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THE GOD OF EMPIRES!--If Japan & Germany Had Won the War!       DO 2095       7/7/85

       1. ENGLISH, RUSSIAN & SPANISH ARE PROBABLY THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT LANGUAGES IN THE WORLD, more widely spoken throughout the World than any other languages outside of Chinese. Japanese is the language of a very important country, but there are not as many Japanese as there are Chinese. I think there are only about 120 million Japanese now, whereas there were only 80 million when I was in high school. They've grown! But they don't have very much land & they can't expand very easily, because Japan is just made up of small islands. It used to be they weren't even able to grow enough food to feed themselves, they had to import a lot of food. That's why the Japanese wanted to conquer the East, so they could expand their commercial enterprises and their agriculture.
       2. THEY EVEN HAD A NAME FOR THEIR CONQUEST OF THE EAST and Southeast Asia and Korea and the Islands, Malaysia and Singapore and the Philippines, and they were on their way to Australia! What was the name?--The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere or something like that. They felt that they were bringing economic development and prosperity by taking control of the whole Orient.--A big hunk of China and Korea, all of Japan, of course, and then a good deal of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.
       3. AND NOW I'M GOING TO SAY SOMETHING THAT MIGHT SHOCK YOU!--Especially Americans who went to war to resist the Japanese economic development of Southeast Asia. Probably if they'd left the Japanese alone--& of course if the Japanese had left the Americans alone, which is where they made their biggest mistake, attacking Pearl Harbor--the whole of Southeast Asia would be better off! Of course the Americans were just waiting for an excuse to go to war with Japan. They had already been fighting a trade war with Japan, which in those days was not much hotter than the one they're fighting with Japan right now! So they were all gung-ho for war, not only the Japanese but the Americans.
       4. IT'S SAID THAT ROOSEVELT, THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. AT THAT TIME, ALLOWED THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR EVEN THOUGH HE HAD ADVANCE WARNING OF IT!--Because he knew it was going to take some tremendous provocation or aggravation to persuade the Americans to get into the war against both Germany & Japan. He was more interested in getting into a war with Germany, but since Japan was an ally, a friend of Germany, getting into the war with Japan also meant getting into the war with Germany, & that's what Roosevelt wanted, because he wanted to get over there & save [EDITED: "the"] Jews from Hitler.
       5. AT THE SAME TIME THE U.S. WANTED TO WIN THIS TRADE WAR & THEY SAW THEY COULDN'T WIN IT BECAUSE THE JAPANESE WERE TOO SMART, too clever, could make things too cheap & could undersell the Americans all the time. Think of it, that business of a big trade imbalance began a long time ago, when I was a high school kid, & the U.S. went to war to make Japan stop selling so much goods in the U.S.A.! And of course they used the excuse that Japan was conquering the East.
       6. WELL, JAPAN HAD AS MUCH RIGHT IN THE EAST AS THE U.S.A. HAD IN GERMANY, IN FACT MORE RIGHT!--Because Germany was clear across the Atlantic Ocean from the U.S.A., & Japan was right there in the middle of things in the East. It was the most developed country, the most highly-technological country, & obviously the most aggressive & industrious & with tremendous drive!
       7. AND I'LL SAY WHAT I STARTED TO SAY TO SHOCK YOU, I HAVE A FEELING THAT PROBABLY THAT WHOLE AREA WOULD BE FAR MORE DEVELOPED & organised & industrialised & economically developed & more prosperous if the Japanese had taken it over & run it the way it ought to have been run!--Because look at the mess it's in now!
       8. LOOK AT THE JAPANESE TODAY! LOOK AT HOW RICH & PROSPEROUS & INDUSTRIALISED THEY'VE BECOME & how tremendously they're growing, getting richer all the time, to where they now have a big trade balance with the U.S.A. They sell more to the United States than the U.S. is able to sell to them, & that's what's making the United States mad! The Japanese are getting rich off of the Americans, whereas the Americans wanted to get rich off of the Japanese!
       9. THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE TRYING TO DO WITH CHINA RIGHT NOW. All these firms & industries & commercial enterprises want to get into China not because they want to help the Chinese, but because they want to get rich off the poor Chinese, imagine! All they can think about is those big bucks, those megabucks that they hope to make off the poor Chinese! Well, the Chinese are smart & what do you bet the Chinese outsmart'm in the long run? I'll bet they're already outsmarting them in a lot of ways!
       10. JAPAN HAS ALREADY OUTSMARTED THEM! The Americans drove the Japanese out of the Asian countries that they could have helped & developed & are still even now trying to help. The Japanese are some of the best friends & biggest donors & developers of some of the Southeast Asian countries, one of their greatest & most loyal, faithful benefactors, helping them much more & more gladly & more willingly than the U.S.A.
       11. THE U.S. IS HOLDING BACK & REFUSING TO HELP SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES BECAUSE THEY'VE FORCED OUT AMERICAN INVESTORS, these big fat moneymak[EDITED: "ers"] who wanted to get rich off of the poor Southeast Asians. So when some of the Southeast Asian governments refused to let the Americans get rich off of them or let Americans come in & take over, those big rich [EDITED: "moneymakers"] got mad at'm & refused to help'm at all! "Just let'm stay poor then, as far as we're concerned!" In fact, they've done everything they can to topple governments & to bring down any anti-American governments which have refused to let'm get rich on the bodies of the poor. So it's been a mess ever since!
       12. SINCE THE JAPANESE DIDN'T GET TO TAKE OVER, & SINCE MOST LOCAL POPULATIONS REFUSED TO LET THE AMERICANS TAKE OVER, THOSE COUNTRIES HAVE REALLY SUFFERED IN SOME WAYS. They've been independent, yes, they gained their independence. They can brag about their independence & brag about being free of domination of any foreign power. But let me tell you, independence is not the greatest thing in the World. If independence means total poverty & squalor such as they have in some of the Southeast Asian countries, independence must not be very good for them! They might have been a whole lot better off if they had been dependent on Japan or on the U.S.A. & let them come in & teach'm & develop'm, industrialise'm & develop their agriculture & all the rest. They had the money, they had the power, they had the know-how. But countries that refused their domination are still impoverished & in squalor & poor & some are almost in civil war!
       13. SO INDEPENDENCE ISN'T NECESSARILY THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD! Sometimes it's better to be dependent. We're dependent, aren't we? Who are we dependent on? (Fam: The Lord!) We're totally dependent on the Government of the Kingdom of God, & on its King of Kings & Ruler!

       14. SO INDEPENDENCE IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD! LOOK WHAT A MESS IT MADE OUT OF THE EARLY U.S. COLONIES IN A HORRIBLE REVOLUTIONARY WAR!--Whereas maybe if they'd been a little more patient & hadn't gone chucking that tea in the ocean, & had been willing to pay a few little pennies for those stamps, they'd have been better off! Britain early became industrialised & highly developed technologically, & it's quite possible the American colonies would have been developed much more rapidly & much better without all that war & all that killing of brothers by brothers & people that spoke the same language!--In fact, they were almost all the same nationality to begin with, they were mostly British! The American Colonies were British, it was a British group of Colonies.
       15. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT IF THEY HAD FOREGONE WAR, REFUSED TO GO TO WAR, BUT BEEN PATIENT & just tried to influence King George & some of those, they might have succeeded!--In fact, they say George was just about on the point of yielding on some of those unpopular things he was doing in the Colonies when the Colonies declared war on him! So then he had to go to war, he couldn't take that. And when finally the war was over he was almost glad to get rid of the Colonies. But they were left in a terrible state, impoverished & ungoverned, a mess!
       16. IT'S BEEN 200 YEARS NOW SINCE THEN, JUST THINK WHAT HIGHLY INDUSTRIALISED, EDUCATED, DEVELOPED BRITAIN COULD HAVE DONE WITH THOSE COLONIES--as she did with some other places without war, like backward India. Look what Britain did with India! The Indians may complain about the British, but they wouldn't be half as far along as they are now if it hadn't been for the British. Look what they did with Canada, which didn't have to have a war with Britain, but made peace & became a part of the Commonwealth & was rapidly developed. And even though Canada has a small population, it is at least equal to the U.S. today in all of its tremendous development.

       17. SO INDEPENDENCE ISN'T THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE TO FIGHT A WAR FOR IT & just become absolutely clobbered & slaughtered & impoverished by that war. The poor people in some of those countries fought wars with one conqueror after another to insist on independence, then they brag about their independence & their great liberators, but look at the mess they're in!
       18. ONE OF THE BIGGEST COUNTRIES IN ASIA, THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, IS ONE OF THE POOREST & IN THE WORST ECONOMIC CONDITION. Although they had tremendous resources both in manpower & in their products & natural resources, etc., they are still feeling the effects of their three major wars--first with the Spanish, then with the Americans, & finally with the Japanese, & you might almost say they had another war with the Americans, World War 2!
       19. WHAT THE JAPANESE DIDN'T DESTROY, THE AMERICANS DID, supposedly "saving" the Filipinos. In order to get rid of the Japanese, they had to also get rid of an awful lot of Filipinos in their bombings & their shootings & their horrible re-conquest of the Philippines! The Japanese came down first & took it over & they didn't do half the damage the Americans did! They did a fraction of the damage in taking over the Philippines, because the Philippines was weak & couldn't defend itself, & they rapidly took over.
       20. --JUST LIKE THEY SWEPT THROUGHOUT ALL THE REST OF SOUTHEAST ASIA, SOME PLACES WITHOUT EVEN FIRING A SHOT! The people just surrendered, it was no use to resist! The Japanese were too smart, too strong, too numerous & came too fast & just swept throughout Southeast Asia & virtually all East Asia, China, Korea, everywhere! They just took over so fast it was almost unbelievable! I was reading about it in the paper every day when I was a student in school. It was just unbelievable! Finally people almost gave up without any resistance at all, because they knew they couldn't fight'm. The Japanese had superior power, intelligence, were smarter, everything!--Even though they weren't more numerous, even though they were a small people, in those days only 80 million people, they took over the whole East!
       21. THEY WOULD HAVE UNDOUBTEDLY DEVELOPED THE EAST LIKE THEY HAVE DEVELOPED THEIR OWN ISLANDS. And with the assistance of those extra natural resources in both products & manpower & the rest, just think what the East could have been if they had allowed the Japanese to go ahead & develop'm!--Under their intelligence, cleverness & organisation--you can call it regimentation, but you don't get anywhere without it. No man's army ever got anywhere without regimentation.
       22. THE AMERICANS DECRY REGIMENTATION & SAY, "OH, THAT'S LIKE RUSSIA, WHERE EVERYBODY'S GOTTA DO WHAT THEY'RE TOLD TO DO!" Well, what about our Army, God's Army?--That's regimentation! If we didn't all do what God tells us to do, we'd be in a mess too!
       23. BUT I FRANKLY BELIEVE THAT IF THE U.S.A. HAD LAID OFF THE JAPANESE & STAYED HOME WHERE IT BELONGED & stopped sticking its nose into the business of the Orient--which it finally got cut off & lost pretty much anyhow--the Orient would be a lot better off today under the Japanese! Look at the mess the war left those countries in. Certainly the wars didn't do'm any good, war never does any people any good!--Even if they win it! A country is devastated, an economy is devastated & the place is a mess!
       24. THE ONLY REASON THE U.S. HASN'T BECOME THAT WAY YET IS BECAUSE THE U.S. HASN'T BEEN THE BATTLEFIELD YET! The U.S. always made sure everybody else's country was the battlefield, either Europe or in the East. The next war, however, is going to be different--the U.S. is going to get it! It'll be the battlefield, in fact there'll be almost no battle at all, it'll just be destroyed in one day, one hour! So their time is coming, they will reap what they have sowed throughout the World, violence & slaughter & poverty & destruction!
       25. SO INDEPENDENCE IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST THING FOR A PEOPLE. I don't know how I ever got started on that particular subject, but it's something to think about. Of course it's too late to think about it now, the damage is done, but you can see the sad results in many countries.--Whereas if they had not fought these wars of independence they would probably be better off today than they ever were.
       26. GOD BLESSES PEACE! GOD BLESSES PEACEMAKERS! HE DOESN'T BLESS WAR-MAKERS AS A RULE. We're going to study about one war that He blesses, but it's a rare war & it's a war to really enforce His Kingdom on Earth, & that's a rare exception. You don't find God fighting many wars of violence & slaughter & actual killing. But this is one case where the war has to be fought to enforce His Kingdom & His rule on Earth & to get rid of the bad people once & for all!--Well, for awhile anyhow, a thousand years. So how did I get on to that subject anyhow? (Fam: You were talking about languages.)--Right. It's important to know these languages!

       27. JAPAN IS NOT THE VERY BIGGEST COUNTRY OR THE MOST POPULOUS, BUT THEY'VE BEEN A VERY POWERFUL COUNTRY & they're now the richest country in Asia, & they're rapidly overtaking the Americans as far as average individual income & all that sort of thing. Their wages are still about half per hour what they are in the U.S.A., but look what they're producing at half as much wages! They're doing better, producing more, & better quality goods, so that people would rather buy good quality Japanese technical instruments, etc., than some of the sloppy stuff they make over in the U.S.A.--including thousands of cars the U.S. carmakers have to recall because of mistakes & all that sort of thing! The Americans are getting well paid, in fact they're getting paid too much! They're getting fat & rich & lazy & unwilling to work, like the British.

       28. THE BRITISH GOT RICH FIRST & HAD THEIR BIG RICH EMPIRE, & then they got so fat & rich, they even began paying the poor not to work, unemployment. Even on strikes they pay them welfare! So now the British figure, "Why work when I don't have to?--I can just live on welfare. Of course, I don't make quite as much money on welfare, but after all, I get half as much & I can live on that & not have to work at all!"
       29. SO THE BRITISH HAVE GOT THE WORST REPUTATION IN THE WORLD TODAY FOR LAZINESS & being unwilling to work & having the lowest production ratio per man-hour of any country in the industrialsed World! They produce the least per man-hour of labour, think of it! So the rich British have gone down to poverty now & are becoming one of the lesser nations of Europe, one of the lesser nations of the World!--Lost their empire, lost their one-time great industrial capacity & superiority & they have lost a lot of their wealth. They've almost lost the Pound, their British money, from $5 to $1!
       30. WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY I GOT A ONE POUND BILL FROM A CANADIAN LADY THAT HAD MET ME & MY MOTHER & LIKED ME & REMEMBERED ME, & through the mail later from Canada she sent me a one-Pound bill. I took it down to the bank & guess what I got for it in American money?--Five Dollars! Do you know what the Pound today is worth?--A little over one Dollar! That's your devaluation & depreciation of the money!
       31. SO THE BRITISH ARE GETTING POORER & POORER WITH ONE ECONOMIC TRAGEDY & CATASTROPHE AFTER ANOTHER! They're down to where they're looked upon by the Communists & the Russians as the next most easy prey in all of Europe for a takeover!--Because of their industrial unrest, strikes, lazy workers who don't want to work & people who just want to live off the dole & not work for their food. God's Word says, "He that shall not work shall not eat!"--And the British have violated that law of God! (2Th.3:10)
       32. THEY'RE GIVING PEOPLE SO MUCH THEY'RE ABLE TO PAY THEIR RENT, BUY THEIR TELEVISION SETS, OWN A CAR & STILL EAT & NOT WORK!--Paying them not to work! Well, how many people are you going to find who are willing to work who are paid not to work? So Britain is a mess! But once upon a time the British were a great country & a great empire & very rich & highly industrialised, had great technology & were well-educated & they spread their tremendous influence. That's when they were the most Christian too, before Evolution came along.
       33. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO REALLY DESTROYED BRITAIN, IT WAS CHARLES DARWIN & HIS DOCTRINE OF EVOLUTION! He destroyed their Christianity & destroyed their Empire! I wonder what the British would have thought if they realised when they first heard of Evolution that it was going to destroy the Empire? What would they have done with Darwin? They might have strung him up! That's what they should have done! Well, I'm sure he's enjoying the flames of Hell where he belongs right now. He almost destroyed the World!

       34. IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR THE DOCTRINE OF EVOLUTION, THERE WOULD BE NO COMMUNISM TODAY! Communism is based on Evolution, that everything made itself & developed itself, principles that Karl Marx called the dialectics of materialism, the principle of the force of history, as he called it. Communism has a god & they call it history, that history is just naturally evolving, the World is evolving, the economies are evolving, governments are evolving, & it's all going to evolve into Communism! The whole theories of Communism are built on Evolution.--Karl Marx's whole big Das Kapital & all of its theories of dialectical materialism. That's a big word! Dialectical materialism simply means that things just sort of evolute themselves, economies will automatically evolute gradually into Communism, because Capitalism must die, it dies of its own corruption & its own weight & kills itself. He was pretty right about that!
       35. BUT THAT'S WHERE COMMUNISM CAME FROM, IT'S BASED ON THE DOCTRINE OF EVOLUTION! And as you can see, the early proponents of Evolution also became the early proponents of Communism. Proponents, children, are pushers! Our Poster pushers are Poster proponents! They help boost something. A proponent is somebody who's for it, so they're pushers of that particular doctrine. So it was the Evolutionists who pushed Communism. And in promoting Evolution, the British Empire signed its own death warrant! In promoting Evolution, the Americans can help give themselves credit for creating Communism, which is signing America's death warrant! So there you are!

       36. A LOT OF THOSE SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF IF THEY HAD ACCEPTED OTHER CULTURES & CIVILISATIONS, particularly the economies of their betters. I'm sure these independent countries wouldn't like to hear me call Japan one of their betters, but it's obvious that the Japanese are better! Look at'm! I mean, they had no worse start than some of the other poor countries of the East, in fact they did have a worse start!--Japan was a penal colony for China where they sent their criminals & political prisoners, etc., to get rid of them. Japan was made up of political prisoners & criminals!--A Chinese penal colony for Chinese that were sent there to get rid of them, to literally imprison them, but they just dumped them on the islands & let them take care of themselves!

       37. TO STICK THEM IN A PRISON YOU'VE GOT TO BUILD THE PRISON FIRST & THEN YOU'VE GOT TO STAFF IT & FEED THE PEOPLE, & it's costly business. It's one of the biggest businesses now in the whole U.S.A., they get more prisons all the time, one of the biggest expenses of government. And it never does a bit of good. All they do is act as Universities of Crime & turn out more criminals!
       38. THERE WAS NEVER SUCH A THING AS IMPRISONMENT IN THE MOSAIC LAW. Either you rehabilitated offenders or you killed them! If somebody damaged property or damaged persons, if it wasn't too serious a crime, you just made'm go to work for that guy until he worked it off & paid it back by labour. It was a form of restricted freedom, but they didn't actually put'm in a jail behind bars, they made'm work on the farm & do hard manual labour for the man as a servant or as a teacher in his family or as a maid in his house until they worked off the debt of what they stole or what they damaged. Wasn't that a smart thing to do? That was the Mosaic Law, God's Law at that time. They would work it off, if it was a matter of economic or personal damage.
       39. EVEN RAPE WAS NOT A CAPITAL CRIME, IN OTHER WORDS A CRIME FOR WHICH SOMEBODY COULD BE EXECUTED OR PUT IN LIFE IMPRISONMENT, as it is in the United States & many other countries today. If a boy forced a girl to have sex against her will, she was given the choice of either marrying the guy or having him pay a fine. A lot of these cases of so-called rape were simply under-aged girls who wanted the sex & who wanted to marry the boy, but the parents wouldn't let'm! And to keep them from marrying, the parents would charge the guy with rape in court & send him to prison for years! Isn't that horrible? Talk about 10:36ers, we're not the only ones that have'm! Many parents have actually gotten rid of some guy that they didn't want their daughter to marry by charging him with rape & sending him to prison!--Pitiful!
       40. --WHEREAS UNDER THE MOSAIC LAW SHE WAS GIVEN A CHOICE, BOTH HER & HER FAMILY, that she could either marry the fellow & therefore supposedly make peace, or his father could pay her a large sum of money as damages. So they settled it peacefully either way, either she married him or she got a lot of money for it, & that was it! Nobody went to prison, nobody got punished, nobody got hurt & that was all there was to it.
       41. THE MOSAIC LAW WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A VERY TOUGH LAW, FOR WHICH THEY HAD 27 CAPITAL CRIMES, 27 different crimes for which you could be killed, think of that!--Including sassing your mother & father! It was a capital crime for which you were to be stoned to death if you treated your mother & father with disrespect. If you cursed your mother & father, you were to be stoned to death!
       42. I'LL TELL YOU, IF THEY HAD MOSAIC LAW ENFORCED TODAY, MOST COUNTRIES WOULD ACTUALLY BE A LOT BETTER OFF & there'd be a lot fewer crimes! If the criminals knew they were going to get killed for 27 different types of crimes, there wouldn't be so much crime! That's why the Arab countries have so little crime, because if people steal, they chop off a hand, & if they steal again they chop off the other hand! Pretty soon they start chopping off the feet, & eventually they chop off the head! So they don't have very much crime in Arab countries, the criminals know they're really going to get it & they don't dare! But in the U.S.A. & Europe & countries like that, the authorities send them to a nice comfortable prison where they are furnished free room-&-board, absolute security, clothing & everything! They do a little work, it's a tough schedule, but a pretty soft easy job.
       43. OF COURSE THE WORST PART ABOUT IT IS GETTING THROWN IN WITH A LOT OF CRIMINALS, WHICH MAKES CRIMINALS OUT OF A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WEREN'T EVEN REALLY CRIMINALS BEFORE, & prisons become the Universities of Crime! It embitters the people who are thrown there, because they know that the punishment is much worse than the offense, far worse in most cases. They take years out of a man's life, many times for just simple cases of mistakes or a little cheating or a little fraud or a little theft or a little this or that, which more people outside are getting away with than those inside! And they throw them in with these criminals, who then beat'm up or kill'm if they won't side with them & become criminals also.--As well as rape'm & everything else, horrible!
       44. THE PRISONS OF THE U.S.A. HAVE BECOME ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARES OF HORROR! Several intelligent men who were imprisoned for even what amounts to political crimes in the United States--they claim they have no political prisoners but they've got plenty of them--have written books about it after they got out & have tried to help the prisoners. There have been a number of outstanding Christians who got saved in prison & are now trying to help out the prisoners, because they realise the prison system is bad, it's doing more damage than good, harming more people than it's helping!
       45. THE MOSAIC SYSTEM HAD NO PRISONS, THEY JUST LET'M GO TO WORK & WORK IT OFF IF THEY OWED MONEY, ETC. Yes, they were restricted to the farm, they couldn't leave the farm or the man's employ, they were like a slave, in that sense they were a prisoner. But how much nicer a prison, to be able to live in a cottage on a farm & work in the nice healthful fresh outdoor air & sunshine at good hard physical manual labour, which is excellent for your health, than just perishing away in a dark, dank prison in a little cell of iron bars! How horrible!
       46. MODERN MAN'S WAY OF PUNISHING IS ALMOST THE MOST HORRIBLE YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE--prisons & torture & horrors like that--whereas the old Mosaic Law didn't even have anything like that. If the crime was bad enough, they just killed you! They figured, "Well, you're a danger to society & it's better to get rid of you entirely." Or if it wasn't that bad they just made you pay it off somehow.--Whether it was rape or theft or damage to property or whatever it was. That was a much more sane & humane law! As tough as it was, it was much more humane than the present system of so-called civilisation!
       47. CRIME IS GETTING SO BAD IN THE U.S.A. THAT THEY'VE GOT TO BUILD MORE & MORE PRISONS, have more & more staff members & wardens & they're costing more & more all the time. In fact, they can't even build the prisons fast enough now, they're turning the job over to private companies who make money off of imprisoning people!--Private companies not even under the government, which have private prisons where they build & run the prisons & make money off the prisoners! And the government has found out now they can do it cheaper that way because they've allowed private enterprise to enter the prison system, & these prison capitalists have found out that they can make money on a prison, whereas the government is losing money on their prisons!
       48. SO THE GOVERNMENT, SINCE IT IS SO INEFFECTIVE ON ONE OF ITS BIGGEST SOCIALIST ENTERPRISES, a government-controlled industry, the prisons of the United States, have found out if they turn that big enterprise over to private capital that the capitalists can make money on it & save them money & do it cheaper than they can!
       49. WELL, I GOT OFF ONTO ALL THAT BECAUSE OF JAPAN BEING A PENAL COLONY, A PRISON COLONY. A penal colony doesn't have anything to do with your penis, it means that it's a penalty colony, in other words, where you pay the price of your crime. But the Chinese just took their criminals over there by ship & dumped'm on an island & said, "Shift for yourself, live or die, sink or swim!" And it looks like the Chinese who were dumped on the Islands of Japan made it!--In fact, they made it better than China, they made it better than the rest of the Orient! They must have had a lot of drive, a lot of push, a lot of initiative & a lot of intelligence.
       50. A LOT OF THEM WERE POLITICAL PRISONERS, SMART MEN THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS JUST TRYING TO GET RID OF because they were a threat to their own power. And these political opponents were apparently smarter than some of the Chinese emperors, because they got over there & made a greater nation out of Japan than China!
       51. CHINA'S BIGGER & MORE POPULOUS, BUT LOOK HOW FAR BEHIND IT IS commercially, industrially, technologically, governmentally & in every way than Japan. Japan is the richest & most powerful nation, the leader of the East, think of it! Of course it's not the criminals that are running Japan now, the criminals were way back yonder hundreds of years ago. It's their great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren who are now running Japan, & they must have learned a lot from their parents & having to learn how to survive on their own on these formerly more or less deserted islands.
       52. THEY HAD A FEW ABORIGINES THERE, & THERE'S STILL A CLASS OF JAPANESE WHO ARE CONSIDERED DESCENDANTS OF THE PRIMITIVES who were originally there on the islands. But they're a very small minority & now they're fighting for minority rights, as so many people are. But they're a quite primitive type, you can even tell by looking at them that they're a different kind of people from the majority Japanese, who were originally Chinese.

       53. SO THE JAPANESE BECAME GREAT & POWERFUL BECAUSE THEY WORKED HARD & THEY WERE VERY OBEDIENT & VERY ORGANISED & REGIMENTED, both by their religion & their government & their economy, until they became the most prosperous nation in the entire East, & now they're again beginning to overtake the U.S.A.
       54. IF THE U.S.A. HADN'T GONE TO WAR WITH THEM, IF JAPAN HADN'T MADE THAT BIG MISTAKE of attacking Pearl Harbor--which was exactly what Roosevelt wanted them to do, to aggravate the American people to declare war on'm--the whole East would probably be better off today!
       55. --OR IF THE JAPANESE HAD FOLLOWED UP THEIR VICTORY AT PEARL HARBOR, WHICH DESTROYED SOMETHING LIKE HALF THE U.S. FLEET IN THAT ATTACK, they could have taken the Hawaiian Islands right then with a second attack! The Hawaiian Islands were completely helpless. They could have made Hawaii a base & probably attacked California--which is what they were thinking about & why they attacked Hawaii--& taken over the U.S.A.! And now the U.S.A. would be run by the Japanese & be better organised, have better technology, make better products, make those lazy Americans go to work & earn what their big salaries are, or reduce the salaries, & probably made a better country out of the United States!
       56. GOD HAS REALLY SENT ALONG SOME OF THE SOLUTIONS TO PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS, BUT THEY REFUSED THEM! Japan was the solution to the problems of the East & their economies. Japan might have taken over the U.S.A. & there might not have been any atomic bomb! And I think the Japanese probably would have been smart enough to make peace with the Russians.
       57. BUT GOD HAS ALLOWED COUNTRIES TO REAP WHAT THEY'VE SOWED. If they prefer war, carnage, slaughter, killing, destruction & violence just to be so-called "free & independent," look what a mess it's made out of them! A lot of them would have been a lot better off under dictatorship & regimentation & organisation with tough laws to make'm work & earn their bread by the sweat of their brow! Amen?--Believe it or not!

       58. THE GERMANS ARE ALWAYS FAMOUS FOR TOUGH DISCIPLINE & ORGANISATION. Look at how they have come back war after war & bounced right back & become rich again, powerful again, always smart! When I was young the country where everybody went to finish their education, the ultimate in education was Germany!--Whether it was art or music or science or industry or whatever it was, Germany was where you went to finish your education. And German was the second language taught in American high schools & colleges when I was young, because you had to know German to become successful in almost any art or industry or technology or science or whatever it was. So German was taught as the second language in high schools throughout the United States, think of that! Then finally you'd go to Germany & finish your education.
       59. WHAT SMART PEOPLE! HOW ORGANISED! LOOK HOW THEY'VE COME BACK & BOUNCED BACK & PROSPERED AGAIN BECAUSE OF THEIR STRICT DISCIPLINE, their work ethic, that you don't get anywhere unless you work hard & obey & do what you're supposed to do. It's a form of righteousness & it's right, it's good! It doesn't always get the best results, but look at Germany. Look how Germany has recovered from two lost wars, in spite of all that!
       60. NOW TAKE A LOOK AT ENGLAND TODAY & THE MESS IT'S IN. DARE I ASK YOU THIS QUESTION? I've already said it about the East, that the East would probably have been better off under Japan. Do you think if Hitler had won the won the war & taken over England & done for England what the Germans have done for Germany, that England would be better off than it is today or worse off? (Fam: Better off!) You know it would have been better off! They wouldn't have had that awful war that literally made it lose its entire Empire & slaughter its people!

       62. LOOK AT THE MESS ISRAEL'S IN NOW! ISRAEL THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO SOLVE ALL ITS PROBLEMS BY INVADING LEBANON, BUT IT HAS MADE THEIR SITUATION WORSE! It made the Lebanese more bitter enemies than ever, they're going to have more trouble now with the Shiite Amal Lebanese in Southern Lebanon than they ever had with the PLO! That war made them more enemies than they ever had before! It used to be that the Shiites were their friends in Southern Lebanon & wanted to help them get rid of the PLO. But then they came & invaded Lebanon, made war on the Lebanese & now they have made the Lebanese more bitter against them than ever & turned all the Lebanese against them! They even turned the "Christian" Lebanese against them, who were once friends of Israel! And what has Israel had to do?--Back out of the country literally in defeat!
       63. THIS SO-CALLED "WITHDRAWAL" IS A DEFEAT! THEY USE NICE PRETTY WORDS WHEN THEY DON'T WANT TO SAY IT'S A "RETREAT." When they don't want to say it's a "defeat," they call it a "withdrawal." What are you smiling about, Dear? Are you thinking about another kind of withdrawal? That's a defeat too.
       64. GOD KILLED A MAN IN THE BIBLE FOR WITHDRAWAL!--That means the guy didn't want to bear children to his brother's wife. His brother died, & according to the Mosaic Law you had to take over the brother's wife & marry her, & if she was childless, give her children so that she could inherit part of the father's inheritance.--She would get part of the estate, part of the farm, so that she would have a share in the inheritance. The sons got all the preference in those days, & even though she was not a son, nevertheless her children, if she had male heirs, would inherit part of the estate.
       65. SO ONAN WENT AHEAD & MARRIED HIS BROTHER'S WIFE ALL RIGHT, BUT WHEN HE FUCKED HER, THE MINUTE HE FELT THE SEED COMING HE YANKED IT OUT & spilled it on the ground so that she wouldn't have any babies, so he wouldn't have to pay for the babies & give them a share of the farm! That's what God killed him for, & that's what Onanism was! (Gen.38:8-10) But since then the Catholic Church & other churches have taught that Onanism is masturbation, jacking off! What a lie!
       66. GOD KILLED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS SELFISH & didn't want to have children by his brother's wife that he'd have to share his estate with! So Onan yanked his penis out quick & spilled the seed on the ground so she wouldn't have any babies. Isn't that horrible? That's Onanism.--Not masturbation, not jacking off, but as they call it in sexual terms today, it's withdrawal before ejaculation. Ejaculation means when your penis pumps out seed. [DELETED]
       67. WE'RE FRANK WITH [EDITED: "EXPLAINING TO"] OUR CHILDREN ABOUT SEX, PRAISE GOD! Don't you think that's the best way to be?--So they understand these things now instead of having misconceptions & screwed-up ideas about screwing. I'd rather they have the right ideas about screwing instead of screwed-up ideas. So we're quite frank about sex. So all that was a little side lesson about withdrawal. How did I get onto that? I was looking at the little funny smile that some of you had when I spoke of withdrawal!
       68. WELL, THAT'S A NICE WORD THAT THEY'RE GIVING TO THIS RETREAT OF THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] FROM LEBANON. So therefore the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are paying for that invasion, that's why they're in such an economic mess now. That invasion cost them more money than they could afford, more money than they could pay for. It cost them more of their boys' lives than the PLO ever could have possibly killed!--They claim over 600 lives & over a thousand wounded & casualties, but I think that's a very big lie. I think it was probably much more but they don't want to admit it. You know how proficient the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are in lying!

       70. NOW I'M NOT SAYING I LIKE HITLER, DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME, I THINK HE BECAME A MONSTER! But believe it or not, I think he started out with some of the right ideas. In fact, he started out claiming to be a Christian, favouring the Evangelicals. The Evangelical conservative fundamentalist groups were his prime supporters in the beginning, because they considered his principles & the things he was fighting for, etc., to be Christian. They thought that he was going to literally Christianise Germany & Europe, [DELETED] and he was going to get'm organised & industrialised & have a new utopia of Europe! He was planning a Heaven-on-Earth in Europe! Well, you can see that he obviously made some mistakes which created nothing but Hell on Earth!
       71. BUT THE PRINCIPAL PROBLEM WAS THAT THOSE COUNTRIES WOULDN'T YIELD! The countries that yielded to him, without a shot, without resistance, are better off today than the countries that fought him! How about Austria? Austria now is a neutral country & peaceful, & compared to some of the rest of Europe is prospering! Where do you hear the most trouble coming from, Austria or Poland? (Fam: Poland.) Poland was the one that was first to resist him & fight, which brought Britain into the war against Hitler.
       72. BUT IN SPITE OF HITLER & ALL HIS MISTAKES, I DARESAY EUROPE [DELETED] certainly would have been spared World War 2 & all of its slaughter if they had submitted & yielded to Hitler & become a genuine truly united Europe. And do you know what would have happened if that had happened? They wouldn't be fighting Russia today! Europe would have become so strong & so powerful & considered itself Christian, that the Russians wouldn't have even dared challenge them! Hitler would have been able to march in on Russia & would've taken over Communism & obliterated it & made Russia a part of Europe--& he almost did!

       73. I AM CHALLENGING YOU WITH SOME UNTHINKABLE THOUGHTS TODAY, that Europe [EDITED: "c"]ould have been better off under Hitler than they are today, & that the East [EDITED: "c"]ould have been been better off under Hirohito than they are today! No war ever made any country better, it only made them poorer & worse off. You say, "Dad, you're just contradicting what you're about to read out of the Bible here!" Well, when God fights wars, that's a different matter! You know He's fighting for the right cause & that He's fighting to establish true peace!
       74. ALL THESE COUNTRIES ALWAYS CLAIM THEY'RE FIGHTING FOR PEACE, SELF-DEFENCE, TO MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY! These are slogans that they advertised during all these wars. Has either World War 1 or World War 2 made the World safe for democracy? (Fam: No!) World War 2 was "the war to end all wars"--did it end all wars? (Fam: No!) But these are the slogans they persuade the people to fight for. "Well, we realise that World War 1 didn't really make the World safe for democracy. It created some even worse tyrannies than ever before, such as Hitler & Stalin & all those, but now we're going to fight World War 2 & that is going to be the war to end all wars!" These are the lies that governments tell their people! But God doesn't lie! Maybe this is a little preparation for this Chapter. (Rev.19)
       75. GOD DOESN'T LIE! WHEN HE SAYS HE'S FIGHTING THE WAR TO END ALL WARS, HE MEANS IT & HE DOES IT! He's fighting to make the World safe, but not for democracy, thank God, because that's the most hellish, worst kind of government there is! Look at the mess so many countries are in because of democracy, they can't make up their minds, they're all divided, split up! It's the most inefficient, expensive, ridiculous kind of government there is! A good king or even a good tyrant or a good dictator is a better government.
       76. THEY DECRY THE GOVERNMENTS OF SOME COUNTRIES BECAUSE THEY HAVE DICTATORS--well, they're probably better off! He may not be perfect, he may make mistakes, but they're probably better off. It's more efficient, he can get things done more effectively & faster, more efficiently & without all this folderol of guys arguing in the Senate & arguing in the Legislature & arguing in the Parliament & blah blah blah! His word is law & boom, you do it, period!--Just the way God's government is going to be!
       77. THE GOVERNMENT OF JESUS CHRIST IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, IT IS ABSOLUTE TOTAL DICTATORSHIP, BUT IN LOVE, because He loves you. A benign dictator is the best kind of government the World could ever have, & that's what it's going to get through this war we're about to study in this Chapter. (Rev.19) I'm not going to take time to read it now, the time's gone, but maybe that's sort of a wee word of introduction for the rest of this Chapter!
       78. WHEN GOD SAYS HE'S GOING TO FIGHT A WAR TO ESTABLISH PEACE ON EARTH, THERE'S GOING TO BE PEACE ON EARTH! If it's going to be a war to end all wars (except for the final Battle of Gog & Magog), there's going to be a war to end all wars for at least a Thousand Years & there's going to be peace on Earth & righteousness & a righteous government! That's why He has to fight this war, & when He does it, He does it right & for the right cause & with the right effect. When man does it, it just makes things worse.
       79. THE AMERICANS BRAG ABOUT THEIR GREAT VICTORY OVER JAPAN & GERMANY, HOW MUCH GOOD IT'S DONE THE WORLD & BLAH BLAH BLAH! Well, look around you & see how much good it's done the World! Can't you just see how much good it's done the World? The [EDITED: "ACs"] have taken over, it's prepared the World for the Antichrist, it's prepared the World for the greatest dictatorship they're ever going to have outside of God! It's prepared the World for the greatest reign of terror, the Tribulation, the World's ever going to have, this great "war to end all wars," these great wars to "make the World safe for democracy." [DELETED]

       81. WAR IS SELDOM EVER JUSTIFIED, ESPECIALLY BY MAN. BUT GOD'S WAR IS GOING TO BE A DIFFERENT KIND OF WAR, because God is just, He is righteous & He wants what's best for the people. When He says He's going to end the wars & make peace, that's what He's going to do, & it's going to be better for the people. And you can read all about it in the Bible.
       82. WE'RE ABOUT TO STUDY THE WAR WHICH WILL END ALL WARS FOR AT LEAST A THOUSAND YEARS, & THAT IS LONGER THAN THE WORLD HAS EVER HAD PEACE! In fact, according to the latest statistics there are about 47 different wars going on in the World right now, most of them small wars, a few big ones, but nevertheless wars. Well, war is the Devil's own tool to destroy the World, destroy man, destroy the economy & destroy everything! Finally he's given them the knowledge of evil to make atomic bombs to where they can even destroy the Earth if God would let'm, but He won't, thank the Lord!
       83. THIS WAR WE'RE ABOUT TO STUDY IS GOING TO STOP IT ALL & IT'S GOING TO ENFORCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD BY FORCE, whether they like it or not! It's going to wipe out all of the most evil people & their leaders & give the rest another chance to follow God & His Kingdom & to do what's right, & to have a peaceful, beautiful Garden-of-Eden Heaven on Earth, the Millennium! PTL? Hallelujah!
       84. WELL, I STARTED TO SAY I'M SORRY, BUT I'M NOT SORRY WE DIDN'T GET INTO THE LAST HALF OF THIS CHAPTER. This was sort of an introduction after a fashion, that there are good wars & bad wars, & the best kind of war is where people surrender & yield to the power that God has sent & don't make war!
       85. WHO KNOWS BUT WHAT GOD SENT THE JAPANESE TO SAVE ASIA, & LOOK WHAT A MESS IT'S IN SINCE THEN! In fact, the Japanese now without war are trying to save it again! Who knows but what Germany could have saved Europe? Who knows but what God sent Germany to save Europe from the mess that it's now in? Who knows but what Europe would have been much better off if Germany had taken over & they'd not had World War 2!
       86. I THINK WE ALL KNOW THAT THE WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT BETTER OFF WITHOUT THE U.S.'s WARS--Revolutionary War, Civil War, War of 1812 with the British, war with the Spanish, war with the French, wars with Spain & then finally wars with Germany & Russia!--As well as Japan, Korea & Vietnam! My God, the U.S.A. has fought wars with almost every major country! The history of the U.S. is nothing but war!
       87. THEY HAVE UNDOUBTEDLY CREATED MORE DESTRUCTION & HAVE DONE MORE DAMAGE TO THE WORLD IN MORE PLACES & MORE COUNTRIES THAN ANY OTHER NATION THAT HAS EVER EXISTED! America is no nation of peace, it is the most warlike nation on the face of the Earth & has done more damage, has killed more people & has ruined more economies than any other nation on the face of the Earth!
       88. AMERICA HAS NEARLY WRECKED THE WORLD! It invented the atomic bomb & it dropped the first atomic bombs on innocent civilian populations! The U.S.A. is & has been the greatest enemy on God's Earth to this World! Maybe Russia will be the next one. If it brings in the Antichrist & all that, that'll be the worst, but at least it'll be under the guise of temporarily making peace. Of course then it will bring on the World's worst war which will really devastate worse than any power ever has! But America has been a good forerunner, or a bad forerunner, working its way up to the worst. I'm sure it'll get credit in Hell for being the World's second worst power next to Russia & the Antichrist.
       89. AS MANY FAMOUS GENERALS WHO HAD TO FIGHT WARS HAVE SAID, WAR IS HELL!--Hell on Earth! And in this chapter we find that that's what the World wants, so that's what God gives them, Hell on Earth to wipe out the wicked & to establish Heaven on Earth! Praise God! TTL! Amen!

       90. WELL, THAT WASN'T EXACTLY WHAT I PLANNED TO SAY BY ANY MEANS! I was starting to read you the Bible, you saw I had good intentions! I opened it & I reviewed the first half of the Chapter & forewarned you what the second half was going to be about, but you know how it is!--If the Preacher comes & takes over, things change, & I guess that's what you needed to know. [DELETED]
       91. [DELETED] AT FIRST THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE BETTER OFF UNDER THE RUSSIANS THAN THEY ARE NOW, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! God is allowing it, but because they don't let God run it, they're going to wind up worse than ever & the very worst of all & bring on the time of greatest trouble the World has ever known! But the worst has to come before things can get better, the darkest hour is just before dawn, & God then is going to have to step in & stop it all by force!--That's the only thing they understand, force & violence, so He has to do it that way. They reject peace!
       92. AND WE'RE GOING TO HELP HIM CHARGE DOWN ON OUR WHITE CHARGERS CHARGING OUT OF HEAVEN! "Gee-up, gee-up! Come on, Dobbin, let's go down there & wipe out those wicked people! Let's go down there & slaughter'm & get rid of'm so we can have Heaven on Earth and the Garden of Eden!" Amen? I think they're going to be kind of like those great big draft horses, like those great big giant horses with those huge hooves, really war horses! Did you know they used to use horses in war? They called'm war horses & they were able to fight right along with their riders! They'd trample & kick back & kick forward & stomp & bite, war horses which fought in a war!
       93. I THINK MAYBE THAT'S WHAT OUR HORSES ARE GOING TO BE LIKE, GREAT BIG HUSKY HORSES, not dragging beer barrels any more, but bringing in barrels of joy, the Kingdom of God! Hallelujah!--While they're trampling to death the horrible wicked people that have made such a mess out of this World & getting rid of them! And we'll clean up the World & make it Heaven on Earth instead of the Hell on Earth it is now! PTL! Isn't that wonderful?
       94. AND YOU ARE HONOURED, YOU'RE BLESSED BY BEING THE GENERATION THAT'S GOING TO SEE THIS HAPPEN! You're going to witness the World's worst days, but then you're going to bring on its best days! Isn't that wonderful? But if the worst didn't come, He couldn't bring on the best! God has to let man do his damnedest & bring on the worst in the World before you will feel justified to completely wipe'm out & bring on Heaven's best! Praise God? Hallelujah! TYL! Amen! Let's pray for the Kingdom of God to come, shall we?--And you're going to help bring it, as we're going to find out in this next passage we're going to read! PTL! Amen? Hallelujah!
       95. [DELETED] [EDITED: "We're"] going to fight for the Lord & bring in the Kingdom of God! PTL? Won't that be fun riding those horses [EDITED: "down from Heaven"] & getting rid of our enemies, all these people that are saying all these nasty lies about us & causing us trouble & running us out of our countries. We're there to do their country good, saving their people, trying to help'm find the Kingdom of God, & they run us out! They deserve whatever judgement God wants to give'm! They deserve to get the damnedest! They refused God's Salvation, so they're going to get the Devil's Hell!--Right?
+ + + + + + +

       (Later that day):
       97. IT REMINDS ME OF THE STORY ABOUT THE VINEYARD THAT THE LORD SAID HE SENT HIS SERVANTS TO, WHERE THE PEOPLE WOULDN'T SUBMIT OR OBEY. (Mk.12:1-11) I think some of these tyrants were God's instruments to bring order to some countries, but they would have none of them. They were God's solutions, but the people rejected them & their rejection caused the wars, the horrible slaughters & nightmares. If they had submitted, I really believe they would have been better off today. You know good & well the Orient would be better off if Japan were ruling it, or even the U.S. And you know good & well that Europe would be better off if Germany were running it!
       98. MAYBE THOSE TYRANTS WERE SAVIOURS SENT BY GOD TO TRY TO SAVE THE PEOPLE & save the countries & the poor & their economies, because they're certainly worse off now than ever! It's only been under such tyrants that the World has ever made any progress, under great powers which united the nations into empires! But finally the rebellious people always rebelled & tore it up.
       99. I WAS THINKING HOW MUCH BETTER IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FOR EUROPE IF THEY HAD SUBMITTED TO NAPOLEON! He would have really united Europe, but it was rebellious England that spoiled it all. The British have refused saviour after saviour & they deserve whatever they've gotten because they refused to submit to all those salvations that God sent! They've done it time & again! Look how time & again the Lord has had mercy on Europe to try to unite it & bring it peace, even World peace, but they've rejected it! Look how even Napoleon would have united Europe, Britain & Russia & all, but they refused at the horrible cost of millions of lives & massacre! They must have been what God calls "the power," but the people refused to submit. God says submit to the power, but they rebelled & they've been a mess ever since! (Rom.13:1-3)
       100. AMERICANS & EUROPEANS ARE SO BRAINWASHED WITH ALL THIS RIDICULOUS THEORY OF DEMOCRACY & SO-CALLED FREEDOM! I mean they've got history turned inside-out & upside-down & backwards!--Whereas I'm more inclined to interpret history exactly the opposite from the way they've misinterpreted it! Their "ministry of truth" has glorified everything that's wrong, just the opposite of the truth!
       101. IT'S LIKE THE LORD SENT ALL THOSE TYRANTS & EMPERORS TO SAVE THE EARTH, BUT THEN THEY WENT TOO FAR, SO GOD HAD TO DESTROY THEM. It's sort of like the Antichrist. In a way, temporarily he is going to save the World, but then he goes too far & he thinks he did it instead of God! That's when they go too far, when they start giving themselves the credit for it instead of the Lord, & then God has to get rid of them.
       102. WE COULD CALL THIS "THE GOD OF EMPIRES"! Since we know the lies of the Devil & the System, if we turn all of their propaganda & interpretation of history inside-out & backwards, we'd probably get the true picture! All these World conquerors & tyrants were probably saviours sent by God, but whom the World rejected, & that's why they're such a mess! That's a radical theory, but I think it's consistent!
       103. YOU KNOW THE U.S. [EDITED: "ACs"] & THEIR MEDIA, THEIR HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS & PROPAGANDA ARE ALL LIES & the exact opposite of the truth! So if you look back on recent history & turn it around so it's just the opposite, then you get the true picture! [DELETED]
       104. ALL OF THEM REJECTED THEIR SAVIOURS so now God's Wrath will be heaped on the World because they rejected His solutions. They've always rejected His saviours, even though He sent one after the other. He sent servants to save His kingdom, "But they would not." Finally He sent His Son & they killed Him! This time He is going to send His Son & kill them!--Amen? GBAKY!

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