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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

BEARING FALSE WITNESS!        DO 2090        12/85

       1. SOME PEOPLE ARE ASKING HOW COME I STAYED IN HEAVEN FOR THE WHOLE TRIBULATION, OTHER PEOPLE ARE ASKING HOW COME I WAS ONLY THERE FOR ONE MONTH when I say I got There at the beginning of the Tribulation & I'm not leaving till the end, but I never said that either! You guys are reading things into my stuff that I have been very careful to be unspecific about & speak in generalities!
       2. YOU SHOULDN'T GET SUCH IMPRESSIONS FROM THINGS I NEVER SAID! You shouldn't even get that impression from things I did say, because they weren't that specific! I specifically avoided being specific about the time I die & the time I went to Heaven & the time I spent There & exactly when I came back.
       3. IN CHAPTER 16 ON PAGE 7, THE 27TH PARAGRAPH, I SAID, "I was thankful that we had had what you might call a month or more to get accustomed to these Heavenly delights & almost supernatural experiences & ways of living Up Here in this marvellous City & this wonderful life in Heaven because it's almost too much to grasp all at once. It takes a little time to get accustomed to things Here." Well, why am I saying this? That was after we had been There over a month when we went to have the audience with the King! But I could have stayed There a year or two years getting all this education! You apparently got the idea from that statement that I only stayed in Heaven one month altogether! Why do you want to get so dogmatic & try to be so specific about things?
       4. I SPEAK ABOUT THE SOON-COMING END IN THIS LAST CHAPTER, but we've been talking about the End for a long time, the Lord has been talking about it for 2,000 years, so it's nothing to get upset about! It doesn't mean I must have arrived There the day before Jesus came! We don't want to be such dogmatists & try to be so specific that we are going to predict that the day I die is on the day that the Antichrist breaks the Covenant & that kind of thing!
       5. I'VE SEEN TOO MANY TEACHERS GET TIED UP WITH THAT KIND OF STUFF & I HAVE TRIED TO QUALIFY EVERY PREDICTION I EVER MADE by saying, "This is my interpretation, my idea, my opinion, I think maybe this is what it means but it ain't necessarily so!" My interpretation is not necessarily so! I hope you guys get it through your head that I don't have to die at the very beginning of the Tribulation just because I thought that may be when it is!--And just because that's the way I figured that chronology. Some of these things are estimates, at the best guesstimates.
       6. YOU NEED TO READ MORE CAREFULLY! I have specifically avoided being specific about any periods of time Up There or when I died or when I went or how long I stayed or when I came back. I have absolutely, strictly avoided being specific! So where do you pick this thing up that I was only a month in Heaven? That's just your assumption from reading this Story, just because I said "about one month after I arrived The Boss is calling me for an audience." That has nothing to do with the length of time that I spent afterwards & all this education & revelation & communication! It could have been a couple of years!
       7. I'VE BEEN SPECIFICALLY NEBULOUS & INDEFINITE & UNSPECIFIC ABOUT THOSE ACTUAL TIME PERIODS! The only time period I mention at all is that I've been There a month or more when the King summoned me. Well, that means nothing. That's not the whole time I was in Heaven! I've got several chapters after that. There are a lot of other things that could have taken me years! You're reading into there specifics that are not there at all! I can't be specific about the day I'm going to die, so how do you get so specific about it?
       8. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH SOME FOL-LOWERS OF SOME TEACHERS ETC., they go beyond what the man actually said & they read into it more than is there & they get more specific about it than the guy that had the revelation!--Just like they used to say I said that California was going to fall into the ocean. I never said it! I merely quoted other people who said that they got revelations like that. I never said it, although I believe it! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it did, in fact, I think it ought to, ha! But I never predicted it. They used that to prove I'm a false prophet when I never prophesied such a thing! But I wouldn't be surprised if it did, & as I say, I think it should, ha!
       9. ANYHOW, WOULD YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP READING INTO MY STUFF THINGS I NEVER SAID & JUST ASSUMING THAT THAT'S WHAT I MEANT! Unless you hear me say it, & see my signature on it, don't believe it!--And sometimes you can't be too sure about that!
       10. WATCH OUT YOU DON'T READ THINGS IN THAT I DIDN'T SAY, & WHICH I WAS VERY CAREFUL TO AVOID SAYING! Some people tried to do that with the age of Heaven's Girl & all that kind of stuff. I've had to get Apollos off of that sort of thing & tell him to be less specific about times & periods & ages etc. & be more general; otherwise some nitpickers are going to nail him to the cross!
       11. SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING THAT TO ME FOR YEARS, ABOUT YEARS & TINY LITTLE DETAILS & STUFF THAT I WASN'T CLEAR ABOUT, & the reason I wasn't clear about it was because I didn't know or I wasn't sure! But no, they put it into the Chart & everything else, they're sure exactly how long it is when I never even said it! We had to correct that entire big Revelation Chart because they wrote in there something I never said. They just took it for granted! Samson said it & he put it in specifically because I theorised that maybe it was that way. But I don't even dare theorise to you guys or you nail it down that that's it! I love your faith & your confidence, but for God's sake, if I'm not even sure about it myself, how can you be sure about it?
       12. I ALWAYS QUALIFY THOSE THINGS! I don't care to get nailed down to specifics like that, they're too dangerous! Too many men have been called false prophets because their prophecies didn't come true. So unless I hear it from God Himself & it's His absolute Word, I don't even necessarily have to believe it myself. Do you understand? So please stop reading things into my stuff that isn't there!--And stop interpreting my interpretations! Please!
       13. I WAS THERE APPROXIMATELY A MONTH BEFORE MY AUDIENCE WITH THE KING, ACCORDING TO MY ESTIMATION OR GUESSTIMATION. I say a month or more, & "more" could have been a year before He called me! So what are you getting so specific about?
       14. IT COULD HAVE BEEN YEARS OF EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION & LEARNING ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS! It's obvious it's taken a long time, all of this couldn't have possibly happened in one month! You didn't think I was going to go ahead & give you a log of every day's activities, did you? I deliberately avoided being specific. That's the only time I even mention any time period & that has nothing to do with all the time I spent There afterwards in the Story! This is chapter 16 & there are 21 chapters, what are you going to do with the other five chapters?
       15. IF I DON'T SAY IT, THEN IT ISN'T NECESSARILY SO! I may guess at it, estimate it, guesstimate it, even theorise it or try to interpret it & make it fit, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has got to be exactly that way. That's my interpretation, that's what I think it means. That's what I suppose it means! But interpretations can be very wrong, just like interpretations of language.
       16. SO I SURE DON'T WANT TO GET TRAPPED INTO SOME AIR-TIGHT DOCTRINE OR SPECIFIC SCHEDULE like some people who have been so specific about the exact beginning of the Tribulation, the exact Coming of the Lord & all that sort of thing. I said in my opinion the Comet probably signifies the rise of the Antichrist next year & possibly that means the soon beginning of the Tribulation, that's my own opinion. It ain't necessarily so! I could be wrong!
       17. SO YOU MUST NOT GET SO SPECIFIC & DOGMATIC ABOUT THESE INTERPRETATIONS! Please! Otherwise, if it doesn't happen exactly the way they think I said it or they think I thought it, then they call me a false prophet! Unless I said, "God told me", then it ain't necessarily so, just like a lot of the writings of Saint Paul. He very specifically said, "Well, this I got from the Lord but this I didn't." (1Cor. 7:12,25) Therefore, he was warning them that, "Well, now maybe this is right & maybe it isn't because I didn't get it from the Lord, but this is my opinion."
       18. SO YOU OUGHT TO GIVE ME AT LEAST A GHOST OF A CHANCE THAT I COULD BE WRONG WHEN IT IS ONLY MY PERSONAL OPINION & IT IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD! You can't take every single word I ever said as being the absolute God's honest truth of the very Word of God Himself! You mustn't be extremists & radicals to take what I say that far. Because unless I say, "God said it!", I could be wrong. Is that clear? I have a hard enough time trying to get straight what God says without trying to accept & swallow every single word that I ever said!
       19. I'M ONLY A MAN & NO MAN IS PERFECT & EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES. "Let every man be found a liar but God be found true!" (Rom.3:4) For God's sake, don't nail me on a cross & crucify me because I said so-&-so when I didn't even say it, that's even worse yet! But even if I theorised it, I guesstimated it or interpreted it, unless I said, "God said it!", it ain't necessarily so! Is that clear? OK!
       20. PLEASE STOP TAKING MY GUESSES AS THE HONEST-TO-GOD-GOSPEL! I can guess a lot of things about you, but I might be wrong & I certainly don't want to accuse you of things you're not guilty of if I don't really know! So please stop accusing me of making mistakes I didn't even make, especially that I ever said I'd only been a month in Heaven altogether! GBY!
       21. PEOPLE JUST ASSUME THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID & THEY MISINTERPRET & THEN THEY CRUCIFY YOU ON THE CROSS OF THEIR CRITICISM that that's what you said when you never even said it! So you guys be careful about quoting me & saying I said so-&-so when I did not say it! I was specifically avoiding being specific about when I die, when I got There, how long I stayed There & when I got back. I used very general terms for all of that because I knew some people were going to try to take them as prophecies of exact predictions. I am just estimating, guesstimating, theorising, interpreting & giving my opinion. And I particularly avoided such specifics in these chapters. So stop reading into my stuff things that are not there & don't misquote me & say I said so-&-so when I didn't say it!
       22. I COULD BE WRONG! Whatever I said could be wrong. The only thing you can count on is what I said that God said, that I know! But my interpretation, my opinion, my theory could be wrong. My estimate of chronology could be wrong. The Antichrist may not arise next year & Jesus may not come in 1992 or 3. Those are my estimates, guesstimates, theories & interpretations! For God's sake, don't take them as the God's honest Gospel-truth that God Himself said when it is my opinion! Don't read into that that that's the facts, because it may not be necessarily so. If I only said it & God didn't say it, then take it with a grain of salt. OK? OK! God bless you! I love you!
       23. IT JUST MAKES ME MAD WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT I SAID CERTAIN THINGS THAT I DIDN'T SAY! I mean, that is lying about me! That is false witness & the Bible is very specific about false witness. (Pro.6:19; 25:18) I'm not the false witness, they're the false witness! Maybe we can call this "Bearing False Witness"!
       24. SO BEWARE OF BEARING FALSE WITNESS! I never said I was in Heaven only one month & I never said I was There for the whole Tribulation. That's somebody else's guesswork, not mine! OK? GBY! ILY!

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