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WORLD CURRENTS!--NO.24       DO 2076       Compiled 1/86

       2. THE U.S. JUST DOESN'T WANT PEACE, PERIOD, IT WANTS SLAUGHTER & SUPREMACY! But they're not going to get it, I'll tell you. They'll get the slaughter but not the supremacy!

       3. It's amazing how the ACs can manipulate things, the crashing of the economies of countries & wars, almost anything they want by just manipulating the news & their money!--WHOSE FOOL ARE YOU?

       4. I WAS THINKING THE OTHER DAY THAT THIS PARTICULAR SHUTTLE SEEMED TO BE JINXED! They stopped the lift-off so many times & postponed the launch so many times, I thought, "Boy oh boy, you know, they haven't had a bad accident for a long time, but this one certainly seems to be jinxed!" And finally it totally blew up!
       5. WELL, THE LORD SURE HIT THEM WHERE IT HURT THE MOST!--IN THEIR PRIDE! They're really proud of these shuttles & their great success without any bad accidents. I don't know how many launches they've had of those now. There have been a lot of them. (Maria: Not only their pride, but their pocketbook nerve too.) Oh boy, millions! Millions! And some have had payloads that were worth millions, satellites they were supposed to launch when they got up there.
       6. IT WAS CHALLENGER 7 & THERE WERE SEVEN CREW MEMBERS, ALL KIND OF SIGNIFICANT. (Techi: That's the Lord's number.) That plane that got shot down by the Russians over Sakhalin Island, the passenger spy plane, I think it was called KAL 007. (Maria: Well, maybe that's the Lord's intervention in it. Maybe He was angry because they didn't give Him the credit. It should have been His shuttle, you know, & His astronauts but they didn't give Him the credit.) People just ignore the Lord. For years they've been putting God out of the government!
       7. NEITHER THE PRESIDENT NOR THE VICE PRESIDENT WERE EVEN WATCHING! They were so self-confident & over-confident, they weren't even worried about the launching, they were preparing for Reagan's State of the Union Address.
       8. IT'S A SAD DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY! The Lord really knew how to hit them where it hurt. After their being so cruel & unfair to Libya [DELETED] this may do it because they're not going to want a war right on top of this! Thank God something happened to stop that war, because the[EDITED: "y"] were really whipping it up, doing their best to start a war there with Libya, bullying & provoking & taunting & teasing Libya, just practically begging them to hit back!
       9. THEY WANTED TO PROVOKE GODAHFI TO WAR, taunting & aggravating, doing what they call "sabre rattling." They didn't just rattle the sabre, they pulled out the sword & challenged him, just taunted him & teased him to do something that would give them an excuse to attack!
       10. I THOUGHT THE LORD WAS GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO THEIR NAVY, maybe have one of their ships blow up or something right there. But if He had done it there, they would have blamed Godahfi no matter what. Well, you can't blame Godahfi for this! I'll tell you, it sure has diverted the World's attention from that thing that was just boiling to the point of war! I'm sorry those people had to die, but something had to happen. (The Shuttle disaster.)
       11. IT WAS REALLY THE WRONG THING FOR THE WHITE HOUSE TO ADMIT THAT THEY WERE NOT IN PRAYER & PRAYING FOR THAT THING AS IT LIFTED OFF. They were just having a business meeting, business as usual, unconcerned about that lift-off with seven lives at stake! They were just simply having a business meeting, not a prayer meeting.
       12. THEY WERE OVER-CONFIDENT, THEY WEREN'T EVEN CONCERNED ENOUGH TO BE WATCHING! They were just taking the shuttle for granted, just ignoring the Lord as though the whole thing didn't really depend on God's blessing & His safekeeping. God must want to show them that their safety depends on Him! I'm sure that's the only reason they've made it so far, but finally He had to do something to wake them up!
       13. THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED! They keep saying, "It's strange! It's strange!"--Ha! They just completely ignored the Lord, that's what happened! I wonder if anybody on board that space shuttle was praying? Obviously the President wasn't & the government wasn't. They weren't even concerned enough to watch! Think of it!
       14. GOD KNOWS HOW TO WAKE'M UP, TO SHOW THEM THAT THESE THINGS DEPEND ON HIM! That pilot really had a strange scared expression, he looked like a ghost! Think what it cost to train those people & the loss of those crew members! I mean they're irreplaceable, to their families & everything!

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