have the decision! They have to try to influence us spiritually--in our mind, in our hearts, in our spirit, whatever you want to call it.
       47. BUT WE HAVE THE CHOICE WHETHER TO FOLLOW THEM OR TO FOLLOW THE LORD! From the moment I recognised her as evil, as a witch, which I never even thought of before, I woke just like that! The minute I saw her for what she was!--A witch! I thought, "My God! She's a witch!" And here she was trying to lead us & pretend to be our hostess & all that kind of stuff & take us through this church, her church apparently. And the moment I recognised her I thought, "My God! She's a witch!" The Lord, by His Spirit & His Spirits, revealed to me that she was a witch & I woke just like that! That dream is still vivid!
       49. MY GRANDFATHER'S ENEMIES TRIED TO TRAP HIM WITH EVERYTHING. They tried to trap him with women, but boy, he was a strong fighter! But Auntie Grace was apparently his demise, with her & all her children apparently he just couldn't fight it. My Mother's heartache was Auntie Grace. She wouldn't hardly let her get near my Grandfather. I hardly ever remember us being alone with him, she was always there monitoring the conversation & making sure everything went her way. She was a devil, that's for sure! My God, she was a devil! She hated my Mother & me & she fought us with a smile!
       50. OUR GIRL HERE HAS TO FIND OUT WHO'S REALLY ATTACKING HER & TRYING TO INFLUENCE HER IN THE SPIRIT, a relative or somebody from the past or somebody who knows her & is interested in her & is interested in her defeat. It's like people who have a grudge against us, evil spirits like my Auntie Grace who have gone on to the Spirit World with the same evil grudge against us & are trying to defeat us. It's somebody. But people have got to be honest & confess it & try to search for the source, recognise it, attack it, defeat it, name it & fight it!
       51. WHAT'S THAT VERSE, "WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD, BUT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST POWERS, against the rulers of the darkness of this World, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Eph.6:12) It's a spiritual battle. They're not allowed to attack us physically on a physical plane, but they are allowed to try to influence us in order to test our decision & our spiritual strength & decisiveness to resist them. But if we yield to their spiritual influences, because the mind over matter has influence, it can actually affect our physical bodies. For example, a demon-possessed person can do physical violence, right? (Maria: Yes.)
       52. THE ONLY POWER THEY HAVE IS TO INFLUENCE US, OUR MINDS & OUR SPIRITS, OUR DECISIVE POWER. And if they can get us to yield to their influence or even decide in their favour, they get control. Then they can spiritually control the physical. But if we resist their spiritual influence & their spiritual control, therefore we can resist the physical potential that they have of spiritually controlling the physical, do you get the point? (Maria: Yes!)
       53. A DEMON-POSSESSED PERSON CAN DO PHYSICAL DAMAGE & VIOLENCE BECAUSE THEY ARE POSSESSED & CONTROLLED SPIRITUALLY, which means the spiritual takes control of the physical. But otherwise they can't do a thing, not a thing, unless we yield to their control. If we yield them spiritual control, then they can control the physical & do harm, both with sickness or violence or whatever. Honey, can we please go to sleep? I'm tired of this subject, I don't even like it. It's kept me awake for two hours but I had to tell you about it.
       54. DEAR APOLLOS IS GETTING INTO DEEP WATER HERE & HE REALLY NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT! It's a big big subject which the Lord has not given an awful lot of light on except hints & some Scriptures & some examples, of course. But it's something that apparently we're almost, in a sense, being forced to get into now, that we need to reveal & unmask & not be ignorant of their devices, savvy? (2Cor.2:11)
       55. I NEVER WANTED TO GET INTO THIS FIELD AT ALL, I NEVER LIKED TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, BUT I GUESS WE HAVE TO NOW. We've gotten into it whether we like it or not. I mean this Story has led us into the field & now we've got to expose it whether we like it or not. He has to show how not only the good spirits influence us but also the evil spirits are working to try to influence us.
       56. IT'S ALMOST AS THOUGH THEY CAN'T ENJOY THEIR PLEASURES & FEELINGS OF THE PHYSICAL EXCEPT VICARIOUSLY through getting us to enjoy them for them, whether it's sex or liquor or whatever it is. In order for them to enjoy it, they have to enjoy it through us in a vicarious way. Now what's the other word for that?--By proxy. They have to do it by proxy.
       57. WE ARE NOW INVOLVED WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT BY THE STORY. It's bringing out the things which we need to know. Whether we like it or not we're involved & we need to know & not be ignorant of his devices, TYL! Hallelujah!--In Jesus' name.--Amen!

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