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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

WORLD CURRENTS!--NO.25       DO 2085       Compiled 1/86

       1. People today are just as evil as they were in the days of the Roman arenas. They like to watch killing & death. They watch it on TV & movies all the time. It's only one more step & they'll be watching the real thing in the arenas, the stadiums!--Just like they watch them butcher each other in the fight rings.

       2. BOY, OH BOY, "THE SEA & WAVES ROARING!" THESE RIOTERS ARE READY TO GO TO BATTLE, they go prepared for battle! They work them up into a demonic fury!
       3. THE PEOPLE ARE EATING THIS UP! IT IS LIKE THE ARENA WITH THE GLADIATORS, only mass violence where they can see all these scenes where people are committing mayhem & murder, hand-to-hand war, just like in the old-fashioned days! Boy, it's horrible!
       4. THE [EDITED: "ACs"] DON'T LIKE JAPAN, they're trying to do Japan damage too. These riots & all this publicity about them are bound to hurt their image & their tourist trade.

       NEWS & THE ACs!
       5. WHO DO THE [EDITED: "ACs"] GIVE THE MOST VISIBILITY TO? They seem to always side with the wrong side. They like rioters, because the rioters help make violence which helps make news! The newsmen even encourage it.
       6. DO YOU KNOW WHY I THINK THE [EDITED: "AC"] MEDIA PLAYS UP THESE FAMINES & STARVING CHILDREN?--To put the blame on God! In other words, "We are the people who are more merciful than God!" Every time you hear of one of those disasters, that's the question that they want to put in people's minds, of course. That's the thing they're bringing up, it's anti-God propaganda!

       7. Japan is a very important field & we haven't even begun to plumb its resources & potential & possibilities! It is the Land of the Rising Sun!

       8. The U.S. could solve all the problems there in Nicaragua just by helping the poor people, but they'd rather spend millions more to put their own government in Nicaragua.

       U.S. & NICARAGUA!
       9. Boy, if that isn't pulling a little kid trick, for the U.S. to withdraw from the World Court because they got licked in their case against Nicaragua! It's like, "You won't let me have my way, so I'm going to go on home!" Nicaragua is winning against the U.S., the U.S. is losing its case. So the U.S. is advertising its withdrawal from the World Court & saying that the World Court doesn't have any jurisdiction in this case.--Joke!--Just because they don't like the way it's going. Nicaragua has all the evidence & the proof & is really winning the case!

       10. Guatemala elected a Communist president, so the U.S. forcibly invaded Guatemala in the 1950s & overthrew him & put in their own choice, & they've been under a tough military rule installed by the U.S. ever since. The U.S. crimes in Latin America are innumerable!


       U.S. & ISRAEL [DELETED]
       12. The U.S. & Israel is absolutely nothing but a Jewish alliance, they have now become two Jewish states!

       13. I told you the time would come when they'd say "Ban the Bible" as an anti-Semitic book! Of course, they want to get public sympathy first. Probably the idea of the Bible being anti-Semitic is not enough to turn the public, but the idea of smearing it as a "dirty book" is apt to influence the unknowledgeable anti-Christ public. It's coming! I'm really surprised they haven't already attacked it as being anti-Semitic because they've already got the laws to ban any anti-Semitic literature.

       14. Gorbachev offers solutions & the U.S. keeps bringing up problems!

       15. Gorbachev must have had Christian parents or they would have been very unlikely to name him Michael, a Christian Biblical name. Of course, it's also a Jewish Biblical name, so they could have been Jews!

       16. The IMF & the World Bank & all the World's [EDITED: "AC"] financial leaders were gathered together in Seoul at a monetary conference.--In other words, the great conspiracy to run the World by the [EDITED: "ACs"]. The U.S. Finance Minister made a big soft-soap speech that they're going to try to help the poor nations, in order to try to tone down the Third World nations' furor over the World Bank/IMF shenanigans, to try to get them to shut up about all their complaints, that's what it amounts to. In return for these loans from the [EDITED: "ACs'"] banks, the debtor countries would have to let the ACs run them, the same old story, nothing new at all!

       17. You know, that could have been a big ruse! There was an emergency finance meeting of all the Finance Ministers of all the top countries about the Dollar, & they came out with the announcement that the governments were going to intervene & bring the Dollar down. What if they knew the Dollar was coming down & they just didn't want the people to get scared, but rather to think that their governments engineered it? I wouldn't be a bit surprised, they're such liars! That would be the way to keep the people from getting panic-stricken, you know, to think, "Oh, the governments have everything under control & they're bringing it down. It's all under regulation, under control." They probably knew it was coming down anyhow! The Dollar is plummeting & the governments are trying to take credit for it!

       18. Talk about emotional propaganda, the [EDITED: "ACs"] are masters of it, like this media barrage vs. South Africa! It is enough to make the ignorant want to get up & fight & it makes the intelligent want to fight them!

       19. Isn't that something, the South African nations couldn't even exist without South Africa's help! The [EDITED: "ACs"] say they're terrorising the other African nations. Boy, oh boy, that's what I call biting the hand that feeds them!

       20. THE JEWS ARE MAKING SUCH A BIG THING OVER THE TERRIBLE PLIGHT OF THE BLACKS IN SOUTH AFRICA when they're doing just the same & worse to the Arabs right in Israel!

       22. He had Heavenly ideas, Millennial ideas! He was suggesting that if the U.S. & Russia would work together & share their energy that they could solve all their problems.

       23. (Prays:) Lord, You could have one of our people find Prince Charles & give him some appropriate literature, because evidently he's hungry & seeking, in Jesus' name! Both Mama & Hope have had dreams about him recently, so it seems he must be reaching out to us in the spirit.

       24. Can you imagine, a guy who was literally insane, Picasso, painted all this gruesome, ugly, nightmarish so-called art, & the whole World is going crazy & raving about it! They have a whole big museum in Paris devoted just to Picasso, 200 horrible paintings by Picasso. The man was insane, absolutely insane! It's virtually recognised that the guy was insane, but that's what the World recognises, insanity. What they worship today is insanity--insane music, insane war, insane psychiatrists such as Nietzsche & Freud! They literally worship insanity!

       25. IT'S A GOOD THING I PUBLICISED MY AFFAIRS IN ADVANCE, MY SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS & SHENNANIGANS, so there was no scandal as far as our own Family was concerned. They knew all about it, I told them everything, therefore they didn't desert. Only the System was horrified!
       26. I LEARNED A LITTLE SOMETHING FROM PAST HISTORY OF OTHER RELIGIOUS LEADERS WHO TRY TO KEEP THEIR AFFAIRS SECRET. Then when they came out in public, their own followers were shocked & scandalised & deserted them! My followers have known my every move ever since the beginning, & they like it! They're all the more loyal! The more scandalous I am the better they like it! Only the System is horrified & we couldn't care less! They hate the System anyhow.
       27. IT'S THE HYPOCRISY OF THESE GUYS TRYING TO HIDE THEIR AFFAIRS THAT FINALLY GETS'M! If they'd been open & honest about it & treated the girl right, the public would have probably applauded them. It might have nixed their chances for high public office with the System, but the public would have loved them. But what the public hates is their hypocrisy & trying to hide their scandals!

       28. Lord Jesus, help that poor man & help him to really be happy in You because his spirit is free, his heart is free & his mind is free. Even when his body is in prison, he is free from sin & free from Hell & he is bound for Heaven, Lord, so he'll be able to tell many other people about You, Jesus, so they can be saved too & go to Heaven. Thank You Lord, for that beautiful old coloured lady that told him about Jesus, in Jesus' name. Amen!--Amen?

       29. There must be a real rapport between animal trainers & the animals, because you can't fool animals, it is not acting, it is the real thing! They must really respect their trainers.

       30. I really believe there is something good about Lionel Richie, the musician/ singer. I really feel it. There is something good about him. Maybe he was a preacher's kid or something.

       (After receiving a video of the new "Battlestar Galactica" series:)
       31. "AS YOU NOW ARE, WE ONCE WERE. AS WE ARE NOW, YOU WILL SOME DAY BE!" It's a direct quote from Mormonism in this Battlestar Galactica! I told you that whole thing smacked of Mormonism. Their chief prophet is Adam, they almost worship him.
       32. IT'S VERY CLEVER! They've been carrying this thing on for years as a space story etc. & now they're coming out right in the open.
       33. IT'S JUST LIKE THE PRODUCERS OF "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" HAVE DECIDED THEY WANT TO TRY TO DRAMATISE THEIR IDEA OF HEAVEN & Angels & helping the Earth & all that sort of thing like we did in our Story. The Mormons are doing the same thing in this series, God bless'm! This is about the only series we've seen where they pray & talk so much about the Lord. God bless the Mormons!
       34. IF YOU COULD EVER PUT SPIRITUAL THINGS INTO SCIENTIFIC LANGUAGE, PEOPLE WOULD RECEIVE IT! I think I mentioned that clear back years ago about the flying saucers & the Flying Saucer Association & the saucer watches etc. I told you all the time they were spiritual, but by making them sound like they were scientific, people would receive it.
       35. "SPIRITUAL" TO MOST PEOPLE MEANS "RELIGIOUS" & THEY DON'T LIKE RELIGION. They're ashamed of being religious. But oh, it's great to be scientific! So here they're in a sense putting a spiritual story, what amounts to really a religious story, into scientific terms & reasoning & with spaceships & spacemen & all this kind of thing. I even called the Angels spacemen in my "Space Story", remember?
       36. THESE IRRELIGIOUS, ANTI-RELIGIOUS PEOPLE TODAY DON'T WANT TO RECEIVE ANGELS OR RELIGION OR SPIRITUAL THINGS OR GOD so the Mormons create a character who is really like God & call him Adama, & these spacemen, & the whole thing is a take-off from the spiritual. But by making it sound scientific, people will receive it. They won't believe God or the Bible or religion or spiritual things, but "Oh, science! Oh-what-a-goose-I-am!", they bow down & worship!
       37. SCIENCE IS THE SACRED COW, AS THEY SAY, THAT PEOPLE WORSHIP. They're not willing to worship God & believe the Bible, but they worship the scientists & believe them, every word they say. Even their spaceship looks like the one I've got in my Story!

       38. The Americans are warmongers, thanking the soldiers for killing millions so the Americans can stay rich!

       39. As far as the Americans are concerned, I think they think the developing countries can go to Hell! They're all for themselves first, & the rest of the World can go to Hell as far as they're concerned! "Let the poor die to keep us Americans rich!"--That's the U.S. attitude!

       40. The Christians love those big meetings, it's almost like personality worship of the evangelists.

       41. They used to get us to eat our food, by telling us we could have dessert if we ate it all, or we couldn't have any dessert if we didn't eat it all! (Maria: Oh, I remember, that's what my parents used to do too!) So we were probably doubly stuffed! We'd cram all of it down to make sure we got to eat some dessert on top of it! It's amazing I didn't get fat then, I guess I just ran it off. I was so active & worked so hard & played so hard & often didn't get enough sleep.

       42. They have all these criticisms of the 21st chapter of Revelation, of the Holy City, saying it's impossible, blah, blah. They have these questions about where they are going to get enough diamonds for walls 6000 miles long & all those jewels. Science now thinks that the crust of some of these planets, like Uranus, could be a solid layer of diamonds. (Maria: And other planets could contain other jewels?)--Yes! They're saying that it's quite possible there could be whole planets almost composed of precious gems! So the fact that the wall of Space City has so many precious jewels in it is not all that incredible.


       43. It's amazing how much hangs on our faith to believe without seeing! The Lord seems to put a special emphasis on that. In fact, that's what it's all about, believing without seeing.--Believing His Word, in other words. He seems to especially honour that & that seems to be the whole thing, what it is all about, that He wants us to believe His Word no matter what, whether we see or not, or whether we understand or not, just to believe. Unwavering, unshakable faith, that's what He honours!
       44. Boy, are these people going to get a surprise that don't believe that the Comets are signs, & who say they don't believe that stuff anymore, that, "It's just a dirty snowball, it's just natural, it doesn't mean a thing!" Well, I hope they find out what it means! Those people don't even deserve a warning. "They were building & were marrying & giving in marriage until the flood came & swept them all away." (Mt.24:38-39)
       45. These [DELETED] [EDITED: "unbelievers"]! Wow! That was their greatest sin, they refused to believe. They "do always resist the Holy Ghost," which is the unpardonable sin. (Mat.12:31-32) It says it won't be forgiven them either in this World or even in the next World, which shows there is some kind of forgiveness in the next World, of those who never heard, therefore they never disbelieved.--They never heard, so how could they believe?
       46. So their sins are going to be forgiven them in the next World, but the sins of the [DELETED] unbelievers who have heard & refused to believe, they're not going to be forgiven!

       47. IT WAS GENERALLY THOUGHT THAT ROBERT KENNEDY WAS A GOOD MAN, NOT QUITE AS AMBITIOUS AS HIS BROTHER. I've always had the impression he was not as much a politician, not just out for votes. He impressed you as being a more genuinely sincere man with real convictions & not just giving political speeches for votes. He was much more shy than John, his brother, who was President for awhile until he got shot, & he wasn't as good a speaker as John Kennedy. He always sort of dwelt in the shadow of his big brother, the assassinated President, & was more known, in other words, as being the President's brother than on his own.
       48. BUT I ALWAYS HAD THAT FEELING ABOUT HIM BECAUSE HE WAS RATHER SHY & TIMID LIKE ME, BUT WITH REAL CONVICTION! In some ways he was more honest & sincere than John about what he believed & what he spoke for. He wasn't the flamboyant, dashing type of macho-man that his brother was. So maybe he was a good man. He had a pretty good reputation of being a pretty good man. (Maria: It looks like he liked family life & loved children.) He especially had a reputation of being honest & speaking the truth in his own mind even when it hurt him. Some people accused John of just doing whatever was politically good for him, but most seemed to agree that Robert wouldn't compromise his principles just for political gain. He stuck to unpopular causes that he believed in. Well, they both know all the facts now!

       49. You know, long ago they talked about the subliminal effects of music sound on TV, images, etc., how they can manipulate you psychologically, secretly, without it even being known to you.--Like the flashes of those [EDITED: "six-pointed"] stars between commercials in Franco Spain & stuff like that! They give you flashes of things so that the censors can hardly see it themselves, so that you can hardly tell what it is, you're not sure.

       50. (Maria: I guess the Crash doesn't show as much because people have a lot more materially today, it's not so obvious right away.) Well, it'll show, it'll start showing. They never began to really wake up until the Crash of October 1929. They never really began to wake up until they woke up that Monday morning & everybody started selling like mad! It is starting! Of course, it started a long time ago, but the final effects are beginning to occur.

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