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THE LOVE OF CHRIST CONSTRAINETH YOU!DO 20982/86--Farewell Meeting with Departing Leadership Teams.DO 2098

1. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE UP AN OFFERING EACH TIME! The people in the United States are geared to taking up offerings at every meeting, so don't fail to take up an offering! Just tell them it is towards your living expenses there. I strongly advise against staying in any local Homes. Take it from me after many years of experience in evangelistic work! You're far better off to stay in an independent private situation yourselves to get any rest & have any privacy & even to be able to better deal with individual cases on your turf & not theirs. You got it?
2. SO DON'T FEEL EXTRAVAGANT! I mean, you'll need it! The only rest & peace you'll get is having a private situation yourselves to get away from the mob. You'll have enough phone calls & people pestering you as it is.
3. AND I SUGGEST IF THERE ARE SPECIAL CASES WHO WANT SPECIAL ATTENTION & want to have special prayer or be dealt with or discuss their problems, say, "Well, we're real busy, how about taking us to lunch or dinner & we'll discuss it with you." That's the way business people do. Beggars can't be choosers! It's a seller's market. "OK, we'll meet you in such-&-such cafe or coffee shop for breakfast, you bring the breakfast, or pay for it!" Make it very clear, "You take us to breakfast"--or to lunch or dinner--"& we'll have time to talk to you there." And if you can't settle it there you can always go back to your room a little bit for prayer etc. And you've got them there & private & separated & away from any other influences & everything else, meaning particularly other people & other Family people who could be interrupting & diverting & all the rest.

4. BUT LEARN TO CUT IT SHORT! Now Faithy, that's where you & I have problems! Most of you need a PA system wherever you're going, because Faithy & I are about the only big mouths in this outfit! Faithy & I don't need a PA system, we need an alarm clock to tell us when to quit! I'm going to count on you, dear Paul, to try to give her the tip-off! If she was on television or radio she would have to quit. They've got a time slot & that's it, they cut off the best of people.
5. THOSE CONFERENCE OR BANQUET OR LUNCHEON ROOMS ARE GOING TO BE RESERVED FOR JUST A SPECIFIC TIME PERIOD, & FAITHY, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO QUIT! Is that clear? You just tell her, Paul, "Now this room is reserved just for this period & that is it!"--Or you're going to have waiters looking daggers at you & cussing you under their breath & wishing you had never come! No amount of tip is going to make it worthwhile if you run an hour overtime or even a half-an-hour or maybe even 10 or 15 minutes. Now learn how to cut it short & quit! I don't know how to do that but this is my last chance at you, so it's important.
6. AND DON'T LET THOSE PRIVATE INTERVIEWS DRAG OUT & DRAG OUT FOR HOURS & HOURS! I used to get so disgusted with some of you guys there at TSC when you'd deal with those people for hours & hours, all day & days on end! I settled their hash in about five minutes! You need a little discernment. Some of those people don't want to leave the nest, they just want to stay there & be troublemakers & problem children. Some people just want attention. They cook up problems just so you'll give them attention!
7. LET THEM KNOW STRICTLY THAT YOU ARE AVAILABLE BY PHONE & if they want to make an appointment with you, preferably make it meal appointments where you can do your chit chat & get acquainted over the meal & maybe even discuss their problem & maybe get it over with, so that when you leave, you can leave them too. Only take them back to your room to discuss things & pray for them & all that when you think you really have to, in a real needy case, & try to cut it short.
8. IF YOU MAKE IT A DINNER-LENGTH OR A LUNCHEON-LENGTH MEETING, YOU CAN USUALLY SIT THERE FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS. We've had a lot of business meetings at lunch & it's a good time to do it. And when you are finished there & the waiters are beginning to look a little impatient to clear the table, that's a good time to cut it off & you have a good excuse for saying, "Well, goodnight, goodbye, God bless you!" You've had a little prayer over the table, you don't even have to shut your eyes. Tell them goodbye & send them home. Hardly any people deserve more than two hours of your time even if they do pay for the lunch. Your time is worth a lot more than that!

9. YOU DON'T WANT TO STAY IN HOMES. If you don't have any other excuse than to say, "Dad forbad it," I forbid you to stay in their Homes! Because if you do, they will monopolise all of your time & not give you a moment's peace & not a moment's rest! All the kids will be climbing all over you & you'll never get any rest or any peace & that one Home will monopolise all your time. I know! We did it in evangelistic work. We avoided that like the plague as much as we possibly could, trying not to live in the homes of the people.
10. MOST OF THE CHURCHES WERE WILLING TO RENT US A ROOM OR AN APARTMENT FOR THE DURATION OF OUR STAY, & that is the only way we ever got any rest or any peace! You cannot get any rest or peace staying right in the Home in somebody's bedroom with all that racket going on & them wanting to talk to you every minute & getting all the latest news, blah, blah, blah! Now just don't do it! I forbid it! Is that clear? I forbid you to stay in Homes!
11. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN REALLY FAIRLY SHARE YOUR TIME WITH OTHERS WHO REALLY NEED IT IS TO BE ON YOUR OWN, independent, & then you call the shots & not them! They don't tell you when breakfast, lunch & dinner time is, you tell them when you've got time to eat it with them & they pay for it! Is that clear? And they make their appointments by telephone! They don't just drop in out of the blue, knock, knock on your door & say, "Oh, here I am! Can I come in? I've got a little problem to discuss." Just say, "I'm sorry, we have our appointments all lined up & you'll have to phone us for an appointment.--And you bring the duck!"--Or we're going to duck! I mean it!

12. IT'S AN EXPENSIVE PROGRAM, BUT WE ARE EARMARKING THAT MUCH FUNDS FOR WHAT WILL PROBABLY BE OUR FINAL TOUR & we'll be thankful if you finish this before things go haywire. Amen? But I hope, D.V., that it is going to be worth it & you may encourage some people. You may even glean a few workers who can be persuaded how easy it is to be a missionary, at least a "shove-off" missionary on their vacations or whatever.--Or they can save up like the Mormons do, enough to take off a few months during the slack season & come back & get their job. They can tell their boss they want a sabbatical or a six-month or year's leave from their job.
13. TRY TO PERSUADE THEM TO GO & GET A TASTE OF THE FIELD! Some of them who never had the faith to go, maybe once they went they might really have the faith to stay, or go back again at least, & they could be a big help with both their funds & their work, to see what it is like to live on a mission field.
14. THIS IS NOT THEORY, THIS IS ACTUAL FACT! Our Christian Missionary Alliance did it, Fred Jordan did it, it is a common practice with missionary organisations to encourage people to visit the field. In so doing they help the field while they are there. They help financially, with the work, with the witnessing & they're much more inspired to give faithfully to support when they go back, even if they never return again. In many cases we found they'd come back every year to spend their vacation on the field & be a big help financially & labour-wise & witnessing & everything. Make it a fruitful witnessing missionary vacation!
15. SO I THINK YOU'LL FIND IT REALLY WORKS! That is going to be one of your major things. You are going back to the people who didn't make it to the field or didn't make it on the field to try to encourage them we still love them & we still believe they can serve the Lord either at home, or some can even at least spend their vacations on the mission field. If they didn't have the faith to get up all the minimum funds & the travel funds & landing funds & all that stuff, at least they can have the faith to save up enough money to take their vacation there.
16. IF THEY GOT THERE BEFORE BUT DIDN'T HAVE THE FAITH TO STAY THERE, couldn't make it & went home, don't vilify them & condemn them as failures & all that, but encourage them! "Well, maybe you didn't have the faith to be a fulltime missionary, but how about being a part time missionary? Go spend your two weeks or your month's vacation on the field & help the missionaries already there who know what they're doing & are making it. And you'll come home inspired & thrilled!"

17. BOY, I'LL NEVER FORGET MY FIRST TRIP INTO MEXICO! Whew! I came back & I looked at those Americans & I looked at all that wealth & richness & pomp & it just sickened me! I wished I could have turned around & gone straight back to Mexico! I was only there on business, but it made me so sick of America & Americans. Here they were right next door to all kinds of shacks & hovels & shanties & squatters right across the border in Mexico! You can walk over & see it, right there in Juarez or Tijuana or Laredo. All you have to do is walk across the bridge & you can see the need. But what do they do about it?--Nothing! The U.S. wants more money, more money & "Let'm starve! Let'm go to Hell!" They don't give a damn! That's the way they feel about the Third World too, "As long as we survive!"
18. THAT'S THE WHOLE RUB RIGHT NOW WITH THESE TRADE PROBLEMS & THREATS OF PROTECTIONISM, threats to their trading partners & all the rest, because the average American wants to work less & earn more money, & the only place they can get it is from the poor in the Third World, by robbing the poor! That's a fact! You understand? "America first! Me first!"--That's the whole idea. And what they're screaming & squealing about is that they are going to have to sacrifice & make less money so that the poor Third World can even survive! That's what it all comes down to.
19. THE U.S. WANTS THE LION'S SHARE! They want to continue to consume 50 times as much of the World's resources as the rest of the World all put together! Think of that!--The North, the developing World. I saw the stats one time, they consume 50 times as much of the World's resources per capita as the rest of the World, the Third World, the poor World, & they want to keep it that way! They don't give a damn if the poor starve! The Christians, the church people don't give a damn if the rest of the World go to Hell without Jesus as long as they get what they want & keep their high standard of living!
20. WELL, GOD IS GOING TO KNOCK THAT THING INTO A COCKED HAT & JERK THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER THEM! I think they're going to be shocked to find out they're going to be poor again like they were in the Depression, & the rest of the World, God is going to see that they get it some way & survive somehow. Praise the Lord?

21. OK, YOU GO & GIVE'M HELL!--I'M TALKING ABOUT THOSE IN EUROPE & THE U.S.A. SOCK IT TO'M! GET THEM UNDER CONVICTION! Fred used to say, "You get those guys under such conviction & make them feel so guilty they'd rather give you their pants than go to the mission field!" You get the point? If they won't go to the mission field, they'd rather give you their pants than to have to go. You get it? And boy, he could do it too! I think I learned a little along that line too.
22. THEY'D BE WILLING TO GIVE ALMOST ANYTHING! All of a sudden they'd get very missionary-minded & very Christ-conscious & very sympathetic for the poor & very concerned for the lost & they'd give & give & give rather than have to go. So if you can't get them, then get their pants! OK? Even if you have to take off their pants to do it, praise God! Amen? That's your job, to get them to give themselves or their pants! "Your life or your pants!" Maybe that's a good title for that little talk! And be sure they leave the money in their pockets!--Ha!
23. THAT'S THE IDEA, THAT'S WHY YOU'RE GOING THERE, TO ENCOURAGE THOSE WHO ARE WEAK IN FAITH, weak-minded, feeble-minded & feeble-faithed to at least do what they can! They must be doing something or they wouldn't be on the mailing list, they wouldn't be TRFers, right?
24. SO WHAT'S THE USE OF GOING IF THEY'RE DOING ALL THEY CAN RIGHT NOW? Well, we believe that some of them could do better, that you still might be able to encourage some people to go to the field, at least in the "Shove Off" program, spend their vacations on the field or save up like the Mormons & spend a year or two years on the field where they don't have to depend upon themselves & their own know-how & raising their own support. They can live with other missionaries who can show them how & what to do while the visitors contribute to their support there. They contribute support while the missionary contributes know-how & helps them serve the Lord, & then they go home & even support you better. I believe it is going to work because I've seen it work before. It works! Just rest assured of that, it works!
25. SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GO FOR?--YOU ARE GOING TO GO FOR THEM FIRST OF ALL, & if they won't give themselves, then get their pants along with their wallet in the pocket! OK? You'll be surprised how some people would rather really sacrifice & support than have to go themselves. OK? I mean it! Get them if you can! The most priceless & most valuable of all is manpower & service! But if you can't, then get their support! Praise the Lord?
26. AND ON THE "SHOVE OFF" PROGRAM I THINK YOU CAN GET BOTH, at least temporary help. You've heard of part-time secretaries?--They can be part-time missionaries & at least contribute their help part-time. And if they won't do that, at least contribute double time of finances & support! Get it? You're going there to try to reach people, to still give them a last chance, to glean maybe a few more missionaries & a little more support for the existing missionaries, some more manpower & some more support! Praise the Lord?
27. WE'RE WILLING TO RISK YOU & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO TRY TO MAKE THIS LAST-DITCH ATTEMPT TO RECRUIT MANPOWER & SUPPORT! That's what it means! And at the same time, most of all you're giving them some encouragement & some inspiration & some fellowship & some feeding of the sheep. It will probably be your last chance to ever see them.

28. BE SURE TO SALT YOUR MONEY AROUND HERE & THERE & KEEP IT WELL HIDDEN! Be sure that the wallet or purse that you keep taking money out of to pay for things--fares, meals etc.--is not where you are carrying most of your money. When I got my pocket picked that time in the Piccadilly subway station, those guys had to be standing there to see where I took my wallet out, what pocket I took it out of, to know exactly what to reach for & where to reach for it when they pushed up against me! (See ML#1216.)
29. IF POSSIBLE, DON'T LET THEM SEE WHERE YOU'RE GETTING YOUR MONEY AT ALL! Stick your wallet under the table at mealtime, take it out & hide it. But whatever purse or wallet you pay for your little local items out of, don't let it be where you keep very much money, because that's what they'll aim for. They watch to see when you pay in a restaurant, when you pay your plane fare or whatever. They watch & wait & see where you've got your money & then they go for it! Don't let them know, if possible. You've got to have something to take money out of to pay for this or that, just don't keep much in there but a little change, just enough to take care of little things.
30. IF POSSIBLE, CARRY TWO OR THREE WALLETS & KEEP ONLY A LITTLE BIT IN EACH ONE. When one runs out of money, then start pulling out the other one so they can't get them all. And for God's sake, Paul, watch this gal Faithy! She would leave her head behind if it wasn't hooked on! She is the absent-minded professoress! She is thinking on a course much greater & better & more wonderful & of more important things than her purse or her wallet or her passport!
31. BUT YOU'RE GOING TO FIND OUT YOUR PURSE & YOUR WALLET & YOUR PASSPORT ARE PRETTY IMPORTANT or you may not be able to tend to more important things if you don't hang on to them! I mean it! Remember, all those places you eat & hotels you go to & fare counters & all the rest, there are always some of those guys hanging around waiting to see where your money is. Maybe they'll edge up beside you to see how much money there is. Don't ever take your money out in such a way they can see inside your wallet & see how much money you're carrying so they can figure out whether it's worth the risk. Watch it!

32. HANG ON TO YOUR SUITCASES! Boy, I'll tell you, those days I travelled on the bus, when I stood at a counter, most of the time I kept my suitcase gripped in my hand by the handle, I never let it out of my grip, much less my sight! When I had to stop & use both hands, like taking out a wallet & taking money out of it, you know where I kept it?--Whether it was the restaurant or the bus ticket counter or the hotel counters, no matter where. Beside me?--No! Up against my leg?--No! I kept it clamped between my two legs! You're not supposed to be carrying anything more than a fleebag, but if you carry too much stuff you are not going to be able to do that. When you have to set it down for some reason, to get out your money or whatever, clamp it between your two legs. And if it is possible, if the occasion makes it possible, sit on it!
33. MY MOTHER THOUGHT IT WAS ENOUGH TO SET HERS DOWN BESIDE HER. She was in a bus station buying a ticket. She got the ticket & looked down & all she had was a ticket, the suitcase was gone! So hang on to your luggage & baggage, make it impossible for them to steal it. Like I've said about accidents, make it impossible to happen, make it impossible for them to steal it!
34. ON THE PLANES & BUSES & TRAINS, I SAT WITH MY SUITCASE RIGHT HERE UNDER MY LEGS WITH MY LEGS CLAMPED ON IT, OR MY FEET RESTING ON IT. If anybody tried to steal it they would have had to move me, even if I was asleep, & I often slept that way. And of course getting on & off I was carrying it in my hand & they would have had to jerk it away from me. And I always carried an umbrella, something to sock them with or stick a hole in them with if necessary! They saw that I was at least somewhat armed with that umbrella.
35. I CARRIED MY SUITCASE IN MY LEFT HAND & MY UMBRELLA IN MY RIGHT HAND, & I ALWAYS HAD ONE OF THOSE POINTED UMBRELLAS! "A strong man armed keepeth his goods in peace." (Luk.11:21) Well, we can't carry guns, but you can carry an umbrella. And many a time I was glad I had that umbrella! I met guys at train stations in the dark, lonely places in London & they looked at us & I noticed them looking at that umbrella, wondering if I could use it, & I was prepared to use it! Sometimes I actually lifted my umbrella up & set it on my shoulder like a gun like I was ready to whammy them if they gave me any problems. So don't hesitate to take an umbrella, it is a perfectly useful thing, especially when it rains, but you will be very thankful you have it if it does more than rain. It acts as a deterrent for one thing.
36. I ALWAYS FIGURED THAT MY MONEY WAS SAFER ON ME THAN IT WAS LEFT IN MY SUITCASE IN THE HOTEL ROOM. But there were other things in my suitcase which were valuable & I had this little trick. I carried a little pouch with all of my toiletries & an extra pair of socks etc. I would take this in the bathroom, set it down on the shelf or something, put out the toiletries there & make it look like that's all I had with me, all I had brought on my trip.--Or maybe you have a little duffle bag of some kind full of almost worthless stuff that is usually replaceable & make it look like that is all you brought with you at the hotel.
37. I ALWAYS HAD A GOOD TOUGH SUITCASE! All those years I carried almost the same suitcase, which I bought for $13 in New Orleans. It was a solid metal suitcase & it had two locks on it & I locked that suitcase & then I would shove it so far back under the bed that it plowed right into all the debris & the dirt that the maid never cleaned out. I had to dust it off a little bit when I pulled it out, but every time I left the room I shoved that suitcase way back under where nobody would see it. I never left it sitting on the luggage rack or anything like that.
38. I LOCKED IT, DOUBLE LOCKED IT & SHOVED IT WAY UNDER THE BED WHERE NOBODY COULD SEE IT, but then I had the other little things spread around so it looked like I'd taken a quick trip to some hotel & that's all I had with me.--The decoy idea! You just fool them with a kind of decoy & they look & think that's all you've got & they don't bother to look under the bed. If the maid doesn't bother to look under the bed, then OK, it's not likely they will either.
39. EVEN IN MY SUITCASE I NEVER CARRIED ANYTHING VALUABLE & IRREPLACEABLE. I usually had a change of underwear, change of shirt, change of socks & a few little odds & ends that were not all that valuable. I know when you're going on a long trip like this you are going to carry a lot of stuff, but try to travel light.
40. MY CRITERION WAS IF I COULD DO WITHOUT IT FOR A WEEK I COULD DO WITHOUT IT VIRTUALLY PERMANENTLY! If I could get by for a week on what I had with me, that's all I needed, because if I stayed out longer I could wash it as I went.
41. DON'T TAKE ALONG A BUNCH OF SECRETARIAL SUPPLIES & BOOKS, that's the worst thing in the World! You're not going to have time to do much reading anyway. From now on your memory work is going to do you a lot of good! Leave your books behind. I mean it! It's a waste of time. Don't take tablets with you! Hotels furnish stationary. Just pull open a drawer & use it, it's free. Well, you pay for it, but anyhow, you might as well get your money's worth. You don't need several different colours of pens, you're not going to make charts, I hope. Just take one or two pens & that's it.
42. YOU COULD TAKE ONE DIARY, ONE MOP, WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED IN THE WAY OF BOOKS? I used to take one little pocket atlas with me when travelling around in different countries & it came in handy, but that was it. Right, Mama?--Almost nothing in the way of books.--Only my Bible, of course.

43. GET PLENTY OF REST & EAT WELL, YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT! You're going to be expending a lot of energy! And be sure you get rest between meetings. Rest up before & rest afterwards.
44. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY, "IT'S THE PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU THE LEAST WHO IMPOSE ON YOU THE MOST!" The others need you too, but they're so considerate & thoughtful & sensitive to your time & your strength they even hesitate to ask you for an appointment, to even ask you for prayer. It's the people who don't give a damn about you & all they're concerned about is themselves, who'll take up all of your time if you let them. That's what they'll do. Now don't let them! Don't waste your time on the selfish & the importunate & the pushy to the neglect of the people who really need you. I mean it! Don't do it!
45. ASK GOD FOR A LITTLE DISCERNMENT to discern between the people who are selfish & just monopolising all your time to the neglect of others, & try to discern who really needs you the most & what situations really are important & what cases are the most desperate & just give them your time. If the other people are getting along fairly well, they're surviving, leave them alone.
46. EVERYBODY'S GOT PROBLEMS, EVERYBODY MAY WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEM, BUT ESPECIALLY THE SELFISH PEOPLE, THEY WANT TO BE YOUR BIG PROBLEM! They'd rather stay there & be a problem child, they don't want to get out of your nest. They want the half that you ate, so don't let them do it!
47. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO GET TOUGH, & if Faithy hasn't got the guts to do it, you do it, Paul, you be her appointment secretary! Don't let her make a single appointment without your approval & you try to fight her off unless you agree that it is actually important. Don't you let her make any appointment on her own. You agree together that it is that important & what time to have it, & you limit it. I'm trusting you to keep her under control & not let her waste her time & her breath, her energy & her spirit just rattling off to some people that don't even need it.
48. YOU MAY BE THE STAR, BUT YOU NEED A MANAGER! Every star needs a manager or she'd be a mess. Every star needs an agent or she'd never get anywhere. I mean it!

49. FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHATEVER YOU DO, LEARN HOW TO KEEP APPOINTMENTS! Don't waste other people's time as well as your own. If you make an appointment, it is like a vow, keep it to your own hurt, but get smart & try not to make hurtful appointments! (Psa.15:4) Give yourself plenty of time. Don't go rushing up there at the last minute. I never saw the like of people who were time-wasters, vow-breakers, appointment-failures & transportation-missers like the Chain! They seemed to think that the whole World ought to wait on them & they shouldn't have to wait for anybody. They were always coming late, always leaving late, always late. They made it a policy to be late! That was their set policy, to be late.

50. MY P.S. TO YOU IS TO ASK YOU WHY YOU'RE GOING.--Just to recruit missionaries? Just to get more support? If those are your only motives, those are good, but they are not enough. You'll be a failure & you will not accomplish your mission after all the sacrifice & expense & hard work & even dangerous situations, unless the Love of Christ constraineth you! (2Cor.5:14) Why are you going?--Because you love them & you want to help them. Right? The Love of Christ constraineth you.
51. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO HONESTLY TELL ME RIGHT NOW THAT THE LOVE OF CHRIST CONSTRAINETH YOU? I want to hear you say it. (All: The Love of Christ constraineth me.) One at a time. (Faithy: The Love of Christ constraineth me.) (Paul: The Love of Christ constraineth me.) (Zeb: The Love of Christ constraineth me.) (Damaris: The Love of Christ constraineth me.) (Lois: The Love of Christ constraineth me.)
52. IS THAT WHY YOU'RE GOING? THEN THE LOVE OF CHRIST WILL GO WITH YOU & THE POWER OF GOD & HE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU, if that is why you're going & what you're going for, because of Love, to feed His sheep! Jesus' last message, His P.S. to Peter was, "Peter, lovest thou Me?" Peter said, "You know I love You, why do You ask me that?" And what did Jesus finally say, what was the message He was trying to get across? He said, "Peter, feed My sheep!" (John 21:15-17)
53. BECAUSE IF YOU LOVE JESUS, THEN YOU'LL LOVE THEM. You'll love them enough to feed His sheep. So that's why you're going, because you love them & you want to help them! Right?
54. BLESS THEM, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! May this be true always, every step they make, every place they go, every meeting they hold, every person they talk to, help them to remember that my last burden, Lord, my last request to them, my last commandment to them, Your last commandment to Thy disciples was to "Feed My sheep", love our neighbours as ourselves, the Love of Christ constraineth us, to feed Thy sheep!--In Jesus' name. PTL! TYL!
55. (SINGS:)
O'er mountain or plain or sea.
I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord,
I'll be what You want me to be!"
56. BLESS & KEEP THEM, LORD, STRENGTHEN THEM, GUIDE THEM, LEAD THEM, ANOINT THEM & EMPOWER THEM! Give them great faith & vision & real initiative, Lord, & courage to do this job! In a way it is almost a pioneer effort. We've never done anything quite like this before, so we do ask Thee to help them. We know You'll go with them, Lord, & we know You'll take care of them, as long as they obey & their motive is Love & Truth.--In Jesus' name, we ask for Thy glory. Bless & keep them & make them a blessing. TYJ! Amen! TYL!
57. (SINGS:)
'Tis Heaven to me wherever I be if He is there!
I count it a privilege here, His cross to bear.
If Jesus goes with me I'll go anywhere!"

"God will take care of you,
O'er every day through all the way.
He will take care of you.
God will take care of you!"
Do you believe that? Praise the Lord! OK! Then go! Praise the Lord! God bless you! I love you! Thank you for your time & attention. Sorry to keep you so long but I don't see how I could have said it any faster or sooner. So praise the Lord!
58. OUR HEARTS GO WITH YOU! We'll be praying for you & thinking of you a lot & we'll be hoping to hear from you frequently.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family