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POSTER JEWELS!--NO.2       DO 2077       Compiled 6/85

       1. THIS COULD BE EITHER OUTSIDE ON THE EARTH OR IT COULD BE A PICNIC IN A PARK INSIDE THE CITY! Since they're all Inside people with halos, that could be possible too. The City is so big you don't even hardly know you're in a building!--Miles & miles & miles! So it's going to be like you're Outside when you're Inside! Perhaps then this is more likely Inside.
       2. DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD LOOK GOOD UP THERE IN THE SKY UNDER THE TITLE?--SOME FLYERS! Some small ones would just about fit up there nicely in the distance halfway between the title & the band shell. It looks like Hollywood Bowl! That's going to be better than the Hollywood Bowl ever was! It's really a gorgeous picture! I like it, love it, it's beautiful! I like to say I love things sometimes, I don't know why they won't let us, but I love it! I'm not worshipping it, but I really do like it! It's a picture of Love, why can't I love it? Wouldn't that be a nice improvement to have'm up there flying? It's really kind of mystical & will arouse their curiosity: "Well, where's this kind of picnic?" We want to really show'm how beautiful it is! Another small pair of flyers would look gorgeous against that golden glow! There's actually room enough in the sky under the title for a couple of couples!

       3. ONE PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS! THAT'S WHY WE'RE PUTTING SOME OF THOSE PHOTOS IN THE GN NOW, EVEN THOSE PRETTY ONES IF THEY'RE COVERED ENOUGH! Maria was asking, "Do you really think it's worth putting a picture in like that when you could get 2 or 3 more paragraphs of the Word in that space?" I said, "Listen, haven't you ever heard? Confucius say one picture worth one thousand words!" How can you get 1000 words in that one little spot? So there you go! Don't be afraid to use the pictures! After all, they've got pretty pictures in lots of magazines, we've just got to be careful that they're legal. We've got to protect the three spots that the System is scared to see. Really I think the one spot isn't all that beautiful, sorry I have to cover up the other two, but we'll have to do it a little bit on some of these we put in the pubs. But anyhow, you're doing a great job on the Posters, we're still getting in lots of beauty in spite of the cover-ups!
       4. YOU KNOW ME & FEMININE PULCHRITUDE! I love God's Creation, & that's the prettiest one He ever made, so let's bring'm out! Let it hang out a little bit at least, at least all that's legal! I'll tell you, from what I've seen on TV in a lot of countries, they're letting more & more hang out all the time. I don't know how much is legal in some countries.
       5. OF COURSE, SOME OF THOSE NARROW-MINDED MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALISTS LIKE TO COVER IT ALL UP, EVEN THE EYES & FACES & EVERY-THING! They're afraid someone will see their women! Isn't that diabolical? They're deliberately trying to cover up God's Creation! It's bad enough as much clothes as they wear in Western countries & even Eastern countries, but that's absolutely the last straw the way the F.P. outfit covers'm up! It just shows you how the Devil hates sex! And since woman is really a sex symbol, they really try to cover up the women! And yet in those F.P. cultures they treat them worse than any other culture in the World! Women are just treated like cattle, like animals, like slaves, dirt on the floor, & yet they want to cover up all their beauty! It just shows you how the Devil hates sex & hates women! I love'm both, they're God's Creation!

       6. SINCE THE FLYERS ARE QUITE VISIBLE HERE, WE SHOULD BRING OUT POINTS ABOUT OUR NEW BODIES & OUR ABILITY TO FLY! I don't know what those flying saucers are doing there, but they're okay. People seem to like flying saucers for maybe family trips or group tours! You might feel a little more secure & better-protected in a flying saucer.--Maybe! We don't want to say anything definite because we don't know that for sure, it hasn't been described in the Scripture.
       7. AND I THINK APOLLOS SHOULD BRING OUT THE FACT THAT MUSIC WILL STILL BE A BIG PART OF OUR ENVIRONMENT! God has lots about choirs of Angels & Angels singing in the Bible! I believe we're going to have the greatest choirs, the greatest choruses, the greatest symphony orchestras, the greatest music that the World has ever known! I don't think the World has even heard music yet compared to what we're going to have There! I mean it! If man can make the beautiful music he has learned to make with these hand-made instruments of man, think what God can even do supernaturally! And think how He can make us to sing There! They were singing several times in the Book of Revelation, singing His praises etc. So we're really going to have some music such as this World has never heard before! Thank God!
       8. ON THE BACKING, APOLLOS CAN GO ON ABOUT THE BEAUTIES OF THE INTERIOR OF THE CITY, because this is supposed to be on the inside, how it's not just a bunch of dense buildings, but mostly beautiful parks & woodlands etc., & it's beautiful inside the City like the Outside Earth. It seems like we should have had a few paths or roads on that Poster somewhere, but it's okay as is. Maybe they're down in the hollows.--Ha! You know, paths & roads usually do follow streams because they're easy to build that way.
       9. SOMEBODY'S GOING TO SAY, "WELL, WHAT ARE THEY DOING EATING THERE? I DIDN'T THINK WE'D HAVE TO EAT ANY MORE!" Well, we don't have to, but Jesus did & we can eat just for pure pleasure! And because in the "Paradise" picture we emphasise nudity, some people may wonder, "Well why are these guys in the Heavenly City having to wear clothes?" So Apollos needs to bring out the fact that according to the Scriptures we will be clothed in scintillating white robes of light, but according to what I saw, quite see-through, so that they won't hide any of the Heavenly beauties of you girls, nor maybe even the men!
       10. BY THE WAY, THAT GUY DOESN'T SHOW THROUGH MUCH! What do you girls like to see, chests? There could be a slight outline & maybe a touch of nipple there. The System doesn't seem to mind boys' nipples. They don't mind a guy topless, I don't know why they've got this aversion to beautiful women topless when they've got much more beautiful tops than men!--At least in my opinion!
       11. IT DOESN'T HURT TO REPEAT, SO HE CAN BRING OUT AGAIN THE FACT THAT WE CAN STILL HAVE LOVE & ROMANCE & SEX & BABIES! There are little children here. And again, we can lie on the grass & have a picnic without being bitten by fleas or chiggers or bugs or itch from the grass or snakes & all the rest! We can lie down on the grass without fear of these insects & pests, & we won't be pestered by mosquitoes & flies crawling all over the food & whatnot. Bring out all those things about how beautiful it will be! A lot of the things he mentioned about the "Pleasures of Paradise" could even be repeated here, because in the Paradise picture they're outdoor swimming, & here's an outdoor picnic, & a lot of the same things affect both situations.
       12. HE CAN JUST KEEP ON RAVING ABOUT THE WONDERS OF THAT NEW HEAVEN & HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS & HOW COMFY & PERFECTLY HARMLESS & SAFE & SECURE IT IS! He can mention the security too. They don't have to worry about the cops coming along & chasing them off the grass in the park, & there are no signs like "Keep Off the Grass" or "No Picnicing Here", "No Littering", "No Loitering" etc., all the signs that decorate the usual park!
       13. ALSO MENTION HOW THE NATURAL FOOD & FRUITS CAN BE EATEN SAFELY WITHOUT BEING WASHED FOR FEAR OF PESTICIDES & POISONS & BUGS ETC. You know the old story about what's worse than finding a worm in an apple?--Finding half a worm!--Especially since the little girl has just taken a nice big juicy bite of that pear! So maybe he can bring out a few points like that, that we don't have to eat, but we just eat for pure pleasure! After all, that's one of the pleasures that God made & that man enjoys & will still be able to enjoy, just like Jesus did. He sat down & ate & drank with them after His Resurrection. He sat down with the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus & broke bread with them. In other words, He was having supper with them! They only recognised Him when He revealed Himself, He deliberately had a case of concealed identity. But they must have recognised Him as He prayed & broke bread, they realised it was the Lord!
       14. ON PICNICS WE ALWAYS HAD TO WORRY ABOUT POISON OAK & POISON IVY, POISON INSECTS, POISON SNAKES & POISON CRITTERS OF EVERY KIND IMAGINABLE! You could hardly enjoy the outdoors for all the pests & enemies involved. And he might talk about the nice pollution-free atmosphere, pure air, lots of oxygen there from the plants & the trees & the parks! Oh, there are so many things he could talk about in this picture! I've almost said enough already!
       15. HE COULD AGAIN MAYBE BRING OUT THE FACT THAT THESE ROBES OF LIGHT NEVER NEED CHANGING OR WASHING OR IRONING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, & that also we won't have to do any cooking, since it's mostly fruit off the trees etc.--as he says, no kitchen, no dishwashers! Of course, with these glasses of wine they've got here, they could just rinse them out in the crystal pure stream nearby!
       16. WHAT WOULD HAVE BROUGHT THAT STREAM OUT BEAUTIFULLY IS A NICE LITTLE SAILBOAT! Why can't we stick a little sailboat or two on that lake there?--Just a small sailboat like you use for pleasure, like a little pam. A pam was a little tiny sailboat that only held about 2 or 3 people. I remember my scoutmaster took me out on one & that was my first experience sailing, & I fell in love with sailing & sailboats from then on! I always had loved sailboats since I was a little kid! A little white sailboat would look beautiful right there!
       17. ADDING THOSE SAILBOATS WILL BRING OUT THE FACT THAT THAT'S WATER! I never even noticed it was water. Unless you happen to look at it & really realise what it is, it doesn't stand out very much. But with a couple of nice white sails on it, it will sure stand out! I think that'd be a beautiful finishing touch! See, you shouldn't have had me studying this over again or I wouldn't have thought about more things!
       18. THAT FOUNTAIN IS ALMOST UNREAL, IT'S SO HIGH, CONSIDERING IT'S AT THAT DISTANCE. Well after all, this is Heaven! We could have fountains that high There! But at least make it look like a fountain by showing the jet in the middle of the water going up & then the water coming down on both sides. I'm really thinking up some extra work for you now, but after all, each of our pictures is an absolute peak of perfection!--So why not?
       19. ALL RIGHT, THAT'S QUITE A FEW EXTRAS! The handsome boy on the right is going to have a little chest then.--But no hair on the chest, please. Did you know that the Muslim women shave all bodily hair, such as underarm & pubic hair?--I guess because the men think they're more beautiful that way. I don't know what they do about the friction when in action! We experimented with that once & found out it was a little prickly! I like to see'm trimmed nice & neat. You don't have to pluck them like your eyebrows, but trim'm real neat. There needs to be a little hair in that one place to absorb some of that friction if you expect to have any action. It's your bumper!--And I really love to bump'r!

       20. ONE LITTLE FLAW CAN ALMOST SPOIL A WHOLE PICTURE! People get to looking at it & wondering what it is & why it's like that, & they forget about all the rest of it! It's just like people always notice your faults more than your virtues, like the button off of Mutt's vest. And his nipple just looks strange to me, it doesn't look natural or normal. I've heard about people meditating on their navels, but this is the first time I ever really tried hard to look at my nipples! I shouldn't have to tell you how to draw things like that, but even at your professional stage I guess you're still learning a few details.
       21. I'M SORRY TO QUIBBLE OVER SUCH TINY DETAILS, BUT WHEN WE'RE PUTTING SO MUCH INTO THESE & THEY'RE GOING TO GO INTO MILLIONS OF HANDS, people are going to be really getting into these things & studying them over. If there's the slightest little defect or variation or little flaw, they're going to figure it's not as perfect a place as we're saying it is & all the people aren't quite so perfect, they're not even as natural as they are down here. Maybe that's something you had to learn about male figures! Why don't you just sit down in front of a mirror & sketch it & put it where it belongs. I don't really know exactly where it does belong, but I just know it's not right on the edge.--Like that old joke about the old coloured lady, "I don't know what it am, but I sho' knows what it ain't!"
       22. I'M NO ARTIST, AS YOU WELL KNOW, BUT I'M SORRY TO SAY I'M GETTING TO BE AN ART CRITIC! I just study it & pray about it & try to see if there's anything else that isn't exactly right. We don't necessarily claim perfection, but we try to get things as right as we can! It's pretty important! If we're going to put'm out by the millions to the billions, we want to get it right! Nothing short of right is right! Okay, go back to the mirror & finish it up!
       23. THAT BIG WHITE SPACE AT THE TOP LOOKS LIKE IT'S JUST GOING TO WASTE, & WHAT IS IT FOR?--IT'S FOR OUR HIGH-FLYIN' FLYERS! Wouldn't a few of them flying up there in the sky give it a finishing touch of really being something Heavenly? We don't necessarily want them glorifying the title, but they're sort of reaching out & pointing at the beauties of this gorgeous scene, flying somewhere in this beautiful Place! I'm sorry, but I think it could use something there. They'd probably never miss it, but it's sort of a blank spot.

       24. THESE HALOS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CROWNS & THEY SHOULD ALMOST FIT LIKE CROWNS!--Only not right on top of the head & not quite that small. It should just look like it's floating above the head, & even if it settled down it would fit on her head. It wouldn't go clear down around her head to her neck & rest on her shoulders! They're not supposed to be a necklace you can wear around your neck or a lei or something, they're supposed to be a crown!--And as a crown, it ought to be a little closer fit.
       25. AND THOUGH THEY GLOW A LITTLE BIT, IT'S NOT ANY GREAT BIG GLOW THAT SHINES CLEAR OUTSIDE THE HALO. We don't want to make the halos so distinct & so conspicuous that all you can see is halo! I'd rather the people would stand out. The halos are just supposed to be a little addition to kind of identify'm as Saints, but I don't think the halo should stick out more than the people. That halo is so conspicuous you hardly notice the mother, & she's beautiful! It shouldn't really be so conspicuous, it really ought to be smaller, & frankly, I think it ought to be about as small as the one on the little child below.
       26. THE HALOS OUGHT TO FIT MORE AROUND THE CROWN OF THE HEAD, NOT RIGHT AROUND THE FOREHEAD BUT TOWARD THE BACK OF THE HEAD, & BE MORE LIKE A CROWN, only it's floating an inch or two above the head. So let's see if we can do that from now on. I didn't mention this before because they were all passable & we had so many to add I didn't want to have to ask you to change anything, but they've been getting bigger & bigger! I don't want them to get so big it looks like some kind of a hoop we're going to jump through! This is not a circus--some people may think it is--but the halo is a crown & it should sort of fit on the head or just above the head.
       27. WE'RE NOT HAVING HOOPS!--JUST CROWNS! I think the hoop rage is over. That was way way after my time, so I never got into that, but my kids did, & they were pretty good at it! I tried it, you know me, I always try things, but I wasn't too good at it. But I was a real expert at the yo-yo, that came in in my day when I was in junior high school, as well as the bones, two little clapsticks that you held between your fingers like chopsticks, only you clapped them together. They were each about 8 inches long & you held them almost exactly like you do chopsticks & you just clattered them together in time to the music. It was a very simple, cheap little thing, you could make your own, & was very popular for awhile.--Any little craze for the poor crazy kids to do something different for a change! The yo-yo was quite a thing, it came from Japan or Korea or somewhere in the East. That's why it has such a funny name, yo-yo!
       28. I WAS PRETTY GOOD AT THAT & I USED TO MAKE THE CLAPSTICKS FOR THE KIDS! You know me, I would make anything that would sell! I never realised I was such an entrepreneur! But those were hard times, bad days, & there wasn't much money. Even in our best days I only got 25 cents a week allowance, & that wasn't near enough to pay for all the things I wanted!--Cameras & motors & motion picture projectors & all kinds of things! I used to just earn'm, work for'm, & I won several prizes at being the best salesman for a product. I won my movie machine as a prize for selling Watkins Products door-to-door with a suitcase full of samples.
       29. WELL, BROTHER, YOU'RE GOING TO WIN THE PRIZE FOR BEING THE BEST HALOER, THE BEST HATTER! So from now on we may have to call you the Mad Hatter because you're madly changing hats! You're sure getting them to have better fits now, because when they didn't, they gave me fits!

       30. THERE'S ONLY ONE PROBLEM WITH GETTING THESE PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS FINISHED PRODUCTS, THE MORE PERFECT THEY GET, THE MORE THE TINY LITTLE FLAWS STAND OUT! You wouldn't believe it, but I go over it, I really comb it, I look at everything on it & see if there's anything about it that looks peculiar or out of shape or wrong, & you know how many things I've already found! This time it's the guitar, the strings don't cross the holes! Somebody who plays the guitar is bound to notice that.--And that sparkle on top of it looks like snow!
       31. LET'S NOT GO OVERBOARD ON SPARKLES! I can understand sparkles on domes & buildings & glass & maybe even halos & fairies & a wine cup, dishes, water & things like that, but not when it comes to putting sparkles on hair & bushes & grass! I can imagine if the grass had a little dew on it, it would sparkle, but not that big a sparkle! You're going a little overboard. You've got'm hanging up in the trees & everywhere! I suppose you wanted to make it look more Heavenly, but a sparkle has to have a cause to get such an effect! What is it that's sparkling? It's usually only crystalline things & water & shiny things that sparkle. You'd have done better to put some of those big sparkles on those UFOs or something. Even the people or the halos could sparkle, but it's just a little too much to have big bright white sparkles up in the trees & on the grass & the bushes!
       32. I LIKE SPARKLES WHERE THEY BELONG, ON THE THINGS THAT THEY BELONG ON, THINGS THAT NATURALLY, NORMALLY WOULD SPARKLE! Things are not going to be that much different Over There. Although they are amazing & marvellous, they will have certain of God's natural, normal, physical qualities. The laws of physics are still more or less in operation, including, it seems, gravity, except that we will know how to nullify it somehow.--Either that or we'll be light when we want to be or something. Every time I swim, I always think about that, 'cause it's so much like flying! You really are flying in the water, the only time on Earth you're weightless.
       33. I THINK THE LITTLE GIRL SLURPING AWAY IS OKAY! If you've ever eaten a real good pear you know how slurpy & juicy they are! So that's perfectly normal, it looks like action! Somebody complained about that & said, "Shouldn't we have the little girl look a little more normal, not sticking her tongue out" blah blah. She's licking her lips, she enjoys it!
       34. --AND SHOULDN'T THE GUITAR HAVE SIX STRINGS? Most guitars have six strings unless it's a 12-string, & there's not room on this for 12 strings. I keep looking it over & looking it over. I've studied this picture enough times, good night!--When it first came out in black-&-white & several times since then! By this time I've memorised it! I'll bet I could almost sit down & draw the thing! It wouldn't look as pretty as this, but I would know where everything's at & what's going on!

       35. "PARADISE" IS GETTING SO GORGEOUS & THE UPPER PICTURES ARE BEGINNING TO LOOK SO GOOD, IT'S BEGINNING TO MAKE THE ORIGINAL DRAWING OF THE COUPLE LOOK BAD BY COMPARISON! Now don't get scared! There's only one little line that I'm worried about. I know kids ask questions like this: "What is that black spot, Daddy? What's that big black spot on his shoulder?" Or "What's that big black line on her chin?"--Well, what is it? It really looks strange! It certainly shouldn't be that heavy. I thought I'd better give it a last look. Everything is beautiful but I looked at that & thought, boy, they're sure going to think, "What is that funny black line on her chin?" Otherwise she's beautiful & he's beautiful now & everybody & everything is beautiful, in fact it's getting to where your lion & child on top are so beautiful that they're outshining the couple, & the definition is so good! Of course the original sketch suffered by enlargement, & some of these details are coming out now that we didn't notice before.

       LION PAWS!
       36. I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO DOCTOR UP THAT LION'S PAWS ON "HOME SWEET HOME" A LITTLE. You know, lions have paws like cats. Why don't you take a look at a cat's paws, they're exactly the same as a lion's, only they're smaller. They do have claws, & sort of the fingers of the claws. The claws don't really show unless they get angry & somehow they can push'm out, otherwise they sort of look like fingers of hands. Take a look at your other lion on "Paradise", they're not very distinguished there either. This poor lion, the beautiful one you put on the rock, is somewhat maimed! His two middle claws have grown together. He needs another little tiny black line, because they have four "fingers" on each foot, if you want to call them that, because they're not all claw. The actual claw part is like long fingernails that stick out. I don't know what science calls them or the zoo-keepers, but anyhow, go look at your cats if you can get close enough to them!

       37. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT GIRL IN THE FRONT NEEDS? Her body looks gorgeous, it looks practically perfect to me as far as I can see. I wish we could see more, but we can't show more on the streets. But she has that big mass of brown hair & nothing to decorate it. She's not wearing ear rings, we wouldn't necessarily expect that There, although it's possible, but I always liked that Spanish & Oriental custom of flowers in the hair. I think a girl looks twice as beautiful when she has a flower! I think flowers are practically made for girls' hair, & I drew a nice big white gardenia right above her ear that stretches almost from her ear to the top of her head.
       38. I USED TO ALWAYS BUY GARDENIAS FOR MY GIRLFRIENDS WHEN I WAS DATING IN CALIFORNIA, WHERE THEY HAD LOTS OF THEM, & IT WAS A VERY POPULAR FLOWER. I loved'm because they have such a strong exotic fragrance. They're not only beautiful white flowers, but they have a strong, beautiful loving fragrance. I also bought'm because they were the cheapest corsage you could buy. Gardenias are sort of a round shape with petals, even the petals are not very pointed. Come to think of it, the petals of a gardenia are heart-shaped, with the points pointing outward, but heart-shaped. In other words, the points are not sharp, but rather are rounded like little fat hearts! I think they have about six of them in the outer circle & then they have some more smaller ones in an inner circle. Wouldn't that look pretty on her ear? It would kind of liven up that big mass of hair.

       39. THIS PICTURE IS SO BEAUTIFUL NOW WITH THAT SKYLINE & ALL, that unless we go to the trouble of explaining what that big diagonal is, people are not going to know it's supposed to be the City wall. In my original drawing I was really doing sort of a flat blueprint-type of drawing, & you gave it depth & perspective so it wasn't just a flat-faced drawing. And that was okay then since we were supposed to be looking flat at it. But now with that perspective, the wall would normally be going along in front of the garden toward the left & disappearing in the distance, but here I don't think it would be understood by most people.
       40. IF YOU WERE WALKING DOWN THE STREET & YOU SAW THIS PICTURE, WOULDN'T YOU THINK, "WHAT IS THAT?"--Unless we go to all the trouble of explaining what it is. Do you think it would be too much trouble to erase that line? It does look pretty on the original in gold, but it's still a little difficult to understand.
       41. IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'VE BEEN POLE VAULTING, LIKE THE POLE IS JUST LEAVING HIS HAND! You know, that was one of my favourite sports! I used to enjoy single sports. He's going to have a kind of hard landing, but nevertheless, that is what it looks like & I wouldn't be surprised that's what they're going to think. But if it's going to be too difficult, then let'm think he's pole vaulting! We could at least take it off the black-&-white. I just can't see any use for it any more. I'm sorry, it's my fault, I put it there, that's my drawing--except you made it beautiful--so I just don't know what to do with it! I seriously considered cutting off the corner of the picture! Could you put a string of flyers up there & have that as a vapour trail of a UFO going skyward? It seems like the best thing to do would be to just eliminate it & just continue the blue sky & the clouds.
       42. THIS POSTER HAS GOTTEN BEYOND THAT, it's gotten so beautiful & looks so normal & natural, the wall just looks out of place now. In other words, now the wall is there but you don't even see it! The garden is out there along the edge & you're looking out over the landscape. I think we've just got to do something about it or show some excuse for its existence, otherwise everything else is gorgeous!

       43. I'VE BEEN LOOKING OVER THE LATEST PRINTED SAMPLES & IT MAKES ME WANT TO GET OUT & HIT THE STREET! Boy, would I love to get out with these! I'll tell you, if these don't go over...well, it's just impossible for them not to go over! It's impossible for God to fail & I think it's impossible for these Posters to fail!
       44. WE SAID WE WANTED THEM TO TELL US WHICH ONES THEY THOUGHT THEY LIKED THE BEST, so one Home put all the black-&-whites up on a wall, & guess what was their choice? They'd only received the equivalent of the first four, & guess which one they liked best out of the Heaven on Earth Combo, the Old Heaven Poster, the City upstairs & Mill Lake?--Mill Lake! They said, "We really like the big pictures best rather than the collages or combinations!" Well, I knew they would, but anyhow, we sent'm to'm & that way they can see the difference & see why the big pictures really are going to be a wow!
       45. AREN'T THEY GORGEOUS? THEY'RE JUST DELICIOUS, THEY ALMOST MAKE YOU DROOL! I know if I'd have been a little boy like I used to sell stuff, I could have gotten out on the streets with these & sold'm like hotcakes! And they're going to like the big ones, I knew they'd like them best! Anyhow, they've got a big variety, they've got their choice, but I'll bet you they're going to come back & tell us that the big pictures are what really go! The other smaller combos & combinations are more or less almost like teaching material & would be good class material for personal contacts etc., almost like study.

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