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TURN ON & TUNE IN!        DO 2087       1/86--Lesson on Prayer & Spiritual Receptivity!

       (After Prayer for Dad:)
       1. I'M GLAD THE LORD LET ME COME BACK TO LIFE & GIVE YOU THIS LITTLE TALK, BECAUSE AS YOU NOTICE, IT'S A LITTLE HARD TO GET THROUGH TO YOU GUYS FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD! We're trying to bring out a lot of things about the spirit & why prayer & meditation & getting alone with the Lord & quiet & really dealing directly with the Lord is very necessary, because it's kind of hard to get through to you otherwise when your minds are all filled with the events of the day. I guess that's why the Lord gave me so many dreams, He just couldn't get through to me any other way a lot of times. But He did give me a lot of things also when I wasn't asleep. TTL! But it seems like about the only way He can get through to some of us is when we're sleeping. Even then it's sort of on the borderline, twilight, sort of like one foot in Heaven. You still have to have one foot on the ground in order to transmit.
       2. IN THE EARLY DAYS OF RADIO, TO HAVE A REAL GOOD RADIO & GOOD ANTENNA & GOOD RECEPTION, IT NEEDED TO BE GROUNDED. I know they have a lot now that don't need to be grounded, but when I was a little kid & all we had were those little crystal sets, a good ground was important. A little crystal was only about the size of my thumbnail. All the power it had was embedded in that crystal, except for the antenna, & that was very important, & a very good ground so you could complete the circuit for that radio wave. The weaker the crystal, the stronger the antenna had to be & the better the ground. Usually we ran a wire from the radio to a water pipe somewhere & I had to put up many a 50-foot antenna on top of trees. Usually I'd climb one tree & hook it up on the top of that tree, & climb the other tree & hook the other end to the top of that tree.
       3. BUT IT WOULD PULL'M IN & I GOT THE STATIONS, SOME OF THE EARLY STATIONS BROADCASTING IN THOSE DAYS. In the earliest days the stations had to go on the air & start broadcasting or nobody would buy a radio! At first there were only two stations in the whole World, what they called public radio stations! One was KDK Pittsburgh & the other was WLW Cincinnati. They had to start broadcasting when people didn't even have radios. Just like in the early days of television, nobody would buy a TV set unless the stations were on the air! They had to go on the air before people would go out & buy televisions! So that's the way it was in the earliest days.
       4. IN ORDER TO GET REAL GOOD RECEPTION IN THOSE DAYS WHEN THE POWER OF THE RADIO ITSELF WAS SO WEAK, in fact, almost no power--maybe you feel like that sometimes--well, that's when you've got to really stick up your antenna, & you can do that in prayer. And then you've got to have a real good ground! If I had a Bible I could put my foot on it to illustrate what I'm talking about! You've got to be grounded in the Word & you've got to have an antenna up as high as you can get it to get good reception! PTL! My finger I'm holding up here really is not an antenna, it is in a way, but I'm just illustrating what I'm talking about!
       5. IN A WAY, REALLY, YOUR SPIRIT IS YOUR ANTENNA, BECAUSE IT IS SPIRITUALLY SENSITIVE. And it receives these impulses just like radio waves, receives these impressions & impulses that you have, that you feel in the spirit. God has just made the rules that way, that that's the way you have to play! And you get these things in the spirit when you're quiet or alone or most spiritually sensitive or asleep, somehow. It seems like your spiritual antenna can then go up a little higher & get a little better reception.
       6. BUT IN THOSE DAYS, A RADIO NOT ONLY HAD TO HAVE AN ANTENNA WAY UP AS HIGH AS YOU COULD GET IT, BUT IT HAD TO HAVE A GOOD GROUND, BE GROUNDED! And that's true of your spirit too, you've got to have your antenna up & you've gotta have a good ground in the Word! That's the foundation! PTL? I never thought about that so much before, it just came to me. That's something the Lord just gave me, but it's so true!
       7. WHEN YOU'RE IN PRAYER YOUR SPIRIT IS SEEKING THE LORD. In a sense your spirit comes out & up & reaches out for the Lord. Right? Most of these antennas on radios nowadays you can tuck'm away, you just fold them back. Where's that thing I used to use for a pointer? The kids always like these illustrations because they remember what they see better. They make antennas out of these things, but this thing looks like it was made to be a pointer. They fold up easy, & you can hide'm away. But when you go to praying, the minute you start thinking about the Lord & get spiritually sensitive, your little spiritual antenna goes up! So that you can get your signals a lot better that way. They even call them "signals" that you get on a radio. And you get your antenna up & then you're going to get your signals straight & you won't get so much interference & static if you've really got spiritual contact. PTL?
       8. BUT YOU'VE GOT TO GET YOUR ANTENNA UP & YOU'VE GOTTA PUT YOUR FOOT ON THE WORD! Got a Bible I can put my foot on? You'll never forget this picture! I'll never forget the first time I ever saw anybody do that. My Mother was almost superstitious about Bibles on the floor or the ground. She said, "The Bible says not to let one word fall to the ground!" But then there was that little Jewish boy--I never realised till years later that that's what he was--& he'd never been to church before. But he was a little neighbour boy & I worked on him because we were trying to get a class banner for having the most growth, what class grew the most. When I first got my Sunday school class we only had about 3 guys in it & I wanted to grow real fast, so we got up to about a dozen before I was through. But I'd get'm wherever I could get'm. Kids that were about David's age, the 9 & 10-year olds. They were already beginning to act like teenagers & be kind of independent, & in America they were very rowdy, not as good as our kids.
       9. AND THIS LITTLE JEWISH BOY, I REMEMBER WE GOT TO SUNDAY SCHOOL & HE'D NEVER SEEN THE INSIDE OF A CHURCH BEFORE, he didn't know what they did or what he was supposed to do. So I said, "Well, you just stick close to me & I'll show you." And they got to singing that song, "Standing on the Promises", & he thought that was really quite a song!--"Standing on the Promises". And then I had to explain to him what it meant. I said it's like you're grounded in the Word of God, you put your feet firmly on His Word. "Oh," he said, "you mean like this?"--And he threw the Bible down & he stood on it with both feet & he tried to sing that song. "Standing on the Promises!" And he was standing there on his Bible, on the floor, to my horror! But he was illustrating it! I'll bet none of the boys in that class ever forgot that!
       10. SO YOU SEE, IF I GIVE YOU A MENTAL PICTURE YOU'LL REMEMBER IT BETTER! And you'd better have both feet on the Bible, both feet on the Word of God & stretch your antenna up so that you can really be spiritually sensitive, & you know you can do these things because you read it in the Bible or in His Word somewhere, & therefore you know He'll do what He promised to do. You have to be in the right position--spiritually, that is. It hasn't got much to do with the position of your body, whether you're standing up, kneeling down, sitting down, lying down or walking around or working in the kitchen! That's one place you really have to do a lot of praying, because it's a dangerous room & it's a very important room.
       11. HE SAYS, "YOU OUGHT ALWAYS TO PRAY & NOT TO FAINT!" (Luk.18:1) It's too bad that we seem to sort of pull our antenna in like that when we get busy physically & we don't seem to have very much reception. In fact, I don't think you can even see that much of it sticking out hardly, if you're so busy workin' or playin' or talkin' or whatever you're doing so that you don't have your antenna sticking out at all!
       12. AND IF YOU'VE EVER NOTICED, IF YOU'VE GOT ONE OF THOSE LITTLE RADIOS & YOU'RE TRYING TO GET A STATION FAR AWAY, LIKE BBC, IF YOU DON'T PULL OUT THE ANTENNA YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING! So you've really got to pull that antenna out, don't you? You've really got to pull it out where it sticks way up there & really can get a nice loud clear signal. Because that radio signal has to bounce back & forth between the Earth & the Heaviside layer clear halfway around the World till it finally gets to your antenna! So you've got to have a pretty good antenna to get stations that are a long ways away.
       13. WELL, AS YOU CAN SEE NOW BY THE MOON, OUR STATION'S NOT SO FAR AWAY ANY MORE! But you'd still better have a pretty good sensitive antenna sticking up. It's a funny thing about the antenna, you can't let it be grounded anywhere, it has to be grounded only through the radio so that it directs those electrical impulses through your radio & through your earphones. We used to always use earphones in the early days. The crystal set especially didn't have enough power to drive any speaker, so your antenna had to be really good, way up high, sensitive, 50 feet of uninsulated copper wire!--And then another copper wire from the base of the set down to a water pipe, a good ground.
       14. SO IF YOU WANT TO GET GOOD CONTACT WITH ME AFTER I'M GONE OR WITH THE LORD RIGHT NOW, THEN GET YOUR ANTENNA UP! It also usually had to be kind of quiet if you're a real radio ham. You have to be able to hear the tiniest little sounds & be quiet. You really have to concentrate & you really have to turn that dial slowly or you might miss something. You've really got to turn it very very slowly because a lot of times there are a lot of stations in there & you might miss one. Turn the dial real slow. That's what's called tuning!
       15. SO IN ORDER TO GET IN TUNE WITH THE LORD YOU'VE GOT TO REALLY TURN THAT DIAL SLOWLY. This is just a little illustration that came to me. You'll probably never forget this, me sitting up here making a fool of myself with this antenna on my head like one of the little green men from Mars! They sort of had to junk all those stories now because they sent a satellite up to Mars & found out there's nobody on it!--Maybe. Of course they couldn't see the spirits. God only knows what some of these planets are for & what their purposes are besides being astrological bodies. Some of those planets may be loaded already, but not with the kind of life that man's looking for!
       16. SO BE SURE YOU GET YOUR ANTENNA UP & BOTH FEET ON THE WORD WHEN YOU PRAY, & then don't forget...I don't have any knobs to tune here, I see a couple of pretty ones I'd like to turn! Come here, Honey. You'll never forget this! (Demonstrates on one of the girls:) And then be sure you've got your knobs turned & tuned right! Be sure you get these knobs turned until they're just right. The early radios had a whole bunch of knobs, 3 or 4, & you had to tune each one! Tune this one a little bit here & tune this one a little bit here & finally you get something! If I keep turning these knobs I know I'm going to get something! Mmmmmm-mmmm! Thank you, Sweetheart! You'll never forget that, will you! First preacher you ever saw do that, I'll bet!--With his feet on the Bible & an antenna sticking out of his head & turning a girl's knobs! That sort of turned you on, didn't it? (Girl: Yes!)
       17. SEE, YOU'VE GOTTA TURN IT ON, YOU'VE GOTTA TUNE IN, BUT IF YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH OF AN ANTENNA IT WON'T DO YOU MUCH GOOD.--Or if you don't have a good ground, if you're working with shortwave, it won't do you much good. So you've really gotta get that antenna up & be sure you've got your feet grounded in the Word & then be sure you tune in!
       18. I'M A RADIO NOW, THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A SKIT. Here we are. No matter how good your antenna is or even with both feet well grounded, you've got to get in tune. And that was one of the most important parts of our little crystal sets. I used everything from tennis ball cartons, those round cardboard cartons they put tennis balls in, I even used an old oatmeal box one time! But it was so big it was a little hard to get into with my crystal set. That was your coil, your tuning coil. Because you had to coil the wire all the way from one end to the other. I'm feeling better all the time! TTL! See, you're getting to watch the answer to your prayer!
       19. WE HAD TO HAVE THIS COIL OF WIRE AROUND FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER, & THIS WAS ATTACHED, AS I RECALL, TO THE TICKLER, which was a little thing like this. Here was the crystal & the little tickler wire was like this, & you tickled around on the crystal till you found a good strong spot where the power was good & strong. You know, I like to tickle'r till you get a good strong reaction! That's what you did with a crystal set! You kept feeling around there till you got a good strong reaction & that was the power.
       20. BUT THE TUNER WAS THIS COIL. We had to put a spring on the top of the thing & we had to use insulator wire for that so the wires wouldn't touch each other. But you just cleared one little strip across the top of the coil, you scraped off a little bit of insulation. We had all kinds of crazy ingenious ideas & ways to do it. But usually I would use a little spring, one end of the spring was attached to the tickler wire, & the other was attached to the coil. And then I had a little ball or a bead or something like that which I'd put on the spring to slide it along the top of that coil so that it would tune the radio to the wavelength of the broadcasting station, depending on where you had that thing on the coil. Later on they invented condensers, which have little interlocking plates. The plates are not touching each other or they don't do any good, but they go like that, & depending on how far you interlock the plates you catch a certain frequency on the radio.
       21. SO THE POINT IS THAT YOU NOT ONLY HAVE TO HAVE THAT GOOD ANTENNA & GOOD GROUND, BUT YOU'VE GOTTA BE IN TUNE! You had to have the power too. Of course, the crystal was the power.--In other words, the Lord. You have to receive Jesus, really, & His Spirit. That's the power!
       22. BUT EVEN IF YOU'VE GOT YOUR FEET ON THE WORD & A GOOD ANTENNA RAISED & YOU KNOW YOU'VE GOT THE POWER OF THE LORD, YOU HAVE GOT TO GET IN TUNE, you still have to tune in. Every time you turn that radio knob you're tuning, finding different frequencies, tuning in to that particular frequency. Now if you want to get on my frequency you're going to have to turn the knob till you hit my frequency. I know what some of you girls are thinking about right now, because you do it frequently for me, GBY!
       23. BUT YOU'VE GOTTA GET IN TUNE! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AN ORGASM IN SEX UNLESS YOU'RE TUNED UP, RIGHT? It's all there, but you still don't really get anything unless you're really turned on & in tune. It seems like almost everything the Lord made, He made as an illustration of something spiritual. PTL!
       24. SO DON'T FORGET, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE YOUR FEET ON THE WORD, ON THE GROUND, THAT'S A GOOD SOLID GROUND. You've gotta have a good antenna up, that's your spiritual sensitivity. You've got to pull it out & stick it up so it'll reach those waves. You have the power, you have the Lord. You've got the power there, but even if the power's there, it doesn't do you any good unless you turn it on & tune in! Almost all radios have two kinds of knobs at least, you girls only have one.--Oh, you have three!
       25. BUT ANYWAY, YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE AN ANTENNA, FEET ON THE WORD, & YOU'VE GOT TO TURN IT ON & TUNE IN! I'll bet you won't forget this, will you? Every time you think of Grandpa after he's gone you'll probably think of this same picture. I'm giving you an illustrated message tonight. I didn't expect to, but you're here, so I guess the Lord figured you might as well be here for something. Since I'm already prayed for & already better, there's not much reason to sit here any longer. But as long as you're here, that sort of turns me on & tunes me in & the Lord is not going to neglect such a nice opportunity to give you a little lesson!
       26. ALL I HAD TO DO WAS JUST BE HERE! I mean, you've got to have a radio! The antenna & the ground & all the rest is not going to do you a bit of good unless you've got a radio, & you are the radio! So be sure you've got your spirit well-grounded in the Word & be sure that you've got a good antenna reaching way up. An antenna is like a hand that reaches up into the sky to take ahold of the radio waves like an electric wire & make contact that way, because the radio waves travel through the air. They travel through a lot of other things too, but not very well.
       27. SO YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ANTENNA'S UP WHERE THINGS ARE KIND OF CLEAR TOO & YOU DON'T HAVE A LOT OF OBSTRUCTIONS IN THE WAY. With two-way radio, buildings & a lot of other things can get in the way. And spiritually you've got to kind of get everything else out of the way & concentrate on what you're doing, on your prayer. And keep a good ground in the Word & quoting Scripture, & a good antenna up high where it's unobstructed, with none of the cares of this life & the thorns & the briers & whatnot getting all in the way that choke out the seed. You need to get that up there where it's clear, usually outside if possible. Of course, in prayer you don't need to go outside, but you just want to get outside spiritually. So be sure there are no obstructions between you, your antenna, & the broadcasting station--Heaven! PTL?
       28. AND THEN TURN ON THE POWER! IT'S ALWAYS THERE, BUT THAT LITTLE SWITCH, THAT KNOB YOU TURN, HAS TO MAKE CONTACT FOR IT TO HEAT UP.--Just like your knobs, girls! You've gotta make contact to get it to heat up & let the power flow freely through you, your spirit, your body. That's very important too. If any one of these things are missing or are not in the right condition, you're not going to get very good reception: You've got to have an antenna, good ground, proper circuitry & some kind of power, whether it's a battery or an electric main line or whatever it is.
       29. BUT EVEN THEN AFTER YOU TURN ON THE POWER & YOU'VE GOT JUICE IN THE RADIO, YOU'VE GOT POWER THERE, YOU STILL HAVE TO FINE TUNE IT. And if you can't tune a radio, it's no good!--Unless it has some kind of a fixed tuning, such as the crystals that they use on the two-way radio on CB in the States. They used to have 21 or 23 channels & they were called fixed tuning, all you had to do was press a button & it zeroed right in, that particular kind of crystal was tuned to receive just that frequency only. And that was called fixed tuning. But you still had to push the buttons in order to get it fixed to one or fixed to the other, whatever. She may be all warmed up & have the power there, boys, but if you don't press that button you're not going to get nothin'!
       30. SO BE SURE YOU ARE RADIOS TO BEGIN WITH & YOU'VE GOT A GOOD GROUND & A GOOD ANTENNA, & that's what those two knobs are for. Every radio has two knobs, one to turn it on & control the volume, & the other to tune it. I only have one button here right now, but I had two awhile ago. Well come on up here, Honey, we can use that illustration again! I'm going to make you the radio. Stand on the Bible, hold your antenna over your head, & she's got the proper circuitry, hasn't she? But there's one button you've got to turn to turn on the power. Of course, hers is usually down here. Anyhow, you can't see it, so we'll turn on the power, then you've got to tune it in. Tune it to the right wavelength to get the right kind of reception you want to get. Am I getting you turned on? Am I getting you tuned in? Okay! ILY! Thank you for being my illustration! I'll bet you never forget that lesson!
       31. YOU'VE REALLY GOT TO MAKE THESE ANTENNAS COLLAPSIBLE because you can't run around with a radio with an antenna sticking up all the time or it's apt to get broken like mine did once, & it gets in the way. So they have to make it so it folds up like a telescope, so you can get it out of the way so it doesn't get broken. Then you don't pull it out till you need it, right? And then you get it up. Antennas are all quite frail & delicate. Your spiritual sensitivity is a very sensitive part of your spiritual equipment & you've got to keep it well protected. You couldn't run around with your antenna sticking up all the time if you're out there in the kitchen.
       32. YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME RECEPTIVITY ALL THE TIME, THAT'S TRUE. Even when this antenna is closed up you can get some strong powerful stations, nearby stations, but if you want to tune in on my Heavenly Communicator Up Yonder, I'll be quite a little ways away & you're going to have to be spiritually sensitive if you want to get me from There. Or even if I'm in the same room with you, you notice you have a little difficulty getting through to people when their minds are all full of something else! So you really need to get alone with the Lord & have all these proper conditions & proper equipment & everything turned on right & tuned in right & then you'll get good reception! PTL!
       33. SO BE SURE THAT WHEN YOU'RE PRAYING YOU'RE NOT THINKING ABOUT A LOT OF OTHER THINGS or what kind of dinner we're going to have tonight. Of course, the cook has to pray about that every day. In fact, if I don't shut up pretty soon there's not going to be any dinner! My oh my, see what happens if I just come down here even to have prayer? But I'll bet you never forget this! You'll have a mental picture of that & you'll be able to remember all the things you need to have good reception.
       34. I THINK SHE MAKES A LOT PRETTIER ANTENNA THAN I DO! Let's have her get out here one more time! There, isn't she a pretty radio? Too bad we can't put this picture in the Magazine! Maybe some day we can. Well, she's got good reception, I'll tell you! When you get her turned on & tuned in, you really get some reception! PTL!--Gives you good reception too, GBH!
       35. SO DON'T FORGET, YOU'VE GOT TO TURN ON & TUNE IN! ISN'T THAT A PRETTY RADIO? That's pretty enough to kiss! XXXXX! See, if you can do both knobs at the same time you really get good reception! Thank you, Sweetheart! And whose Bible was this? God bless you, Son, for having your Bible here. Of course, the rest of you guys weren't expecting a Bible Study, neither was I. But I feel much better, thank the Lord. And I guess you got the point of how to tune in to me in case I'm not here.
       36. YOU REALLY HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE RIGHT CONDITIONS. You have to have just the right equipment first of all & the right conditions for good reception, turned on, tuned right & all those conditions met before you really get reception. I'm sure the Lord has allowed radio to help people understand prayer & spiritual receptivity, because it works a lot on the same principles like I was showing you--grounded in the Word & your antenna really up high where it can catch those wavelengths, & with the right equipment. She sure has the right equipment, hasn't she?--So you can turn her on & tune her in!
       37. SO IN YOUR PRAYER & YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL RECEPTIVITY, IN HEAVENLY COMMUNICATIONS, YOU'VE GOT TO GET THOSE RIGHT CONDITIONS & everything together, the right place. You've seen in the Story how difficult it is, but that's the way the Lord's made the rules, see? Not just anybody can tune in unless they're saved or are in some kind of communication with the Lord. You've got to have the right equipment & the right conditions & all those conditions have to be met. All those conditions for spiritual receptivity have to be met before you're really going to get anything.
       38. IT'S DIFFICULT TO DO EVEN WITH MAN'S RADIO EQUIPMENT TODAY. Even with my simple little crystal sets that I used to build, all those conditions had to be met or you just didn't get nothin'! You had to have good earphones for one thing & be able to really hear, listen. And with any one of those conditions missing, any one of those pieces of equipment missing, you don't get anything. The radio has to be complete. All of these conditions have to be met in you, in your heart & mind, just like the parts of a radio. They have to all be met, & you have to have all the equipment.
       39. YOU SAY, "DAD, YOU'RE MAKING PRAYER SOUND SO DIFFICULT THAT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A HARD TIME PRAYING!" Well, the Lord has made this necessary. You say, "Well, why didn't He make it easier? Why do the spirits have such a hard time getting through to us?" Well, aren't you glad that you aren't sensitive to all of the wavelengths there are & all the sounds & everything that's on the air right now? Wouldn't it be horrible if you could hear them all? You'd be getting a lot of the wrong stuff, right? You'd be getting a lot of the trash & junk & noise that you wouldn't like!
       40. SO THE LORD HAS MADE YOU TO HAVE TO REALLY SEEK THE RIGHT SIGNALS & TO FIND'M & TO TUNE IN!--Not only turn on. I've seen a lot of Pentecostals, boy, they could get turned on, but they never seemed to know how to tune in or get anything out of it except a lot of fireworks! Whereas they need to learn how to tune in & get something from the Lord! Most of the chattering away in tongues that I've heard in most Pentecostal churches, nobody ever got anything! They had the Spirit, sure, they had the gift of tongues, that's what they wanted, but they seldom ever got a message!
       41. WE EVEN WENT TO CHURCHES WHERE PEOPLE WERE SPEAKING IN TONGUES & SOMETIMES PEOPLE WERE GETTING MESSAGES & DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT BECAUSE THERE WAS NO INTERPRETER. But Mother & I would be there & she'd be getting the message, & in some cases, in some churches, it wasn't the message that she wanted to give! "The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet", so she didn't broadcast it! (1Cor.14:32) The Lord was rebuking the preacher or some of the people & things like that, & you don't do that in the churches nowadays, or you get thrown out! We had a little story about that in the GN! (See No.1942.) Mother had the right equipment, she was in tune, but she didn't turn on the loud speaker, she didn't turn up the volume.
       42. THAT'S ANOTHER THING YOU HAVE TO DO WITH THOSE KNOBS, THE ONE THAT TURNS IT ON USUALLY ALSO TURNS UP THE VOLUME.--Kind of like the way I turn your volume up by that button! You keep getting louder & louder & louder & pretty soon, boom! PTL! Right? So there you are! You've had a little lesson about spiritual receptivity! You have to meet all those conditions in order to get through.
       43. OH, THAT'S ANOTHER POINT! ON THE TWO-WAY RADIOS THEY HAVE WHAT'S CALLED A SQUELCH THAT TUNES OUT ALL THE NOISE & the static & all the stuff that's going on on the wavelengths except what you're trying to receive. That's a good illustration too. On some of the new radios they have a code that you can program into it, like a computer, & you can't break through that squelch, which is kind of like a silencer, unless you're tuned exactly according to that code. And you have to have it programmed into the transmitter, it's kind of like a tuner, & the guy that you're trying to talk to has got to be tuned in there too on the same frequency.
       44. BUT WHEN YOU HIT THAT FREQUENCY JUST RIGHT, IT BREAKS THROUGH THE SQUELCH & YOU CAN HEAR IT. It's tuned in just right, it's coded, & that's to tune out all the other junk & static & interference. Even in radio it's the same principle! If you could hear it all it would drive you nuts! You want to get in tune with just one particular frequency, one station.
       45. WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO GET IN TUNE WITH THE LORD OR ME OR SOMEBODY ELSE, YOU HAVE GOT TO HAVE ALL THOSE CONDITIONS IDEAL FOR BETTER RECEPTION! You have to have the ideal conditions for good reception. Now if you want good spiritual reception, you'd better make sure all those conditions are ideal, that you're in the right place, that there's no static in your life that's going to interfere, & that you've got all the equipment necessary. Like we said, have your feet on the Word, antenna raised, the power turned on & the fine tuning done to get that particular frequency you want, if you want to get through to the Lord.
       46. BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY MANY VOICES IN THE WORLD, LIKE ALL THE RADIO STATIONS, & YOU CAN THANK GOD YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO ALL OF THEM, especially some of them! But you want to tune in to a certain frequency, a particular frequency, and get that one! And that's the Lord or His emissaries, His Ministering Spirits. So you've got to go to a little trouble, a little work, to get all the right equipment and all the right conditions and be well-grounded, spiritually sensitive, turned on and tuned in just right!
       47. SO THE LORD HAS NOT MADE IT EXACTLY EASY TO GET THROUGH!--Probably because if we were too sensitive we'd hear everything, or some of the wrong things. So you've got to really have a good tuner, a fine tuner, to really tune in right. But all those conditions have to be met.
       48. SO WE'RE LEARNING MORE & MORE ALL THE TIME ABOUT THIS SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION. In our Story we've had to come up against having to get the answers for some of these things. Apollos sends me a note, "What do I do about this, Dad? What do I do about that?" Well, I have to turn on, tune in & get an answer, & I either get a Scripture or a picture from the Lord or something like that.--Just like on this latest one where Queen Esther appears to help Marie. (See HC Chapter 66.) (Tongues!) TYJ! Hallelujah! PYL! Amen! I almost get turned on, tuned in just thinking about it!
       49. WELL, THEY GOT THE BRIGHT IDEA OF BRINGING HER IN & FOR HER TO COMMUNICATE WITH MARIE. I wrote back & said, "Well, my oh my, why don't you just have her sinking right into Marie's body, her mouth to Marie's mouth & let her do the talkin'!" And I got such a witness of the Spirit on that that I was talking in tongues, or about to, because it was really of the Lord! We just get new things all the time about these things, we have to get the answers. You might be able to talk about it, but you certainly can't draw pictures of it unless you've got some kind of an idea what to draw, & we have to get the pictures from the Lord. We have to inspire Eman to draw the right pictures, but if we haven't got a picture ourselves of what's going on, then we can't tell him how to draw it!
       50. SO THERE ARE A LOT OF CONDITIONS THAT NEED TO BE MET, ideal conditions with the right equipment, the right power, the right fine tuning, the right antenna, the right foundation of the Word, the good ground, all these things that have to be met in order to get good reception.
       51. SO NOW REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU GO INTO YOUR CLOSET TO PRAY, or whatever your special prayer time is to really get through to the Lord. Most church people I ever heard, they didn't pray Samuel's prayer, "Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth!" Most of the Christians I ever knew, the way they prayed was, "Hear Lord, Thy servant speaketh!" They don't really expect to hear anything from the Lord. Isn't that sad? But they expect God to hear them. Whereas a large part of prayer is not just your talking, or not even talking at all, it should be listening. If you want to hear from the Lord you've got to shut up so you can hear Him! PTL? You've gotta meet the conditions, the right fine tuning.
       52. WHEN I WAS FEELING REAL SICK THIS AFTERNOON THE LORD LAID ON MY HEART WHAT HE'S LAID ON MY HEART SEVERAL TIMES, & I should have done it sooner, that's why He hasn't done it until now, to come down here & have you all pray for me. But I thought, "Well, Lord, it might hurt some of these little ones' faith if they think that their Moses has got to be prayed for." Well, even Moses' hands had to be held up part of the time, he couldn't operate without the help of all the others. (Exo.17:11-12) I couldn't operate without your help.
       53. SO THE LORD HAD TO GET ME DOWN TO WHERE I THOUGHT MAYBE I COULD VERY EASILY DIE TO MAKE ME WILLING TO COME DOWN HERE & GET PRAYED FOR! So here I am! See, we met the conditions, we had the right equipment. Most of what you gave was Scriptures, the foundation of the Word. I got down here in the right receiving position with my antenna up and we were all turned on & tuned in, & we didn't just talk to Him only, we let Him do something, in this case a healing.--Right?
       54. YOU'RE WITNESSING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES A HEALING! My heart stopped pounding...it didn't stop, thank the Lord, but it stopped pounding the way it was. It was what they call fibrilating, the trouble I used to have when I was young, it's called nervous heart. They've got a nice big long medical name for it, paroxysmal tachycardia. It means your heart starts to beat twice as fast as normal, it gives double beats, two beats for your normal one, where it almost quivers, it just sort of trembles. I haven't had that for years. Well, I think Mama's been with me a few times many years ago when I've overdone sometimes & it's pained me, just plain tired, but I haven't had that fibrilation for a long time. But I sure had it today!
       55. AND IF IT CARRIES ON TOO LONG LIKE THAT, YOUR HEART IS WORKING DOUBLE TIME, TWICE AS HARD! The only rest your heart ever gets is between beats. But when it's beating twice as much, it doesn't get much rest, & the longer that goes on the tireder your heart gets. My heart is tired now. I'm just amazed I could do what I've done. When I used to have those attacks when I was young I had to go lie down & rest afterwards because my heart would be so tired from all that double beating, just working so hard. And instead of that, here I am feeding my sheep!
       56. THE LORD HAS HEALED THE DOUBLE BEATS, THE FIBRILATION. They didn't have that big word for it in those days, they just used to be nice & normal & simple & say, "Well, you've got a nervous heart." But now they've got to have big names for it all, "paroxysmal tachycardial fibrilation" blah blah! After all, why does a doctor go to school for so many years & waste all that education unless he can spiel off some big words you don't know? That proves he's got more education than you have, that proves he's supposed to know what he's talking about! But it ain't always necessarily so. Sometimes I think they just use big words to cover up what they don't know!
       57. --LIKE THE TWO LITTLE OLD LADIES AFTER THE MEETING, THE ONE SAID, "OH, ISN'T DOCTOR SO-&-SO DEEP?" And the little old simple farm lady said, "Huh! I don't think he's so deep, he just ain't clear!" Just because you can't see the bottom doesn't necessary mean the pool is deep, it just may not be clear!
       58. SO IF YOU DON'T GET CLEAR RECEPTION IT'S NOT THE LORD'S FAULT! He's got strong signals, but there may be things that aren't clear between you & the Lord. And it may not be because you're so deep, but just because you just ain't clear & you're not getting clear reception, because you've got too many things cluttered up, too many things in the way, too many things on your mind, too many things on your heart that perhaps shouldn't be there. So you've got to meet all these conditions.
       59. YOU SAY, "BOY, DAD, YOU MADE PRAYING SO HARD NOW I DON'T KNOW IF I COULD EVER PRAY AGAIN!" No, it's very simple, just like a little radio! Radios were something new & complicated when they first came out, & they're even getting more complicated. But they're getting easier to operate. As I said when the first Crosley radios came out, Brother Haas' Crosley had a big long box about that long & that high & that deep & it had a bunch of what looked like light bulbs in there, they called them tubes. You guys don't hardly even know what a tube is nowadays because transistors have virtually made all tubes obsolete. That little tiny transistor about so big can do everything & more than one of those big tubes that was as big as my fist! They're getting simpler in one way, more complicated in others, but they're getting easier to operate.
       60. SO IF YOU GET THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY MORE COMPLICATED TO GET THROUGH TO THE LORD OR ME OR WHOEVER, you just have to have the right equipment. And if you've got the right equipment & the right conditions & you do the things you're supposed to do--like turn on & tune in--that's all there is to it!
       61. THE FIRST RADIOS HAD THREE KNOBS HERE, OTHER KNOBS HERE, OTHER KNOBS HERE, & YOU HAD TO MANIPULATE ALL THESE KNOBS & get'm all to where you finally got tuned in. It was a mess, so much static it was terrible! So if you have the Lord & His Spirit, you've got all the necessary equipment, but He leaves a little bit up to you. He's broadcasting all the time. The Heaven Station never stops, it's always on the air! Thank God from There it's on all frequencies!
       62. BUT YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE THAT EQUIPMENT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU, & THE POWER HE'S GIVEN YOU, ALL OF THAT, His Word & the spiritual sensitivity, the antenna, & He leaves up to you at least two little operations. Here's the radio, you've got the whole works. All you usually have to do is turn it on & tune it in! Now what's the matter with you that you can't do those two simple little operations, get down on your knees or get there in prayer somewhere & turn on spiritually, get the power operating, & then tune in!
       63. NOW WHAT'S SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THAT? YOU'VE ALREADY GOT ALL THE EQUIPMENT! You've got the foundation in the Word. He's given you Salvation & the Holy Spirit & lots of holy spirits! My oh my, I never thought we'd ever be writing ghost stories! How about that!--Holy ghosts, thank God!
       64. ALL HE'S ASKING YOU TO DO IS TURN ON TO HIS POWER, GET IN THE PLACE OF PRAYER, & if you want to really hear something, get something! "Men ought always to pray & not to faint, pray without ceasing!" We're doing that all the time. But if you want to hear from the Lord, if you want to hear something besides yourself, then you're going to have to really turn on that power & tune in what they call the condenser. Now that's an odd word. Something that condenses sort of makes something big smaller. So that tuner is what they call a condenser nowadays. And you're a very tiny little thing, right? And God's pretty big, right?--As well as His power. And you've got to get into a position where you can condense that power & tune it in & bring it down to your level!
       65. SO IT TAKES A LITTLE WORK, IT TAKES A LITTLE CONCENTRATION, it takes a little spiritually turning on & a little spiritually tuning in. I don't think the Lord has made it too hard if you just stop long enough & get other things off your mind & out of your way & just give Him your attention! I got your attention awhile ago with my live illustration, didn't I! Maybe your mind's wandering now because I'm wandering, because I'm just talking & not illustrating it like I did. But I'll bet you'll never forget that picture!
       66. HE'S GIVEN YOU ALL THE EQUIPMENT, YOU'VE GOT IT ALL & YOU'VE GOT HIM, YOU'VE GOT THE POWER, YOU'VE GOT EVERYTHING, all He asks you to do is get in a position where you can turn it on & tune it in!--To Him! Right? You've got to get turned on, & you tune in to Him! You get it? I don't know, maybe you're more mixed up than ever now. I don't think He's asking too much to get your attention!
       67. THAT REMINDS ME OF ANOTHER JOKE! Well, you've never been around preachers, that's good, but whenever preachers get together, do you know what they do more than almost anything else?--Swap jokes! I mean, preachers know more jokes than you ever could possibly dream of! I've probably heard jokes on every subject imaginable & been told jokes & they're always popping in my head. Well, in a way it's good, it's kind of an illustration.
       68. THE LORD IS TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION LIKE WE WERE DOING WITH MARIE & MAMA IN THE STORY, trying to get their attention. Is it asking too much that He should get your attention? But when you're doing other things & talking to other people & everything else is on your mind, how's He going to get your attention? He wants you to not only turn on, but tune in! That's getting your attention!
       69. THE ONLY ATTENTION YOU HAVE TO GIVE THAT LITTLE RADIO IS TO TURN IT ON & TUNE IT IN. You didn't have to build it, you didn't have to make it, you don't even know how it works! I probably know more about it than you do. Of course I'm very simply illustrating the kind of radios we used to have, about as simple a radio as you could have, but it did the trick! It did it!
       70. DO YOU THINK THAT'S ASKING TOO MUCH, TO GET YOUR ATTENTION?--To turn on to His power & tune in to His wavelength! That's all He's left up to you, you've got all the rest of it. But to do that you've usually gotta get quiet. Haven't you enjoyed the Prayer Chain, Quiet Time where you feel obligated & know you've got to do it at a certain time & you do it. And where do you do it, in the middle of the kitchen with ten people all around you? (Fam: No.) The Lord says, "Go into your closet & shut the door!" (Mat.6:6) That's why I've gotten so many things in the bathroom. Now Mama's got her office in the bathroom, she can go in & shut the door too. She gets a lot from the Lord there, I pray over her working space every day that the Lord will clear it up of any static & wrong spirits & that she'll have good reception from the Lord.
       71. BECAUSE EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG, WE ARE USUALLY CONCENTRATING ON WRITTEN MATTER, THE WORD, & WE HAVE TO REALLY TURN ON & WE'VE GOTTA BE TUNED IN as we go over these Words & over these things, that we're getting the right signals, that we're getting good reception, & if it's not right, then we have to change it! Not that they're wrong, but they're improvements. That's why I like to call them suggestions or improvements instead of corrections.
       72. SO WE HAVE TO BE PRETTY WELL TURNED ON & TURNED IN WHILE WE'RE READING THOSE THINGS to make sure they are going to give you the right message, send out the right signal. So therefore we've got to be turned on & tuned in all day long when Mama's even reading correspondence from people etc. She's gotta be turned on to the Lord & tuned in to know if these people are giving the right message, & if she's getting the message of what they want to tell her & if she is giving the right response, the right reception.
       73. ALMOST ALL THE TERMS THAT ARE USED IN RADIO CAN BE APPLIED TO THE SPIRITUAL. I'm sure that's probably one reason the Lord let man invent the radio, to help us understand that there can be such communication. Why they think we can't tune it to the Lord & get on His wavelength & get something from the Lord just like they can on a little radio, pshaw! The whole thing is an illustration of prayer & spiritual receptivity & getting good reception & clear signals, because you've got good ground, good antenna, good equipment.
       74. AND ALL HE LEFT UP TO YOU IS JUST TO TURN ON--GET ALONE WITH THE LORD SO HE CAN REALLY TURN IT ON--& TUNE IT IN! You've got all the rest, He's given you all the rest & that's all He leaves up to you. You take that little radio, whatever it is, some are as small as this, even smaller, a very complicated little thing. You open it up & look inside & it's a bunch of wires & transistors & all kinds of stuff you don't know anything about. But all you have to do is turn it on & tune it in!
       75. THE MANUFACTURER DOESN'T EXPECT YOU TO BUILD THE RADIO. He built it, the Lord built it, you are it! You are the radio! You've got it all! Dear Mary Dear was born with it & every one of you were born with it, with all the equipment. Right? Now don't start giving God the static & the complaints that, "That's asking too much of me, Lord, to expect me to turn it on & tune in!" All the Manufacturer expects you to do is just turn it on & tune in! That's only two operations He left up to you!--Except if it's a real small radio you might have to pull out the antenna. Nowadays they don't seem to use grounds much, they don't seem to have to because the stations are so powerful & the equipment is so sensitive etc.
       76. BUT IF YOU WANT GOOD TWO-WAY RADIO & DISTANT RECEPTION, WHAT THEY CALL HAM RADIO, SHORTWAVE RADIO, YOU'VE GOT TO USUALLY HAVE A GOOD ANTENNA & A GOOD GROUND. You get even better reception if you have it grounded. Sometimes even your body can be a ground. Did you know one of the best antennas is a human body? You'll find that if you're listening to a weak station, you get the radio antenna up & it's still not coming in, just reach over & take ahold of the antenna & you'll suddenly find out that you're a better antenna than this!
       77. YOUR BODY IS A GOOD ANTENNA & IT CAN REALLY BE VERY RECEPTIVE & SENSITIVE TO GOD'S IMPULSES, His wavelengths, if you'll just, in this case, extend your spiritual body, that spiritual antenna, & get where it's quiet, alone with the Lord, & all He asks you to do is turn on & tune in! PTL! You meet the conditions like I obeyed the Lord here. He impressed on me that I should come down & have you all pray for me, & look what it did to you, it kept you here for two hours! (Fam: Thank You Jesus!)
       78. SO LET'S NOT FORGET TO TURN ON & TUNE IN! That's what you were doing a little while ago. You started giving me Scriptures for one thing, we had a good ground, & we started reaching up our antennas, & we started just getting the equipment into motion, that's all! We turned on to the Lord's power & you tuned in & I received the healing! PTL! Isn't that amazing?--Wonderful!
       79. ALL WE DID WAS OBEY! With almost every little radio or things like these comes a little sheet of instructions of things to do and not do etc., very simple. They made the radio for you but you've got to tune it. That's all the Lord asks of you in prayer. Just be sure you've got the right foundation, a good ground of the Word, and you put up your spiritual antenna under good conditions without interference and a lot of static going on around you, quiet, and all He asks you to do is just turn on and tune in!
       80. SO TRY TO REMEMBER THOSE CONDITIONS! I don't think it's asking too much, is it? He asks you to obey His Word, & of course you are obeying His Word & you know His Word. Did you hear all the Scriptures the Lord gave through you?--Beautiful Scriptures! You say, "Oh Dad, that was just my mind, that was just my memory, I'm not sure I got that from the Lord." Well, He gave it in the first place, didn't He? And He made you think about it, didn't He?
       81. IN THE STORY WE HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING PEOPLE TO EVEN THINK OF THINGS WE WANT THEM TO THINK ABOUT, BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT TURNED ON OR TUNED IN! We just about have to get them alone or asleep or something like that, or in prayer where they're really turned on & tuned in before we can get through, punch through that squelch! We've got to have the right coding to punch through that squelch!
       82. YOU SAY, "YOU'RE MAKING IT SOUND DIFFICULT AGAIN, DAD!"--NO, THAT'S ALL SET! Once we set that, we don't have to do it again, do we? See, all we've got to do now is turn it on & tune in & that's it! God's given you all the necessary equipment, & some of it's beautiful equipment too, gorgeous! She sure made a good radio! All He's left up to you is to turn it on & tune in! That would be a good name for this Letter: "Turn On & Tune In!"--To remind you of the only two things God left for you to do!
       83. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE EQUIPMENT, YOU'VE GOT THE POWER, YOU'VE GOT EVERYTHING NECESSARY! The only thing He's left up to you is just to turn on & tune in! So let's do it! Let's do it right now & pray His Prayer! Come over here, Techi & you can be my link to this guy over here. We're going to get all hooked up! You've got to have the right circuitry & be able to complete the circuit of united prayer on some occasions, like prayers for deliverance.
       84. SO RIGHT NOW THE POWER'S HERE, YOU JUST SAW A MANIFESTATION OF IT! I came down here sick nigh unto death. I thought, "Well, maybe this is it, Lord. Is this the time I'm supposed to go? I don't feel like it should be, what should I do?" And it came to me as clear as a picture that I should come down here & get prayed for. So I obeyed the Lord, the Word, & came down here & we fulfilled the Scripture. You laid hands on me, you anointed me with oil, you prayed the prayers of faith, you gave me the Scriptures, & right away after you finished praying for me I was going to get up & leave.
       85. I THOUGHT, "LORD, I'M TOO SICK TO STAY DOWN HERE & I'd have to talk to people or kiss all the women" or whatever usual treatment I give them. "I won't be able to take it, Lord! I should just get up now & go back to my room." But no, there was still something else I had to do. "Well, what is it, Lord? I don't know what to do! Here I'm so sick & You expect me to do anything else? If I go back & sit down in that chair they're going to expect me to give them a lesson!" "Okay, just go sit in the chair & you'll find out what you're supposed to do!"
       86. I HAD TO MEET THE CONDITIONS & THEN HE JUST TURNED ME ON & TUNED ME IN & THERE YOU ARE, YOU GOT A NEW LESSON! And as I went & obeyed, I was healed! TYL! As soon as I sat in this chair, almost right away or within just a few moments my heart stopped that jiggling' around & going like this. It was just beatin' like mad, Mama heard! But it stopped. Thank God it didn't stop beating altogether! It has to actually stop before it picks up its normal beat, & sometimes I would wonder, all it has to do is stop once & stay stopped & you're dead! You're only a heartbeat away from death! But it stopped, thank the Lord, & started beating normally again.
       87. AND EVEN AFTER I GOT UP HERE & WAS SAYING THOSE FEW LITTLE WEE WORDS OF FAREWELL TO YOU, I SAID, "BUT LORD, I'M TOO TIRED TO TALK. I know they're just sitting there sucking & they want to hear something & they expect to hear something." You did, you know you did! You just can't imagine a meeting like this without me talking to you! Wouldn't we have looked silly all sitting here & me keeping quiet?
       88. FIRST YOU PREACHED TO ME WITH ALL THOSE GOOD SCRIPTURES YOU GAVE ME, some of you preached a real good prayer with those Scriptures. It was good! It gave you faith to believe it!--Right? But I had to accept it. I had to turn on & tune in to get the answer. And that takes obedience.--To sit or stand or whatever God tells you to do.
       89. YOU NOTICE IN OUR STORY HOW THESE PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO DO WHAT THE LORD TELLS THEM TO DO OR WHAT THE SPIRITS TELL THEM TO MEET THE CONDITIONS, or Mama never would have met Marie & all that sort of thing. But when you've got a lot of interference & a lot of static & a lot of rubbish in the way, it's pretty hard to meet the conditions where you can get through. Right?
       90. I SAT DOWN & SAID, "BUT LORD, I'M TOO TIRED, MY HEART'S SO TIRED NOW, IT'S JUST TOO TIRED TO TALK & it takes a lot of energy to talk." "Okay, then just sit there." And you began giving me messages. But you gave them to me long enough that my heart had a little chance to rest. And even then when I started to give you a little wee word of farewell, that I thought was going to be a farewell about two hours ago, I was thinking, "Well, this might be my last farewell. So I certainly want to give them something, some little word." I can't tell you goodbye after I'm dead, right? So take this as my farewell, no matter if I live another 6 or 7 years! Who knows? I might fool you!
       91. I HAVE PREACHED YOU MY FAREWELL SERMON, OKAY? You got it, now you got it! Like I did with Faithy up there in my room the other day when I was sick in bed. I thought, "Well, I certainly don't want her coming back from halfway around the World somewhere to my funeral, what good can I do in that?" So I said, "I'm going to give you a deathbed scene here now so you won't have to come back for it when I die, you already had it." And I talked to her about various things, I sort of gave her my last will & testament. I thought I'd just give it while it was handy & she was convenient & she was here! I couldn't do it after I'm dead, that's for sure! It might be too sudden or too soon or something, she wouldn't even have time to get here. So I said, "Well, I might as well say right now on my bed what I would probably say if I had a deathbed scene & I could. So I'm going to do it now." So I gave her the roses then. She got the roses instead of me!
       92. I FIGURED, "WELL, WHAT IF THIS IS MY LAST MEETING WITH THEM? I'D BETTER GIVE THEM A LITTLE FAREWELL OF SOME KIND." And I didn't know what to talk about. I hadn't the faintest idea what to tell you or what to say. But all I had to do was open my mouth & you saw what happened. And my heart feels better now than it did when I came here. That's one thing about spiritual power, after you've expended some spiritual energy you don't feel worse, you even feel better, under most conditions! So PTL! Amen!
       93. THANK YOU LORD FOR SENDING THE ANSWER WHEN WE MET THE CONDITIONS! All we had to do was turn on, Lord, & tune in to receive. And we did & You did it, Lord. You broadcasted that healing & You gave the folks a little talk about prayer & spiritual tuning in, & You healed my heart in the bargain. As I went I was healed! As I obeyed & did what You told me to do, You healed me. TYJ! And Lord, the time may come when I may not have time to give them a farewell talk, so now they've had it. Now I won't have to give it some other time, Lord, because You've already given it. TYJ!
       94. AND WE BELIEVE YOU'VE GIVEN THEM A GOOD LESSON, LORD, SOMETHING THEY PROBABLY REALLY NEEDED, TO KNOW HOW TO USE THIS EQUIPMENT YOU'VE GIVEN US. All we have to do is turn on the power, let You flood our beings with Thy power, & tune in to Your frequency. For You're not just frequent, Lord, but You're there all the time! Amen! PYL! TYJ! TYL! So they have even seen a sample today of what it means to turn on & tune in & get results! TYJ!
       95. SO LORD, WE AGAIN NOW THANK THEE FOR ANSWERING PRAYER. We've heard the prayers today & we've seen the answer, & they even got more than they bargained for, a little talk too. So bless now & help them with the supper preparations, Lord, GB'm, & help them to be able to have a good dinner tonight. You prepared for them a good feast here this afternoon & they've seen a sample of several kinds of answers, because they turned on, Lord, & tuned in & they got good reception. We received what You gave, Lord, & we gave what You gave us too, Lord. We received & gave it out, just like the radio.
       96. SO WE DO ASK YOU TO BLESS THEM NOW & BLESS THIS EVENING. We thank Thee for speaking & giving them this little lesson that even the children could understand. Bless & keep us all, thank You for strengthening my heart, & thank You for Thy deliverance, in Jesus' name! PTL! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! As we once again pray, Lord, that Golden Prayer that You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Hallelujah! TYL! Well, now I can yawn & get tired because I can go up & rest. But I feel lots better now that I've done what the Lord told me to do!
       97. NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO, LORD? Am I supposed to kiss all the women & love all the girls? I love you boys too. I kind of laid off kissin'. I haven't laid off girls, but I laid off kissin' on the mouth at least since we've had so many colds. But I can still kiss you somehow! What a church! Do you like this kind of church? (Fam: Yes!) Do you like this kind of preacher? (Fam: Yes!) I'll just blow you boys kisses, okay? Did I get everything I came down here with? One thing I came down here with I'm leaving without!--That's a heart attack! See what God can do if you'll just turn on & tune in? PTL!

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