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PETER PAN, WALT DISNEY!       DO 2078       1/85

       1. SOME PICTURES OF SATAN SHOW HIM AS HALF HAIRY GOAT & HALF-MAN, & THEN HE'S CALLED A SATYR. You've seen pictures of these satyrs in Greek mythology, he usually has horns, & sometimes he's called by the Greeks the great god Pan. Maybe that's where they got the idea for Peter Pan!
       2. IT'S AMAZING HOW FAR AFIELD DEAR WALT DISNEY GOT IN SOME OF HIS STUFF! Sometimes I think some of it was made just to distract children from the Truth & take their minds off of reality. I think that's why a lot of these fairy-tale books were written in their day, Hans Christian Andersen & the Brothers Grimm, & they were really grim too, I'll tell you, gruesome & gory! They were horrible! They were horror stories! Hans Christian Andersen was a little bit better, but the Grimm Brothers, they were awful! I'm sure the adults enjoyed reading them as much as they did reading them to their children, of all things, instead of the Bible & Bible stories. Thank God we have given our children plenty of lit to read, good literature, positive literature, true literature, about the Bible & many true things & true events & true experiences etc., to dwell on good things instead of these bad silly things!
       3. SOMEBODY BROUGHT US THE CARTOON MOVIE "PETER PAN" & thought I was interested in it because I gave the children a video of a ballet of the story of Peter Pan. But the ballet was beautiful by comparison! They couldn't get too much imagination into the ballet, they had the various characters dancing & singing & it was kind of pretty. Our children love to dance & I thought of course they would enjoy it as a little something different. But the next thing that happened, somebody plunked down the "Peter Pan" video & of course the kids wanted to see it.--In fact, David may have seen it before, he knew the story pretty well. Had you read it in a comic or something? We thought maybe he'd gone to the cinema with you to see it. Was it "Fantasia" you went to see? Well, that was beautiful & it was good classical music, but some of it was horror stories & some was just downright silly.
       4. I THINK WALT DISNEY HAS PROBABLY DONE THE WORLD MORE HARM & CHILDREN MORE HARM THAN HE'S DONE'M GOOD! Sorry, but that's the way I feel about Walt Disney. Three of the greatest childrens' "Heavens on Earth" are authored originally by Walt Disney: Disneyland in California--which is, by the way, again in Orange County, Santa Ana--then there is Disney World in Florida, & now a new Disneyland outside of Tokyo. It's supposed to be the supreme entertainment for children, sort of man's idea of an earthly Heaven for children, & I'll confess they were very interesting, we went several times. One of my Mother's favourite pastimes in her 80's was going to Disneyland! She wasn't senile either, she just was always a kid at heart, like me, I guess. She would even go on some of the rides that weren't too scary, the slow trains & the boat ride & stuff like that, she loved Disneyland!
       5. BUT LOOK AT THE KIND OF GODS DISNEYLAND HAS & THE GOD OF DISNEYLAND WHO'S CELEBRATING HIS 50TH BIRTHDAY NOW, I UNDERSTAND, DONALD DUCK! I think Mickey Mouse celebrated his already, he was the first one, some of these silly ridiculous characters with tales--they both have tails, by the way--but with tales about them with no real purpose or meaning or moral! Even Aesop's Fables have morals, but most of Disney's cartoons were just silly ridiculous stories full of violence with no real moral. They usually had a happy ending for the hero, whether it was Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck & later several other characters, but nothing that really taught any kind of moral or good lesson to children. Of course, they're amusing, sometimes funny, but mostly just plain silly, ridiculous, unreal & strictly, purely amusement, which is a good old Latin word meaning "away from thinking".--Amusement, entertainment, to keep people from thinking about things they ought to be thinking about, such as God & the Bible & their future & their fate!
       6. THAT'S WHY SOME PEOPLE LISTEN TO HI-FIs SO LOUD, THEY WANT TO DROWN OUT THE VOICE OF GOD, the voice of conscience, the voice of memory, the voice of remorse! That's why the World drowns itself in pleasure & entertainment & amusement & silly movies & silly stories, to drown out the things they ought to be thinking about. They're the Devil's own distractions & diversions to keep you from thinking about the things you ought to be thinking about, from reading the things you ought to read, from studying or watching the things you ought to be studying or watching!
       7. I HATE TO DISILLUSION YOU CHILDREN, BUT I'M GOING TO HAVE TO, BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU GET AN ILLUSION WHICH IS WRONG: The only person in that thing called "Peter Pan" who was really right about Peter Pan was Captain Hook, when he said, "This boy is not human, he's a devil!" And if you just take a close look at Peter Pan's face most of the time or many times, you'll notice he's got the face of a little imp! A mischievous little imp is exactly what he is, & he is named after the devil-god Pan, Peter Pan.
       8. DON'T TELL ME WALT DISNEY WASN'T OFF THE TRACK, HE WAS ON SATAN'S TRACK, THAT'S FOR SURE! He's made a few good movies in which he portrayed some fairly good things, & that was mostly later in life when he began to portray real life & try to bring out morals to kids with real-life people, like a boy & his dog or different real-life human situations, trying to teach lessons. I think after so many years of drivel & slop & garbage to distract & amuse & entertain & destroy children, his conscience began to hurt him!--I'm sure it did as he began to get older & think about death & what good his life had been, what it'd been used for.
       9. GOD HAS WAYS OF WORKING ON PEOPLE & Disney may have realised that he hadn't really been saying anything, nothing worthwhile, not in any of that old junky trash that he composed.--And he made millions & millions on it! Sometimes you begin to think, well, that was his only motive, just to make money off of the destruction of children, the destruction of their morals, the destruction of their minds, the distraction of their spirits!--And making money probably was a large part of it. But later he did begin to make a few good movies & I even recommended a few of them for the children, stories about animals & real people, some actual true stories that had happy endings.
       10. NEARLY ALL STORIES HAVE TO PORTRAY BOTH GOOD & EVIL, I told you about that once upon a time talking about Sinbad the Sailor. (ML#1324) Every story has got to have its villain, its evil magician or its enemies. Our story has, hasn't it? God didn't leave that out of ours because that's the whole idea of the whole plot, every plot, the battle between good & evil. But the Bible stories & our stories deal with the Truth & true stories in which we, the good, are battling the evil, & the good always wins. You can't always say that about some of the Devil's stories.
       11. I NOTICE MORE & MORE IN MOVIES NOW THAT THE BAD PEOPLE ARE WINNING, THE EVIL SIDE IS VICTORIOUS, & THEY SEEM TO ALMOST BE GLAD OF IT, THEY ENJOY IT!--Where the criminals are the heroes & the good people are the villains. The Devil's really getting his message out! And of course now these so-called "music" videos, well, they are videos, but I certainly don't call'm music! I call'm Hell noise videos, pictures of Hell, pictures of demons, demonically, Sa-tanically-possessed, devil-possessed people! Just look at their faces, there's nothing pleasant or beautiful about them, they're ugly as sin itself & Satan himself. If you want to see a picture of the Devil, just look at some of those people!--Horrible!--Enough to frighten little children to whom they're being shown! Think of it! And all these horror cartoons & horror movies!
       12. EVEN IN THE UNITED STATES THEY USED TO SHOW'M AFTER MIDNIGHT SO THAT LITTLE KIDS WOULDN'T SEE'M, but now I understand they show'm all afternoon to entertain the children, horror movies all about witchcraft & demons & monsters & wizards & witches & all kinds of horrible things, supernatural. And even if the good guys win in the end, the Devil has plenty of chance to show his ugly face all the way through. It's enough to scare poor little kids to death! So I hope our Family kids never get to see any of those & that their parents shut'm off right away! They just convey the spirit of Satan!
       13. WALT DISNEY WAS ONE OF THE PIONEERS OF THAT FIELD.--SEE HOW THE DEVIL GETS HIS CAMEL'S NOSE IN? He first starts off just being funny & comical & silly & ridiculous, entertaining, amusing, but he's now finally getting around to giving forth his real message. All these characters that they're portraying now on the screen, most of them they got from the original colour comicbooks, & now they're going right onto the videos & right on TV so that the children can't miss it & get all this horror!
       14. EVEN IN A PARKING LOT OF A BIG SUPERMARKET IN FRANCE THEY HAD THE GREAT GOLDEN GIANT IMAGE GOLDORAK! And in another parking lot supermarket they had a gigantic gorilla or King Kong. And both Goldorak & King Kong, you could take a ride in their paws! They're almost getting back to Moloch! So far they're just raising the kids up & down in those two paws, what are they going to do one of these days, have the jaws open & swallow'm? Well, I think God's going to stop it before it gets that far, I hope so!
       15. BUT PETER PAN WAS NAMED AFTER THE GREEK GOD PAN & HE WAS HALF-GOAT, HALF-MAN, HAD HORNS & A TAIL & BLEW A PIPE. That's why you hear so much pipe music in these Pan movies & some of these weird movies etc., the flute is supposed to be one of the favourite instruments of Pan & the weird. You notice some of these weird Indians use flutes to charm snakes etc. Of course, the flute is just an instrument & it can play whatever kind of music you want to play on it. It can play beautiful music, our kind of music, & we have flutes in some of our music, beautiful music. But the pipes or flute was also considered the favourite instrument of Pan, & that's where they got the name.

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