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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.27       DO 2092       Compiled 1/86


       2. THE LORD SAID THAT MARTIN LUTHER KING'S WORDS WERE SMOOTHER THAN OIL, BUT WAR WAS IN HIS HEART. (Psa.55:21) I was watching him on TV & he was so clever & slick & smooth & appealing to the American people. He was supposed to be a non-violent candidate, a preacher, peaceful, always talking about the Lord. And I asked the Lord, "What is he?" & just as clear as anything it came to me! I think I cut the Bible that night! I remember I was sitting in front of my Mother's TV & listening to him.
       3. I SAID, "I'VE GOTTA KNOW WHICH SIDE THIS GUY'S REALLY ON!" AND THE LORD SAID, "HIS WORDS ARE SMOOTHER THAN OIL, BUT WAR IS IN HIS HEART!" In other words, he was deceitful. He was pretending to be a non-violent candidate, but he wasn't. And not only that, J. Edgar Hoover found that he had definite Communist contacts with various agitators, etc. Of course, being a politician, you know, they play all sides, so that wasn't any conclusive proof. But when the Lord spoke, that was it!
       4. HIS SPEECH WAS SO PERSUASIVE, TALKING ABOUT THE LORD & how he'd been to the mountain with the Lord & doing the will of God, but I always doubted him, that he was sincere, that he was really a Christian. But when I saw this speech, it was so clever & so powerful I began to wonder if I was right to think that he was really wrong, that he was really bad. And I said, "Lord, You've got to give me an answer!" So I cut the Bible right there in front of the TV & my eyes fell right on that verse first thing: "His words are smoother than oil, but war is in his heart." And there's something about butter & a sword too, his words are smoother than butter, yet are they drawn swords. But I always remembered that his words were smoother than oil but war was in his heart, & that settled it for me & I knew then that he wasn't what he pretended to be, just a Gospel preacher, sincere, noble & non-violent, blah blah!
       5. THE LORD COULD HAVE DEFLECTED THAT BULLET THAT KILLED HIM, considering how far away the window was from which he was shot, almost a block away! [DELETED] He just walked out on the balcony of his motel, supposedly for a bit of fresh air, & destiny got him! The U.S. probably would have gone Communist under the Kennedys [DELETED] & they're getting there!
       6. THE COUNTRY PRACTICALLY WORSHIPPED MARTIN LUTHER KING & THEY JUST ABSOLUTELY MOURNED HIM FOR ABOUT A WEEK! In states like California, every station there had nothing but shows about Martin Luther King all day long, mourning him!
       7. WHEN MARTIN LUTHER KING DIED, IT WAS THE TURNING POINT IN THE U.S. [DELETED] It was like a funeral for America!

       8. IT'S VERY INCONSIDERATE OF A GUEST & IT'S INCONSIDERATE OF A HOST TO DISCUSS UNPLEASANT THINGS AT THE TABLE. My Mother would have been furious. She forbade us to talk about anything unpleasant at the table. It's something my Mother never would have dreamed of, & she was a great one for hosting dinners & that sort of thing. Look at that bare wooden polished table with nothing but placemats on it. Maybe she would have used a thing like that for dinner, but for a formal dinner, not to have a white damask tablecloth over the whole table would have almost insulted the guests! They're either trying to show off the table or it is a new style!
       9. BUT, OF COURSE, THIS WAY THE HELP DOESN'T HAVE TO WASH A GREAT BIG TABLECLOTH! So in that sense it does save on tablecloths. Maybe it is more sensible, but I always liked a nice white tablecloth when I was going to come eat dinner!

       10. The rich are never satisfied! They've always got to be spending money on something & changing their house & changing their furniture. They've got everything they need so they've got to buy things they don't need, like new wallpaper!

       11. I BET THOSE BIG DENOMINATIONS THAT COOPERATE WITH THE [EDITED: "ACs"] HAVE PUT THE PRESSURE ON SOME OF THESE MOVIES & said, "What's the big idea? You leave religion out completely, you never have prayer. You ought to get a little religion on there somehow!" What do you bet? They never had this sort of this thing before until recently. All of a sudden they're starting to have prayer. All of a sudden they're starting to say, "Dear God!" or "Oh God!"
       12. (MARIA: AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TOO, THE [EDITED: "ACs"] USE IT ALL TO THEIR ADVANTAGE TO PREACH THEIR PROPAGANDA! If they have to put any religion on there, they almost invariably try to slam God in some way to show that the prayers don't come true & God doesn't do it & God fails.)
       13. I NOTICED MOVIES HAVE REALLY CHANGED SINCE I WAS A BOY! They never used to show couples in bed together. It was against the rules of the Hollywood censors until only fairly recently, that if they showed a wife & husband sleeping in the same room at all, they were on twin beds with a night stand between them! And they never showed them without wearing some kind of night clothes! Now they're frank & open, they show both in bed together & they're sleeping naked. So they're making a little progress!

       14. I ALWAYS DID THINK PERSONALITY CAN GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR MESSAGE! That's why I enjoy my ministry. All they get is the Word, not the personal appearance, so my appearance doesn't have to influence the Message. They can get certain colour of personality & expression, etc., but with both video & audio erased & out of the way, they don't get too much personality, all they hear is the Word.
       15. SOME PREACHERS SEEM TO THINK IF THEY STOP & PAUSE THAT THEY'VE LOST THE ANOINTING OR THE SPIRIT OR SOMETHING, & they've got to keep rattling on real fast nonstop or it's not inspired. (Maria: Or maybe because it's being broadcast they're trying to crowd too much into their allotted time period.) Actually, pauses are helpful to let things sink in & allow for questions etc. You can't swallow things so fast.
       16. THE POOR PENTECOSTALS REALLY GOT SUNK INTO ETERNAL INSECURITY BECAUSE THEY REALLY STRESS WORKS SO MUCH, that you can lose your salvation by being bad, & they try to keep it by being good. It's funny how contradictory some of their doctrine can be. They preach that only Jesus can save you, but that you've got to keep yourself good to stay saved! Thank God we're out of that!
       17. IT'S REALLY HELPFUL NOT TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE SPEAKER OR THE SINGER, YOU'D ALMOST RATHER JUST HEAR THE SONG & THE WORDS. The appearance & personality detracts from both the song & the message. Thank God we have the means of communications nowadays where your appearance & personality don't have to appear & affect the Message. You can just get out the pure Word. As far as I am concerned, the only kind of visuals they need are those like our Posters, things they really need to know, & the only kind of audio, our tapes. They've seen oodles & oodles of preachers & preachers' wives & singers & actors & personalities, all they need to know is these Posters & tapes.

       18. The humanists were the main ones who opposed me at the Miami evolution meeting, [EDITED: "AC"] devils! Humanism literally preaches that man is his own god!

       19. Until we started that custom of holding hands while praying, they never did it anywhere, none of the churches. It's really had an impact!

       20. People rarely ever determine their own future, even democracy is a farce.

       21. Jimmy Swaggart is a good man, I think he's a real sincere Spirit-filled man. He is caught up in the church system, but somebody has to work with it. His songs are really moving & really touch your heart. He is one of the few prophets that are preaching great judgements upon America.

       22. Apparently American men must be so crazy about flesh that the bigger the woman, the bigger the boobs, the more they like them. If you ask me, they're a bunch of boobs, those men.

       23. WELL, OUR ENEMIES ARE EVERYWHERE BUT SO IS THE LORD & SO ARE HIS ANGELS & HIS SAINTS, THANK THE LORD! I think "Saints" is a good word we could use, which is generally understood & accepted particularly by Catholics etc. It's a good term for the departed good spirits that we could use pretty generally as a good handle for them.
       24. NOW THERE IS A VERY EASY & WIDELY-USED HANDLE FOR EVIL SPIRITS, & THAT IS DEMONS & DEVILS, ETC. The church has apparently developed no name or generally accepted term for departed good spirits because they've really tried to play down the doctrine of good spirits, although they are throughout the Bible & obviously very important. I think we ought to call them Saints!
       25. OF COURSE, IN A SENSE ALL CHRISTIANS ARE SAINTS, but most Christians don't apply that term to themselves & don't think of themselves as Saints. So I certainly think it is a good term for the departed Saints. (Maria: I always thought that what the Catholics meant by Saints was a specific few.) I'm not talking about the Catholics. I said they would understand it better.
       26. "SAINT" GIVES YOU THE IMPRESSION THAT IT IS A GOOD DEPARTED SPIRIT! A Saint is a very good holy departed spirit, & as far as we are concerned, all departed Christians are good holy departed Saints! I don't want to get into a big lecture on it, I'm just thinking that Saint would be a good term for at least us & the Family to use.

       27. "He still lives in the Words of thy father & the Love of David!" Hallelujah! He shall live forever!

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